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Nothing But Leaves

Clifford Jones



  • June 13, 2016
    7:15 PM


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Luke's Gospel the thirteenth chapter verses six through nine he spake also this parable a certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and he came unsought few fruit their own and found none then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard behold these three years I cane seeking fruit on this fig tree. And find none cut it down. Why cumber with it. The ground and he answer rings turned to him. Lol. Let alone this year old so dig about it and the done it and if it bear fruit. Well and if not then after that shout cut it down. The title of our message tonight. Nothing but lean. Let us pray Father God as we open your word and maybe also open our hearts and yes Lord we will be mindful to give you all the praise on her and glory for we ask it all in your son's name and for his sake. Have you ever wondered why God created you have you ever spent time speculating. And why you were born when you were born while you were plays where you have found yourselves from time to time. Have you ever speculate about your purpose. You know all purpose and the phase of God's earth. Have you ever given for again why you are here. I read a book ones gentleman have forgotten his name now. And he said that when he was a ball. He used to look at a door. Very often. And he would wonder why the door was morning dog and he was born a bore. And then from time to time he would speculate as to whether or not he was indeed the chaing of his spam. Why am I here. What's my purpose on the face of God's earth. Let me interject here beloved where creates everything to serve a specific purpose. It does not just create things for creating them say. Everything that God spoke into existence. He had a purpose for that particular thing that thing was to meant to fold feel. Some role to live out some are. Oh and to fulfill you some purpose the sun for example. Was intended to give her light among other things. Nothing I serve mid to you. That was ever created by God was created just to hang around know everything has a purpose would have it to be so now when God created us human beings as the apex of his creative ability did zenith of his creative ability got all so intended for you and for me. Each of full Philo to meet a role and to live out of responsibility on the face of God's earth. We are special we who hold ourselves human beings what is man that now are mindful of of a Son of Man or the Son of Man whom now has create a teen to whom much is given. I submit to you. Much is expected. Now in our passage of scripture this parable that we find here nestled in the book of Luke loops gospel be find this interesting story. Now the backdrop is that there were those Galileans who thought that they had for others. Had fallen victim to a pilot because they had done wrong. Percy Jesus wanted to correct that kind of thinking and so he told this parable. We are going to lift the parable from its price marry purpose all religion because I believe it's speaks to us here on this occasion at this camp meeting where the theme is Grohl Michigan and so we are looking at nature and we are looking at planting and cultivating an obvious thing and repeating. And so we want to go to this parable a certain man you know the story quite well had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and he came and he sort fruit thereon and found how much everybody found none then said here into the dress of his vineyard behold. I've been coming now for how many years three I come seeking fruit on this Fick tree and find how much again a find none then then then the commanders given cut it down cut it down cut it down. Why cumber with the ground. And he ends the ring said unto him a lot of let it alone. This year also chill I shall dig around it and dung it. And if it bear fruit. Well and if not and after that thou shalt cut it down a certain man a certain man hears our name. But he is purposeful a certain man he hands. No name again. But he has a purpose. There was intentionality with this man because the record says that this man had if the tree per day in his vineyard. Were going to look at. Three movements in the parable in the parade in the passage of Scripture here this evening and we shall call from these three movements as it were principles and true underscore or to drive home the Didache or the teaching that God wants for us here this evening. Free movement as it were the first. The advantage of the fig tree. The advantage of the fig tree to what everybody. And each of the fig tree number one the record says that this certain man unnamed had if Sri plenty. We need not rush past that because you see there was intentionality on the part of the man this fig tree. Was it did not arrive and where it was by happenstance. It didn't arrive where it was by whim or coal incidents nor passing breeds. Had dropped it then no the fix. We was it was way a funk itself because we all know one cheated. Just then. Now let's not again rush past that because you see we as people and Ada nomination. And as individuals all understand that God hold us in. Being as a people and God called us into his church as individuals and God has planted us where we are and we are blessed and we are privileged to have been handed by God. Now you may think that where you or you just happen to be there but I believe that God has planted you there and he has planted you way you with a purpose. With a purpose with a purpose. You are in the family in which you find yourself. Because God planted you there. He knew that he wanted somebody just like you in that family. Now I know some of us we wish we could get out of our families. We think our relatives are crazy. And we happen to be the only saying ones do have a witness in the house tonight. Yes everybody else is nuts. You are the only sane and you wonder can I. How can I get out of this family. I Got News For You. You have been planted there. And there's a reason God planted you there. There's a reason why you find yourself right now our online job. There's a reason right now while you are in that neighborhood on that street goal but planted you there and he has a revision for that. Can I hear somebody. Man. We're still dealing with the advantage of the fig tree number one it was per rented planted but not all he wasn't planted it was planted in a vineyard odd. It was special because you see vines. Grew in vineyards fig trees did not grow in fifteen years but this part to kill of fig tree was planted in a vineyard in an enclosed space in a well ordered well kept environment a place of culture and care and had not been planted in the wilderness all the desert. But in a video a place that calls for skill and faithfulness and vigilance on the part of the vine dress. It was a is special special tree. It had been planted in a vineyard. But notice also that it was a fig tree. Back then feed trees were valuable sources of food. They produced food that was tasty. And the fiqh trees bowl or fruit several times a year they will also use for medicinal Reagan's but figs were also symbolic of spirituality. Old Testament prophets alike in Israel. Languishing fig trees. Jerry mustard for example it easy for people like her rocking free. So there was a theological component to the fact that Jesus here was talking about Fee of big trees again was what word had been planted here not not anything else. And so there was a lot of. Advantage that this fig tree. Could point to number one again. It had been planted it had been planted in a vineyard. And it was a fee tree lot of advantages and as the first movement. It may have been advantageous. But we see on the part of the fine dresser or the owner I should say we see that there was a measure of accountability so firstly the advantage of the tree. Second there really the accountability of the owner what everybody the. Accountability of the owner Luke Chapter thirteen again. Let's look at verse seven then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard behold the three years I came seeking fruit on this Fick tree and find none cut it down. Why cumber with the ground. The owner came seeking the Greek word used here. Translates into seeking in order to find fruit. The owner found none in spite of his diligent search. He found nothing but Lee. As a boy. This wasn't shared in my introduction but I was born in the Caribbean. Incidentally I came in here this evening. I looked around at the flags and I did not see the flag of the land of my birth. I was born in Trinidad in the Caribbean. I see the Jamaican flag. A lot of people think once you're from the Caribbean you're from Jamaica. But I usually remind them no I'm from lower down Trinidad. But I was born in the Caribbean. You know and there are a lot of fruit trees in the Caribbean lots of fruit tree. Let the man. Lots of fruit trees but Nanna's and golfers and pineapples and ya mango. Mango. And we'd be walking home from school often and chance upon a fruit tree hugging way in the hot bowling sun. And I cannot describe for you. The disappointment if as young bowlers Sean. Yeah as I passed the show on down frontier. He was he sat in the front in my class of the seminar here he was in the front in church. You having changed pastor that's all right. Yeah. Yeah yeah I cannot describe for you. The shock and disappointment if we ever came upon a fruit tree and looked for fruit and found none. The disappointment was something. I can empathise with this all you know here looking for a group of luscious sweet fruit and finding none. There was nothing sadder more sad for us as young boys to come upon a fruit tree and to find no fruit to discover that there. We had nothing but Lee. Nothing but lead. You see this fruit tree this freak tree had not been planted simply to look. Please listen to me. Now some of us as Christians all we have to show. Lee. Nothing but leaves. Looking good there was the fig tree in the dark having been praying and. Having been nurtured having been groomed having been been been bent been taken care of our But we all know expected this tree to produce free will not simply to look cool. And so he said. Cut it down. Why does it encumbers or the ground. Why does it occupy this space this advantageous way to be a fruit to be a tree without fruit. Is to be hurtful to be unprofitable to be injurious to be fruitless is to be a parasite an obstacle a hindrance a menace. Why does it encumber the ground. This is what and why it has to say Christ object lessons page to one five the Jewish nation had come to the place where it was not only use less so for as fulfilling the role God had appointed it. It had become an obstruction to the carrying out of the plan of salvation. For others fruitless fig trees and fruit less Christians block the progress of God's work fruitless thick trees and fruitless Christians sit around and complain all day lounge alone. Ladies and gentlemen please listen to me carefully. Treat that are not fit for food. Fit for the fire. A barren feet tree is safe in the wool was then in the vineyard. Why cuz they all are on purpose being a fig tree. Eg specs for not simply Lee. So there is the advantage of the fig tree the accountability of the owner but thank God there is the amazing grace. The amazing grace of divine Tressa. She the onus to get rid of it divine dress beg for one more year. War on more years. Look thirteen verse in it and he answering said until Him Lord let it alone. This year. Also dig about it and dung it and if it bear fruit. Well and if not then after that thou shall cut it down. Aren't you glad tonight that there is Amazing Grace. Even when we are on productive on war pretty even when we have failed to fulfill our purpose and mission. There is the amazing. Grace of the vine dresser who says. Let it all alone give you one more year. Give him another chance. Another opportunity again Ellen why cry subject lesson speech to one to end giving this parable Jesus designed to show their relationship between divine justice and defying mercy and saying up for his Amazing Grace Amazing grace how sweet the SOB. That saved the wretch like me. I once was. But now I'm found was blood but now I see a way yes aimed at the bound Grace. That's much more all up by now. So God is going to give me another chance he's saying no no no no don't cut him down those shut him out. Give me another shot and him dig about him dung around him and if he bears fruit. Well but if not then indeed he shall be cut down. Ladies and gentleman mind message tonight is as short as it is simple you know I used to teach preaching and I tell you to tell my students throw them a kiss keep it short and simple you miss that. K S S keep it short and simple. So I'm going blow you a kiss tonight. Short and simple my Mrs tonight is. I short. As it is and as it is simple we have been placed here to be our first. Corporately individually. You have been planted where you all are you have been given opportunities and privileges. We live in a land of religious freedom when a vineyard in an enclosed place there are parts of this world where you will be persecuted for righteousness' sake. We thank God that we live in a land of religious freedom really as a smilie just toleration we thank God that he has planted us here. Let us bear fruit. This business about nothing but leaves. Will get us nothing. But the judgment of God And so we have an advantage. But the owner is holding us accountable and thank God there is the amazing grace of the vine tress to forgive us and to try US war more times. And tonight. What is the fruit that God is looking for John Chapter fifteen Jesus says I am the true fine and my father is the husbandman every branch in me that be average not flute he take it away and every branch that be able through he perjured it that it may bring forth more fruit. Now you are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you. Abide in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the normal. Or can you be accepted by in who everybody in. In Me I am the vine ye are the branches he that or by that in me and I in him the same bring it forth much fruit for without me. You can do. How much everybody. You can do you can do nothing. If a man abide Nothing me. He is scarce forth as a branch and is with us. And men gather them and cast them into the fire and they are what everybody they all bird trees. Not fit for food. Will be fit for the five barren tree. Is safe in the woods than in the vinyasa. Collations Chapter six my last text. Collations Chapter six verses twenty to one twenty three but the fruit of the spirit is what everybody love joy peace long suffering gentleness goodness faith. Meekness temperance against such there is no law a privileged people blessed people a wonderful people are planted by God. But remember he's looking for fruit not just the. Trees not fit for food will be fit for the far Barin fig. SRI is safe in the wool. That in the vineyard. Let me see your hands if you want to declare tonight. That I am going to vain myself of the opportunity the other the opportunity been extended to me again tonight by the all mighty God and his Amazing Grace. To be fruitful. Yes raise your hand where you are if you really mean that stand your feet with me as we all for a prayer of commitment. And a prayer. Dedication. Father in heaven. Thank you for planting us where we are sometimes we question your placement and your dealings with us. You have planted us in these vineyards. And you want us to bear fruit. Fruit. Repentance fruit of evangelism fruit of soul winning fruit of discipleship. We ask that you would bless us with the fruit with the with the gift of fruitful ness. May we cast all of barren ness and seek to produce lush tasty fruit. For your kingdom. I want to thank you for this great freedom when I thank you for its leadership. A gallon more and his team continual God to bless them and to use them to grow all Michigan to prepare Michigan. For the soon coming of all old and Savior Jesus Christ bless every member every pastor. Every church officer may each congregation be a venue that produces fruit that will be me unto repentance and we want when the owner retire. Again that he will find fruit for his kingdom less this field to this end. We pray. And we ask it all with thanksgiving and joy abundant Sweet Holy and precious and wonderful name of the Lord and Savior Jesus that everybody in this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Please Visit W W W verse or.


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