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A Society in Turmoil

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • November 26, 2016
    11:30 AM
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It has stood the test of time with God's Book the Bible still relevant in today's complex world. It is with messages of hope around the world do you remember the tune. Certainly you remember the words to all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles all on a sesame seed bun. That's right. The infamous big mac. Now whatever your thoughts on the nutritional value of a big mac may be a study was done a few years ago called The Big mac and the Ten Commandments. Now I won't ask how many of you have eaten a big mac in the last week but that little jingle has stuck in the mind of millions for many years. You know the sad thing is that I haven't eaten a big mac in a long long time. Yet I'm able to think of those ingredients with relative ease and here's the amazing thing this survey that they took shows that more people can name the seven ingredients in a McDonald's Big mac than the ten commandments for terror for yourself to be shocked they surveyed a thousand people and it showed that eighty percent of the people could name the sandwiches primary ingredient of two all beef patties. But less than sixty percent of people recalled the commandment Thou shall not kill. Let that sink in for just a moment. They found forty five percent could recall the commandment Honor your father and mother while said. When the six percent of the people remembered the big mac ingredient lettuce seventy five percent new the sesame seed bun sixty six percent new special sauce sixty two percent new pickles sixty percent new cheese but don't miss the point all of those ingredients are more than the people who could recall on are your father and mother is a commandment. It is remarkable. That in this day and age more people know that there are pickles on a big mac than the commandment Thou shalt not kill. What is happening in our society a society where more people know that a sesame seed bun is part of the ingredients of a sandwich from the Golden Arches than the commandment Honor your father and mother. What is happening in our society. You see something something is going on in our society we read the newspaper we watch the news we read the Internet. Lines are being blurred and moral standards which were once rock solid are seemingly nonexistent. It seems that our society has turned its back on God's moral standards. If we look into the world of entertainment. We find competing values. Many studies have been done on this. In fact the average eighteen year old and I want this to sink in the average eighteen year old has witnessed over two hundred thousand violent acts on television and in the movies that includes forty thousand murders. What does that do to a person's mindset when they witness violent acts and murders of those magnitudes it is desensitized our society and what we're seeing and that the research reveals is the Biblical reality that by beholding we become. Ange's after you witness a violent act after violent act murder after murder. It becomes much easier to pull the trigger. I'll never forget when I was in high school when I received news in my eleventh grade year that one of my classmates had been sitting in the back of a car and someone approached their car. Not sure exactly what happened but his hat was probably turned just the wrong way his shirt happened to be the wrong color his pants happened to be rolled up on one side and that day it was the wrong side and that classmate of mine pulled out a gun and killed that young man. Later he went to trial and was found guilty and was sentenced to sixty five years in prison. When you think about it. This is what's happening in society. It's becoming easier to pull the trigger. Because if we're pulling the trigger in video games how much easier is it. If we're playing video games that are focused with one primary goal and that is how many people can you kill. Well it becomes much easier to do it in real life children who identify with aggressive T.V. characters and perceive the violence to be realistic are more at risk for later aggression in their life according to the American Psychological Association and two thousand and thirteen the youth risk behavior survey found this among high school students during the past thirty days thirty five percent of high school students have drank alcohol. Now I would remind you in high school you're under the age of eighteen. Twenty one percent involve themself in some type of binge drinking ten percent drove while drinking alcohol twenty two percent rode in the car with someone who had been drinking alcohol. You see it's starting younger and younger and younger. Last year I went to new food and in new mood we are doing a special. To bring Bibles in and not to toot the language of the Innuit people and we're also working on building community centers where churches can meet and be used on a daily basis. However while I was there I met a young person. Young Person eight years old young people nine years old and this young man who was eight years old. The first question he asked me the first act question he asked a friend of mine was this not what's your name not where are you from the first question he asked is do you use drugs friends. Why did he ask me that question. Because he lived in a home where his parents were doing drugs drugs that were obtained from outside workers coming in who were bringing. Bringing them when they came to work. Then the parents would buy the drugs they'd have no money for food than the children could not eat and then the children would steal their parents' drugs. So you have eight year olds this eight year old in particular who was smoking marijuana on a regular basis. You see it's becoming younger and younger. Our society seems to be in decay one third of teenagers report that they have used some type of a listen. Drug at some point in their lives in fact according to some statistics fifty seven percent of all men fifty four percent of all women report that they have been involved in some type of marital infidelity. A more disturbing statistic is this when asked the question would you have an affair if you never got caught seventy four percent of men and sixty eight percent of women said they would have that affair. What's happening in our society. What's going on. There is moral decay throughout. In fact. Pornography is rampant. When I was studying in my Master's program I had. To preach during a class on the seventh commandment Thou shalt not commit adultery and as I was in that preaching class and preparing to preach. I wanted to make this class and this sermon particularly relevant because I would be preaching to preachers. So I started doing research and the research indicates that anywhere between forty five and fifty five percent of all pastors have some form of pornographic material on their computers. Now I want to be clear I'm not trying to denigrate pastors but it is to demonstrate the challenge we are facing in the eroding moral situation in this society is the Proverbs twenty eight twenty six gives this little snippet. But it's a powerful snippet he who trust in his own heart is a fool. Hosea in fact says this they sow the wind they reap the whirlwind. That's what's happening in our society we see it all around us but today we will look because this is not what God intended. We will look to Heaven. You see the Jerusalem factor is all about turning our eyes upward toward heaven and looking to the New Jerusalem to that tabernacle made by God and not by man and seeking to find answers for the ever quickening moral decay in our society. So let's step back in time over three thousand years ago. God wrote some things in stone that if applied to the Society of Canada to the Society of North America. In fact of the society all around the world that would make a mark a difference in what is happening today. You see the Book of Psalms in Psalm. One eleven verses seven and nine. Give us clear counsel when it says these words. The works of his hand are verity and justice all his precepts are sure they stand fast for ever and ever. How long did it say. Forever and ever. This is a powerful statement. You see God wrote his precepts and that's another word for laws or regulations. He wrote them that they would stand forever but it's interesting. God's law is under attack. But you know it's very interesting the book of Daniel actually predicted that that is exactly what would happen. And so we see it happening in society today because there's an entity working to actually tear down the law of God We've read about it before but if you have your Bibles Daniel Chapter seven tells us about this entity. Daniel Chapter seven and in verse twenty five. He speaking of the Little Horn religio political power he shall speak pompous words against the most I shall persecute the saints of the most high and shall intend to change times and law. Whose law is he trying to change. God's law. So now we have this entity that's actually trying to change the law and EDITION only in in Daniel Chapter eight in verse twenty five this little horn power is doing all he can do under mine. The governance of God This is what it says. Through his cunning he shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule and his show exalt himself in his art. He shall destroy many in their prosperity and he shall even Rise Against. The Prince of princes now who is this prince of. It says it is Jesus Christ himself. But then in a fascinating twist. When you go to Daniel Chapter eleven this same little horn power is at work once again. And it says that he shall turn in rage against the holy covenant whose covenant is the holy covenant that is Conte's covenant. Daniel told us that at the end of time this little horn power would rise in the judgement hour that this little horn power would actually work to change the law he would actually work to change God's law he would actually work against the very name of God So why is all this important. Other than the obvious reason of the fact that the law of God is the law of God and cannot be changed the Book of Revelation says something very interesting about those who will be on the earth during the time of the end in Revelation Chapter twelve. And in verse seventeen. It speaks of the key for God's people. It speaks of a dragon who is the dragon. It is Satan and the Bible says that he was enraged with the woman Bible prophecy a woman represents the church and then the Bible goes on to say that he went to make war with her saints the rest of her offspring the remaining one so to speak now if you're reading from the King James Version. It will say the remnant of her seed. What is this talking about it is speaking of those who are God's people. Those that are left over that look like the original intention of God's people and how are they defined Revelation twelve seventeen says this and the dragon was enraged with the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. You see the Book of Daniel talks about the law of God being attacked. The Book of Revelation says that God's people at the end of time will be keepers of the commandments of God and this is not just one isolated verse in fact Revelation Chapter fourteen and verse twelve says this here is the patience. Now that word patience could be translated the in durance here is the patience of the Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus. I don't want you to miss the point of these verses. They are two different verses that describe what God's and time people look like those who are on the earth. Those who are faithful to God Those who are awaiting the return of Jesus. Both of these verses say they will be keeping the commandments and here's the amazing thing about the Ten Commandments. Even though the ten commandments were written sometime about thirty five hundred years ago the Ten Commandments speak with relevance and meaning to the twenty first century. Now let me clarify what I just said God wrote it in stone and gave it to Moses thirty five hundred years ago but we're going to see in our study that God's law has not existed for only thirty five hundred years ago. In fact the Bible says that God's law is eternal. But when we look at these commandments. I want to ask a question what would happen in our society today what would happen. And let's not make it so big but what would happen in cities like Calgary or Toronto in St John's or Vancouver in Edmonton and Alice facts. What would happen all across Canada. If no one placed any other gods before the God of heaven. Now I want to be very very clear in what I'm saying I'm not talking about forced or legislated religion but what if people place God first. In their life what would happen. What would happen if we lived in a society where people did not worship idols and by the way when I speak of worshipping idols. Don't say in your mind. Oh I don't have any statues in my house you see idols can be more than just a carved statue. It could be worshiping people. It could be worshiping events it could be worshiping things and caring about those things more than we do about God what would happen in our society if the name of God was never taken in vain. You know I travel quite a bit and I spend a lot of time in airports and I'll never forget. Not too long ago we were traveling and at the same time we were sitting in the lounge waiting for our airplane. There was a man sitting across from me and I want to be clear I'm not being Judge Mental of this man simply making an observation but literally not figuratively literally every other word out of his mouth was a foul word. I just sat there and I said you know I think I'm going to turn on my phone and I'm going to record him and then when it's real quiet. I'm going to play it back really loud so he can hear what he sounds like now. I didn't do that because I value my safety but imagine imagine what a society would be like that had clean language. What would happen. What would happen in a society that's overburdened overstressed and full of people who are suffering from anxiety. What would happen to a group of people that would remember what God said that we've should have one day that is completely dedicated to God for rest in Him. What would happen in a society if children honored their father and mother and by the way let me expand upon that just slightly what would happen in a society that children honored their father and mother because their father and mother were honorable now by the way that's not a condition of the commandment but what would happen. What would happen in a society where no one killed each other. I'm going to tell you what would happen in a. I'd like that every news outlet would go out of business. What would happen in a society where there was no adultery where there was no adultery no infidelity ever what would happen in a society where no one stole anything where everyone honored the realities of ownership. What would happen in a society where no one lied no one bore false witness against their neighbor. What would happen in a society like that. What would happen in a society where no one coveted other people's things and I'm going to hit the pause button for just a moment because I want to make it very clear and I want to be very clear what I'm about to say I believe in God I've given my life to Jesus Christ. But here's what I want to ask for the skeptic who may have come across this show who may be listening or watching right now here's my question. Even if God did not exist. Tell me that God's laws would not make society. A better place. Emagine for a moment which I don't believe but imagine for a moment that God didn't exist. Imagine for a moment that the entirety of the Bible which I do not believe but imagine it all was just a story a fairy tale which again I want to be clear I don't believe that but imagine for a moment. It was but I want you to imagine that each of us lived our lives in accordance with the Ten Commandments of this book and then we got to the end of our life and found out that Jesus really wasn't coming again. Would we be worse for the wear to live in such a way. But here's the beauty of it all. God does exist. Jesus is coming soon. And Jesus is coming to set up a kingdom that looks like that like those ten commandments. It's a beautiful thing you see God's law is the very foundation of his. Thrown. It's the foundation of his governance and God's law is eternal. It is the eternal moral sand standard which define sin and establishes our accountability to God that my friends is the Jerusalem factor there exists an unchangeable moral standard for all time. So I want you to notice now we're going to try to understand why the logs ists because there is a lot of discussion in Christianity about the law of God with many Christians choosing to ignore the law of God But first John chapter three in verse four is quite clear first John Chapter three. And beginning in verse four whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness and sin is lawlessness other versions say that sin is the transgression of the law. You see sin is defined by God's law. Sin is when we break. God's law. How do we identify send How do we know what sin is it is God's law that defines it for us. The beauty of that is this. There's no floating definition of what sin is so there's really no way for us to have a relativistic approach to moral living a what sin for you is sin for you and may not be sent for me and I don't know what God's law says is this what is sin is sin and the great beauty of God's law because when you talk about God's law some preachers will say that's very restrictive. But the beauty of God's law is that it is the pathway to freedom the pathway to genuine happiness. The book of James records. These words. So speak. So do as those who will be judged by the law of liberty. You want true freedom. Are you looking for liberty from those things that bind you down the Bible is clear Come to Jesus. He is the one who authored the Ten Commandments and moral standard of living that leads to freedom and liberty. He gives us the enabling strength to abide by his word. There's more to say about God's law and the Jerusalem factor but we are all out of time today. Friend. Let us cling to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who has given us a stand to see she seems us will soon see if she was. My own son. So live as soon as you see. My dear friends much of Christianity has been confused on the role of God's law. Today I want to offer you a little booklet called Does God's grace blot out the law. It will help you understand more about this law of liberty. Here's the information you need to receive today's offer to request today's offer just logon to W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca That's W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca and select the T.V. Program tab for Canadian viewers the offer will be sent free and postage paid for viewers outside of Canada shipping charges will apply if you prefer. You may call toll free at one eight eight eight call that's one eight eight eight call you call any time lines are open twenty four hours daily. That's one eight eight eight call or if you wish you may write to us at it is written box twenty ten Oshawa Ontario L one H seventy four and thank you for your prayer request and your general. Financial support. That's it is written Box two thousand and ten Oshawa Ontario L. one age seventy four. My dear friend has as the foundation of his government a law of liberty a law that gives you freedom from said that you might walk in His ways. I hope today you found freedom in Jesus and invite you to join us again next week until then remember it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of seeds from the mouth of God.


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