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Young Adult Sabbath School #2 - Panel Discussion

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • June 18, 2016
    9:30 AM


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Well in Father God or we thank you for your goodness we thank you for your blessings. We're here we are the second Sabbath of Kant meeting seems as if it's just by far this morning we have gathered those we love you. We gather because we want to be a blessing to others and we want to receive a blessing from you but above all Father we want that you would be glorified in our lives. So when I lift up our Sabbath school panel lift up those that are here who are may all that is that in the in the to your glory and honor for this is our prayer in Jesus excited about our Sabbath school panel this morning we met last night just to to go over what I was thoughts about the lesson this past week and it was a real blessing so we're praying that the Holy Spirit will guide us as we discuss the lesson as that the same way we discuss it last night. Maybe with a with some new points coming out to start off. I'll have everybody introduce themselves can say will say what your name is first and last and what you do for life not the serial like what you do in life. I had my say on this one. OK. My name is seeker and I work with the public campus ministry department first and ask any secret Doc Oh I'm getting used to my last name. It's a new one on me and I work in the public campus mystery department and my name is out of us women and teacher but I'm currently going back to school. My name is on Marcus Peters and I'm a mechanical engineer. And he was in the right sorry. When every school in Korea and I'm a biomedical research of this I feel like a let's have a what have. Prayer to start doing. I just pray that the end I miss this morning when you were in the Holy Spirit. I jacked our conversation back in mining of your way to make a fortune here last year. Knowing that we have a deeper relationship with you because the time was telling me I did to start off. We're going to read scripture this morning. So turn in your Bibles to Matthew Matthew chapter twenty six. Matthew twenty six. We're going to read the whole chapter and the challenge in my talents you so early in the money is not to zone out by reading the entire chapter. So maybe let's take a by viruses each one who just got us off and we'll go OK. Twenty six minutes. Matthew twenty six study of us one more we came to pass when Jesus had finished all these things that he said to his disciples you know that after two days is the Passover and the Son of Man will be delivered to the word up to be crucified and the chief priests the scribes and the elders of the people assembled in the palace of the high priest who was called High foes and started to take Jesus by trickery and to kill and kill him. But they said not during the feast lest there be an uproar among the people and when Jesus was in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper a woman came to him having an alabaster Lask very costly break and she poured it on his head and as he said it. But when. His disciples saw it they were saying this week or this regular oil might have been sold for much. And given to them or when Jesus was aware of it he said to wipe your trouble the woman or she has done a good work for you have the poor always with you but you have not always found that if she have point. This went on my body. She did it for my burial. There only a C.N.C. you were so over this Gospel shall be preached in the whole world. There shall also this that this woman have done be told for a memorial of her then one of the twelve called Judas Iscariot went on to the chief priest and said unto them. What will you give me and I will deliver him on to you and they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of so. So from that time he saw an opportunity to betray him now on the first day of the feast of the eleven bread the disciples came to Jesus saying to him. Where do you want us to prepare for you to eat the Passover and he said Go into the city to a certain man and say to him. The teacher says My time is at hand. I will keep the Passover at your house with my disciples. So the disciples did as Jesus had directed them and they prepared the Passover when evening had come. He sat down with the twelve twenty one and as they did eat. He said to you that one of you shall train me and they were exceeding sorrowful and began every one of them to say unto Him Lord is it I and he answered and said he that dip of his hand with me in the dish the same shall be train me the Son of Man go with it as it is written of him but while on to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed. It had been good for that man if he had not been born then Judas which betrayed him answered and said Is it I he said unto him now has a. Well sortie says and has there were eating uses to correct blast and broke it and gave it to the disciples and said Take this is my body then he took up the cup and give things and gave it to them saying drink from it all of you but this is my blood of the new one which he said for many people that emotional scenes but I say unto you say to you. I believe this food of wine from no on until the day the day when I drink it. New with you in my Father's kingdom. And when they had sung to him. They went out into the Among the hollows and Jesus said TO THEM ALL of you will be made to stumble because of me. This is right for it is written. I will strike the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered. But after I have been raised. I will go before you to Galilee. Peter answered and said to him even if all are made to stumble because of you I will never be moved as Jesus said to him. Assuredly I say to you that this night before the rooster crows you will deny three. Peter said to him even if I have to die with you I will not to marry you. And so said that I was thirty six then come of Jesus with them to a place called at summoning and said unto the disciples sixteen year while I go and pray yonder and he took with him. Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and began to be very sorrowful and very heavy then safety on to them. My soul was exceeding so awful even unto death. Terry eat here and watch with me and he went a little farther and fell on his face and prayed saying oh my father. If it be possible. Let the Skull Pass running. Nevertheless not as I will but as wilt and he cometh unto disciples and find them asleep and so appear. What could you not watch with me one hour watching pray less you enter into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak. Again a second time he went away and prayed saying oh my father is. This cup cannot pass from me unless I drink it. Your will be done and he came and found them asleep again for their eyes were heavy so he left them and went away again and prayed the third time saying the same words then he came to his disciples and said to them. He is still sleeping and resting the whole the hour is at hand. The son of man is being betrayed into the hands of rise. Let us be going behold he is at hand of thoughts betray me. And while he had spake Lo Judas one of the twelve came and with him a great multitude with swords and stays on the chief priests and elders of the people. Now he that betrayed him gave them a sign saying Whosoever I shall kiss the same is he hold him fast and forthwith he came to Jesus and said Hail master and kissed him and Jesus said unto him friend with for our thou come in came day and laid hands on Jesus and took him and some only one of those who were with Jesus stretched out his hand and drew his sword struck with one of the high priests and cut off easy for Jesus said to him put your sword in its place for all who take the sword by the sword or do you think that I cannot Mowbray to my father and he will provide me more than twelve. How then can the Scriptures be fulfilled this that it must happen those in the power Jesus said to the multitude. Have you come out as against a robber with swords and clubs to take me I said and I said daily with you. Teaching in the temple and you did not see them but all this was done the scriptures of the prophets might be and all the disciples force him. But first and those who had laid hold of Jesus led him away to Chi FIS the high priest where the scribes and the elders were but Peter followed him at a distance. The high priests court and he went and sat with the servants to see that and now the chief priests elders and all the council testimony against Jesus to prove to put him to death. Even though many false witnesses came forward. They found that at last to false witnesses came forward and said that this fellow said I'm able to destroy the temple of God and to bill it in three days and the high priests are rolls and sent to him and sourced on nothing. What is it with which these witnesses against him but Jesus held his peace and the high priest answered and said unto him I had joined the by the living God that they'll tell us whether that be the Christ the Son of gone. Jesus seven to him of all has said. Nevertheless I say unto you here after shall you see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of Power and coming in the clouds of heaven for sixty five then the High Priest rentis close saying he had spoken blasphemy. What further need it. Have we of witnesses behold. Now you have heard of his blasphemy. What do you think they answered and said he is deserving of death then they spat in his face and beat him and other struck him with the palms of their hands saying prophesied to us. Christ who is the one who stopped. Now Peter sat outside in the courtyard and a servant girl came to him saying You also were with Jesus of Galilee. But he denied it before them all saying I do not know what yours seventy one and when he was gone out into the porch and mother made saw him and said unto them that were there this fellow was also a Jesus of Nazareth and again he denied with an oath. I do not know the man and after a while came unto him. They that stood by and said to Peter surely now also are one of them what i Speech be ready at the then began he to curse and to swear saying I know not the man and immediately because crude. And Peter remembered the word of Jesus which said unto him before the cop Crow shall deny me thrice and he went out and went but it meant that we should read through the entire chapter has been if at the end of the day we don't have anything to say they heard the word of God and somebody is going to leave blessed Amen amen. But let's get started. This is a heavy chapter a really solemn and of a somber one. But let's start all the way at the beginning. The First let's let's actually start with this what the story of the woman with the alabaster box in verse six. Jesus was in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper and the comes a woman. Having an alabaster box now I'm just going to open it up for discussion. What what about this woman and her experience with Jesus struck you as you were studying this week it was the anything that that you say well I never saw it that way or it struck in a new way about this woman's experience of Christ. This is my favorite story in the Bible. You know like when I was reading the story. OK she came in and she brought him and then poured it on him. Of course is X. and so it expands her as much as one merely religious and all that. Why does Jesus have to say as long as this Gospel is preached the beauty of this woman will remember what is so significant the borders and you know when we read this word of prophecy. When we analyze how we realized that Jesus had been very lonely. He came in for certain purposes. He came in here to die and to give us salvation the disciples He was telling them again and. You smell this proof you know and this perfume reminded him of the low and the free. This woman who upon his word she understood him even though she knew what she was doing. That's the way this work is of great significance and I realize sometimes how many chances do I had to show my appreciation and how many movies like the all of the five like Simon was there I think you know when you join the church at least when crisis forgiven you. But your Savior and you join the church it's it's very easy to be misunderstood. Right. Yours unless you want to show your love for God and even this in this experience you know the disciples were indignant at her for what she was doing but even sometimes in a very mundane task but she could be misunderstood that we see in this case that Mary was actually fulfilling prophecy and some seventy three recall when Jesus says prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies don't want us my head with oil and so she may not have known that but even in this very simple task. She was doing something that even Jesus said would be me a memorial which we're reading about it today but also had prophetic implications and justice shows I'll say the lowest of the low to fulfill prophecy and so I think we could take some courage from that that you know we too could play a part in a scheme them whether we are of great stature or even a little stature. The thing I really like about Mary's story here is you know Jesus has just completed three and a half years of ministry and if he could count the number of people that he knows he has impacted you know he knows he's impacted people along the way but now he knows he's being crucified at the very people he came to minister to and to reach out to are plotting to kill him and you can imagine in Jesus's last final days leading up to that crucifixion. Not that he is necessarily wrestling with it but you know how I really been successful who have I really reached what what have I really accomplished in reach. These people that my heart is longing for and you can just see Jesus in this moment and he has this woman who he has cast out seven demons coming to honor him until him and just you can imagine for Jesus his heart. What a sense of joy that was that here is one woman who appreciates what I've done. She understands my ministry. She has seen what I've done and for me. Mary is Mary's gift here for Jesus is so incredible because she recognizes Jesus. You know he wasn't the king to rule and to free them from Roman rule. She she wasn't thinking that he's the king of my soul. He is the one who has released me from the demons that have plagued me for so and that that sense of Jesus came to see and say the lies. I was. And that story just kind of comes to light here in the final moments of Jesus' ministry before you images as want to tie a thread that I'm seeing in the comical horror. Marcus put it this in mind said she was the lowest of the low and up here on and autumn all that seven times I should keep coming back to JESUS over and over and over and over he was the giving of her giving over giving her rescuing her from the challenge I should have been alive. You know it makes me think about how sometimes no. They may be struggles that we have and you feel like the lowest of the low like a scum of the earth because you keep struggling with the same thing but the awesome thing is she kept coming to Jesus. Right. Put it this way said she just kept coming to sit at the feet of Jesus even though it took not just once or twice or three times four times five times and for us like you. Somebody is doing that that many times and I disfellowshipped them kick them out of the charge we don't want to see them coming back and them are serious about their faith right. But Jesus kept receiving her back. That's I thought you know Karen kind of posed a question and kind of answered it but he said that you know one of the amazing things about her is Jesus says is that wherever this Gospel is preached in the whole world. What this woman has been has done is going to set and the question is why why is that and I think actually if we go back to those first few verses that we skipped over it it kind of answers that you know we're seeing parallels going on. You know Jesus is still talking to his twelve on the mountain and meanwhile at the Palace of the high priests there screaming and they're putting on their part. But Jesus is telling them specifically in verse two you know that after two days is the Passover and the Son of Man will be delivered up to be crucified just as the same exact day that he is about to die on the cross. He's telling them I am going to die and it's going to be two days as we go throughout the rest of this chapter. We see how different people are responding to that statement by Jesus Mary's response to that was to believe what he said and she was very ill he had done a prize that is that's what she's doing. She mean I'm understood that grander scheme of prophecy in everything of everything that she was doing but she understood there was something in what he said there and that was a response of belief and I think it's because of that response of belief to what Jesus said that is why her story is the one that's appeared to be told with the gospel. I think you see like a playbook you know just what some of the comments in terms of how we respond to sin since our son in a life that has a hold on us and we talk about seven times and she came back and back. But we see that this is not the first time that she's that Mary was actually at the feet of Jesus. Right. You know when you look at love and when I go there. Look in love and you know certainly a new chapter. I believe verse thirty seven to forty is where the accounts of hope so. Look ten ten ten Thank you. So it says in verse thirty eight now it came to pass as they went that he entered into a certain village and a certain woman named Martha received him interim house and she had a sister called Mary which also said of Jesus' feet and heard his word but Martha was cumbered about not serving and came to him and said Lord just on like here that my sister had left me to serve a long bitter therefore that she help me and Jesus answered and said into her Martha Martha go out here full and troubled about many things but one thing is needful and Mary have chosen that part which shall not be taken away from her and so you see this familiar count in terms of Mary trying to worship Jesus to be at its feet. She's been persistently sinning but you can see that she's persistently trying to get into the presence of Jesus and rather her having to defend herself. Here's Jesus again standing up for her being her advocate being her defender and I argued to same thing that he wants to do for us right. The devil is directly to accuse us. So to speak about motives you know he's using it as a source of conflict. But we see that Mary finds authentic worship at the feet of Jesus and so can we as well you know so we have Manny and you brought up this point that I'd like to follow. Now that that there were people who are unhappy about the way that she was expressing her joy or her gratitude right and what what what what struck you. Somebody said something I can remember who said last night about about the contrast between the way that Mary is using money and the WHO WAS OK Donna. But I wonder does into the next story that I thought it was really interesting how the Bible directly and objects is suppose. Mary story with Judas the story there. Back to that and the Bible sometimes does that kind of help us to to get some contrast and see what's happening in the stories and Mary. There's a there's two exchanges of money going on. Right. So Mary exchanges money to buy perfume Judas exchanges money to sell Jesus and so we see this this money exchange but the reason behind that money changes completely different so Mary's response is I want to honor G.'s as a what can I do to honor Jesus I will buy this incredibly expensive perfume that I've been saving wages and wages and now she just pour on Jesus. And it almost seems like a waste. At least that's what Judas was like could have been sold and fed to the pain you know giving to the poor of course that's not really what Jesus wanted to do you want a pocket change right. But for her she's like I just want to give something to Jesus and then Judas goes and he is like I want to get money because I know I can sell and so yeah we did the other thing about the point that you made him in the contrast between George. If you think he's extremely good for money he associated himself with Jesus not because he actually want to be changed but because he in his mind figured out. Jesus is a prominent person is feeding five thousand healing people he got to be the Messiah. When he becomes the master. I'll be on his right side it with his greediness he wanted Jesus to become the king that he wanted the version of his Jesus who can conquer the whole Romans and everything. I asked them were constantly in Jesus was denying that that's not the way that I want to go my way is to be denied by a few to be rejected by Allah and when he was doing that he was opposing the actually he was dissecting the feelings that Judas has Judas not only had this you know part of. But he also had this ambition. When I WOULD it is very difficult to dissect ambition and we become pastors of ministry leaders we want our ministry to be big but sometimes God doesn't bless it that way he makes it come with two or three people could decide how many of them actually the reason he does is because he wants to dissect that feeling of your ambition. He wants you to be a servant leader not ambitiously that is very dangerous and very subtle and I struggled so many times in my big guy my ambition in the So going with that is going to make Jesus King it's interesting because Mary already recognized Jesus is he was king of her life. Judas didn't recognise Jesus kingship he thought Jesus was going to come as the king to free them from Roman rule and this is why actually addresses this and it's interesting because he says Judas did not believe that Jesus would permit himself to be arrested. And so you know Jesus is Judas is selling Jesus basically you know he's getting money to say I will be trade him but he didn't think Jesus would actually allow that to happen but this is my cousin is as wide Judas actually went through this whole exchange and she says that Judas is even really questioning of Jesus the Messiah. And he says if Jesus really was the Messiah the people for whom he had done much would rally about him and proclaim him as king. This was forever said on many minds that we're now in uncertainty Judas would have the credit of having placed the king on David's throne and this act with secure him the first position next to Christ and just as like. I'm going to sell him he will proclaim his health as king. I will get the credit and now I can be his right hand man and then this is why I make the same and I don't ever remember reading before and she says at all. And then. Judas would gain something by his treachery. He counted that he had made a sharp bargain in B. training his Lloyd and when I read that statement. I was I was born as I well here's Mary was giving so much of herself to honor Jesus because she already knew he was king and here's Judas who just once again of what that kinship would get so it's all about him all about him. I just want the honor and the glory for myself so I'm willing to sell the Lord for what I can get you know I think that that's really interesting when you start to look and see we have that contrast of Mary and oftentimes we think contrast of Mary and Martha. So Mary is the one who said that you are the one who likes to absorb to listen and Jesus tells Martha you need to be more like that because Martha is the do or she just wants to do do do do do it often times I think we think we're one of those two people as we study this chapter I think there's two other people we could possibly And that's Judas What is the reason that we're is that for a pure motive because we're willing to sacrifice everything because of everything he's done for us or that because we gave some sort of tactical advantage I mean like a politician and then we haven't gotten to him yet but then we have Peter who he's kind of following this goes back and forth uses your time but he has no problem opening. Now you know he's like you just talk the talk so you know we could be like Mary and Martha Stewart might be like Judas and a politician or we might be like Peter who is sail out are we truly converted when it comes down to that moment. And so I think that it makes me stop and think well which one of these or am I am I. We all want to think we're married but am I really there more of my really more trying to gain some sort of advantage of my willing to say all the words but when the going gets tough it's tough but you know. Or am I just so busy doing. I'm not tired or different types. You know that before before I would like for us to not. Is this point that I lost it. OK. It is why are we following Jesus was the point why we following Jesus and preceded bringing out that sometimes you in. Ministry and you're doing your best or you're in your life and you're doing your best and you're giving your all to Christ and it seems like no results right and you're working hard. You're praying hard you're you're doing everything in your power and it feels like you know. Well all you're trying there is nothing good is coming out of it. Am I following Jesus in order to see results of my following Jesus or some tactical advantage so that you know my dad always put it this way God wants you to be the head and not the tail so why would you be a nurse instead of the doctor. There's not record of it. But. You know that is it for tactical advantage like I want I want God to give me X. Y. or Z Y Y we following Jesus Marcus he had a point which you get yes you see the Jesus is a unconventional King and we could argue that he also ran on the conventional Kingdom in the sense of you know all the people that he interacted with the well the man who was born blind you know you could see that he respected their individuality and there's something to be said about you know with Mary's experience where she didn't follow up off of the approach in terms of her expression full of her love for her Savior and you know when you come into the church you know you have the sort of prototype in terms of what a Christian should be and that can sometimes hinder you from really experiencing the joy of crisis salvation in like you becoming the church need to see of the good news and like how a lawyer right if you said some. It looks like oh well you kind of hostile you know like it's very easy to be trapped and soupy and bondage to other people's opinions of what your Christian expression of faith should be like and I think in the case of Mir and all the people. Jesus encountered we could really see that we really understood the a savior. They weren't inhibited by those stereotypes they want inhibited by what people think they should be they just fully express it. And if they're all it will. God bless you and so I think it's something that we need to really take away that we shouldn't be trapped by we shouldn't be trapped by others' expectations of in a what we our expression of worship should be. Can I can ask the question. But isn't inhibition good hand in his vision be good. Like I mean you know forms of dancing for Jesus might not be appropriate. I think you have a point it's just within the realms of the Gospel right you know like the children who came to Christ in a like the disciples thought hey kids in Christ that doesn't mix up the optics of that as a message that's hafe suffer them to come unto me for bit them not you know when he was coming into the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. They were saying was and out to God in the highest right they were praising God and they've all those one of them say hey be quiet Muslim the time for that I think a lot about some things we inject our own preferences we inject our own personality in terms of what we think others should be how they should be experiencing Christ and even the conflicts of music not going to know what went on so I mean just area but it's something that needs to be said. Because if Imagine if Mary were hindered in her expression should have walked away with a different picture of Christ. Maybe he might accept Judas is offering if he meant accept Peter but he can accept me with all my broken is because I'm a prostitute and so there's something to be set up alt. Allowing us to. Experience of joy of crisis salvation within the realms of what the Scripture along with about the OK I think I mean also to kind of answer that question. There's a question we have to ask ourselves before that in general when you look at the context here you get it but when you also look at the accounts of Mary's offering and Mark and John you see that the people who were there criticizing her offering were not right with Jesus. There was something wrong with them and it reminds me of going back to match. You know why are you looking at a speck in your brother's eye when you still have a plank in your own eye first remove the plate from your eye and then you'll be able to see clearly to remove your brother's eye. So something that might not be acceptable. Maybe you better make sure that you have removed all the planks from your eye your own heart before determining if you're seeing clearly to see whether that expression. So sort of what I'm getting is I'm going to summarize and then you guys can clarify I'm getting is when someone has had an experience with Christ the way that they express it may or may not look at to us but who am I to judge them. I mean I don't judge me like me do I don't do it. Make sure you're examining yourself first. Or you make the judgment. OK so do judge but judge me first and that might take a while there really it didn't work. After all of this. OK OK I think we just need to distinguish between our preferences and between the prohibit sins and scripture. That's I think it's if you can see biblically lead here you know that's not the old and certainly that's you want to use the Bible as a basis for what we do rather than just preferences. OK sure. Let's take a hand. We'll. So brother Will is saying that it's not just what you're doing. It's also why you're doing it which I think was being set up here and I was trying to push the ticket but what you're saying is you could be doing all the right stuff technically but for all the wrong reasons we kind of talked about that last week maybe Chapter twenty if you're right you doing your you're bringing your or your offerings of mint and human and all the stuff in you should do that stuff but you're ignoring the weightier matters of the law. Right. So there's there's a matter of motive. I think there was another hand since we're going to take a hand was in the when. OK I don't know if we should take hands like this is going to be rough. OK one last hand from the ray. Because because we're going to move on and this is not going to be a seminar about dance and music in the church. I want to honor that at least we can say this much we can say as much as has been said that yes there. There are things that are right and wrong in worship. Yes we know that because the great controversy is all about worship false worship untrue or ships so they are right and wrong when it comes to worship. However I think the point. That's been brought is that that sometimes. Instead we get distracted about what what the heart of worship really is the heart of worship is that experience you have with Christ. As exemplifies in Isaiah Chapter six you have an experience with Cheesus as a result of that experience it a listen. It's worship and and just just so that we can move on. We're talk we're talking we've been talking about individuals who had an experience with Jesus who had some kind of in Haiti is this weird because it's been abused encounter it had an encounter with Christ and then that results in some behavioral response. For us for our purposes this morning. What we need to think about is when I encounter Jesus how do I respond. What is my response to that experience that I have with Christ am I having an experience of Jesus and how do I respond to that is my response based on I don't want to act this way because other people are looking at me and they're going to think whatever of me or is it really a hot response like I'm not looking to please people. I'm looking to worship my Savior and I think that also puts boundaries for how we respond is when we're responding to Christ is that OK Next year we should do a dance and music seminar president. On the list. OK Let's move on to the back track in order to move forward. Amy you talked about the hordes of front to speak and we've kind of talked about two of them. Let's talk about the third one in the story. Peter what happens with Peter he has been with Jesus Judas and Peter have been with Jesus all the time for three and a half years. What what. How does this impact Peter's life. He was you know you look at Peter being with Jesus for these three years and if anyone should have gotten you know he was one of the closest ones a Jesus right he was like the inner circle of the inner circle you know the disciples that always had Peter who is the title Jesus and so you would think that Peter would be a little smarter to catch what he was. But you see that you're out the interactions with Jesus. It's interesting because Matthew sixteen we actually covered this in a lesson. A couple weeks ago that when Jesus is talking about his his upcoming death. You know Peter jumps right in be it far from you Lord. That will not happen and you know Jesus has rebuked Satan out of Peter because he's speaking on behalf of the double right. So Peter is almost you know we have Mary who understood Jesus his mission. We had Judas who completely doesn't care about Jesus' mission because he's only focus on himself and then you have Peter who is almost trying to prevent Jesus from his mission don't die God you know I don't don't do that and so he's almost like kind of stopping Jesus from his mission because he doesn't understand what Jesus mission really is. But then you see and it's interesting because in this story. You know when Peter finally gets that Jesus is allowing himself to be taken you panics and he tries to chop off someone's ear. And so it's almost like you know in his moment of panic he's like oh no. Jesus is allowing himself to be. Did let's stop this because this is not supposed to happen and you know Jesus is that the miracle worker is cast out demons and calm storms. He really doesn't need Peter's help but Peter says I can't let this happen. And so he still doesn't understand the mission for which he says you know. Marcus I think in the law versus seventy is a person who when he says he doesn't know him when it is seventy two things as and again he denied with them going and says I do not know the man and it's I mean obviously he's trying to disassociate himself with Christ but it's very telling that I mean indeed. Peter didn't really know Jesus. You know he thought he at least he knew who he was but he didn't understand fully the extent of his mission and from this what I see as kind of the limitations of the spoken word I mean the Word of God is certainly possible. Right. But I just want to read a few verses here. Look at verses to it says you know that after two days of the feast of the two Matthew twenty six. You know that after two days of the feast of the Passover the Son of Man is betrayed to be crucified right Jesus is saying very plainly hey I'm going to be crucified and here's giving a timeline of when that's going to occur or just everyone says then he says unto them all. You shall be offended to me this night for it is written not just may it is written. I will smite the shepherd and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad but after that I am risen again I will go before you into Galilee you saying this in their presence speaking the Word of God right versus thirty four says. And she's a seventh of them Verily essentially that this night before the crock rolls. You shall deny me three times again versus forty one watch and pray that you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak. So over and over. Jesus is speaking in the word to Peter and his disciples. But we see that their understanding of theological and spiritual issues is limited. By the understanding of their own sin in their hearts because they were self-sufficient right. And because of the assault sufficiently thought that they had it. They didn't really think that they understood what she says was saying but they didn't really get the point because immediately after that not only Peter denied him but they all forsook him and I think for us as we come to church. Unlike you. You had Daniel to Lee I know that you here. Remember the some of the to keep it holy. I know that well do you really understand the implications of the Fourth Commandment. Do you really understand what it means to wash on the one another's feet and I think the first step to understand is on the sending off all sin and then looking at the Savior. Just like Mary did she have a good revelation of her sin because she was looking at Christ. Just as Isiah did when he went into the temple he saw Jesus and lifted up the very first thing he said wasn't Want to the Babylonians he says will is me. It starts with a personal a personal revelation of Christ and you sin and then after you have confessed then you have the ability to fully understand spiritual things. I'm a bit. Amy jump in and then. OK so those life story talks so deeply to be because I am that guy. So if you think it would be the transfer going to a shot of Jesus. You know he was just like let me build a castle like Temple for you and then when Jesus said you're going to deny me. No I'm going to stand up for you. So what he's actually trying to tell is I know you are God I accept you a love you my Christ making and improving your my salvation but let me try but my own effort to do something you see when I became Christian prior to that I was a human in the illusion is based upon what when I became Christian for a long time. I'm what's works based creased it was miserable. I am but people. Every time I want to substitute God's righteousness with my own righteousness. I am the. Jesus was telling if you follow the path you're going to break miserably and for the hat even the hard Jesus understood and he sympathize with people when people do my prized you know he looked to Jesus who was being beaten by all these people and you only look Jesus had his compassion and he looked at him. Even the beatings of the people the hearing of the robes of the high priest didn't bother him much work when his friend fell that hurt him deeply. And today when I substitute uses his righteousness and his grace with my human right just missed my own words my own legalism he looks at me with the same compassion because he wants to draw me back to him and teaching teach me how easy and precious and life his gift. So this danger is so him and I'm scared every time I do that and then I remember the look and I go back to him. So just trying to see other what we're saying is that Peter is south confidence was rooted in his lack of understanding of who he really was a key clearly didn't get what is a saying and he didn't get it because it didn't stop to actually look at him south to understand what crisis and you have a common enemy and I'm about. OK. I'm glad because we're actually running out of time I would like for us to talk a bit about Jesus. We've been talking about Jesus but to to focus our attention on Christ as I was going through the the lesson this past week. It kind of seems like you know you've got you've got married here you've got Peter in Judas and you've got Peter and they had an interaction with Jesus and you know how the how the interaction with Jesus impacted them. But what does that. What does the story of get seventy have to do with all these guys like how. What does. What's the yeah. What's the connection for me it's it's Jesus wrestling in the garden of you know this is why it makes the comment that Jesus could not see through the portals of the four for him to be able to see through the tomb and know he was going to come out a conqueror would probably have made this in the experience a whole lot easier but when he went into a guesstimate that was in his opinion that was it you know like my connection with my heavenly Father who I lived with for ages. It's not like after this. My existence and and for him to wrestle with that idea of saying Was it worth it for me to come here and to experience eternal death for these people here I have Judas totally rejected me and is a last man I am Peter who's kind of I don't know what he is he's kind of in a now you know in his relationship with me. He's you know he's this vacillating one but then there's Mary Mary understood my mission. Mary appreciated what I did and you can just see Jesus wrestling is my sacrifice worth it for these people and when it came down to it is I guess worth it. It's worth it for Mary. It's worth it for Peter and it's worth it for Judas because I love these people and doesn't matter what's going to happen to me this may be it but I love these people and I'm willing to go through that for them jumping off you know in this moment when the sins of the world are being pressed. So in specific instances just just two are the things are started when Jesus is sinless man is a part. You know and I think that that's telling her as to how in that moment where we're trying to make what is our best are going to be like Are we like Mary learning to communicate and to approach our working right. I think early in the Gospels you know you know Jesus told the disciples how the praying. You know Father which art in heaven and you get sort of OK this is how you pray you know starting from addressing God as a saw that in you doing to his will be done but I think in this experience here. We've been taught how to agonize especially when we're when you know that God's will is to do something but your will is not in sync with his well and I think we've all had that experience before right. You know you get up in the morning. You know you should be consecrated to self first thing in the morning when you just don't feel like it right. You know that he's laying those convictions on your heart and we see here with Jesus says you know he's agonizing you could see his humanity coming out and that is really an example for us that it is looking at the struggle with not wanting to do God's will. Because Jesus struggled with that but we see also that when he prayed I mean I got eyes with a father and other Abra princes and other gospels it was saying that the angels were sent to strengthen him so he's able to aid those that aren't him to be able to aid us who are tempted and I think we can take some courage and we can take some some solace in knowing that Jesus was fully acquainted with the grease on our solves our trials and that he has gained the victory and as well. I want to point is in John Chapter twelve it mentioned that you often resort to this place of seventy and I think of this as get somebody was up please wait you would want to burden is article right in times in good times and even in that Times and we see that from him developing that practice of going to get somebody when he faced the crisis of his life he was able to be victorious and we all need to out or get something right where we go to gain strength that Windles serious. Well we can with crisis history. The only one point I want to make is Jesus was sitting there praying in supporting his heart out and it was to these three below disciples to pray for him and sister White's is every time he was coming back to the disciples and looking for them if they could pray with me even if they don't understand the magnitude of this even even if they could pray bit me even if they could do something at least pay for themselves. He would have been greatly poem for the you know no one really honest and that's what bothers me sometimes Today there are so many things in our church that we could pray for we could pray for you know like the man to the sticks it is that he's going to everything that is happening you know OK well let's just say in the rear. What have we shared the heart of God I'm I'm telling this to myself because I'm guilty of this the way Jesus asked me to pray. Can you imagine how many more souls who have been home once more have been us who have brought for Jesus' hard. So I am a disciple that is sleeping and I Rish I remember this next time when I prayed when I went to was last to pray it becomes sort of OK I'll just pray in the next moment I forgive and then I'm going to ask the question and this is drawing us to a close. What I'm gathering is that the connection between these three individuals that we focused on and what happens with Jesus and gets him in is one we see the humanity of Christ eight that he is struggling at the precipice of the huge undertaking of taking on the sins of the world right not just the people that currently lived but anyone who ever lived before anyone who have a. All of the weight of sin is going to be important being placed on his shoulders and he's struggling with it and in that struggle he's looking for for solace from his friends which it's good to find solace in our friends but his friends fail him and like you like you're pointing out in desire of ages. He used the devil comes to him and says You're going to die for these guys they don't even get it the other one is coming on his way to you know to to betray you. Right and and he's struggling with that right in and yet he decides that he's going to go through it. Now here's my question talking about the human bit like we're learning from Christ example I mentioned that Mary. It seems that Mary had learned something was learning something from Jesus that the other two guys was yet to learn and one of them. Unfortunately would not live to learn it. How do we become a Mary instead of a Judas or a Peter and I'll put it in this context you rightly said that Peter was that was one of the was the inner circle of Jesus right. And then you have you have Judas was what you fight all the time almost like the coleslaw you are to Jesus. The whole light is that you're not going to make it move the bow was in the very presence of God and he became the devil saw or should I would use once in a while you know comes at a time like our house and what we don't rehearse is questions of them. It's because I thought of it last night and I was like man like seriously. It's almost it seems almost we're not in the hands of those and just because we're out of time but we will continue to discuss. That on the floor of the net I want to hear what you guys have to say and I counted how do we how do we be like Jesus. You know you talk about this a long time ago with me and I always remember you said to you could develop more and scriptures. The reason why God had Lucifer so close to him is because he wanted to see in his character you wanted him to see so clearly hold me and loving me so that if there isn't slightest chance he could change. Sometimes he brings a soul close to him so that we open our eyes and see him and then be changed. And I think when you look at the problem with was a birth the problem with Judas. And to some degree even the problem with Peter is well they were close to Jesus. They still were focusing on Jesus they were focusing on the fact that they were so and so you know I think it comes back to Mary who is in a certain sense also enjoyed a special relationship with Jesus in that her home that she shared with her sister her brother was the one that Jesus would choose to come to as a retreat. You know so they had a special friendship with Jesus as well but in the context of that special friendship. She was able to examine herself and see that he was the answer to the problems where Judas. Peter were not ready to acknowledge that they had problems with their life they were just basking in the glory of the associated with autumn and then they were going after letting me said you know that it was I think it came to a point where you know Mary really saw herself she knew she was a sinner. Judas was so focused on you know I want to be a part of the kingship of Christ and then we have Peter who you know had that all security that he was close to Jesus. But he didn't really analyze itself and it wasn't until he deny Jesus that he really came face to face with cell. I don't really know this. And and just you know when Jesus had an encounter with Peter at the seaside and he kept asking Peter do you do you love me unconditionally I got the love me and Peter have responding. Like I can't promise you that look at what I just did I just denied you three times I can promise you that unconditional love and so Peter for the first time looks at himself and says I am nowhere near the person that I thought I was I can promise you that. But Peter was the one that we know was crucified for Jesus. He became a martyr so he got that a love but it wasn't until he came face to face with his own in his own failings and his own sense that I don't really know Jesus that we really had we had that turn around for you know thinking in some sense as you still have that I'm God in the context of Miri at least when she said Jesus is you know when you're speaking of all she's really his presence and sitting at his feet hearing its word and you look at those who have a seeing some of the experiences you think of eyesight when he saw Jesus I looked about he was not speaking he was actually just in the presence of these in that vision and when he saw revelation of Christ then he's like you know we think of Job's experience and guts and you know if you're got an astute evil but when Joe how little he's questioning questionings in his mind and God's began to ask him a series of questions and forty two. It says not part of the body hearing of the air but not mine. I see at the end I repent and dust and ashes what I took away from that as with Peter and with Jews that Judas and even with us. Even as we come to church the Sabbath as we in the presence of uses times are not really sitting still and we leave allowing God to minister to us we need to kind of step back and allow to just be in his presence and to fully understand what he is to us rather than what we could be for him. You know this is like I want to be in your right and I want to be left and I want to be your treasure about what is Jesus to you to see beautiful young all together love me you see in the C.V. of yourself and for that. I think that brings us beautifully to the end of us and I think the thread the golden thread I'm seeing is being in the presence of God but not just to be there and I'm sitting there thinking about myself sitting then actually focusing on who got it is focusing on and for those who went to seminars are emergent church we're not talking about contemplating the whole we're talking about actually meditating on the substance that we have in the Word of God my phone up Word of God and meditating on who God is sitting in the presence of God and letting God that was beautiful. Let it God minister to us right not just being busy about doing stuff but letting God minister to us and part of that ministry is what even ask God he says. Search me on. I can't even search my own heart. I need for you to search my heart and see if there is any We can weigh in me and then you need me into the way the master thought this is this is this now realize ation stop reflection but not because I am doing it but I come into God's presence and allow him to search my heart and that leads to him up then take experience as we see demonstrated in the my Who Christ gives him and we can fall before God and say God this is hard but I'm going to do it because even to help this morning because we can't and without an appeal when we come to God's word this morning. I want to say the heart Lord I want you to search my heart want you to be the one which tells me who I am and then I want you to be the one who needs me in this Sabbath which. The day which is infused with your presence. I want you to minister to me. Anyone want to say and response and loving Father we pray that as you minister to our hearts we can be transformed. We don't want to be like Judas for sure we don't want to be like vacillating you don't even want to be like Mary we want to be like Jesus who when push came to shove in his darkest hour. He clung to you even when he couldn't see through the portals of the grave and pray that you would give us that kind of an experience that our hearts the Sabbath day make this day an experience with you like no other we don't need to leave the Sabbath the way that we came into with the pray that as you transform us will become a light other people so that they can see Jesus to these things in your loving name in this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more service. Please visit W.W.W. audio dot org.


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