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Sabbath School #1



  • June 11, 2016
    9:30 AM


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Father in heaven. We're so grateful for this time now in the study of scripture and we pray that as we study divine and lighting meant would be given us by the Spirit of God Lord this is no ordinary book and we are not sufficient to handle it. So we pray that you would speak to us give us wisdom in this humility and reveal yourself to us through your word we ask in Jesus name Amen. All right Matthew. I'm going to ask you to turn to Matthew chapter twenty three. Matthew chapter twenty three and the first few verses a few verses read like this. Then Jesus spoke to the multitude and to His disciples saying the scribes and the Farriss sit in Moses seat. Therefore whatever they tell you to observe that observe and do but do not do according to their works for they say and do not do. Now here he's laying the groundwork for what he's about to do and he goes through a succession of woes woe to you. Pharaoh sees hypocrites on a variety of different areas. Does he pronounce these woes and ultimately Jesus is here teaching for the last day in a temple. So the setting is very important. But the directness of his speech is something that we can't pass over I wonder if one of our panelists could give us some insight as to why you think Jesus is being so direct in this particular instance would like to begin. All right. Vickey Thank you. I was reviewing this this morning. And as a former catholic this chapter just jumped out at me. Gee this isn't just speaking to them. He's going through the stream of time and there are two things that I think are very important here. First of all he sees through the stream of time that many these. Very same priests are going to be converted at Pentecost and that that brings hope. And that gives clarity to the reason that he's doing this but also there he is addressing the taproot of a pagan system here and in every one of those eight wos there is a doctrinal error that is the root system of Catholicism. So the ecclesiastical authority call no one father priestly power Let he who is greatest be your servant keys of the kingdom. Jesus said you take away the key of knowledge and the keys the words of life the Word of God is the key of knowledge tradition versus the word verses sixteen through eighteen righteousness by faith and obedience by faith verse twenty three lawlessness verse twenty eight worship of saints relics and indulgences verse twenty eight and long prayers. The claim of a regular confession verse fourteen so in this chapter in particular I see Jesus looking through the stream of time helping us to deeply address the false system that is going to cause misery and defeat an agony in the lives of so many in our Catholic friends need to understand and these this is a launching place for deep study in these areas name in Israel. I think it's important for us to understand here. Jesus is getting ready to you know die on the cross and the price that Christ paid for sin is the greatest price anyone could ever pay. I mean he paid his eternal life for our eternal life and so I think of there's anything that this text shows us is how seriously Jesus takes the salvation of humanity. He doesn't want people to mess with the Salvation of Souls and what Jesus is expressing here is that when he has paid such a great or when he's about to pay such a great and hefty price for the salvation of an of an individual it's important for the church. Church and for church leaders to take this responsibility seriously. Jesus says look I paid with my own life and he says don't dare take these souls that I've labored for that I've died for and treat them casually don't make them worse than when they first came to you first to lead them to salvation. Don't make them worse after they've met you. Than before. They've met you and over and over and over again. Jesus is addressing this very same thing I've paid the salvation. I paid for the salvation of these souls. I've been trusted them to you and it is your responsibility to make sure the U.S. system in the work of leading them to the place where they get a clear picture of who God is and who Jesus is instead of a warped one and so this is why I think that Jesus speaks so strongly East beaking strong against people who are messing up with the work that Jesus himself is doing. You know the the passage says whoa to you. Scribes and Pharisees over and over but if you look at the first verse. This is then Jesus spoke to. The multitude and to his disciples so it wasn't just speaking to the Pharisees there was something in here he was also wanting them all to stay here as well I think yet then yes when as you as you have missions when you look at verses one through twelve he's talking to the Malta two into disciples and the reason why he's very direct with them is that he's showing the condition of the people and as you go through NIS eight wos you will see that he were referred to the affairs he's in the scribes as blind guy or blind fools or blind and the reason is that is that even Paul lucid aromas shifted to verse nineteen where he says that you were supposed to be the guy for the blind Gentiles where yet they feel that in a duty. So here he's speaking to the multitude and making sure they understand that they cannot be like them that we are supposed to be guiding the people to the truth as. Israel has mentioned the truth of salvation the truth of the Gospel here as we even go further from verse thirteen he would tell them that look you are hired righteousness from the people which is the righteousness of the grace of God in Jesus Christ and His salvation. So he just warning them not to continue in the same path. Yeah I was just you mentioned like verse one through twelve addresses the people but he's addressing the people about leadership. And then verse thirteen so the first twelve versus goes to the people about their leaders and then specifically he goes directly to the leaders in the next twenty seven versus the rest of the chapter and I believe the reason he's addressing this is already been touching a little bit is that people and this is no different today put a lot more confidence in their leaders and they should these these people were so influenced they had such a blind trust in their leadership that Jesus himself was unable to have the impact that he needed to have on their understanding of truth and so in fact up to this point in his ministry and this is right before the cross. Had he denounced as the a ship like this. He probably lost a lot more of a following. Because of that you know at this point they had seen his working and now there are questions in their minds and I think his strong denunciation was to try to prepare them for what he saw coming. That they didn't see coming. So that they wouldn't be shaken when when he saw those leaders completely abandon him to the cross of Calvary. You know I think about many times I've preached series of evangelist meetings and. Somebody will come under conviction about some truth that's new to them the Sabbath is a perfect example. And it will be just resoundingly in their hearts and then to see the clarity of it it makes perfect sense and then all of a sudden you see a bit of perplexity some cognitive. Dissonance going on in their head and then they talk to you afterwards and say you know it makes sense but Pastor Bob. He's my pastor he's he's such a godly man. I mean if anybody would know this it would be my past and then they start thinking about the people on T.V. and others that they have have trust in and put confidence in and it creates a major problem. That's why faithfulness of leadership is so important. That's why God holds to a higher level of accountability leadership because there is a desire a natural desire and a natural way of things where you should have confidence in your leadership but they have to gain that confidence through the were and through their faithfulness to the word and so we can run in the same trap here. Which brings me to another question. You know whenever I sit in a Sabbath school and I visit churches around the conference. Nobody likes the Pharisees. I mean nobody thinks they're a fair city. Nobody wants to be a fair city we run from the fair seas. We talk about the other fair seas. I mean everybody is upset at the fair say it all attitude that other people have and we are sure that if there's one thing we don't want to be. It's a fair city. So why are we even reading this chapter. What do you think should we just skip over Chapter twenty three since none of us are Ferris's. Or is there anything at all that we can glean from these eight woes on the fairest season that we should apply and be careful of and cautious of in our own lives here in the seventh heaven church part of the remnant church here at the end of time. How should we apply these passages to our own lives and to the church. It's it's interesting to me how over and over. Along with those woes the words that keep coming up which repetition is the way in which the Bible emphasizes the importance of a point over and over again you find words like fool's line etc etc And as I was reading this passage. There is another verse that came to mind and it's found in the Book of Revelation. Revelation Chapter three. And in Revelation Chapter three Jesus speaking to the church of latest And he says in verse seventeen because you say I am rich have become wealthy and have need of nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable or line and naked he says I offer you to buy of me gold tried in the fire etc If there is a definition of foolishness to me it's a person who does not understand the condition that there are in. Even rich people have need of something. And here you have a rich church that has need of nothing you have a church that is completely self deceived you have a church that doesn't understand the reality of what's going on. I look at this church as an unseen church and a church that is foolish people that are coolish and it says that this church and lay to see it's it is a blind church. And so as often as we and as much as we hate the fair sea's I think it's important for us to understand how much of that Ferris The spirit is in each one of us. I mean if it hadn't been Jesus would have come by now. And so I think that more than anything. Matthew chapter twenty three. It speaks. Yes it's speaks about the people out there it's speaks about you know the ministers out there. It speaks about the church the churches and the people out there but it also speaks about us. It speaks about me. It speaks about us individually people who are in the church of late as. Before your next comment let's just look at verse sixteen because we've had a couple references to it but I want you to see it right from the scripture. Woe to you blind guys who say whoever swears by the temple it is nothing but whoever swears by the goal of the temple he is obliged to perform it fools and blind for which is greater the gold or the Temple that sanctifies the gold. So this is the passage has been referenced where Jesus refers to his verities as blind guides and as being fools. And then in verse twenty four twenty five. It also says again blind and in verse twenty six blind over and over. We have lived in it and just to follow up with past Ramos. We have to have this is a reality that the church play to see as our condition. And you know when you look at the issue of the blindness at effect in the book of Matthew the book the word line is mentioned twenty four times the mose out of all the gospels and remember when Matthew is right. He's writing to the Jewish people. So this is why we have to realize that look even though we believe a seven day Ivan is that we're God's people though we know what the what you have to realize that we are in this condition of lukewarmness. And so we have to realize that we can't escape. And I'm just going to read a quote from desire of ages. And she says many follow in the track of the Pharisees. They revere those who have died for their free if they wonder at the blindness of the Jews in rejecting Christ had we live in his day they declare we would gladly have received his teaching we would never have been partake in the guilt of those who reject the Savior. But when obedience to God requires self-denial and humiliation these very persons trifle their convictions and refuse obedience. Thus they manifest as seen Spirit. As did the fairer season Christ condemned. So if we don't practice self-denial and we're not humble to the teachings of Christ. We're just like that. So we there's no escape. So here Jesus that's why when you look at Matthew chapter twenty three is really applying to God's people today. All right. Yeah I don't know it's interesting to me anytime we talk about the fairest sees the common understanding with the ferrous he is very sees did too much and to be a fair a see is the one that the guy has affairs is one who goes over the top in what he does you get to do less to be balanced or whatever we want to. We're going to use but Jesus says right here in the very first part the scribes and Pharisees sit involves a seat. Therefore whatever they tell you to observe that observant do but do not according to their works for they say and do not do. So Jesus here actually says if you don't want to be a fair say you need to do more not less is not right. That's what he's saying and what's interesting to me about that is is the fairest sees like it says in verse fourteen. They pay for pretense they make long prayers. They go to widows houses in other places like readings in the marketplace all their works are done to be seen of men the fairy sees religion was a religion that was to try to help other people know that they were spiritual But what's interesting about the Ferus He says their obedience was not a full obedience it was a partial Bean's they obeyed in the in eyes in the mint in the in the cumin when they when they made these pay these ties because in their estimation are I guess in the cusp in the culture that they are in that made them appear religious so they did things that made them appear religious but they left out the essential things and I'm going to get real practical here for a moment but it's kind of like the difference between Sabbath worship service and prayer meeting Sabbath were. Swerve service is required. I mean you can't be good evidence that you've got to go to church right. You've got to show up at church or a prayer meeting is optional in the mind of a lot of people and so your permanent attendance isn't quite what the Church attendance is and that's why Ellen White says it's an indicator of the true spirituality of the church as is the pulse to the body. She says that the permitting attendance is like a pulse to the body and if a church only has a few It's like the body is dying right at very low polls. Why is why is that an indicator because it's an indicator of what a person really spiritually values right. You've got to be their affairs he's did what you had to do what everybody could see but when it came to real spirituality. They left it out. That was a little close to home after Cameron said this morning we're going to have that kind of stuff here. You know a bit. Is it possible to share something else. And yes it OK just just so you know when you look at the teachings of Curry's he always well teach people about salvation. And also when you accept salvation you modify your behavior and when you look at it when you look at this chapter is dealing with the behavior of the Jews. And what we what we have to think is that the condition that we are in right now is that we we want to hear about Jesus want to hear about salvation we're going to come to modify behavior rely OK don't talk about this. And so if we if Jesus was speaking these eight was right. Now we feel comfortable hearing about our behavior. You know and that's where we have to realize that is not just only accepting salvation is also living a life reflecting Jesus Christ in a daily basis. I'm so grateful comfortable. Amen. That means the convicting power of God The Bible says pray to your father in secret and your father would see it end. That's not just that the second coming. It's the character change that comes when we just are broken before Conrad and at the core of our being. We know that we need him and we look at his greatness and we nag to find that we are nothing like that and then I share a little passage from steps to Christ's speaking about the way that Jesus communicated directly. This is Jesus did not suppress one word of truth but he uttered it always in love he exercised the greatest tact and thoughtful kind attention in his intercourse with the people he was never rude never needlessly spoke a severe word never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul he did not censure human weakness. He spoke the truth but always in love he denounced hypocrisy. That's what he's doing right here in Matthew twenty three right. He denounced hypocrisy unbelief in iniquity but tears were in his voice as he uttered his scathing rebukes he wept over Jerusalem the city he loved which were spews to receive him the way the truth and the life and in this very passage. This is where she's referencing because here's denouncing the hypocrisy. But then look at verse thirty seven of chapter twenty three and what do we find all of Jerusalem Jerusalem. The one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her. How often I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you are not willing here Jesus reveals his true heart that even though these are some of the sternest statements you will find him make in all of Scripture in chapter twenty three right after that you read this passage where he reveals that the only reason he's doing this is because he has a long he has your. To gather under his wings so to speak the very leaders that he's speaking to he wants to save them. His her. Art is burden for them and we should never come at people in a way that seeks to model ourselves after Matthew twenty three unless we're able to also understand our heart is patterned after the end of Matthew twenty three in the desire to see the salvation of souls. So I'm so thankful for that passage and helping us to know the true heart of Jesus. While like to move on to Matthew twenty four and we're very familiar with Matthew twenty four as the great signs of The End chapter and here we see some awful realities in Matthew chapter twenty four it speaks of in verse six wars and rumors of wars. It's Oxon verse seven against nation rise against nation kingdom against kingdom. It speaks of famines pestilences earthquakes. It talks about love growing cold and lawlessness abounding and many many very fearful things but what encouragement. Can the church who is alive at the end of time gain from these signs is there anything in this passage in Matthew twenty four diverse fourteen that we can get encouragement from. Vicki do you have anything to say. I've tried to be really quiet to get my time I've been waiting for this. Carry on. I have been especially noting in this chapter that lifestyle implications of what is called Margin lists living. No Boundaries as a core of end time unpreparedness how many of you want to wake up in the morning with the desire to fail everything on your list. No nobody wants to do that. Nobody wants to be unprepared. But without margins in our life. We're failing and so know that some of the. Verses look at the cost. Let's look at the causes and Matthew twenty four seven and thirty seven and thirty eight eating drinking did not know as it was in the days of Noah they did not know verse forty three. If the pit master had known. Verse forty four an hour when you do not expect forty nine eating and drinking with the drunkards fifty is not looking is not aware compare with Luke twenty one thirty four weighted down with surfacing gluttony drunkenness and the cares of this life and it took them unawares. How have we transition from such strong warnings to being so clueless absolutely clueless I believe there are three reasons and I believe there's a solution. How many of you like the solution. One of the reasons. I think we're overbusy over but over scheduled at about to snap. It is fitting for a society with urgency at as it's to have tranquilizers as its addiction. We're in the age of envy and discontent and the era of hyper living. We are just skimming the surface of life. We've got to simplify it's time to de clutter. Paradoxical as it may seem that even though progress gives us more leisure the leisure is not leisure early. It is jammed with multitasking actions and expectations watching T.V. while surfing the net while checking e-mail while eating a hamburger while listening to the phone ring while conversing with the family. I have caught myself way too many times on the way home from work. To go home and work some more checking emails at a red light. This is wrong. So here. Here it here. Here is the situation. We've got to simplify our lives type one type D. distressed it's time to declare it's time to simplify our lives and it is time to receive quadruple bypass we've got a bypass Pizza Hut bypass Arby's bypass Dunkin Donuts bypass McDonald's going to read a quote to finish my little section here I've been vying for. When the laws of nature sent to this it's speaking to my heart which is why I am sharing with you. Twenty years of bully media and years and years of battling appetite of all kinds. When the laws of nature are disregarded the most ennobling grand and glorious themes of God's word seem but idle tales Satan can then easily snatch away the good See that has been sown in the heart for the soul is a no con condition to comprehend or understand. Sure. I can't see and posted on Facebook with an inspirational quote but friends the superficial students will be lost. It is thus that selfish health destroying indulgences are counteracting the influence of the message which is to prepare a people for the Great Day of God not us soul whose life is one of self careless self degradation through transgression of physical laws will stand. In that great day of trial before us. There's a terrible account to be rendered by those who have but little regard for the human body and treat it ruthlessly true religion and the laws of health go hand in hand. God doesn't want us to live under a label he wants us to have a life. He wants us to be free on the inside and as our brother was speaking this morning of missions I thought of the selfish indulgences that I still again. When I could be putting money into God's work may God help me so that I can speak clarity and truth in this issue. Amen. I'm so grateful that even though we have lots of warnings here in Matthew twenty three and twenty four about being prepared and ready for the end that any time you hear a warning. It's evidence that there's still hope. And we're grateful in a Seventh Day Adventist Church to have a wonderful message of health. That is for the very purpose of her helping us to be prepared for the end. So thank you for reminding us of that. You did answer that about two of my questions early but I'll forgive you. I want to come back to verses one. I know you're excited and it was really good. It was really good. Especially that quadruple bypass specially having that was a line to keep for the rest of the day now versus one to fourteen all of these and you can go beyond his fourteen but I want to know specifically what encouragement. Can we draw from these signs of The End Is there anything in here that we who are alive the end can draw from this. My favorite part of that passage is in verse six this is and you will hear of wars and rumors of wars and then that next sentence is so powerful see that you are not troubled It says for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet you know usually when in my home when a warning was given it was because trouble was ahead and i wasn't it wasn't meant to be an encouragement and so I'm glad here that when Jesus is talking about what it's going to be taking place in the future. He's telling that to us for the purpose of us being able to experience peace in a time of trouble and I find this to be very very encouraging that every time something happens in this world and we are tempted to focus on that thing. Jesus say no no no no I'm telling you this ahead of time so that you remember that these things will not try. Well you know they won't trouble you because you understand the fact that although these things are taking place. Jesus is always stronger than the devil and this is one. This is in Jesus prophesies and that this he's given as an example of this very fact he's telling us the future before it takes place. He's trying to point us to his supernatural ability and power. The fact that God is all powerful should be something that encourages us. Because it should give us a clear understanding that no matter what takes place in this world. It's simply a fulfillment of what Jesus has already said and he's already provided an answer for that. And so he says. When wars begin to take place when all these famines begin to take place when the world begins to crumble. He says Don't let these things to trouble you. They're just simply a fulfillment of something that I've already said and they are simply a problem that I've already answered. You know anybody else on the panel and I like to pick. I like Israel's point I was just reading in desire it is about the crucifixion and how Jesus was perfectly calm that whole process. And I think in light of what Israel saying about the prophecy. When the apostle Paul was told by the prophet Agabus your memory came round up his hands with a leather belt he said the man who owns this belt is going to be found. This way in Jerusalem and some people have said all that means the Holy Spirit told Paul not to go to Jerusalem. That's not what he told he just told him what was going to happen to him when he got there so that Paul could have that perfect trust and Jesus wasn't spared from the cross. Yet he had that perfect trust and that's what we're seeing here is Jesus for telling what's coming. So that when we see these kind of things we know A My father has this thing in control. He's told me before he knows everything is going to happen. And he's promised victory. The mind thinks the mouth moves. And the man goes I'm for us to speak what we know instead of what we feel to dig deep in the Word of God because we're promised that those who place themselves under God's control. To be led and guided by him will catch the steady trend of events ordained by him to take place. We don't have to live in fear we can have a wellspring of joy. Because our faith is not grounded in circumstances and people and places and things. It's placed in God and when we have him. We have everything we need. I want I do want to share like in verse three when the in Matthew twenty four says not as he sat on the Mount of Olives the disciples came to Him privately saying Tell us. When will these things be and what will be to sign of your coming and the end of the age and what I like by the you see the opposite of what happened in Matthew twenty three where you had people who are had this image his outward appearance that he knew God but yet you had the disciples who really wanted to know who was at the feet of Jesus Christ and wanted to know what will be your sign of your coming. You can see the desire of his his disciple and I believe that as Christians as ever the Ivan is we should have a desire to know these signs and we hear it all the time in different events with invention the sick meetings all the different signs but we have to understand that in this chapter the destiny of of souls depend on the content of this chapter. And just to read a quote here from our gospel work as she says the twenty fourth chapter of Matthew is presented to me again and again as something that is to be brought to the attention of all we are today. Living in the time weather prediction of this chapter are fulfilling let our ministers and teachers explain these prophecies to those whom they instruct let them leave out of their discourse is meant as a. Of minor consequence and present the choose that that will decide the destiny of souls. So this is how this chapter the content of this chapter needs to be preached again and again this should be our desire and matter of fact she also says to teachers charge the teachers in our schools to prepare the students for what is coming upon the world. Not only for our of those who are young people need to know what's happening and we see things all the time it prophecies being fulfilled right and not television. And yet our young people don't know. So here disses why it's so important to study just chapter. Thank you. That was that was very well said and you know this passage with all of its signs. We all know from sharing this with friends or you hear it in evangelist meetings that these are things that have happened for years and years and years but in Matthew twenty four it very clearly states that these are the beginning of sorrows or birth pains. So we need to understand the frequency and intensity of these signs is only going to grow our young people need to understand the frequency is only going to grow and we need to know that all that just means that the end is near them. When we first believed in Jesus is in control and if there's one thing as evangelism corner that really makes me thankful. It's verse fourteen. It says this gospel the kingdom will be there to get those two words will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come. We have that encouragement that the work that we are carrying out will be completed and we're grateful for that. Now immediately after this comes a whole section of instruction and many of you have studied into this and understand that there were many who heard Jesus instruction who lived in Jerusalem who were saved because they obeyed his instruction in verses fifteen and I. One word where he speaks about the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in a holy place and he even says it even says whoever reads let him understand then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. Let him who is on the housetop not go down to take anything out of his house etc verse twenty that great sabotages and pray to your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath. How are these pieces of instruction that were so helpful in those days. How do they help us who are living here at the end of time. Does this work now. Pray that your flight be not in the winter wonderful book by Emily Andreassen addresses. We understand why not to run somewhere on in the wintertime it's in Michigan. It's very cold in the way people drive but what about on the Sabbath day. That's that creates a question in our minds and I love it and I love what interests and says that for those who cherish those sacred hours they are loathe to lose the comfort. That sacred precious time and have anything else cluttering their minds like fleeing for their lives and that really brings it home to me. Practically today. So we're going to church then going to Chili's for lunch is not a model that I want to follow and it's happening. And so let's cherish these hours of the Sabbath do I really want to start out on my vacation during the Sabbath hours. Do I want to go out eating and engaging in commerce during the Sabbath hours. What does the Sabbath really mean to me it's sacred time. One of things that comes to my mind if you do a study in the scripture on that word abominations and God always warn people about the BOM and nations of the nations it was their idolatrous practices. Those practices separate them from God and lead them to be prey to the enemy and that's exactly if you if you read into the situation you may remember it it is really P. Your right before they crossed into the Promised Land when King bailiwick wanted to get bail on the prophet to curse Israel and a bale and couldn't do it. You remember that. And so bam came up with an idea bade them realizes realize that he could get the people of God caught up into the idolatrous practices of the world it would separate them from God and make them open prey to the enemy and I think that this abomination of desolation is that without going into great detail I asked. Daniel these guys would answer because they look at the clock and said well it's going to take longer really get in all of it but the general gist of it. I think is the worldliness that is sweeping through that's basically you're just touching on it is leaving us open prey to the enemy. We have time to go ahead. Matthew actually the instruction for me the instruction that Jesus give his disciples begins a little bit before the verse fifteen and you address in verse fourteen I think you can pull it all the way up to verse thirteen it says but he who endures to the end shall be see. And this gospel the king will reach into all the world and then he goes on with the rest of the instruction. First of all what I love about Jesus is that he always instructs us on what we need to do for that specific time and other words he gives us clear instructions on how it is that we're to respond in every moment of our lives whether they're happy moments or troublesome moments as it is here in Matthew twenty four and I love how we start he's going to tell us to do all these other things but he gives us here a very foundational and fundamental principle that I think it's important for us when it comes to following and obeying God It says the first command the first and. Command is the command of a Durance endure in a time of coldness and during a time of trouble endure in a time of tribulation this this foundation of enduring is something that Jesus is driving home. We cannot do everything else if we don't have this ability to endure and so Jesus says it's important for us to endure until the end he says look you're going to have ups and downs are going to go to crazy times but the issue here is not so much how you perform in each individual task but the fact that you endure all the way until the end and it says here are the promises that he that endures into the end the same shall be saved. How is it that we can endure into the end there a verse fourteen tells us the Gospel of the kingdom will be preached into all the world and so when ever we are tempted to focus on what is taking place in this world. It is simply an indication of the fact that we are focusing on what is taking place in the world instead of on the command that Jesus is given to us. And this should be a test for us in our individual lives. If we're worried about who's going to become the next president of the United States. If we are worried about when the next earthquake is going to hit California. If we're worried about when the next big fire is going to crawl up from Florida all the way to Michigan and then that simply means that we're not following and taking heed to the command that he's given us in verse fourteen to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom to the entire world and so I think when we focus on the commands that Jesus is giving us from fifteen onward. It must be after or on top of the foundation that he's given to us to endure and to preach and you think you think you haven't gotten your miracle in durance is a miracle. It's a miracle in a brown wrapper. You know the flesh is a sparkler but the spirit is an investor. And if God is giving you the strength to endure. That's a miracle and we can thank god for that every day. Just to. Back of us Romas here when you look at again when you look at this chapter where where we wanted to be obedient to Gaza struction you see the disciples asked the question what will be to signs and Jesus in another account in the book of Luke Chapter twenty one where he's talked about the same account that he says look when you see the bomb a nation of desolation that's going to take place when the Roman army says he is in his armies will come then you know it is time to flee to the mountains. Now the question is were they obedient. Yes they were beating and that's the that's the issue here when you look at what God has shared with us. He says Look just be obedient to My Words. So when you see certain signs know the it's time to prepare because the coming of Jesus coming soon. So is the same application for us today. There are things that are happening in this world today that we see certain science and so I'm just going to read a quote here from the testimonies. She says here in testimony of on a five page for a fifty one. It says by did the creed of enforcing the institution of the papacy in violation of the law of God our nation would disconnect herself fully from righteousness where promising to Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the Gulf to grasp the has a Roman power which she shall reach over the biz to collapse hands with spiritual as spiritualism when under the influence of the three four units of our country shall repudiate every principle of its constitution as a Protestant and a Republican government as shall make provision for the propagation of people Falls was it delusions. Then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of seats in and the end is near as she goes further as the approach. Of the Roman armies was a sign to the disciples of the pendant destruction of Jerusalem. So all made this apostasy be a sign to us that the limit of God for Barents is reached folks have we've been seeing that lately. Folks this is what I'm sharing with you here is that this is being fulfilled right in front of our eyes she said it is the same that said place here at the bottom a nation of desolation. So are we ready. Are we a pain attention to the signs as so this is what Jesus is saying that when you see these things know that it's coming. Well we are living in perilous times but we're so grateful that we have this promise and I'd like to wrap up our panel with this. Matthew twenty four and verse twenty nine. Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened in the moon will not give its light the stars will fall from heaven in the powers of the heavens will be shaken then a sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and He will send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet. And they will gather together his elect from the four winds from one end of heaven. To the other Could you imagine being the disciples hearing Jesus for the first time. Describe that that is what is going to happen. We today are nearer than they were and based on that conclusion that Pastor Daniel has shared I believe that we all understand that it's time for us to watch and pray and be ready to meet Jesus in peace. Let's close this study portion before our final Sabbath school feature. We're going to close the study portion with a word of prayer. Father in heaven. Thank you so much for the blessing of your word. Thank you for this Sabbath school quarterly on the on the book of Matthew and this particular week where we've studied. The last days in the signs of the last days. We pray that the warnings that the encouragement. That the calmness of Jesus words might resonate in our hearts and might help us to ready ourselves for his soon appearing bless each person here Lord that the Spirit of God would give them the power and strength they need for victory in each of our lives we pray in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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