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Jason Sliger
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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • October 1, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven. You have blessed us already up to this point and we thank you that you are going to continue to bless us as really consecrate our lives to you this morning and communion father as your word is open. May your Holy Spirit freely speak to each one of us. I pray that we ask it in Jesus' name and that it was only a few hours short time after Jesus had the last supper with his disciples it spent the time in the upper room and now they were walking they were making their trek from the upper room to the garden of get seventy and in the Gospel of John. There is a lengthy conversation that is recorded from the upper room to the garden. John Chapter thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen long conversation and there's a prayer and there is well in John seventeen. And in that great discourse. There is a particular passage of Scripture that we have become well acquainted with as Seventh Day Adventists and I would like to just briefly think on it a little bit this morning. In fact if I told you the first part of the verse chances are that you would be able to finish it for me it starts. If you love me keep my commandments John fourteen and verse fifteen. Now as you know the teachings of Jesus were nothing new to him he didn't make them up but most of those teachings if not all of them were rooted in the Old Testament teachings of the Prophets this particular teaching was without exception. We find the same concept taught. Many times in the Old Testament acts this chapter twenty and the Ten Commandments itself are six the Bible says showing mercy on to thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments Deuteronomy Chapter seven verse nine. No therefore that the Lord thy God and He is God the faithful God which keep with Covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep His commandments to a thousand generations Joshua twenty two in verse five. But take diligent heed to do the commandments and the law which Moses the serve the Lord charged you to love the Lord your God and to walk in all his ways and keep His commandments in fact we find the teaching also in the New Testament as well not just with Jesus. But in second. John chapter one in verse six the Bible says and this is love that we walk after his commandments all throughout Scripture we find this connection between showing our love to God is in the act of obedience to God and His Word. Now is seventy AD and history usually when we think about this passage of scripture if you love me keep my commandments the first thing that comes into our mind usually is in the context of a Bible prophecy seminar when the message is given on the Sabbath or on the Ten Commandments and that so well warranted application of that Bible passage because indeed if we love God we are going to keep all ten of his commitments Amen. But I want you to think back with me here the Smorgon as we meditate on this passage here for just a few moments as we go back to the place and the time when Jesus actually spoke it for the first time we have to remind ourselves who was it that Jesus was speaking to was he talking to the per miscue his crowd was he talking to the Gentiles the unbelievers the the unconverted who was Jesus speaking to when he said if you love me keep my commandments. He was talking to eleven men who had followed him for three. And a half years he was speaking to what we might call good Seventh Day Adventists who were doing their best to show their love to God in obedience to His Word. Jesus was speaking to the disciples when He said If you love me keep my commandments and I think this is a good thing for us to remind ourselves of because oftentimes I fall into into this myself that that particular passage if you love me keep my commandments. We kind of pigeonhole it for those people out there. That's for those who are running around on their husband or their wife. That's for those who are not keeping the seventh day sabbath. That's for those who are taking the name of the Lord their God in vain. No it's not Jesus is telling his disciples Jesus telling Seventh Day Adventists a day if you love me keep my commandments and that's not just the ten but it's every teaching that God has given to us in His word both through His word and through the impressions of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is saying the small name. If you love me keep my commandments as the LORD been working on your heart. This past week. Maybe the Lord has spoken to you in your devotional time I pray we all have a devotional time. Maybe the Lord has impressed some Bible passage upon your heart and said this is an area where you need to come up higher. Maybe the Lord in your reading of the Spirit of Prophecy has convicted you of something in your life. Maybe it's just been the impressions of the Holy Spirit. If that is the case. Jesus is saying to use this morning. If you love me keep my commandments. You see as Christians we find it a lot easier to verbal e express our love for God than actually showing it in the actions of our lives. Like to sing praises to God We like to give testimony of his goodness in our life we like to give Bible studies to other people and make good comments and sad to school class and all of these things are valid. Yet we need to do these The There's nothing wrong with those but notice the passage Jesus did not say if you love me tell other people about it. We should we definitely should tell other people. If we love God But Jesus said If you love me want to do it do what I have commanded shew in my word whatsoever I have come in it you Jesus says do it in the ministry of healing page one hundred eighty two. We are told this the love of Jesus in the heart will lead to obedience to all of His commandments. Listen to this but the love that goes no further than the lips is a delusion. It will not save any soul. Many reject the truths of the Bible. Well they profess great love for Jesus Lord forbid that that should happen here. Emma I pray that every one of us here this morning that the actions in our life would reflect what we say in our daily conversations. Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments and and we are told that there are many who will drift away from the truth although they have spoken their love for God They may in their life in their actions say something quite a bit different. In fact were told in the math in the Gospel of Matthew Matthew chapter seven Jesus says that when he comes in the clouds of heaven that there will be many who say Lord Lord. Have we not prophesied in one name and in one name done many wonderful works and in the I name have cast out devils. But Jesus says. Depart from me you were. Workers of iniquity. They are the ones who have professed one thing. But lived another and this is the great conundrum in the world today that there are Christians who say one thing and live another. This is the great reason why I believe many people are turned off from Christianity because there are those who are living one way and saying something else saying one thing professing one thing that this is the truth. But then living in a different way Jesus says to them the small if you love me keep my commandments in all honesty it doesn't really matter what we say about God or what we say to him. But where the rubber meets the road is what I do with the command of God. Let's not be carefully this morning. I'm not preaching at you because we're all on this journey together of constant conviction of the Lord in our lives. As we read the Word of God I oftentimes tell people in my Bible prophecy seminars right when they first come. I tell them. Listen if you are not willing to change your life you minus we'll take the Bible put it on the shelf and forget about it because the Bible is a book of change. God has given us His word to change us from the worldliness of the world into the likeness of his character so that when he comes we might be safe to take with him to the kingdom of heaven one day. So as we study the Word of God We all go through conviction we've all been convicted at some point in our lives. This past week or this past month. We're on this journey together and as we meet those times of conviction through the study of God's Word the Spirit of Prophecy whatever it is Jesus as he spoke to the disciples right before going into the garden of get seventy is saying to you if you love me keep my. And then it's a fact as goes on in the very same conversation just a few verses down in verse twenty four. John fourteen and verse twenty four. And he says what failed obedience looks like he says he that loveth me not keep if not my saying. Which simply means if I don't keep the commandments of God. I have showing God that I what irrespective of what's coming out of my mouth. If I am not keeping the commands of God in my life. Jesus is saying you don't love me in our scripture reading the small. If you would turn there with me Revelation chapter twenty two. We find a great promise that is given to us if we apply the counsel and advice that Jesus gave to us this morning in John fourteen and I believe that it vice. Although it was written two thousand years ago is just as a political and needful in our society and in our church today. Revelation chapter twenty two. And verse fourteen. There is only good that comes from obedience to God Bible says this Revelation twenty two fourteen the Bible says. Blessed are they. What is that first word their. Blessed are they. How do you want me blessed. I was only about a third of you I'm ask you again. How many one you must praise God were in the House of people I want to be blessed. Blessed are they the Bible says that what we don't like that word do we. Blessed are they that do the bible says his commandments that they may have a right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city. Now listen. None of us are as spiritually in mature enough to think that the pastor is saying we earn our salvation by what we do we all understand that so. Is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We're mature enough said that they haven't as Christians to understand that but we also understand that our works are very important as well. That if we accept the grace of God it will naturally compel us to obey the commandments of God and Jesus says that those who do His commandments are going to be blessed and I want that blessing this morning. How about you. That they may get have right to the tree that they may enter in through the gates into the New Jerusalem. I want to be in that city. One day I want to eat from the tree of life. I want to walk on streets of gold. I want to talk to my loving Savior. I want to be with my loved ones forever in heaven and I want to take as many people there by God's grace as is humanly possible. How about you probably heard the old saying before rather see a sermon than hear one any day. You may not be an eloquent preacher. You may not be gifted in giving Bible studies but how you live your life will be the greatest sermon that you ever preach and you may find that it's one of the greatest evangelist exteriorise. That is done in this church. Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments and I tell you something this morning. If God convict you of something in your life and you resist that conviction you are no different than the person who comes to a Bible prophecy seminar. Here's the message of the Sabbath and turns away from it and says I cannot do it this same where in the same boat at that point because the Spirit of God has rested something upon your heart and you have turned away from that thing all may God help each one of us to willingly. Lovingly excitedly and with a passion be willing to do the bidding of our loving Savior in our lives. Amen. Review Harold July seventeenth one thousand nine hundred eight we bring this thing to a close and says this The test of a genuine Christian is given in the Word of God. What is this test Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments. This is a this here are the conditions upon which every soul will be elected to eternal life your obedience to God's Commandments will prove your right to an inheritance with the Saints. He liked this morning. We have an opportunity of recommitting our life's the Lord and communion. I don't know why but for some people they try to skip out on communion Sabbath as if there's some terrible thing that's going to happen as maybe the bread's been poisoned or something like that. But this is a time. Where for the past three months maybe the Lord has been working on our hearts and we can come to him in re consecration of our life and say Father though I may have strayed. I am recommitting my heart to you this last passage of Scripture in First Corinthians Chapter eleven. This is one we don't read often in connection with the communion service. But it is there nonetheless First Corinthians Chapter eleven Paul talks about in verse twenty four and twenty five What the. Bread in the grape juice symbolize but then he says something in verse twenty and twenty nine that I think is worth reflecting on this morning for a moment for the eleven twenty twenty nine. The Bible says this. But let him in examine himself. Let a man. And so let him eat of that bread and drink of that cup for he that eat it then drink it under the lee eat it and drink it. Damnation to himself not discerning the Lord's body. This is why we announce it a week ahead of time so that for a whole week you can spend that time examining yourself afflicting your souls as the Bible tells us there at the time of the Great Day of Atonement they would search their hearts to see if their life was right with the Lord. And as we come together in communion the small. Perhaps you've taken that time to reflect and to examine your heart confessing and for seeking your sins if you haven't it's OK you can take that moment right now to do it it doesn't have to take long. And just say Lord I want to take that small word that small passage seven words if you love me keep my commandments and I want that to be the theme of my life. I want to show my love to you. Not just in the expression of my words but in the actions of my life. Maybe this morning. As you make that commitment to the Lord let this be the theme of your life. As you go home. The softer noone. Might need to get home and make a phone call and make some wrong right between you and somebody else maybe you might be able to have that conversation before you leave church this morning. Lord forbid that the Saints would have any animosity towards one another especially on a communion Sabbath. Maybe when you make that commitment to the Lord. I want to show my love to you through. Keeping your commandments. Maybe when you get home. The south after noon that will require you getting rid of some cherish item that stands between you and the Lord getting rid of some worldly influence in your life. Maybe that will require you. Spending a little bit more time with the Lord in prayer the softer noon in stead of taking that long look for a nap on Saturday. The Seventh Day Adventists we believe that we are living in the hour of God's judgment. I don't know that we understand the full implications of that but I believe we could if we wanted to. And it's in a time like this that we need to have a heart that is in harmony with our Creator the Smalling would you like to say father. I can't do this on my own. But I do want to show my love to you. Not just in mere expression of my words but in the actions of my life you will make that commitment to the Lord this morning. Raise your hand say Lord that's my commitment help me with it can't do it on my own but you can. Let's talk to the Lord about that this morning Father in heaven. We are grateful that your Holy Spirit is constantly working with us. We're thankful Lord for these small passages that just really hit home to our hearts. And Lord. There have been times where we have resisted the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our lives but this morning as we reconstitute create our lives to you in communion. We seek to turn away from that we no longer want to resist the appeal of God in our lives but we want to willingly lovingly obey what we can so Lord give us the strength. Give us the energy. Give us the desire. Give us the passion Lord to show our love to you by keeping the commands. To this and I pray. Yes Jesus this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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