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The Love of the Truth in the Age of Deceit

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • June 10, 2016
    7:15 PM


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Type of our subject tonight is the love of the truth. And an age of deceit. And we live in an age of deceit deceit that has become almost Haan to a perfection. How do we make our way through a Jesus himself looked down at our time and said if it were possible deceive the very ones that were going to be say the love of the truth and the age of deceit. How many of you love being deceived could I see your hands of your raise it. I want to talk to you after the meeting. And yet you know we smile at that but yet there are billions of people that are going to be deceived. Not only about some money or a product but they're going to be deceived about eternal life. You have your Bibles and I asked them not to put the text on the screen because I want to make you work for it. Tonight. Now there's a Met there's a reason in my madness not just how do you look at up it maybe it's on your phone. Maybe it's on whatever. Maybe you have it here this way I want you to be able to look at the context and so I think you should test your preachers. You know to test him on the Word of God that was that's a good Adventist mindset by the way is that you could preach preacher but we're we're watching. We have the word and we want you to make it sound. Go to Genesis if you don't mind you know this. Story I want to point out something chapter four and I want to look at verse sixteen Abel lay dead. Adam and Eve are broken hearted at this. RALL evil that was already the fruit of their disobedient six and the Bible says that Cain verse sixteen went out from where the presence of the Lord the terrible thing about being lost is to lose the presence of the Lord and that's why Jesus cried out on Calvary's cross those awful emotional passionate words that I cannot reproduce and the passion that he said them and the salinity that he said them in the agony that he said them as he suffered for every human being on planet Earth and drank the cup of that separation. So that we don't have to drink it. My God my God why have you for sake and I hope by the grace of God that no one in this room will stand in the Great Day of Judgment. Outside the walls of the New Jerusalem and say those words but the Lord did not leave. Adam and Eve and if you look at verse twenty six. I'm sorry if you look at verse twenty five and add a new His wife again and she bore a son and then. Named him Seth for God has appointed another seed for me instead of able to Cain killed. You know that when all your dreams have been laid in the dust God still has another plan and he had another plan for the salvation of Seth was important because Cain started a race. I don't mean race in an ethnic to City sense. But a race in the sense of loyalty to God disloyalty to God He started a race of human beings who would not be loyal to God who wanted to seek their pleasure in this world this world became their home they measure their life in centuries we measure our life and decades but they were going not to focus on an eternity. They were going to focus on getting all the pleasure. They could out of this world with out God's guidance and direction. That's why he left the presence of the Lord. Seth started a nother race put that in quotes of men and women who said no we believe that this world is not everything that we have we believe that there is a world to come that God can give us even again they could go to the gates of the Garden of Eden and see that angle with that sword that turned in every direction guarding the tree of life they believe that some day. Jesus would return the New Testament tells us that even preach the coming of the Lord and would restore to them once again the tree of life but time went on and this great controversy between the descendants of Cain. And the descendants of Seth reached a climax. It's you have your Bibles I want you to notice in verse six chapter six verse six that the son's on Sarge Chapter six verse two that the sons of God saw the daughters of men the sons of God with the descendants of Seth and I heard somebody say men. It's a lot of confusion out there in the world about who those people are these are the descendants of Seth. And the daughters of men are the daughters of the descendants of Cain. And up to this time they had kept their lines distinct they were not enter marrying between one another that they were beautiful and they took why for themselves of whom they chose. Now I've had and have praise the Lord some pretty important women in my life I would see my mother today she's lost a lot of ability age does that to you know and I told her I was coming to camp meeting that I wouldn't be able to see here. This coming week she understood she knows camp meeting she started taking me to camp meeting as a little guy. And we just did Miss can't meeting that's just the way it was going to be and we loved it. God for that wonderful mother and so I read a chapter scripture with her had prayer together and she's had a great deal to my life. It's hard to see this. Beautiful woman who is my mother is my mother and to see a huge make it. Inroads. The truth is we are all on that journey and that's why we need to do everything we can with the present. And I think the Lord for a godly mother a lot of the blessings that I have today in my life are because of her. And I have a wonderful wife that blesses me and many many ways. You don't see her so much because she's always fulfilling all the needs of all the divisions and she she was busier today than I was her phone was ringing. So please don't misunderstand anything that I'm going to say I hope you won't. I don't think you will when God created Adam and Eve He created Adam very handsome with new ladies agree with that and he created a very beautiful. I think everybody would agree with that God is a lover of beauty by the way you can ask an evolutionist sometime so where did all the beauty come from if evolution is supposed to be just functional. Who painted all the sun sets. And I think no one would argue today I went back I think was eight hundred eighty seven I didn't bring it with me and I just started to but it was a beautiful our article on beauty. Written by Godly person that in give the they can give their name but when god. Created Adam and Eve Adam was not only created handsome he was also created with good character. So the beauty on not the beauty but the handsomeness of his form reflected the character of his heart that true. The same was true with ease that the beauty of her being simply reflected the beauty of the character that God had given her when sin entered. A struggle Cain because many times the character doesn't match the outward. Which means that you can't always look at a person and determine that they have a noble characters are otherwise simply by the way they look that makes sense. We men have a particular problem you ladies probably wouldn't understand. We're very visual. And when we look and see a lovely woman. We automatically think she has a lovely character and you women know better. Would be to God that we all have beautiful characters someday God will take care of the beauty part. And that's what the Savior is all about. But these men were looking at these women that were the descendants of Cain. And they were. Beautiful and they said to themselves they must be OK. They can't be as bad as what we have Berber and it turned out to be an unmitigated disaster for the Cause of God because the very next verse by the way this verse also shows how much influence women have now you heard me say this before. God's given you a lot of influence. Be careful how you use it. So men should have said Amen. You quiet rather than. We praise God for our sisters our mothers are wise in Christ. We thank God for them. But the very next verses my spirit shall not always strive with men for ever and then it gives the sad story of how people's hearts had become so evil that they were evil in the key word there isn't found in verse by the Lord. So the wickedness of man was great in the ER every intent of the thoughts of the heart was only evil continually when I read that you thinking about Cain's descendants. They already were there. This is the descendants of Seth they were the last hope for planet Earth. This was a crisis of crisis because if this continued all goodness would be wiped from the face of the earth and the plan of salvation would fail Bible says eight that Noah found what in the eyes of the Lord. Amen he found grace in the eyes of the Lord. You know there were only eight people saved in that ark. But if you flip back to chapter five and you look at verse thirty after he laymen be got no lame and live five hundred and ninety five years and had wot. So that meant that Noah. I don't know how many children you can have in five hundred years. But a lot that meant that no I had a lot of brothers and sisters who chose not to be on that ark. He had lotsa nieces and nephews who chose not to be on that ark and no doubt uncle's Ananth this preaching of one hundred twenty years certainly would have included the descendants of Cain. But much of this preaching was for the descendants of Seth. Because the descendants of Seth were deceived by what they thought look wonderful but wasn't it. And the results were a world wide flood. You have your Bible still look at Genesis thirteen. If you don't mind for just a moment. Genesis thirteen and that's another story that you know well is the story of Sodom but I want you to look at the verse there were. I think that there were any Jewish lovely young Jewish women who could have been the wife of Sampson you just think that might have been possible dedicated love the Lord committed. So why. And the word for this. They do just like the sons of Seth. If you if you look at verse three his father mother said to him. Is there no woman among the daughters of your brethren or among all my people that you must go get a wife of the uncircumcised to listing and Sampson didn't argue with them. He only said this guitar for me because she what pleases me well. Well done in up that one of Instantly there was a woman called to live the line. Laura has got him wrapped around her fingers and she came to that moment she says nobody really understands your great strength. Tell me your secret. He knew better. Three times he told her a fault. About her is the secret of a string and each time she betrayed him and I wanted to say when I read through that I want to say Sampson did you get it the first time second time. What what is wrong with you but he couldn't see it because he was so and Amber with the beautiful Delilah and it in and purty. It ended very ugly. It was a hard day. And then I for lack of time I mean for sake of time there. Solomon member the story of Solomon handsome guy smart beyond anything we can imagine I can still see him in the scripture description as he stands before that newly built simple to God and prays one the most powerful beautiful prayers and the Chicago Laurie comes and fills that temple and then the Bible says you can read it that his Y. was turn his heart away from the Lord. They were so nice. They were so lovely. They were so persuasive as he had to be understanding but before it's all done. He is sacrificing his own children on the altar of Molech only the grace of God Save the man I want to go to Second Thessalonians is our scripture tonight and I want to look at that text again it's a flash down to our day and I want to say this that and I say it was sweet kindness I say it with humility. I don't say it in a boast away but I said in a very thankful way Seventh Day Adventists have really been given lots and lots of blessing and liked. We are a blessed people we have huge value that's added to our life to go down that road. I want and i Verse eight then the lawless one talking about the end of time the lawless one will be revealed. Whom the Lord will consume with the breath of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his as Seventh Day Adventists we know that there is a historical anti-Christ. The Bible says the spirit of anti-Christ started in the days of the Apostles. But I believe these texts also point follower to a final anti-Christ. That's revealed. I believe in Scripture and supported by that wonderful gift of prophecy that the devil himself will impersonate our personate the coming of Christ and all the world is going to think that this is the real thing is going to be so lovely. So marvelous. And yet in the midst of speaking those same beautiful beatitudes that Jesus spoke he reveals he reveals the footprint the fingerprints. And goes on with all deception among those who perish because they did not receive the what the love of the truth and then why would have added as it is a Jesus. The love of the truth as it is geez how much you love the truth. Let me get real personal how much you love the truth about yourself. We have these carnal hearts. And we've all got them including your preachers. We're all in this road together. And that's why we need Jesus to take us by the hand into the garden of our heart and tell us the truth. And what we need to do to change to be transformed to become like Him The take these carnal selfish. That's what a carnal hardass selfish heart and turn it into an unselfish are one of my prayers his own Lord God of heaven and earth. In my in most person the person who I am that nobody else can see. Help me to be unselfish love like you. I want to practice on selfish love because we're going to be able to practice it throughout eternity in the good news. Only to say we have to have a Savior we can't save ourselves you know that only he can make that change in the heart in the depths. Of our B. but I don't think the enemy of souls is just working you know in each of our hard she's working in christian them he's working in the whole world and I think we're coming down to the end of time that I don't know that it's going to happen tomorrow or next year. I don't know but I do know that the stage has been set tremendously and great within the past since last camp meeting huge things have taken place. We have a Jesuit pope today I say we I don't I don't mean he's our hours might take and twist at the wrong way. You know you've got to make sure everybody understands what you mean the world has a Jesuit pope and he spoke not only to the Congress of the United States but he also spoke to the United Nations. If you go back twenty one years to one thousand nine hundred four. You'll find another unbelievable thing happening in many of us knew then that was a sure sign of the in because the evangelicals not the liberal. I use that word in quotes unbiblical Protestants that have basically left Sola script Tura evangelical still claim that they hang on to that but you have evangelicals who have always had the historic understanding of the man of sin and who we were on and one thousand nine hundred four. They said it's going to be now evangelicals and Catholics together the many wonderful Catholic people many wonderful liberal Protestant people lot of nice people. That's not the point the point. Is that this papal power has a track record and people think that he's now become a nice Protestant. But if you go to the encyclopedia and look up the Inquisition. You will find its own line. Now you can read it yourself you'll find that the Inquisition is still being defended and it's being defended as a time when the church was more pure and I get a load of that. So if the church is going to become more pure than it would be bringing back the Inquisition the Constitution of the United States is a reaction against all of those things and it's a very fascinating statement by Ellen why I'm great controversy five eighty eight. You still with me. She says paper was talking about the pay papal power Protestants and worldlings will alike accept the form of godliness without power. What does that mean without power because the Bible says they're going to have signs and wonders and people are going to be amazed and they're going to think that's the power. We're talking about the power to transform a wicked human heart a selfish human heart into a unselfish being the power to transform a human being to take them from the depths of sin and transform them into godly reflection of the Savior. That's where the real power is that and they see in this union between them a grand movement for the conversion of the world ushering in the long expected. Winnie I'm. Do you know why the book of Isaiah has that picture of people seeing Jesus coming again and it says look this behold this is our God we have what's the next word waited for him. Why have they waited for him because the fact that it's been counterfeited everybody thinks that Jesus has come but they have waited for him. And they are not disappoint. Satan appears as the benefactor of the race healing the diseases and it by the way if you don't think anyone had the prophetic you have here is a good reason why to believe it and about what I'm ready to read. Professing to present a more exalted system a religious faith. That's another way of saying an ecumenical new age with spiritualism all putting it together but at the same time he Satan works as a destroyer another words he's not what he appears he's the one that's bringing all this terrible mess. Satan Listen to this carefully Satan works through the elements the weather you please also to garner in his harvest of unprepared souls. Listen carefully he Satan has studied the secrets of the laboratories of nature and he uses all his power to control the elements as far as God will allow. I'm telling you that the reason you're seeing an increase and natural disasters is because there's somebody behind it. Now I didn't say I didn't matter to me whether it's the C O two in the atmosphere are the manipulation the enemy of Saul's are all of the above with the enemy of souls bringing it all on the fact it's going to produce and is producing terrible natural disasters and I want to say it clearly those are going to increase exponentially. Before the pope while we were in Cap meeting last year. The Jesuit pope released in cyclical are a major position paper sermon whatever you want to call it. And he took a stand that was unpopular with some of those evangelicals and he had made twenty one years ago but he says climate change is real. And we've got to do something about it. In addition to that the pontifical pontifical Science Society of science which is under his control. And the social logical pontifical school before he released this in cyclical they released a very startling prediction and I wanted to read just what they said I just read the title. Is says the title of it was climate change and the common good. That word common good is now become a theme you hear it for. In the United Nations. You'll hear from the president of the United States. You'll hear from both parties. You'll hear them talking about. We've got to do something for the common good. If it's for the common good and you stand in the way of that. What do you think's going to be the perception for you when they released their their study this they released a statement and here's the title climate change in the Common Good a statement listen carefully of the problem and the demand was the were not a suggestion. A demand for transform ation solution. The poke they went on to say this that unless action is taken immediately that by two thousand one hundred how many years is that away eighty four. It's not that far. You say well it's a lifetime. But listen. They want something done immediately because they say about two thousand one hundred it will be too late. And the whole planet will be on the verge of extinction. The whole human race is being threatened by this something has to be done. The pope releases these and such to three months later last kept meeting and here is his solution to it. His solution is this. Listen to his. And cyclical Sunday like the Jewish Sabbath. I have news for him it was also Adam's Sabbath. Is meant to be a day that heals our relationship with God in ourselves and others in the world rest opens our eyes to the larger picture and gives us a renewed sensitive A-T. to the rights of others and so the day of rest centered on the Utica Are you could. I'm sorry the mass is an easier way to say it sheds its light on the whole week and motivates us with a greater concern for nature and the poor and then President Obama. I'm not being politics he's not the only one or the only party that's done this but he is the president of the United States. He says I welcome his holiness Pope Francis and Circa and deeply admire the pope's decision to make the case clearly powerfully and with a full moral what authority. Of his position for action on global climate change present a united states goes on to say we must protect the world's poor who done the least to contribute to this looming crisis and stand to lose the most if we fail to avert it. The love of the truth and an age of deceit. There's an old story. It's a parable. It didn't happen. It's what did I say it was there was a young man walking on a cold winter day and he's walking along he solved. In his path to a startled us a snake a very poisonous snake and he stopped and he backed up but the steak said in a very soothing voice. Don't be afraid i'm not do you think you are. I am. I'm really a pretty nice guy and I'm really cold. I think if you could just pick me up and put me inside your warm coat. I would be so grateful. I know you're right but I'm not going to bite you. I know about my reputation and I'm sorry if I've done any anything in the past but I'm really a very nice person and by the way I'll tell all the other snakes to stay away from you if you just will put me inside that nice warm jacket of yours. I don't know about that. I know your reputation. Oh but you don't understand. I've changed. But you still have feigned and you see I have poison your Yass but I would never use them. That wouldn't be the right thing to do wouldn't. PLEASE IT'S COLD. Take me into your code. So the young man says you have a whole life to live. I this is taking a big chance you old you have nothing to worry about and fact I'm going to be a blessing to you if you just put me inside that warm coat and OK so he picks up the poisonous snake and puts in his warm snake settles down they walking along the snake makes wonderful conversation. Thanks him so much for helping him get so warm. Then all the sudden the snake bit him. Young man is reeling from the poison he throws a snake out and falls down and he's beginning to die from the poison and he's looking at US Navy is about your problems you do you. Probably you said you were different you. Snake looked at him coldly and said you knew what I was when you picked me up. America. You know. What he use when you picked him up. This is not going in. Well Revelation seventeen says that the whole world was a statue weighted with her beauty about Seventh Day Adventists do you think we were amused. I think we too have some things are really address how many of us want to save every young person we possibly can to every hand would go up but there are many voices in the Avenue today that was has an order to do that you've got to become more like the world. You've got to really get cool. I want to ask a question of the story of the product will father. Even let his son go because he refused to change his principles. Even though he loved him to the depths that he was out there every day hoping that he could see the form of that boy coming home. And it was the principle of love of that father that warm love that his father had for him. The boy I knew that this boy had not been in a home where he was just told to do whatever he got hugs he got kisses. He got warm. He got care but the father would never change his principles and out there in that pig pen that young man finally figured it out. Listen had the father change who he was there would have been no home for the boy to come home to our heavenly Father is not going to change and he's not going to change his principles. I mean it sounds so good and then of course there's those voices I had a letter you were well meaning well intentioned. I mean we we don't want to talk about those Beast of Revelation or. We don't need to talk about the doctrines of Daniel and Revelation. We just need to talk about Jesus. I wrote back Connelly and I said when you talk about revelation if you look at the title. It is the revelation of Jesus. You cannot have Jesus without his teachings second John verse nine you can look at UP says that if you don't have the doctrines of Jesus. You don't have got that's point it's not one or the other it's not having the doctrines with now Jesus or Jesus without the doctrines. If you embrace the biblical Jesus. You must embrace his teaching but it's very attractive perhaps for people who grew up without having the hugs and the warm and the care that Jesus has when he teaches us and sometimes tells us what we need to change with tears in his voice but with a clarity that we can't look a rebel. Lation. Chapter twenty two. I hope this is what you'll get out of this camp meeting. I hope my dear brothers and sisters that you're going to be better prepared for what's coming on the earth. Surely as I'm standing here the close a probation is looming over planet earth even as it loomed over end the movie and no as day. Surely as I stand here. I like to do history and I was going over a presentation on the the last the twenty four hours. The first twenty four hours past Pearl Harbor. Probably not an American that doesn't know what Pearl Harbor me is it was that sneak attack by the Japanese Empire the Empire of Japan on an unsuspecting United States of America first twenty four hours of Franklin D. Roosevelt actions within twenty four hours. Who would be standing before Congress asking for a declaration of war and sort of four days of what it cost them to have a declaration of war for Will one it would take one hour. But behind the scenes Franklin D. Roosevelt was very frightened. And he said to some of these in most people how unprepared. America was Hitler had two hundred combat ready brigades battalions Japan had one hundred the taggants combat ready. The United States. And one of the Roosevelt was afraid that the Empire of the east. Would roll on to San Francisco and it would take us all the way it would take us on to being able to stop them at Chicago. They were unprepared. This is the day of probation is going to close. Will we be prepared to take this camp meeting time to prepare your hearts for what is coming. Verse eleven a chapter twenty two he who is unjust let him be unjust what he was filthy let him be filthy and he was righteous let him be righteous and He who is holy. Let him be holy and be hote I am coming quickly verse seventeen and the spirit and the bride say what come. It's not only the Holy Spirit alone is the Holy Spirit working through his church. That's what we had on Locke revelation. That's all going to be talking all week about plans for the future but we need to double down like never before we need to double our efforts we need to make the sacrifices we need to make to move the work of God and let people know once again don't pick up the snake. It's not just the spirit it's the spirit and the bride that says. Come come let him who is thirsty. Whoever desires let him take the water of life freely my appeal to you on this opening night of camp meeting is make a new commitment to be part of the bride of Christ that does not simply go to church and sit in the pew on. Not trying to be unkind or not. Don't be the kind of Adventists that just simply returned your tie as important as that is as important as church attendances my appeal to you as a bride of Christ is to join with the Spirit of God and let your voice your actions your life be used to make that appeal become this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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