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Is God Enough?

Dee Casper
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This message contrasts the lives of Abraham and Lot in the context of God being enough. It’s a powerful and convicting study that ultimately shows that God not only is enough, but that we can experience that truth for ourselves. 


Dee Casper

Brand Evangelist, ARtv



  • October 21, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Father thank You for this privilege to be able to come into your presence just now and I'm asking that you would give us a bountiful blessing as we read your word. I'm praying that we would be convicted that we would be reminded that this world is not our home and that you have something vastly better to offer us and I'm praying that we would hear the pleading of a God of love and everything that is shared keep me from getting in your way. I pray and I ask this in Jesus' name amen. So again the message is is God enough. I'm going to keep this nearby just helpful for me to refer to a few things here and there. So this message is based upon a battle that I myself have fought I'm sure you've never had this battle. I say that knowing that you have had this battle that is trying to make you feel better. That many are wrestling with trust issues because they're just sure the fact that God is going to ask things of him that they just don't want to deal with it. Least not right now. You know if I don't don't touch that in this season of my life I just I really don't want to go there and I've been there I've been in that situation. I had God placed a call on my life that caused me to leave here and it's something I ran from for like six weeks if not longer and was a really difficult decision and he would not let go of me it was a decision I had to make and I see why God called me to make that decision and I'm happy in what I'm doing. I certainly miss all of you but I love the fact that there is this relationship that still exists but I've been there. I know that feeling is like we talked about that in my testimony right. Earlier this week that the call of God is leaving was one way but then my dreams are going in other direction where those intersected I really didn't know what to do with that and I made the wrong choice unfortunately and delayed my calling by three years. So. With that being the case. I'm of the mindset that our number one priority is to find out what God wants for our lives to find an answer. What is it that you want for my life and then to unresearched Adly do just that it was actually a quote that we have from the upward look that says this very thing she says our first lesson is to learn the will of God even though we pass through trying circumstances and then knowing his will to obey how unquestioningly and then she goes on to say that such obedience will how often always be rewarded. That means that we see it when we seek to know what God wants and we do it unquestioningly we're always rewarded for this. We never have to worry if we're going to be provided for or for going to be cared for. We never have to worry about that we're told now. So there's not so we don't need to be afraid of God That's the point right. That's not what we need to be afraid of here's what we need to be afraid of this is from faith the works forty five point three when God lets man have his own way it is the darkest hour of his life and as we contrast the lies of Abraham and lot the seed he will understand just what that means. And maybe we have our own life situations where we can vouch for that already without needing any illustration. But I think through looking at the lies of Abraham a lot it contrasts quite nicely to make this very point. So as we go into the story of Abraham a lot. The first X. is going to be in Genesis Chapter twelve. I'm going to summarize for the sake of brevity because I'm actually going from Genesis twelve all the way through Genesis one thousand we're not going to read all that I promise. We're going to all of you were familiar with the story of Abraham correct. And we hear that a lot growing up in the church have been around it so I'm banking on the fact that we have some familiarity and even the story of law. I'm sure we have some some familiarity with this as well so Abraham gets a call. He's actually Abrams at this stage he gets a call and this call cost him something immediately right. He God gives him the call God shows up in a vision tells him go. Go. Leave your country and your family and come to a land that I will show you. So there's already a cost involved here for one. It's going to cost him family. Now some of you may rejoice over that call some of you may weep over that call. I don't know your home situations and your environments but in those eastern cultures family is a close knit thing and so is religion tied to family and yet neighbor has given this call to leave his family and to go to a land that I will show you. Abraham doesn't even know where he's going. God did not give him an address to put in his i Phone He has no idea where this is going to lead him he has no idea what he will find there. He's leaving his comfort. He's leaving the things that he's always known for the uncertainty but the only certainty he does have is that God is leading. Which should be enough for him and in most instances it is but it gets difficult for him. Soon after because when he gets to the place that God calls and to. There's famine in the land then you ever had a situation like this that you fall the call of God in your life and you go you abate unquestioningly and so you're assuming it's going to be rewarded and then you get there and what you thought it would be. Doug said Of course it was how many kids do you have any guy showed up to this campus to seventy three. Yes they had three kids. So you know they got this job for a heritage academy you love it. They show up and there's there's three kids. Wait. Just so you have those questions sometimes right of is this what I thought it's going to be or not. And certainly Abrams has grounds to doubt right now they're not good grounds because God called them and were God calls God provides but certainly in a worldly sense has good reasons you would think to question this so Abramson's of having to go south to Egypt for a span to have his needs cared for and when he gets to Egypt something happens. So his wife is drop dead. Gorgeous. She's a knockout right and. As Doug says she has the hotness of Shia at best dug Biggers why not mine. I can't get in trouble for that he's the principle of. She's a beautiful woman an absolutely beautiful woman. I've never forgotten that dog was like three years ago. I've never forgotten and. Anyway he he gets there and he says something that's not true and some of you may be saying no no but it is true but I have a really good answer for you and I can't wait to use it but I had to explain it first. So yes technically Serah is Abrams half sister this is true he tells everyone. He says look just tell everybody. You're my sister or they're going to kill me and they're going to take you. But if you're my sister they will do anything to me. So even wrestles with trust here right now right. He's having a trust issue. And so any put his wife in danger for goodness sakes who knows what could happen. And so he tells him that she's my sister. Now all she's his wife not his sisters in Aruba she's a sister and then this is my response which is you can argue with me. I'm just saying is he treating her like she's his sister. I'm just saying. So she's not his sister. Right. I don't care what the birth certificate and the genes say he's not treating her like a sister she's his wife. And that's just that's just it is what it is so with this being the case lot is with him. What is his nephew a lot goes with him down to this mysterious place the Canaan land and then eventually goes with himself in the Egypt and what is there when Abraham has this misstep and unfortunately doesn't represent God in the things that he ought to there's this misstep unable to experience a lot sees this eventually God gives him the call it safe. You should go back so he does go back and as they go back to Canaan in Genesis Chapter thirteen and one through thirteen. It basically says that when they get there. The land cannot sustain both of them because Aber has herds and lot has herds and their herdsman are correlating one with another right there having as James Rafferty refers to it an intense moment of fellowship as my wife and I we don't argue we just have intense moments of fellowship from time to time. They were having an intense moment Phyllis at the herdsman door and so they decide this can't go on. We need to part ways. So Abrams being the man who is entitle to this all of this land by the way and who should have the choice because he's older and he's the caretaker for a lot lot is the person who's the dependent to some degree of a room and owes his wealth to a room but Abrams gives him the first choice is that if you go right. I'll go left if you go left all go right now what does Lott choose. So he chooses Vegas right. The buildings are nicer they have better infrastructure. It's a prettier place I want this one so lot here is looking out for number one is me. He's not really showing any form of gratitude for the sacrifice that Abel has made in providing for him he's feathering his own nest. So he chooses this direction and then goes the opposite direction away from Saddam. And. This sets the course for lots life going for this this idea of putting me first. You're going to see will continually plague this man and plague his family. And in verse thirteen it says the men of Sodom were exceedingly sin wicked and sinful against the Lord. Now I have a question for you. Does this sound like a place you want to raise your children on that line alone. Absolutely not. Right. Jay says no you want your girls there Jay No. He says that the land is the Minnesotan were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the Lord. Now this is a quote I think it's on here yet what manifested no gratitude to his benefactor. Instead he selfishly endeavored to grasp advantages. What overlooked the moral evil encountered there. And he chose him all the plane of the Jordan pitches to toward Sodom notice he is not in the city right now would be caught dead in that place that I know he wants to be near the place but I won't be in there. I mean I'll just be outside. You know I can commute but I will be there be there and she says How little did he first see the terrible result of that selfish choice now. This again comes to mind when God lets man have his own way. It's the darkest hour of his life. This is what ends up happening to log right. He makes the decision of feathers on this he chooses his own furthering Wacom pleads evading in gratitude to Abram's goodness his benevolence. And so on so lack of contentment is evident in his actions that isn't it. Remember the question is is God and nuff for a lot longer to make his own choices and wants God to adores them instead of letting God make his choices. Avram is willing to let God make his choices for him he wrestled a bit but he's still the trajectory of Abram's heart is in the right direction right. He may have some hiccups along the way but his trajectory his heart is in the right direction. Now once we get into verse fourteen. Into eighteen. This is God's response to lots of action. It's a promise he makes to Abraham Genesis Chapter thirteen I will pick up a verse fourteen election read this one. Genesis thirteen beginning of verse fourteen and the Lord said to Abraham after lot had separated from him lift your eyes. Now look from the place of your northward southward East or to the westward. This includes lots territory by the way everything that you see he says. Because a lot has to live north south east or west from where he is. I just I don't know worlds he's going to go. He's not going underground right. So for all the land which you see I give to you and your descendants forever and I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth that if a man could number the dust of the air. Then your descendants could be numbered now does Abrams have any children right now. Is it because of a lack of effort on his part that is in heaven children know but yet God is making this impossible amazing promise to him that you're not just going to have opted you're going to have more offspring than the sand of the sea. In the dust of the earth he says. And so that the man could number the dust the earth then your descendants also could be numbered arise walk in the land through its link in his with for I give it to you. The neighbor moved distant and went into it by the terrible trees of Mary which are in Hebrew and build an altar there to the Lord. He's got his prayer it is right. Doesn't it. First thing. We're building got a place right. Got to have God some place. So this is God's response to a lot selfish action law chose what he liked based upon what he saw right doesn't leave this choice to God God give a zero. God gives Abrams whatever he sees right. So. What makes his choice baseball what he sees God makes a promise to a race of Allah God says. And it's going to be whatever he sees in or stand the difference because he made God First God was enough or able at this stage in the end it was something far better than a lot. Had I think I have a quote to this degree yes I do she says Abrams soon after he moved to Heber I'm in the free air of those open plains with their all of groves and vineyards their fields of open grain and the wide pasture of a circling hills. He dwelt content with his simple life. He was OK with what he had in a simple environment simple setting. Leading to a lot. The perilous luxury of Saddam. It's dangerous to be fat and well fed. It seems right. At a descaling. Does have to say that inside joke you'll you'll you'll figure it out. Never. But it was funny to the two of us. OK. Genesis Chapter fourteen now. Genesis Chapter fourteen. This is the. Seizing of the people and Saddam so. Saddam is this not a good place and there are people who are ruling over Saddam governmentally and the people around Saddam in the playing rebel against their authority. So the authorities come in and they give him a woman. They take the whole place they take them captive and they leave and word gets to Aber one of the service gets loose and he tells Avram Abrams grabs like two hundred twelve men they go after these guys with their swords they get busy they win everybody back beat the bad guys and they come back and they will not keep the loot. They offered to give some of this to Abrams as you know making me rich. I'll leave that to God I don't need your stuff. So Abraham ties and what he's given to the priest milk his addict and just give the rest away but Lot was one of those people who was taken captive. He was with the multitude that were taken captive from Saddam seems to be a place that he should have been and is of get the weapon for it. He has no gear and he doesn't know that Abrams going to come for him he could think at this point that he's a dead duck and we've had those moments. Right. God gave us the warning shot you ever get to like and the cameras are really hope this is never happened but you get in the back woods areas and you get the warning shot there is letting you know I'm reloading and you need to be leaving quickly. Right. This is the warning shot first for a lot at this stage. I don't need to keep playing games with God This is not right. Need to be I should not have made this decision. This is his chance to wash his hands of that decision and do something else. This is what he should do but unfortunately the text goes on and it says. Even after this that he stays inside and this is what Genesis Chapter fourteen and. I don't know it's in there. It's in Chapter fourteen I can't find the reference I don't want you to stare at me. Awkwardly because I don't have the text in the way it makes a point that he goes back to. Saddam. And it was in the plane. So the presumption to live in an environment that was already mentioned Genesis thirteen is ridiculous. But for him to go back to live in Saddam is even more ridiculous by the way we know he's there is in Genesis Chapter eighteen in one thousand so when I can't find the right now it's there later the text. So here's another warning we're given we're told we should choose the society most favorable to our spiritual advancement and avail ourselves of every help within our reach for Satan will oppose many hindrances to make our progress towards heaven as difficult as possible. So we should choose intelligent safe places for our journeys and not presumptuous Lee dwell upon for a bit in ground because Satan is looking for every reason he can to make our travel to heaven as difficult as possible. They continue. We may be placed in trying to zisha as for many cannot have their surroundings what they would but we should not voluntarily expose ourselves to influences that are unfavorable to the formation of Christian character. One of the guys I went to rise with he had to depend upon him to drive us because we didn't have cars and this guy. This is actually the i Phone four had come out and he's staring at this phone driving on these mountain roads in Sonora California and there's no guardrails like if any is driving in the middle of the road not in the lane because it's more comfortable in the middle. You have more time to respond. But when you're coming around blank or it is just ridiculous. And Kevin dice is always like to he stop it and even post him in the arm a few times like pay attention and then tease response was didn't know but the angels and were like you have no windows man you have tread upon the ground the presumption we're all going to die and it's your fault you can't drive like a fool and with no guardrails in the middle of the road on mountain roads to three thousand feet in the air and say No no the engines are protect me. Why because my membership is on the books at a church do. On the road and I have a card carrying member so even if I act stupid they're still going to protect me because it's part of my my agreement right doesn't work that way. So we're told to not intentionally put ourselves in environments that are not good for the formation of Christian character are you understanding where I'm going with this. Yeah. We should be thinking it'll be OK. Remember when God gives man what he wants when God lets men have it. He wants is the darkest hour is light but she continues she says when duty calls us to this we should be doubly watchful and prayerful that through the grace of Christ we may stand uncorrupted does God call people to live in difficult environments for the purpose of mission work yes or no. Yes but the only people that should be living in those environments are the people that God calls to live in those environments not God calls people to these environments so I'm going to this environment. You know stand a difference. We should make intelligent choices on where we spend our time and what we consume because it leads to hardship. That's the point. What shows. I don't know if that's what I want next what is it for a night. Yeah we'll keep going. What shows Saddam is a place of residence because he looked more to the temporal advantages he would gain then to the moral influences that would surround himself and his family look they've got a whole foods they have organic food there they've got an Apple store they have a school. They've got all kinds of nice things. It's a gated community inside of the immoral environment I don't people can get into where we live. You know stand this mentality was he was looking more to the temporal advantages that he would gain and convincing himself that it's OK. But he put his family in an environment that was really not good for their spiritual health and wellbeing and it cost him everything he presumptuous he made a choice that cost his family everything. And it's incredibly incredibly dangerous what does seem think you've gone. OK What did he gain so far as of things. As world are concerned his. Possessions were destroyed part of his children perished in the destruction of that were good city his wife was turned to a pillar of salt. By the way and he himself was saved. So as by fire. Right. She says another place that lot went into is when the Saddam was an exceedingly wealthy man and he left with nothing. He lost everything. Even his savings even the other things that he had together before he moved into the city he loses all of this in the end. Of nor did he see the evil nor did the evil result of the selfish choice in here but the moral corruption the place was so interwoven with the character of his children that they could not distinguish between good and evil sin and righteousness. So even though you claim to have a know what is knowing what is referred to as a preacher of righteousness. He's referred to as a righteous man but you can't presumptuously put your children in an immoral Vironment environment and assume that because you're a man of righteousness of they're going to be unscathed. It doesn't work. That's the point you know I'm a man of righteousness so yes my kids will be around foolishness twenty four seven. But I mean you know all I'm a righteous guy. I'm sure God understands. Yes God doesn't understand it's dangerous. We should not use success in ministry or success in the Christian experience as an excuse to make presumptuous decisions and assume that the grace of God will protect us from all hardship. God's hands can be tied when we make some of these decisions unfortunately. And this is what is happening for him again when God lets man have his own way. It's the darkest hour of his life but the story doesn't get better. Unfortunately. But here is where it gets awesome because in Genesis Chapter fifteen. Even has a vision. And the vision is up being God himself this is the. Beginning of the chapter he ends up having a vision of God himself and God tells him in Genesis Chapter fifteen beginning of verse one after these things the word of the Lord came to Abraham in a vision saying Do not be afraid a broom. I am your shield your exceedingly great reward. This is amazing. God literally shows up to Abraham in a vision and tells them. Avram. I have everything that you're looking for. I am enough for you. God shows up and says I am all that you need. And you would think at this point the air was going to say you're right. Jesus you're everything I've been looking for is that what Abrams says the next verses. You know he tells them. You've not given me what you promised God says I'm enough for you and his response is No you're not because you promised me that I would have kids and I have no kids even a broom wrestled. Even a man that's called the friend of God it was considered as right as God Himself as it says in the original language even he had battles. God rewrote Abraham story and Romans Chapter four. It says and he did not waver through a belief regarding the problems of God but was straight into his faith and gave glory to God being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised is that would sound like in Genesis fifteen what I love about this and what this teaches us is that when Jesus gets a hold of people he rewrites their stories. That means that your silly past doesn't have to continue. So even though it has this misstep in Genesis fifteen. It doesn't have to stay that way and Abrams does learn his lesson but it's good news for us because we realize you know these aren't just rock stars that never touch the ground. They had struggles like I have you ever had a situation like that God's trying to convince you. He's enough and you tell him. Yeah but But what I really want. I don't have right now so I don't know if you're enough for me because what I want and what you are not the same you have that is suited Abraham. A friend of God that's good news for us in that sense that got to work in spite of that. So anyway. God bear God is so good to him because God does not slap him God does not discipline him or put him in timeout. You know somewhere else. What God does He says because it was his look you know a servant of my household is going to be my heir and he says no is. My promise to you has not changed. My agreements and my plans for you are no different. Even though you're still going right now my promise to do are still the same. It's going to come from your own flesh that you have children not a servant. I'm not going to ask you to settle for anything less than what I told you you would have and what I've promised you is the most amazing thing you could ever imagine is the lineage of Jesus the children of promise. It's a fugitive a promise in God doesn't give up on a broom. Just because it is wrestling and that's really good news for us. And then it says letter later in verse six and he believed in the Lord and God accounted it to him for righteousness and again I've been told the original languages actually says he was counted as right as God Himself God wipes the slate clean because he realizes what he had done. And he accepts Christ as his righteousness and in that moment he's counted as right as God himself because crisis is right as God Himself is with the books read. So Abel than as a verse seven how he's going to be able to inherit the land of God tells in the future of his descendants in their Egyptian captivity in the plagues. Now Serah is still wrestling at this stage. Unfortunately. And in Genesis Chapter sixteen she has had enough because this this factory is closed. Nothing is happening here. We need to do something else and she even phrases it in such a way as if God Himself is not helping me. She hadn't the Gyptian maid servant whose name was Hagar Genesis sixteen verse one verse two. So there I said to Abrams see now the Lord has restrained me from bearing children. So much. Possible from my problem and his name is God. She's wrestling right now. Big time. The Lord has restrained me from having children. So please go into my hand made perhaps I shall obtain children by her you ever been in this situation. God makes a promise to you and God doesn't show up when you want. So you fulfill God's promise for you because you're tired of waiting ever been there. Yes there I was in the same position. And so God still bears along with her but this causes a huge multi-generational problem for Abraham and his descendants afterwards. Because first of all they don't trust God in this decision and second of all. Again. It says when God lets man have his own way. It's the darkest hour of his life. This happens to Sarah too because then the handmaid starts despising Sarah because she's got a kid and Sarah doesn't. And it causes her tremendous stress and then she tells Abel get rid of this lady. Get rid of her she's causing me problems and this is what we need to see here. He's translated by the way that's what you're talking about. Yeah so it's a beautiful beautiful gift that God does in spite of what's going on there right. It's this difficult thing I had to handle this was going on. She is being absolutely rebellious at this stage is thinking like hey God's not providing for me all this provide for myself and. Yet even in the midst of all of this the game's not over the promise is not over God continues to work this but it causes hardship. It leads to a dark hour in experience and she ends up despising her hand made her handmade despises her and it's a huge problem and you know this really has led to you know how difficult this problem was. ISIS were in the midst of a multigenerational holy war because of this decision by Sara I had Nicko Yeah it's true. We've been dealing with tremendous turmoil for generations because they made a decision that was based upon distrust towards God. It not only lead to the darkest hour of their life. It also led to the darkest hour of many allies for generations to come. Our decisions have consequences. Some of them multigenerational and that's a lesson that we can learn from this we should trust God Come What May. So then we get to Genesis Chapter seventeen and the Genesis Chapter seventeen God gives them a new names. He speaks faith into their experience because in the Hebrew culture a name and a character are synonymous. Right. John Bunyan picked up on this when he wrote the Pilgrim's Progress. It was a book about a man and his Christian journey. Now what was the main character's name in that book all Christian and what was he a Christian. What was the evangelist name in his progress evangelist you see a theme here. He picked up on the Hebrew mindset behind names and characters. So God speaks faith into unbelieving people. Abrams struggles in Genesis fifteen. Sarah struggles in Genesis sixteen in Genesis seventeen God says I don't see that way you're Abraham your Sarah. He speaks faith into their experience he sees them for what they will be because of Jesus not for what they have been because of themselves and I love this about God That's Genesis seventeen then we get to Genesis Chapter eighteen it really gets interesting. I guess is the best way to say it. That's Genesis seventeen years is eighteen. So in Genesis Chapter eighteen. God. Actually it's the pre-incarnate crisis Jesus is referred to as ya'll way but later in Genesis one thousand is that Yahweh a called on fire from Yah way out of Heaven God the Father in heaven. Jesus on earth is another good techs use to prove the validity of the Godhead. But Jesus and two angels go to visit Abrams in Genesis Chapter eighteen they show up to his tent. They actually show up. Now why he's getting ready to investigate whether what's going on with Saddam is what is actually happening or not. Now does God know. Yes. So is this investigation for God's benefit or for others for others. So we can understand that God always investigates before he retires a judgment have is all throughout the book of Genesis and all throughout the Bible God investigates before there's a judgment. So the everyone knows that God's actions were just. He didn't just on a whim cast a people off right. This isn't a study about that. I'm stopping that point but that's what's happening. So they get to him and Jesus asks Abrams he says where's your wife. So she's in the tent. He asked her to make some food for the guys and to be hospitable and he says you're going to have a child a year from now. Now how does Sara respond to this comment from God on the other side of the tent How does she respond. Are you kidding me. Look at me. I'm going to have a kid and the response is. Why did you laugh. Oh no I didn't laugh he says no but you did. This is super significant because it says in Hebrews chapter eleven that because she believed she conceived. It's not just the faith of Abraham that matters in the story. She believes that God will provide She didn't believe initially she's obviously laughing in Genesis eighteen but he said you're going to have a child a year from now. Do they have a child a year from now. Yes. How long is it just Station cycle nine months. The kids are like What's a just Station. How long does the baby grow in the belly nine months nearly a year so. She must have caught on to the fact that what God said was true and she had to exercise faith because she had a kid a year later in her stand. So God does get through to her she wrestles but finally God is going to be enough for Sarah God has now become enough for Abraham right for the most part of the stage there's good news. Things are starting to get better but something really bad is about to happen. The two angels leave they're walking to Sodom and as he's still there. Got Jesus says himself. Can I withhold from Aber what I'm about to do because just imagine when you have. Have terrorist events that happen when you have natural disasters that happen in a home town where your family is how do you feel in that moment. Terrified you feel uncertain. There's no Facebook check an option for a lot in this stage right this stuff doesn't exist yet. So one neighbor looks across the plane and sees a mushroom cloud coming out of Sodom. He's going to be worried for a lot. He's already saved lots life once with a sword. He cares for a lot of great deal as a family member of his he's a nephew more like a son. So God really are able really cares about his nephew here and God knows how much the able cares for him and he knows a room is praying for him. Abraham is praying for him and I love this because this gives me evidence for something that I've been suspecting for a while that when people take prayer seriously really seriously. God goes out of his way to inform these people. What's going on in the lives of the people that they're praying for. I've had this happen. Countless times for me that I see a post on Facebook and I realize I need to be praying for what you are seeing those that I had that for a former student of mine. It was devastating to see it happen. But if you're not in contact with these people is the best thing that you can you can find out with or whatever but sometimes you hear it on the phone call someone unsolicited tells you how somebody is doing something else takes place. God has gone out of his way to inform me about the condition of people that are prayed for it's no different for Abraham no different and I love this so then he tells them what he's about to do and Abraham's response is one of incredulity he's beside himself he says. Would you destroy the rights us with the wicked because Abraham assumes that there is good people in the city. There's bound to be quite a few of them I'm sure. And so he says would you did and he tells them would not the judge of the Earth do rightly. Now this tells us the Abraham now knows who he's speaking to who was the last time that you refer to Josh Haley as the judge of the earth. As it's not a title the judge can have access to he may be the judge of the door but he. The judge of the earth. You know the buck stops there. When it comes to the boys or what does not stop there. When it comes to this earth that that phrase that title is reserved for divine beings. Abraham now knows who he is speaking to and he says Shall not the judge of the earth you rightly certainly you would not do that. If the first forty righteous people that city would you destroy it and he says for forty no that for thirty no and twenty no whatever the numbers are and the borders of down to ten and he thinks good this city spared because certainly there's ten right as people that see it can't be that bad. And so God says for ten or ten righteous people in this town will not even ten are going to be spared. So he leaves and he goes to Solomon he gets into Genesis Chapter nineteen here at this stage but I love this line the White has about this very situation she says once he had see them by his sword. Now he endeavored to save them by prayer. I love that. That's from Attorney past eighty four point three. He saved lots life once with the sword and he sees it again now and intercessory prayer. This tells me that there is tremendous value in intercessory prayer it moves the hand of God. And this man's life is saved because this interaction took place. And Lot has no idea that he's on borrowed time at all and will cover that just a moment. Complete ingratitude still in his experience has no idea what's about to take place. So now we get to Genesis Chapter nineteen the two into a show up and as they're in the courtyard lot is standing there you can just tell like he's trying to protect every innocent bystander he can that walks into the city does he know that two angels are coming to his town now but he's standing at the gate of the city and his immediate instinct is to protect them. This tells you that this man knows how vile and wicked this city. Is and yet he still lives there and he's raising his children there. This ain't a place that your film and Sesame Street. This is not a good place to be raising your children and yet this is what he chooses to do so. He tells the men. You're not sleeping out here you're coming to my house. Some of the adults in the room are starting to them comfortable right now we're not going to our promise we're not going into that part of the story. There's an explanation I think is fair but we're not going to go into that. So he invites them in to go into his house to stay there. The men of the city knock on the door and they have some unholy requests it will leave it at that. And the angels tell him they pull a lot inside of the door and they just tell him you need to get added here and you need to get out of here right now I'm not playing games with you. Get your stuff and leave and now and his response is you know you're right. Let me tomorrow morning. I'm going to call you Hall and I'm going to schedule a truck. We'll have a yard sale we'll get rid of some things we do have too much stuff. We'll have a yard sale we'll get rid of a few things maybe donate some to goodwill with that. Yeah. And then and then we'll move like a week to ten days and you don't understand man in the matter of hours. Nothing here will be living breathing or standing. And you need to leave and now go warn your family. And so he runs as fast as he can and he goes as family. You guys have to get out of here. This is such a simple City it's awful it's gross. It's going to be judged by God as a terrible place you have to get out of here. Now what does the text say about his sons in law right now. Says it seemed to his sons in law that he was joking. There's a really good answer for this but I have to keep going before I come back to that they do not listen to him now A lot has more than two daughters because he has sons in laws and these daughters are not married that live in his house he has two daughters with husbands in the city at least two. This is what we hear in the story and he has two virgin daughters living in. House he goes to their houses try to warn them they aren't listening to him he goes back and he gets his wife he gets his two girls and he gets out of the city he does leave the city and then he starts bartering with the angels who have been sit to save his life he's tarrying he's not doing as he ought he's trying to get them to change their minds and he's wasting time. Now if someone told you that heritage Academy is going to be leveled by fire from heaven in sixty minutes. Would you be messing around and bartering with angels from heaven who've been sent to save your life. Saying No no but I need more time to get. Here's the problem guys. What did not have an outpost. Outreach that he did have a health food store in the city and live outside of the city. Right. The it was a missionary that was loosely if you know loosely rooted and just had his outpost in or. This man literally had deep roots in this city. This is home. He's got a mortgage. He's got a Lexus camels. He's got everything you can think of that binds him to this place. Anything you can think of to bind him here. He's stuck here right. He can't just pull up stakes and what's causing him to tarry is all the investment he made in the place that he never should have been. This is what makes this dangerous because we have so many emotions and ties to things that were never meant to be a part of our life that when God tells us to flee for our lives we tarry. And we're told in the spirit of prophecy that this cost lots wife. Her life because he tarried she died. He didn't lead. He didn't get out of there. He tarried and in her heart she turned back to Sodom and when she turned back to saw what happened to her she was turned into a pillar of salt never to live again. And this is why did. Jesus says in the Luke has a look. One thousand nine hundred sixteen this in Matthew twenty four equivalent you know. Seventeen. Yet somewhere between the teams of the book of Luke that's the equivalent of Matthew twenty four and in that account in Luke Jesus says specifically referring to the end of time three words remember lots wife. Not just because she's going to be judged for whatever reason we need to know the context what's the context. Her heart was tied to the things that God could not approve of. She was so connected to the things in this city that she never should have been there when she turned back in her heart she lost everything not just stuff she lost her life. She never lived again. Now to God want this for this woman. Obviously not he would have sent angels to their house to get them out of there. If God didn't want this for her God wanted her to live but the choice was hers and she turned back and she lost everything in the process now. I had to make a couple points about the situation before I go into the next part of the story. First of all were in the context of Genesis Chapter eighteen word God is rest Abraham is wrestling intercessory prayer for a lot. So a lot is on borrowed time. And yet whenever God sins angels from heaven to save his life his actions show no appreciation that God is saving his life at all. Right. There's none. In fact wants to get out of the city the angels tell them you need to flee to the mountains and flee now the three of you you and your two daughters. And he says I'll never make it. Now just he says all die never make it now just imagine if Divine messengers have been since from heaven to save your life. This far do you think they're going to send you to a place that you're going to die. Since stupefy it see. Here's our reasoning abilities. It keeps us from being able to see rights as things clearly. And the see sin for what it is you can't think right. It doesn't not have an effect on you. Just because you have a devotional life. When you keep putting that stuff in it does something to you it does have an effect. And this is what happened with him is very unfortunate for him and his family but he doesn't actually believe that God will provide for him. It causes distrust more than anything distrust towards guys who have been to his daughters and the wife says as much. So this is the difficulty that we have and so he says let me go to these two cities are they not a small one. Well when his wife is turned to a pillar of soul in the judgment start falling on Saddam. He doesn't even go to those little cities. He goes straight to the mountains even to listen but it's too late. At this stage right. So all of this being said it's a really difficult situation for this family and many of us I'm sure have found ourselves in these situations at one time or another that God comes and tells us it's time. It's we have got to deal with this whatever the areas in your life you can be anything right. That's not my job. I'm not here to be your conscience but we have those moments and we're God himself speaks to us and he says it's time we've all been there have only and he says it's time. And so we get ourselves in these positions where we think you know I just yeah I'd never be caught dead doing fill in the blank. But I do watch it on Netflix and it doesn't bother me. No I never do this but the music I listen to talks about doing this and I'm OK with that because I'd never do it. It's just I'm sure that really mean it and you know they don't use swear words but people do die. Right. We rationalize in our minds since stupefy is a good I'm not here to control your lifestyle that's not my point. My point is we spend time with things that are pulling us away from God The very things that killed Jesus and we think it will be OK. The Israelites made peace with the Canaanites and it destroyed them they completely destroyed the nation. They lost everything that they needed. Go. Not because they thought the wall was here they needed more interest and. So here's why it gets difficult. He goes and knocks on the door of his sons in law and it says that to them is seen that he was joking. And here's why. And this is where the Boeing airplane lands in our living rooms. He shows up to their house and says you guys in to get out of this place is sinful God is going to judge. It's a terrible place you have to leave and you just imagine the response is something along the lines of you know you you didn't seem to be this worried a week ago. And if this place really is all that bad. Why do you live here and why are you raising your children here. You understand how detrimental this was to to lots witness to his family in a stand. He thought that while I can he never really planned on living right. He didn't have a mark of the beast crisis in his mind that we're planning on we're just trying to avoid until we really had to do something. He thinks it is just OK but he's trying to live a right to and he is living a righteous life but it corrupts his ability to see things clearly. And it corrupts the trust that he has towards God in those children have towards God and his wife has towards God there are side effects. You can't go unscathed in the situation. So just imagine we assume that we can keep compromising in our individual experiences between now and whenever things go really south on the mark of the beast crisis comes and then we'll change and then we can tell people to get out there to listen to us. Well from what I see in this story is a work that way and the other problem is miracles really don't change people's hearts. Unfortunately. And we know this because in Genesis Chapter nineteen when the men are struck blind by the angels a judgment from God You know what the text says right after they get struck blind. It says that they wearied themselves trying to find the door notice of the men did not say you. They didn't fall on their knees and beg of lot to pray for them even a judgment from God would not stop them in chasing their perverse desires. We think will change later but in this situation nothing happened the next situation that reminds me of this is X is Chapter fourteen when the Red Sea parts. The Israelites leave Egypt Israel has Egypt has been leveled by plagues of God How many plagues were ten plagues of judgement fall upon the land of Egypt. Everyone's terrified. They'll give the Israelites whatever they want gold silver food you can take whatever you want just get out of here. We can't be around this anymore and Pharaoh has just buried his firstborn. And yet once the Israelites are gone. We know that these miracles and that these plagues of God did not change his heart because he then starts grabbing the nation we've lost our free work and they go chasing after the Israelites and as they're chasing after the Israelites they come to this huge miracle from God It's called the pillar of fire. The pillar of God's presence. So you're the Israelites that are right in the base of the Red Sea and the Egyptians and in between the two of them the mediator is God the presence of God The fiery pillar and the Egyptians think all this is a traffic jam. What is wait. And then the Red Sea parts and the Israelites are going for that moment when this guy's going to turn left and I can catch up to him and when the pillar moves out of the way what the Egyptians do they chase after them. Isn't this absurd like you would think they'd say you know God is fighting for these people. Let's retreat let's not do this and yet they don't do that they go chasing after the Israelites and you know what is it happening. God takes the wheels off of their chariots and only then and only then do they realize God is fighting for these people retreats. Now. Did that do them any good. What happened to them. Every single one of them died. They drowned in the Red Sea none of them lived to tell about it. Here's my point is God going to have to take the wheels off our chariots for us to come to our senses and the problem is when that happens it's already too late. Miracles don't change people's conditions they don't change people's hearts and we shouldn't have to wait for God to take the will over cherries for that to take place. What I'm asking you. Today is if God is enough for you and if you're willing to listen to him when he pleads to you. It's time I don't know when those times are I don't know what those things are that's between you and him but will work convicted by the Holy Spirit about something that needs to be surrendered to God himself provides the strength to surrender. If we're willing. But God has to be enough for us to be willing to say yes so the question is is God enough that's what we need to know now it gets a little bit worse for a lot in his family limits with this text says here quick. Yes I need to wait on this so. What is up happening is they get to the mountains and God what has gotten his daughters out of Saddam but he was unable to get Saddam out of his daughters. And he is in a situation that is absolutely awful. This is the type of brilliant ideas that come out of Babylon. These are the brilliant ideas that come out of Saddam the girls actually say in the text. If you want to look at this and see it for yourself because it's really really hurtful to God What they say. This isn't Genesis Chapter nineteen beginning invertors thirty. Yeah. Genesis Chapter one thousand of verse thirty. Then lot went up out of zero or and dwelt in the mountains and his two daughters were we. Him for he was afraid to dwell in the very place he says is it not a small city. He's afraid to do well there now. And he has to do what daughters dwelt in the cave. Now the first born said to the younger Our father is old and there is no man on the earth to come into us as is the custom of all the earth. The only min that are desirable to them are men from Saddam now are there any other men on the planet at this stage there's tons of good guys too like people that love God and stuff and their thought is there is no one to come in to us God certainly not going to provide for us we're going to need to resort to the sin of Sodom to provide for our needs. You know the bring ideas I've got it. Let's get dad drunk tonight and then you sleep with him and then tomorrow we'll get him drunk and then I'll sleep with them. This is the type of ideas that come out of the schools of Sodom. You think it's repugnant and gross but the things that we're conceding to right now lead to that. Yeah I'd never be caught dead doing that but one concession leads to the next concession which leads to the next concession people don't become heroin addicts in a day. It's the little concessions in our experience that cause us to be in big problems later that we never thought that we'd be living on the side of the road as a heroin addict. We never thought our lives would look like that no one wanted that for their lives. And so the question is if God is actually enough for you in this is absolutely possible by the way on the close with that this isn't all bad news but we need to have this sobering reminder today that when we think that we can make those decisions later the problem is you have no guarantee that you will have the ability to understand and even the desire to obey later. You may not even be the same person. Later that makes sense and this is why God is making the warning to us today because God wants. To be healthy happy in a hole in Christ. God wants to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ. Now want to fill the robes of Sodom God wants you to have a vibrant life that is powered by the Holy Spirit to obey to enjoy obedience to love God to want to serve God and to allow God to be everything to you. This isn't a turn or burn sermon. It's just an awakening. This is a chance for us to be awaken to the fact that this thing is real and there are real consequences to the decisions that we make Arthur. The problem is we don't have a lightning bolt come from heaven and destroy is when we sin. I had that happen once by the way super close to that actually. I I had a life that I should have had before Jesus and there was a program coming on that I knew that there was stuff in there that I didn't need to be watching really knew that I should have been watching it and I knew where it was in this thing and it was almost to that point. And as I was sitting there right. When this moment comes in this particular program. I kid you not lightning. And the power turns off the T.V. shuts off and the whole house is quiet and my heart is beating at ten thousand beats per minute at this stage I nearly died. But when no judgment from heaven came. And my heartbeat calmed down and the power returned in our house. You know what I did. I went right back. I can you imagine like Later God is going. What more could I have done I sent lightning bolts fifteen yards from your house like what more my point is when we don't die immediately we forget the fact that our actions have consequences when there are immediate consequences we forget about them. We don't realize that our sins don't only hurt us. They hurt the people around us and sometimes generations suffer from our decisions they have been with King David right. So sin is not something to play games with Saddam is not a place to raise your children. It's not a place to entertain yourself in retreat and assume that you'll be OK. There are side effects. There are consequences you understand that's the main point. I'm not asking you to fix yourself you can't fix yourself there's nothing you can do to fix yourself apart from coming to God and using your will to him. That's the best you can do that you have your righteousness is solely based upon another not what you do this is not my point today but we need to be reminded that our actions have consequences. So with all this being the case. Do we actually believe that God values our happiness. And that he only always does. What is in our best interest. Do we actually believe that to hopefully through what we've been covering of the course this week we've seen that have. The god is better than we maybe had imagined. But and do we quarrel with God every time he asks us to take an action. Do you argue with him every time we convict you of stuff and try to barter him down. There's two quotes I want to close with that make it abundantly clear that God does not desire your own happiness. It's quite the opposite. Here's the first one. This is from the Ministry of healing I believe for eighty many who profess to be Christ's followers have an anxious troubled heart because they're afraid to trust themselves with God. They're not anxious because they are trusting God they're anxious because they're afraid to trust God They do not make a complete surrender to Him for they shrink from the consequences that such a surrender may involve They don't even really know but again we're just sure that God's going to go for the things I really don't want to let go of right now we're afraid we wrestle with trust right. They fear from the consequence shrink from the consequences that such a surrender may require but unless they do make this surrender they cannot find peace and you know that this is true because you're not having peace when you're living in the world. I didn't. If we're really honest with ourselves those things don't actually feel as they distract us they distract us from our accountability to God they distract us from the miseries that we're continuing with but they don't fill us and they don't give us peace and once we finish doing that thing we're in tear and we have to go in even more stuff to feel full. Again don't worry what she's saying is this isn't going to fill your tank but there's good news for us there are many whose hearts are aching under a load of care because they seek to reach the world standard and by the way you're never going to be good enough for the world. Ever that beast can never be slain you can never appease the gods of this world and that right ladies you can never be good enough in your parish no matter what the world says even the most beautiful Hollywood actresses are having their pictures Photo Shopped right fellas. You'll never be strong enough. You never be handsome enough you'll never be fast enough good enough at sports and ever be smart enough you'll never be able to provide for your family. Well enough the world standards can never be reached and yet we're willing to bow the need to them whenever God all these asking is for your will and he'll provide for all of your needs all make you into what you need to be and we'll talk about that tomorrow morning. The reasonable one is the one that we spurn and we're bowing any to the one who is using us like plow mules. The world doesn't care about you. The world uses you but the world doesn't care about you. So she goes on and says Our Lord desires them to lay aside this yoke of bondage the world's We thought Jesus yoke was heavy. No she goes on and says this he invites him to accept his yoke. He says my yoke is easy and my burden is light worry is blind and cannot discern the future but Jesus sees the end from the beginning and in every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring relief. He's willing to bill you out in any situation. The World. Now you've got to pay before I do anything for you. But yet God. Says although you are in all of your difficulties. No problem. I want you to be prepared and provide for no good thing. Will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. Our Heavenly Father has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing. We assume that God can't provide because our situation doesn't look like it can be helped. But he has many ways to help which you know none. But will we trust him to do so. Or will we run to Hagar to fix our problem. That's the question. Those who accept can't read that far. Those who accept the one principle of making the service of God supreme will find their plex of these vanished and the plain path set before their feet. God is so faithful to you in your times of need. He doesn't leave you hanging. Now there's another quote I want to read from steps a crisis will close with this. God does not require us to give up anything that is our best interest to retain and all that he does he has the well being of his children in view. Would that all who had not chosen Christ might realize that is something vastly better to offer them than they are seeking for themselves. Man is doing the greatest injury and injustice to his own soul when he thinks and acts contrary to the will of God. No real joy can be found in the path for even by him. Who knows what is best and who plans for the good of his creatures. God only had good things in store for you. He only plans to bless to provide to strengthen us hardship will come but he provides even then right. We talked about that in the silence of God in other times he is there for us in all those moments. God does not require us to give up anything that is for our best interest to retain. We did that she's it's a mistake to entertain the thought that God is pleased to see his children suffer paying attention all heaven is interested in the happiness of man she says. We don't think that God wants us to be happy. We're just sure that God doesn't take everything that makes me smile off the menu and I want to be stuck with foolishness and whatever. I meant to dress like a pilgrim in a cardboard that's what God wants for me. But she says what God has to offer us is vastly better than we're asking for ourselves. What he has is vastly better than the thing that you think that you can't live without the divine requirements call upon us to shun those indulgences that would bring suffering and disappointment God doesn't disappoint us but the world does that we're close to us the door of happiness in heaven. The world Redeemer X. X. men as they are with all their wants imperfections of witnesses and he will not only Clinch from sin and great redemption through His blood but will also satisfy the heart longing of all who consent to where his yoke and to bear his burden. That's amazing. Even if you come to him with dirty motives. He can fix that and he'll still bless your pants off he will still do everything you need to provide for you. Even in spite of our silly motives. He requires us to program. Only those duties that will leave our steps to heights of bliss to which the disobedient can never attain the true joyous life of the soul is to have Christ formed within the hope of glory. So does this sound like God is interested in your happiness or not. You have to the nth degree. You're not actually being deprived when you come to God you're finally being filled in ways that you're not being filled in the world. It gets better and this is the whole story the sanctuary right when you came and had to make that walk of shame from your tent all the way down to the Tabernacle and you killed that animal and the priest took that blood inside of the veil. Everything gets better. It doesn't matter what people think of you because you and God have been made. Right because of the blood of Jesus when you come to God Everything gets better and that since you don't have to deal with shame anymore. You have to deal with never being good enough for the world anymore. You can just have a God who thinks that you're enough for him but will you believe that he's enough for you. That's the question many are inquiring how am I to make a surrender of myself to God. You desire to give yourself to him but you're weak in moral power in slavery to doubt and controlled by your habits of the life of sin and your promises are resolutions are like ropes of sand. You cannot control your thoughts your impulses your affections and the knowledge of your broken promises and forfeited pledges weakens your cook your confidence in your own sincerity and causes you to feel that God cannot accept you. But you need not despair. You've been there. Haven't you. I have you make that promise to God and say God on never going back to this thing again this thing is killing me. I hated a miserable. I'll never go back again I want you and then two three weeks maybe two years go by and you find yourself on your knees in the same place and you wonder was it all a lie. Have I been wasting my time. I've failed God again will even take me back and she says but you need not despair. Tomorrow for it is a divine service we're going to ask the question what if I fail. What if I fail I stared at a beautiful young person I love with all of my heart in a Bible study. And I made the appeal to them for Jesus and the response was I said what would keep you from saying yes to him because he heard the voice of Jesus speaking of that what would keep you from saying yes to his response was I'm afraid of disappointing him. Don't let him down. You have been there. So what if I fail will cover that tomorrow it's a cliffhanger isn't it. But she says that we need not despair when those moments we need not despair. What you need to understand is the true force of the will. This is. The governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of choice. Everything deter is depends upon the right action of the will the power of choice. God has given to men and it's theirs to exercise God does not tell you you have no choice. Your mind and that's it. You can do if you want the people of Saddam had a free will. They can make the decisions they want to make even when they receive judgment from God They can continue to grope for the door. We can't have that. But God we're told is offerings of this infinitely better. So everything depends on the right action of the will you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourselves give to God his affections. But you can choose to serve him. You can't clean yourself up that is equal thirty six right. I will cleanse you from all your filth is and from our lives. I will give you a hard as flesh and remove the heart of stone he says he can do that. You can give him your will he will then work in you to work and to do according to HIS good pleasure. He'll actually enable you to obey will cover that for Sabbath school. Thus your whole nature will rot under the control of the Spirit of Christ and your affections will be centered upon him in your thoughts will be in harmony in him now. Yes I'm asking you is God enough and yes I'm encouraging you to have that position but is it even possible. All your yeah but is that actually achievable and I'm telling you from my own experience. Yes yes yes and aim him. I came to this conclusion. Years ago but I had that moment in my experience where I lost my first love. Just like it says of the church and in the Book of Revelation same idea for the Church of emphasis right the first church. You've lost your first love that zeal that you had where all you want to was God and nothing else mattered. Yeah but when you get comfortable in religion and you're the guy that goes up and preaches to people a time. It's easy to find complacency because everyone's asking you for answers but who do you need to go to areas where you have to have everybody else's answers. Maybe I have things figured out. It's easy to find complacency in your experience as a leader spiritually. Let alone as a lay person. But I was reminded of my desperate need of this I was listening to a POV a go a similar he did it this year that slapped me in the face because I knew better but it reinvigorated mean you know what he said he says that God does not mail blessings to us they come with him. So when you're praying and asking God for stuff you're missing the point. What we need to be praying for is to receive God and with God comes everything else that we need peace monetary provide that bailing us out of difficult situations. Whatever it comfort in times of distress and sorrow. Whatever you have need of if you receive Jesus you have everything in abundance and that's the point. And I realized that I fell into the habit of being a consumer again in prayer. I'm asking God for stuff when I should be asking him for him and what happened was what I can't. What I switched to praying to what I should have been praying all along. I forgot I would come to God in prayer and I would just be so grateful to be in his presence and ask him to receive him that I forgot to ask him for stuff. I just chose to trust of about those things because with him. I found that I was looking for. God is everything that you've ever been looking for one thousand percent. He's enough for you. I guarantee you. The world tells you something differently and they have a lot of compelling need to try to convince you but if we truly believe that faith is believing what the Word of God says it will do it. Relying upon the Word of God only to do what it says it will do. That's our only option. So I'm quite certain of the fact just because I've done this enough times now myself and being convicted about certain areas that there are people in this room this evening that God is convicting about one of those areas maybe two of those areas maybe fifty I don't know that's none of my business. I'm not asking you to write it on a piece of paper and mail it to the Pope or doing the like that that's not my point. What I'm asking you to do is to take a moment this evening. Take a moment. I want you to reflect and I want you to earnestly think about the ramifications of the decisions that we're thinking about making. In our future. What is my priority. What is it that I'm placing the highest amount of importance on and is that thing God is God enough for me or is there something in my heart right now that I just know is keeping me from being able to be fully God's that I know that this thing has more of my attention than God is comfortable with that I'm making peace with the Canaanites I'm making peace with the things that killed Jesus. And if you're hearing the voice of Jesus deceiving you recognise that God is speaking to my heart. God is tapping on my shoulder. God is speaking to me and telling me child it's safe. You can trust me. It's not a bad thing. You don't have to be afraid if you're hearing the voice of Jesus evening and you want to give him that thing whatever that is you want to let God prove himself in your experience you want to give him a chance you want him to be everything and the only thing that you want in your life. If you find yourself in that position is the new you want to respond I'm inviting you to stand up. Please stand for you don't stand for the staff and don't stand for me. We don't get credit for this please take this seriously and I say that to discourage you from standing but I want this to mean something to you. Yeah I want you to be able to have this be your voice. If you're hearing God speak to this even you're recognizing it's time. He is worth it and I want what he has and I want to say yes if that's true that I should stand. Amen. Let's close with the word of prayer. Father in heaven. I think you for the fact that what you have before us is. Vastly better than we're trying to provide for ourselves. And we're exhausted from this rat race. We're exhausted from trying to meet the world standards and it's you it's you that we want we don't want anything else father we're giving you permission to take all of us into mold and shape us into who you need for us to be what you need is permission. Not a bunch of deeds that we work off by our own efforts. We're choosing to surrender that mentality and to rest in the deeds of Jesus and to yield our will to this lovely Jesus who gave so much for us. I ask that our sins of idolatry and of placing things of more importance. Above you than you that you would forgive us of that that you would cover those sims with the blood of Jesus and I'm asking that you would fill us with your Holy Spirit and keep the promise that you made to us that you have begun a good work completed until the day of Christ Jesus and I ask that you would keep your promise of causing us to walk in your statutes and that we will walk in your judgments and do them or do we need a righteousness that is not our own we need an ability and this is not our own and we desperately need you. Just you. Thank you. That we can receive this by faith and we asked these things in Jesus name this media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you know if you would like to listen to more sermon Visit W W W or.


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