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God's Answer to Turmoil

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • December 3, 2016
    11:30 AM
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With it has stood the test of time with God's Book the Bible still relevant in today's complex world and it is with messages of hope around the world. Joey Prusak was a nineteen year old working at Dairy Queen to make a few extra dollars that day work seemed like any other day than it happened there was a blind man in his line. The blind man made his order and he was going to pay as he drew his moneys out of his pants pocket a twenty dollar bill fell on the ground. I'm sure that's happened to you. I know what's happened to me you have many things in your pocket you pull something out and other things fall to the floor because the man was blind. He didn't notice that he had dropped that twenty dollar bill. The woman standing behind the blind man picked up the twenty dollar bill and placed it in her purse. Joey was astonished by this action and asked her to return the money but she refused. He then gave her an ultimatum return the money or leave the store and she actually left without returning the twenty dollar bill to the blind man. Joey Prusak was so astonished. Yet he was moved in his heart. This nineteen year old Joey Prusak couldn't stand for such an injustice. He took a twenty dollar bill out of his own pocket and gave it. To the blind man. It is a true story that speaks volumes of the sad state of our society yet it gives us a glimpse of something more. Now I don't know if Joey Preussag is a Christian or not but he demonstrated through that action and through that act of kindness the love of Jesus Christ. You know the law of God actually exists out of love. God's Law the Ten Commandments exist because God loves us yet his law also defines our love response to him in John fourteen fifteen the words of Jesus himself. What does Jesus say if you love me keep my commandments. You see the law as freeing the law is not restrictive and love always leads to obedience. Now I need to be very clear. So I'm not misunderstood will be God not in order to be saved. We obey God because we are saved. I hope that makes sense to you. We don't obey to be saved because obedience the Bible tells us will not save us what or who will save us. Jesus will save us and His righteousness. But God calls upon us as we enter into a relationship with him and because we love him that our love response to him would be to be obedient to his instructions his commandments. If first John Chapter two goes on to expand on this idea of a love response to Jesus's love to us first. John Chapter two verses three and four and it is quite pointed now by this we know that we know him. If we keep. Commandments. He who says I know him and does not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him. Now while that may sound a bit harsh. Here is the fundamental reality that we must understand grace and God's law are not contradictory ideas. So what is the role of God's law. Put simply this is what it is according to Paul in Romans chapter three in verse twenty. It says this. By the law is the knowledge of sin. And I want you to pictured in your mind. I want you to picture a mirror. You see the law is like a mirror when we look into the law. What do we see we see our reflection when we look into a mirror what do we see we see our reflection. When we look into God's Law It tells us our imperfections. Now most of us on a regular basis visit a mirror. And when you come to the mirror and you notice I have a blemish on my face my hair is receding or whatever the mirror may tell you. Sometimes that may be depressing. When you look into the mirror and you notice that your hair is a little bit of a mess. Here's the question Don't miss it does the mirror fix your hair for you. Does the mirror fix the blemish on your face. No no. You see the mirror simply tells you that your hair needs fixing. But here's the other question when you're looking in the mirror. If you're standing in front of the mirror and you're far away. How helpful is that near usually not very helpful. So I want you to imagine for a moment that I put a mirror some twenty five meters away and I looked at myself in the mirror from that distance. You know when you look at Amir from twenty five meters away everything looks OK. But you see as we get closer to the mirror what happens you begin to see I begin to see I don't have as much hair as I did when I was eighteen. Maybe I've had too many visits to Tim Hortons this past month so on and so forth are you following me. You see the closer we are to God's Law The closer we are to God the more revealing it is to us fact Paul to the Romans said this in Romans seven seven. I would have not known sin except through the law for I would not have known covetousness unless the law had said You shall not covet. The law defines sin for us. So then there is no floating definition of sin. The law clearly identifies what sin is why is it then I might ask that there are many Christians then who say that the law is done away with that we are under grace and not the law. And does it really need to be one or the other what then is the rule of law and grace and I want you to follow the logic because the logic is actually biblical law logic. If there is no law. There is no sin. You see because sin cannot be defined without God's law and before we stand up and clap and cheer and say there's no said. There's a bigger problem because if there's no sin. The Bible says there is no grace and so we're saying how that's possible but remember the book of Romans says where sin abounds grace abounds even more you see if we don't know that there's sin then there is no need for grace and by the way if there is no grace then there is no cross and if there is no cross there is no salvation and if there is no salvation there is no Savior and my dear friends that would be very bad news but the Bible says there is good news. And this is the good news there is a savior. And that Savior came to bring salvation and that savior who brought salvation brought grace and that same say. Who brought salvation and brought Grace is the one who wrote the law in stones that were given to Moses. But he's also the one who authored the law. Aidan's and ages in the past to govern the universe and he's the one that can save us from our said. So then what is the role of grace. Efficiencies two verses eight and nine. Define clearly what is grace For by grace you have been saved through faith that not of yourselves. It is a gift of God Not of works. Lest anyone should boast. You see God's grace is unmerited it is the key to the Jerusalem factor. It means we don't deserve it. But it's gone freely giving mercy pardon forgiveness. But it's also about love and power. Now don't misunderstand what kind of power. Am I speaking of you see the power that God grants us is the power to overcome when God came to this world by sending His Son Jesus Christ he came bringing grace not to take us away from the law but rather to pay the penalty that is demanded by the law. He came to live perfectly obedient to demonstrate to us that through him. We can live victorious lifes in him so that is God's grace do away with the law of course not. In fact Paul wrote to the Romans in Romans chapter three and first thirty one. Do we then make void the law through faith. Certainly not on the contrary we a stablished the law and let me illustrate exactly what I mean by this. I was driving one day I was going to preach at. Church which is really the sad part of that story and as I entered the expressway I was going faster than I needed to be going in faster than the last stated I could go. And then I saw it and then I heard it. You know it's the thing you don't like to see or hear when you're driving. You see it in your rearview mirror when you're driving. And there it was as I was driving along. I saw in the rearview mirror the lights multiple colors that I heard the sirens and I pulled over. And when I pulled over the officer came to the window and he said Can I see your license and registration and he said to me. Do you know that you were speeding and I said yes I do you know. So he took my license and registration and went back to his car and took a really long time and it tell you you know it's not a real exhilarating experience right before you're supposed to preach the Word of God to people to have somebody give you a ticket because you broke the law. It's kind of counterintuitive so to speak and so I sat there and I waited and I waited and finally he came back and he picked this head in and he said. Where were you on your way to today and I said I was on my way to church and then he said what were you going to do at that church. I said sir. The preacher. He handed me my driver's license and my registration and he said Pastor you have a good day and slow down and I don't want you to miss the point of the story. You see the law was clear. There was a speed limit and my speed was exceeding that speed limit. I had broken the law. I don't miss it. Now I deserved a ticket. I deserve the penalty of the law but here was grace grace was that the officer did not have to allow me to leave his grace was that he. Let me go despite my breaking of the law figurative Lee speaking he paid the penalty for me but here's the key piece now. Don't miss it. What do you think I did when I drove away that day I drove the speed limit in fact probably all the way to the church I drove below the speed limit because Grace did not change the law Grace simply allowed me not to receive the just penalty that the law demanded because the officer was merciful and granted me grace that the penalty would not be inflicted upon me and so here's the fundamental question that I must ask. I must ask it to those who tell me but you don't understand preacher Jesus changed the law from why would God send His Son to suffer the cruel death that he did. If all he had to do was take a magic sweep of a wand and change the law. You see the demand of the law the demand the wages of the law. Remember Romans twenty three says the wages of sin is death and how do we define sin and sin is the transgression of the law. The demand of the law is death which is why Jesus had to die. Why would God sent His Son to suffer a cruel death. If all he needed to say was you know what let me just tweak those commandments a little bit from you shall not. Let's rewrite those so they say you should not but got to do that you see God God who inspired the Psalms to write and solved nine hundred seven says that the law of the Lord is perfect. Let me ask you question to something that is perfect need to be changed. Now the law for God is perfect. In fact Psalm. One thousand nine hundred says for ever. Oh lord your word is settled in half and think about that. How long is forever. That is it easy for ever is forever. Which sounds silly to say that but forever is everlasting it never changes. God's word is settled in Heaven forever. Now dear friend God's Word Made be settled in your mind. It may not be settled in your heart but let's know for sure the Bible is clear the word is settled in heaven. Jesus himself said these words do not think that I came to destroy the law of the prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill what did he come to do to fulfill and how was he fulfilling He lived a perfect obedient life on this earth and then he received the penalty that the law. Demanded you see God's Word is clear. The law is everlasting and had God's people kept the law. We would never have been in the predicament that we now face. Proverbs Chapter twenty nine. And verse eighteen has this simple statement happy. Is he insert in there for that he she or happy is the child happy. Is he happy is whoever who keeps the law. Think about that happy. How many of you like to be happy you see probably even smile when I ask that question not of us like to be sad. I've never ad met anybody in my life. That said to me you know I really wish I really wish today. I was really wishing today that I could feel more sad nobody has ever said that. Never heard that. Now I do in all seriousness what to say if you do feel that way I invite you to go to our youtube channel youtube dot com forward slash. Canada and seek out the program's depression the way out. But the promise of God is as follows Romans six verse fourteen says this. For sin shall not have dominion over you for you are not under the law but under grace and so we see this and this is how many Christians today interpret this that the law's been done away with because we're under grace. So does that mean when you come to Jesus. You can live your life. However you want to live your life and you have no accountability to him is that what it means. What does it mean to be under the law. You see if we were under the law. It means this it means that we are under the law as a method of salvation. Can the law save us. No the law simply tells us that we need to be saved because that makes sense. The laws of me or the law tells us this is sin and tells us when we see it and we say this is sin and I have sin and it tells me that I need a savior. What does it mean to be under grace to be under grace means that we accept Christ Spartan we received Christ's forgiveness and are filled with His power His power to do what his power to be obedient to Him and live a crisis entered life in this world because remember the proverb says Happy is he who keeps God's Law Revelation says about God's end time people here is the patience of the Saints Here is the in durance of the Saints Here are those that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus. You see we can demonstrate on this earth. What is to be the reality of heaven. What it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ is to be obedient to him. The beauty of God's law and the beauty of the Bible is that the law is all about the grace of Jesus Christ because the law can be summarized. One word love and Jesus said that himself he said these words on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets and what are those two commandments that he named this is what he said Love God with all your heart with all your mind and with all your soul and love your neighbor as yourself. There is that word love. The law of God can be defined as and look at the ten commandments. Open your Bible to Exodus twenty right now look at the Ten Commandments the first four are about what our vertical relationship with God to love God the last six. What are the last six commandments about our horizontal relationships our relationships with one another about loving mankind. You see love God and love your fellow man. Jesus came to this earth not to change the law but to fulfill the law and to demonstrate to us what a life of obedience looks like he came to demonstrate to us what a life living for him. Looks like he came to show us. True love and to further emphasize this point. Hebrews Chapter eight and verse ten which is quoting the New Covenant. From Jeremiah chapter thirty one says these words I will put my laws in their mind and I will write them on their hearts and I will be their God and they shall be my people in Exodus Chapter twenty The Bible records God writing the law in stone in the new covenant God wants us to take the law and not write it in stone. He wants it to be written on our fleshy hearts that we would look like him that we would act like him that we would exude love. Love to him. And love to our fellow man. Now I asked this question in the last program. What would happen in Canada. What would happen around the world if everyone had him graved in their heart the very law of God there would be no news articles about someone so killing someone. So there would be no news articles about ISIS or al-Qaeda because they would simply cease to exist terrorism would simply cease to exist murder would cease to exist robberies would cease to exist because the love of God the grace of God The Law of God would reside in individuals hearts and bring us perfect peace and happiness in this world. That's what God's law is all about you see God's law. The Bible it is a roadmap to happiness because his grace. When it enters our life breaks the chains for rain today my friends are you struggling. Are you wrestling with something in your life today. Are you distant from God today Jesus says My law is a gift to you and a demonstration of the grace that I have for you and if you receive my grace and love me fully I will break those chains to so that you might be a BT to me and live life to its fullest its the power of the Gospel friend. It is the power of the grace of God He gave us law and not intending to restrict us but he gave his law to give us freedom freedom in him to live a life to its absolute fullest. It is the slim factor. Jesus who is in the New Jerusalem in heaven in the sanctuary made by God not by man is ministering on our behalf. Now today Fred. If you want to say give me cheese and invite you to join me in prayer Heavenly Father. We are grateful that when you wrote that in stone the law and said don't that when you gave it to Moses you were thinking of me that you were thinking of all of us before you wrote it in stone. When you simply had it as the foundation of your government you looked down the ages and saw each of us as individuals and said this is going to give them perfect happiness. So today as we listen our hearts are fully in your hands. We ask that Jesus would enter our heart that we would receive His Grace. We would receive that unmerited favor. That we would be saved in him and that we would have those chains broken that you would give us the power to live a life to its fullness we pray this in Jesus' name amen. And meet a week. And in Bristol. It is hit my prayer hard like you is my oh my thing. Growing with you too much grew so much and then it hit her strong so it won't do you one bit like you're this is my thing with you. Oh you. Let their friends God's law brings true freedom in him I'd like to give to you three offers today the first of those offers is a little booklet called Does God's grace blot out the law in it it will answer many of the questions you may have about the relationship between law and grace. Second I would like to offer you the Discover Bible lessons those lessons will help you draw nearer to Jesus. Both of those offers are absolutely free and then for any size donation. I want to offer you the full D.V.D. set eight parts of the Jerusalem factor. Here's the information you need to receive today's offers to request today's offer. Just log on to W.W.W. dot. It is written canada dot ca That's W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca for Canadian viewers the offer will be sent free and postage paid for viewers outside of Canada shipping charges will apply if you prefer. You may call toll free at one eight eight eight call. That's one eight eight eight Call Call any time lines are open twenty four hours daily. That's one eight eight eight call or if you wish you may. A Write to us at it is written Box two thousand and ten Oshawa Ontario one age seventy four friends that is what a relationship with Jesus is all about love his law is all about. If you would like to draw nearer to him I would invite you to go to it is written Canada. And there you can find a resource that you would come closer to Jesus Christ. I hope I hope you found peace in him today through this program and invite you to join us again next week until then remember it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


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