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Delayed Gratification

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • January 27, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Heavenly Father we're so thankful for your word we're thankful for. This wonderful day that you've given us to set apart to put away our neighbor of the week. But I pray that your Holy Spirit would be with us just now. Guy give wisdom. In the name of Jesus. Back in the nineteen sixty S.. A. Series of studies. Were conducted that moved into the seventy's by a man by the name of Walter Mischel and he was out of Stanford University in this study he was on one of the characteristics that is one of the key characteristics one of the key components to people's individual success in life probably many of you have heard it in many of you maybe of even seen some of the videos of the children who were in the studies it was the it was that. Famous marshmallow study remember that study it basically if you see in it the they took a little children ages about four or five they were preschoolers and they put them in a room with be you know one of the researchers in the researcher would sit a little child on a chair there's a table in front of them and the chair there and the child the sitting on the chair and they have a plate in front of a child and it has one marshmallow on it and the child is told they said listen you can't eat the marshmallow but if you're willing to wait I'm going to leave the room and if you're willing to wait when I come back I will give you up to marshmallows and so then the researcher leaves the room and when they leave the room there's video cameras on the child the child probably doesn't recognize that they're being taped but the little child is sitting there and there's nothing to do because there's nothing else in the room so they're sitting there looking at the plate and. One of them with a marshmallow on and so the kids are looking at it and in the videos hilarious because the children are literally doing things like you know they're trying not to think about it some kids are you know getting closer and closer some of the children get up and they even smell they sniffed the marshmallow and some even go so far as to literally lick the marshmallow but they're struggling I mean but some kids immediately just grab it needed and they don't even wake you know and so they're looking at delayed gratification. They're looking at children and what happens now the fascinating thing is they notice that some children like I said immediately snatched that marshmallow and ate it some children lasted a few minutes another researcher would leave the room for a total of sixteen minutes and some of that can you imagine for a four or five year old sitting in front of a marshmallow for fifteen minutes with nothing else to do I mean this was tempting This was seriously something some of the children actually made it the entire fifteen minutes and so they succeeded in delaying their gratification Now the researchers then came along later when these children had grown up a bit and they were now adolescents. And now they say they've looked at the lives of these young people to find out how did it compare how does their present life as an adolescent compare with their life as a small child and what the what the researchers discovered is that what the child was like when they were four or five was virtually unchanged obviously they grew up and they were older and they had our intellect but the children who immediately snatched it had greater struggles in life the children who were able to delay their gratification the longest were actually able they were much better on what they were doing much better for instance they had higher S.A.T. scores the ones who had stronger you know delayed. Gratification they they were less likely to become overweight the ones who could delay their gratification and I guess that would you know with the marshmallow situation that might give you a hint there but also they were less likely to be you know I hope done drugs or abusing substances these kinds of things so this is something that actually took on much later in life now some don't know that they went on literally forty years after that after their first time their first experiment now I've done it originally in the sixty's to the seventy's they came back forty years later and tested them and they found that it was still virtually unchanged that their character in general had followed them throughout their lives though it had begun not not that the character began but the study had begun at the age of four or five their lifestyle had kind of continued on and you could tell someone's character to a large degree based upon a four year old experience it's interesting because just this week I was looking at one of those quotations maybe in Child Guidance or somewhere where it talks about if a child. If the child is not well trained by the age of three she goes on to talk about seven also but she says even by the age of four Read it will be March harder later Rob And it's interesting so these children are already come out of their three year old they were four year old and their character stuck their character stuck and delayed gratification versus instant gratification this is something that is important it is something that the Bible talks about over and over not only in making statements about it but we also see examples in people's lives people who were able to delay their gratification we also see people who who couldn't who saw something and they wanted it and they want now. I think of someone who had been in a desire for instant gratification it was one of the judges His name was. Samson you remember he sees a certain woman and the wording in the King James is this gets her for she pleases me well now I mean this man saw something and he wanted right he wanted it immediately this is what we see but the Bible has statements like an ecclesiastical Chapter seven verse eight is better is the end of the thing than the beginning there are in the ancient in and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit so it says Better is the end of the thing than the beginning their off meaning this is this is something that you know something like a university student or I mean any of us can can have various aspects of our life but I think of a a student right now you're going through school and I ask almost any student goes to school here and you know I asked So how are classes going and what is one of the most common things you hear it is difficult right it is tough it's you know it's really really tough going to school so there's so much work so many things you have to memorize so many you know you know whatever it is you're just struggling and so it's interesting but the Bible says the end of a thing is better than the beginning there UK meaning you know while you're in the midst of something while you're starting off some something in your life it is not always so enjoyable sighing fun sometimes you actually just think like me and I just want to give up but the end of the thing is better than the beginning their own meaning and then it says in the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit so if you are patient if you are doing if you work your way through and do not give up the end of it there's something that you enjoy at the end when you finally get that diploma you rejoice knowing that you finally accomplished the goal that you were seeking to fulfill and what a blessing. It is you know the Bible talks about and talks about this experience and in First Corinthians Chapter nine twenty four twenty seven Paul tells us it's interesting because he tells us that athlete sports stars in his day he says that they were people who were willing to sacrifice. Personal or immediate gain for a future reward. That's what Paul talks about he says no not that they want they that run in a race run all but one receives the pride us and every minute strives for the mastery is temperate in all things he says now they do it to receive a corruptible crumble we in Incorruptible he says so run that you may obtain he says either so there I therefore so run not as uncertainly So fight I not as one that beats the air he said but I beat my body and bring it into subjects unless that by any other means I myself should become a castaway this is what Paul said and so Paul so they in his day there were supports stars there were athletes who were seeking to gain a wreath upon their forehead and they were willing to sacrifice a temporary wonderful meal or sacrifice their time they were to be there willing to be temperate maybe even going to bed on time whatever it was they were willing to be temperate in all things so that they could achieve their goal that was somewhere in the future that in his day and it's interesting because Paul's concept of this is look these people these people are doing it for secular means they're doing it so that they can be number one he says only one receives the prize he says there. Doing it to be number one they are doing it for a temporal advantage a temporal you know goal eight trophy as it were that's what they did he said Well we he said shouldn't be we be willing to do the same thing for any turn. For something that is beyond our wildest dreams so Paul gives us this picture Paul gives us this picture than in his day the athletes who do it and you think about it it's true I mean if if athletes if movie stars if so many people are willing to be temperate in their lifestyle they're willing to eat a certain way to get a part in Hollywood right you see people in Hollywood they're willing to put on weight for a a movie they're going to be in they're willing to lose weight they're willing to eat whatever they have to to get that part they're willing to do it and the idea is if these people will do it for some earthly reward shouldn't we be willing to sacrifice. For our God and what we're going to do is we're going to look at a few different people in the Bible we're going to look at multiple people in the Bible who had. Exhibited delayed gratification we're going to look at four people four people that exhibit this characteristic The first one I'm just going to share with you about without turning there the first one I think of it is right in the book of Genesis it was a young man by the name of Joseph. Now Joseph in a very beautiful way. Exhibited this characteristic of delayed gratification you think about Joseph was a slave at this point meaning his own brothers Satish sold him to the Ishmael lights and so now he's brought into Egypt while he's in Egypt. He's a slave he's in the house a pot of for pot or for has a wife and you could think about it be. Because. There's not a lot of hope for a sleigh right I mean imagine being a slave you don't own yourselves you can only do the best you can with what you have but you are owned by someone else. And Joseph in this time. Here he is in there's a woman there and she finds she must find him attractive or maybe she just like being a minute general but for some reason she was attracted to this young man she was attracted to Joseph and as a slave he may never from a human perspective he may never get to a chance to be with a woman this may be his only opportunity and talk about enticement I mean it's one thing you know people just go out to a party and they struggle with the temptation of sleeping around right even though they know they could do it they know they could do it this weekend or next or whenever they want potentially because that's just the world we live in I mean it's it can be quite easy but here's the thing in Joseph stay at for his situation. He was not his own he had been bought with a price by part of. But it's interesting he chose. To say hey I'm going to sacrifice my temporary pleasure for my God he said how could I sin against my god which is one evidence by the way people some people think the law wasn't given until the cyanide some Christians out there believe that but obviously sin is the transgression of the law and Joseph said how could I transgress the law of God like that you understand I couldn't do that against my god because he wanted to be faithful to the one who actually had bought his soul not something human master but he had a heavenly master that he was yielding he use life to and because he was faithful because he was faithful. God brought him out of that situation first he had to go from the from you know being a slave he went from the prison. And finally he ends up making it to the power. So he goes to from the prison to the palace but finally gets the opportunity to have a wife he has children so God fulfilled it when he was faithful and how good it is to actually save ourselves into we are. Just like God So we're not to even look upon a woman but going further we should be looking at pornography but we also shouldn't be sleeping around. And so Joseph was faithful he was faithful during this time while he was a slave and he was faithful all up into his higher position when they finally became one of the prime ministers of Egypt now the second one we look at if you have your Bibles turn with me to Hebrews chapter eleven the second one here is an Old Testament individual but we're going to read about what Paul says about him in the book of Hebrews we're looking in Hebrews chapter eleven. And we're going to begin in verse Heber Shapter eleven verse twenty four Hebrews eleven verse twenty four we're reading about Moses our second exhibit Exhibit B. of A man who was able to delay gratification it says in Hebrews chapter limbers twenty four by faith Moses when he was come two years refused to be called the son of Pharos daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures or the pleasures of sin for a season now before before we need further I want you to think about this my wife just was reading was it was a patriarchs of prophecy she was reading patriarchs and prophets and she read equal Taishan to me. And I don't remember this I've read page there are some prophets in the past many of you got in the past and you remember this but I had forgotten so Moses you may remember you and me we all probably remember so he was you know he he was the Hebrew young boy he was put in the little ark in the water and and pharaohs daughter found him and he was nursed then by his real mother and they were just kind of summing up the story very shortly but then he gets to the point. Where Moses becomes the heir apparent to the throne of Egypt and this isn't all in the Bible does and Page arcs of prophets but he becomes the heir apparent to the throne in Egypt we're told Page are some prophets and we're told that in order to actually become king of Egypt Moses would have to be initiated in to the he even mystical rites of Babylon not battle out of Egypt rather And so there he is he's given this opportunity and yet he you can imagine it's a struggle because imagine you can become the king of the most powerful nation in the world. I mean what an opportunity and he realizes if I do it will mean that I'm denying my maker my Creator my true God. So having that in mind that this man was in line potentially to become the king of Egypt and we read it again notice what it says there in verse twenty four by faith Moses. When he was come two years refused to be called the son of Pharos daughter. Choosing rather to suffer of selection with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of seen. For a season is steaming the real prole Church of Christ. Greater riches than the treasures in Egypt for he had respect and to the reckoned. END. Of the reward by faith before Egypt not fearing the wrath of the king for he endured as seen Him who is invisible think about that he let go of Egypt now he lived in the greatest city in the world at the time. This would be like maybe living in New York City like living in L.A. So you're living in this one and you're not just living there you live in an opulent mansion you don't just let your not just do it you're not high class you are the elite of this nation you have all the opportunities all the food you have everything you could possibly want as a human being everything is actual fingertips and then you get to become King and King I mean it's not like being a president of the United States right we still have you know Congress we have we have other things that can stop your wish. Not so with a king a king does whatever he wants right. And so this man gets this opportunity and yet he says no I'm going to go I'm going to leave this city think about this this would have been probably the best place in the world to party to have a good time and yet he leaves it all and goes and does country living. Yes or no. He said Yeah I'll become a shepherd right I mean I'll leave everything the greatest things in the world I'm going to let go of. For going out there and not only that so they goes out there for forty years forty years and then he ends up later coming back to be God's people to the promised land. But he was willing to give up all the riches fame the accolades of humanity everything to be faithful to God because he saw him who is invisible. And he recognizes. A God in heaven who is more powerful than the king of Egypt. He was going to be faithful to him because there was a reward maybe not here he didn't even get the earthly reward he got to see the promised land but he didn't make it in but he knew he knew there was something that he would see after he rose up from the Great Moses is exhibit. B. Exhibit C. The Bible tells us. In Hebrews Chapter twelve we can read it there were already in Hebrew cbers Chapter twelve or so one and two Exhibit C. is Jesus himself wherefore seeing we also are come past about was so great a cloud of witnesses let us laid aside every weight in the sin which does so easily beset us. And let us run with patients endure us the race that is separate for us looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who flooded for the joy that was set before him so he had joy set before in the future set before him he endured the what. The cross despising the shame and a set down at the right hand of the throne of God For consider him then during such contradiction of sinners against himself less you become wearied and saint in your minds what does it say about Jesus it says that Jesus. Jesus did not have joy as he went to the cross. He had shame and he had healed. Yes physical pain beyond anything any of us could really ever imagine but that experience of being ripped away from his father and having the guilt of all of humanity. Crushing him. Spirit while he's on the cross realizing that sensing beginning to experience the guilt of humanity has it weighed down upon his soul Jesus cried out Father if it were possible take this cup from now the last not what I will but what you will. Jesus is says for the joy that was set before him in due order the cross. He looked forward to something in the future he looked forward to an experience that he could have that he had a hold that the souls of the people that he was dying for could be saved. But yet even as he was going forward to the cross were told he could not see through the portals of the tomb we see evidence of that I share that when I was there when I was speaking of restoration that there is evidence from the Old Testament of them that it tells us that his heart was broken he was full of heaviness he there were he looked for some to take pity and there was none but he looked for comforters and there were none Jesus experienced this it tells us that his heart was broken in Psalm sixty nine. It tells us that this was a six experience that he was going through as he was going through the guilt of the shame of the world it be he could not see through the portals of doom that's why says My God my God why have you forsaken me I'm lost. On Lost and your Jesus even though he may not to be saved although he was he was willing to sacrifice his life eternally if need be yet he did praise the Lord rise up after three days from the two. And when he still is waiting he still is waiting for the joy that was set before them before him and that is that we will be gathered together with him some day Jesus himself lives. A life and you go to various experience of Jesus' life of how you lived out delayed gratification. He did not live by immediate gratification instant gratification he lived a life where he was patiently waiting he lived for the future. In our exhibit D. The fourth one tonight is our final one. Is that the father himself. Lives in experience of delayed gratification. You say what he mean you may remember that in. Exodus Chapter thirty three. Moses is speaking with God The Bible tells that he spoke to God as it were face to face he couldn't see his face we know. But he's speaking with gone and he says Father he says show me your glory now Father says Lord show me your glory. And as he says this The father says are not the father John it's actually Jesus but he he says OK I will make I will pass before you going to hide you in the clasp of the rock and as he does so he says something the we end up hearing these words as God response to him it says in the Bible in Exodus Chapter thirty four verse six and the Lord passed before him and proclaim to the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long suffering and abundant in goodness and true so when God reveals his name when he reveals his character to Moses he lists several And we just look at some of them such as several of the actual abuse of his character one of which is that he is merciful he is long suffering meaning God is actually suffering with us. It is painful to him I don't think painful and. In the sense of like an annoying person to you. But it is painful like and a parent who loves their wayward child with all of their heart and they saw for along with that child as they are pleading with the Father Father please save my child but the father is he is he sends his angels to do everything they can to help this situation he sends His Holy Spirit to impress the heart of the sinner he is doing everything he can and he is long suffering. In of God It is long suffering if the father is long suffering of his son of Jesus Christ is long suffering if he's patient with us should we also not live the same life to have the same character as the one who died for us. You know. They've replicated the marshmallow stuff. But with a twist what they did was it's they it was at the University of Rochester and researchers came this is much more recent and what they did was they did the same study book with one simple twist and that twist was this what they would do is they would sit the children down now these children were ages three to five at this point. They sat them down and they divided them into two groups about Obviously they're all alone in their room just like the original study and the first group would have the researcher come in and the researcher would then tell them before they even got to the marshmallow aspect of the study the researcher would maybe spend a little time with them they gave them some crayons to play with and then the researcher said listen I have some better crayons I'm going to bring those for you OK And so then. Later the researcher would comedy would give them better crayons I don't know if the first ones were like small and busted I don't know what the deal was but they they bought them better crayons and then they then they would bring them a sticker and they would say are some better stickers are going to bring you some better stickers and then they would come and give them some better stickers now the second the researchers would come in they would tell the children. Here you know they're playing with their crayons and they say I'm going to bring you some better crayons and then they wouldn't bring them any crayons and you better and they would say on going to bring you some you know here's some stickers I'm going to give you bring you some better stickers and they wouldn't bring the sticker. Interesting. What ended up happening and you can probably guess when they finally came to the time where the children were in the room and they would sit there with the marshmallow on the plate. Which group do you think did better group A over here who gave them what they promise or group B. which which group do you think did better. Group band and you're exactly right they had grown to trust the researcher. In essence they had faith in the researcher and it actually they're trusting in this research or actually extended their delayed gratification. Is that interesting they had faith in the researcher and that enabled them to actually overcome much longer than those who doubted the research. When I read about this study immediately a passage that you may know. First on chapter fibrous for what it what does it say. Let's turn or. First Chapter five or spore. First on Chapter five verse four. Whatsoever is born of gone over come into the world. And this is the victory that overcome it the world even our. Faith. Our. Faith make sauce overcome our faith helps us in the spiritual experience to delay earthly gratification for a better experience that we are promised the ultimate experience of actually living in communion with GONE FOR ETERNITY this is what we are promised. And there will be two groups one group that doubt us the one who administers the law. They will doubt him they will not trust him. And in their lack of faith in their doubts they will fall under temptation they will succumb they will not be victorious but those who have any faith the victory that overcomes the world it is our faith. You may think. I wasn't really raised in a good situation my parents let me do anything I wanted you know in the context there were only talks about children the age of three after that it becomes much more difficult she says and her wording is that up until that age she said it is actually quite easy it's kind of hard to believe he has been a super good out something that most of us I guess haven't tried and she said she never actually had to spank her children she could always reason with them. And they were faithful at least the ones that lived right and the others were faithful to him in error they died you know young or what have you but the point is she learned how to work with a child so those of you have an edge older you considering doing it go read those books which. Guidance read education read those things get to know them learn the principles God is given to lovingly Train Up a Child in the way it should go and in the end it will not depart from it right learn. But here's the thing if your a child who is not raised in a home where your parents made you eat all the good food. Maybe they didn't discipline you in a kind way as a child then you would kind of just did whatever you want wanted to his child. You say man it's hard for me man it's easy for some kid who came from a good home but what about somebody like me right well the good news is the victory that overcomes the world is not even our past experience or even our family the victory that overcomes the world what will actually help us to delay gratification some people will have it harder than others I don't doubt that. But the thing that will help them overcome that will strengthen that will link in their their result that will lengthen their ability to that as the temptation gets stronger and stronger it will be there trusting in the one. Who gave us His word. And as we trust him. We are told he gives us the victory through our doors Jesus Christ we read in first Corinthians fifteen fifteen fifteen thanks be to God which gives us to think to eat throughout the Lord Jesus Christ. So let us trust by faith and walk for when temptations come we're not the faith isn't that I can do it that I have enough faith that I can do it no no the faith is that he he can do what he promised in me. That is close prayer. Heavenly Father. Strengthen our faith. May we trust in you you who gave us your word. Recognize that you are not a God who commands us to be different then you you say one thing and do another but rather you are a God who said listen. Suffer. I suffer with you. Lived by delayed gratification and you tell us that your people too will live by faith that they will overcome by the blood of the Lamb by the word of their testimony that this is our victory even say that we will trust you. For righteousness. We pray that you give us the victory we pray that we would find strength from you to just cling to you. We may feel too guilty we may have to by our actual feet Depart from me. From an unclean center but maybe cling to your robe and never let. You know that you. Should perish but that all should come to repent. For we. Pray that part of it is our choice. Your strength. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. You would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W W W.


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