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Paul: Mission & Message

Chris Buttery
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Paul, a Jewish convert to Christianity, is known for his writings recorded in the Bible, yet Paul was a mighty missionary to parts of the Middle East and Europe. What was at the heart of Paul’s messages? What was his motivating force? Learn more about Paul’s mission and message that dramatically impacted a pagan landscape for the better in this week’s lesson with Pastor Chris Buttery.



  • August 29, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Now we're on Lesson Number twelve we're coming to the close of a quarterly lesson study on biblical missionaries and so if you have your Bibles open if you have your lesson studies available have them open as well we're going to be looking it's really this is the second pot of a two part series on the Apostle Paul. We've been looking a biblical missionary Surat this quarter and the author has taken is taking us are two weeks. Through the ministry experience the life of the Apostle Paul and today's lesson is Lesson Number twelve and it's in title mission pull mission and message. Last week we took a look at poll. Lost Soul and who he was and. And and how he became poll the Apostle. Text as Philippians chapter three verses thirteen fourteen this take a look at that Nabil reading from the New King James version it says brother and I do not count myself to have apprehended. But one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are before or ahead rather I press toward the goal for the prize of the Upward coal of God in Christ Jesus. When we think about the whole we know Paul was. Continue to push. Push himself and the Gospel forward and his goal. He had the goal always before him and he looks forward to the prize. After having achieved that goal. And this was his his life work and purpose to keep his eye on the goal to press forward and take the Gospel to as many people as possible. Could we say that the Apostle Paul did his best after reading more about the whole we could say yes. Then we say the poll. Spread the gospel five. Surely we can. There's no doubt about that. Well let's just do a little quick review heah for us. Those who may have missed last week. Lesson without a doubt we can suggest that the most prominent figure in the New Testament was Paul and as was noted last week he was known as Sol originally before he had a name change soul of Tarsus and is situated there in south central Turkey today and it's an important town on the trade route between Syria or Syria rather and Western Asia it was during pulls time. And he was born of Dyess Burra Jews and it was of the tribe of Benjamin and as a Pharisee he was probably married. However we really only know of his sister and his nephew that's recorded in Acts twenty three verse sixteen. Pole was a Roman citizen and he was educated in Jerusalem probably after he reached by the time he reached the age of twelve he was educated in Jerusalem under the famous rabbi gamma legal. Trade was Ted making he made tents for a living to support himself and his family he was a Pharisee and though in Farrah's He's well known of course for their strict observance of all the laws of God whether it be the moral law or whether it be the extended law that was heaped upon the law which became tradition. He was the Pharisees with strict observance of the laws of God However Sol experienced a tremendous conversion experience it was on his way to remember what city was on his way to Damascus and there he met who Jesus. People often asked the question how can I have a conversion experience how can I act in my life truly be changed. Well polls story tells us. How that can come about. It's in countering Jesus Christ and he met Jesus and there he was converted and on his way back to the mass because he was given through the hands of the church given his met Mrs message of his mission and and he went forward in proclaiming the gospel. The author of the lesson says Paul developed the Christian concept of salvation history all centered on the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul's background as a Pharisee helped him to become a successful missionary to both the Jews and also to the gentiles with his knowledge of the Old Testament and of the Scrabble expansions of the same he was able to extract timeless biblical truths from the tightly woven fabric of Jewish custom and tradition and he did that to make meaningful applications of the truth to everybody who heard his message he was able to differentiate between what was truth and what was cultural additions of the same and that made pole. That that made pull pull in a very strategic position to take the Gospel not only to the Jews but also to the Gentiles to help the early church work through some of the transition that the church was going through one of the major transitions the church worked through was well we start with the fact that Jews Jewish converts to Christianity believe that some of the old traditions were to be kept and they imposed those thoughts on the Gentile converts to Christianity. One of those things was circumcision and the Jews insisted some of the Jews insisted that before a gentile could become a Christian. They must become first a Jew and then they would have become a Christian and this was one of the things that pull. Wrestled with the early church on him when you read his letters. And many times over. He is talking with regard to the ceremonial laws and some of these traditions that were no longer binding on God's people. And so when we think of poll when we think of poll we think of poll is also an author. How many of the twenty seven books of the New Testament did pull for someone may say thirteen but I would suggest. Forte That's exactly right. It is fourteen we include the book of Hebrews sometimes as a little bit of a debate as to where the pole wrote that. But in my mind there is no doubt about it. He wrote fourteen of the twenty seven books of the New Testament and what were some of those Let us what was some of those letters we're going to we're going to question we're going to us. Richard here in just a minute couple of questions. So we're going to get to get your position ready here with if you have microphone Richard and make sure you got a big loud voice with a couple of questions for you regarding poll. What were some of the letters Paul wrote if you remember. You know in my mind I stopped from the very beginning you know when I was a boy we learned a song and we memorized the books of the New Testament to sing it to you because I want to keep you have to this morning. But the Romans shows the second Corinthians elations if Asians Philippians Colossians first and second thoughts alone aeons First Timothy second Timothy tied this tie this. Filament and Heber's there it is Thomas filament Heber's I'm going to check my notes. Yes I got to write very good. So those are the books letters that poll actually wrote Rich a question couple questions for you when you read and you're a student of the Word of God What characterizes what characterized the letters of poll what character. What are some of the characteristics of the letters A poll that come to your mind. I think and Paul's first letter to the church at Corinth he had two themes in mind his first team was for reproof and correction to those who had backslidden and were introducing practices into the church at Corinth that were corrupting the gospel and I think a second point was for instruction and encouragement in those areas that had risen that were confusing to the Church such as marriage the use of food offered to idols and some things like that but I think Paul's main point through not only the first and second her at the end but all his apostles. That he had written. I think his main focus was on. On Christ Jesus and Him risen and that's what Paul it focused on through all his letters and the odds and my second question what was what was the cause of Poles message that was Christ and Him crucified was in it and you have a reference to that is first Corinthians chapter two and verse two. Polls LET is included doctrinal teaching practical applications of the same that let's provide counseling courage meant admonition reproof. With regard to issues surrounding personal faith relationships and church life. Let me ask this question because we think about poll as as writing the letters as well and we writing those letters and we think of pole as being a missionary was pull a successful missionary pose an extremely six was he a busy missionary he was a busy missionary he went on three separate missionary journeys and each one extended the Gospel further beyond the borders outside the borders of Israel. Pole is a very successful missionary Paul preached the gospel from Syria through Turkey and Greece and then into Italy over there to Rome within within a decade Paul established churches in four provinces in the Roman Empire and you got to understand Rome was a rolling empire. So there that territory expanded over a lot of the part of that region. Back then. So he established churches in those four provinces of the Roman Empire and now with that background we're going to run into a lesson on Sunday. We're going to run into Sunday's lesson and let's talk a little bit about Greeks and Jews Greeks and Jews time with your Bibles to first Corinthians Chapter one vs twenty two and three twenty four first Corinthians Chapter one vs twenty two through twenty four first Corinthians Chapter one Verse twenty two twenty four and I have also it. Another question related to this to these verses and I'm going to be coming to you Mike in just a little bit and so I hope you got a microphone. We're going to come to you in just a few moments First Corinthians Chapter one Verse twenty two twenty four. The Bible says for Jews this is Paul writing for Jews request a sign and Greeks seek after wisdom but we preach Christ crucified and notice how each of these two groups responded. We preach Christ crucified to the Jews as a stumbling block and to the Greeks fullish this but to those who are cold both Jews angry. Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God So by speaking poll by speaking of both Jews and Greeks poll designated the most prominent classes of his day you had the Jews and you had the Greeks the Jews were often impressed with the supernatural and why would you think that would be well thank God But if you go back to the earliest history they were freed from from Egyptian slavery in bondage by the hand of God It was a miracle that they were freed. When you think about their wandering through the wilderness for forty years. Did God work miracles to sustain them and to keep them certainly did when you think about him going into the Promised Land. Did God work miracles too in order for them to rout out the enemy and to establish themselves in that particular area. Yes he did God worked miracles throughout the the history of Israel and so this led the Jews to become impressed with the supernatural. They were looking to the miracles and wonders and signs. While the Greeks they were impressed by intelligence and reason but the preaching of the cross. According to what Paul wrote here the preaching of the cross was a stumbling block or the trigger of a trap and that's what a stumbling block is the trigger of a Trappist you stand on that trigger it sets the trap off the person is trapped and so that's the stumbling block. It's a trigger. Of a trap the preaching of the cross to the Jews was a stumbling block for them. The idea of the Messiah the king the one who was going to set them free from the Roman yoke being crucified was was was and was not right in their thinking. You see I didn't understand that what to them was extremely offensive the preaching of the cross to the Greeks It was madness. The idea that someone who was destined to save the world would be crucified. Was she nonsense to them. However whole goes on the same verse twenty four those who see God's plan of salvation as being wise and receive it to them. It's why the power of God when they understand what the Cross really means they understand it brings power into their life to them to love and to move away from a life of selfishness you say to them. It's the power of God And so we see in this particular. This Be particular verses you've got a different response. From different groups of people to the Gospel and his that is the question like it's evident that people relate to truth in different ways question is what can we learn that will help us in our witnessing experience from what Paul wrote here we should start with those things that people can identify with and perfectly lead the discussion of the way ship towards talking about Jesus. OK All right. How can we do that in a practical way. How can you do that in a practical way Someone suggested using what they call the onion approach. Where you peel back the layers in a conversation and you get to the hot of the issue which is which is a spiritual conversation in your relationships and in your friendships. How do you how do you do that. Generally if you're just meeting someone for the first time you don't really have much of a relationship. What type of conversation do you know they have with them. You talk about philosophical spiritual things initially not initially not initially but it does depend on the person. It really does depend on the person but you know me talk about the weather. That is normally that was hot today. And then and then you could leave the conversation from the being heartless thinking. Speaking of hot weather the political season is heating up a little bit. Isn't it. And what do you see the issues are coming up in this election. And then you can then you can hear from them and then you start talking a little philosophical perhaps and is it guns is it going to be national security then you can ask the question do you think that after settling these issues we're really all going to be very safe at all. Anyway. Things are going to improve things going to get better will evil always exist and then you can ask the question and so it's nice to ask before you give your opinion opinion. Do you mind me sharing with you how I see things and if the person gives you permission then you can share. Don't just run off at the mouth but share intentionally and purposefully share what you think share what you understand. The Bible teaches and the Bible says and so from starting out talking about the weather being hot recently. Moving to political discussion moving to philosophical discussions. It's possible you could even reach a spiritual discussion now that doesn't always happen in one conversation. If you're if you're really good. It probably can. But it takes time as you develop those relationships with individuals doesn't it. But the goal is ultimately to do was bring them to bring an individual to the knowledge of your best friend who is Jesus Christ right. Bringing him a knowledge of Jesus knowledge of Jesus leading them to a saving relationship with Jesus. This is this effort is actually an art. It's an odd and not that requires three piece prayer patience and perseverance prayer patience and posts a variance when Paul preached to the Jews. He based his sermons on the history of Israel and he linked crime. To King David and then he emphasized the Old Testament prophecies that the Israelites were familiar with pointing that will point to Christ and then he told his that was telling his death and resurrection there with me to accept a thirteen if you be so kind. Let's just take a look here. I've got a couple of chapters we're going to read or couple of verses here. X. seven someone else has AK seventeen vs twenty two to thirty one that's Robert OK thanks Rob but we're going to come over to you in just a moment but let's first look at Acts Chapter thirteen vs sixteen to forty one. I'm going to read this together because it's important to notice how Paul develops his conversation with the Jews. First Acts Chapter thirteen versus sixteen through forty one and then Paul stood up and motioning with his hand he said men of Israel and you who fear God listen. The god of this people Israel chose our fathers and exalted the people when they dwelt as strangers in the land of Egypt and with an uplifted om he brought them out of it now for a time of about forty years he put up with their ways in the wilderness and when he had destroyed seven nations in the land of Canaan he distributed their land to them by allotment after that he gave them judges for about four hundred and fifty years until Samuel the prophet and afterward they asked for a king. So God gave them sole the king of son of Kish a man of the tribe of Benjamin for forty years and when he had removed him he raised up for them. David as king to whom. Also he gave testimony and said I found David the son of Jesse a man after my own heart who will do all my will from this man seed according to the promise God raised up for Israel a Savior Jesus after John had first preached before his coming. The baptism of repentance to all the people of Israel and as John was finishing his course he said Who do you think I am I am not he but behold there comes one after me the sandals of whose feet I am not worthy to loose Men and brethren son of the family of it I bring him and those among you who figured to you. The word of this salvation has been sin for those who do. Well in Jerusalem and their rule is because they did not know him nor even the voices of the prophets which are read read every Sabbath have filled them in condemning him and though they found no cause for death in him. They asked pilot that he should be put to death. Now when they had fulfilled all that was written concerning him. They took him down from the tree and laid him in a tomb. But God raised Him from the dead. He was seen for many days by those who came up with him from Galilee to Jerusalem who are His witnesses to the people and we declare to you glad tidings that promise which was made to the fathers God has fulfilled this for us their children in that he is raised up Jesus and it is also written in the second Psalm you are my son. Today I have been gotten you that verse thirty four and then he raised him from the dead and no more to return to corruption. He has spoken thus I will give you the sure most ease of David. Therefore he also says in another Sam You will not allow your holy one to see corruption for David after he had served his own generation by the will of God fell asleep was buried and his father's and saw corruption but he whom God raised up saw no corruption. Therefore let it be known to you brother and that through this man is preached to you. The forgiveness of sins and by him. Everyone who believes in just is justified from all things from which you could not be justified by the Law of Moses be where they are for less what has spoken in the Prophets come upon you. Behold you despise us marvel and perish for I work a work in your days a work which will by no means believe you will by no means believe though one were to declare it to you that one would have declared to you. I was about to continue reading but there it is it's a it's a it was a long read I know but did you catch the transition started where everyone was familiar. They understand when we read this for the first time we may get a look. Infused But as we study Israelite history we become become more familiar with it. The Jews appreciated what Paul was saying they respected his knowledge of the HIS of history about poll his purpose was. To lead them to walk to Jesus that his death on the cross and his resurrection were fulfillment of Bible prophecy and he led them from one step to the next Did you notice that is there something you and I can learn from how poll relates to individuals and leading them to the truth. Surely we can sometimes we like to just jump on for you can just tell them everything there is from the very get go but I used to back up a little bit sometimes and just waited to see where person's out and then lead them step by step point by point to an understanding of God's special truth for these days. Step by Step point by point that was Polls polls. Method and sharing Jesus now but when polled preached the gospel. Gospel to the Gentiles. He talked about God has created the entry of sin and salvation. We're going to have Robert go ahead and read for us. X. seventeen twenty two to thirty one another little lengthy passage but you'll see how Paul connect the dots for the gentiles. Let's take a look at that. Then Paul stood up in the midst of their area up a guess and said. Men of Athens. I see I perceive that you are in all things very religious. For as I was passing through against it or in the object of your worship. I even found an altar with this inscription To the Unknown God. Therefore the one whom you worship without knowing I proclaim to you. God who made the world and everything in it since he is Lord of Heaven and Earth does not dwell in Temple in that hands. Nor do you worship with man's hands as though he needed anything. Since he gives to all live. Breath and all things. And he has made from one blood to every nation of men did well in all the faith of the yard and as determine their pretty pointed times and the boundary of their dwellings so that they should seek the Lord in the hope that they might grope for him and find him though he is not far from each one of us for in Him we live and move and have our being as also some of our own you. Poet sad sad but we are also the task. Therefore since we are of the offspring of God we had not to think that the divine nature and thank God it's another stone. Something shaped by art and Mansor vising truly these times that of ignorance got overlooked. But now commands all men everywhere at our plant because he has appointed a day on which he would judge the world in righteousness by. The man whom he had there deigned he has given assurance for this to all by raising him from the dead are good. Thank you. Excellent. Did you notice how the whole dealt differently with the Gentiles in this case the Greeks these philosophers there on Mars Hill where did he start. He started with their inscriptions on some of their idols and some of the inscriptions read to the Unknown God and from there. Paul built his case and revealed to them that they are no god that they thought was unknown is actually the creator and the creator came in human flesh and he died for the sins of the world and he rose again and one day he's going to judge the world. Now this poll was trying to steer their get their attention and when you start talking judgement that's certainly going to get someone's attention isn't it certainly is. Yeah but he was trying to get their attention showing them that the gods that they were worshipping was actually the creator God But what then. Then got the diet reference when they did not was the Creator God and He alone is worthy of worship not these things made of gold and silver and so forth and so a pole started where the people were. And he sought to lead them to Jesus and you notice when Paul was speaking Now some folks in chapter seventeen. Some five didn't accept what Paul said are you talking about the resurrection of the dead. Well let's talk about that later but further down a few verses down some people did believe and they did accept Jesus because of what Paul shared and other things that we can learn from this is no doubt at all. Ways start where people are leading them to Jesus step by step point by point and the lying upon the convincing power of truth and the Holy Spirit. You don't need and I don't need to argue because truth will stand on its own two feet and the Holy Spirit will bring conviction to a person's heart question for us today. And when we read this question for us a couple questions for us might be what what is our faith based on what reasons do we have for believing like we do because you've got to believe to a purpose. Right. You've got to believe your belief for a particular reason and pulled to the Jews and to the Gentiles was trying to establish a good reason for them to base their faith in Jesus the Messiah Jesus the Savior Jesus the creator of heavens of the heavens and the earth. Well there's lots we could talk about but let's go over the Mondays lesson let's continue looking at polls approach in sharing the gospel. Here's a question that like to ask it of us to ask you this before. How do you explain to a fish. That is accustomed to being wet dry is how do you how do you explain anything to a fish right but how do you explain to a fish that is only accustomed to wed what dry is a fish has no comparison to fish has no point of reference. Now when you're dealing with two unequal worlds How do you communicate. Someone suggested that awareness is a largely the product of comparison when you're travelling somewhere and you come back home and you want to tell people what you've experienced and they may not fully understand exactly what you might be referring to you would say something to the extent you know how we here do this this and this. Well over there they do this this and this or you know how Here we have this. Well over there. They have this we use a point of reference a comparison to help a person understand the things that we've experienced use what is familiar to what to those you're talking to to explain to them something unfamiliar. Jesus used comparisons to explain the kingdom of God to people. We know those to be parables he spoke in parables pull. He also employed this method to illustrate what the follower of Jesus looks like Paul used to mean metaphors when writing in his letters the two main metaphors were the athlete in the games and also the Roman soldier. I want to just focus a little bit on the athlete for a moment in in the great times the games were held in honor of the god Zeus and the first A lympics the traditional date for the first Olympics was seven hundred seventy six B.C. they continued to be celebrated. When Greece came under the rule of the of the Roman Empire until Theodosius the first when he suppressed the games in three ninety four ID so the games were held from the earliest times under Greek rule through right up to the time when the Romans ruled that during even polls day in age. So he was accustomed to the games. It was something everyone talked about kind of like here we talk about baseball and we talk about football right. Those types of things and no one talks about cricket and I don't know why but we talk about different things right and so during the celebration of the games it's interesting that it was an Olympic truce was and acted and it was called the Olympic truce. So that place could travel from the countries to the games safely other prizes for the victor will olive leaf wreaths all crowns and the gangs also used to help spread Hellenistic culture throughout the Mediterranean the statue of Zeus at the Olympics was counted as one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. What were some of the main sporting events at the Olympics. Well today they do every year every four years it seems like they're adding another game back there was very simple the main sporting event was running. That's right. The main sporting event was running. Although more elements were added over the years you had boxing was added. And apparently there was no there was just with it was just with this. And then they and then they started using hard leather and metal and some would resort to just using soft leather which it seems is a little a little more gentler and pull familiar with all these games Drew on the games to make profound spiritual points I want to share one of those with you first Corinthians chapter nine and verses twenty four twenty seven First Corinthians Chapter nine versus twenty four to twenty seven and we'll read this together. There are other references and you can write them down first. Timothy six twelve Hebrews twelve one and two Paul talks about running the race with patience and fighting the good fight. Let's let's read the first Corinthians nine versus twenty four to twenty seven and someone has second Corinthians Chapter ten versus four and five is that you Richard. I think you've got there will come to you in just a moment. OK First Corinthians nine versus twenty four twenty seven notice what Paul wrote he said Do not do you not know that those who do are run in a race all run but one that receives the prize run in such a way that you may obtain it. But time on the prize will go on to explain and everyone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown but we four and imperishable crown. Therefore Iran. Thus not with uncertainty. Thus I was fight not as one who beats the air but I discipline my body and I bring it into subjection lest when I have preached to others. I myself should be disqualified or cast away was the profound spiritual truth Paul is writing it is taking the illustration of athletes who are running the sprint the race who who are boxing even wrestling and he draws a spiritual comparison and he says you know as they run you want to run and not give up as I reach for the prize which is just a leaf rethought. Crown and it's perishable you run for the prize which is imperishable eternal and look just as those athletes discipline their bodies and uses the word temperance it's not a word we use here a lot today but temperance is simply means and I want to say moderation in all things that's not the case temperance means. A moving or putting way of those things out of your life that are unhealthy for your body and using judiciously all moderately those things which are good. That's what temperance is abstaining from those things that are harmful using judiciously in moderation those things that are good. He encourages the Christian also to be temperate but if they do it just for a corruptible crown how much more should you do keep your body under subjection have self-discipline take care of your body when you are seeking to receive eternal life. Now he's not saying you can do that to earn eternal life. He's saying as participants of salvation those who receive salvation. You ought to keep your body under subjection you ought to practice temperance and so he draws this illustration Speirs a comparison from the athletes of the day those involved in the Olympics. Paul also referred to the Roman soldiers Rome ruled the world in the days of pole Roman soldiers were made up of various ethnic and national groups soldiers pledge loyalty to the Emperor who promised rewards at the end of a term of service. Paul I'm going to be a couple other references and you can write them down. If Asians Chapter six verses ten through eighteen remember Paul talks takes the armor that is on a Roman soldier and he uses those pieces of armor to describe or as illustrations of of the pieces of spiritual armor that the Christian has the shield of faith the helmet of salvation the breastplate of righteousness and so on. First Timothy Chapter six verse twelve running the race. Fighting the good fight rather. Let's take a look at second chapter ten vs four and five. Thanks Richard. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong. Olds casting down imaginations on everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity. Every thought to be a beauty and so of Christ See there you see there the fight the struggle the warfare talks about the weapons all that Wolf they are not material things but this spiritual you say bringing everything into captivity to the beatings of Christ. These strategies and things talk with regard to the soldier and war and weaponry and those types of things they are uses those those illustrations. He uses those as illustrations to describe the battle we fight. In the spiritual battle we fired in the walk. That we walk as Christians. It can be a fight it can be a battle. Faith is a fight because we war against self and sin and sight and faith can be a race because it requires stamina and perseverance Richard what metaphor for you describe your experience and why I experience it as warfare. Go to put on the full armor of God every morning want to arise and we go out and we're told that we do battle with Satan and his minions sometimes are successful. Sometimes we get wounded show on we get wounded we go back into Christ for the healing but it's a constant battle and struggle in our lives. So I equate it more to a warfare than an athletic competition. OK fair enough and some of us might refer to it as a athletic competition Westway perseverance we're trying to be patient and. But these are the metaphors polar uses to describe the experience and walk with the Lord. Well let's go over to choose those lesson and let's talk about poll and the war we're talking about his message. His mission and his message. What was Polls view of the law. In the English translations of polls letters the word lawyers used about one hundred thirty Times poll put forth great effort in his writings to show that the law that when you use the word law. It carried several meanings in his writings he used the word Lord broadly in reference to rules for religious ceremonies. Civil law health laws and even purification law. He talked about in first Corinthians nine nine The Law of Moses as well as in Romans seven twenty five the law of God He declared that the Lord's holy just and good while the average Jew would not misunderstand what Paul was referring to it because I would read the context. Sometimes it's not so easy for us. Sometimes people and many times I shouldn't say that sometimes were many people even preachers and Christians of other faith have confused poles reference to law and have suggested that when he says we are at a certain law has been done away with their referencing the moral or the Ten Commandments but there certainly can't be the case because he declared them to be holy just and good. And so there's sometimes confusion with regards to to the law that Paul refers to. But if we study and we read it in its context and understand that there is more than just one law in the scriptures will better understand what Paul is referring to want to help us with this time with me. The Second Kings Chapter twenty one when should I notice it's going to do a little quick run around here in the Scriptures want to show you something that I think will be helpful and will help us avoid confusion on this particular subject. What law because you've had you've heard it before and someone some people have even said it to you. I asked you in the last me off suggested to me that the law wasn't the Lord done away with the cross is the law of God no longer valid or hasn't been obliterated no longer Abhisit we're not alone on the obligated to the Second Kings Chapter twenty one verse I want you to notice and I will not make the feet of Israel. God is speaking I will not make the fate of Israel want to any more from the land which I gave their fathers. Only if they are careful to do according to all that I have commanded them. And according to the law that my servant Moses commanded them did you notice that they do notice too to the distinction between two laws you will do all that I have commanded you and then you will also do all. Let who come out of Moses commands you saw right here. You'll notice that God commanded some things and Moses commanded some things God gave a law and Moses gave a law and we understand it will Moses gave us also from God but you see that there's a distinction right here the Bible makes it clear that there are two branches of law. There is the moral or that is the Ten Commandments the deck a log written on tables of stone but then also you have the ceremonial law which deals with sacrifices and so on and there's a huge difference between the two admitted Deuteronomy Chapter ten and we've been around a me. Look at two separate sections of scripture here Judy around me Chapter ten and let's read verses one through five. Because you are because people often say you don't have to worry because the law is being done away with but what law has been done away with there hasn't there is a law that has been done away with and we're going to see which one that is generally Chapter ten versus one through five notice at that time the Lord said to me Hugh for yourself. Two tables of stone like the first and come up to me on the mountain and make yourself an arc of wood in our right on the tables that all the tablets the words that were spoken or on the first tablets which you broke and you shall put them in the ark. So I made an ark of a case you would hew two tables of stone like the first went up to the mountain having the two tables in my hand and he wrote on the tablets according to the first writing the Ten Commandments which the Lord had spoken to you in the mountain from the midst of the fire in the day of this symbol in the Lord gave them to me then I turned and came down from the mountain and put the tablets where in the ark which I had made and they there they are just as the Lord commanded me. So there are certain things that we can learn when we read the chapter ten versus one through five we notice that God wrote this law. He wrote it with his finger if you read Exodus thirty one verse eighteen he was written with his finger it's called the Ten Commandments. It was written on stone and it was put inside the ark. Now let's look at the. The ceremonial or Jeter on I'm a thirty one. You don't want to be thirty one versus twenty four to twenty six. If you don't me twenty. Sorry thirty one twenty four twenty six and we're going to get to Colossians to those fourteen who has that right over here that's James OK cautions to fourteen when it come to in just a moment. So we're in June or on a beach up to thirty one versus twenty four to twenty six notice the writing of Moses he says. So it was when Moses had completed writing the words of this law in a book when they were finished that Moses commanded the Levites who bore the Ark of the covenant the Lord saying Take this book of the law take this book of the law and do art and put it in the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God that it may be there as a witness against you. So do you notice this was a law that was written by who Moses and it was written on state on tables of stone in a book and where was the book placed in the side of the Ark So you see it this distinction between these two particular laws you see and if you go on to read in the scriptures the these these laws were known as ordinances that were Moses laws that were contained in all altars altars offerings and on your face and you moons including meat and drink offerings and ceremonial sabbath days such as for example the Feast of Trumpets. So the question is which law was done away with which LHO was done away with yet the second one. If Asians Chapter two verses fourteen or fifteen and then we're going to read Colossians to verse fourteen in just a moment. Visions two fourteen fifteen says for he himself. Jesus is our peace who has made both one and has broken down the middle wall of separation having a biologist in his flesh the empty that is the world the law of commandments contained in ordinances. So as to create in him self one new man from the two thus making peace what was abolished the Lord. Contained in ordinances and then cautions to verse fourteen thanks so much. James we appreciate it. Having wiped out the handwriting of our parents that was against us which was contrary to us and he has now taken it out of the way having mailed it to the cross having disarmed principalities and powers he made a public spectacle of them triumphing over them and so James which law was done away with the ceremonial law. That's right. So it was a ceremonial law right. The ceremonial law. Can the eternal law of God be abrogated changed modified done away with because if that were the case you'd have to do a couple of things you have to alter the character of God because the law of God is that the moral of God is a reflection of his character. You'd have to you'd have to change the the the foundation. You'd be altering and changing the foundation of God's throne and his government and you just can't do that you see if the law could have been done away with and abolished then frankly Jesus would not have needed to have died on Calvary's cross. That's what Paul means when he wrote in Romans three verse thirty one when he said Faith establishes the law doesn't don't do away with the law. You see all ten of God's commandments are valid today and to be kept by his grace and Jesus said If you love me. You'll do what you keep My commandments you say is that simple pole didn't do away with God's Ten Commandment law he exulted and in a stablished it was my fact the law of God he said is is to highlight what sin is and is to drive us to Jesus drive us to Jesus who is the only one who can wash away our sins Let's go to Wednesday's lesson and let's talk about the cross in the resurrection because that's where the law of God points directs us to Jesus first Corinthians two and verse two let's jump over there. And someone's got Romans Chapter four verse twenty five and I have a couple of questions for that person who's got Romans four twenty five pan. That's right. Right over here. OK So let's go to First Corinthians to those two first. And let's just take a look at what Paul wrote when we referenced it earlier on in our class but let's take a look and read it for ourselves first Corinthians tooth and verse two. The Bible says for I determine this is Paul writing I determine not to know anything among you except to. Jesus Christ and Him crucified That's exactly right. Central to Poles teachings and practice was the cross of Jesus the subject of the cross. However was not taught in a vacuum pulled top of the law gives the knowledge of sin and the law is the mechanism that drives us to the person of Jesus Christ. The only one who can wash away our sins first John one verse seven the blood of Jesus Christ washes away our sins you see at the cross we experience repentance and the assurance of sins forgiven and yet there is more in poll wrote about that in Romans four verse twenty five Pam thank you so much who was delivered up because of our offenses and was raised because of our justification. So according to this verse. According to this verse what else is an equally important to our salvation. There is a raised resurrection of Jesus. OK. Absolutely. What is more important your brain or your heart to keep you alive. Your heart. You've heard that question before I wasn't I didn't trick you are very good. Yeah both sensually essential to our living the cross of Calvary and the resurrection both equally important to our salvation. Now let me ask you. Pam why is the resurrection of Jesus important to our salvation. Well because without it. Christ would not have completed our redemption. Should it be in the grave still going to be in the grave still but he rose again. For our justification as he as he wrote in Romans four twenty five and in that we might experience reconciliation with God and experience I new life in Christ. The Resurrected Christ. That brings Christ brings that power into our lives that we might live for Him not just be dead to sin but that we might be alive to Jesus and that we might live him the resurrection assures us that what Christ has done has been approved by the father and that God's purposes of being accomplished through Jesus Christ. Now the resurrection is very important as a matter of fact is very severe central teaching in the Bible and especially the writings of Paul. My question for you here today regarding the resurrection of Jesus is what is the post purpose of the resurrection of the righteous when Jesus comes back if when a person dies someone who is saved dies they go immediately to heaven. What's the purpose of it. There is no there is no reason for the teaching of the immortality of the soul which is seen in reincarnation praying to saints eternally burning hell and many New Age practices undermines two main key teachings in the Bible. The second coming of Jesus and the resurrection of the just that's what the matelote of the soul undermines you see there would be no need for Jesus to come back. Jesus said I'm coming back for who for you and for me there's no need. If we're already there and also this teaching undermines the resurrection because when Jesus comes back. They are a saints that are in their dusty beds and he's going to do what he's going to raise them up dust themselves off they come up out of their graves with brand new bodies and both the those who are raised and those who are alive will be caught up together to meet the Lord in the end so shall they ever be with the Lord. You can be pretty sure you can be pretty sure that the devil is the perpetrator of the lie of the immortality of the soul. Well we get to Thursday's lesson and really the title of the lesson is about getting along and when we read the story of pole and Barnabas they are in Acts Chapter fifteen we realize that even though they were working together to win souls to Christ. They had a difference of opinion and that's always the challenge when when we work together. There's the. Benefits to working together aren't there. It's not a fact a church ministry is teen ministry Jesus partnered up the disciples when He sent the twelve out and he sent the seventy out in Luke Chapter ten verse one he sent the seventy out two by two and in Acts Chapter eleven the Poland Barnabas and the church in churches worked together to provide goods and services to Jerusalem where there was going to be a famine. So those benefits to two there's no doubt about that support encouragement a given more can be accomplished for the Lord but also challenges come when we work together as attain Poland Barnabus realize this and you can read it in Acts fifteen verses thirty eight forty one. They had a difference of opinion with regard to one John Mark. John Mark at one stage had become timid and a little afraid discouraged and he abandoned Paul and Barnabas in a particular on a particular mission and so when Oliver said hey let's invite him back on by them back. What is Paul say No way Jose not going to happen not going to happen and there was a little contention in so much that Paul and Barnabas went in different directions you say and and Barnabas took John Mark and pole took to himself. Silas and interestingly enough the work spread and it grew there are several challenges that come with the ministry I'll just list these off because time is is up to ministry teachers that even completely committed Christians my experience difficult difficulty and hard as they attempt to work for Christ. Secondly there is a problem of placing the wrong person in the wrong position. Thirdly ministry is purely voluntary meaning that at the slightest provocation some people can and do quit and fourthly because each person carries a responsibility if one person forgets or reneges on his or her duty. It can hinder the work or provide added stress to those faithful. Parties. The solution to the challenge of teamwork is an accepting your God given place in the church and doing what God has given you to do is pull. And as exemplified in the ministry now and eventually John mock redeemed himself in the eyes of pole and pole exhibited forgiveness and understanding in so much that later in second Timothy Chapter full of us eleven. He referred to John Locke as a fellow Labor and so there's always restitution when we when we consider the gospel the message and ministry of pole continues to provide inspiration and encouragement to people everywhere. Well none of us can be polled because Paul was just pull you can be you and you God can you God can use you in wonderful ways of bringing Jesus and His truth to others. God is equipped with varying tools that you can use in his service knows what those tools are and employ them in the building up of the work of golf is that what you do. That's what I want you to be used to going to continue to build up God's work into is a function of his life. That's what this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermon Visit W W verse or.


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