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Peace in the Controversy

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • June 18, 2016
    7:15 PM


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Well in Father we thank you for another day of life with thank you for the opportunity to look the publicist's the morning printing our hearts would be into your guidance. Your wisdom your understanding the father we live in this morning brings this important topic to board we want to understand as we listen we engaged. We can have peace in the midst of this controversy this battle that's been raging over the souls of me. And really father over all the who will be the grand authority in the universe. The Lord we know that we recognize and should we accept you this morning we discredit your Holy Spirit we come into and with us we could completely be environment with the innocent prayer in our home in Jesus name seeker and as president he said I work with the public campus apartment. We work on secular universities helping Evan to students who go to the to not ever to school to maintain their faith something that's become abundantly evident to me in the Times of what might happen. The since. I think I came to Michigan in two thousand and ten years this year. And yes I came to Michigan to work with the capitalist We are at I took two years hired a year or two ago to go to Andrus for my masters and I am still completing my masters in the art in the interest of magic the ology because somewhere you know I kind of went to Andrews and I promised myself I was like I am not here to meet you know people like or who want to get married have to go to never to school. That's one of the day you know parents are like We want our kid to go to southern because we wanted to buy the good that. You know but I didn't go to an average to school for. Undergrad I went to a not evan to school and I guess true to the general production I did not even marry in Praise the Lord polite made of married a non-Christian is about double because I went to a women's college which means I would have been marrying the wrong type of person when I finished and when I went to Andrews I said what I am not here to find a spot this is I am here for my education. OK And then I left and I got married and I had a kid which meant that I didn't finish my master's thesis which is what I'm working on currently so I'm still sort of the student and I work with the campus in this department. This is all somewhat relevant to what we're talking about or might be for the I am working on. So if anyone is doing a thesis is not still my topic because I don't really need to graduate this year it's not still my topic. I'm trying to know that the great controversy that we all know and of the story of the great controversy and how that as an interpretive framework helps us to understand the particular text so that yes I have to to this is probably that's my thesis which I am hopefully going to do and before December is done this years so that I can be done. The reason why this idea of the great controversy came to mind is a ship story as working in Grand Rapids at Grand Valley State University as the campus ministry chapel what we do with campus we try to get that Adventists didn't want happens to be the mission and I come in as an outsider. You don't have access to the building the way that students have you don't have you don't know the rules in the school that we that we work with the advent of students get them training so that they can reach their friends and I went to Grand Valley and there was an Adventist student there. Met with her and she bowed to the children her first us about that I am not here to give bible study of the first things I said That's OK I'm here to work with you and that you know however I can help somewhere close to the middle of the person master she said you know what to do study the Bible with me because I kind of I have some questions and I want you to study the Bible with me I said I'm not going to study the Bible with you I'm here to help you study the Bible with your friends. Oh I'll give you Bible study on one condition that whatever I study with you you go and study with somebody else thought about it. OK OK fine. We had our first study and she said it was a letter and the next week I asked her that they did you study with that what I studied with you are but I told my friend about it and I told her that she could come and join us for our study though the next week. A friend joined us and we studied together and her friend grew up in the Catholic. She said Well this was mind blowing stuff and we're doing simple stuff like the Bible is the Word of God like right at the beginning you know and she's like this that is crazy nine by my friend to come and I was like yeah sure. But we ended up with a small group of about six young women studying together and the first lady that I gave them as a group was on the great controversy haven't offended then and I'm telling you these girls and except the initials student who was then to add it to all the other girl grew up in Catholic home and then you wouldn't you think that you were like Why you mean there's like a bigger picture to all of this stuff like yeah and going to the person like before. And there were just like this is so great. Do people know this earth like well do you do and the way that it just completely revolutionized they're there you are we. Ality and that moment because I grew up in the church. I kind of you know you just kind of always have a stop around and at that moment I realize what a gem. We have in this one particular Bible the great controversy as the big picture of what's happening in the well and for the present time I learned this was two years after I went through my training to be a missionary on the university empathy the first time I learned that not everyone realized that not all Christians have this picture and over time as the Years ago I become even more abundantly clear to me that the picture is actually very important for the way that we you know everything and I want to suggest to you that when you're when you're sharing with people when you're sharing a bible study or if you're even the way that you look at Scripture. I want to just the great controversy as an end to which you can look at the world. That's that's like kind of the bottom line of what I'm going to suggest in the seminar as it were together before. It's like together. Yes All right so that makes controversy metanarrative Well first thing first. Well what are well I have by the way I have a secret aspiration to your teacher when I grow up and not kind of a little bit on the grown up side but when I really. Grow up I want to be a teacher. I'm going to ask questions that are not really open and that they're meant to be answered. So first one is what is the well you get a for the or what. What the well OK so how you look at and interpret like any other thought well anybody never heard that's what some assuming we all agree we need to focus obviously looking at the point like no nod no shakes head. Well news a pact the way we look at reality something that included in that the way we look at God humanity nature's illogical. Basically the way that we at reality get to me groups that well you can be categorized into it. This is Rod but pretty much just about any Well you knew you could put them into these categories. The first is naturalism. And then transcendentalism and the and the look at each one of them a little bit. Well look at I think it's five characteristics of each of these broad strokes just so you have an idea when we talk about well what would that be. And so naturalism the way view reality the material universe and all that is that everything that can be explained is not the basis of natural law. Now you think this is a plan which maybe approaches the well from a naturalistic perspective sciences. Yeah the sciences in general approach the well from a naturalistic perspective. So in order to understand reality you can do so based on the material stuff that you have kind of thing is believing. Right. So the. Never seen it happen then probably never happened but we've never seen creation therefore creation never happened but we've seen microevolution so they can jack shit to macroevolution for that kind of thing. The reality is based on the things that you seem to realize if you have mankind is that man is a chance product of biological processes of evolution man is entirely material. Generally speaking how you came about was that because everything exists from what existed before. So for you to be here you had to come up out to be something that was there before you had this breaks down with it breaks down where where did the first thing that it was that come from. Re right thought but when it microorganisms that microorganisms right but where did microorganisms come from so though they come to a point where where you're you know you go back and back and back and back and back and that and you're saying everything came from something that existed before but you get to a point where you're like well what. How did that thing that existed before everything that existed come to this. I'm sorry. Right. Where did it start. Where do you get the starting point. Well you know if you can tap eleven for one with it now. Faith is the substance of things all the evidence of things not seen and there's this beautiful thing that is what it is the first four by Albert attend a good report by the way this is this is I think this is the foundation of all knowledge through pay. We understand this is a comment of process a new paper we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do. Here you get it he said the IT BREAKS naturalism breaks down when you start going to where did the very first thing that ever existed come from for that the next think that if evolution macro evolution is true the Bible says that the foundation of all knowledge is actually faith because it through faith that we understand that the things which are seen were not made of interest to appear and even as a scientist. When you get all the way that and you go back and back in that and you get your microorganism and your micro microorganism there comes a point where things which are seen had to come from something which was NOT HAVE YOU SEEN up is a documentary by the guys US tennis shoes and he goes and he does it all then and then the documentary is called expel Yes that is the bend the thing. Yes it is a heard Alan and I you're absolutely right. He doesn't talk you mentally called it well and you go through universities and he's talking about how scientists have been expelled from their job as they were doing their research they came to a point where they had to admit. They had to come to a payphone dish and I think that just on that nothing grew up were if you go and what is the greatest Dokken you've heard of is one of the foremost naturalist evolutionist you know in a theism and he's interviewing him and I have I bought the documentary because it's worth it just looking at the last. You know that of the interview that Ben Stein has with Richard Dawkins and after many thousands of Doc and so. So we're did where did. Where did that initial stuff come and you know and he's just like well we don't know. You know obviously we went there and it's like well if you were to conjecture. If you would just say Yes I mean just what do you think. Where did the initial You thought the primordial soup come from the stuff from which everything emanated Where did that come and says well you know we don't know but I mean maybe it was aliens like bruiser doggle and so they believe in aliens right. They maybe maybe aliens came to the planet Earth and then they dropped the stuff here and then everything the gap and all like OK I said Yeah I did in my mind that. Wow there. It comes there comes a point right with this breakdown that you need some faith element to start everything right. Thankfully through the Bible. We have a sure thing. It never shirked faith something that is tried and tested. Throughout ages and ages that everyone at the end of the day is going to have to come to faith and if you're going to come to faith I want to propose the five so men chance product of biological process of evolution entirely material truth is usually understood as scientific truth only that which can be observed with the five senses that it as real or weary of value. There are no objective values or morals that I would that So because everything is material values and morals that immaterial. And so they really have to. Maybe there just a social contract you call a social contract theory Bill. Well how is that that something is right and something is wrong. You know two people sit down and they say well I don't want to stealing my stuff and I don't want to do it myself either so therefore stealing is wrong. This is based on a discussion between people in that same documentary on forgetting the name of the eye and that the story passed away which is what makes the story that but you know Ben Stein is interviewing him and says Well then what do you do what with or ality you know because if somebody came into your house and threatened to kill your children will you say that was wrong and he said Well technically I can't say that it's wrong. I can say I wouldn't like it but I can say that it's wrong because what would you base right and wrong on you have nothing that I can't say it's wrong but I can say that I wouldn't like it was not OK to somebody's name and and murdered your family you wouldn't say that was wrong. No I said I would say I didn't like it. I it went you know good but I couldn't say that it was actually wrong but it. The sad thing is and oh and then the afternoon they said you know so you had you were in remission from them and so at you know the question is how about when you are when you're sick you know it doesn't you don't get a sense of this is the burden just as when illness happens right when death comes when illness come. There's just human experiences that we go through that you just feel like there's something wrong about this and I think that God put that in our hearts so that would have the then there's some. Thing bigger than just the material but the news like you know well I can't say it's wrong it just doesn't feel right. And unfortunately I think about nine months after they shot that that interview passed away and in the documentary they have a voice over where were they the for the capture that you know it. I nine months later and the voice over he's like you know well if I die and. I'm just that you know my life didn't matter. Nobody remembers me you know after this generation that passes you know that was it and it was all point and it's just it's really just but from this. Well of view that's the natural consequence and there are very few people who would actually believe this to its ultimate conclusion because it's unsustainable. Like how do you wake up in the morning. Using like there is no point to my existence like like I'm going to call through the day I'm going to struggle all day long with all the trials and then at the end of it. It's not even going to matter. I'm going to try to do what what feels good second and they do what's right way because there's no right and wrong. It's a very very fatalistic like very empty world and very few people would take the seat opposite. But you see elements of it in a lot of the OK transcendental is a it's kind of the swing of naturalism. If that's all new the spiritual dimension exists and everything else is a human that anyone will be surprised that you actually have I was just listening in on the mother's room listening in to the previous seminar. It was talking about Virgin church and about listening other while these are. The dish of them. That's that in there they think that that reality is also that these rich and the physical kind of incidental folk who you really are at the core. It's who you are on the inside the body is just an accident of nature that the previous cause of the illustration I thought it was after I used that you know that's why we're at the place where we are right now with the whole transgender Because right. If what really matters if who I really am is who I am in deep down in my heart. That's what I really am. And what's on the outside is just you know it just happens to be what I am then does it matter if on the outside of the end of a woman because that's not who I really am what I really am. It's who I am in my heart. Yeah. And so I can alter my external Oh I can if I appear as mad right here as a woman doesn't really matter because who I really am at the core of why I'm in my heart you know why but I blame Hollywood for a lot of Hollywood. How do you know I just just being who you are inside but you know God created us with an outside you created us as being with body right. And when he created us He made men and he made women. And being a woman is part of who I am at the core there is no did not this separation between OK now this is my body and this is why I am. That's OK let me have you given a Bible study on stated that this is my body and then the. This is why I am right and so when when you die. The body goes away but who you really are goes up to heaven. These are the first. Yeah you'd be surprised and this house for this type of thinking that that that reality the real essence of reality is ritual not political. So the out has gone to the next on man. It's one with ultimate reality that a thing about you know State of the dead like the body of the soul the focus of heaven the body like you know right here that that's not part of who you are really man's belief is that you that he's an individual is really and we're all part of the divine. Yes No son of familia now you think maybe we know also people who might think that way or. We heard of the ologies that are like this. The foundations of the eye. I have aspirations. Under threat. A lot actually went out that high school when I tried to college you need to write what your major was going to be and I had just been introduced to philosophy and I love eating the food and so I applied and I said I was going to be a philosopher. And then talking to my family and that's equally my brother four years older than that author what are you going to study. I'm going to study philosophy like OK And then I think yeah then I'll be a philosopher like and then I can run up a lot of eyes like oh you're just going to wake up every day and think Yeah like you know so I became a by chemistry but I did I did love reading the stuff I'm thankful to my brother in reference because at the time I didn't have. A fall of the foundation file and now as I if I go back and starting to learn about the things that I would have been and I'm like then I was going to be lost in thought because this stuff in there that it's so subtle and Ike Ike there was no way I could have seen it then and this idea of this and I read this before but I didn't understand what I was reading I thought Oh wow. When I'm going back. I'm like them that is this dualism between the mind and the body that mind is over here it is the spiritual the IT serial concept of you and then your body is over the year is the physical and then in philosophy they call it they have the mind body problem is how does the mind and the body interact because there step the need of different substances is how they do so. It's called platonic dualism. But you know what's awesome. When you read the writings of L. and why she has absolutely no problem with the mind and body actually the Bible has no problem. She says what you eat affects how you write. She says that what you think affects how you act. She has absolutely no problem connecting the two in fashion says the two it's your mind that you bought all of that makes who you are and that's what the Bible teaches but in this naturalism you have emphasis on the party body body presidential or then you have emphasis on the spiritual aspect the non physical aspect of who you are through is an experience of unity with the oneness of the universe beyond all rational steps. That's why what is truth the you and the different from what is true for me because there's no. Value there is no distinction between good and evil. It's kind of the young and the gang. You know like they're all part of it all good. Whether it's all good and evil but you know good and evil are all good. You know it all. I beg you to tell them the in terrible. So do you use your thinking. The point routines taught in parable that for all time it would have relevance. You know you will always have a theme and the seed will always go in the ground and with the right uterus and it will always growing you can always learn lessons from the stuff that I think do you. I mean Jesus was is like the smartest human being yet he's the smartest human being that ever lived. OK All right well views with the last one is that anybody in here. I thought of like the atheist. OK but OK here's the reality God created a finite material world. Yalla he is both material and spiritual a man man man created by God thus possessing virtual and physical elements truth is the revelation truth Revelation tells of God and Revelation plus the past tense of in conjunction with the rational thought. Telep the material world though you have probably built himself and he reveals what is true in nature we can also tell it from out senses and we can we can rationalize we can think it may value our objective expression of an absolute moral or together. I think that is the Adventist fall into this category or ought to fall into this category. You know something. Ample of the different categories that I just told you. Naturalism you have atheism. Yes but because I'm human. As an existentialism you don't in them. These are manifestations of naturalism manifestations of trance addition isn't it. And the isn't animism and Campsie has them and he has them all if he is them. So it's not like him there with them. Would fall into a lot of the emergent philosophy like a lot of Catholic theology actually bothered to check and then come on that science has a lot of times you know they're in the whole naturalistic perspective is them you don't just have you know Adventism and Christianity but you also have them where God did create everything but then he gives it that it's all these finitism where you know this and that like no eternity very like our realities are right I went through and just described to you. Well gave you a rundown. Rob strokes of the well that is why. Once you have assumed a particular world then it is the way that you everything. So when you're talking to someone who in their well you is transcendental and then you come and you say well you know when you die you just debt a body goes to the ground and the breath goes back to God who gave it is no you anymore you just these two exist. That won't make sense because they have the wrong world. Yeah. When you when you're talking to like let's say you're you're in the sciences and you're trying to talk to your professor or your or your peers about about the God of the universe and they're just it doesn't challenge what they believe in because they have a worldview that prevents them from understanding what you're talking about one of the things like when you're sharing with people in China ascertain where where are they coming probably what what's their world and and in reality most people don't have one particular Well you know they have a few myths that I'm worldview one topic that I'm well for another topic. Another one for another topic. So when you're talking to you you're trying to get at. OK What's wrong with a poor so that when that it helps to fix everything in the sciences the Ptolemaic world you for a long time. If you like fourteen hundred years was that the world is the center of the universe earth is the center of the universe and then you have a perfect I think Galileo come along and they're like no actually the sun is the center and the world rotates around the sun and everybody like No way. Finally they buy it for about four hundred years of that belief and comes Einstein and he says you know what actually within your is a red ball so not relative or of relativity. You said all the bodies in space have happened. Everything is moving so the earth is not the center nor is the sun the center actually the sun is awful. And this mind boggling. And this but this is where we are right now in the in the science is that no our little earth is not the center nor is the sun the thing it is a center there is some other center that is big. Than we thought before. Oh our worldview in the sciences expand and adult Adventism has a well that when we bring it to people and share it with people. It expands. If you. Yalit it expand the understanding of the five say that worldview is the great controversy as an it's an error while. Once you have that that picture. It's bigger then it says that reality is bigger than just all that a planet it's bigger than our universe that I mean our our little solar system like there is a reality beyond our little exists and when you have that perspective it opens up a new best new understanding thing in the five that we have to offer the well we're just going to read through the fundamental belief number eight. That's the one that deals with the great controversy as thought we should read it. So we know what was there the church. If that is all humanity is now involved in a great controversy between Christ and Satan regarding the character of God His law and his sovereignty over the universe this conflict originated in heaven when a created being in doubt with freedom of choice in tough exaltation in God adversary and net interest ballon a portion of the Angel. He introduced the spread of rebellion into this world within it. Adam and in this humans then the exalted in the distortion of the image of God in humanity that this ordering of the created world and eventual devastation at the time of the full ethics entered in the world out of Genesis one three never observed by the whole creation as well. Became the arena of the universal conflict out of which the God of love will ultimately indicate to us just. People in the controversy Christ then the Holy Spirit and the oil angel to guide protect and sustain them in the way of solving their text that's a lot of stuff in there and we will not have time to all that but I want to get started on some element of the great controversy and net and narrative what I think what we'll manage to do today is to talk about some aspects of the story that we've heard over and over but talk about some aspects of it and then tomorrow we'll come and finish up and if we have time hopefully look at practically how this impacts our reality and the way that we never say that the evidence to me. All right. The story and I don't have a Bible Bible but I think there are two Bible. I there. I think have to take verses one through five and I'm going to ask a volunteer to read that six books as well by anybody. When you find it well I feel like I think like I mean obviously I'm saying yes but OK well that you never want to thank you. I didn't have to say I think all of the Not that I just put up there is that to be in God's presence in the worship the angel that I am the presence of God if lying around it and presence is so awesome that they define what's with the. They way they're fine but they're covering themselves right because God's presence is so all. And when I There comes into the presence of God You just use the silence up and says whoa it's NE I am and that I am a man of unclean that I dwell among the people up. I'm thing that I've seen the king and you just it's to be in God's presence. It does something to it a little of the theological response it's not just the end intellectual cognitive realisation of something but you physically have to do something and that's why you know I worked with you. Ten or several years. My first year were young adult and so I was one or I was the only email once that for you and one of the reasons why they always wanted to have a woman that you and they had the SWAT team because you know sometimes some of the young women would come to meetings in a manner that would not look a part of the congregation because of the way that some of the young women were dressed and and they wanted to have a woman on staff so that I would be the one to go and pull them aside and talk to them about the way they were dressed which very challenging for me because because because this is why when you see God who changes you dressed differently. When you understand something about when when you when you when you understand the whole when you when you have a glimpse I'm not even talking about a whole understand when you think a little bit of the whole innocent got it changes the way you dress when you take a good amps at the holiness of got it the way you worship. I'm not just going to you know with like what's up but I even started to say those words and I've heard prayers where it's like you know I'm just you know I'm just here. You know under two years. Do you talking do you have no concept of the holiness of the god you're addressing if you're going to talk like that right. If you're going to dress a certain way you have no concept of who you are coming before so I always had a problem with this because you know I grew up going to church and I grew up with both economically and in the back as I was acquaintance of mine who were in primary school together and grades were in grade school together and this was now middle school. We went to different middle school that she was not Seventh Day Adventist but you know she hung out. Well us and we were Adventists a bunch of our friends she decided to come to church once and she put on her. There you know how short the best was and how tight the best was but it was the best and she came to church first time she came to church and the last because she got to the sanctuary doors and faithful Deaconess Why are you going to come to church dressed like that go home and change. She went home and never came. That never came back to the church because you know what. She was coming the way she was and she was coming with her best but she had yet to see do you think she had yet to see the one transforms the way that we are on the outside and sometimes we get a focus on what's happening on the outside and instead of focusing on what happens on the end there when he saw God in it. Holding a person called me and I think and I'm not saying that we ought to treat God anyhow and whatever. Clearly you know but when there are areas in our lives like when when I have Bible study and I'm having my devotions and I read something and and it rebuked me because I'm like man I am with the goal is not OK Now all day today. I have to think don't say that meeting. Don't say that mean doesn't that mean because you know sometimes I say things that comes out mean I don't mean to you know from the comes up. I mean. And then I read my devotions that Ellen White said to me the other day she said. God said to me through Ellen wants writings. She said just because it's true doesn't mean it's right for you to speak it. If the motives are seriously. You know one thing and I'm a good person but I don't lie but I'm using the truth in the wrong way and and am I supposed to get up from my devotions and the rest of the day. OK I'm going to be good. Today I will not have a thing that comes out. I'm going to be good. That's a goal. No When God shows us something in his word which is like a mirror. Right. And I see the reflection and it's ugly. He says I That's who you are now I need you to come unto me I will take off the planet. I'm a take that log out of your I didn't know what. And so when we see our. Paulton we see arson homeless. It's two point two G.'s that it's a goal to God and you're the one who transformed it changes your life you need to see your ugliness in order for you to realize that you need a savior. So I say ses the King and what did he say while with me because I am a man a man in that and I dwell among the people up on the street to be in God's presence unless that worship. I think I'd have to fourteen all put in an athame after. Not Will somebody else. What happened is you have these angel and you know the sanctuary. Tomorrow we're going to talk about how the great controversy as a metal narrative and the century of A as an encompassing doctrine what you gather. But you have in the sanctuary. You know the curtain. You know it was engraved on the curtain. They had intell end up because in God Heaven is that you've got the angels right that are that are all that I got that are worse. And you know how in the sanctuary like you went into the most holy place and then you had our break and then what. What was what were bending over the ark like the one I am right because because in God in the heavenly essentially you've gotten any of that are right close to in God's head and what I think I told the Angel are all of the holiness of God to the point that think how do they tell not just their faith. Isaiah Chapter fourteen with us. Of course I mean I see that happening. Yes You know we have. Contrast what I did after you have the angel that is in the bin. But he's one of those guys that are like this all the our closest you could be to God and instead worship think he says that he wants to sell up and got the note that I have there's this guy what obligation up got that out and both out. It's possible it's possible to be in the presence of God it's possible to become the church. It's possible to grow up in the church. It's possible to have been in the church for years. It's possible to have just gotten into the church and the and be right there in the presence of God and yet instead of worshipping instead of bowing down and worship pride steps in and then as from even being able to see God's Majesty. This is helpful because you know sometimes you see people that you used to look up to in the church leaders church leaders pastors and Conference leaders and and saddles come out of stock comes out and you're like whoa. Where did that come from. And if they're going to fall like what hope do I have right. And it can get discouraging but what this shows us is that it is possible for someone to be in the very presence of but and yet because a private wells up in their heart relatively recently in my native continent. You know there was there was some scandal going on in the church and I have friends that to me and said No it's very hard for me because I don't know maybe maybe this person was never converted in the first. No made me. Maybe go faking at the whole time and and I had to stop and think you know what some time people fall away this covering terror had a time when you worship God you know when you will really have time to actually see the ball but now like writing you talk about his heart being with you just love God with every part of who he was and he was one of those guys who when you think God does bow down not to basically but in a part in worship to God and yet. Right. The mystery of iniquity pumped up in him and now once to be in the place of we'll continue with that thought tomorrow Revelation Chapter twelve with Evan this probably will be the last of us we could do today. And then yeah yeah yeah OK evolution twelve seven eight. I knew that I think I think going at the can is a well eighty and Gina eighty you're from Ohio. Eighty though you can read Revelation twelve with that. OK so you have war in heaven. Remember the first time that I had this realizing that. Well you know you know this picture of heaven little babies with wings and hearts and I don't know how in heaven little babies know how to play Hearts and they thought I'm cloud and they just like floating around at the picture and then this post came along and said no that got real in heaven right there was or happening in heaven and yeah we'll do it tomorrow we'll talk about the. You Brewer that is used in twenty eight and and because that I always heard it but I didn't understand. Like why we say that is evidence that it wasn't just like my Savior I like people who are whole lot like that. I think. But you have this thing to heaven that are real and there was a war that put out there that there was a war between two angels that Michael and his angels bought in the Dragon and his angels who is my have all of them tells you that Michael is the angel one of like is like. Michael. It is a real and Michael. Yeah but you know that I suppose who is Michael public oh yeah I gave you a cheat sheet by giving you the verses up there with Michael and jeans that. How do you know their mom loves Hallie because after that I I thought oh I switched their own do night what happened. Really you're allowed and I opened the first couple of into night what happened. Because we thought Michael writing revelations of the prophet. Michael and his angels fought and then the dragon and it was so you got these two contending sizes or haven't you ever endured not Michael right there the contention both is this obey God who struck the rock instead of talking to it. God like you're not going to going to the promised land you going to die out here you die as a mountain and then Jude cut Jude nine tells us that they are that mountain there was a contention that happened between. Michael and the devil right. And there was some kind of fight over the body of Moses. And then Michael is like now I'm taking with me and I was like no. And if I didn't do you know who will. Michael how do we know you with yes yes yes yes OK because we see most of this on the bottle Transfiguration right. So you know all this was resurrected Michael when. What happened the first they have to orbit think yes yes. What I'll say what I mean what before our Ha. The last August. Then from heaven with a shout God The boys are the Archangel by as our RE the dead tonight as our God. You know here on Earth right. Full well that was the lucky thing for us Gene is us. Jesus is the one who Reza arrest people the Archangel resurrected people. Michael resurrect people who is Michael evoking this I think it's a Michael what's that about. So now we've gone through and demonstrate that you know it's not there because if it's not clear. Then we need to make it clear run a lie to people but if it clear that Michael is Jesus. Yeah. Michael is the Archangel are coming to the Angel. She is not an angel. Yet there sheep of angel will come unit by Ray Ray. Well the AN ANGEL. In charge of Angel Angel not an angel. You can arc OK then let me let me up tomorrow because we're running out of my son is crying. F. my clock. Then went over what is it that I told him what I was only done and he's like you might go through but I'm not a slave to my fun because I want to follow Jesus not my son both the car anyway in the white right and hopefully if I forget. And you want to go over this tomorrow and show like publicly. You can do that but I'm going to give you the short version. Well Point Bible test and without showing you quotations from Spirit problems. So what need to do it. Free to morrow at the beginning or you can take note of what I'm saying and will check it out. You have a re an angle check what I'm telling you to opt out that option is to give a reason but a good option is to ask to clarify. Hey that is our intercessor Amen that you can have a look to make it that Ellen White says that she role has always been as an intercessor the interest as a not just now. It's interesting when she says that you know in Toronto after one text that she uses John Chapter one The Word became flesh that Jesus is the word Jesus is the means by which God communicates to his creation. So you have to use or rather let me say you know in the Godhead you have three persons the Father Son Holy Spirit the let's call them the first person the feck and person the third person not by hierarchy but just numbering them first person in the Godhead second person in the Godhead I think that first person father or person the whole the second person in the Godhead in terms of a role as the role of mediating the relationship between the Godhead and the creation that makes sense. I don't think the size that this does not now or one thing that we're talking about extending our standing are like rather than just having humanity as the center and that's all there is to it. There's a bigger picture right. Not only is that the mediator between God and man Jesus is the mediator between God and creation though or a Paul of men. So from whenever God created the angel Jesus appeared in the form of an angel of the something I am tell you from the problem you have to go check the period in the form of an angel and when you get to when we get to tomorrow when you sit by the king at Jesus this lends credence to the look at Jesus and what the difference in him and he's an angel. How many. Angel needs the archangel but I'm a commanding angel to I say stop an angel follow me to find ya he's like a big part in Joe but I want to do you know what was in the poor an angel and the Archangel after the Paul what happened after the Fast Forward years. You know it comes down in the form of now because Jesus is needed in the relationship between God and man. But before he was mediating another relationship the relationship between God and the angel. Are you tracking with me and I see not a question mark and I love it. Hopefully that means you're going to go check me out and go study that a war that happened in heaven I said between two angel one angel has a problem with the fact that the other angel is highly exalted over anything and what makes the difference between him and me I could do his job just as well as he does it because I am an angel to use the for yeah. And he was thinking that of Jesus. He was jealous of Jesus not of God the Father He was jealous of Jesus and the position that do you have a good drawing to a close eye. I have to make it. I have to bring it home. You know I'm in that back in the wilderness but Moses Aaron area was the time that Miriam had a problem and she was like what the mole this being the leader right. Like I could do his job just as well as he could. Somebody somebody else had a problem with mold that need us sir. Ora member or a date than a Byron what's the big deal with Moses I could do just as good a job if they had problems like that back in the Bible the possible that that stuff happened in our day that as a wife. Sometimes I can look at my husband and be like what's the big deal with him X Y Z I could do it just as well as he could. Why do I gotta listen to him. I'm sorry I did that one time not just once but one time sticks out one times they thought you know Iraq. It was getting warmer. It just the summer and we're going to have people over and said OK let's turn on the air conditioning early so that when people get a pool it's not going to be what it was and I said not let's wait because F I F condition makes me sick. You know I get it gets to coal like not let's wait and then you know it's like an hour before he's like should we turn it on that left turn it on now I'm like nah nah let's wait thirty minutes before I'm like nah nah nah let's wait in the Get started arriving off. OK turn it on now and it didn't cool down until the leaving the thing and I was I had to apologize you know publicly because it was the public's then they were on with oil in an hour. You know how sorry I didn't listen to as I thought I was smarter then it's very humbling for me to say maybe I'm not easy. Maybe at the first maybe maybe having different roles. You know maybe maybe knitting to somebody else. You know ship this if I had developed a problem with that because he looked at himself in. Look at the other end this case happened to be God Himself ponder standing for the sake of mediation to look like one of them. We should have submitted to the authority that got it. Father want to thank you that you give us your word that you give us is great metanarrative a great controversy help us to understand the things that I pray that would show us how we can share this with other people so that they can have a picture and I think that would transform their lives. Thank you so much for bringing that here to camp meeting me that you sometimes get a new name this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you first if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W verse or.


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