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The Whole Duty and Righteousness By Faith

Chad Kreuzer
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Chad Kreuzer

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  • January 1, 2017
    9:30 AM


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What is it that says when one of us. This is what our next song that we're going to see is our Jordan's stormy basics. Yes our final song today will be amazing grace. Now the interesting thing about this song is John Newton a rich and we wrote this song to be a New Year's song to celebrate how God's grace has led us through this past year. So as we sing it. Think about the mazing grace of Jesus who has led us through this past year and will lead us through the coming. Good morning. And Happy New Year. Today we have a special section for you. We want to answer the question where are we going and what are we doing here. We're going to introduce a special section by introducing four different something to answer that question where are we going and what are we doing here in a practical sense. We're going to look at the history of G Y C. Take a look back. We're also going to take a look into the future of some of the things we would like to achieve as a movement. We're also going to ask the question and answer the question how to finish the work in this generation. What are the things that we need to do to finish the work. And how to stay plugged in. On the I'm so excited to go through this section with you. The leadership of the are going to answer those questions how what is our history. How those are future look like. How to finish the work. And how to stay plugged in states for more and God is going to bless us this new year a man. I have read for he called you when you knew we knew he was. When you when you when you watch this. I'm going to say something. That they told me not to say backstage. Good morning to you. I see so many people have come up on stage and there are so many people that say good morning to you. I see. Good morning to you. I see. And there's a little bit of fatigue that goes on with people say good morning. So one more time. Good morning to you. I see. The reason I start off with that greeting is to share a little history about G Y C. They're only three letters. But the context associated with them has now become vast and very gated in this movement's history the letters G Y C. They were an acronym for the general youth conference the generation of Youth for Christ and now currently generation dot youth dot Christ we thought putting the dots would make us cooler call it revenge reinventing ourselves or adaptation for the Times or whatever other incredible reason why we changed our names these three letters have still stood and they stand for something all together reproducible the movement started as an experiment in two thousand to have many of you were alive in two thousand and two how many of you were not alive in two thousand and two Lord have mercy on all of us nearly fifteen years ago to this weekend a young group of young adults from diverse racial educational backgrounds were inspired by a set of ideals founded in Scripture and best illustrated within the administration which. In this exceptional convergence of personalities events ideals skills and experiences the experiment sought to be reactionary to the reactionaries and progressive to the progressives socially disturbed with the critical and derogatory attitudes of cry. Lists Adventism this prototype saw a tone centered on the character message and lifestyle of Jesus. Conquered tiddly dissonant with the content contemporary entertainment mimicking models of youth and young of that ministry this movement also sought to verify whether young people regardless of background would appreciate and respond to the sobering claims of biblical Adventism but to read to you an e-mail written typed December fourteenth two thousand and one email existed in two thousand and one before social media quote. We are living in an exciting time period. And from reading the Spirit of Prophecy it's inferred that young people will play an important part in these last days. There are already things happening that are just so exciting. They are can scold inside with each other such a spark campus hope Boston University of Michigan you know Brown University rockers UVA you Tennessee Princeton and a revived renewal happening some and some members in Andrews and Loma Linda. There are still seven thousand who have not bought down to bail our vision is to unite all these groups in America and create a general youth conference. These would only be the serious committed Avenue students coming together once a year for one week and would be very different from a retreat or can't meeting we are told that once in the East Coast on the West Coast in the Midwest or something. I don't like Houston Texas and only the most willing dedicated leaders from all over the country would meet including high school students collegiates young professionals graduates and young people. Most importantly be interracial. Not out of political correctness but I worship our Lord. We want black people white people Hispanic people yellow Asian people whatever whatever have you today. You only see each group doing their own thing. I sincerely believe God blesses interracial worship's and fellowships more abundantly. Because the. Isn't that what having this supposed to be about. We would invite the highest caliber of speakers and each one would do a workshop or a one full week. This way adult speakers would be able to network and as as well as student fellowships other youth not out of dating purposes but out of contacts and and creating guard tower stations these workshops would be like a pseudo School of the prophets or recreation and social activities would be very limited but not eliminated where intense Bible studies would take place and we could stay up till ungodly hours in the morning to Russia in the New Year. At this point it's just a vision and we dare not share it to anyone but in the midst of contacting the speakers and getting dates for the winter of two thousand and two were looking for about I don't know maybe two hundred people might come. I see this is the beginning of a large movement with lots of work involved but what works for God is not a joy. If you think there is there is too much work ahead or just an interested if you doubt the potential we understand but if not please tell me what you think therefore my beloved brother be steadfast unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord for as much as you know your labor is not in vain in the Lord first Corinthians fifteen fifty. What was used was instant messengers. Newly introduced cellphones the size of refrigerators. Which had buttons the size of ice cubes. We had laptops the size of battleships and our credit cards had no credit on them. We were so poor. What emerged was an expanding grassroots movement with exponential growth within its first five years from two hundred to one thousand to four thousand. The growth was overwhelming and uncontrollable and the greatest underestimation upon young adults was all these leaders were coming to us and saying who's in charge here. Who's the adult behind. Seems that's controlling all this. Where in reality we look back there was one adult in charge the Lord Jesus Christ. Eventually these groups. Found were all over North America as well as nations around the world. The international scene has been persistent. It's dynamic is clear evidence that something is happening of which any simple human observation can explain the phenomenon of phenomenon of G Y C is not young people getting together. It's not staying up it's not saying the Bible all together. It's it is a set of ideals a set of what everyone. And in our world today ideals are mocked and the expectation for young people all around the world is far too low. The ideals of scriptural for delegate exploration into the historical roots of Adventism such as the Spirit of Prophecy. Their expression of these ideals in a practical and modern context for young adults the philosophy of excellence and Christian course Yalit conversion to an annual National Convention and exploding network of global youth conferences and the formal organization and natural growth pains of. These are all the ideals and let me just bear with me. Bear with me on some ideals that we have tried to embrace over the years. Number one church and professional leadership development. We are seeking to empower young adults to change their immediate environments in the church and professional arenas for the further in of the gospel. God has given us jobs to witness to every single person around our cubicles. God has given us mortgages and houses and apartment buildings to witness to every single person in our our apartments and our dormitories. Once we finished witnessing to them. Guess what time to move time to get another job. Number two a Christ centered knowledge lifestyle and care. To calibrate every component of the individual's life and lifestyle for a heavenly trajectory meaning everything from the thing things that you eat from your shoelaces to screwed in your glasses must all be calibrated to Jesus Christ or three understanding the distinctive role of Seventh Day Adventists been Christianity's timeline. Understanding what the word eschatology means and its implications in the twenty first century for a biblical fit faithfulness in application issues rejecting the simplification of theological issues as rhetoric but rather applying rigorous and and spirituality to the probable problems that face our church today from the book biblical perspective. Five The Pursuit of Excellence in academia professions and spirituality number six radical discipleship going all out for Jesus and rather than complaining about every little thing in the church but rather saying to the Lord Lord. What else what else seven youth ownership of in respect of the something I missed church leadership. Re educating young adults about the need for respect the biblical organizations restoring hope and providing mentoring experiences with the current leadership and exemplifying how different generations can collaborate in today's church for tomorrow. Basically embodying Malakai chapter four. Number eight True education rejection of group think. But allowing for a format for spacious individuality obedient creativity in craving for righteousness and lastly the experience of Jesus Christ and righteous by faith. Underscoring italic sizing bolding superscript being subscripting the imperatives and Tragedy of the one and old in Jesus Christ as Lord King and high priest of our faith in the end all these ideals are found in the spirit of Jew I see Found page five of your booklet in your your jewelry necklace thingy that you have. There is enough. Unlike the ideal that invigorates the soul. There's nothing like an idiot ideal. That in theory ates the soul. This is called passion. This is called conviction and whereas in previous generations young adults were sent to war to die different generations stood in movements to stand for something. Our generation just sits down in front of us smartphone liking everything around us. She Y.C. as a call for something much higher than. I get an amen. When combined with truth in the Lord's blessing these ideals. Turn into great. Amazing things happen with humility these three letters G Y C has been greatly successful in some of these ideals and has been quite dilatory in other ideals. But after fifteen years it does not repudiate any of these ideals. It only seeks to affirm them vivify them find new ones and the growth of around the world virgin since its adolescent beginnings is clear evidence that the Lord Jesus is wrapped in things up. He's finishing his anti-tobacco work in the second apartment of the having sanctuary and will return to bestow the merits of his blood and judgment to those who wait his arrival. Until then continue to YOUR for the breathing space of the Holy Spirit to have full confidence of the judgment in Jesus Christ and to fully rely on God the Father. To inspire continual generations of young people what produces Christ. Lord help us. Drew I see desires to finish the work in this generation. We want to see the Lord come is that your desire. You know as do you I see started in two thousand and two and continued to grow it went from just the North American vision to something that became global as people would come from other countries to Jew I see they would want to take back to their own countries. What they had experienced here. And that's how we've seen the growth of Jew I see becoming a global movement and not just something localized to North America. I have the opportunity of explaining to you and sharing with you a little bit of the vision of the affiliates department of G. Y.C. and how the reach is expanding around the world today as we speak we now have twenty affiliates of Jew I see in North America Canada Central America and beginning in South America and around the rest of the world. And God is raising up young people who are excited about the Seventh Day Adventists message a man. They're excited about their church they want to support their leadership and work together to finish the work of God on this world. Last year there was a group two young ladies who came to Jew I see from Guatemala and as they were here a Jew I see they were inspired with the messages and they began to understand the men we need this in our country. They went back to their hole they went back to their hotel rooms and they knelt down and they began to plead with Gone for wisdom of how to start Jew I see this is just last year's conference. And as they were on their knees pleading with the Lord they got up from prayer and said we need to find a group of like minded young people in our country who have the same burden. So they started sending emails text messages they got back to Guatemala and they started to talk together about what can we do for our country and our young people here. They work together with their local church and they contact the G Y C for. Open becoming an affiliate and by God's grace at the beginning of December this year. God worked and over four hundred fifty people were in attendance at their first convention as we went on outreach one hundred seventy five people signed up for bible studies people were making decisions for the Lord Jesus and as they completed the process of becoming an affiliate God was able to use them. There was a Mola to really move his work forward another maybe some of you here from a country that doesn't have a large presence of young people and you have a burden for the young people there. I would encourage you to get together with your other local youth with your church leadership in prayer. How is it that we can be faithful and finishing the work in this generation. If you have any questions please email do you want to see we would love to help you in assist you in any way we can so that you can be a blessing to the young people around him and so all Taylor should share the global impact of you I say I'm going to share a more personal impact of my life in particular. So this is my eleventh. And my experience and each conference has been very different and my first U.I.C. I reduced it to camp meeting on steroids because I saw the trappings of traditional Adventism I saw the morning devotionals I saw the the sermons in the modest clothing and the lack of real cheese and I just thought you know. I'm just going to turn my ears off and I'm going to allow my body to go through the motions and back then that was enough for me. Eventually I started to come to you. I see half indifferent half interested. I remember one Jew I see when I smuggled the second book of The Twilight Saga into my luggage and I read it in my hotel closet while my parents were praying just a couple feet away from where I was hiding and later during that conference I was very convicted to just get rid of that book and reply. With the Bible. And I went home and I was so energized and invigorated with this renewed sense of my Christian Identity my Adventists identity and so I started having daily devotions for a solid two weeks and back then that one mountaintop experience per year was enough for me. Later I came to do I see with a strategy in place. If I positioned my purse just right. I could play games on my phone during morning devotions. I could stay up late catching up with friends by catching up on sleep during seminars. I could find and enjoy the best restaurants in the city by missing half of the evening plenary. Back then. Unfortunately that was enough for me. I look back on these versions of myself as a Jew I see attendee and I cringe. I hear stories of people who come to you. I see and they're so transformed they're so grateful and yet I took it for granted. I normalized my experience so that the power of God could not impact my life but we serve a merciful God. Who extends such grace to such unworthy people and he transforms the ugliness of our lives. Over the past couple years. God has helped me transform these very regrettable moments of my due I see past to remind me of for very profound lessons for lessons that you I see with teaching me all along the first one. Remember to listen. To incline your ear and to come to Jesus. Because if you hear your soul will live and God will make an everlasting covenant with you whether in a plenary a conversation with a friend something that feels really familiar even in significant God is there and he can use that opportunity as and as an opportunity to reveal a more perfect picture of himself. But we must be open to list. Number two. Remember the bible not a Twilight book the Bible that it is a lamp unto my feet in a light to my path that it takes precedence above everything because it acts as the sword that defends us from the forces of darkness. Number three. Remember to be consistently faithful. The Christian walk is not an easy one and it necessitates a daily death to self. It requires us to take back the excitement that we gain from this conference and to plug it into our spheres of influence. Number four. Remember to put God first to have no other gods before Him no gods of appetite. No gods of social capital. No gods of sleep to put God first. If you could relate to any of my past you. I see your experiences I encourage you to remember these four reminders to listen to remember to listen to remember the Bible to remember to be consistently faithful and to remember to put God first. I encourage you to think and reflect critically on your Jew I see experience as an attendee and I hope that you can come away from conferences like these saying this is not enough for me. Lord make me your instrument and plant my feet in the way that you would have me go. And you know I really appreciate what Shawn just shared I would say I have a different story. I wasn't raised in Adventist and I had never been to see and I don't like big crowds and so when Taylor asked me if I could help with the evangelism team. I was like No I don't like big crowds but let me tell you something I have a frustration that first duration began even before I was a Christian and that was that I'm so tired of living a normal life. I look around and I'm like what really is the point of life and you know you have those deep. Melancholy philosophical thoughts those are the ones that I was having like am I going to really go ahead and be of that and eventually get married and have kids and all this and then I die. Fantastic wrong. So I began to think to myself even before I was a Christian that I have a major frustration that life books the same for every single person and what gives. What's finally going to give when I became an Adventist I thought to myself wow I have learned so many Biblical truths then I truly did and I began to have a relationship with with Jesus and to really believe that there is a God in heaven you love me but I still was very frustrated because guess what I saw no difference in the lives of many Christians as a when I was in a Christian does that make sense. So I was so frustrated and I thought to myself OK Lord. I have one goal. I want to change the world were crazy and there is this quote and I want to know if any of you know who says it says the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do. Do you know this about. Steve Jobs said that. Friend he had a global people were mourning the death of this man and I thought to myself How are the men of the world having a bigger impact on society than me as a Christian who has the power of the God in heaven. I thought OK this this is this is out of control then I started coming to these G.I. C's and I would help here and there and I want to tell you something friends. I ran into a group of people who are all crazy enough to think they can actually change the world for Jesus and I thought I found my people. I look at the leadership of you. I see and you guys friends there very normal people who are very normal people and I look around and all they have is a burden and a desire to see the Lord come soon because you my friends have the antidote to hurting world. How can you keep it to yourself. So what impact has U.I.C. had on me. It's actually helped alleviate the frustration I've had since I was a young girl that you can be a part of something much bigger than you could have ever imagined that the plan God has for your life don't just reach your potential hit your god potential. And there are a group of young people who are striving to say you know what enough is enough don't live a normal life step out do something different for Jesus and I looked around and I realized wow I've met a bunch of people who are crazy enough to think they can actually change the world. For his will or that what has happened in the past and how he has impacted all of our lives. Now we want to take a look into the future of G Y C. So I want to ask Eric how there's a future look for G Y C. You know something that keeps the executive committee up at night is trying to figure out how we can reach the world in this generation. And I don't know about you but many of us we look at the conference and we say wow you know this is a great conference but we can do more. Amen. And as we look at it and we think can we we grapple with ministry in trying to figure out how to do what we look at our mission and I just want to read a portion of our mission for a moment. Did you. I see Mission says there exists today an army of dedicated young people within the Seventh Day Adventist Church who yearn to demonstrate the Mayas leadership. Daniel's integrity. Mary's humility Paul's passion for evangelism and Christ's love for God and humanity. It is the goal of G.U.Y.Z. and his members to seek and Governor such young people. We aim to mobilize youth and young adults and it goes on and I just want to focus on that point where we seek and we go in as youth and young adults to get them cost out into ministry all throughout North America in the world. The Sloss you know we released the ambassador program and as part of this program we wanted to have young people everywhere being mentored receiving leadership training and sharing with others in a way that would one souls for Christ throughout the year not just coming to a conference and being aspired for a couple days and going home and doing nothing. So what we want to see in the future as we move forward is really every young person getting involved in our church. We have a much smaller group this year but really you are all G.U.Y.Z. ambassadors as well. And we would be so thrilled if we heard back next year that people just came up to us from everywhere saying I baptize this many I baptize this many I studied with those many we really need to move to a place where we have people mentoring each other and growing and that's what we want to do with the Embassador program. You know John Knox was one of the great reformers in Great Britain and all whites in the great controversy about him that he feared not the face of men the fires of martyrdom blazing around him served only to quicken his C.E.O. to greater intensity. He was a man of prayer and men of prayer are men off power in the book of Angeles and she continues talking about John Knox. And she says if we have the interest that John Knox had when he pleaded before God for Scotland. We shall have success. He cried his prayer. I must have souls. I will never give up the struggle. We shall find that God will look upon our efforts we favor when we pray like that. And he prayed Lord give me Scotland or I die. You know within the leadership circles for many years there has been a ghost floating around before you have a false idea of what I'm talking about this ghost is an idea. It is the idea of having drunk people descend upon upon a country and taking over a country. Not in a political sense but in a spiritual sense. Imagine thousands. Or just hundreds of God can do us any one of the sense of young people descending upon one country and knocking on every door getting into every home of that country. Re believe these things are possible in the power of the Holy Spirit. What would God do if we start to pray like John Knox give me America or I die. Give me Russia or I die. Give me Indonesia or I die. Give me the Middle East or I die. Give me my city or I die give in my neighborhood give me my family. Give me my friends and my enemies or I'd die. We need to be radical is sold out for the Lord's service and we believe as do you. I see going forward into the future that we will see great things happening when we pray prayers like this so pray for us we are praying for you and that is Dream big for God and that us devote our lives to service to him. Men. I want to tell you friends no man is bigger than his prayer life and we need to dream big. Because we have a big God So thank you so much. Eric and Jonathan and that this time we want to look into how do we finish the work. What is it that is left in order for this generation to finish their work so I want to invite some more of my friends here to come up with me. Eric are you really here with me as we're going to be joined here by some more of my friends. We're going to talk about what is it that is left in order to finish the work because we want to be all about mission that was so weak. Like the Randy schizos the men and the angels the universe is watching us right now we want to be all about mission. Man. So what is left to finish the work you know the very first step is absolute total radical surrender more than. Nothing else if we don't come to the place where we saying Lord. All of Me is yours. What are we doing. You know the moment we keep a little room or claws of the soul or drawer in our lives. That is just left and that's that's not God space is our space so that's the devil space well that's whatever space. How can we expect to move forward in radical mission for God you know the Bible is really talks about this. Jesus said If anyone desires to come off to me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me my surrender today is different from my surrender tomorrow it's going to grow over time and yet each and every step as I surrender and God looks at me and he covers me in His righteousness. He sees in me. Christ perfection. Because I'm surrendered in following him with all that I've got you know desire of ages five twenty three Paragraph three says self-surrender is the substance of the teachings of Christ. Acts of the Apostles fifty one paragraph two says holiness is not rapture. It is an entire surrender of the will to God and in faith and works page one hundred says God requires the entire surrender of the heart. This is what it is all about. If we don't come to the place where we're willing to say Lord I'm yours. How can we expect to have victory in our lives. How can we expect to move forward in the areas that God has given us to minister. How can we expect to be able to inspire others to follow him if they see the hypocrisy is in our own lives and so truly this last year has been a journey for me in the last couple of years really as I study this theme of surrender. I see it everywhere and I think that as you spend that time and maybe look for that theme in Scripture you will see the same thing. Because you can have victories over little things but when you're holding yourself back God can't release all his power in the same way that he can when you say Lord I'm yours. So that's my challenge to you do you I seen say Lord here I am one hundred percent surrender to you're human imparted. Surrendered is to continue to grow more and more like Jesus every single day. But when how do we do that. Someone once asked me how long do you think it's going to last and off the top of my head I just kind of Spawn it. Five days and they're like No no no. Like how long do you think you I.C. is going to last and it is a question I never thought about before but I realize that I see the movement could end tomorrow. If not of us do anything about caring for the spirit. It could end tomorrow if we choose not to get training if we can choose to be content with mediocrity. If we choose to be content with what we have now but we have to continue to search for Jesus and His Word. We have to continue and maybe for some of you that's going to a place like salt or souls west for some of you that maybe even getting a theology degree or a higher theology degree and for some of you some of the people like me. Maybe just going to your pastor or your teacher or spiritual mentor and saying hey I want to be more like Jesus where you study the Bible with me whatever that is for you. God is calling each and every one of us to grow. To not be content with our knowledge of the Bible right now but to be like Jesus ever growing ever learning and to take the knowledge that we have and continue to use it for His glory. Because in the end that's what's going to matter in the end. Are you going to look back and I do a look back at my life and say wow I lived a life of spiritual mediocrity. Oh you going to say wow. Praise the Lord. I know more and more each and every day about my Jesus. So if you need information on how to get more training you can email us and will direct you to the places that are best fit for you and your needs met in a photo at U.I.C. Web dot org So continue to grow in Jesus. I have a story for you. It was about. Out sixty years ago that I became an Adventist and I was the only advantage to my family but I if you guys know me and my little brother he's six feet so my little big brother. He was not a Christian and he was living a life that made me think I can't imagine going to heaven without him and I began to get this huge burden for my friends in my family. Can anyone really. You want to see them in heaven with you and that he was crazy doing the things that the world and I remember thinking to myself I read in Matthew six and in verse seven it says when you pray. Not if you pray but when you pray and then later on in the chapter verse sixteen it says when you fast. Not if you pray and if you fast but when you pray and when you fast you start to see the workings of God happened. So I thought I'm going to commit one day a week indefinitely until Joey my younger brother becomes a Christian and I'm going to pray and fast for him every Wednesday and I began to plead with God for my friends in my family once a week especially Joey that the Lord would bring him to him and I remember one night I went into his room and I sat on his bed and I prayed his he was out partying and doing his thing and I seven is that and I was like I don't even know how to pray but God help him like not to sleep. I just really want to see my younger brother in the kingdom of heaven with me. I don't even want to go to heaven if he's not there. The thought is too heartbreaking. God reminded me that he shares the same heartache that I was having three weeks later my brother comes into my room and he's like Man I haven't been sleeping and I was like Oh well since when. And he begins to recount that it was around the time that I had prayed friends I have three pieces of advice for you in reaching your friends and family number one pray consistently pray. Number two fast tell the Lord. They're worth being in the kingdom of heaven whatever it takes a number three practical consistent loving character be consistent around your friends and family. You will see God work through the weapons that he's given us to fight in this war for. Amen. And God will bless us engage in evangelism. The Spirit of Prophecy says the Church of Christ has been organized on earth for missionary purposes. We are privileged to become missionaries for God why do we emphasize the so much because God works through the work of evangelism in us. He changes us as we say to service for others as we share Christ is part of his plan to make us like Jesus and so as we engage in evangelism. I want to encourage you desire of a just pitch one five says every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary we are all missionaries. Listen carefully here. Evangelists and Vangelis in the sharing of truth is not an event it is a lifestyle. It is a continual work where we constantly arise in China as our feeling is going to be next year where we share with others. The truth the love of Christ through words actions through literature there are so many ways. You don't have to be a mark Finn the you don't have to be a great pastor preaching you have gifts you have words you can speak you can do things you can invite people there is so many ways evangelism. It's not a spiritual gift evangelism is not a spiritual gift. It is a calling. None of us have the gift of evangelism. We all have a calling and we can use our gifts that we have for evangelism. I want to curate you friends share the truth. There are so many things you could do for example write down your personal testimony in just a brief one minutes paragraph write it down. How did you meet Jesus. What has jesus done for you. How has it changed your life and why do you love Jesus memorize this one minute testimony and share it with somebody have it always ready have with you what you have in my hand here. I go track have with you. Glow tracks be. Ready at all times have a sharing book with you. There's so many opportunities pray for divine appointments. I promise you. God will bless you with amazing experiences. I want to encourage you give your life to Jesus and evangelism service. It is our calling that we have a Seventh Day Adventists and his last days. How many of you had a very difficult twenty sixteen. I know I did and you know what as I was thinking about it this morning I decided that we can be part of the solution to twenty sixteen. You know how Let us reach the unreached areas the Bible tells us that Jesus will come when the Gospel has reached the entire globe. That includes areas like the Middle East that includes areas like North Africa like China like North Korea. We must reach all of these areas friends in order for Jesus to come and you know I don't want to get into the theology of it but we can hasten the coming of Christ by reaching the end areas. So I invite you to diligently pray about it. I know that God does not call all of us to go abroad but I also know that he has called more than those that are going. And so pray about it. See if God is calling you to go abroad and if he is calling you. I invite you to answer immediately lest you lose the blessing that God has in store for you. Amen. Let us pray. How many of you have ever wanted to do something but didn't feel able to please show of hands definitely been in that boat before it's very easy to let our age define our limits of what we can and cannot do but the Bible says In First Timothy four twelve. Let no one look down on your youthfulness but rather in speech conduct love faith in purity show yourself an example of those who believe God has called us to do something. Do you. I see God has called us and we see examples of this throughout the Bible we see Joseph and Daniel in Timothy and many others who did not allow their situations to limit what they felt God was calling them to do. I fully believe that we have the opportunity to see Christ come in this generation but for this to happen. We need to be working in the work that we have been called to do through Christ. We serve a perfect God and one of our goals should be to reflect his character to all we come in contact with. As well as what we should strive for excellence in all that we do and anything that card God has called us to do we should be striving to do as best as we possibly can. God can do great things through us. She will see if we give our lives to Him and allow him to work through us that is the only way we're going to be able to finish the work that he has called us to do. You know do I see. How long how long will we love the world. More than heaven. You know there's one thing that I think we we lack that I might like. And that is the desire to see Jesus come. Maybe we say yes I want to see Jesus come. I really owe the second coming. How Lujan But Lord work for me to get married first. Lord wait for me to enjoy my retirement Lord wait for me to get that car where for me to get that education. Wait for me to get that child. Lord I want you to come but just wait a little bit. You know friends this world is hopeless. If it is not for Jesus Christ. It is our only hope. Christ's righteousness. When I look at the future of our movement of our Church of Our World. We need to be in the Word of God like never before. We need to be sold out for a mission like never before we need to love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ like never before for the devil wants to divide us the future of G Y C. And the future. I believe our movement. Lies in our communion with God. And our love for soul winning. You know some people say Vangelis and does not work but I tell you what eventually does not work if you don't work at it. And we as young people can do a better work at reaching our peers than any age group can do. Did you know if a person was baptizing let's say one thousand people a day. And there was another person that was winning one soul a year and teaching that one soul how to win another soul. So you have one who is baptizing one thousand souls a day just bam bam bam one thousand one thousand one thousand you have another one who is focusing on one soul a year and teaching that one soul to be rightly trained on how to win another soul and he too is winning another soul. Guess how long will it be to leave reaches that person that is baptizing one thousand souls and I guess just raise your hand. About thirty years even less than thirty years for that person that is focusing on one soul training that one saw how to win another so less than thirty years he will catch up to that person that is baptizing one thousand souls a day that this is my point. We are not one here we are more than one. And if we got serious about wanting to see Jesus come and if we truly love our neighbor as ourselves. We could literally finish the work in this generation. In no less than five or whatever years I'm not date setting here. That is what I know what the Lord has called us to do but what I am telling you is that we really can finish the work. How many of you have somebody in your heart that you truly want to see one over to the Gospel. My friend. This is the first thing I ask of you pray for that person and make it your goal in two thousand and seventeen. Maybe you have never given the Bible. So the debts OK. The woman at the well had never given a Bible study before but she got the entire village to be serious about your faith be serious about Jesus Christ and pray for that person you have in your heart win them over to the Gospel use the training you got at this G Y C to be a missionary everywhere. Have a burden for cross cultural religious outreach. Here in the United States. We have on reached areas. Places in the world where the god. Well cannot go fish surely. And they are present here in the fells and and what are we doing about it. We're sending missionaries over to those places Well we have thousands here we can reach through my friend I'm telling you they are our brothers and our sisters. And Jesus sees them as equal value as any of us. Each one reach one train pray. It's not about the numbers. It's about the heart and the motive. Well and you would has a beautiful quote I want to leave with you. She says success in this work does not depend upon men Stalinists but upon Pyramus of purpose. G Y C exists and we pray that we will have a pure purpose. To truly see Jesus call. In our generation are you tired of this world. My friend. I am I am so tired may Jesus cause I want to fight two of my friends here to see how we can stay plugged in. I want to invite Shauna again and Esther and I want to ask you guys the question we want to reach somebody but we also want to stay on fire for the Lord. So what must I do when I go back to my local church or my campus or work. What should I do so I'm going to tell you how you can get involved with this conference actually so we serve a God who allows us feeble human beings to unite divine power with human effort and then he gives us the opportunity to participate in a work that he could have done himself because our participation in his work transforms us profoundly and I know that I was transformed profoundly at U.S.C. by serving behind the scenes. Being a volunteer and helping to make this. Colossal effort happen. Showed me a picture of Christ that he was faithful in the little things and it also helped me to develop my character. So there are a lot of volunteer opportunities for each one of you to be involved with at the conference and if you have a burden to serve or to get involved with U.I.C. on a deeper level. I encourage you to contact volunteers. That's V O L U N T E R S G Y C Web dot org Again that's volunteer is the Web dot org. How can you connect. How can you stay connected throughout the year the theme of this year's conference was when all has been heard to be honest. You've heard it all now go back and do it. Encourage you to get involved in your local church use the website to do I see where the website and look at the seminars that you've missed. You'll be able to share those with your friends if you have questions on certain topics also surprised to subscribe to our You Tube channel. We are launching a special media project this year and it will provide resources that you can use in your local church as well be that be the change that you want to see that you want to see read the Word of God but don't just read it but live it. I want to leave you with some coats your as an executive committee. To let you know that this word this work that we do is not just put by man's ideas or something you say let's just get together. But this is what God is truly calling us to do the greatest want of the world is the want of men and women who will not be bought or sold man who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is as true to the needle or to duty. As the needle to the pole men who stand for the right. The the heavens fall but Education Page two sixty two paragraph one says success in any line. Demands a definite aim. He who the tree of achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view the aim worthy of his endeavor. Such an aim is set before the youth of today. The heaven appointed purpose of giving the Gospel to the world and this generation. Is the noblest that can appeal to any human being. It opens a field the best for to everyone whose heart Christ has touched Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature is Christ's command to his followers. Not to all are called to be ministers or missionaries in the ordinary sense of the term. But all may be workers with him in giving the glad tidings to their fellow men to all great and small learned or ignorant old or young the command is given. To conclude the sectional like to pray with you but we truly need to pray you know all who engage in ministry are God's helping hand. Was such an army of workers as our youth rightly trained might furnish how soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming savior. Might be carried to the whole world. How soon might the end come the end of suffering and sorrow and sin. How soon in the place of possession year with its a blight of sin and pain our children might receive their inheritance where the righteous shall inherit the land and. Well there in for ever where the inhabitants shall not say I am sick and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard. If you can be with me at this time if you can and will pray for about a minute or two in our hearts asking the Lord Lord I want to finish the work you know my condition you know my local church you know my public campus. You know the country where I'm going to the challenges that I face. Lord please help me dear Heavenly Father. Oh Lord. You give us life today for a purpose lowered your heart is your name that we will get to know you better and have the same passion that you have father this world is hopeless but God is our only hope and if we turn our faces towards you. Father and look you can do in mighty work in our lies father deep darkness is surrounding us but we ask that our experience will not be that of Elijah after him on Carmel but it will be the experience of Jesus Christ from glory to glory with Jesus living in our hearts. Our only hope of glory father please be with my friends here who have gathered from all over the world and the United States bless us keep asunder your grace for Father we need it so much for we cannot do anything father in our strength but only Jesus Christ may we surrender repent and serve you with all that we got not because to earn our salvation but because we are saved and we love our maker God and bless us father and keep us faithful in the mighty name of Jesus Christ let his people say amen. Could sing song for the throne of God to stand as we see her. Was was was was was was with as much as a good morning to you. I see. When I was sixteen years old. There was a young couple that came to our church to hold an evangelistic series and you may all be seated by the way. And over the next eleven weeks that we spent together their cheerfulness in the face of opposition their love for each individual their sacrifice and the clarity with which I saw Christ's life and love lived out through them had a really large impact on my life then and continues to have an impact on my life and ministry today. Chad cruiser was raised as a Calvinist and while attending college was invited by a friend to a Bible prophecy seminar. This was a life changing experience for him prior to this he had never seen the bible opened to him in such a dynamic way. Shortly after the meetings he began his journey in the ministry and has been blessed to share the everlasting Gospel with so many for the last fifteen years. Today Chad and his wife idea have a ministry called Anchor Point films which produces documentary films to reach the secular mind. They travel full time all over the world. Speaking on subjects about prophecy health. They got brain connection and overcoming habits and addictions as well as things like scripture memory. This morning we have the privilege of hearing him deliver our final charge before he speaks. Let's go to God in prayer and ask the Lord will speak through him this morning. Dear Heavenly Father we thank you so much for your faithfulness in the loved. You have for us and the love that we have seen bestowed in the way that the Holy Spirit has been poured out during this conference. Lord I want to ask for a double measure of the Holy Spirit to be poured out this morning that as he speaks that his words will not be his own but that they will be yours and that he will be an empty vessel poured out willing to be filled and used by you and I pray that you will prepare our hearts to hear this message that you have given him. Stay with us throughout the year and continue to draw closer and closer to you as we desire your soon return. Thank you so much. We ask all these things the name of Jesus. Foreach and a two to two. I have come a time. Was was was everybody doing that was week New Year's Day and I just stayed up and going to share with you and I want to share with you something before I start you know a number of years ago when I was younger I believed in God but I never thought about him and when I believed him. I really was not a Christian. You know if I was on the street and people were chasing me. I never thought. You know I remember you know getting in a fight and getting the. Just be out of me. And I never thought about God I just didn't look to God And so I took that right into my experience when I came into the church. So if something happened I would I would think of myself you know and when actually initially look to God In two years of gone to to work in me to change that. What ended up happening was just just one experience by the way of I mean you have to continually learn to draw closer to the Lord and trust in him and seek him but I was I was with my wife now. We travel around full time together and we were we were traveling through from Florida to New Mexico and we chose to go camping in this state of Mississippi. So we're back woods Mississippi. I mean backwoods And while we're there we went for this long walk. It didn't we didn't intend for it to be this long but it was like an eleven mile walk through back woods Mississippi and as we were walking through Mississippi. We got to this point I was carrying a walking stick. In these dogs were kind of were in the line we could tell. We're going to walk into these dogs in the they were already barking they seemed angry and you know I'm not real good with like angry dogs. And I'm not real and I'm not real comfortable in my wife's like well you know funny is says well let's just keep going and I'm thinking. I don't want to I don't want to go but you know guess what I'm a man and so what do you do when a woman acts like you should do something that you should be afraid of you go. And so I went but I was annoyed I actually didn't want to go. So as the dog started coming at us. I got a stick and remember when troubles come by nature who I was was to trust in self. I don't look to God and so so I get to think I'm yelling at the dog and get back in whatever I be in the man with the stick and what ended up happening was we kept going. Finally the dog's back to weigh in on the way back we had to go back by the dogs and I'm annoyed I'm like Man we've got to go back by those dogs again I wish we would have done this some kind of you know annoyed with. And so as we start going back. I get this deep impression throw down the stick. And I'm like No I don't want to throw it on the stick. Throw it on the steak you need to just trust in me that I can take care of you. I don't want to throw it on the stick because I trusted in my self that I I could take care of myself but as we're getting closer and closer this turmoil within me as you just need to trust in me and finally with this turmoil and I can't even it's not even logical but it was just this conviction in my heart thrown on the state. I finally I finally decided all right. If the dogs attack me they attack me. I'm not I'm throwing down the stick. I mean talk about a lack of faith. I mean I threw it down. So there's a little faith there but I'm just I'm still thinking the dogs are going to like Ravage me or something and then my wife sees and she has a stick to you know so like she looks at me and she's thinking and it was hers was a really nice walking stick she had found. And she's like she realized there was this battle going on to me. So she threw her stick to it and later she regretted it. She was like Man I wish I would've kept that stick it was such a good walking stick you know but as we got closer to the dogs and they're coming in my heart is racing but I'm not going to trust them myself. If they if they tear me up. They tear me up. I mean backwoods Mississippi. Oh how I don't remember what kind of dog it was but it wasn't a happy dog. And so as I'm walking up to it all of the sudden right before we get to it as they're barking at us right before this drunk man comes out of the house and you know any he stopped the dogs from attacking us. And it was just one of those daily experiences you know I mean nothing nothing great nothing grand but it's it's even when the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. We need to learn to live by faith. Let's begin with the word of prayer. Heavenly Father. Great God who loves us with an eternal love. We need you. I pray that your spirit would rain down upon us and that you would teach us faith. Teach us to live by a righteousness that comes from faith. Fill us with your spirit. Give me clarity and your word this morning in the name of Jesus. Amen. Now hear the conclusion of the whole matter fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man for God shall bring every work into judgment. With every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil. Now this is interesting in the context of Solomon says listen here it is. Here's the here's the the end of it all. Here's the most important thing in then he says in the context of the judgment that you are to do two things they were two what fear God and keep His commandments. He said in the context of of the judgment you need to fear God and keep His commandments. Now what I find very interesting as you look into the Book of Revelation in the context of the Last Day message of the judgment and the three angels messages you know the first angels message begins and I saw Revelation fourteen six and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting One Gospel to preach on to them that dwell on the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice What fear God. It's interesting. It says The first thing that comes out of the angel's mouth. Now the message that we are to give is the everlasting Gospel but the first thing it says saying fear God. So the message at the end of time. In the context of the judgment is fear God. And then you go through the three Angels' messages you come to the last the third of the angels messages and in verse twelve. It says here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. They keep the commandments by faith but it's interesting the three Angels' messages begin with fear God and they conclude with keep His commandments the whole duty of man for humanity in the Times of Solomon was fear gone keep His commandments the whole duty of man at the end of time is similarly fear gone. So the three angels message our messages are book ended with. Fear gone keep his commandments. So let's try to break this down a little bit. We're going to try to figure out what fearing God and keeping His commandments by faith are somewhat about what they're all about that would be going too far but we're going to try to figure out some things to make it practical that we by great the grace of God can live this message out. Now fearing gone. And remember it says in Revelation fourteen fear God and give glory to him. And when we think of giving glory many times you think of you know in in some of our meetings we say we give glory will first Corinthians ten thirty one says Whether therefore you eat or you drink or whatsoever you do do all to the glory of God that by your lifestyle including what the way that you eat the way that you drink there are certain things that you could drink that are not good for you. They need the brain. There are certain things that you eat that may not be good for you but there's also things that are good for you that by your lifestyle habits can give glory to God. But what's interesting that we're looking at fearing God and giving glory. Now in the context of fearing gone. Proverbs Chapter ten verse twenty seven says. The fear of the Lord prolongs days. The fear the Lord prolongs days but the years of the wicked show. We shorten. So there's something about the fear of gone. That has to do with long. Isn't that interesting. The Bible also says in Proverbs Chapter fourteen verse twenty seven the fear of the Lord is the fountain of life to depart from the snares of death. So if you fear God it will actually lengthen your days the Bible says this is interesting. So there's something about health. That's connected right there in the fear of gone and the Bible also says in the context of fear and on keeping its commandments. Now by the way fearing God. Yes it has to do with honoring respect giving reverence for all mighty God realizing and recognizing I am but dust. But Deuteronomy Chapter six Moses tells us actually yet Deuteronomy Chapter six verse twenty four. It says in the Lord commanded us to do all these statues and that means the Lord commanded us to keep His commandments and the Lord commanded us to do all these statues to fear the Lord our God So those are the two things to keep the commandments of God and fear Him fear God keep His commandments right there in Deuteronomy six twenty four and the Lord commanded us to do all these statues to fear the Lord our God why. It says for our good always that he might preserve us alive as it is this day. So in the context of fearing God and keep His commandments. It helps preserve life. But it says this was given to us. God gave His commandments. He called us to fear him actually for our good. Meaning there is a benefit. There is a benefit from God to us when we yield to what he desires. He has desires are not just to keep us not just to keep us from pork when I first heard about pork that it was unhealthy I was not happy. You know what I did and when they support and. I got sick. Just a coincidence you know. And you know what I did I want need some more some more pork another time. Guess what got sick again and I realize maybe God is trying to show me something. I am a hard headed person you trust in yourself by nature that was me and I'm learning learning I'm not where I need to be but I want to continue growing in the Lord. And so God has given the health message for our good he's given us the commandments in general for our good. And what's so powerful is why would this be in the context of the last days I mean come on who really cares about what you eat. I thought. And it's interesting. Ellen White says one of the reasons God gave us the health message and you know. She said it is to make us happy. That you know that you're like no no no it makes me unhappy. I don't I want to eat this or that or whatever and she said no no no there's actually science in it and right now you may know this you may not know my wife and I put on a seminar about the gut brain connection that right now it is cutting edge science. The fact that what you eat can affect your brain. Is that powerful. Right now this is scientists are looking at this all the think the Bible is the first place that I know of that speaks about it. Daniel is the first scientific study according to the Chapter one. According to the National Institutes of Health is the first scientific study that's what this is what we tell in all of recorded history and it's a study of the god brain connection. What they ate a thing affected their intellect modern studies are showing the same thing. That the food you eat can enhance your intellect and actually make you happier. God gave us a message for our What for our good right. It's for our good for our health. Yes that also. So let's think about this form. So God has given us this. Part of it is the health message because if we're happy or it's easier to trust in God more now we need to trust in God even when we're down or depressed. Each of us are probably experienced some you know maybe maybe not full on depression but some of us have and even in that we need to trust in God with all of our hearts I've been there. Where you were so down at your worst point. And at that worst point of my life I finally said to God God even if I had to live this way for the rest of my life I would accept it because there's nowhere else to go because you have the words of life. This is what we need we need faith. And we can look back on those times I look back on those times when God brings you out of it and by the way it was it was his health message it helped bring me out of it and as I came out of it having peace but I look back and rejoice that God brought me through those experiences. God brought me through and I praise His holy name for that. But we're looking at fearing gone and it's interesting because part of fearing God is to make you happy. Isn't that interesting. You think fearing God that sounds kind of scary but then you realize no no no it's for your good actually helps you live longer. Very interesting. And. Looking a little deeper and fearing gone the Bible says In Proverbs I love this passages from Chapter two. And we have this message just as my son. If that will receive my words and hide my commandments with the. Now it's going to get to fear gone in a moment but it begins in the context of fearing God or how to fear God fearing God is more than just a theological concept. It is a living experience that you can only you can't fully understand in two you do what Proverbs Chapter two one two five talk about. And what it says is my son if that will receive my words and hide my commandments with these. So the first far is receiving God's word spending time in God's word but even laying it up hiding it in your heart and in your mind hiding it inside. We are told in last day events page sixty seven. The time is coming when many will be deprived of the written word. But if this word is printed in your memory. No one can take it from not interesting. Meaning it doesn't say everybody is going to be deprived in the end but many of us will. And by the way you can't run to the mountains flee to the hills with your i Phone. It be a tracking device as I'm going to work and so but we're told that many many are going to be deprived of the written word but if that word is printed in the memory no one can take it from us and in the context of fearing God we're told. If you receive my word and hide my commandments with. So that the incline nine ear unto wisdom and apply the one heart to understanding. So you're seeking the word in your you're trying to hear what it means you're saying you're seeking with your heart to discover what it is saying for your personal life. And then it says if you cry a staff there knowledge and lift to sup dive voice for understanding. So you're saying God help me. I don't get it. Listen when I became an Adventist I didn't know what Adventist did I went to the Mission College you know I haven't. I had a roommate who had been there for a while and I didn't know what advents did so I figure I'll just kind of do what they do and so at five in the morning. The guy next to me. I mean I had my own bed he had a you know he wasn't like in the bed with me but the guy in the you know the bed over there at five in the morning he turned the light on and he rolled out of bed he didn't even stand up or anything. He's rolled out of and start praying and so I I realized oh that's what seven they had been a student. So I just rolled out of it and start praying to just like he did you know. And then when he was I'm praying he started reading his Bible so you know you know what I did I did with seven they had been astute my Bible and so he read his Bible for three hours so what I do. I read my bible for three hours because that's what Seventh Day Adventists do. And so I did that every day and so day after day after day I was doing this. And what a blessing. It was I mean I'm glad I ran. And that Seventh Day Adventists right because I didn't know I mean it could have been you know somebody else later on I moved to California and I found out that not everybody does that but I got way off subject I don't even want to talk about that. I guess is good to read the Word of God. Oh yeah that's what we're talking about reading the Word of God Yeah we're talking about Proverbs seeking the Word of God with your whole heart and you're seeking to know what I mean that why I was going to say it was this was because I remember Pastor Louis Torres came up to me and I just read my bible for three hours and he said he would you read this morning and you know not nothing came to mind after three hours and you may think I read my Bible I get nothing out of it I thought I got nothing out of it. But God was doing a work in my heart. You spend that time even if you feel nothing. It is not about some feeling now. Praise the Lord if the Lord gives a feeling that's that's nothing wrong with that. That's a blessing. And I have that from time to time but it's not like every day. It's like this moment of ecstasy Well I'm reading God's word but it's not an option for a Seventh Day Adventist to read the Word of God is said If we cry us to after knowledge lift us up our voice for understanding and then verse four says if you seek her as silver. And search for her. As for hid treasures. God is calling us to seek after his word as for hate treasure and all of us know probably what it's like to seek for his treasures for some of you. It's on Amazon dot com hour after hour reading how you know how many stars does this particular thing have this this curling iron. What is the best curling iron right. And you seek for this. As for HID treasure for someone like oh that's not me I'm not into that you know but maybe for you. It's Facebook you're just scrolling scrolling so. Rolling scrolling looking for his treasure something grand but it's just more of the same somebody had a hamburger. But we seek and we seek and we seek. But God says listen I want you to seek my word like you seek for the things of the world. This is what God wants out of us and not just to like get you to sit and read a book but there's something about it that's for your good. There's a blessing in it that God wants to bestow upon you your family your friends your coworkers your schoolmates God has a plan for you but we have to be in the Word of God we have to be there. So how does this connect to fear gone. Verse five says this after telling us about hiding God's word in our minds in our hearts memorizing the word about seeking it. Praying for guidance seeking with our whole heart looking for it as gold or silver it finally says in verse five then. Then shalt understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God Now powerful. So meaning it's not just a feel logical idea. It is an experience you only experience when you see gone's word. As for your life you have to experience it. I want to challenge you. I was an interest in reading the Bible but once I started doing it. It has changed my life. Sure for actual To Tell You seem like for years I got very little out of it. But over time. It began to come together. It began to make more sense and began to come to life for mean. Friends we got to read the Word of God for the blessing that is contained therein. You know the Bible says improv. Chapter eight verse thirteen the fear of the Lord is to hate evil pride arrogancy in the evil way in the fro word mouth do I hate the fear the Lord is to hate evil. We're going to make a transition here in this mess as we talked about how. How there is a a health component to the last days that God's people are going to seek to to live a healthier lifestyle so that they can give more glory to God. They'll be happier. They'll have clearer minds which is the most important part and point point of the health message there is a long jeopardy aspect only talks about then so does the Bible. But what's interesting is that the Bible also says you know that there is this fear of God that we discover when we study God's word. And then we read that the fear of God is to hate evil. Or the fear of God is to hate unrighteousness as it were. This brings us back from fearing God to keeping His commandments How does that connect. How do these things connect this is a good question. Looking at righteousness by faith. What is righteousness by many times we use terminology in church. And we have no idea what it means. How many of you can attest to that you hear stuff in church and you think I know what that is and if somebody asked you will tell me explain it to me so that I can live it out. Would you really be able to do it right. But I want you to think about righteousness by let's look at it because fear God keeping His commandments by faith remember here are they that keep the commandments of God and faith of Jesus. So they keep the commandments by fate. What is righteousness. Now in order to understand what righteousness is maybe it will help us if we understand what an righteousness is first John Chapter five or seven thousand says all unrighteousness is sin and there is a sin that is not on to death. So all on righteousness is what it's seen. Now what is sin. You may know first John chapter three verse four says what it says Whosoever committed a sin transgress is also the law for sin is the transgression of lot to say a simple sin is breaking the law. Now if righteousness unrighteousness. If on righteousness is sin. And sin is breaking the law that means unrighteousness is was breaking the law. Do you see the connection there. Did I make that confusing if unrighteousness is sin and sin is breaking the law then breaking the law is on righteousness. So an righteousness of breaking God's Law Now righteousness would be then the opposite of unrighteousness. Yes or no. Yes I mean an righteousness is the lack of righteousness and if an righteousness is breaking the law. What would you do so would be. Righteousness keeping the law seems very simple. So many people have sought out and then I just need to keep the law and then I could be righteous right. How many of you have tried and I have and then you've stumbled terribly because if righteousness is in the law. Isaiah fifty one verse seven hearken unto me ye that know righteousness the people in whose heart is my law. So people who have the law in the heart that's the new covenant by the way they say they have righteousness. So but I'm going to share with you a piece a group of people who saw it with all their heart to be righteous and thoroughly failed turn with me to Romans Chapter nine Romans Chapter nine. These are a group of people who knew that righteousness the law was righteous holy just in good as Romans tells us. And so these people saw to keep the law but they failed miserably. Why Romans Chapter nine. We're going to begin in verse thirty one and obviously we're beginning right here talking about Israel the people of Israel were looking in. Romans Chapter nine in verse thirty one the Word of God reads. But Israel which followed after the law of righteousness have not attained to the law of righteousness wherefore because they saw it not. By faith but as it were by the works of the law. So here are the Israelites they knew the law was righteous and they sought to keep the law but they failed. They knew that the law was good. Holy just righteous and so they looked to the law and tried to keep it and they didn't do it and it says wherefore why because they didn't seek it by by faith. What is mean hopefully we can grasp this in just a moment. So when and what ends up happening. It says verse thirty two. Wherefore because they because they saw it not by faith but as it were by the works of the law for they stumbled at the stumbling stone as it is written behold I land Psion a stumbling stone in Iraq of offense and whosoever believeth in Him should not be ashamed. So what does it say there get the idea. So the Israelites you're on a path. They're on a pathway and their goal is to keep the law. So they're looking at the law for righteousness as they actually seek to keep the law and as they're seeking to keep the law. It said they stumbled right there was something in the pathway and it says that the they stumbled over it right. Did you see that. Now it says they stumbled at the stumbling stone as it is written behold I landed Psion a stumbling stone in Iraq of a fence. Who would that rock of a fence be who was the Rock of Ages cleft for me. It was Jesus. So get the picture there on their path to try to be righteous so they know the laws right just so they're keeping their eyes on the law but as they're seeking to keep the law. Something's in their way and it's a rock and that rock was Christ. And as they go their eyes. If their eyes are on the law they might miss not see the rock and they stumble over and they fall down and they're unsuccessful at attaining righteousness. You see that. Because there I was focused in the wrong place. The law Romans chapter eight verse four tells us was weak. Through the flash. The law can not save you. Yes or no it can't. And so they were looking to the law as it were for salvation but if they would have turned their eyes. Their focus of their eyes from the law to the rock. To Jesus Christ would they have tripped over him. No they might have kneeled down before that rock they would have then received a righteousness from him. Now let's go back. Notice this jumped back in the same chapter to verse thirty. Is as what shall we say then what should we say then that the Gentiles which followed not after the law of righteousness have attained to the law of righteousness. Even the righteousness which is of what faith. You see that. So they say receive the righteousness by faith. Meaning they receive a righteousness greater than their own the Bible says in Philippians chapter three verse nine. Paul said and be found in him not having mine own righteousness see if you try to keep your own righteousness you try to keep the law you try to do the right thing you try to be better. You try to be good on your own focusing and notice. I keep saying you you or me me me me me trusting self. As you seek to trust yourself. Do you think that's going to help you be more like Christ. Now doesn't even make sense but we do it not thinking it through and so the Israelites if they would have looked to something else. These these ones not to the Gentiles now rather the Gentiles sought their righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ and Paul said be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law but that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness of God by faith. Paul says we need a righteousness from gone because my righteousness will never be good enough by myself. Do you believe that and I heard you Gene Krupa use this illustration. He said. If you went into a store yesterday and stole a candy bar and then today you don't steal a candy bar. Does that make up for you. Stealing a candy bar yesterday. No meaning. What if you stop sinning today and never sinned again till Jesus came. Would you deserve to go to heaven. Yes or no. Why because all of the sins of the past. You cannot atone for do you follow you need a righteousness beyond what you could ever self create you need a perfect righteousness. So that when you go to heaven your record is perfect but the problem is your record isn't perfect. You need the righteousness of God You need Jesus who died on the cross for your sins and upon the cross. How many of your sins that he take every single sin you've ever done if he could if he if he kept if he received all of the sins you've ever done. The Bible tells us that he gives his perfect righteousness in exchange for your filthy rags is not good news. You see why righteousness by faith is so beautiful but it actually goes further than just covering you. It fills you with righteousness. So that you can have the strength to walk in the law is gone but I'm going to share with you that a minute. So let's look at it. So this is the idea now turn with me to Romans Chapter four I love this this is so powerful the person that is given over and over in Scripture for this great man of faith is a man by the name of Abraham and I think sometimes maybe you're like I was and you're like why Abraham. I mean it's just kind of a weird story. You know in Genesis fifteen verse five. If it says and he brought him forth abroad and said Look now toward heaven and tell the stars. If you'll be able to number them and he said so. Show your seed be and then it says and he believed the Lord and he counted it to him for righteousness. That's just kind of weird like you know either a guy can have a baby. He's old. His wife sold. It's impossible for them to have a baby and God says you're going to have a baby and Abraham's like OK All right. I believe it and God's like OK you're righteous. How does that work together doesn't that sound kind of strange and why is this like the great proof of what it's like to have righteousness by faith. Now I want you to look at it when we read it in Romans Chapter four. We're going to begin in verse one thousand. This is powerful. Speaking of a broom. And being not weak in what faith see Abraham could have been weak in faith and thought man I'm an old man this is impossible and being not to weaken faith he considered not his own body. Now dead when he was about one hundred years old. Neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb. Do you follow. So here's here's Abraham he's bodies as good as dead meaning the guys up towards one hundred years old at this point. His wife is up towards ninety and guess what. Adventists of the longest living people in the world today. Not because any glory to us is just because we went back to what the Bible said right. You go back to the Bible. It's interesting. Creationists are the longest living people in the world today. Yes or no evolution has not enhanced the length of life like creation has. And then it's powerful. And so but even though administering living as as the longest living group of people on the planet. Have you ever heard of any ninety year old Adventists getting pregnant recently. And so you would expect that So Abraham could have said when God said this this is impossible. He could have considered his own body which was as good as dead. Or the dead necessaries woman said this is impossible. But he didn't he said if God said it he must have something miraculous in store. Do you follow. And within the church and within society and within other Christian groups there is this real trouble of believing that God can give victory. Yes or no. Have you ever heard that. Why would you keep the Sabbath we sin all the time we can't stop sinning all we do is sin we are just sinners. But the Bible says that you can actually find victory where I mean Revelation fourteen twelve even prophesies it. Here are they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus. They have keep the commandments by faith they have righteousness by faith. What God said that's going to happen. And I could say listen man I've tried. I'm really sought to do the right thing and I haven't really succeeded many times and and I want to do the right thing and I want to keep the law. I want to do what it says I want to do. It's as and I stumble trip you follow. And so then I could say I could consider my own body. Now dead. And I could say God you can't fulfill what you said I could do that you see. I could not give glory to GOD says that Abraham gave glory to God by faith. He said If God said it he must have something miraculous in store. He didn't consider his body. You may have tried to thousand times to overcome. And so you maybe even come to the theological conclusion it's impossible. And you know what you're right it is impossible for you to overcome sin by yourself. But is is it impossible for God to bring light out of darkness. Is it possible for a God who says he is going to make a group of people overcome. Is it possible for him to do what he says yes or no. Do you see how this is an important issue in the area of righteousness by faith it is not an issue of can I do it. No I can't. The question is Can Christ in me do it. Yes he can. And so Abraham did not consider his own body. Now did not check this out read it again verse one thousand and we can faith he considered not his own body. Now dead when he was about one hundred years old. Neither yet the deadness of Sirius womb. Check this out. Verse twenty. He staggered. So check this out. He's on his path and he doesn't stagger right. He doesn't trip in his path. The ancient Israel lights did he staggered not at the promise of gone through unbelief. But was strong in what faith giving glory to God You see living and giving glory to God is not only eating right and drinking right. But it is living by righteousness by faith. You see what I say. It's said I want to read again just so you don't miss that. That's a key point is he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith giving glory to God. Do you see how your righteousness might be when you trust that he of God said it. I really believe it even though I struggle with that thousand times maybe you should look pornography a thousand times and you've wanted to quit you struggle with anger. You've struggled with whatever it is that you struggle with with lust store or maybe your clothing and you like to show off your body quite a bit you know whatever it is. And God says listen I can give you the victory even if you've done it a thousand times do not consider your body. Don't consider whether you have the strength can consider gone keep your eyes not on the law not on something else but keep your eyes on Christ. And if your eyes are upon him trusting that he can do what he said then he gives us righteousness by faith not only to cover us but to strengthen us to overcome. And it says verse twenty he staggered not at the promise of gone through unbelief it was strong in faith giving glory to God and being fully persuaded that what he had promised he was able to perform. He trusted God could do it. And therefore it was in Putin. It was put into him for righteousness. Not only was he covered but now he actually had to act out this having a child. So he had to go do something with his wife. God told him it was impossible. His body was as good as dead but God made it as good as good right as good as a live our bodies. We are dead in trespasses and sins. We can't overcome but God can bring a life to that which is dead heat. Kohls that which is not as though it were as we read earlier in this very same chapter he can call life into you if you but trust in God to guide you and place your confidence in him. You'll find him always there beside you. We are promised this God has given us His word. You know could Jesus really give a group of people the victory. I would say it more like this it just happens if we continually seek God with all our heart. It's not an issue of like I'm just going to do better in two thousand and seventeen right. Pick up my bootstraps and I'm a move along right. Once again you start going back to I'll take care of myself I'll get a little better this year but rather I'm going to turn away from myself this year I want to think less about Chad in two thousand and seventeen than in two thousand and sixteen. I want to in two thousand and seventeen closer to Jesus Christ this year than in any year in the past will not be nice to end this year changed. To in this year living our righteousness my face so we don't have to constantly fear we save it. We bring out one quotation violent light that says no sanctified tongue will be found saying I am saved and we miss out all the other text where she says you don't have to question whether you're saved you can know if you're right with God today you would be ready if Jesus came today. There's a balance. Meaning I won't go around saying I'm saved I'm good to go man am I'm a good man. I'm a righteous man right. Nothing will happen I can never be lost. No there is this humility a reverence a fear of God that He is God but he loves me with all his heart that I'm a dust and ashes but he can save my soul and I want to. Everything in my life to Jesus Christ right here right now. And I can trust that he can forgive my sins today and if my sins are given and I'm I'm not holding on to them today. I can know that I'd be ready if Jesus Christ came today is that good news. You know what the Gospel means good news. It's for our good. God has brought these things together. One thing that should prove to me the divinity of of the Word of God is the connections all throughout Scripture and they're all there. How could all these men thirty five to forty men over fifteen hundred years come up with stuff like this. The prophecies that have come true to our day God has a stablished his word and he wants to establish it in your heart. If you will receive it. If you spend time in it. I do believe Jesus is coming and Jesus wants more than anything for you to be ready. But he actually wants more than that he wants you to be ready so that he can help you get the people around you ready. So that you can go home and you can be a witness outside of G Y C that you can take the experience that you've obtained at this conference and you could spread it around the world. When you travel internationally when you're at work. It doesn't matter what you do but you are an undercover missionary giving glory to God because you believe by faith that Jesus is going to work in you. You're trusting in Him friends Jesus wants to give us the victory we've talked about three main things that it's kind of just a bunch of information or I wanted three main things we look at number one something there's something within fearing God about a health message. There's something within fearing God about health and this actually helps us draw closer to Jesus. It's not to be saved but because we have been saved. We try what he says. And when we try the science shows oh you're happier. You're better able to overcome. I lie. Diseases your mind becomes clearer. And it helps you better overcome temptation through the got brain connection. So one thing we looked at is there's a health component Number two we looked at that there is a component of fearing God by seeking His word with your whole heart. And we give glory to Him by righteousness by faith we keep His commandments to righteousness my faith that is the third thing we look down and so I want to make a challenge to you to begin this year two thousand and seventeen. God is calling us to a higher level of spirituality eating food is not it doesn't save you in and of itself. Given plenty of people have eaten bad but they'll still be safe but it makes it easier to overcome and we need all the help we can get in these days when she is so hard to overcome. I'll tell you this we know with through the gut brain connection. You can see that you know we're told you know spicy food makes you more losses and there's no question it does so the issue isn't like Oh just get rid of the way from that and then you get to go to heaven. No but it will make it so much easier not to look at pornography getting back to God's plant based not you'll see your mind starts getting clearer when you get back to God's diet. You don't get to go to heaven God like all good job you're a vegan for four years way to go right. No but got to say listen didn't make it easier. Wasn't it easier to trust in God by faith. So the first challenge I want to make to you today. How many of you would like to sane and maybe you don't even want to that much for you like a man I got diabetes maybe I could learn to overcome it. Or maybe I just want to overcome but because of saying listen in two thousand and seventeen. Let's let's choose to literally be health reform or us as a church we can encourage each other and I'm not telling you. Everybody needs to turn of even tomorrow if your immediate or begin team or plan food slowly make a transition but in two thousand and seventeen. Would you like to say whether it's exercise whether it's sunlight whether it's the city laws of health you say I want to try this year to begin the year on the right foot living out God's healthy. And giving glory to Him through my health. If that's your desire I ask that you just stand where you are. This is the first appeal simple appeal. You want to in two thousand seven hundred seek to live a healthy lifestyle to give glory to God through that number two. Maybe you say I want to recommit my life to God here to begin two thousand and seventeen. I want to recommit my life. I want to I want to I want to walk with him this year in righteousness my faith I want to learn to trust him even when I struggle with doubt. I want to just trust him even in the darkest time I want to have righteousness by faith is there anyone who by the raising their hand say you know I want that righteousness by faith I want to hear today. I want to know that I'm in a saving relationship and I want to give my sin to Jesus. Amen. We want to know that we want peace in our hearts to know that we are walking with you and we can have that spirit. I mean you need to tell you that the Bible just says it first. John Chapter five thirteen tells us that he wrote the book of first John. So that you could know that you have eternal life. You can know it. The Bible says it and the spirit of prophecy says it. And number three. How many of you want to commit that in two thousand and seventeen. You want to fear gone and you can't you like I don't even know if I want to do that but he says listen the only way you can even experience it is Vice spending time in the Word of God. Hiding in your mind and in your heart seeking God asking God please help me to understand what it means please Lord give me the victory. Help me to be changed by you already even if I feel like I get nothing out of it. Lord be with me how many of you want to sound a covenant this year to spend every single day. Sometime every day with Jesus cries. Let us close with prayer Heavenly Father. We need you. We cannot do this we're not looking to us to be better ourselves this year we're looking for righteousness by faith. Give us the strength because we don't have to spend time every single day with you help us live out your health message. Not to be a bunch of little istic hypocrites. But rather to find victory the strength that you give us in the name of Jesus. You may be seated. A man have you been blessed. And when you know the darker. The days will be the brighter the light will shine. The broader the light of God's Word will shine and God is going to do a mighty work Saul invite you to a RA is and shine with me arise as we'll sing our closing song and as we look forward to see each other in Phoenix Arizona this summer. Twenty seven to the thirty first to rise and shine and we will sing together we have this hope as well over its load lol. There's a new poll shows there's close room. LOL LOL womanhood and then let us pray together. There have been a father this hope bird's within our hearts hope for the coming of the Lord may you keep us faithful faithful faithful till the end in the name of Jesus. We pray. Amen. See you in Phoenix Arizona. May God be with you and maybe your rise and shine together and that.


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