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A Tsunami Warning

Randy Skeete
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Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • December 31, 2016
    8:00 AM
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Good morning. I see in a happy family. I hope you're ready to sing this morning. Song one hundred fifty. Let everything that has brought praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. So sing with us all creatures of our God and King. Rejoice in the Lord and again you have a reason to rejoice this morning. And so we are going to read the Lord. There's a land that is fairer than day and by the way we can see it apart and Hebrews chapter eleven the Bible tells us that Abraham and by he looked for a city which have found ations whose builder and maker is God. Do you look for a city in the Sweet By and by that's where we'll be. Celeb Good morning friends. Happy sad bit. Our scripture reading this morning is going to be found in a Roman Chapter twelve us all give you a second to turn there with me in your Bibles. Romans Chapter twelve saying men when you're there and men OK So a couple of us. Romans Chapter twelve starting in verse ten in the Bible says Be kindly affection had one to another with brotherly love in honoring preferring one another not slothful in business fervent in spirit serving the Lord. Rejoice in hope patient in a tribulation continuing instant in prayer. Distributing to the necessity of saints given to hospitality. Bless them which persecute you bless and curse not. Rejoice with them that you rejoice and weep with them that we be of the same mind of one towards another mind not high things but condescend to men of low est be not wise in your own conceits recompense to want to know man evil for evil provide things honest in the sight of all men. If it be possible as much as live in. You live peaceably with all men. Dearly beloved avenge not yourselves but rather give place on to wrath. For is written Vengeance is mine I will repay say it. The Lord. Therefore if any via any me hunger feed him if he thirst give him drink for in so doing that. How shall heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good. Let's pray Father in heaven. We thank you so much for this opportunity to come and worship you this morning on your Sabbath day. Thank you for giving us the Sabbath to rest in remember that you are our Creator and Lord now as we listen to the preacher I pray that you would place your words in his mouth father that we could continue to pray for him as he speaks that your words would be heard. Lord prepare our hearts to hear this message Lord that if worse battling with anything of Satan is holding us in any lies that this morning we would be released from those lies father. We ask that your holy angels would be here that your spirit would be guarding this place that you put a hedge or protection from the evil want to around this place. We love you so much. And the earth were finished and all the host of them and on the seventh day God did this work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made and the seventh day and sanctified it because that he had rested from all his work which God created and made it with you know remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six. But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord in it shall not do any work done by man servants made servants not like a stranger that is within the gates. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth that in them is and rested the seventh day where the Sabbath day and on it and so I say God is good all the time trying again God is good all the time. Let me hear the lady's God is good and all the time where the man God is good and all the time the family of God God is good all the time as they say in Kenya. That's his nature. Good morning everybody. Thank you. Happy seventh to you how did you sleep well. How many of you dreamed of Jesus. Nobody dreamed of Jesus. It's all right. He has no grudge against you. He loves you. Do you realize you were awake on the big. Of the mercies of Christ. The Bible says in him. We live and move and have our being. In Christ in Matthew five forty five the Bible says. For he make it his son to rise on the evil and on the good and send the three in on the just on the unjust because of that verse every day I ask God be merciful to people who are suffering even for those who don't follow you. Because that exercise of mercy may lead them to follow you. I ask God every day be merciful to those who are suffering including those who do not follow you why because your word says he make it his son to rise on the good and on the evil he send you three and on the just and on the unjust and as long as provision continues. You can pray for those who are suffering and you can pray for evil for evil doers and sinners because God's grace still extends to them. And having to see you. Let me thank you for your cooperation yesterday I rebuke you rather sharply than if you rebelled. As far as I could see I complained about a constant walking around and I believe you made a concentrated effort to stay in your seats I want you to repeat that particularly on these holy hours. Discipline yourselves. Stay where you are. I won't be long. I'm not given enough time to be long. Who is with us for the very first time since G Y C began makes your have very first time. God bless you God bless you. I mean a very first time this week. God bless you God bless you wherever you are and I mean it when I say God bless you. It's a word a prayer made up of three words which I. Off with my eyes open. God bless you and now is there any one with us now you are not a Seventh Day Adventist messy or have. God bless you God bless you. Anyone else just move your hand. So I can God bless you God bless you. Anybody else you're not a seven they haven't this. But you're with us just move your hand. So I can see it. Anyone anyone in my mind I see you in the back God bless you and I mean that with concentrated seriousness. God bless you now say amen far guests are that sweet saying again one more time. God is good all the time. Yes I love God how many of you love dogs and I saw your hand was that the truth. Well confirm it by raising your hand again. God bless you. You know God is a God who confirms. He gave to dreams to Pharaoh and Joseph explained to fear a dream was given twice that in might be as stablished of God So when you ask God for something. And you think he's leading you in a direction you say God confirm it. God is a God who confirms what does the Bible say in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established us God is this the man for me. If you think he said yes father confirming. I was subject for this morning a tsunami warning. What did I say. What was our subject yesterday. Your little slow. What was our subject the first morning. I knew you would get that one quickly All right. L.O.L. I love you. I said I love you. I wasn't fishing but thanks for that. Not a Bible says this is my commandment that you do out of love one another so I am obeying God I love you. Not because I am. Man did because you're so lovable. And you look so nice in those dresses God gave you. And those expensive suits. Thank you very much. Now before I begin since in a mood to cooperate. Was this was that was the proper name for this. What is this what is this not it is not the holy iphone. So please put it away as I'm putting mine away turn it off now very seriously. Every time I make that request. There's some person saying I don't care what he says I will leave my phone on. Don't do that. Practice. Cooperate by the way any time a leader of the church especially ask you to do something. If it is not a sin. And it does not affect your conscience. Try to cooperate. If it is not a sin. And it does not offend your biblically informed conscience. Try to cooperate. All forms off. And i Pads open your Bible who can recite all sixty six books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation all my home town. Come come. You raise your hands come. How do you get up here and I'll come. This is my time you come. Find some way to get up there and come. There's some stairs around here somewhere. Come. Next time someone asks you a question. Be careful how you raise your hand Come sister come I'll wait for your wife she comes. Let's recite the Fourth Commandment again remember the Sabbath day. Come on say keep it. Now this side you continue and come on. Ha. Not bad to go and start down the hall to your little we have to get out. And move and move. All together. And of all the commandments that one is commandment one. If you know what I said. Of all the commandments that one is commandment one says the what's your name like this you look like a nice person. Are you married. No say learn to cook and you got a husband. All right. The books of the Bible Genesis a revelation. Go ahead. The whole world is watching you. Janice's exodus of any guests numbers you don't want to me. Joshua Judges Ruth First and Second Samuel First and Second Kings First and Second Chronicles as Iranian Maya Esther Jo some scrubbers Ecclesiastes the Song of Solomon Jeremiah Clement Haitians easy kill Daniel Hosea Joel Amos Obadiah Joba and Micah seven. Matthew Mark. John acts Romans first and second Corinthians glaciations evasions. Philippians cautions. That's on Ian's time and Titus by Lehman he didn't. There's a seeking to be Titus Finally him and Hebrews James Risen second. Peter was first second third John Jude revelation of God bless him. What's the name you said. Alexis Alexis God bless you God bless you. God bless Alexis. Favre number two. While I'm speaking pray for me and say what Lord put your words in that man's mouth by the way that's a very serious request. I make it every time I stand my words cannot save you the words of God will transform your life. The words of God will bring back that child that left the church. The words of God will heal your marriage the words of God will improve your health. If of course we accept the words of God into our lives. Pray and say God put your words in that man's mouth and favor number three I want you to think as you listen let's pray a loving Father in heaven. I surrender myself into your hands if I have offended you in any way. Forgive me to God for the use me as a tool as an instrument father if necessary use me like a disposable razor. But just use me first. Dear Father put your words in my mouth. There. God help me to speak with boldness. With fearlessness with courage but with compassion father for I too am a sinner. Bless this beautiful congregation their God every one you love you sent your son to die for them in the name of your Son Jesus Christ blessed him with the presence of your spirit father. The spirit that in the lightens the mind the spirit that guides us into truth. In a very special way. Bless all those who are not Seventh Day Adventist we are so honored by their presence they guard and hasten the day when they will say yes I am a Seventh Day Adventist bless this entire service to your glory exclusively father and to our blessing. I offer this prayer in Jesus' name let God's people say amen and to a man Acts Chapter four. We shall read from verse thirty four our subject a tsunami warning. Acts for reading from verse thirty four while you are searching for Acts Chapter four. There are some personalities in the New Testament that all the wisp pop into the mind when we think of outstanding servants of God we think preeminently of course of Jesus Christ but he's in a class by himself. So we will exclude him of all the New Testament characters that are outstanding who pops into your mind the Apostle Paul of Stephen the first martyr. We think of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. But there is a man that is not frequently mentioned and I want him to be the person who introduces this message this morning. And that man is called Barnabas are subject a tsunami warning. Let's learn a little about Barnabas X. for reading from first thirty four before we read let me set it up in the early church. Who ever had a need have that need met by the generosity of other church members let me say it again no one in the early church suffered. Because all other church members came together and gave what they had to meet the needs of those who were in crisis and so first thirty four says neither was there any among them that lacked for as many as were possessors of lands and houses saw them and brought the prices of the things that were sold and lived them down at the Apostles feet and distribution was made and to every man according as he had need and sort of Bible says those who were wealthy. They sold land they sold houses they sold to meet the needs of those in the church less fortunate. How the church would be different today. If we function that way. And joyously is verse thirty seven. Who by the apostles was surnamed Barnabas which is by Interpol which is being interpreted the son of. Nation a Levite of the country of Cyprus having land sold it and brought the money needed at the Apostles feed we are introduced to Barnabas as a generous man. A soft hearted member of the church. Who felt that the need of a member in crisis was his personal responsibility. Let me say it again some of us have this attitude that your problem. No when a member of the church suffers. It is all of our problem somebody say amen. Barnabas his mindset was your suffering is my problem. He sold the land and brought the money and gave it to the Apostles now some of us today. We will make contributions but we want to decide how the money will be used. Those early church members they gave the money and they trusted the apostles to distribute the money as the Holy Ghost let them do not use your money to deliberately try to determine what the church should do if you're convicted to give give and leave it up to the Spirit of God to guide those to whom the money is entrusted if that's clear say a man. Don't you use your wealth as a weapon to whip the church into compliance with your desires Barnabas was a giving man generous man let's look at Barnabas again we go to accept a nine we read from first twenty six. This is the chapter in which Paul Saul as he was them collides with Jesus Christ. He's knocked off his horse. He's made blind. He goes through conversion he meets with the Church of Damascus. Now he preaches in the massacres his life is threatened. He leaves the mask this and he comes to Jerusalem. Verse twenty six X. nine. A tsunami. Running and when Paul was come to Jerusalem. He a Sayed to join himself to the cycles but they were all afraid of him and believe not that he was a disciple this man used to arrange for the killing of those who followed Christ. He have a reputation as a very cruel man. If you go to verse one of accept a nine and Saul yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord he was constantly seeking out Christians to have the murdered killed this Roy. The possibles knew of Saul. So when he came to Jerusalem and tried to join them. The Bible says they were afraid. Verse twenty six twenty seven. Sorry but Barnabas took him and brought him to the apostles. And explaining to them how he had met the Lord seen the Lord in the way and that he had spoken to him and how he had preach boldly at Damascus in the name of Jesus Christ. Barnabas took Saul when all the other apostles were terrified of Saul and Barnabas took him and brought him to the Apostles and said This man is OK. We have a generous man. We have a giving man. We have a fearless man he went by himself got Saul and took aim and put the minds of the other disciples at rest when Stephen was martyred the church at Jerusalem scattered Cypress Antioch sorry really. And as they ran their priest and the preaching had effect and in Acts eleven. When the church at Jerusalem because the leaders remained in Jerusalem. When they heard what was going on in the area of Antioch the Bible says in verse twenty two. Will the same for. Barnabas that he should go as far. Asked Antioch who when he came and had seen the grace of God exit out of the mall. That's his purpose of heart there would cleave unto the Lord now Barnabas was sent by the church to assess what was going on in the area of Cyprus I really am Antioch now when the church chooses a man to assess a spiritual situation. The church chooses a man who is grounded in the Word who is grounded in the writings of the prophet of the Lord Ellen White who know all how to deserve in one thousand eight hundred September thirteen September twenty three there was a camp meeting in Muncie Indiana. The church had heard of a disastrous movement called the holy flesh movement. Which essentially said. To prepare for translation this body had to go through some suffering. It had to go through the garden of gifts seventy experience that through the suffering the flesh might be perfected in readiness for transmission. And that those services the people worked themselves into a frenzy allowed to. Music was played just like into the hands of neighbor can as a and people of fall down and fate and then there were the clear to have passed through the garden of give so many experience and they were now sinless in the flesh and ready for translation. When the church heard of that the church sent two men. To investigate just as the church at Jerusalem sent Barnabus to investigate the evangelism going on in Cyprus and Antioch the Seventh Day Adventist Church in one thousand eight hundred sent two men. S. and Haskell breed to come from this era called the holy flesh but the point I'm trying to stress when you send someone to assess a situation to meet it and to confront it. You must send a man or a woman who can defend the teachings of the church. Can you say a man they sent one of us. He knew the where he was a man of balance. A man of discernment a man who can see the workings of the enemy when no one else could a man a fearless mess this St Barnabas. Let's look at Barnabas a little more X. thirteen reading from verse one. X. thirty in verse one our subject a tsunami warning. Now there was in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers as Barnabas and Simon that was called this year and Lucius of siring a man named him which had been brought up with Herod the trot and Saul as the minister to the Lord and fasted the Holy Ghost said separate me. Barnabas and solar for the work we're on to I have watt yes I have called them now by the way let me draw up that gress meaningfully and briefly. There are some among us who believe the Holy Ghost is not an intelligent personality. When you hear that go in the other the rection. The Holy Ghost is fully divine the Holy Ghost is God. I don't see the Holy Ghost was the father. I said the Holy Ghost is God Jesus is God the Father is God not keep giving me this anemic demands say amen. The Holy Ghost is God the Holy Ghost is divine. The Bible says the Holy Ghost said that he communicated with those profits and teachers and he selected Barnabas and Saul not Saul and Barnabas. If you read the early history of the Apostle Paul. He travelled initially with Barnabas but they are mentioned as Barnabas and Saul forced meaning at some point. Barnabas was a mentor to Saul. Hope. How do you meant to the Apostle Paul a lesser Jesus Barnabas was a mentor to Saul the Holy Ghost hand pate Barnabas I am stressing this generous soft hearted love the brethren fearless could defend a truth against Sarah. Hand picked by the Spirit of God for a work that God desires he and Saul should do this is barn of us say man for Brother Barnabas. Let's learn some more about Barnabas. Let's go to the missions chapter two. We read from verse eleven. Thank you for holding your seats. I just thought I should remind you to continue to be nice. We forget very quickly. What book did I say Galatians what chapter one verse verse eleven. But when Peter was come to Antioch of Jerusalem. I withstood him out to the face. Why because he was to blame. For the fall of that certain came from James. He did it with the Gentiles. But when they were come he withdrew and separated himself fearing them which were of the circumcision. What is Paul saying. Peter that great apostle would mean go with the unbeliever not the unbelievers the gentiles when no Jews were out when the Jews showed up. Peter backed off and called in like that when they were come he withdrew and separated himself fearing them which were of the circumcision. Now this is the first thirteen. And the other Jews dissembled Likewise with him. Now we have a chain of events. Listen to verse thirteen microscopically read it with me if you have the King James Version and the other Jews they do up. Dissemble acted hypocritically How was the next word. Like wise what does that mean just like Peter. Follow me closely. One man acted hypocritically and a group follow that man. The other Jews. This sample Likewise with him. Listen to me carefully. You have one of two options your presence on this earth. Can be the reason why some people go to hell or heaven. There are people in your classroom in your college your Cademy University. Who may end up in Hell or Heaven because of you. All the Jews present watching Peter's behavior. Follow him. Now we read verse thirteen and come to the sad conclusion of that verse. The other Jews also dissemble Likewise with him in so much. What does that mean to such an extent finish the verse for me. Barnabas also for there is a verse. Was what can in a way finish a verse with a deception now what's our subject. You're too slow. What's our subject. Tsunami one. What is a tsunami do. How many of you from Indonesia. God bless my beautiful Indonesians I love Indonesia. I've been about six times I want to go six more times. What happened. December twenty sixth two thousand and four I believe it was a tsunami. Any of my friends from in the needed from band you are from band that it perhaps received the worst effects of that tsunami it washed away buildings a few years ago in northern Japan. There was a tsunami. You know the Fukushima nuclear plant the tsunami came over a thirty foot wall. Washed away villages. Influence is a tsunami. Are you sleeping with your eyes open. Did you hear what I said What did I just say. Influence is a tsunami. Borne of us that strong man that man the determination can trust to confront the what was going on in Antioch Sirene e Cyprus. When I say confront to determine whether it was genuine or not that man who was not afraid of the Apostle Paul that man who was generous that man who was in the early life of Paul's ministry a mentor of Paul that man. The only goes hand pitch he was swept away by a tsunami of influence. And the other Jews dissemble Likewise with him in so much. The hypocrisy. Was so great that Barnabas not the Bible singles out one of us to emphasize the degree to which Peter's negative behavior affected the Jews and the ripple effect that reached a Barnabas Barnabas should have stood alone like Paul because Paul saw it and he was not swept away. Are you listening to me. Paul saw it verse fourteen when I saw that there walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel. Paul was watching. And he said this isn't right. When I saw that there was not upright clear according to the truth of the gospel. I said of the people before them all. Paul confronted this mass hypocrisy and he was a wall to stem this tsunami. My young friends and my not so young friends. Don't consider yourselves in you to the tsunami of the influence of people around you. Unless you think you're stronger than Barnabas. Unless you think you have more gifts that Barnabas had if Barnabus could be swept away. Of course not permanently I'm sure he repented you and I can be swept away if we are not careful we need to learn. To stay personal individual stands for God. Nothing to do with the crowd by the way for those of us in positions of authority my club doesn't function so I don't know how much time I have left and I'm happy for that we need to learn to take individual stands. Listen to Joshua and if it seem evil and to you to serve the Lord choose you this day whom you will serve. Whether the gods which your father served that were on the other side of the flood other gods of the Amorites in whose land you do well but as for me and my house was. Listen to Joshua. As for me and my house. Joshua could have said. As for my house. And that would have included him the house meaning family but Joshua. Identifies himself as an individual in his family. Has for me and my house. We will serve the Lord. Meaning if my house shoes is not to serve God. If my wife leaves God. If my in-laws leave god if my children leave God I will serve the Lord how many of you will say if the whole world lives God I'll be faithful to God when I see your hand if the whole world leaves Jesus. I'll be faithful to Christ we need that mine. Jesus had that mind. That's why you and I can be saved. Why do I say that. When Christ was confronted in the Garden of Gethsemane a lot of us were going to get seventy. By the Roman soldiers and led by rather Judas the Bible says in Mark chapter fourteen first fifty of the disciples they all for so came and fled. Peter James John. He's in a circle. They ran this into me carefully. The only person you can depend on absolutely. Is Jesus. God bless your wife and your husband and your mother your father. The only person you can trust. Absolutely. Is Jesus. He does not run when sings get hot. The Bible says they're all for so came and fled and Jesus held this rock because Christ could have run out now he's on the cross same book of Mark verse thirty four Chapter fifteen at the ninth hour. Jesus cried with a loud voice saying L.I.L.O. I Lamesa back for me which is being interpreted finish the verse my God Oh come on stay. My God my God Why has the out for sake I'm in for a while the father turned away from the sun. The disciples were gone. The father turned away. Jesus was on that cross but where do I need to use now alone. He could have been swept away by the influence of the departing eleven disciples vanishing in the night of gifts to me but love for you and the father held him rooted to the ground. When the father turned away. Christ could have left that cross because he and the father had never been separated before and the father swore that this rending of the god here. You take a garment and you rip your tear that is what happened on the cross when the father turned away and the father swore it would never happen again but it happened. Let's reason together. When the father turned away. What do you think the Holy Ghost did. Can a Holy Ghost go against the father. What do you think the Holy Ghost did and the way. When the father turned away and the Holy Ghost turned away. What do you think the Angels did. And Christ was on that cross to give you the word. Alone. Listen to this verse who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power when he heard by himself purged our sins. Christ. By himself. The disciples gone. The father turned away the spirit turned away the engines turned away crying on. That cross alone not being swept away by the tsunami of people leaving him and he stayed because he loves you forget the person next to you he loves you. An individual decision to stay. We must understand the importance of individual decisions. When God made Adam. Just listen to the word and the Lord God for man of the dust of the ground breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul when that occurred Eve did not exist. So when Adam was made Eve was not around. It was Adam and God. That when Eve was made Genesis two twenty one and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he said now could God have left. Adam away to watch the creation of Eve Yes I know. Yes it was me. But not as the language of the Bible and the Lord God Cause what kind of sleep. What is sleep represented the Bible. Death in a certain sense to all intents and purposes. Adam was dead. He had nothing to do with God's interaction with Eve Eve had nothing to do with God's interaction with Adam so when Adam over his eyes. Who let me see God when Eve open our eyes. Whom did she see God By the way young people see God first before you see a boyfriend. Talking to myself. Nobody is listening. Listen to me. See God first. Before you see a boyfriend or girlfriend or somebody else's girls. See. Not. Because when you see God. Now you have proper perspective. You have defined G.P.S. to guide you see God first before you buy that house. See God first. Before you choose a career. See God first before decide to have an eighth child. See God was the word. Force. God made Adam Eve was not around. God made Eve Adam was not around. Why because God begins at the in defeat. You will level until you understand the importance of individual decision for God You and I are at risk of being swept away by the tsunami of the influence of others. Your church decided to rebel against a general conference and you swept away. Your church board decided to rebel against whomever you swept away. Your classroom teacher decides to teach. Jesus is not divine all the other students believe it. You are swept away. Why because we like to be part of something. Some of you listening to me deep in your heart. You want to serve God. But you want to please your friends. Deep in your heart you do not like what you are becoming But you want to please your friends. You know you want to stop that behavior on Friday night. You want to please your friends. Ask God for the courage to make an individual decision. To do what is right. In the sight of God but. In the judgement. You stand before God by yourself you don't take your parents. You don't take the friends that lead you into drugs. You do not take a friend that led you into sexual him or. Ality you'll stand before God by your self. My brothers and sisters this message this morning is a tsunami warning. In Child Guidance page two a one paragraph three element writes every course of action has a twofold character and importance. It is virtuous of vicious right or wrong according to the motive which prompts it. A wrong action by frequent repetition leaves a permanent mark upon the mind of the actor and also on the minds of those that are connected with him in any relation. I do spiritual or temporal What is she saying when you are connected to an evil doer of his or her behavior affects you. And so she writes and counsels for the church pays three twelve paragraphs three. Listen carefully. The society of unbelievers. Will do us no harm if we mingle with them. For the purpose of connecting them with God. Here's how it ends and are strong enough spiritually to withstand their influence. Every person on the face of the earth. Is a tsunami. It can be good or it can be bad. Who let the tsunami of your influence wash people to Jesus. Can you say him. There are men in graveyards right now who were there because of the influence of a friend. There are men young men in prison. Because of the influence of friends come on. Join us and you can say no you join to be part of the group prism. There are people in rehabilitation program. Now because of the tsunami influence of a friend. There are young people who dress the way they dress because of the tsunami influence of those on M.T.V. or whatever the station is. Take a stand for Jesus somebody say I'm am you see you in Christ what man of you having one hundred sheep. If you lose how many one that's the one and one you see does not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness and go after that which was lost until he find it so when he finds it. It is the shepherd and the sheep. No one else. One to one. You know you should be baptized. But your friends are laughing at you and so you change your mind. You know you want to be your parents but your friends laugh at you because they don't you change your mind. You're trying to act like a demon when God is trying to make you a saint. Because your friends in appearance I'm sure you understand what I'm about to say. At a certain age. The only thing that matters to the youth are friends my friends have a phone. Why don't I have one of my friends come in at twelve at night. Why do I have to come in at nine. My friends wear short skirts Why do I have to wear a gown. My friends. Whatever go to the theater. Why do I only go to church. My friends are allowed to use a vegetarian curse words. Why do I have to talk like Jesus. It is all this my friends my friends my aunts what have mothers and fathers you're sick to death of hearing my friends. That's a tsunami. My friends. Jesus is a friend. Come on say I'm in the Holy Ghost as a friend. If Christ as your friend the father is your friend. There are friends of his. Heavily origin. With whom you can associate. My young brother hiding in the crowd. You need to stop what you're doing. Stop it. No matter what your friends say leave that gang leave those friends who are leading you in the wrong direction young lady you know your trouble deep in your heart what you're doing is wrong as you assess your life. The past six months you realize I am heading in the wrong direction. God sent you here to strange directions all the man all the lady whoever you are break the influence. The friends have on you if it is negative by clinging to Jesus Christ make a decision like Daniel. I will pray only to God. Even if it means facing lions make a decision like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego even though they are named together. They made three individual decisions. Don't follow the crowd. Follow Jesus. This message this morning. Is a tsunami warning. It applies to all ages you adults. But The yourself in the financial debt to get a house as big as your neighbor's house putting yourself in debt to buy a car that your in-laws drive. Putting yourself in debt to keep up with the joins us and Islamists and the Garcias. The tsunami of influence affects every single age. Not just the youth. When we hear the term peer pressure. We think only of the youth know it applies to every living being. Do things because we see others do them. I am saying this morning change that attitude and do what you do because the Bible says do it or not do it. And so this morning. I'll ask you. And I want you to answer me with honesty unmixed honesty. Do you desire a one to one relationship with your god how many will say yes can I see or hear one two walk hands down. Now this one will take some courage and guts. Were not guts they don't like the word guts in Australia. So I. Force forgive me Australians who have gumption and courage listen to the call. There is someone listening to me you are being wrongly influenced by your friends. Listen to me right now as you listen. You are being wrongly influenced by your friends. If that applies to you stand up. I like courage. Come come come easy to come when you're standing Come come come come right here you are being wrongly influence and your know it come out come quickly. Have a three minutes left. I think. Come you are being wrongly influence and you are not right when he hears lights came out of the wilderness. God told them Do not intermingle we have to he even they will turn you from me. They will turn you. Why because we are naturally that way my birth. And so even appeals to us more quickly than good. My calling is right where you sit and stand you know you are being negatively influenced by your friends come out I'm talking to all ages. There's a behavior you're engaging in because of your friends come and break that. By the power that brought death. Jesus Christ resurrection. Power is the power he makes available to us to deliver us from any bondage was a call. I am right now I know I am in a situation. I am negatively influenced by friends come. Come quickly you're young. But I'm calling all ages. Negatively have never called for you. Some of you. You know you need to be baptized you haven't made a decision here but you know you should be. One of the sections of the devil is wait until you know everything that will never happen. Only God can claim that you know enough that God wants you baptize be a member of his body the Sacramento entrance into Christ his baptism. And if you will stay right where you stand or where you are over there. Father I will at least make a public decision that have none of see where my mind is a decision. I am willing to be baptized Willie. If you have that willingness What makes you happy and willing. OK I see that have you been up. Someone come and scan something. Willing to lend a hand up. Now if you're in a congregation come your raise your hand I'm willing. If you in a congregation willing come. I am willing we're looking for willingness and I was is your heart in that direction. Come I am willing to be baptized come. Your christ can't be baptized John said No Jesus insisted. I'm willing we're looking for willingness who does this scanning. I mean scan somebody else come. My apologies to three B.N. if I've exceeded my time. God bless you. Sammy. Come come stand right up front. I'm willing. I'm looking for willingness. You know the spirit is willing the flesh is weak Got understand. Bring me that willing spirit says God I'm willing you come somebody else quickly. Come. I'm willing and willing. Have a second call. I was baptized but I've drifted from God not made a mistake. I have drifted and I've a church new life I live that be disfellowshipped immediately if not sooner. I have drifted. I need to re new that contract with Jesus through rebuffed his I'm come. I need to be rebaptized come my life has been anything but representative of God I'm not saying I made a mistake your life has been an insult disgrace to God I need to start all over with God by revive his income and accept a nineteen for seven verses twelve disciples a rebaptized evangelism page three seventy five paragraph two and a light writes When a soul is truly reconverted let that soul be rebaptized anyone else but bless you. Is the scanning going on to scan these things. OK you want to follow you where right in the back. OK Listen to me carefully you want miss anything. When I offer the benediction follow sisters too attractive. This is not listening to me. OK. Stay right where you are follow them right there. So they all know who is baptism and who is just a recommitment are you following me do not change your mind for any reason. Now I have to pray for you. But if there were you are. Let me pray first let me preface. OK Let me play for anyone else baptism. I'm willing I need to be rebaptized come. All right. Is your hand come we going to go to the back anybody else. Now third cause there's someone listening. You are not a seven they have this but you've been blessed you like some more information to understand what we believe you're happy. Ah OK We have one you on. Or not a seventy AD is you like some more information. Raise your hand. Wherever you are move it. So I can see it I would you like some more. Ah OK God lets you make that known to them in the back. So we can get you information that will change our lives and then God can use you to change other people's lives three calls and willing to be baptized. I need to be rebaptized I need to know more about what Adventists believe and of course and negatively influence. I need to break that anyone else coming anyone else you will never have this privilege again never. You may go to others you I see these other conferences. They will never be exactly like this. Never Come Come sister never be just like this again never come back to zoom rebuffed ism. Break the negative influence of friends and I'm not assembly analysts but I want some information. I like what I've heard. I want information come now I'm going to pray and listen to me carefully follow those two ladies right to the back there is take care of you. Everyone standing by the way when appeal is made this is not a spectator sport. You must pray because every time a preacher makes an appeal the devil makes one his appeal from God come the devil stay. You must pray it is not a spectator sport to see who moved ice closed while I pray out loud you pray in your hearts God of heaven on earth if I preach badly forgive me if I have been hard on your beloved forgive me to God you know what's in my heart a desire to see people follow you and come to you dear God please in the name of Jesus Christ and by your word you said it first. Timothy Chapter two verse four who will have all meant to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. You said. In second. Peter three nine. The Lord is not willing that any should perish. You said in John three sixteen For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life father that's what you said numbers twenty three nineteen. God is not a man he should lie father you said those words not defend your honesty to God grant your spirit to those who've come up with such power. That the decisions they've made now nor earthly power will change. Show us they caught. How eager you are to save a soul. Stand by your word. I asked with earnestness but with respect to everything heaven can to guarantee to secure him to save those who answer the calls to God in mercy save us. Sustain us. Now as your sons and daughters fire to the back. Let unseen in joules walk with them big dogs. Let no power on earth change their minds. It is humble prayer save us. When you come Father save us in Jesus name we pray let God's people say loudly. They may think again him insane again. Hey man what is good then all the time. Now listen to me carefully follow those ladies right now just turn that way to your left follow those ladies back there their feet to the back scan and they let you go. Just follow them follow them. You are walking in the path of right doing follow those ladies don't let anything turn you back. Not even your purse follow them. God bless you and need a lot less you richly with every program that succeeds this one.


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