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Young Adult Sabbath School #1 - Panel Discussion

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • June 11, 2016
    9:30 AM


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Directly Father we thank you so much for this beautiful Sabbath Day Sunshine this opportunity for us to all be together. We pray now that as we open your word that you would send your Holy Spirit to be with us to guide us that we would hear the word has to say to us today. Father that we might also put that into practice and ask all of these things the name of Jesus for His sake stop by turning to Matthew twenty four. Matthew Chapter twenty four and will read together from verse one to eight. So starting with Kieron if you could. Let's take two verses on an autumn. Matthew twenty four one two eight when Jesus went out and departed from the temple and his disciples came up to show Him the buildings of the temple and Jesus said to them. Do you mark see all these things. Assuredly I say unto you. My one stone shall be left here upon the. Now as he sat on the Mount of Olives the disciples came to Him privately saying. Tell us when will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age and Jesus answered and said to them take it that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name saying I am the crisis and they will lead many astray and you will hear of wars and rumors of war see that you are not alarmed for this must take place but the end is not yet for a nation will rise against nation and kingdom against King. And there will be famines pestilences and earthquakes in various places all these are the beginning of sorrows. All right let's pause there now for those of you who looked at the lesson study guide you know this is one of the chapters that we were talking about but it's not the only one and I don't leave any of you have this experience you know you're going to study guide and you know like how do these thoughts connect. What does have to twenty three have to do a chapter twenty. Was murky just a rambling on and and why did the study put these together like what. What do you see did you see or do you see any connections in looking at the study now not just this chapter like how does this relate to the other stuff. Actually that's exactly what I thought in the lessons I read Chapter twenty three and then twenty four and I was like twenty three seems to have nothing to do with twenty four and you know we always jump to twenty four and look at the end time and then send the signs and Jesus coming in the structure of Jerusalem. But then when I was reading through Chapter twenty three. It's just by while you very see this and will be VERY see that it's just like all of the just kind of really strong that Jesus is giving to the various he's in all the chapter twenty three. Ironically this is the last address Jesus has to the Pharisees before his crucifixion or I should say before they plot to kill him. So this is kind of like his final word to the bears and when you get through the whole of the chapter twenty three. It just sounds very very dismal until you get to first thirty seven and when you get to three thirty seven. It's almost all in twenty three was the other twenty three verse of thirty seven Jesus tone almost makes a one hundred eighty. You know he's been saying all these most of the terraces but then when you hear Jesus in almost this this tone of the Lamb meant that he's weeping over Jerusalem and he says oh Jerusalem Jerusalem. The one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her. How often I want to gather your children together as a hymn gathers her chicks under her wings but you are not willing see your houses left to you. Desolate and and then he says you won't see me again until you save us. And he that comes in the name of what I thought was interesting because this this conversation of Jesus talking to the charities and then he says your house is left he desolate and immediately I thought back to two chapters previously in Matthew twenty one and Matthew twenty. One Jesus uses a very similar phrase. He's just been cleansing the temple and in twenty one thirteen. He says that is easiest and you know driving out the money changers at the temple and he says it is written my how shall we call the House of Prayer. You have made a den of these in chapter twenty one Jesus refers to it as my house his abode which is the temple but then in chapter twenty three. He says this is your house my presence doesn't belong here anymore. You have rejected me and because you have rejected me this is no longer my house. This is your house and it doesn't and then now you can just imagine for you know these disciples they're listening like what does this mean. And they don't really get get it and they walk out of the temple Jesus walks out I think it's very interesting when you see a language that's here. Jesus walks out of the temple I think it's not only literally Jesus walks out but in a very figure like sense he's leaving them to their own devices you rejected me I'm walking out of the temple and when he walks out of this temple at the disciples in Martin twenty four yet again twenty four one and my dad explains a little bit more about the disciples a look look at the beautiful buildings in the stones and and he says like did you not read it. This is no longer my house the disciples put so much focus on the temple that was their identity that was who they were as a Jewish nation everything was the temple and so when they hear about the temple destruction that must be the end of the world for them and so the Immediately you're like well with the temples gone that means we're gone too. And so then they start asking Jesus these questions like OK so when is this going to happen. So then Jesus starts mixing these two things together the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the world just to help it make it a little bit less frightening I guess for the disciples to hear it but their whole identity is the temple the temple and so with the temple gone now. They don't know what to think. What you're saying is that twenty four starts twenty four of us one starts with Jesus leaving the temple and this is connected to the conversation he's been having with the Pharisees the something but the A missing something in what Jesus has been trying to say and that's exactly what I wanted to jump off of I think in looking at wit what Jesus is saying in Matthew chapter twenty three twenty four they're focused on the temple as we're leaving it there not focusing on what the purpose of the temple was the focusing on the external beauty of what the Second Temple was and really that's exactly what she says is blasting all the way through Chapter twenty three and saying this is the problem but the fairy cities have specifically look at verse five and he says but all their works they do to be seen by men they make twenty five. Yes all their works. They do to be seen by and then they make their full actor he's brought in a large in their borders of their garments they love the best places at least in the in the best seats in the synagogues. Greetings in the marketplaces and to be called by men. Rabbi Rabbi. But you do not be called rabbi for one is your teacher the Christ and you are all brother and do not call anyone on earth father for one is your father he who is in heaven and do not be called teacher is your teacher the Christ but He who is greatest among you shall be your servant and whoever exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted and so that's just kind of even the introduction to then when Jesus go the his blessing of the seven times he gives them seven different woes and when you really look at each and every single one of them. He's saying you're doing this action but it's not conforming with what should really be on the inside. You're going and you're making a process like you're going you're doing about someone to Judaism but just to be a pool keeper without the heart of the religion just like you are like a tomb you're whitewashed you're beautiful. The outside but inside you you know you're a dirty cut washed the outside of the cup the inside. It's still nasty if that the gunk from your breakfast left over to wash the inside of the cup. You know here the fairies are focused on the externals rather than taking on the internal and this is even that looks like the condition that the disciples themselves are getting and that's what Jesus is trying to warn them away from us away from here. Looks like you know something. So I mean in the first words. It with me so that Jesus spoke in the twenty three. Chapter twenty three or so on the one wanting to access to these crops and Pharisees sit in most to see it therefore whatever they tell you to observe that observe and do but do not do according to their works for they say in the to do so. He's attacking We now are we in such danger today. I mean you know hypocrisy. We all consider that we are not hypocrites we all like Jim increased and that's what we think. But what happens if someone is a hypocrite. What is the danger of being a hypocrite. Now I ran a half marathon Force time like four years ago and I was running with my running buddies and we practice and I was like really was the last watermelon left quarter last quarter mile I'm actually and then people were cheating. It was in the downtown Detroit with all the building so and I saw two people that I know they looked at me as suffering and one of them laughed at me and that person had really a movie close like this really fancy shoes and jacket seemed like a programmer and I thought this broad is looking at me and laughing what's the point of me. Dom and I was just dying to live and then when I was like you know stop being my few friends couple of them on the other side they had this Cobell it's a ridiculous. The ringing the cover of the show to run Corey or rather they were screaming and I had no idea where that energy came from. I just got the shot of energy and then I kept running to the finish line on Iran. You see those people ran if something so they know the pain of last quarter mile but live from talking to this other person who laughed at me that person never ran a race like the race that the person ran was a four hundred mile race in a high school. That's nothing compared to that the ones you see when we experience them and when we go back to Jesus and ask for that forgiveness of them when we go back to them for healing. We know the pain of a fellow Sim if we are hypocrites. We actually destroy them. That's the problem. So that's what you see so angry you first of all you don't go to have you don't accept my greatest but you're destroying all these people are coming. You're putting too much lot of them. You see I think we have so much and so what you're saying is not only do the scribes and Pharisees have a problem themselves but their problem actually becomes a problem by the people they saw through it it hinders the faith of those who are trying to run the race and it actually like and discard of them. OK so a claim back to to this connection. Seems the same the connection between twenty three and twenty four is the spoke a son externals and the scribes and Pharisees had a focus on the wrong thing on externals and the disciples seem to be inheriting that same problem into twenty four. OK Let's let's keep reading. We stop at verse eight. Let's read Let's read a huge chunk here. I know most of us have read Matthew twenty four before but it never hurts to read the Bible. Amen. Looks like you're going to read the whole time. Yes the summer in verse nine do three verses each until I say we quit for now I'll start because I want to read to verse nine Jesus says then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations for my name sake and then shall Many be offended and shall be trained one another and shall hate one another and many false prophets shall rise and fall deceive many tall because the lawless lawlessness will lead mom the love of many will grow cold but he who shall be sued and discussable of the kingdom will be preached in all the will as a witness to all the nations on them and will come. Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place. Whoever reads let him understand then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. Let him who is on the house top not go down to take anything out of his house and let the one who is in the field not turn back to take his cloak and the last full women who are pregnant and for those who are nursing infants in those days. Pray that your flight may not be in the winter or on a Sabbath for then there will be great tribulation such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time. No nor ever shall be and unless those days were shortened no flesh would be saved but for the elect sake those days will be short. Then if anyone says to you Look here is the Christ for there do not believe it. Well there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders. Insomuch that if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect Behold I have told you before the twenty six. Wherefore if they shall say unto you. Behold He is in the desert go not Forth behold you use in the secret chambers believe it. Not. For as much for as the lightning comes from the east. I'm flashest of the worst so also will be the coming of the Son of Man be for whoever the carcass or wherever the carcass is is that there are the eagles will be gathered together. Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be dark and the movement of the light. The stars will fall from heaven and the powers of the heaven will be shake him in the Senate the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven and then all the chives of the earth will mourn and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven of power and great glory and He will send his angels with a great sound of the jump it and they will gather together his election the four winds from one of the heaven to the other now in this parable from the fig tree when its branch has already become tender and puts forth please. You know that summer is near so also when you see all these things you know that he is near at the very gates Truly I say to you This generation will not pass away until all these things take place heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away. Right. This Pozner So we start with a perception problem and autumn you brought this out when you made your first team is that that Jesus starts mingling this conversation about what will happen to the end of at the end of the world with what will happen at the end of Jerusalem's opulence I guess you know its brilliance and so he goes into this thing. Now I want to to discuss if we could because I think this is relevant to my personal life and hopefully to somebody else's what we just read. He's talking about the end of the time when Jesus comes back and he says verse thirty four verily I say unto you. This generation shall not pass because all these things before both heaven and that's all pass away but my watch will not pass away. Paul is no longer alive wasn't even a disciple that. Peter died. So it seems like the generation passed and Jesus hasn't come back yet. Dot dot dot. You know this is and to say something. This is this is really interesting because there's a tearing time between the time that Jesus ascends and sells his disciples something very interesting the disciples at the ascension were standing there many of them went back to their daily and they weren't really about their father's business but he told them to do something he said to Occupy till I come. He says Why do you stand here. You stand here all day idle and so we have to ask ourselves the question What is it. What is it that we need to do in the tearing time. What is it that God requires us to do our waiting because many times we lose a sense of urgency but I think that there is really something interesting a very important that he refers to Daniel before we come to Daniel because because I would like to go there. That's another big one for me on to bring us back to my question before you bring us. What do we do with the fact that Jesus then first thirty five. Heaven and earth shall pass away but my was on are possibly which means that my what I'm telling you right now will happen before heaven and earth possibly like this is push or for sure. And yet here we are and Peter died a long time. It's a long time but what do we do with that. Did Jesus live with the confused. So I think the Sabbath school lesson brought this out a little bit in the specific way that he uses generation here in the first act and it talks about generation not terms of as we think of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers and well. Kneels this generation but this type of group of people and I think even if we go back to chapter twenty three we see that what he's talking about because in person in prayers thirty five and thirty six. I think will help bring the full of understanding that have to twenty three thirty five and thirty six. Yes that I have you may come all the righteous blood shed on Earth from the blood of righteous able to the blood of Zechariah the son of their so he's talking to the various whom you murdered between the temple and the altar assuredly I say to you all these things will come upon this generation. So he's saying that the things that you did to those prophets are going to come upon people who are like this that I've just been blasting through these you know seven woes. In verse thirty five the blood of righteous Abel the scribes and Pharisees are not the ones who slew table but they are the type of person who would slay and so generation is a type of person. Exactly. And so that when you go back to chapter twenty four and your various and various thirty four assuredly I say to you This generation will know me pass away till all these things take place. It's that same generation of people who are slain righteous able to are slaying all of the other prophets. That's going to keep on going until the very end of the time then I think enter Study Bible and it says that here in regard to this race. It says also in Matthew the expression this generation is always a negative verdict by Jesus and those who are rejecting him. It looks like Slim porn which is completely and I also want to always agree with you and I also want to stress that you know the original question why Jesus is answering all these things when this is the destruction of this temple. So he is not only of receiving the destruction of the temple of but time talking about the second coming of Jesus Christ is mixing both of them together it's a deal prophecy. So. If you think about the destruction of Jerusalem temple forty years after Jesus was adept the temple was actually destroyed and looking at this prophecy all the Christians actually figured out that this is the time that we should leave the temple of the sea in their Ana when they were saying it so it just wasn't actually lying or he didn't say something that is not true but in fact it is if you will promise him also. He's showing that this type of generation will you know saw the book. OK And you bring us to what Julie what I thought Julian from talking about like this this destruction of Jerusalem. We want to go there and yeah I'm going to look at that very as you can begin to talk about the abomination of desolation. I think it's very much. Then we get to verse fifteen through twenty will really start talking start release picks up with the abomination of desolation verse fifteen and it takes us on into what that means through verse twenty eight we can raise start there. So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by prayer by the prophet Daniel standing in the holy place. Let the reader understand. Very interesting I think that right after following that he tells them how to be properly prepared for an event that they would they would have been familiar with having then students of the word having known the Scriptures referring to Daniel was now beginning to take their minds from what their their little you know they were focused on their present situation in the present threats to broadening their horizon broadening broadening their their view of what the bigger threat really was and how to be properly prepared for the not not just physically prepared but to be properly prepared in heart for for what's to come in the abomination of desolation because there. Not when we're told in great controversy that there was not one christian that died in the structure of Jerusalem. So they need to have have an understanding of what it was to be properly prepared to know not just the physical outward signs but the signs that were being revealed around them and more importantly was their heart really prepared and you know if we look at you know if we can go here and now but if we go down to verse. Some of the signs about if the if you say that the false Christ being innocent in a secret chamber is that verse thirty thirty six twenty six while we have people to think verse twenty six. Writes. OK So he says See I have told you before hand. So it so if you see if they say to you Look he is in the wilderness do not go out if they say look he is in the inner rooms do not believe it in the King James says if he says in the secret chambers going out there is a very interesting statement if you go back to Isaiah Chapter twenty six. If we can go to go there with a Quick as a twenty six verses twenty and twenty one. And if somebody wants to read them. We get were gets there. I could be did I say twenty six twenty and twenty one. Come my people into the into the chambers and shut the doors about the hide myself as it were for a little moment until the indignation be over the past will behold the Lord come up out of it. He is pleased to punish the inhabitants of the yet for the iniquity the also shall disclose her blood and shall no book have a history in it you know you see the language here that the prophet is saying come into the chambers and enter in Jesus saying that if there if they say to you that I'm in the secret chambers go not there but however there's a there is a place of print. Section that we can be in coming in understanding that's why I believe it is interesting. They says understand. Coming in understand we're Daniel saying standing in the holy place. Understanding the judgment gives us. I think our understanding as a church and as a people of the judgment gives us a certain surety and security of what's to come as a pertains to the destruction of the world. The second coming and if I could just read the statement really quick on this is from Bible commentaries or actually review unheralded number nineteen thousand nine hundred eighty says when tempted to send Let us remember that Jesus is pleading for us in the heavenly sanctuary. When we put away our sins and come to Him in faith. He takes our names on his lips and presents them to his father saying I have graven them upon the palms of my hands. I know them by name and the command goes forth to the angels to protect them. Then in the day of fierce trial he will say Come my people call twenty six answer that I chambers and shut my doors about the high self as it were for a little moment and so the indignation be over passed and then she asked the question she says. What are the chambers in which they are to hide. And then she says they are the protection of Christ and and holy angels the people of God are not at this time all in one place they are in different companies and in all parts of the earth and they will be tried singly not in groups. Everyone must stand the test for himself that that that introduces the dismal aspect that I recall growing up in the church with is juices coming through. And it's Gary think for me it was a scary thing for him was a scary thing for me I guess I grew up in the church and how do we. How do we not be scared. Jesus coming back because it's it seems like there's an element of terror to it especially when it's not about judgment kind of thing not be scared something that's really helped me understand I think what the Bible teaches about judgment is actually in the court system itself. And so I work not just in parts but I also do criminal law and so in criminal law there are special provisions where if you're a first time offender and you're caught with drugs or if you're a young person who's over seventeen. But you're under twenty one and in some circumstances a little bit older would want to get into that there are provisions made for you in the law where if you follow the probation period and you're successful in the probation period. The charges against you are completely dismissed there are a string your record it's as if you had never committed that crime. But in order for you to a bail yourself of that opportunity you have to plead guilty. You can't go to trial and say oh I'm not guilty. I'm not guilty. The jury finds you guilty of that. OK I want that special probation. It doesn't work like that you have to come and you have to admit yes I did wrong with this the judge put on a special probation with a special provision officer they work with you. They the pride your services to get you out of whatever circumstances led you to make that court decision and then at the end you have that review before the judge where he looks at what is it that you've done since you came before me and said I'm guilty but I gave you this gift of the special programming and if they were successful completely forget then and that taught me a lot about our own walk to you know there is a first step in all of this we like to focus a lot on the investigative judgment that period that we as ADD to snow we're living in right now but that there's something that comes before that and that's OUR OWN admission of guilt. You know before we can even worry about the investigative judgment. We came to a point where we came to the board. And we said I know that I'm a sinner and I need you because the. Wages of sin is death but I admit that guilt on my own part and I'm availing myself of your blood. I'm running into that changer. And as a result of that God gives us all of the things that we need in order to be successful. During our probation period to be successful and in the end that investigative judgment if we've been faithful if we've seen the way the Lord has been working in our lives those changes that have been happening. We have nothing to worry about we should be excited because we know that God is going to say yes I know that you took me up on the gift that I have given you and so that same gift that's given in terms of saving us that's also what sanctified us and that's why we should have no fear. You know at the time of this hour of judgment before we go to Iran. I I resonate with what you're saying because I want to believe it because it's hopeful but aren't we. Diminishing the ality of the urgency of the times by you know like I'm missing the point that Jesus is coming soon. And this is I mean this is serious stuff like that defines it one thing like it's almost like you're just trying to make people feel nice and that's you know I mean Jesus is coming. Yeah. So I used to be scared of the two I was terrified of Jesus coming because what is my motivation even what about my sins. So I'm motivated by fear is coming and he's going to get me so I have to show some part of my righteousness because it says we have to be ready is coming. So then automatically I think in my my own have to be perfect. I had to how much this power for graciousness no Normand of my righteousness stands in from the gun. It is a free gift of Jesus that makes me able to stand in front of second Sometimes we have more to we are but who are. I'm going to get a medal at the end of the race or I'm going to get crowned with stars. Actually we don't because I live to it is actually in the gift of God That's one. Takeover crowns and then throw in front of Jesus and we proceed in from the so what should I be motivated. The only motivation I should have is the lone Jesus Christ. If I put spend my time with Jesus everyday and have this personal connection with him how this deep friendship it's like a long distance relationship. I'll be longing for him to come when he's coming I don't care how we look if I'm going to visit my mother she doesn't get away. Look. Well I'm forever skinny or my clothes are really contemporary or she doesn't kid that's exactly how Jesus is going to be him. So my part of being ready is to love. It's a slick in those days the love in many people's hearts grows cold stay faithful to the end what human being faithful It means he wants us to exhibit but low that no one can have in those who continue to love your enemies continue to show them what Christ is because God allow not the humans but the love is the strongest force for people to turn back to God they not be motivated by fear or or consequences or or desire for reward but be motivated by love by love. That's that's that's what makes it not scary you know the thoughts being that and we were discussing this last night you know Jesus relates himself to a chicken and I just was like How do you know why does it is that I mean how scary can a chicken be right. He's like I want it to be that those wings that coverage you I wanted you to be like checks that I could just gather you under my rings and just hold you close to myself and keep you warm and protected. That does not sound scary you know that sounds very comforting and I think the whole concept of the judgment is his wings are we under you know for under the wings of the most high. We don't have anything to fear and I think going to the. Back to this race and Julian was talking about and I say a twenty six easy. He's inviting people to come into his chamber and he says when you come to the chamber hide yourself as it were for a little moment until the intonation is passing stay inside the chamber because the chambers where it's safe and then it says her behold the Lord comes out of his place. So God is going to come out of the chamber to do his judgment as long as you're in the chamber with him. You have nothing to fear because his protection is going to be holding over you to keep you in that secure men go ahead and then we're going to be again. So I also want to talk about this book of Judges right. I mean every time it's relates make a mistake. God senseful it's time. Some of the cause problems and then there is and when the God sends a judge. I mean if if i'm I had a speeding ticket and I'm in a firm the judge I don't know why but it is scary thing right. If a judge is coming in front of you to judge you. You expect the worst but but it's not what the book of Judge Destructo book every time a judge came deliberated Israel from right then the piece was there for twenty years forty years fifty. So we should expect that this judge who is kind and loving who give his life for those coming back. We shouldn't be what we should be actually happy that he's going to liberate us from our sins. So this kind of ties with I think started this this train of thinking that the judge is actually there to help you out but it starts with an admission of guilt that means now I can't help you because you know what you're being honest about what the situation is and then the judge comes actually deliberate and as long as you stick with the judge you'll be OK That's let's keep you healthy. Can I just reverse that. OK And then I keep reading that in Micah seven as a favor of a verse. In this topic of judgment Micah seven versus eight and nine. It says Rejoice not against me or mine and I mean when I fall I shall arise when I sit in darkness the Lord shall be a light unto me I will bear the indignation of the Lord because I have sinned against him until he pleaded my cause and execute judgment for me he will bring me forth to the light and I shall behold His righteousness. This is a really fitting and then verse promise for us to consider when men talking about this is let's go back to Matthew twenty four and we ended on this thirty five with his heaven and earth pass away but my Was shall not possibly thirty six says but all of that day and hour no with no man no not the angels of heaven but my father owned me on my purse to address the thing of time setting of knowing when Jesus is coming and we started losing to the tarrying time thing. Now how many of you guys grew up in an Adventist a significant number. How many of you guys had the experience I had this experience when I was in grade school. I thought there is no way I'm going to graduate high school before Jesus comes in and have that experience. One man. OK two I went to maybe I went to too many prophecy seminars. They literally had one every every quarter at my church back home every quarter that a prophet seminar in the put that image up there and they'll say we are living in the to be towed you know Jews it was not just the told that to be tell those like you know the nail right at the edge of the nail and then they all have been growing any longer than Jews is coming now. And so maybe this is not a relevant question because nobody had a problem. Well for me it was I never thought I was going to finish high school before Jesus came and then yeah two thousand came remember remember Y2K and everybody was like why do K. think. Computers are going to crash. P.S. I'm from Zimbabwe like we had no problem with Y2K But the like. Planes are going to crash we're like we'll be OK We have things just wanted to but this thing of Jesus is coming soon. And the time setting you know because when we see the prophecy fulfilling we read some of the prophecies earthquakes happening in Tigris places and now we've had literally planes dropping out of the sky. You know and disappearing and you can't even find anything of them. We got pestilences the virus like all this crazy stuff. How do you not say there is no way Jesus is coming before I have kids or there's no way Jesus is coming before you know like there's no way I will have kids before just comes where there is no way I'm going to have to pay off my student loans before Jesus comes. How do you how do you not. How do you how do you not. How do you not get into that I mean I want to remember the story of a life. So a lot went up to the king and then said You're not going to have a ring for three and a half years and then he went back to the world a mass and he was waiting at the group right up and then just go does it feel now King King's wife is from is as real as she is the Bible God worship worship and their captors as this is crazy. You're asking me to go to Israel and they're going to kill me with that we can go there. Is this meticulous think we're the boldness of God. He's the king of the universe is it anything too hard for him to protect He sends him to visit Israel in the middle of all the ball or shippers and priest and everything and he protects him in the house of that we don't know who doesn't have money no protection for those men you see that's the promise that I always come down so no matter what happens even wires or whatever the wires so we all turn into zombies I don't care but as long as I'm in connection with God he's going to take care of me because I don't trust in my ability to protect myself but God's ability and his willingness to protect the guard who started this thing in me so if I take my I saw for that promise and then look at all the others just like people took off ice from Jesus when he's walking on the water. I would fall. So you know time and time again something big happens a new pope got elected. Everybody goes I'm crazy. I'm Facebook like this is the pope he's this with my Jesuit Yeah I've been saying in political terms. So where is my focus isn't on the pope or Jesus. So it's actually true for us. Like where do we put like commies on Jesus nothing matters. I think your question is how can we not time when we have all these listed things but I think the Bible is very clear about why Jesus is giving us these things like we said. Chapter twenty four Ever study six. But at that day an hour. No one knows not even the angels of heaven but my father only we fast forward past the crucifixion past the resurrection to Acts chapter one that's one and X. Factor one verse six. If the disciples again. Jesus is about to go up to heaven. They say. The end of the end of verse six LORD Will you at this time restore the kingdom of Israel and he said to them it is not for you to know times or seasons which the father has put in his own authority but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all to day and see Mariya and the end of the earth and that's interesting. When we go back to Matthew chapter twenty four. The only clear definitive sign like the specific specific sign that Jesus will at the end will come is in Matthew twenty four verse fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations and then the end will come. So Jesus the reason he's giving us all of these other things that there's going to be pestilences and that there's going to be wars that there's going to be earthquakes. It's not so much to tell us when he is coming to tell us that he is coming. It's to remind us that this world is not our home that this is not a final place resting place for us that we have something that we're looking forward to but while we're looking forward to it. We're not supposed to be divine. Like you know there's no way we're going to last two more years on this earth which we hear people say all the time and that four years later here we are you know and that's not to diminish the urgency and the reality of the soon coming of Jesus but our focus isn't supposed to be trying to figure out how much time is left our focus is to be finishing that task but Jesus has given us. I think there's a a double digits for this that when ditches. I believe Jesus is coming like tomorrow so therefore I don't know how to prep for the future because Jesus is coming now that's that's one side the other side is we've had wars and pestilences for ever and so therefore you know I believe Jesus is coming but they just always happen so you become that skeptic who's not really sure whether he's coming or not and I think one thing that we have to always keep in mind and through out this. Chapter twenty four Jesus stating this over and over of preparedness because heaven comes the tiny take your last breath and we don't know when that's going to be it. We don't have to look forward to the of that some of us will be privileged to be alive and Jesus comes and many of us will not and so the decision that we have to make to be ready for Jesus comes comes every single day because the end of the time could come for me tomorrow pass away I don't know that and you see Jesus when he's talking to the disciples you know like how we even started this whole conversation this morning is that you know the disciples and the Pharisees were so focused on the extra Annals and he said like this is not about the externals this is about your heart and when he's going through this whole chapter of twenty four. He's weaving in very so vivid descriptions of the end but the focus is not on all of these descriptions to the end it's so that we can know by Amy said that the end is coming. We have to be prepared and so Jesus wants to leave and we haven't even gotten to the last two parables of the chapter yet has that's really where the punch line is of Jesus saying we have to be ready because we don't know when he's me. We need to get to the punch line right off. OK really quick. I just thought of this tell is is telling us to just speaking about this and thinking about the urgency it really makes me think of a church member of ours my husband pastors two churches and in our smaller church. The oldest member of our church passed away a little over a week ago and he was ninety six years old and probably a week before his death. Another one of the elders went to go visit him and he was relating back to the church what that visit was and and the old man said his name was Don he said you know I really thought that I would see Jesus coming you know I thought that I wasn't going to die before Jesus was here but I'm going to see him soon anyway so he died with that assurance knowing that his second coming. Was Coming Soon he thought it was a going to be in the former. Closing his eyes but he knows that he is ready to see Jesus when he's there. So that's the issue of prepared as I was prepared to see Jesus becomes in the clouds this afternoon or are we prepared if we have to close our eyes and this afternoon. Either way it's just a second coming. Let's let's let's go to the punch line. Let's go back to Matthew twenty four twenty four. I think I had a St verse I read verse thirty six. Let's read to the end of the Chapter two verses each of us thirty seven. Let's start with you. Kid on and around the city where I was the base of no or so. Also for the coming of the Son of man for as in the days before the flood. There were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day with no one to the ark and did not know until the flood came and took them all away so Aso with the coming of the Son of Man be then two men will be in the field one will be taken the other that was forty one two women shall be grinding at the mill the one shall be taken and the other left Watch therefore for you know not where our Lord Death come. But know this that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into you therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming out now or you do not expect Who then is a faithful and wise servant who his Lord has made rule over his household to give the meat in due season unless it is that servant whom his lord when he come of self and so doing assuredly I say to you that he will make him ruler or all his goods but if the evil servants is in his heart my master is doing his coming and begins to beat his fellow servants and to eat and drink with the drunkards the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him and at an hour that he has not aware of it and shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion. With the hypocrites. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. We start in verse thirty seven as the days of no worse so shall also the coming of the Son of man. Do you think that that there's similarity between the days of Noah right now I'm thinking I didn't ask this question yesterday. If there's silence that's why. But as the days of Noah and today like what we see in the news headlines similarities the first thing is how many years you know I preach. It's a front runner and twenty years he's saying the end is coming the end is coming is going to be a lot you can imagine probably within maybe the first two years people like what we've got to be ready if this is happening. But what about your fifty seven or your one hundred I did this crazy Manson preaching this for all these years. Right. This is not happening and and then after one hundred twenty years they finally see the fulfillment of what he's preached about for so long but it was coming and I think that we've come to a point where you know we've been preaching Jesus coming for so long that people do get that skeptical attitude those plays out. I'm just always talking about the Jesus is coming soon. But you know he's not we don't see the sign of his coming yet and I think that same skeptical attitude. We need to be careful of in the church do we really believe Jesus is coming. Are we living every moment right now. HUNT day to day light like raising earlier when is the coming and I come it comes for me and for you at different times depending on how long we live our really skeptical like those people in the days or are we believing living our lives as if she says you know if we with you that if we're skeptical if we are skeptical but even further even worse are we see for scoffer. Become complacent believe it or not we're actually a fulfillment of prophet fulfillment of scripture. That if we are scoffers that were fulfillment of the words of Peter the whole the last days scoffers shall come saying where is the promise of a coming and so one of the things we're admonished by John and by many of the Apostle says so in the words of the end. Jesus says that those that endure to the end the same gushed shall be saved and so I think oftentimes Yes we see not only the world but the church becoming impatient with what we see happening in the world and forgetting. In that time and not being patient in looking at the signs and checking ourselves checking myself and saying am I am I becoming complacent am I just looking at these things and saying yeah this is happening but you know I still got to get a plan to get my degree I got a plan to make that money so I get a plan to get married on all these things and just kind of putting it off and becoming skeptical and even worse off. You know what. And then and then can you can just just to put it out there we were talking about people being skeptical or scoffing I would like if someone could address getting discouraged because I mean this is being skeptical like yeah you always say that and that is they scoff in these crazy people. But how about the people who took Matthew twenty four fourteen seriously and they went canvassing from door to door in the hot Michigan sun and and they were running from one door to the other because Jesus is coming soon and then for Amy it was almost ten years ago that she did that it's been a decade. I'm not aging her. I am but it's been at all of the decade since you had that experience because this is coming soon. And so the cost must go to every single person. How how how how do you avoid discouragement. It's kept skepticism scoffing Yes I'll talk to the. We're trying to be people as well and it can potentially get discouraging I just threw that out there. I'm not going to talk about this crazy one but you know the people in the Times of know when we think about them. We always think about evil people these monsters that immoral people but if you. I mean you know why talks about them too. They were scientific at the time there was no rain. If used to be the do you that used to make the earth went so when he was talking about this event I was like This is interesting. So they come. Soledad all the scientific people and then they came up with the conclusion. We haven't seen this in the Natural Law know within the nature we can observe this phenomena. So this cannot be true. So they didn't believe today also. You see the scientific and technology advancement is so much. It actually takes your feet away from God because we don't we. How Belleville scope and all the other telescopes and we see through the galaxies and allow we don't see God anywhere or we can say we don't see how human could have been created it could have come from an evolutionary journey so where is the point of God so we could argue because we do not see them the natural law. So we reject God just like the people of the know. So that's something that I wanted to highlight and I don't want to address that with just at very short statement here. Thompson is a Bible scholar who writes commentaries and he says he addresses the issue of discouragement with Jesus is delayed coming he says every temptation that you successfully resist every obligation that you faithfully fulfill every child to which you patiently submit every step that you advance in the career of godliness and virtue every victory that you achieve over the devil the world and the flesh by that faith and patience which characterizes the saints of God upon earth. Well put a lock to your no. In your song of praise and add another Jim to your crown of righteousness and glory in heaven Seeing then that your continual state here on earth is conducive to your everlasting benefit let yourselves be cast down and I think if we can constantly remember that everything that we go through might his going to make heaven that much more so that much sweeter and that much more just the reward that we waited for they don't make the journey and the delay that we go through here a little better and a little easier because we know God is going to make heaven that much more special. And I think also I don't have the pole on me but it's in the chapter the life work in the book education as she is describing the purpose of the life work for service for taking the gospel to the end of the earth. She talks about how many times we focus on why we want Jesus to come again we're tired and says and earthquakes and wars and sickness and losing loved ones and things like that but she says how selfish that is for us to be thinking badly because how much more does God want the second coming to happen. How much more is he longing to be reunited with us how much more has sinned hurt him Jesus had to give up everything in order to come and redeem us from our sins he took on the burden of also and believers and unbelievers alike in order to give us that opportunity and so I think yes we can get discouraged but think about when when we're tempted to do that we're focusing on ourselves and that's never we're supposed to be doing. We should be focusing on the other people or reaching out and focusing on God and thinking about what does that mean to him and you know earlier on him said that Jesus compares himself to a chicken and we look at that you know so even in here looking at the end of time. Chapter twenty three of Matthew verse thirty seven Jerusalem Jerusalem. The one who kills the prophets and stones those who sent or said to her. How often I wanted to gather your children together as the head gathers her chicks under her wings but you are not willing. That's what jesus want. He wants to be able to gather us together. He wants to be able to come back. It's not it's something that should be encouraging us to think that he too is longing for that and also cannot wait for the second lesson. You know that reminds me of I heard a sermon by Mark Foley once and he said you know every At the end of the day we come to God and say OK you know my day was like this. And thank you for helping me through it and he said how many times do we go to God and say God How was your date is I come in times we ask God how how do you make it through the day and sometimes it's like you know I had to see an innocent baby lose its life in an unjust sic a circumstance. You know and I and I watched had. I stood by as as all this horrible stuff happened and God is experiencing this like all the grief of the world every single day all the time. He said How often do we pause and think God How was your day. And what would that change if we were not just focusing on I want my sorrow to end. But what about God sorrow. What about how God feels and it might be what you think about love like love being the motivation of likes to focus on those last who are coming to the coals because the time those last verses was fifty the lot of that servant is talking about the servant who the Terry the tearing time and he. You know beats up his fellow servants and goes crazy with safety the lot of that seven shall come in a day when he look at not for him and in an hour when he is not aware of and shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. It's a very dismal and how do we not in the Sabbath school study on a dismal no time I just actually thinking about and I think a few verses right before that help me on a very positive note. Has he said this is in verse forty five twenty four who then is. They funnel Weiser at him his master made ruler over his household to give him food in due season placid is that servant in his master when he comes will find so doing assuredly I say to you that he will make you will or over all his goods and I've asked myself the question we talked about delay. How can we hasten Jesus' return and and I think it goes back to what any said the only thing that's really certain in heaven. Jesus will come is Matthew twenty four fourteen and this gospel the kingdom of all the world then the end will come and I think it's up to us to be that kind of people who says I want to hasten Jesus coming by sharing his lap to the world because we know when that gospel has gone to the whole world there is the assurance that Jesus will come. So we have to be so doing well and we have a couple minutes. So you know I think about this. I was like you know weeping and gnashing of teeth but I also realize that whether we are good or evil. We all are children of God so it doesn't make him happy to see one office children go away. So this time is actually an opportunity for us to make Jesus one person happy one more child happy. How do I do that by living the life that had given to me abundantly lived a life with full of joy happiness bring joy and goodness into this world show everybody the reason for you and then win them to Christ by doing that one child at a time one like you know like the little chick at the time we have saving we're bringing them under. Luis of Jesus and Doc butts should be that like you know when I was the time changes when I have an extra I want to sleep because of the sleep. We should catch up on the children. Then. There was a state. You know they were saying. That was it. I just read this morning as I was thinking back over this. And see if I can remember where which one it was I think was this last one. Our high calling our high calling one fourteen paragraph three it says the light reflected from the cross of Calvary will humble every proud thought those who seek God with all the heart and accept the great salvation offered then will open the door of the heart to Jesus. They will cease to ascribe glory to themselves they will not pride themselves on their requirements or take credit to themselves for their capabilities but will regard all their talents as God's gifts to be used to His glory every intellects every intellectual ability they will regard as precious only as it can be used in the service of Christ. You know I think we're all we all have been given talents. We've all been given different skills in different trades different gifts and he needs us all to put it you know be all and for him and you know you think of I think of James Chapter five it says that the husband or the farmer he's looking at he's waiting for the precious fruit of the earth to come to maturity and those are those are the tell us what are we doing with our time because instead of being so wound up in anxious about the time and so worried about what side of my going to be on am I going to be you know this is something to consider but consider consider what am I doing with my time and you know every day. Have I have I properly have I taken opportunities to share in my in my active in sharing cry. Just with others of my doing events and do I have that person that I've been having an ongoing conversation with are maybe using my profession in law or as a teacher or whatever it might be to make inroads for that individual salvation and so I just I just think that it's really important that we consider some of those thoughts that you know bring it home. We have a wide array of professions represented here. Everything from law to education. How scientific we've been have a farmer up here which is awesome. Many panels have you seen with the farmer. This is really cool but whatever our profession is whatever line of work were in God means all of us. Amen. God doesn't just need the people who are paid from the tide Don't you know who work. You know twenty four seven. You know knocking on doors God needs scientists who will go into the places of work and say you know what it's like the days of Noah but I'm one scientist who says there is a cot in men that God needs. Health professionals. He needs he needs armors he needs prosecuting attorneys who will show the love of Jesus as they send bad people to jail and pray that they get converted in there he needs all of us right. Amen. And that and just just to just to tie up what we started with who started with that the focus of the disciples was off. They their focus was off just like the focus of the Farriss was off. They were focused on external and then disciples come and they get focused on externals the temple not realizing that the glory of the temple was right in their midst. Jesus right. And then we come down to our time and. Majority of our conversation has been about our focus. Jesus is coming soon. But where is the focus is it on Jesus is coming or is it on Jesus is coming soon. Where is our focus. What what what consumes our time. And if we're focused on Jesus of we're hiding in him. If we were if we're focused on the one who is judging in our favor. Then we have nothing to fear for today. Moreover it gives us the responsibility to go tell somebody that you don't have to be frayed either because even when people don't know Jesus is coming back. People are afraid right. The world is a very fearful place even even without the coming of Jesus the world is a fearful place and we can tell them you can hide in Jesus and you can find security and safety and amen. I have to make an appeal. How many of you here want to say I want my focus to be Christ so much so that I'm sewing growth in Jesus that I want to share him with others. I want that I want that to be my life if that's you been with and have a word of prayer. Let's pray a loving father. We've seen the hands that went up not for show because we're not about externals It's not about who saw us put our hand up but in our heart of hearts we want to say that our lives should be focused on you. We want Christ to be all in all to us when we see the signs fulfilling around us help us to lift up our heads to focus on you. Realizing that our redemption draws might help us to prepare others for your soon return as well so that when you come in the clouds of glory one board chick as Kieron put it one more chick will be under your wins. We pray these things and I mean in this media was brought to you by audiophiles. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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