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The drum and cheer. Jesus is called and this is the voice of prophecy lawyers crying in the wilderness of these modern day prepare you the way of the loan. From our voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California. We welcome you to this half hour of inspiration and music with the king's Harrell's Dell DELL career. Brad Brayley and H.M.S. Richards the voice of prophecy speaker that is the strength of the story would be a if you a good or a. I. I love to hear. A list of players a show me love love love love love love love love it is such a large life is the strength of the star. Oh I love you for a love. Oh God said I maybe it is you look for a period in your good. Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name bless us today. We pray thee and help us to on Earth via name as revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember everyone who listens and may the voice of prophecy broadcast bring blessing to them in Christ's name a is of their soul of quote relentless near to lose all over. Oh look for there is where the soon current Old Mole legist Oh it's month golden own Jesus bless. We sent from the heart of God hold us before the to the heart of God all over. Load the king's arrows now offer a song about the dearest name in earth or Heaven only a snake you misname enough on the ends leave you just now in mind have no one but the follow the IT WAS GOOD MOVE ON HIS WAY lovin sod on. Yes ma'am. To is the name from the follow. Well you. Oh my solo That's what of. The. A Los we listen to Mr soloist her song is a musical setting of a poem entitled pray or perfect or loaned to. Waiting game will up. Here now is H.M.S. Richards the voice of prophecy speaker subject. This man. There's only one subject for Christian preachers and that's a man the man Christ Jesus a young minister just beginning his work in London was talking one day with an aged servant of the Lord. Who had spent a whole lifetime in the Christian ministry the young man said you had a good deal of experience and know a great deal about the work of God Can you give me some advice some advice that will help me toward a successful ministerial career. Yes I can. You this advice. You know that in every town in England. No matter how small even though it's a mere village hidden away in the folds of the mountains wrapped around the far off sea or under a clump of farmhouses you'll find a road. Possibly a very narrow road which if you follow it far enough will take you to London. So every text in Holy Scripture from which you approach always have a road that leads to Jesus. Be sure you follow that road never miss it. Not even once never turn aside until you reach him. This is my advice to you. Friends that's a good advice for every preacher. It's not for us on this broadcast to attempt an explanation of deep theological questions. The voice of prophecy doesn't try to give a course in systematic theology in a few minutes we're on the air in fact this may never be necessary for the believer. But we do have the plain simple statements of the Holy Bible in which to rejoice simple statements of holy writ. In which to rejoice and be glad and upon which to base our faith in Jesus is our savior. It is plainly written that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself second printings five nineteen not only was Jesus Christ divine. But he took upon him the likeness of man he became a man. He became a man so that he might die for the sins of the whole world you read that in first John two verses one and two he is actually called the Man Christ Jesus. You'll find that in First Timothy two five. Again and again in. Again in the New Testament He is called this man and of course this draws our attention to him as a real living person a man among us here on the earth his worst enemies said of him. This man receive a sinners and Edith with them look fifteen to you. Jesus didn't separate himself from human beings because of their Seon. But he associated with them to deliver them from their sin when he made it clear that he knew he was the Son of God His enemy said this man blessed famous Matthew nine verse three in spite of the miracles he performed in the holy life he lived on the prophecies he fulfilled. They were not willing to accept his credentials as the divine Son of God because He came as a man to this world. When he stood before the Roman judge who was a keen observer and a reader of human character. And who had heard all the evidence against him. The verdict was I find no fault in this man. Luke twenty three for that was a carefully studied official verdict. There was no fault to be found in him a little later as Jesus hung upon the cross the criminal who was crucified by his side said to his companion who in his agony was condemning and cursing the crucified Savior. This man has done nothing amiss. That's Luke twenty three. You and I are criminals. We're suffering the just reward of our deeds. We are paying our debt to society we deserve what we're getting but this man has done nothing wrong that was the conclusion of a man acquainted with C N N crime when he looked upon Jesus and as the darkness came down upon the earth at noon the earth trembled and Jesus cried that strange and bitter cry my God my God Why has it all forsaken me the Roman soldier guarding the cross in voluntarily exclaimed truly the. This man was the Son of God. Mark fifteen thirty nine years later. Looking back to these events and the things that followed the inspired writer said but this man after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever sat down on the right hand of God Hebrews ten twelve and there he is today. This man Jesus born into this world as a man living here as a man and yet at the same time the divine Son of God had been with the father in the beginning this Jesus this man who lived on this earth who suffered and died upon the cross making atonement for our sins on Calvary's Hill. This man is alive now today at this very moment at the right hand of God why did his own nation disown him because by his purity and by his teaching he condemned their lives until INRI Belial against his pure and holy life they cried out away with this man released onto us barabus Why did pilot the stupid. Keen minded and naturally just Roman judge that he was why did he turn Jesus over to the man who put him to death. Why did he do it because he heard the frightening words if I'll let this man go now or not. Caesar's friend John nine hundred twelve. In spite of the injustice to Jesus in spite of the blot on pilots record as a just judge he was about to turn Jesus over to his accusers. Because to defend him would interfere with his own march to political success. Pilot must have Caesar's friendship he must have access to the source of power. No one must come between him and his career. Therefore the just judge became unjust and condemned Jesus to crucifixion what this man Jesus did and what he does now and what he will do in the future. This is the subject of the New Testament and of the whole Bible. How can anyone. I preach a Christian sermon without preaching about Jesus. Mr Spurgeon the great layman preacher of the last century once said he had heard of ministers who could preach a sermon without mentioning the name of Jesus from beginning to end. But he said if you hear such a sermon be sure you never hear another one from the same man. If a baker should make a loaf of bread without any flour in it I would take good care that he should never do so again as far as I was concerned. And I say the same of a man who can preach a Christ a sermon let those go to hear him who do not value their souls but our souls are far too precious to be placed at the mercy of such a creature and let us all say amen to that. Now you know friend it is perfectly possible for any of us to be absolutely Orthodox professing Christians to be sure that we're saved from perdition. And don't know all about Jesus as the man of Galilee and the man of Calvary. And yet really be ignorant of this man in the very way that will bring salvation. When Philip climbed up into the chariot and travelled along the Gaza row. He found a man in charge of the vehicle reading from the prophecy of Isaiah fifty third which is definitely a prophecy of this man Jesus Christ the Son of God The Bible says that beginning at that scripture he preached on to him Jesus. That's actually a chapter. Jesus was the subject of his preaching. He preached this man is the redeemer as the one wounded for our transgressions bruised for our iniquities if we find salvation in this man it must be as already Deemer crucified for us and making it complete and final indeed turn a little meant for the sins of the world when he died upon the cross. There he made one sacrifice for ever for us who believe in him he brews ten ten. Jesus was this man an actual human being here on earth is he still this man or is he a mere spirit essence or a ghost read the scriptures for yourself Revelation one eight hundred first care. Fifteen. He is now and ever more this same Jesus which was taken up from his disciples into Heaven and He shall come in like manner X. one eleven. Isn't it thrilling to think that through the eternal ages it may be our privilege to look upon Jesus this same Jesus who is here on Earth. To see the wounds of the nails in his hands the marks of the crown of thorns upon his brow his feet pierced with the nails this man is the mediator now between us and God this man he can lay one of his peers that hands upon us as God He can lay the other pierced hand upon the very throne of deity as this man he can sympathize with us being touched with all the feelings of our infirmities yet without seeing Hebrews four fifteen as a man yet God He opens the door of mercy and grace to us. In EVERY time of need. Seriously honestly fairly friend. What do you think of this man. Seek alienated Christian leader in China. While in this country spoke at a certain modernistic church on the West Coast at the conclusion of the message. The young couple came up to him and confronted him with this question. Why should we exported Christianity to China when you have Confucianism in your own country. Well there are three reasons that there is a Godly Chinese teacher and preacher. First of all Confucius was a teacher. Well Christ is a savior. And China needs a savior more than she needs a teacher second Confucius is dead and Christ is alive. China needs a living Savior third someday Confucius is going to stand before Christ to be judged by him. China needs to know Christ as a savior before she meets him as a judge this can be said of every country every nation every people every person on earth. So I ask you the question what do you think of this and. And upon the cross. What do you think of this man who will judge old man and you what do you think of this man who speaks from heaven. What do you think of this man who is Lord of Allah. So we preach Jesus Christ as LORD YES LORD of om X. ten thirty six our last and most direct question is this Will you have this man to reign over you and guide your life will you accept his atonement for your seeing Will you accept His guidance in this life on the road to eternity has may not. Oh Gentle Savior hear my humble cry while in others. Our calling Do not pass me by. Me. Say. Lohse. Whoa. Yes. It's just. One of those. Oh no. We should never forget that Jesus serve his ministry while just a young man. Let us follow in his footsteps and go forward in faith. Now here with a final word is H.M.S. Richards a Seventh Day Adventist Minister thank you. Orville Iverson and to role we say have faith in God see clear his great design have faith in God The promise yours and mine have faith in God and Christ our Lord divine face dear friend in the hope that you will be with us again next week for another broadcast brought to you by the voice of prophecy the Lord bless. The and keep the The Lord make his face shine upon the and be gracious on to the the Lord lift up his countenance upon me and give the peace.


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