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Purpose and Calling In Life

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer
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  • January 28, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Heavenly Father we thank you so much for your words I pray that your Holy Spirit would be with us that as we share that you would guide. Jesus would be uplifted that you would convict us to a higher calling in Jesus name we pray and. Him to begin by sharing with you a man who believed he had a calling in life this man has been called one of the most underrated. People in American history. He was friends with Benjamin Franklin. He was a what they call lexicographer. He may dictionaries. Guess what his last name was. No Webster. No Webster and I'm going to read to you a little bit about him from a website specifically devoted to him. Webster's Dictionary hundred twenty eight dot com and you can you can download it like if you have the you know i Phone you can you can download I mean I'm sure you can find it too on the Android that you just have to figure that out yourself because I don't know what it is but but pocket sword there's a there's a Bible out it's free I'm not trying to sell something on Saturday but it's free free app with a bunch of different Bibles but also you can download the eight hundred twenty eight dictionary of no Webster the original one but no it's interesting this man he's been called the father of American scholarship an education in his lifetime he was a lawyer school schoolmaster author newspaper editor an outspoken politician he was learned and Deval and his ideas about language in his long introduction to his dictionary make for some interesting reading the from peace gives us wonderful portrait of Webster keepers presented as a man with a strong will and determination this is on the website qualities he would have to need to push his great project to a. So what he set out to do was actually unify the American language not the English language because you know the Brits have the British English and he's the one who change you know some of the spelling that we have like the word center instead of our events nowi our honor instead of oh you ours just so our He's the man who actually kind of brought the English language together as we have it today in the American English and it's interesting because to set out to actually make this dictionary it's not like today where you have a bunch of big huge dictionaries you can just look at them and notice the words they've used and then make up definitions you know you actually use somebody else he was building upon basically his own ideas and so to make this dictionary it took him twenty eight years. And in order to do it he wanted to understand the derivation the etymology of the words that he was looking at and so you'd have to learn some languages. So he learned twenty six languages to make this dictionary because he wanted a bible not a bible he actually by the way he did translate the Bible too because he learned Greek and Hebrew by the way but he wanted a dictionary that its foundation was actually the Bible and he wanted this to shape the future of America and when you read it was so powerful is that within this dictionary it will literally give a definition which is kind of from a world view of the Bible and then it will also give you Biblical texts in which the word is used it's very very powerful it's a phenomenal dictionary and one of the things that even on the website they said one of the fascinating things because it's one of the only dictionaries ever to be made that uses the Bible as the example of the text you know normally you'll have a a dictionary and it will give you the definition and then it will give you some sentence right to try to give you an idea of the usage of it and so he does that by. Giving Bible versus And so very very interesting so I would challenge it I believe it's the greatest dictionary in the English language it is phenomenal and so this man went through all the work to do this no Webster was a Christian and famously said education is useless without the Bible. His dictionary contains seventy thousand words over six thousand Bible references and remains one of the only main stream dictionaries to use the Bible rep by Bible references to demonstrate the meaning of the words he's dictionary is an essential tool for anyone studying the Bible this is a quotation from the website talking about a Christian readers will find it rewarding to compare his definitions to such words as marriage go look what he says about marriage go see what it says today right education scene law faith prayer etc with those given in any modern dictionary there is no doubt you'll be surprised at the great differences and may come away with a renewed respect for American the language we speak right in so no Webster thinking about this man he believed he had a calling and his he's writing has been influencing lives from his day and it's still influencing my life today his definitions are very powerful and we're talking See he believes he believed he had a purpose so he set out with all that he had I mean learning twenty six languages translating the Bible so that we would have a Bible that he you know that he thought would maybe fit better with the modern times or what have you all of these different things and it's interesting so he believed he had a purpose and he set out to accomplish it but I want you to notice his definition of the word purpose. He said purpose is that which a person a person sets before himself as an object to be reached or accomplished the end or aim to which the view is directed in any planned measure or. He says We believe the supreme being created intelligent beings for some benevolent and glorious purpose and if so how glorious and benevolent must be his purpose in the plan of redemption. So this is when he's defining it I mean he's looking at it with this massive world view of the Bible but then he goes on to quote different versus He goes on to quote specifically for ME FEEL chapter one where it says being predestinated according to the purpose of him who work with all things that are after his counsel the counsel of his own will so he gives us this picture that God predestinate us now I'll tell you I was raised a Calvinist. What does that mean. I was raised with predestination I'm not here to try to give you some of you know ideas from my former life but this is the thing God did predestinate us yes or no as ever the Bible says so it says it but the question is What does it mean well I'm not I'm not here to talk about what it means because that would be a whole sermon of itself but God predestinated us according to if he's in chapter one to be conformed to His will that he had a purpose in our lives if he's in chapter one since reading God has a purpose he has a plan for your life but the interesting thing about God is that he does not force His plan and will on your life meaning he for ordained that you would do certain things and then allows you to either follow the conviction that he places upon your heart by the Holy Spirit or to to set it aside he has given us this opportunity to fulfill his will his plan in our lives. His purpose he wants his purpose to be your purpose and my purpose. And so we're going to talk a little bit about purpose this morning to begin we're going to talk about a man but before we do that I want you to think with me the Bible says it uniquely easy as the Chapter seven verse eight better is the end of the thing than the beginning there and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit better is the end of the thing than the beginning there of now I talk with you know medical students or people in school here and I asked him how school going and I get the say I said it last night but somebody just said it to me as I said I was going and it's like God so hard it's so difficult their soul much to study right and so but the text says the end of the thing is better than the beginning so meaning that that the long distance that when you finally get we talked about this last night when you finally get the reward at the end when you finally get the diploma it's better than all the trials that it took to get the diploma right meaning the trials are difficult but getting to that end there's a blessing in that and you have a purpose you have a goal and talking about a young man who had a purpose in Scripture as the Bible says of Daniel and Daniel Chapter one Verse eight that Daniel purposed in here is heart that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king's meat you know with the wine which he drank therefore he requested of the Unix I might now. Defile himself so Daniel had a purpose in life and his purpose was to be faithful to God to do God's will to walk in God's plans that knowing that God has a plan for his life and Daniel wanted to unify his life with God's plan and purpose and so he was willing to sacrifice whatever it took whatever it took meaning Daniel had an opportunity to have a high position but he was going to be strange and eat a certain way that might preclude him from a high position in Babylon yes or no now we know the end of story like no child that's not what happened his faithfulness actually. Led him to a higher place but listen in the context do you think that was Daniel think that was what was going to happen do you think you thought oh man if I just if I eat a vegan diet I'm going to become one of the leaders in Babylon. Highly unlikely right but yet it enhanced his intellect right I mean I guess what it tells us about you know later on him in verse twenty were tells us as in all manner of wisdom. In all matters of wisdom that Daniel and his friends were found ten times better than all the magicians and the astrologers that were in all the realm now think about what that means so Daniel had a gut to brain connection what went on with his eating actually affected his intellect we're going to talk about a scientific study that has now been done replicating something similar to this in a school setting and it changes the intellect of the students today there is a got brain connection this afternoon we're going to talk about the science of the gut brain connection in the context of the first place that I know of on the planet that talks about the god brain connection that's in the bible it's a numerated on in the spirit of prophecy and right now it's cutting edge science so we're going to look at that later today but Daniel didn't know all the science behind it yet it affected him and his life was changed by it and he changed the future of the world as a result of being faithful to the purpose that God had for Daniel and his life what a powerful top simple things being faithful in the little things can prepare us to be faithful in larger things now maybe you've seen the quotation from the book fundamentals of Christian education page eighty two so if I can share with you it says Dear you. What is the aim and purpose of your life. Are you in business for education. That you may have a name in position in the world have you thoughts you dare not express that you may one day stand upon the summit of intellectual greatness. That you may sit in deliberative in legislative council us and help to enact laws for the nation you may think she's going to say hey don't be so profitable right take it easy stand back you know like like Read be content with the little things you know the next statement is. There is nothing wrong in these aspiration. Is that powerful. You realize what is she just say were the aspirations of the young people she said one of the aspirations is that you wanted a name that the world would know who you are and she says there's nothing wrong with that. It's not strange There's nothing wrong with these aspirations she says aim high and spare no pains to reach the standard. But then the next word she says in the next paragraph it begins by saying the fear of the Lord lies at the foundation of all true greatness is not powerful that we have been given this message that God is calling us and the thing is now notice that this person wants to have a name in a position they want to even sit in deliberative in Legislative Councils and helped enact laws for the nation meeting this individual wants to be in Congress. You think Wow I thought I had missed weren't you know not to be involved in politics she said do it. Go for it and I think what it is it's in Praise the Lord for the medical work because that's something I'm interested in probably more than almost anything but we really don't have very many people going to do things like that seeking to be in Congress and we're told we should and that interesting so maybe somebody here has I'm not one of them I have zero burden to do something like that zero one hundred I'm not here to preach on that today listen if the if the. Holy Spirit put it on your heart go for gold become a faithful lawyer right and try to make it to the legislative halls and and you can stand up for religious liberty you can you can you say what chatted so shady in politics listen I'm not calling you to be a politician per se but to be a faithful Sentinel for the truth and that you can help change the direction of this country eighty Jones stood up before Congress yes or no and he helped change the future of this planet that's partly why we're here today right because somebody did it he followed his purpose at that point in his life he was faithful and so we are told that this and there's nothing wrong with having high goals that you want to have a name so that people know about you because you want people to know about your God that you're putting him first that he is the purpose of all of this you may have also seen. Another quotation from the book education page seventeen. Every human being. Is in doubt by the Creator. This is such a powerful thought with the power of kin to the creator himself. Individuality power to think and to do. And the men in whom this power is developed are the men who bear responsibilities who are leaders in enterprise and who influence character it is the work of true education to develop these powers instead of confining students to other men's thoughts instead of confining to their studies what to what other men have said and done less students be directed to the sources of truth to the vast fields open for research in nature and in Revelation. So we're told that. Listen the people who succeed the people who fulfilled their mission in life are the ones who except true education and allow it to lead them spiritually these people influence society they influence character they are leaders in Enterprise. God is calling us not to just become doctors not just become nurses or lawyers for that matter but to actually use these things to promote the truth of the Word of God to be missionaries everywhere we go to witness for the truth that we may say hey I want to prove a powerful scientific experiment and by the way we've already got the cheat sheet. We already know all the answers before they're found I was talking to a Ph D. student at the University of Michigan and he was doing his Ph D. and in epigenetics and I said I said so is it harder than your undergrad work or is it easier he said oh it's super hard he said because I have no idea what the answers are going to be when that's because whatever field he was studying in within Jeff epigenetics he didn't know what the results were going to beat but in general we have the answers to all kinds of different studies right we're already told beforehand what the results will be listen we don't have the evidence we just had the books they told us how to eat and then the few admin to Sue had the faith to just give it a try and test it are a spectacle not of the whole planet I hate one of those old admin is where they live so long right now because of science but because of some old books by a third person with their great education yes or no that's really why not because science because you didn't have the science when they started doing it they were told the very best protein that a human could eat was meat right and yet the people who said no no we're just going to follow what we're told in these little books became the longest living people in the world so they chose to just follow God's plan his purpose and he blessed them with long jeopardy and head. Not just longevity but actually Hill within the long Jeopardy yes or no this is the truth so it's interesting she says instead of confining your study to that which men have said or written let's students be directed to the sources of truth to the vast fields open for research into things in nature that would be in the sciences and could be the human body that your study your study nature and number two revelation what is Revelation the Bible it doesn't mean just you know the last book of the Bible but the revealed writings of God through His prophets throughout all time right and she said if we if we would study those things so I was just thinking about this I was thinking who is known as the first man to prove that you could reverse coronary heart disease. Pritikin was the one who he began to do it but he didn't really totally prove it he proved it and people were doing better but with angiograms it was with Dean Ornish right and then after that so predicting gave but who had been doing it years before Pritikin Ornish. Seventh Day Adventists. We've been doing this for a hundred years we had health institutions from Battle Creek to you know times I'm missing wild wild which started in like the forty's right these people have been doing these things for years they've been reversing heart disease reversing type two diabetes but they never actually they never did the scientific studies to prove it right so there are other studies that are not yet done now Ornish his name will go down throughout all history you know pretty can will go down through all history Esselstyn all history and the things we have been given the evidence beforehand if we just do it study this and you could be the scientist to prove you know that certain cancers can be reversed by this or that or what have you me we've been given the evidence beforehand we have institutions like you know these ones we just mentioned are Black Hills health and education so. For all these places that reversing disease all these practical things we can do the studies and actually show what we've been proving for one hundred plus years so God and I'm not saying you're all called to do that but just just a thought that God has a position for you he could give you a name throughout all history and you give all the glory to God you could do that I mean God has given us this opportunity my wife's going to come up quickly just giving a e e personal experience of how the Lord convicted us to do something and in our ministry you know I'm going to give you. Just a thought here and then three quick people from the Bible you know in second mind character and personality page forty four forty two it says you should also have an aim a purpose in life where there is no purpose there is a disposition to indolence but where there is a sufficiently important object in view all the powers of the mind will come into spontaneous activity meaning you should have an aim because when you don't have an aim you waste time you waste your life when you have no goal when you have no purpose but when you do have a plan when you have a purpose when you have a goal for your life and you have a goal for your day all the powers of your mind will focus in coming to spontaneous activity you can do something you can accomplish something instead of just wasting time on the Internet right now it's not that you can ever use the internet but yeah I mean why do we many times waste our lives because we don't have a plan we don't have a purpose when a goal and so this is just a few people that had a purpose had a plan the first one I think of is King David what I find fascinating is initially his goal i should even say his goal his initial purpose was to be a shepherd yes or no he was a shepherd and was he faithful to his job you see that in the small things he was faithful because he was so faithful that when a lion came what did he do he fought a lion. Save the sheep so I mean what a diligent person a bear came he fought the Bears so you know he was diligent in his purpose and whatever he was in then he brought some food to his brothers as they were standing you know a raid against the Philistines and what ends up happening there's this Philistine this giant who's cursing his God and he looks like hey who's going to take this guy out I mean who's going to do God's will in this situation and guess what nobody was and so he was the one to do it because nobody else why doesn't somebody do it we'll find these OK I'll do it and he complex is God's will because one man with God is a majority. And so he went forward. Then we see him he's finally the prophet Samuel the prophet Samuel comes and annoyance him. And so he's king but is he really came I mean officially he's Cain but he has to run around like a homeless man in the wilderness I mean can you imagine how so God just told you your plan in life is to be king and yet you're running around like a homeless person you're not able to accomplish your goal but yet he did not kill the other king though he had the opportunity so even though God had a will for in a plan for his life he was not to go about accomplishing that will and purpose on his own human means he was God now sure he had to work hard no question we should work hard but meaning we shouldn't go using immoral tactics to accomplish God's will I also think of another person Joseph Joseph also was given a vision from God to know his purpose and will in life right he knew that he was that his own family was going to bow down to him that he was going to be in any position of leadership amongst his people. But then his family they weren't happy about that they threw him so he went from the pit to the prison to the. Pallas right he went through all of that and it looked impossible in the pit I mean he could lose his life in the prison our I mean you know as a slave it looked hopeless that God could ever accomplish His will and goal but in every situation whether he was a slave he was he did his best and became the leader of his master's house the steward of his house whether he was in prison he still sought to help other people there and was in a leadership in prison and then finally he was taken out of that and he was made one of the prime ministers of the most powerful nation on the planet he was faithful he knew that people one day were going to bow the need to Him yet it seemed like it could never happen. And finally I think of Jesus who was told there was a plan for his life and when did Jesus discover his plan sure in heaven and eternity made the decision but when he came to earth he had the mind of a child he had to grow up like we do. And he discovered at the age of. Twelve his mission in life. That he would be the king of the Jews. But in this situation he also would discover from scripture that every need would borrow and every tongue would swear. It seemed impossible. But yet he went forward even though knowing in order to accomplish God's will and purpose in his life it would seem impossible he would have to go through the greatest trials and human would ever have to go through to accomplish and to give glory to God through God's will and Jesus went forward it seem like it was impossible. He had to walk around homeless and he was the king of the Jews. Foxes have dens the birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man had no where to lay his head and your Jesus went for it. But even even knowing God's Will didn't make it easy because he knew God's will would be that he would give his life for humanity and it was so difficult to be separated for the first time from his father that he said Father if it is possible please take this away from me it's too hard for me. But he said Not my will but your will be done God has a will for your life and I guarantee it won't be easy but I am also persuaded this is something interesting to think about that you know when we think of God's Will many people even sitting here some I believe are terrified that if God's will be done in your life it will be something you hate. Is that true you know that some people believe that and but here's the thing I want to wipe that away because here's the thing in Isaiah Chapter fifty eight it says that we are not to do his Our pleasure on. His holy day right but we were to call the Sabbath a delight honorable the holy of the Lord Holy Lord honorable and so but it's interesting one of the scholars we interviewed talking about that text said when it said that to do our pleasure on his holy day that that word pleasure may have been like an idiom or maybe maybe some kind of phrase maybe in the Hebrew that that has to do with your job in life but it calls your job in life your pleasure. So it seems more like God's will for your life will bring the greatest amount of pleasure and fulfillment to your life more soul than anything you could ever devise for yourself which you say would have much my pleasure my greatest joy in life is video games. So it's really not actually really it doesn't bring you happiness it's the science shows it I can show you I mean we actually do presentation on the science actually shows that it actually takes away dopamine receptors makes your life lesson Joyal it's not. So God's pleasure is something that won't get rid of dopamine receptors meaning God's plan is to actually he wants you to be happy. Now that doesn't mean there will be trials that the moment won't mean that there won't even be times of depression but God wants your life to be a blessing to you and the greatest blessing to humanity that your life could possibly be no not everybody can reach the same level no question no problem but you can reach the level that God intended for your life to bless humanity and even be a fulfilling experience for you personally I've gone through some serious trials in ministry even depression but the Lord on the other side I say man I would have had it any other way it has been such a blessing the trials they were all worth it God has a plan he has a purpose in your life. We're going to close we're told in a book called A call to stand apart it says success in any line demands a definite aim he who would achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view the object worthy of his endeavor so if you're going to be successful in whatever God is calling you he's not calling you to do exactly what Chad Cruiser does he's calling you to do what God has called you and every one of us every one of us has a calling nobody is without a calling I mean this is such we're told not more surely is the place prepared for us in the heavenly mansions then is the special place designated on Earth where we are to work for God There is just too much a mansion in Heaven waiting for you if you give your life to Jesus with all of your heart it is just as sure that that is true as that God has a place for you to work right here to bless humanity and even bless yourself by the way God has given us this. In closing. How can we do it how can we fulfill God's I did this is not a message and how to it's more your need for it but number one ask God to show you his will maybe you already know and if you do praise the Lord but if you don't know ask God Number one number two this is what I challenge if somebody is has no clue what they're calling is and so then you just go from class to class and do this and that and you really have no one of the saddest things I find that as I travel around speaking to young people is people saying you know oh man I went into such and such and I absolutely hate it I mean you went to four six eight years of school and you hate what you do when one of my friends became He's a peace Korean and you may know that Koreans have two options in life they are either doctors or dentists those are the choices right now I've spoken at a Korean can't meeting and I shared that same point there and they laughed and I said I don't mean if anybody they said no no no it's true. And it turned out every single man I was speaking to was either a doctor or a dentist one guy was in the tech industry so he didn't he didn't he broke the mold you know but but one of my friends who's a dentist a Korean dentist he told me I absolutely hate what I do. I hate going to work I hate everything about it. God in calling to be a dentist. Dentist can be a fantastic work but it just wasn't his call you understand yeah you can make the best of what you have but meaning allow God to lead you into that which will be fulfilling to you and a blessing to humanity allow God to guy and one of the things that my wife and I challenge people with is that if you don't know instead of just taking classes and going into a career maybe give a year in missions and say gone I'm going to go I'm going to seek. First Matthew six thirty three but seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you what are these things they are the earthly things the earthly things for support the necessities of life God will take care of the rest if you put him first that doesn't mean that you have to just going to missions that's not what I'm saying although everybody does have to go on emissions by the way yes or no if you're a dentist or if you're a doctor you are a missionary all of us but you don't have to go into just full time missions as it were but meeting in that time you may say well I was on the mission field and I saw the doctor caring for the sick and I thought that's exactly what I want to do or you saw the pilot who took you out there and you thought man I would love to save people through being a pilot or you said Man I want to go pass laws in Congress I don't know why you'd figure that out the mission field but maybe the Holy Spirit would put that on on your heart right and so you get the point God will show you when you put him first God will show you when you put Him first in closing this verse Proverbs Chapter twenty verse eighteen it says every purpose is a stablished by counsel and with good advice make war every purpose is established by counsel the Bible it comes from our wonderful counselor the Spirit of Prophecy or all the prophets all through the ages that every purpose if you want to be established you want to become the date greatest doctor the world has ever known go to the council every purposes that was my counsel the message is all there you can look into it you can study it you can be cutting edge you can be before the times whenever you are going to look to the council look to the Word of God Look to the Spirit of Prophecy allow God to lead your life and ask you all the snow. Maybe there is someone here who does not know their calling while heads about and all eyes are closed maybe you don't know maybe you're struggling maybe the. I mean your life is maybe you've got some issues that need to be dealt with. And so you just kind of kind of going about life what God wants he wants to be there this is not you know a message on the prosperity gospel that's not what I'm talking about being successful we're talking about having the biggest impact for God's kingdom and reaching souls through whatever he calls us into but maybe there's someone here who's just been kind of going along but you don't know God's will but you want to simply raise your hand this morning say Jesus I really really really want to know I want you to guide me I need your help if there's someone here would you raise your hand just where you are. You may put your hands down. I want to challenge you consider something like a year in formation say God I'm going to see you first and you show me you show me your will and to the rest of you I'm going to challenge you. I hope there's some people that will make a name for themselves that the world will know them that till Jesus comes people will be known as he's the one who proved this to be true he's the one who revealed and he'll say well it wasn't really me it was like you know third testimony Chapter Seven me you know page forward twenty six or whatever but that it will be able to say I had the message and they can lift up the message and say yes we proved this but it was because God gave us the message so I want to challenge you go do whatever maybe there's someone who needs to become a lawyer whatever it is goal where what God wants you to go I believe whatever it is God is calling you to do will fulfill your life more than any other thing that could ever happen to your life but it's pretty Heavenly Father I pray that that old song I'll go where you want me to go dear lord over mountain or plain or sea. I'll say what you want me to say Dear Lord I'll be what you want me to be. I pray that you would fulfill this in our lives and this is not just about overseas missions although some of these people I'm sure are called to do that. But Lord that we would be missionaries everywhere we are that we would not be. Somewhere just because of the climate or just because friends are there those are all nice things but that we would say God whatever you want. I will put it on the line for you and I want to fulfill your your will on planet Earth. Lord we ask that you would give us the strength to do it in the name of Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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