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What Jesus Said About Himself

H.M.S. Richards Sr.
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Angels Singing O'er the Plains - King's Heralds

Silent Night - King's Heralds

La Virgen Lava Pañales (Spanish Carol) - Del Delker and King's Heralds

Christ Is Born - King's Heralds

God Is Love - King's Heralds


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If the drum didn't. Cheer. Crying in the wilderness of these modern days prepare you. Prophesy studios in Los Angeles California. We welcome you to this half hour of inspiration and music transcribed with the king's arrows and H.M.S. Richards of prophecy speaker. The king's heralds have just recorded a new arrangement. One of the best love carols Silent Night. It is for two quartets with first tenor solo and done by multiple recording. Did you. You did you you. You. You. You. It just are you. It is. It's is. Is a and. I am. Hit A Our Heavenly Father we thank Thee for the birth of Jesus Christ by an Only Son our Lord. We thank God for the message to their service of peace and goodwill to may bless our broadcast today that we may bring his message of hope to the hearts of the millions in Jesus name is of Larry son of quality it relentless near to the Oh of course the players were soon Kyin Old Mole lair just one of the one hundred thirty on the road. Jesus blessed Redeemer sent from the heart of go home to us before dear to the heart of God. Let's use our gift of the Word of God to the glory of the giver and to the satisfaction of our personal needs in the quartet to bring us a Spanish Carol that has been broadcast in the language of Central and South America. Or the Virgin washes swaddling clothes. Richard's message for today and what Jesus said about himself a contemporary Carol about Jesus' birth death. Is. So. At this happy season of the year when friends remember friends family reunions are taking place in the spirit of Christian fellowship envelops the world we hear the voice of prophecy headquarters wish to send greetings to all our fellow believers and to all friends everywhere. God bless you. One and all are subject what Jesus said about himself. There are people alive on earth today who have no birthday. That is no record was made of their birthday. Or the records been lost or in some other way the actual date of their birth has been forgotten. Yet the fact that they are alive proves that they were born. They do not have a birthday. As far as records go but they do if they only knew one hundred years. Nobody knows the exact day that Jesus was born. If it had been very important for us to know. Surely the record of it would have been clear in Holy Scripture. And ancient traditions have suggested various dates as Christ's birthday. Among them the twenty fifth of December which is popularly called Christmas. But we know that Jesus was born thousands of people saw him he healed the sick. Raised the dead. He spoke as never man spake before or since. Therefore he was born and we thank God for it. The ancient prophet Isaiah had declared behold a virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a son and they shall call his name Emmanuel. Which means God with us. That prophecy written seven hundred years before the birth of Jesus was truly fulfilled. He was Emmanuel he was God with us for large numbers of people this part of the Advent story has lost its meaning. Robert E. Look describes how dramatically this is illustrated in the experience of Life magazine in preparing its Christmas issue not long ago. If a tug of war had been sent to the school of San Rocco in Italy to get pictures of the wonderful Tintoretto murals of the Nativity. He tried to photograph these exquisite paintings in natural color but failed. He used every conceivable kind of light. But he was not successful the colors just wouldn't come true and clear. And very careful examination it was discovered that these wonderful murals of Christ Nativity had been overlaid with for centuries a vibrant dirt and dust. The radiant beauty of the original colors. Would not shine through. And last a photographer tried Polaroid light and then the authentic colors were caught my scammer. What a perfect parable if he is of the real meaning of Christmas or rather the advent story. For centuries. It has been overlaid with traditional varnish with commercial dust and dirt until it has become only the sweet story of a baby in a manger. For whom we may be moved with pity. Or the occasion of organize commercialised vulgar Carnival and celebration. So that millions today fail to see the glorious wonderful majestic. And eternal fact of the Emmanuelle God with us. We are liable to project that Jesus came not to propound an idea but to do a work he came to redeem a lost race for that redemption it was necessary that he take human nature. That he become truly man and yet remain God. The Incarnation Christ's coming in human flesh was necessary because of sin to accomplish the atoning sacrifice of redemption on the cross Christ was God with us as a means to an end and that end was our salvation. Did Jesus say that he did. And here are his words in John three sixteen. For God so loved the world. That he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Using this name Emmanuel God with us in its wider sense the truth is that God was in Christ as the Apostle Paul said. Reconciling the world unto himself second Corinthians five nineteen. Our Savior came to this world as the divine Son of God in order to bring us eternal hope and sell vision. What about the preexistence of the Son of God. Did his life really begin at Bethlehem. His own words settle it forever. Here they are in John seventeen five his prayer. And now father. Glorify the army with vinyl and self with the glory which I had with the. Before the world was that's clear enough through him and by him. God created all things. This is plainly stated in the very first verse of the Gospel of John if we compare it with the third verse all things were made by him. And without him was not anything made. That was made of Jesus not only made all things but in Him We read all things consist all whole together in Colossians one seventeen he is called the Alpha and the a Mega the beginning in the end the first and the last. As we read in Revelation twenty two thirteen. He and He alone could bring man back to God. Only he who was God could by becoming man. Save man from sin and his wages death. He must become man substitute can die in his place he did this. He came he gave his life he who was in the form of God. Thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation the apostle says and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of Maine. And being found in fashion as a man He humbled himself and became obedient on to death. Even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also had highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow and they will eventually read this and Philippians of second chapter. Jesus was the son of my. And he was the Son of God for a second Corinthians five nineteen it is written God was in Christ reconciling the world. To himself. Jesus has told us that God was his father my father work with him. There are two and I work he said as we read in John five seventeen. He was saying that the creative and sustaining activity of his father and of himself. Had known no cessation from the beginning up of that very moment. Therefore because of this saying his critics ought to more to killing because he said that God was his father. They recognized his claim to divinity in fact the original idea here makes it even stronger as it might be translated that God was his own father making Himself equal with God. We find another saying of our Lord Jesus Christ on this subject. In the ten chapter of St John's Gospel thirty of verse I and my Father are one. He said. From this statement they again took exception and tried to kill the Emperor Theodosius at one time deny the deity of Christ when your son. Arcadius was sixteen years old and produced cited to make a mist partner in the government. The great men of the land assemble to congratulate the new wire or of the imperial purple Among them was a bishop named amply S. who made an able address to the Emperor and was about to leave when Theodosius cried what do you take no notice of my son and the man of God went up to the lad Arcadius and putting his hands upon his head said the Lord bless thee my son. The Emperor is aroused to fury. What is this all the respect you give to a prince whom I have made of equal dignity with mice. Self. The Bishop replied Sir you do so highly resent my apparent neglect of your son because I do not give him equal honors with yourself. Then what must do you turn will God think of you when you degrade his co equal and Co eternal Son to the level of one of his creatures. Said the Emperor judged their proof to be just. It was Jesus himself who said that the father had committed all judgment to his son Jesus claim to be God and to be equal with God It's important for us to know that today. He revealed God to the world he himself said he that has seen me. Has seen the Father also John fourteen in the beginning was the word that's Jesus and the Word was God. That's Jesus the same was in the beginning with God He was full of grace and truth. Jesus our Savior. Yes he revealed God and God is love alone old love in effable by saving name is given. To turn aside from the he is hail to walk with he is heaven so too are mortal eyes. Dude flesh vague but not conceived we know in the the fatherhood and heart of God revealed. It is low that Roane. To be low there is no. Los Lobos globe is Los Lobos. Oh it is where. Globe is loaded lead lives in the low fi safely where. To be. Life is. It is low low that is loafs low. Whoa whoa this is our Viber Sinestro see it. Minister of the voice of prophecy saying that is the shepherds watch the heavens to find the babe in Bethlehem. Let us seek our Savior by looking up and going forward in faith have faith in God the Father by the son revealed have faith in God the Son of man appealed have faith in God through Jesus Christ our faces see you have faced your friend in God we hope this transcribed program of ours has served to give you spiritual strength for the coming week and now we invite you to join us again next week at this same time for another broadcast brought to you by the voice of prophecy this time of the year. We hope that all around the circle of the world our radio friends will remember us in prayer especially on Thursday mornings. That's prayer day with a voice of prophecy. We pray here you pray there will be bound together in prayer the Lord bless thee and keep to the Lord make his face shine upon the and be gracious on to the Lord lift up his countenance of Bondi. And give the peace.


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