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The Cross (Within & Without)

Chris Buttery


The fall of ancient Israel didn’t happen over night. As tragic as it was, what events led up to her captivity? What led to the ultimate demise of ancient Israel? And is there any lessons we can learn from history that will prevent us from falling prey to the enemies schemes as Israel did long ago? These questions are vital for us to understand. Join Pastor Chris Buttery as he answers these and many other important questions surrounding this topic.



  • September 19, 2015
    11:30 AM


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Welcome to Sacramento central Seventh Day Adventist Church and thank you for joining us for central study hour. Wherever you are and however you are tuning in we are so glad you're here. Now I'd like to know Has the Lord been faithful to you this week. Amen faithful enough to bring us together for another central study our other holy Sabbath day and our first him this morning is great. Is it by faithfulness to sing our praises to him. Linda and Rachel Dixon from Highland California have requested us to sing this with them. Let's do the first and third verse of one hundred. Her next song was mourning is him to eighty six the Lord is grateful it's be. Because we study His word and live them in our lives wonderful words of life comes as a request from. Brazil and Laura in Bogota Colombia the first and if you have a special request please visit us at our website. SAC Central dot org click on the Contact Us link Be sure to tell us where you're from. And she's any song that is in the hymnal and will be singing them with you in the coming sabots our last song this morning comes from our topical index that is the Holy Spirit will be singing him to sixty five breathe on me breath of God the first second third and fourth verse. This morning we are for you to bring your Holy Spirit within us and with your fire in eternity and we ask Lord this morning that you are either brings us a lesson study and we pray that you will open to us. Continue to study truly word. We thank you. Course for your holy and we think you are loving us in. Our lessons study will be brought to us this morning by Pastor Chris. Our senior pastor at SAC central church. Good to see you this morning and. Joining us we're glad that you as well. Glad that you are doing so we want to make sure. You don't forget to call in for your special. As we do each week of this presentation or you can share with somebody else. For. One and you just need to call nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven or e-mail us a C.S.H. at SAC central and we'll be happy to get that out to you. Also just to keep in mind that these presentations are also on our website and you can access the study notes that the president is teaching from and you can also download the actual Sabbath school lesson right there on the same side. So just click on the C.S.H. Bana and it will take you to right way. You need to go if so we try to make this as easy for you as possible and we're just looking forward to getting it right into our next study. Lesson number two in the book of Jeremiah. And so we'd like to invite you to turn your turn in your Bibles to the book of Jeremiah and we're in. Lesson number two. So if you have your study guide with you. Let's let's open that as well and let's take a look at. At today's lesson that you enjoy reviewing the lesson this week. The prophetic calling of Jeremiah was last week we talked about Jeremiah we talked about who he is a was how God called him and then today we're going to talk a little bit about the condition of Israel at least Judah the that portion of Israel that Jeremiah was sent to the prophecy prophesied to and to essentially warn about the incoming on coming and impending conflict and crisis and that's the title of the lesson isn't it that crisis within and wail. And without within and without and we're looking at our memory text here is taken from Jeremiah chapter two and verse three and the Bible says Israel was Holiness to the LORD God had separated Israel to himself for a holy purpose. The first for. Roots of his increase and all that devour him will offend disaster will come upon them says the Lord and this is a very very interesting Bible passage. Because as we get into today's lesson as we study more the book of Jeremiah we come to find out that this assurance wasn't always there for Israel. This seems to be more of a conditional assurance based upon Israel's obedience to God and to his will. You see and it's very very interesting story a very sad story that we're dealing with a prophet who was it was sad himself often because of the iniquity and sins of God's people and the messages the warning messages he had to bear. Crisis what is a crisis. Well the dictionary defines crisis as a time of the intense difficulty danger or trouble. That's that's a crisis or a time when an important difficult decision must be determined or must be made. Of course you'll hear the word crisis used in reference to many different things right now economy or at least. Yeah I guess we could say our economy if we we look over to Europe and we think about Greece we think about the economic all the financial crisis over there. We think of the energy crisis saw. Here in Northern California the water crisis. We have fire and then of course thinking about what's happening over there in Eastern Europe and Syria. You have the migrants all refugee crisis. You have some refer to the lack of support for veterans as a crisis there is women crisis and not that women create crisis you understand that's not the idea but there are women who are in critical crisis situation situations there is marriage crises. Emotional crisis and then some people are suffering from Identity Crisis and the list could go on and on and on crisis management you've heard of that term crisis management is the process by which a business or other organization deals with a sudden emergency situation and in moments like that it's good to have a plan and so they'll tell you there's about seven steps you've got to have a plan. Number one number two identify a spokes person someone who can speak on behalf of the company be open and honest keep employees informed communicate with customers and supplies update early and often and don't forget social media. OK let folks know what's going on. So when we talk about crisis there are many different crises but the the worst type of crisis opposing can face is a spiritual crisis a spiritual crisis. You can know the extent of a crisis by observing what it takes to get out of that crisis. When you consider the human race you consider planet Earth our condition and the effort made to get us out of this meth mess and what was the effort has been made to get us out of this mess sending Jesus Christ the Son of God to come here on this to this planet to live as a man to suffer and die the cool death on the cross and of course he didn't stay in the team did he rose from the dead ascended to heaven and there into seas for us promising that he's coming back to take us home soon. Great Lantz heaven went to to rescue us from our condition which which speaks to the the severity of the crisis humanity in Planet Earth. Facing the best word to describe our situation is crisis. Surely now the worst crisis a nation can face is also a spiritual crisis God's people at the time of Jeremiah the prophet experienced a spiritual crisis a crisis within which was of much more concern than the threats of approaching war the. To nil conflict and it's important to realize as we studying that the outside threats. Could have been dealt with successfully if the spiritual crisis within had been solved. That's a very important principle to consider as we're going through today's This week's lesson. External crises could have been more successfully solved if the internal crisis a spiritual crisis had being sold and I would submit this morning that it's the same for us today. Isn't it. Charlie. Now if we are at peace with God and He has our hearts we are in a much more favorable position to handle the external external crises that come as a matter of fact when we when we are in God's Hannity has a hot we can know that we are going to be preserved and protected to a certain extent by him. God isn't interested necessarily in spoiling his children sometimes negative things do happen bad things do happen to good people even to Christians and and God allows those things to happen to test us and to try us and to refine our characters however. However he does care for his people and that's something that we can certainly know and if we are if we are faithful to him then and we invite Him into our lives then we can know that he is near us and knows that whatever we go through he'll be with us. It's come to Jesus before. It's come to us hasn't it. And we can know that he's measured that and weigh that up to determine to what extent. That thing that we go through. Should be should. Should come to us and and how will. How will love affect us in certain ways God's primary purpose is to refine our characters and to allow in the effort to allow us to become more like Jesus you see when we are outside of God's will then God backs off God's a gentleman and he doesn't ever impose himself upon a person he says he is my will. This is what I desire you to do. Here's what you can do to to allow my blessings to come to your life but if you. Refuse those things that I can't do anything more for you except plate plate with you. I'm not going to interfere if you're asking me not to be in your life. OK now but if someone's praying for that person if someone's praying for us and God is God is free to work a little bit more in that person's life. You understand. It's amazing how this great controversy concept works and we could talk more about it but when we are outside of God's will and His plan for us it's going to be difficult for us to expect that he's going to prevent So things from happening because we live in anime territory. Yes this is our father's world but he's allowed the enemy to rule to a certain extent in this world. Well let's go over to Sunday's lesson. Let's do a quick history and kind of catch us up to Jeremiah as time has us and let's let's go into it now. Jeremiah he was a man called in his youth from the priest city of and if off and and he became as someone Tim Tim the hot broken prophet with a heartbreaking message to the southern kingdom of Judah during the last forty years of Judas existence as a kingdom and so Jeremiah came on the same at the tail end of Judas existence essentially his messages of warning by. In Tia's of compassion a record in the recorded in the Bible book that bears his name. Now it's a book. It is a book not easily not easy to figure out the chronology. It is hard to figure it out. Topically. As someone suggested Jeremiah because he had a broken heart. It caused him to write a broken book and so when you come to the book of Jeremiah it's not all in sequence it's not quite a logical and so it's not always easy to figure out the chronology. And the reason this individual suggest is because he was a broken had a broken heart and therefore he wrote this broken book yet the book. Contains appeals designed to reach the hot all of God's people. He was the prophet of hot religion. He was the prophet of hot religion as will see begin to see in today's lesson. Now first just a little bit of history the beginning of Israel's woes essentially started. And you can beg to differ and that's fine. Essentially about eight hundred years earlier for around fourteen hundred B.C.. When a new generation rose up after the death of Joshua that according to judges Chapter two did not know the Lord. Keep your finger in Jeremiah. Let's go over to judges and I have someone reading for us judges Chapter two verses one through ten who's got that for us here this morning thanks. Diana Dunn has got that force where in Judges Chapter two verses one through ten and I have a question for you too. Diana so stay tuned. The judges Chapter two are going to come to in just a quick moment essentially Joshua had led the children of Israel into the Promised Land and Joshua eventually died he was one hundred ten when he passed away and for a little while the children visual same to do well seem to do well without that visible Leda except Caleb had stepped up to the plate and was helping for a for a certain period of time but after the death of Joshua a new generation had arisen and they didn't know the Lord according to job judges to tend the light a crisis of Jeremiah's time had been festering for centuries and this shows us two very important things Number one the insidiousness of Sin Sin is gradual The devil doesn't come to you and and just just causes things to become unraveled generally quickly he works but some pieces at a time causes you to crack the door open put it puts a foot in the door and then before you know it that door is fully open and a person is living in open flagrant sin it happens gradually see. And second the second thing we can learn from this being that this crisis was festering for centuries but we can learn that God has tremendous Mysie he was patient with his people he was he was full bearing he was post severe in with his people he didn't give them and he used various means and methods to to what to bring them back to him. And he sent his prophets with messages of warning just like Jeremiah to coach them back to help them realize that God loved them. He had a plan for them. And yet many times they listened but many times they turned back to that's kind of what the book of Judges is about Diana. Just up to two those one through to it's kind of lengthy but then the angel of the Lord came up from GAD to poach him and said I lead you up from Egypt and Bochy to the land of which I swore to your fathers and I said I will never break my covenant with you and you shall make no covenant with the inhabitants of this land you show tear. Tear down their altars but you have not obeyed my voice. Why have you done this. Therefore I also said I will not drive them out before you but they shall be thorns in your side and their God shall be a snare to you. So it was when the angel of the Lord spoke these words to all the children of Israel that the people lifted up their voices and wept. Then they called the name of that place and they sacrifice their to the Lord and one Joshua had dismissed the people the children of Israel went each to his own inheritance to possess the land. So the people serve the Lord all the days of Joshua and all the days of the elders who outlive Joshua who had seen all the great works of the Lord which he had done. For Israel not Joshua the son of an in this. Nine. The servant of the Lord died when he was one hundred ten years old and they buried him within the border of his inheritance at ten and here it's in the mountains of the frame in on the north side of the Mount. When all that generation had gathered to their fathers and other generation arose after them who did not know the Lord nor the work which he had done for Israel. Thank you so much so you don't know what caused the crisis according to those verses they didn't remove the enemies of God rod. Yeah it's a matter of fact if you go to if you go to chapter one vs twenty seven to thirty six. You'll notice the delineation of the lackluster efforts of the various tribes that did not completely drive out the inhabitants of Canaan he became a continuous name as was red to the people of God God's purpose was to displace and move out the enemies of God in Canaan they had filled up according to Genesis filled up a cup of iniquity and and so this was judgement Israel coming in removing them was judgment upon a very perverse. A very sick people and if you read a little bit about the history we know about these people groups they were performed things that were like streaming on savoring one thing that they did was that I sacrificed the children to their gods and without blinking an eyelid. This was a very perverse people and God had used Israel to bring judgement upon them. You seem to displace them but according to the verse. This is read what what happened. They didn't do. They drive them out. God said drive them out of the mouth and he said I'll go before you know I'll do it for you if you're faithful to me. It will be some effort involved and some cooperation surely but I will do this thing for you. And so on for. They decided not to drive them all out they got a little lazy and other people became a constant snail to the children of Israel because of their adulterous practices and God's People often. Succumbed to their influence and unfortunately became out of wish worship as themselves. The Bible says actually that God suffered the heathen nations to stay. According to judges to verses twenty one to twenty three to prove Israel. He allowed them to stay to prove Israel Another was to try them in the sense of bringing trying experience that will awaken the person to their true condition. So God doesn't tempt anyone he doesn't he doesn't bring He doesn't bring temptation to a person to cause him to to be tried into sin. He certainly he will allow these things to happen but he doesn't bring the temptation. So he God allowed the people to stay to prove God's people in the sense of trying a person. Going through a trying experience of awaken a person to their true condition God hope that they would learn that apostasy from him distancing themselves from him. Does not pay and certainly that's the case. What lessons can we learn about the danger of piling up with sin or anything in our life that weakens our faith in God and our fidelity to him. What lessons can we learn about the danger of piling with sand the Israelites refuse not to drive out that we could inhabitants and they look constants near to them. Is there something is there something is there is it important for us if we notice there is something in our lives. That's not pleasing to God to drive that thing out by the grace of God. What is what did James say submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and what will he do. He will flee from you draw nigh to God He will draw nigh to use. And so God invites us by the grace of God to drive the that attitude that sin whatever it is an ally out because that thing will become a constant snail. Two to us. Does that come on is another question does the come and drive them out still have force for us today. Surely you know even in the church. If there is if there is a gross in an individual's holding on to that obstinately the church works or is certain loving. Patient disciplinary measures so that the Church of God can be preserved and the truth can remain pure and that can continue to press on and move forward. So that others might be saved as well there are things that we can learn from the experience of the Israelites Here's another question how does James Chapter two verse ten help us understand the danger of harboring sins your member what James to those tenses if we keep the lawyer in all points yet I guilty in just one weird way guilty of how much. Of all that you know the Ten Commandments are not like ten pins if. If you roll a ball a bowling ball down you knock over a few a few remain that's not how it works the Ten Commandments are a whole you know down one you knock down the entire law. You see. James two encourages us or at least teaches us that we are only as strong in Jesus as our weakest link. Whereas only a strong morally as is our weakest link. How important is it therefore to chase that thing out of allies by the grace of God Let the Spirit of God drive that thing from our lives one cherished sin can be and will be our downfall. Just as pride transformed Lucifer into Satan. Must we drive sin out of our lives by the grace of God with God's help Sure all that sin will become a snake to us and we ought to let God do that work in our lives. Now that continuum of the story God raised up judges after Joshua and the elders passed on in this new generation by the way. How important is it for us as parents to pass on passed on the truth. The torch of truth. The baton of truth to the next generation. It's extremely important isn't it the next generation that came up after just when the elders did not know the Lord that speaks volumes to the. Kayleigh snus with which the that generation had passed on the truths of God and His will to their children very important that the truth of God is perpetuated with a parent's hand on the baton to our children and their children's children you see. But anyway. God raised up judges you can read that in judges to verse six thing but just one would deliver them from their imprint just as one would deliver them from their presses then they went back to the art of worship and the imitation of the nations around them. If you read the book of Judges it's an up it's like it's like watching a tennis match back and forward and they're doing well and then they're not doing well they're doing well then they're not doing well. Back and forth like a see saw you see after the time of the judges the nation into the time of purchase relative peace and prosperity under the rules of King Sol David and Solomon which lasted about one hundred years after the death of Solomon However Israel was split into two factions Israel to the north and Judah them to the south. So let's go to Monday's lesson in this talk about the two kingdoms. We're still doing a little history we're catching ourselves up to the time of Jeremiah we have to understand that what happened in Jeremiah is time didn't just happen overnight. This had been festering and brewing for years constant pushing back on God's messages from the prophets constantly pushing back on God's will and his wife and. And then repenting and coming back to God but not fully releasing the idols out of their lives and then they fell again and this back in full this thing continued on and on for centuries and. So let more of them and there's less of this talk about the two kingdoms. Let's go over the first Kings chapter one and someone Chapter eleven rather someone has first kings eleven verses one through four. OK and fantastic thank you very much want to come to you in just a moment first kings chap. Eleven. This is one through four in just a brief moment here. So the blame for the breakup of the Nation of Israel. Really can be squarely placed on the shoulders of Solomon. Who started out so well and trusted God and depending on his promises but ended up drifting away from the Lord one small step at a time because that's all that really tykes one small step at a time I thought would you read for us first kings eleven verses one three four things. King Solomon loved many strange women together with the daughter of Pharaoh women of the mill abides the Ammonites you to meit's. Don't Ians and Hittites of the Nations concerning which the Lord said and of the children of Israel. Ye shall not go into them. Neither shall they come in under you for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods Solomon Klavan to these in love and he had seven hundred wives princes and three hundred concubines and his wives turned away his heart. For it came to pass when Solomon was old that is wise turned away his heart after other gods and his heart was not perfect with the Lord his God as was of the heart of David his father so knife and what led to the downfall of Solomon and ultimately Israel. Well as it states here the foreign women and also you could say having more than one woman. OK. And these women were foreigners one thing. These were women who worshipped foreign gods pagan pagan women. Certainly. And these women influenced Solomon to the point that. He served God with divided hot which in turn heavily influenced the nation around him to stray from God as well for if Solomon the king. Could allow idols into his home then what would prevent the people from letting them into the house. The. Way of the nation the way of the King goes the way of the nation. We've got to be very careful that the devil's insidious he moves slowly suggests certain things gets us to doubt shakes loyalty and fidelity to God and His Word and His truth and before we know it we could be we could be have drifted five. Far from the Lord. Just like Solomon. Solomon allowed these. Idols into his home in the way of the King with the way of the people and certainly the enemy seeks to lead us astray through many devices apart from sensual pleasure. What are some of the other strategies the devil has up his sleeve. How does this. How does practicing Exodus Chapter twenty verses three and four help preserve us from falling prey to the devil schemes What does excess twenty three and four. Tell us that I shall have no other gods before me may come to the any graven image or any likeness of anything under the etc etc So the devil has many many schemes many tricks to try to deceive us and get us trapped. You see and one of the things that he seeks to do and that is to prop up certain cherished idols in our lives and it doesn't have to be one made of gold or silver all Wellwood it could be anything it could be your favorite sports team. It could be a musician. We cannot allow just about anything as a matter of fact in patriarchs and prophets page three hundred five. We're told. Whatever we cherish this is very interesting Porton whatever we cherish that tends to lessen our love for God What it into feel with the service Jew to him of that do we make a God It's that simple. It's that simple. Let me read it again. Whatever we cherish it tends to lessen our love for God or to interfere with the service due to him that do we make a god and the and that and the devil brings things into our lives even things that are bad that seem to take preeminence and cause us to have as she put it less an elephant. Gotten into feel with the service that we that is due to him and these things we make. A god it's very interesting now. Solomon. Did repent and he was sorry for the mistakes he made that the damage was done. However And then God declared that the Kingdom was to be defied but not before Solomon's death. Jeroboam Logic God through a prophet came to a bomb and told Jeroboam that he was to rule the northern ten tribes and that rehab. The son of Solomon one of Solomon's vacillating sons because he was from his mother was an ammonite worship of the pagan gods and so was Solomon son really a bomb kind of was caught between the worship of the true God and the worship of the false gods. He was to rule the southern the southern tribes there were just two of them. Judah and Benjamin You can read that in Kings Chapter eleven vs thirty one to thirty six now after the death of Sullivan Rio Boehm was coronated King and given the opportunity to bring relief to Israel who had been heavily taxed Jurong Solomon's reign and remember the story they collected all rejected the wise counsel of the elders and added to Israel's burden and as a result this rash and of course the rash decision was irreversible as a result the kingdom was split there was a coup. There was a rebellion and. He was not successful in getting what he wanted. And afterwards. Same to fortify for several years seem to fortify the cities of of Judah protect himself from the external. Potential crises and you can reading Second Chronicles Chapter eleven verses sixteen and seventeen that real bone was not successful at this because of his own efforts but because Judah had given themselves over to God to lordship and the reason that happened is because a number of god fearing individuals from the northern tribe left the northern tribe and came down into the southern kingdom and. And thus brought with them their fidelity to God in their faithfulness to God and exerted a powerful influence in the southern kingdom in so much that was successful. Even the rear bone ended up. Not taking the full advantage of the opportunities got a given him and it up rebelling against God giving himself a toy Dollar Tree now all the while Jeroboam in the northern kingdom fearing that the people would go down to Jerusalem to worship and thus lose his influence with the people he built two places of worship counterfeit places of worship one in Dan and one in Bethel and and he didn't use the Levites as priests but chose his own the Bible says of lesser people or of lesser men. You see and from this point on Israel suffered a steady spiritual decline. These are the circumstances that bring us closer to Jeremiah's day for fifty years fifty years within fifty is after the death of Solomon the king became that was I have at the time the King became an idolater the queen was a heathen and the capital city boast of the temple to bail and so for over two hundred years Israel had some in the wind and they were about to reap the whirlwind. So what happened when seven twenty two B.C. shall Massa King of Assyria put an end to the nation of Israel and what he did was he transported all its inhabitants to different parts of his kingdom you can read that in Second Kings Chapter seventeen those one through seven and affectionately. Causing Israel to disappear from history for a time for a time the southern kingdom was spared this humiliating and at least for now some kings served God faithfully if you read the history of Judah some of them got faithfully but unfortunately others slowly and gradually led you to deep into apostasy therefore exposing them to the plans. Of the Babylonians by the time. Jeremiah came on the scene Judah was close to being subjugated by this foreign power. God had sent Jeremiah to help them and avoid what seemed like the inevitable. So let's go over to choose days less and let's take a look at the problem. Let's take a look at the issues. What happened what brought about. The subjugation of Judah to the Babylonian power. Jeremiah two. Let's read verses one through twelve and we're going to come to someone who's got Jeremiah two thirteen who's got Jeremiah two verse the pain. All right over here. Dr Ron OK will come to you in just a moment. Jeremiah chapter two and verse thirteen we're going to get there. Let's read Jeremiah two verses one through thirteen first notice what what it says moreover the word of the Lord came to me. Jeremiah saying Go and cry in the hearing of Jerusalem saying. Thus says the Lord. That says a lot. I remember you the kindness of your youth the love of your betrothal when you went after me in the wilderness in a land not so in Israel was Holiness to the Lord. This is our scripture reading and the first fruits of his increase all that devour him will offend disaster will come upon them says the Lord hear the word of the Lord our house of Jacob and all the families of the house of Israel. Thus says the Lord what injustice have your fathers found in me but they have gone far from me have followed idols have become idolators neither did they say where is the Lord who brought us up out of the land of Egypt who led us through the wilderness through a land of deserts and pits through a land of drought in the shadow of death through a land that no one crossed and there was no and where no one to weld I brought you into a bountiful country to eat its fruit in its goodness. And when you entered you defiled Milan and you made my heritage an abomination. The priest did not say where is the Lord and those who handled the Lord did not know me and the rule is also transgress against me. The prophets prophesied by Bale and walked after things that do not profit. Therefore I will yet verse nine. Therefore I will yet bring Chad. Which is against you. Says the Lord and against your children's children I would bring charges for POS beyond the coast of Cyprus and see send a kid. Ah and consider diligently and see if they has been such a thing has a nation changed its gods which are not gods but my people have changed their glory for what does not profit. He was Stalinist be astonished by heavens as this and be horribly afraid be very desolate says the Lord a lot of sad history lay behind the impending crisis that Jeremiah was to prophesied about Israel's initial holding this to the Lord when He brought them out of Egypt was lost. To God had brought them into Canaan after which time the prophets prophesied the prophets of by old and noticed the reason why judgment was coming. Dr wrong could you read for us. Chapter two verse thirteen Jeremiah to verse thirteen for my people have committed to the evils. They have for saken me the fountain of living waters and human themselves cisterns broken cisterns that can hold no water. OK thank you very much. So here God says to two problems. Two things I cam the fountain of living water and the huge themselves their own systems germ I use is very interesting image to illustrate that two fold sins of Israel. Archaeological excavations often encounter assistance hewn into rock and they covered inside with plaster that were used to collect rainwater like a rainwater storage tank or or a tank of some type and however the water inside those tanks often became stagnant and the plaster inside the system would end up cracking so that all the water would run out. That's what was happening. The image demonstrates the contrast between truth and substitute as the author of the lesson puts a surrogate substitute religion between God's provision. Of life and manmade imitations of the same when we dig our own systems to preserve a different type of water from what God provides it's an exercise in futility. It's doomed to fail from the very beginning as I'm not sure. Israel embraced a surrogate religion by erecting images as a representation of God by building rival temples to the one in Jerusalem and establishing a new priesthood outside the tribe of Levi Judah on the other hand had embraced a surrogate religion by placing the confidence in their knowledge that they were following God's plan which led to a formal empty loveless type of religion. Jesus interesting only came to the woman that the well and you can read the story in John chapter four verse fourteen. He says that if you drink of the water that I will give you you will never thirst the water that you drink from this. Well it's going to be thirsty. Shortly thereafter. You can keep coming back and drinking but the water that I will give you. It will be a spring of water welling up inside of you and everlasting life. So God is the source of living water you want to know the secret to. To eternal youth Jesus he has the he is the fountain of living water and he continues to flow and bubble over that life giving water to you and to me. What did the spirit of what is the Spirit of God say and in Revelation chapter twenty two he that he that he that will hear me let him come let him drink of the water of life freely it's a free gift and the Holy Spirit is inviting each each individual to drink of this living water to not huge whew hew. Out for themselves systems for themselves. You see we can talk here about theology from in and talk about righteousness by faith versus righteousness by works because essentially that's the issue here. God's people were depending upon their own works their own version of what they believe to be truth versus God's method his plan and trusting Him by faith instead they did their own thing to. In what way can we be embracing is a question for each one of us in what way can we be embracing substitute religion and forsaking Christ can we be placing our confidence in pastors and priests rather than going to Jesus out true High Priest Sure there is a church on earth that that is a substitute religion for the truth instead of going to Jesus for the confession of sins you go to a confessional instead of coming to Jesus the Bread of Life and receiving his cleansing blood there is the transubstantiation where the priest talks over the wife or in the and the wine and says hold us corpus meum and all of a sudden that becomes actually the blood body and blood of Jesus which. Which doesn't happen. There is a there are religions that put tradition above the wood of God. These are ways in which we can to substitute. True Religion for a substitute or Sarah get religion you see God presents his people. Interestingly enough as playing the prostitute if you continue reading in Jeremiah chapter two verse twenty. He says that they were playing the prostitute in other words going off to other gods for say King him. He calls them a noble plant that had become degenerate because it is said it come from an alien vine that's verse twenty one. Verse twenty two he refers to his people as someone trying to clean themselves with soap but cannot get clean and then in verse twenty. There's so much I could talk about with these things the powerful illustrations but he talks about his people who bring bring dromedary or she camels that break away from their owners and then in verse twenty three twenty four female while donkey that's in heat. Israel is essentially committing spiritual adultery and running after other gods to help her in a time of crisis. Who do we run to in our moments of crisis. What do we depend upon when we are facing an emergency. Do we. Trust God to we trust Jesus. So we come to his word and embrace his word and let him work out his will his purposes for us. Do we trust him. Let's go to Wednesday's lesson got a few minutes to get through today's Babylonian threat. During the early days of Germany's ministry which is around the seven early seventh century three great nations a Syria Egypt and Babylon was struggling for supremacy for supremacy. Under Beneful a Syria had reached its peak and was in decline Egypt had thrown off the Assyrian yoke and was seeking to regain its form of dominance in that region with. With Never pilasters rise to the throne of Babylon the rise to the power gave rise to the power of the neo Babylonian Empire. The fate of a Syria was eventually sealed with the full of Nineveh and the new Babylonian power became the dominant power now underneath the second Egypt challenge the sudden rise to power Babylonian power never can as of the second son successfully met the challenge in commission six zero five B.C. and Babylon replace a Syria as the dominant world empire. That's what's going on right there was against his political backdrop that Jeremiah did his work and that Judah was Judah refused to heed the messages of the Prophet Judah was essentially caught between and was involved in these military battles Judah became a vassal state of Babylon and one of those under one of the besieging of Jerusalem Daniel and his three friends were taken by magic and as at another time is equal the prophet is equal was taken this is all around that time you see Judah was caught between these battles and Judah became a vassal state of Babylon Jare JOHO of him king of Juda could only stabilize his country by swearing. Allegiance to the Babylonian King and next week's lesson. We'll talk about the five last kings of Juda that's in next week's lesson. However many didn't want to be loyal to Nebuchadnezzar they wanted to fight and free themselves from oppression. Although that wasn't what God intended. However with me to Jeremiah twenty seven verse six notice of these. Interesting words Jeremiah twenty seven verse six. It says. And now I have given all these lands this is God speaking I've given all these lands into the hand of never can as the king of Babylon my servant and the Beast of the field. I have also given him to him you see the sun rise of Babylon had not taken God by surprise. Babylon was in God's hand as an instrument to bring about to bring about certain disciplinary measures for God's people. God had hoped that in bringing Babylon to Judah and Judah being subjugated to battle on it would cause Judah to turn back to God Jeremiah twenty five. This is a through twelve I had someone reading this but I'm going to read this force because because of time. Let's go to verses eight through twelve it says if they fall of us say if a lot of house because you have not heard my word bald I have sinned said and behold I will say and take all the families of the North says the Lord and never can as of the king of Babylon my servant and will bring them against this land against its inhabitants and against these nations all around. I will of only destroy them and make them in astonishment a hissing and a pecial desolations those ten more of I will take from them. The voice of mirth the voice of gladness the voice of the Bridegroom the voice of the bride the sound of the millstone and the light of the land and this whole land shall be a desolation and in astonishment and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon How many is seventy years then it will come to pass when seventy years a completed that will punish the king of Babylon and that nation the land of the Kal beings for their iniquity says a lot and I will make it a perpetual desolation the people didn't listen to the prophets. So God said I'm sending Babylon that you are going to be. Subjugated to them for seventy years but then I'm going to punish them and you'll be freed you'll be released to be able to go back to your people. God is good as any he tells them exactly what's going to happen and it happens exactly as he said it was going to happen. The question for us today is do we listen to the prophets ourselves that we listen to the prophets inspired prophets who listen to the inspired messenger of the Lord how many times have we insisted on believing or doing something even though we've been given plenty of evidence that what we wanted to do or believe was absolutely wrong. Isn't that the definition of insanity knowing that what you're doing is wrong and you insist on doing that thing. Surely you know let's go to Thursday swearing falsely Jeremiah chapter five in verse one Jeremiah five and verse one through three The Bible says run to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem see now and know and seek in her open places. If you can find a man and if there is anyone who executes judgment who seeks the truth and I will pardon her those I say is the Lord live surely they swear falsely Oh Lord. Not old are not your eyes on the truth. You have stricken them that but they have not grieved you have consumed them but they have refused to receive corruption. They have made their faces harder than Iraq and they have refused to return when God asked somebody to run through the land of Juda to find someone who is almost in truth. That's God's way of saying that it's going to be very difficult to find someone who's honest and true remind you of Abraham and God's interaction and discussion. I won't destroy Sodom. If you can find fifty people and in Sodom that are righteous Abraham and eventually that number was whittled down to ten and still Abraham couldn't find ten people and saw them that were righteous this is how desperate and how terrible the situation was in the land of Juda. I want to read a couple of quick verses as we close someone has Matthew chapter seven. Verse twenty one twenty three. Matthew seven twenty one to twenty three when it come to you in just a moment swearing falsely he will folk who were saying they were following God and yet were doing. Contrary to his will. It is nine hundred twelve says and you shall not swear by my name falsely nor shall you profane the name of your God I am the Lord to swear by God's name falsely is to take hold on to his name to carry his name and yet run after other gods do your own thing is interesting in Matthew Chapter ten verse thirty two and thirty three. Jesus said therefore who have a confesses me before men him will I also confess before my father who is in heaven. But who have a denies me before men him will I also deny before my father who is in heaven. How can we deny Jesus how can we swear falsely bear bear false witness of Al service and I work for God and desire of ages pastry fifty seven. We have these interesting words the disciples might speak fluently on doctrines that might represent the words of Christ himself but unless they possess Christ like MCNESS and love they were not confessing Him a spirit. Contrary to the spirit of Christ would deny him whatever the profession men may deny Christ listen by evil speaking by fullish talking by words that untruthful or unkind. They may deny him by shunning life's burdens by the pursuit of simple pleasures. They may deny him by conforming to the world by uncourteous behavior by the love of their own opinions by justifying self by cherishing doubt borrowing trouble and dwelling in darkness in all these things that declare that Christ is not with them and that interesting. And then in Matthew chapter seven vs twenty one and twenty three. We have these words. Not everyone who says to me nor lord shall and the kingdom of heaven. But he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to me in the day the Lord nor how. As prophesies a new name. Damages in your name and many wonders in your name and then I will declare to them. I never knew you Depart from Me you who prog does allow that. This is the most dangerous position a person can be in thinking that they are saved and in a saving relationship with God and yet fully lost and so the warning is there for each one of us isn't there a warning for us to make sure that what we what we preach what we preach is what we practice the warning is there for us to be faithful to God's word and to understand at his very foundation the Lord God can help us the Law of God can help us be led astray by the various things that the Devils try to pull us away to the law of God's very clear his of things I'm asking you to do and to not do follow me and all will be well we need to be careful about not only knowing the truth but practicing it which is a sure safeguard against self deception. Well the time is up and it's been a great lesson. There's so much to talk about in the study message was to warn God's people they did the hear they became subjugated to Babylon God eventually freedom and release them lesson we can take away from this lesson is that God persevered with his people. God is gracious to his people sends us warnings and the question is will we listen. The question is will we heed what we followed God's will in His Word. Will we take his words and do according to his word by his books. God bless you and thank you. Those of being Joining us now where you've been tuning in from Don't forget to call in for the special Also it's often the a C. two one five for one seemed to one five for one just e-mail us at nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven Feel free copy. Let us know if you want the CD or D.V.D. version will be happy to get it to you. So glad that you join us. We look forward to seeing you next week. Yeah as was a as well as.


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