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Tips For Reaching Jehovah’s Witnesses

Nelson Ernst
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Nelson Ernst

Literature evangelist with GLOW



  • January 7, 2017
    10:00 AM
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It's good to be here with you as mentioned earlier my name's Nelson and. Just happy to be down here not far away from our house. Short drive good friends good to see young people you know I have to admit there's something about coming in preaching Advent hope which just makes me nervous. So I have to pardon my my quivering voice a little bit I'll get warmed up to the idea after a couple seconds here Hey Michel. I spoke out for the General Conference I've taken the committee for the G.C. on outreach. And I've yet to play the piano in front of those guys but something about speaking to you people makes me nervous I don't know what it is maybe it's because you're all really high above me or you know looking down on me not sure but nonetheless we're praying and God bless. Just before we have a word of prayer and then get into our message I wanted to share a few things about what's going on with glow a lot of people as was mentioned earlier I think know me as the globe guy and the guy who makes a little Bible pamphlets and I talk about them in fact last time I was here I think about two years ago I was giving a presentation to you all about how to how to create ideas for how to distribute the literature has had any of you passed out no tracks and so I gave that presentation OK good good I hope that that was an encouragement to you and I hope you had some good testimonies from divine appointments out of that God is blessing with this with the Ministry of glow you know we started off in two thousand and seven in a in a renovated garage that I was living in at the time of the idea it was birthed from there and today we've printed seventy three million tracks and most of those are just in the North American division and Western Europe different divisions are now beginning to start this program and there's going to take this entirely new levels you know in Western society it's a little bit intimidating sometimes a passout track but when you go down to you know South and enter Merican division in Africa it's just they're going to pass them out in large amounts and. Back to the South American division publishing director based there in Brazil told me he said when we start this program we're estimating that will pass one hundred million of these tracks every year and it took us since two thousand and seven to just do seventy three million here in America so praise God this is going to be something which is hopefully going to have a large impact on the world we have some new tracks that we're coming out with I hope that some of you are keeping up with the new titles that are available to spread and witness with. We just developed a new tract on how the Dead Sea Scrolls and archaeology substantiate the Book of Daniel and by extension the Bible that was written written by a Dr hostle from Southern administering diversity we have a new children's tract our first ever tract written for little kids to read on the topic of the state of the dead the title is what's wrong with Grandpa grandpa died and the kid asked his dad what's rather what's wrong grandpa your dad says well he's sleeping and so when they started lowering grappa into the grave the little kid said but grandpa he's going to get dirty you know and so you know then you proceed into the topic of State of the dead and for kids John Bradshaw's white wife wrote that one for us and we have a third new one out written by Mark Finley and this one's called certainty in an uncertain world and this tract is written. With a broad audience in mind it's generic enough so that you can use it in many different cultures across the globe and the reason why he wrote that for us is because the General Conference of publishing personal ministries and ministerial department are combining with glow to do a a initiative in two thousand and seventeen to encourage the world church to pass out what had been glow tracks and so what that comes down to is we're in a practical ways we're encouraging all of you guys to pass out at least one track today per cent All right just stick the tracks in your pocket like I have in mind and then pass out one at a very simple to do. We also have two new tracks for Buddhists. If you have some Buddhist friends those will be available soon and we're. In with the general conference specifically Homer to carton to develop. Literature tracks for every major world religion so when you are traveling and you meet Hindus but you need Jews you need to Muslims you meet Buddhists. We will hopefully be for the spring meetings at the G C have some literature available for you to give to them. So that we can try and reach these folks we also voted to develop a new tract on the Rapture entire tract on that a new tract on the media. And then one on diabetes and lastly I'd like to mention that we have an exciting new one out able you know what's happening this October coming up it's the five hundred year anniversary of Martin Luther post in the ninety five pc's in Wittenberg and there's going to be a lot of celebration is going to be a lot of talk about that Pope Francis is going to be heavily involved with it I'm sure and so we've developed a new tract on the Reformation which we can pass out and hopefully will have been won out in the next month or two. I'M EXCITED TO PASS OUT NOW particular I love Reformation history Martin Luther in fact if I have a baby boy I'm going to name I really considered him Luther My mom is completely against that one tip for those of you who are going to have kids never tell the name in advance because you always get naysayers and then it kind of discourages you. We have a real mania mission trip coming up February one hundred ten we're going to pass out a million pieces of literature and they're all going to be advertising to draw people to two thousand simultaneous evangelists to meetings that are happening in Romania. So if you're interested in coming to Romania with February one to ten you can talk to me afterwards and I can give you the details on that very inexpensive We also have a mission trip coming up for Salt Lake City we're going to pass out a million tracks there immediately before the L.D.S. general. Inference and that's coming up in a couple months we're going to go pass out a million tracks on another mission trip in Christmas in Japan if you're interested in that. So there's a lot of stuff happening. And of course share a quick story with you. Just illustrate how things are happening I was in Florida recently. At the inner American division meetings talking to their personal ministries directors about how to get glow going. And after I was down at the presentation I got a call on my cell phone and I don't I don't answer phone calls if I don't recognize who it is if it's just a number but for some reason my father gravitated over to the answer button and I pressed it and I found the phone up to my ear and I said why did I do that anyway I stepped out of the out of the meeting room and it was pacing around in the hall because I like the pace when I talk on the phone and this guy is begins to talk to me and he says yes hello you know I just the other day I received an my Amazon purchase the Amazon shipment came I ordered a garage door opener and as I opened up my box I found. Three of these little pamphlets of yours and all of a sudden it dawned on me. There's something wrong here the routing system on the back of the tracks when somebody calls in to request Bible studies it does not route to my cell phone I'll tell you that it routes to the appropriate secretary throughout the North American division not to me but there was some fluke and this this person is calling me this is you know somebody just received our tracks and I was thinking oh man this guy's going to be angry but no he wasn't he was actually very excited he told me the three titles that he got a promise of peace and I can't remember the other two and and we proceeded to have a discussion and I kind of laughed and I told him you know this isn't even supposed to be calling me and and come to find out this man was a chaplain of a you know an on administering. Ministry and he thanks Art and he he was overseen a bunch of men of Bible studies and by the time we were done with our conversation the man it signed up for those twelve or thirteen Bible studies that he wanted mailed to him so that he could begin giving those to all the people that he was working with all the men he was studying with and I took that story immediately back into that meeting where we just got done presenting glow at like you know fresh bread right out of the oven and told it to them and man these guys were so excited they were so excited I mean during the course of that meeting the person ministers director for that division told all of his union guys he said Guys this is the main thing this is a man doing that we're going to do it for the next two years and those four years for four years are going to be doing this passing out these tracks and sure enough they're already making plans to print literal millions of those tracks so you know God is moving he sets up these divine appointments we always get these stories just in the right time to inspire people so that they'll begin to pass out the literature even more when we have committee meetings I constantly see God's hand working behind the scenes but this isn't the point of my sermon today. And you know move on OK let's get in to our our topic this morning but I do share that with you to let you know that God and God is moving with literature distribution and I hope you all are passing out tracks and then. I hope all of you grab literature as you leave today there's some literature sitting up and on that table out there empty that little pile of literature and give it out to people and then you know life says that we should need to throw away a piece of torn literature because we don't know the effect that it will have upon a true seeker. Some people can be reached by no other method she says anyway I need to keep on moving here let's have a word of her. Father in Heaven to come before you once again. You know I've been praying this morning and last night. About the topic this morning that I'm going to present and Lord I just pray that your spirit would speak today. I pray Lord that as a result of our time together at least one Jehovah's Witness. Or Mormon for that matter might come to a knowledge of the truth and might be saved. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayer I pray that you would speak today in. A picture show you something I forgot to begin with but hopefully will go up on the screen here up there you know it's a picture of my family that's my wife that's our baby she's now a toddler son a baby I guess and those are the ones I left behind to come here so you can see what on the sacrifice some Making see Help help you to for my wife is she's she's from Germany she's only been in the United States for about four years and you know how I met her I was going out doing a glow a glow mission trip. No joke I was speaking in Norway and she happened to be there attending those meetings and so for those of you who are say middle and you're asking yourself a question how can I meet at the perfect spouse Well I don't want to get too heavy and giving marriage advice or anything but consider going on a mission trip consider getting involved in the ministry and God will will help and hopefully help you find somebody. OK So moving on we can take that off and I want to distract people with my beautiful child. OK so the disclaimer before I begin the title should be different We're going to spend most of our time talking about Jehovah's Witnesses not Mormons if we do get to Mormons that will be a bonus. And you know I'm not a Jehovah's Witness expert I'm sure there's even people in this crowd who could give a better you know presentation about how to reach to hold as witnesses than myself. But you know the Lord calls and you go and you do what you have to do so I've knocked on Probably not probably but literally tens of thousands of doors over the course of years because I was doing involved with Cole Porter in for for a long time training Cole Porter's as well and so I've met many Jehovah's Witnesses over the course of that. And yeah just I just have a real burden for Jehovah's Witnesses as you'll find soon here. By rays of hands have a question for you how many of you have had your homes witness knock on your door. OK by rays of hands how many of you have not had a Jehovah's Witness knock on your door. While it was like maybe three people. Were going to visit and that could be said of administers. You know when you go to the door a lot of times will people mistake you for your hoes witness or Mormon man those guys are faithful in that way aren't they. Have any of you ever knocked on a door by rays of hands of any of ever knocked on a door and turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness behind that door. Great you know when you do literally knock on tens of thousands of doors and you meet you know different religious groups over time you can almost get a sense. Of the kind of person you're meeting I can almost feel an aura or presence about Jehovah's Witnesses before they even tell me that they're Jehovah's Witnesses and you can definitely tell a Mormon before they tell you that they're Mormon because they're the nicest people you've met all day. You go to their door and they're so nice they don't necessarily buy books from you but they're so nice. It seems like Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons are all over the world and they actually are I was in Australia about two months ago walking in a down in Perth downtown and sure enough Jehovah's Witnesses were standing in the crowded market and they had their little book stand just waiting for people to come up and talk with them I was going to the D.M.V. and in Clovis California and right there at the D.M.V. entrance when there's you know there's always long lines at the D.M.V. and so the Jehovah's Witnesses know being the smart people that they are were they position themselves right there and they have their little bookstand I was at the General Conference and took a day to go over to Washington D.C. and look around and you know the. House and the White House had proper I bumped into probably six or seven different Jehovah's Witness stations where they were all standing with their little book stands and their Bibles ready to preach to people ready to witness to them I went to as many as I could and took their literature from them. I was in Fiji a couple of years back doing work with glow with the Trans-Pacific Union mission and we took one day off and were in this little market and in some little shanty you know just dilapidated shack like place this old woman was sitting in the corner you could barely see or she was full of wrinkles and just whatever and she was sitting there meticulously underlining her Bible. And you know what she had in her other hand. Wait a minute that doesn't work use one hand for the pen the other hand for the bell but anyway somewhere in that mix she had your hope as Witness literature out in Fiji so I engaged her in conversation and eventually ended up swapping that out for our literature. These guys have even come to my home I live out in the country all of my neighbors have beards they're missing teeth they have shotguns they have big dogs and they come out and they knock on these people's doors and they come and knocked on my door a while back which is most of the content for how I'm going to talk to you today from that particular licks experience when they came to my house out in the country I've always wanted to have as witnesses to come to my house. But when they came that day all I was so happy this woman knocked on the door and she had her New World Translation in her hands and I think my wife answered it first and then she called me over and I went and I was just all a bit experimental came out my fears I was so happy offered them water all these kind of things. You know Jehovah's Witnesses This is a sin to statistics from J W dot org They print one point three billion magazines every year one point three billion they print eighty million of books and. Every year. Their membership it at least as of two thousand and fifteen was eight point two million but you know what that membership is only reflective of their active members the people they call members are the ones who are active imagine of administers was that way how many of us would be members. Realistic picture of their actual total numbers is seen at the annual meetings that they have where they do the Passover. Experience and you'll memorial of Christ's death and they had in two thousand and fifteen one thousand point eight million Jehovah's Witnesses show up at that time the administration was at nineteen point one to six million. So they're a little bit ahead of us in two thousand and fifteen. And of course our numbers are representative of the people who are just on the books not necessarily people who even attend church so the Jehovah's Witness denomination is growing quickly they're all over the world and. Let's just face it they're not they're not low hanging fruit are they ever tried to reach out to Joe as a whole as witness not a very easy task is it. So I'm going to share with you just a few things a few a few tips OK a few tips from my own personal experience and my wife's a how to approach to hose witnesses and I'm not speaking of meeting Jehovah's Witnesses for just a few minutes I'm talking about when they come to your door. Which by the way you can have happen very easily all you have to do is call the local Jehovah's Witness church in essence in a missionary. I think that'll be the practical application after we're done today. Amen. So when we have the Jehovah's Witness come and meet us by the way turn turn within your Bibles to Second Kings Chapter six sinkings chapter six. Thanking Strasser six. And going over to about verse fifty. It's interesting there's a there's a there's an interesting parallel between the experience of a life in this particular story and my wife and my experience with these Jehovah's Witnesses that came to visit us. So let's go to tip number one and we'll see this tip from from the story the life chapter six a verse fifteen through twenty. Six twenty. So so the. The Syrian King was very upset with. Just as background context here because a lie she kept on foiling his plans telling the Israelites where the Syrians were you know in camps to to get them and the Syrian King said well let's go destroy a life so he sent his army and a life as a living and both in and the army surrounds doeth and in the service wake up in the morning and this is where we pick up the first fifteen and when the servant of the man of God rose early and went out of the house there was an army surrounding the city with horses and chariots and a servant said to him her servant said to allow Alas my master what shall we do so life answered Do not fear for those who are with us are more than those who are with them and I said Lord I pray open his eyes that he may see then the open eyes of the young man and he saw and behold the mountains full of horses and shirts of fire all around. So when the Syrians came down to a life came down to him Pray to the Lord and said strike this people at blindness and you struck them with blindness according to the Word of Life now life is said to them this is not the way nor is this the city follow me and I will bring you to the man whom you seek but he led them to some area so it was when they had come to some area that said Lord open the eyes of these men that they may see and the Lord opened their eyes and they saw and there they were inside some area so when a live show was in contact with people who had different beliefs than him people who came. Knock on his door what did he do did he you know ask God to send them away no he actually took them into his house so to speak he took them right into the center of some area. And I think that this is exactly what we should be doing when a Jehovah's Witness knocks on our door you know I I know that many in here have turned probably turned away Jehovah's Witnesses when they come that's been my experience I know a lot of admin a student now for various reasons maybe we're just we just think that it's not even worth trying to attempt to talk to these folks or maybe maybe were afraid that they'll get us in a corner theologically and we won't know an answer. But we have nothing we have nothing to fear we have nothing to fear they don't like you have anything to fear and why did he not have anything to fear it's because it's because he had he had strength and they did not and rather than sisters we have the truth and they do not. And truth is stronger than error truth stands to scrutiny. Like I said to the Jehovah's Witnesses at one point when we were studying together for about two and a half months I said to them look let's continue to study there's no problem here I'm not afraid of this experience and and I'm having a great time and I said you know Truth is truth and if if we both are sincere and we study it out and come to the same conclusion I believe that and you know what they agreed. We have nothing to be afraid of. In fact the thing that we do have to be afraid of is. Burying our talent in the dirt and not using it because we don't go out of our way to study with people out of fear we're debilitating ourselves what we don't use we lose you know a lot of times when people are asked to go give Bible studies in administration as I was in charge of Bible workers in the central California conference for about a year and a half in the trenches dues people. Well we'll give excuses a say well what if what if these guys ask a question that I don't know well that's OK however just heard of saying well I don't know the answer to that all study it out and we'll talk about it next time it's so easy you can be clear you can be honest with them there's nothing to worry about. The thing to worry about is is not facing our fear and we should be afraid of not growing you know it was the man who hid his talent that was the one that was punished by the master not something to be afraid of the other guys ventured something they risked something they put out their money and into and they gained from it whenever I debate whenever I study with people from a different denomination it's always the experience that I I've gained the biggest blessing it's always revitalizes my devotional life and helps me to grow so much you know I was listening to a sermon by Dr Eric Walsh recently and he gave an interesting set of statistics he said that there's a psychologist named William blazer who did a study and this guy said that we remember ten percent of what we read. We remember twenty percent of what we hear. Remember thirty percent of what we see. Remember fifty percent of what we both see and hear Remember seventy percent of what we discuss with others we remember eighty percent of what we experience personally and lastly we remember ninety five percent of what we teach. Is not true. But do you feel like you don't know administers doctrine very well. That maybe you know if somebody asked you about it you you wouldn't be able to give maybe a good answer maybe it's because you haven't taught in a while. One of the best ways to do that is call up the Jehovah's Witnesses. Have come to your door. And don't turn away Oh I madness. Boom No no invite a man. When these guys came to our house I said do you. Teach me now do you think that they're willing to do that. And if you've ever gone door to door and been looking for Bible study interesting a lot of people are interested we finally find somebody who's interested or. Oh man you know all of those people are coming back a man teach me teaching. And they will come back. You know I also wanted to learn how but you always when it says Give Bible studies and so that's why a part another reason why I invited them so now let's see what happens OK Let's continue with the story here sinkings Chapter six we finish and verse twenty let's let's just look at that again first twenty so it was when they came to some area that said Lord open the eyes of these men that they may see in the Lord open their eyes and they saw in there they were inside some area imagine this Army Oh my goodness we just walked into the center of the Israelite camp and a city and we are toast we're going to be destroyed with a capital D. right but what happens so verse twenty one now the king of Israel saw them and said to wash up my father shall I kill them shell or kill them. Live what he says are so many too but life answered You shall not kill them would you kill those whom you have taken captive with your sword and with your bow set food and water before them that they may eat and drink and go to their master then he prepared a great feast for them. So when the Jehovah's Witnesses come back for that first study. And you're thinking to yourself what should I do should I slay them with the sword. I mean what I mean it's a good question and what's that what's the approach that we should take right what's the approach Well I'm telling you right now if you get right into trying to slay them with the sword that's exactly. What their leadership at the top of their organization wants you to do. Because you're going to cut yourself off with that sword from those people immediately and that's not what you want to do right off the bat. You should set water and bread before them. When we had the Jehovah's Witness family it was a couple they were there were young about our age we invited them into our house they came for that first study or my we I think that they were they were just like are we in heaven you know because we asked them to come and teach us were a young couple you know we have a lot of potential if we join their church and all these kind of things and and then they came we gave them a home in bed to loaf of bread and you know in during the course of our visits we found out that these people were interested in health and they found out that we were vegetarian vegan and stuff and so we gave them vegetarian cookbook because we found out that they were interested in vegetarian cooking as we talk to them we we ply them with questions personal questions and found out that you know they were having some questions about raising their children they had a young kid and we didn't have a kid at the time but we were very close to it and we'd been reading agonist home and so we started sharing with them all these principles and and you know about discipline and these kind of things and they're like wow you know this is Interstate we did our best to try and make friends with these people. We're putting money in the bank because you have to have money in the bank before you take the money out before you make a withdrawal and believe me you're going to have withdrawals very soon. But you've got to put money in the bank. You know it's my great temptation I really enjoy debating and I really I really enjoy theological conflict I'm not saying I'm good at it but I enjoy it. When we were doing a mission trip in Philadelphia to pass out a million tracks when Pope Francis came. I remember being downtown with the team and there literally was one point five million people of the Catholic persuasion and you know different. Groups they're wandering around and in downtown Philadelphia when the pope Francis was there for two days and I finally found a corner you know where I could stand and there is just a constant flow and tide of people walking by and man I was just. Happy literature you know you know I says that admonition be a large gatherings like that. So let's not just leave it up to the crazies to go out and do these things come on guys. Why not we're going adults most of us in here and we like it excite exciting challenge don't we let's go on new people do you know other people over there who why are they going to see Pope Francis is because they're interested in something spiritual right you don't want to have five million people coming together because they want to know or learn or experience something spiritual by going to see a Pope Francis and even if not they're at least just kind of curious to see this guy and here you are giving them answers answer answer answer and answer answer answer we passed out a million answers to these people. With only thirty five to forty five young adults. Well anyway so I'm standing on the corner and and you know while I was passing out literature this one young guy named Jacob comes up to me and and he's he's a young Catholic young man and he and he starts plying me of questions not because he wants to learn but because he wants to teach who is very nice young man so we discuss these things and says well how can you say that you you know the truth because because you know Jesus says that. You know his true church the gates of hell shall not prevail against it and the Catholic Church is the only one that's been around continuously from the apostles down to today so would you say that. The obviously doesn't know about the world. Without Jensen's or you know these small groups that survived to bridge the connection between the Apostles and the reformers. So that's what I share with him and then want to talk to him about that another. Or issues another guy actually three of them I gave them a Sabbath tract and these young men you know the young guys I'd like to debate they they came around behind me and and they're from that kept the Catholic seminary and they and this one guy just starts ripping into me ripping is like you guys who were there were the harlot and all this kind of stuff and you get it out of the Bible but the Catholic Church is want to preserve the Bible for you and all its kind of stuff and you got no soteriology you know all this theology and all this if it weren't for the catheter and I was like so I'd still pass out tracks looking at those guys. While two of them are trying to get me out once and then and then I guess they saw the pope mobile drive by it was empty and that got rid of through and they ran away with with zeal. To go see that but all man I was just I share that to illustrate I didn't really explain it but I was so excited to talk to these men I'm so excited I loved I love using the sword and that's my great temptation but you know what would you hope is when it's come to your door that's exactly not what you should do right off the bat you should not get right into it with them that's that's that's not what you want to do you want to smite them if anything with the right of hospitality. During the first at least first three visits take time to make friends and to study ten to fifteen minutes before you actually get into a study you should try to delay it for ten to fifteen minutes at least so that you can have conversation with them ask them personal questions about about themselves invite them over for a meal. Try to get together with them outside of their bible studies to do something that's extra curricular quote unquote. So that you can try and invest in them bake them some bread ask them lots and lots and lots of personal and family questions find their interests the point is to strap yourself to that bowl as much as you can before things get bumpy. You know the rodeo. Because it's going to get bumpy Now this is the book that they use actually this is an older version of an updated version now it's white I learned that Washington D.C.. And it's called What does the Bible really teach this is a book that they're going to study with you on and it's really interesting about this book they printed twenty six point seven five million of these every year they have over nine million Bible studies each year and that's not to mention the amount of people that are in those Bible studies that's just one million Bible studies and this book is built so easily that if your hope is witness you don't have to have any knowledge other than how to read and you can make this happen literally when they studied with us they read starting with chapter one every single word that was in in this book and the questions are built in all you have to do when you're reading along and you see number two you know that there's a question and then the questions written down at the bottom this is exactly what they used to study with you and it's so easy. And I suppose that they give you a copy too so you can look at it in advance. So here's another tip when they come to study with you study their book in advance so that you're familiar with the chapter before you go over that particular study Now why do you want to do this because for the first three chapters you can agree on almost everything and you want to use that time to try and do two things you have two goals number one which is already stated you want to try and build up a friendship with them as much as possible put the glue between you so that they won't separate as easily Number two you want to show them that you're biblically literate. So study it beforehand and when they're going through that study and they come to points where they ask the questions you will have several texts ready that you can share with them to show them that not only do I understand what you're telling me in this book but I know even more I'm biblically literate you see Jehovah's Witnesses when they come to the door they typically need one of two kinds of people there meet people who are not biblically literate and are easy to persuade or they meet people who are biblically literate but the biblically literate people are the ones using. Sort on them. Immediately So what you want to do is be a combination of both if you want to be Biblically literate and you want to be friendly and it's going to throw them completely off and then to be like wow these are really great people what kind of church should they belong to they actually know their Bible you know when I told them that we have a quarterly lesson which is global will study the same thing the same time they didn't know that they thought you know that all churches were congregational and that there was no you know unity between Anyway I need to keep on moving here but do you have those two objectives during the first three studies show them that you're biblically literate and be friendly with them and you can do that by studying this book in advance now one of the chapters about I'm going to go over the first four chapters because the four chapters were things going to break off OK almost surely unless you're an anti Trinitarian. Let's see. So chapter one is. It's actually the chapter that deals with God's name Jehovah. All right now you know does this chapter is actually bait the reason why it's put in here is because it's set to make you go go go after the bait and to start arguing with them about the name Jehovah but most of the stuff in this chapter you can actually agree with and you actually want to sidestep that because you have two more chapters at least where you can continue the relationship with them by the way you can break up each one and if you if you engage them enough and you share enough scripture and stuff as you're going through and have discussion you can break up each one of these chapters into about two studies so they'll try to go through one chapter per study but you can you can milk it and make six studies right. So chapter one deals with God's name and you know whether they know it or not their organization has put this chapter in here as a tester. To test you to see if you're teachable or if you're not and if you're not teachable then the Jehovah's Witnesses will say all this guy's too combative and then they move on their merry way but you know what most the stuff in this chapter you can agree with. I mean Jehovah is just a transliteration of yah way and you always what the Jews came up with to try and get the program Aton the Y.H.W.H. and you know you can call him Jehovah if you want that's fine. Just agree with what you can in this chapter next chapter Chapter two This one deals with with the Bible I mean now we're getting into basic Adams doc and listen to this guys in Chapter two this is what the Chapter two covers it covers the Bible's harmony we talk about that right now there's a list of meetings it talks about the Bible's practical use it talks about the Bible's prophet of accuracy and lastly it talks about how the Bible changes our lives that's advantage doctrine you can agree with everything in that chapter and you can use this as a great opportunity now this is the chapter that you want to share your personal testimony on about how God converted you because when you get to the point where it talks about how the Bible changes our life well you can say you know the bible changed my life too and here's how it happened which by the way I have an interesting story with that I'm not sure if you've heard this I don't know this is like the hub of audio verse right so I don't know how many doesn't listen all of a certain that are approved but thankfully we forget stuff right. What was the percentage again on how much you lose when you're only here but anyway so so so when I was a young kid in high school I used to work at a place called carpet one after work and there was a whole Jehovah's Witness family that worked there and the big the big patriarch of the family over two hundred pound old man named Claude cash one day I was minding my own business eating my lunch studying a little Bible pamphlet that I picked up in the foyer of our church from Ukiah and this old man comes sits down next to me. And he starts eating his lunch he looks over at me in that pamphlet he says you know I don't believe with that pamphlet says I was like. Does this guy know who I am you know I mean I've been raised in admin a school vegetarian have never tasted meat you know and so that means something for me and like every I was the only kid at Sabbath school every weekend that would know my mom. Reversed because my parents would let us watch T.V. to memorize remember verse. I said this guy's going to be a vegetarian before you leave this building you know and and I'm telling you but I didn't know what I was getting into and not not necessary that he had the truth obviously but because he was a really good debater and he was really going to control and controlling the conversation so I couldn't get in a word edgewise all I mean we saw a very I walked out the building I was so upset because I loathed debating and being right using logic. And this guy anyway I went home and I said I'm going to study my Bible to prove this guy Ron you know what my whole life this and all sermons and all the right answers but I never studied the Bible for myself. And I know somebody years like that who would go for a long time about this as a sub point folks need to study the Bible. And as I read the Bible as I read the book desire of ages to help me understand the Bible that's when I was converted so that's my testimony now Chapter Three Chapter three is about the origin of evil in the future plan of God to restore the new earth you know we all believe that we're going live in the New Earth right after the millennium talk about the new earth and talk about living in heaven well almost everything in this chapter you can agree with to they also believe the same was the originator of evil and that you know he fell before the Garden of Eden experience and was kind of things that's all in chapter three we can agree with that and we can add a lot to their understanding. Now Chapter four is where you're probably going to split ways this is where things are going to get bumpy because Chapter four is now where they begin to deal with the nature of Christ and they talk about how he was the first created being of Jehovah God the Father. And. And you know they have their the verses to try and substantiate that. How you do if that is going to be up to you but here's my recommendation I actually went through in advance and I made a chart where I took every every single verse in that I could find in the Bible that related to the divinity of Christ in His eternal preexistence and I put that in one column and then I took all the questionable texts the ones which were you know more ambiguous and put them in enough. Call. And then I highlighted the ones which were different between their version of the Bible and everybody else's version of the Bible and then when we started that discussion and we didn't even get into the study I just I said hey you know what guys I study this out in France I looked and I saw that there are some I got some questions and then I gave in that chart and explain the chart to them and of course a chart that shows you know the divinity of Christ in His eternal preexistence way longer than the other side and they didn't know the answers to that they were kind of thrown off. But. But the bucking began I had to start taking some money out of the bank Now typically when you're studying the Jehovah's Witness and they come to a point where they can't answer anymore what are they going to do. They're going to bring back somebody who's higher up right and that person is brought in not just because they know their stuff better but because they're also more skilled at sniffing you out to figure out if you're teachable or not and so that's exactly what happened they brought back a friend named Jared and Jared was a single man who was extremely cool Eric he was studied in Jehovah's Witness doctrine he went to a school for such things and. Several times during the course of our conversation he would look at me and he'd say you know you you seem to be open you seem to be open. And I'm I am open I am open I'm not to see those people if they have the truth I want to know it if Catholics and anybody else has had more as I'm sure I want to know it. But how you get it I'm going to make a suggestion to you. How you start dealing with things when you get into the into the conflict it you can really help yourself if you don't make direct statements so much but you you you argue by by questioning questions questions questions OK questions enable you number one to control the conversations direction it's like the bridle or the bit in the in the horse's mouth you ask a question you control the direct. Of the conversation number two when you ask a question it makes the other person do the work of all the explaining. And that's nice because it gives it buys you some time to think and it also takes the stress off of you when you ask a question it gives you more information when you ask a question it also shows your interest in the topic which is great assuming your demeanor is good and when you ask a question you can help them to see their own errors in their own contradictions without you even having to explain it which is great because it gets in their mind more because they're the ones who just thought oh that doesn't make sense. We used to use a side of time when we go door to door I train my students to ask questions at the door we call it the octopus method when you find somebody that you want to keep at the door and you don't want to have them slam the door near you latch onto them with your octopus tentacles and how do you do that each one of those little suckers on the tentacles are questions you ask questions questions questions they open up a door what's the first thing you see on the hallway in the walls you see pictures of their family perfect right for questions always that your son there you know and the women just light up all of you talked about my family. A guy comes out and he's wearing something says Home Depot UNASUR still don't have a man I like your shit where do you know do you go to have people a lot talk to the men about their work we used to play a game when we go to the doors with my students that they didn't really like but I would I would force them to make friends with the people at the door by as we knock on the door waiting for them to come I would point at a random object maybe the bush on the ground or or some sign that they had and they had to try and make friends with that person at the door off of that object that I pointed out. So good questions unable to control the conversation no one recommends you a book this is a book called tactics it's written by Gregory Kugel Gregory last name is Kerry O.-U. Kal tactics and in his book he talks about how you can debate people by using questions is much more diplomatic way of debating people by using questions I was a godsend the higher up from the job as witnessed. Back to times to do homework to come back and answer me. And believe me Folks this guy was intense that was a feat in itself just to make that happen the last time that he came. He got me he got me man he starts and stuff and man it was just too much he opened me up and I started defending Adventism. Ironically he started talking about military service and how he's like you know because there was witnesses believe that one of the marks of the true church is that there's love to love and that a true church would allow their people to go and serve in the military because of killing and that's not love and the interesting reasoning and then he said to me but you know I know admin it's that I've served in the military. Man. This guy's put me in a difficult position right now. You know and then I explained to him you know our general stance on noncombatants seen these kind of things and he was surprised very surprised by that. And then we started talking about all kinds of other stuff ten commandments and so on and so forth Now here's one of my last recommendations if and when you get to the point by the way trying avoid that meeting with a higher up if at all possible. You know I mean I mean if you can to actually say hey you know what I'd like to just continue to meet with you guys be good all right but if and when you get to the point where they're now begins to be some conflicts and you know that they're not going to come back anymore there was a call there was a point the conversation where Jared high up he said he said to me Do you know what the definition of a disciple is and I knew exactly where he was going. I said yeah disciple somebody who follows and you're and I told him I said you're just about to tell me now that because I'm not following that you're not going to come back any more right so. And this was the guy who told me that he would not stop coming back because if the truth is the truth we're going to figure it out so anyway. If you get to that point the thing to do is to bless them without. To bless them without. To pull out the sort. To take your best shot at helping them to see that what they believe is not true. And that they're being duped and you don't do that anger you do that at a low for these people remember would use it at the end of his ministry will on the fair seas warn the scribes Whoa on the lawyers at the very end Ellen White says that he had something a different mission to do and that was to expose to the Israelites the hypocrisy and the lives of the leadership. And he did that to bless them it was difficult but something that he did going to do in the right spirit one option that that you could potentially use which is a really hard thing to answer is in the Jehovah's Witness New World Translation they insert the name Jehovah in the New Testament when they use it in the Old Testament that's fine because the old testaments written in Hebrew for the most part but when they use it in the New Testament that's where they're wrong because the New Testament all the earliest manuscripts that we have are our Greek and in the Greek manuscripts they don't use the Tetragrammaton they don't use the word Jehovah In other words so when they inserted in the New World Translation. They they they do it because and here's the reasoning OK they do it because they say that we could scribes in the past took the name Jehovah out of the New Testament and so we're just restoring it. So now if you if you really believe that you also you open yourself up to basically what you what you're going to show them is if you believe that God allowed his word to be adulterated on that big of a doctrine because that's a big doctrine to them if you believe that God allowed to His Word to be adulterated for that big of a doctrine what else is adulterated How do you know either God protected his word or he didn't. And you know if they try and substantiate that the word Jehovah should be in there likely take you to something called the J. manuscripts. Which is referenced on the bottom of the Bible when you see the word Jehovah in the New Testament there will be a J. Twenty two or twenty one you go down into the bottom and that's that's actually referencing a series of manuscripts which were a translation of the Greek into Hebrew the oldest of which is in the thirteen hundred thirteen eighty five eighty so really they're based off of the more original Greek and the Greek doesn't have the Tetragrammaton and doesn't have Jehovah in it so that's just. I. Don't know if you fall be there but basically it's a way of getting around it. And it's not true I really got to wrap things up I've got about three minutes I'm going to share with you one last thing OK One last thing. And that is this should be an eye opener to most of you and by sharing this I want to illustrate to you why we should reach out to these people why we should reach out to them and not just send them away from our door OK in the appendix in the back of their book they're studying book there's a section here which just blew my mind when I read it. Listen to this. According to the Apostle John's vision scrolls were opened and the dead were judged out of those things written in the scrolls according to their deeds you know let's talk about Revelation Chapter twenty The Great White Throne Judgment the books are opened up the deeds of the wicked are in those books the Bible says and then they're judged according to that in the throne in the Lake of Fire OK so here they go are these scrolls the record of people's past deeds what's the answer. Yes they are God opens all the books there is a record of past deeds of the wicked Well look what they say are these scrolls the record a people's past deeds no. The judgment will not focus on what people did before they died how do we know that. The Bible says that he who has died has been acquitted from his sin and they quote Romans six seven. Romans six seven Paul's talking about baptism when you die the death of baptism your acquitted from your sin and they're taking that to say that when you literally physically die God wipes your slate clean. Right and so follow the reasoning. Those. Resurrected thus come to life with a clean slate so to speak so everybody who's resurrected has a clean slate so so then so the question is if the scrolls must therefore represent God's further requirements. OK follow this so the scrolls in Revelation twenty have the wicked that the deeds of the wicked write and they say no it actually doesn't so then the question is what's in the scrolls and they say what's in those scrolls was in those open books is God's for the requirements. Well when are these are current going to be revealed in what are they about. To. Live Forever both Armageddon survivors and resurrected ones will have to obey God's God's commandments including whatever new requirements Jehovah might reveal during the thousand years two jobs one is believe that Jesus is going to come reign on earth for a thousand years and according to this when he comes he's going to open up books and he's going to give new commitments. Jesus coming to reign on earth for a thousand years and in his new commandments. You ever wondered how would you have his witnesses because they're so insular they're so stuck to their church how they're going to be duped and blend with everybody else in a human isn't here it is. The US individuals will be judged on the basis of what they do during Judgment Day Now Chuck is that it gets even crazier judgement day will give billions of people their first opportunity to learn about God's will and to conform to it this means that a large scale educational work will take place in other words during the thousand years when Christ comes and reigns on earth he's going to give new commands to everybody and they're going to be a large scale educational work that's going to happen. Maybe about Sunday observance. And then they say they end by saying is blooming way. Come on. However not all will be willing to conform to God's will. These wicked ones will be put to death. In Italy during Judgment Day. I don't know if all you follow that there's going to be Jews is going to come around on Earth for a thousand years he's going to give new commitments to everybody there's going to be a large scale teaching process that happens and there's going to be a small group of people that want to Bay and they're going to be put to death. Reason number one. For studying with those Jehovah's Witnesses is so that you have one less person who's going to put you to death. Let's talk about us folks. Resent you see how Satan worked these guys over you see how he's just he's pulled into the sheepskin over their eyes. Everything that's going to happen at the end when certain kinds of masquerades as Christ and he starts you know all this stuff. And it's perfectly going to be interpreted through the lenses that he's given them doctrinally in their book and when they start persecuting God's people keep the something Sabbath holy it's going to just blend what they believe he's giving a false view these people are sad to see they're so deceived. And we're going to send them away from our house you know I had a woman once who. Who got one of our tracks and STATE OF THE DEAD. She just her husband just died and and she cremated him because she didn't have money when she went to the priest and told him what she did he said oh you cremated him well it means you can't go to heaven. So this woman because of false doctrine. Just had to suffer under the thought for days and how wrong it was that she had bought her husband from going to heaven and then she got a tract and the truth set her free folks when jobs when is your door let the truth set them free. And have a word of prayer Father thank you so much that we can reach out to people probation still last prince you give us wisdom and help us to receive people who are not low hanging fruit. Help us to reach them. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word. Through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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