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The Privilege of Prayer

Dean Cullinane
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Dean Cullinane

Theology student at Weimar College.



  • February 4, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven. Lord all of us here this morning have sinned against you and against heaven and Lord we are not worthy to be called your daughters or your sons. But father your son will forever be worthy to be called our Savior and so we are cities he and not me. This was disappointed in Jesus name Amen. Determine your Bibles to Matthew chapter six. And also your question if you want to know how to preach who would you choose as your prime example. Christ of course some of you said Mark Phinney Christ was the right answer. And if you want to know where to go in the Bible to read about Christ preaching where would you go. Maybe Matthew chapter five the sermon of the Mount. If you want to know then how to teach who would be a prime example. For some of you. I think I heard using proof. You know we look at we would look at Christ again right away. Would we go as a good example of Christ's teachings. Again Matthew are one of my favorite ones met each up to thirteen so many different parables so many different lessons that Christ is trying to teach none of which the disciples understood of course but if you were to look at healing again we would look at crisis our example and many instances through the book of Matthew but what about prayer. If we wanted to know about prayer Who would we look at as our example. Cheesus And where would we go to the book of Matthew perhaps Matthew chapter six Now the disciples come to Christ and they want to know how to pray. Now do you think the disciples have been praying prior to this. Absolutely. But they're seeing something in Christ's life in it specifically in his prayer life. That's different to theirs that they want to emulate and so they come to him and they say teach us how to print. Now how Christ starts this teaching really gripped me because when he starts he says this after this manner therefore pray you are Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy. Name another cycles day they have an idea of how to pray right. But Hear hear. When when when they come to Jesus says so. So what do we do to pray how do we do it. Jesus as you want to know how this is how are you ready. Our Father. Our Father. You would expect that the first words that come out of his mouth are the most important would you agree this is the focus this is the topic this way. Try to direct their minds you notice this. He doesn't mention form or you with me. You say Oh you want to know how to pray let me tell you Peter. Come come. Get down on your knees. Maybe lie prostrate on the floor. You know lift your hands up to the heavens. See specific words pray in the King James version he didn't say that right. He said You want to know how to pray and we teach you how to pray. Our Father. The most important thing about prayer. According to Christ is not what we say. But who are speaking to. Psalms up to one hundred three verse thirteen says this. Like as a father pity of his children. So all the more pities those that fear him. What's the Psalmist trying to tell us about the follow that he's loving. That he loves his children anyone here a parent. I know many of you intend to be one. I also intend to be one in the distant future. A man she called it. She called it. But how are you here are currently parents and if you has nice and high. OK I want to imagine this is to Asia as a parent you know if you don't have a child yet. And you know my praise the Lord and. To put just imagine a future scenario where you might. I have children and I want you to imagine that you have a son the Lord has blessed you with one son. Right. That's all you have. You have one son and you know you're growing up. You're helping your son grow He's growing up in the fear of the morning is a good child. And then he gets the age of sixteen. And he gets to the age of sixteen and sixteen is generally especially with men or boys. When we say OK I mean I don't know unless this sixteen years old he decides to leave home and never done that ever ran away from home. Or good Adventists in the building a man I ran away from home once I met my mom told me that if I didn't stop misbehaving she was going to kick me out so I said you won't have to and I left and I was like I'm going to punish her for the amount of time she tells me she's going to pick me up and I went outside my house was a big tree and went inside the tree and I was like I'm going to stay in here for a whole hour. And I could hear it coming out and she was like do you do you. Where are you are you. And I'm going to treat I'm just like. I'm not going to answer you wanted to kick me out. I'm gone and I'm outside and I stayed in the tree and lo and behold I fell asleep. I fell asleep and I stayed there for the whole night and my mom was going crazy. I woke up in the morning I was of the cold. I'm a very light sleeper so to fall asleep outside not in the summer like that matters in the U.K. And you just I wake up and I'm like whoa what's going on here for the whole night I need to go home and I go home and my mom's reaction was telling I didn't get. Disciplined physically as I was expecting but her reaction is something that I want you to imagine I want you to imagine this. You've got a son sixteen years old he runs away from home. You don't hear from him for a whole day how long. A whole day parents do you miss your son. You guys don't convince you don't have the children. Do you miss your son your son. Oh yes. Don't be afraid to say yes is good to miss it's good to feel the most yes you know what about a whole week. No contact. Nothing. All we goes by. Do you miss your. Yes I know. You miss him law less than the first day. How do you say less. All right what about a month. Ok year. A year goes by and you haven't heard a thing. There's been no phone calls. There's been no text messages when you call him it doesn't even ring. There you can stalk him on Facebook. He's not putting any you know cryptic Instagram posts on where he years and trying to give you little tidbits about his location nothing not or you still miss him. But it's been a year he is a long time you still missing. OK sixteen years. Sixteen years go by mathematicians how dizzy. Right. Is thirty two. Yes he's thirty two years old. This remembers name. You still remember the name. You normally remember people's names when you haven't seen them in sixteen years. Just like sixteen hours later I'm like your name again. Was sixteen years go by. Do you members name. You members face. Remember smell favorite foods hobbies places likes to go friends names old phone number even if you remember all these things because you're invested right. Sixteen years goes by. Who knows what age you are now. And they're sitting at home one evening and you hear a knock. And you know those knocks that you just know everyone like everyone's family has their secret knocks you know you're not going to do a specific way and you can just that permits you to come in. No one has to say come in because everyone knows the secret not right. He doesn't have second are OK and I say you have a secret knock and so I want to mention that you hit that knock and you know that knock How you going to feel. What your heart going to be doing all these things all of these sorts. The researcher you might like no no. Maybe maybe I just heard that because sometimes you hear that you miss him so much that he had the exact same knock again and you know who's on the other side of that door. So you get up close the door hands trembling panting slightly. And a bit of sweat drops on to the brow and you open the door. Dark outside. It's raining hard and you see him right there. He's right there before he actually there except he's overweight. Grossly overweight and he hasn't had a haircut in what seems like years his beard has grown or sick and it's on kept his clothes don't seem to fit their ripped he's wearing flip flops and it's pouring rain outside and he stinks and I ask your question parents future parents. What does he have to say for you to let him in. Come on tell me what does he have to say. Nothing. He's been gone for sixteen whole years. He hasn't said a word. There's been no contact but the longer that he comes back he doesn't have to say a word to be walking back into the house. Like has a father pity of his children sold a lot of pitches those that fear him. You see sometimes we don't pray. Sometimes we don't come to God because we've been away for so long. We think too also for you know I haven't prayed in a week. I haven't prayed in in a month and you know how do I come back. Now it's been so long it's been so long since our relationship was real. And all this time or This time he's just sitting down waiting for that not just sitting down waiting for his son for his daughter to be the other side of that. Door when we don't pray we don't speak and we don't communicate with God It's not that he's angry. So he's lonely because there's a a hole in his heart. We often speak about the hole in our heart that only God can feel but there's a hole in his heart that only you and I as individuals can feel and when we go time without speaking to our Creator he misses us and I want to make this point. This is going to be the recurring point right throughout this message. True prayer understands that it's not all words what I say. It's not all words that reconcile us to God. It's his love. When we come to go to when we pray the things that we say are not what's causing good to bring us back. That's not how it works. Christ has already done that for us. He's already stepped in that got he is the one that causes the father to bring us back not our words. And this is one of the reasons why I believe Christ bypasses form when he starts to teach about prayer because that's Be honest guys. The reason that we don't pray is not because of the forms are you with me. We don't say oh you know I'm not going to pray tonight because I can't be bothered to get on my knees. OK maybe some of us are but we don't not pray because we don't want to clasp her hands together or because we don't want to close our eyes those all of the reasons why we don't pray we don't pray because we forget who we're praying to. We don't pray because it's like Adam in the Garden of Eden after sin. We've allow our lives and our choices to all warp our view of God. That's why we don't pray. First Peter chap. Three Verse eighteen on your Bibles first Peter chapter three verse eighteen. I hope you've got a way of taking notes of these scriptures because if you're anything like me you're going to remember that first Peter chapter three in verse eighteen says this for Christ for who. For Christ also has once suffered for since the just for the unjust that he might bring us to God being put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit first Peter chapter three verse eighteen so let me ask you a question. When did Jesus die for you and I was it when we were righteous or when we were sinners. Are you sure. When did Christ die for us when it was we will always reading our Bible when we just neglected it hurt when we were neglecting him. When did Christ die for us when we were constantly praying when our prayers would never sees when we decided that we had better things to do than waste our time speaking to someone that we cannot see. Christ died for us when we were on a righteous not when we were righteous. So what this verse says is as Christ has suffered once for our sins the just to the just us. Christ. The just for who. For the unjust that he might bring us to God. When we were not praying. When we were not studying when we were not attending church when we were not encouraging each other and studying the Word. It was in Wells moments that Christ was doing all that he could to bring us back to God and who was it then according to this verse. That sent Christ to die. You know John three sixteen and say that Christ on himself. That God the Father loved the world so much that he sent his son. So when we were praying we were studying that the father had already set the plans in motion to have us come back and pray to him. And you know we said in our press so far nothing. We're just coming to the Father. We haven't said a word yet so I can critique chapter five nineteen you know the text seven Corinthians five nineteen. To wit that God was into. Christ reconciling the world unto himself not imputing that trust passes on to them and has committed unto us the word of reconciliation question when Jesus was preaching Who is he preaching for who is his audience who is trying to reach. US right. When he was teaching and when he was healing use he doing those things for for us but according to this verse who was in him doing those things. THE FATHER. It says is that God was in Christ reconciling the world back to himself catch this in every false system of worship Hinduism Islam Buddhism whatever ism you want to call it. It is always down to the sinner. To bring the sinner back to God I with me. Every other religion there is the sin of the subject has to be the one that works his way back into the good books of his servant. This this guy. This is why for me there can only be Christianity. There can only be this message. Because it's not about what I'm doing to get myself back to him he's chasing Did you see it says that God was in class reconciling the world to Himself is the complete opposite of every other four system of worship. It's God who's chasing us as if he'd done something wrong. Oh or we like sheep eyes. If you through verse six. Have gone astray. We've turned everyone to his own way and the Lord has laid on him. The iniquity of us or some of these verses. Are so paradoxical that they almost don't make sense. Then what the Bible is saying all of us have gone astray and want to run away and so God laid all of our iniquity on him. We made the decision to go astray. We turn our back on the creator so the Creator is OK you want to make a decision. Well I'm going to take whatever since I'm going to lay them on him. He would make no sense. Christianity when we break it down. It's not very logical. Are you with me. It doesn't make much sense for these things to be happening. And this is this is this is another reason why this has to be true. Because no man is going to come up with that. Every one of us know what if I do something wrong is down to me to make sure that I'm the one that reconciled myself to that person. If if one of you came and wronged me or let's make it more accurate. What if I came along one of you. Then you would expect for me to be the one that comes in and you know says sorry and makes up for it and gives you gifts and invite you over. So my wife can cook you some nice Brazilian food that's what you would expect right. But here. Here is Christ himself it is God the Father working through him doing everything that he can to bring us back and so and so this is what this verse is telling us since all of our iniquities have been laid upon him God saying this your sins are not a good enough reason for you not to pray. Because they're not on you. If they were on you then fair enough. You're going to have to lift a pretty heavy load in order to speak to me but your sins are a lot of good enough reason to keep you from me because I've taken them and laid it upon my son. It's already been paid for. When when we allow our sins to keep us from prayer in essence what we're doing is. This. We're going into the store. And we're seeing a nice pair of shoes who like nice shoes. Only a few OK So you see a nice pair of shoes. And you're like oh I want to buy these I'm not being greedy because you know you have one pair right. So so you going to buy these shoes and you know you want to check whether they're within the budget. I want to get the OK from the Mrs and make sure that you know it's not too steep and you go and buy the shoes need you got the shoes you got them in the box and you know maybe you keep them in the box to look after them and then with those shoes when you're wearing them they feel nice and then you think Man these shoes feel so good that I'm going to take them back to the shop and pay for them again. And I haven't done that. No because if you did. I'll open a store just for you. This is what we do we allow ourselves to keep us from God or saying you know what you know that that's so deep that I'm going to I'm going to let it go get on I'm going to come back and make him pay for it all over again. Please what he paid once it's yours. You can have it. Crisis late that door open. He's made that part clear and he will not want to can come and you know what we haven't even said a word yet we're just talking about our father. We haven't even started the prayer like as a father pitches these children how does it go. The Lord pities those that fear Him want to join seventeen with me if you would like to verse twenty three was he going there read verse twenty so we know who Christ is speaking to John seventeen verse twenty you're going to twenty three neither pray I for these alone. So not just for his disciples or his church but for them also which are believe on me through their word. So in other words crimes they say that this prayer is for anyone. Believe me. Are you with me. That's who the audience of this prayer is and what he says in verse twenty three now I notice that some of you have got handles on your chair and I have to say this every time. If you do then put your bible in your lap and hold on to the handles. Because this verse is so deep in my just blow you off the chair and you going to hit someone and then we're going to pause the sermon is not going to call so. So hold on to the chair was when we read this verse. John seventeen verse twenty three. It says I in them. Christ speaking I in them. And them now in me. That they may be made perfect in one. And that the will all my days are you ready. And that the world may know. That that has sent me amen. And God has sent Christ and has loved them. As now has let me. Praise them. The most is this. That God the Father sent the Son to die for us. Why because God the Father loves us just as much as he loves his own son. Now we also praise the Lord I never thought. Have you ever just considered for a moment. I don't know where you are in your question will come to know if you even a Christian. That you have considered that God first. John said to foretell he's a God of love. First on three or four times that God is a God of love right. Just the employment of love. And he has dwelt in its current ity with his son he's had for ever to love his son and he's received love forever. How old are you. What's the median age maybe twenty nine. God has spent eternity with Christ and loves him as much as he could you being but maybe twenty nine years old. God loves you. Just as much. Do you see where this doesn't make sense. You see for me I don't know about you guys. I don't know what you're I have a small circle small circle people that I can trust. Now it takes a lot for me to build meaningful friendships right. Takes a lot owners let everyone in and sometimes it takes years maybe fewer takes years to of to form lasting bonds. Now if I've known someone for say fifty years and I've known you for twenty three minutes. The chances are I don't know I'm just a hypothetical here chance I'm going to because of the guy that I know for fifty years I knew how you would a group would agree. Because like that. Good you know Christ forever has been able to love him forever. Christ has only ever done things that would make the father love him more. And all us like she has gone astray. And that God the Father loves us as much as he loves his son. But I just don't know what to say about that. I just don't know how to how to say that in a deep a way God the Father loves you as much as he loves Jesus. How far would he go for Jesus. How far would God the Father go for his son. I've got an answer. We have to come back in the afternoon for that message will look at exactly how far go to a goal for his son but the message is simply this. That anything that God would do for Christ. He then has to be willing to do for us. Because what motivates God is Love and He loves us as much as he loves Christ. And we haven't said a word yet. Chris talking about our father. You remember the story the prodigal son he's there. You know just hanging out with the pigs some of us tend to do. And then he remembers all the servants in my father's house that are treated way better than mine then than I am. And so what does he do. Anyone know he plans a speech. Are you with me. He says Well what I'm going to do is I'm going to go home and I'm going to say this and I'm going to say this and I'm probably going to win him back with this point and then I'll make my people fit into let me in and then so he's going home. I don't know how far away it is you you imagine it was kind of Fox He wanted to be out of his father's you know vicinity no like with his whereabouts and so he coming back home and I can imagine he's practicing the speech he's going back and then as he's making his way home. His father on the hilltop sees him he's been waiting for that knock for years. And then he comes running to him and the son is getting ready for the speech in fact the son starts the speech and the father's like zoop OK Here take this roll been put on the sandals and here's this ring why because guys. It's not about the words. It's not about what you can say to God for him to accept you. He's been standing on the hilltop just waiting for you to come back. Two more text before we close look have to eighteen. You know the story of or the parable. Of the woman and the unjust judge you guys know that parable. I asked myself the first time I read this. Why is Jesus using this parable the Bible tells itself that the point. This parable is so that we pray without ceasing so that we do not faint right. But the way that Christ tells us parable is kind of unlike any other parable. Now we know this to be a parable of controversy sometimes Christ compares one thing to be just like the other this time it is a parable of contrasts to show how unlike one thing is to another you with me so far. And so in this parable. We have this unjust judge who is in the story in the position of the Father. Are you still with me. And then we have the widow who is the widow us. All right. And so. So this woman this widow she needs help from this judge. She comes to the unjust and said listen you know I have I have someone else off the meanest persecuting me and I keep coming after me I need help and what is he saying. So go away. Why usually me leave me alone. I don't have time for this for this business of yours that I deal with higher matters or you with me. She goes away but that she can't she can't overcome a phone so she goes back and says listen you are the only one that can help me I need your help I need your help. Please help me and what is he saying Go away go away. I deal with higher matters than yours go away. So she goes away and the picture that paints is that she goes when she comes back and she goes when she comes back and she goes when she goes back and eventually she comes back and says this and I really need your help and he's like OK you know. All right all hope you what you need me to do so. This guy. OK I'll sort him out if I sort it out. We leave me alone. Yes OK And he goes and sort out the four. I think it was this got to do with God. That's what I understood this is a parable of contrast and the lesson is simply this sometimes sometimes at least in my life. There's been times when I've seen God as unjust. Sometimes I've seen things happen and of question. I thought that's unfair. And this parable seeks to serve those that sometimes think that God may be unjust and maybe God is unfair because it's saying this and don't miss this message it say that even if God was unjust. And even if God was unfair. And the Bible says that he doesn't care about man and that he doesn't care about God this unjust judge even if God didn't care about you just to persistence alone. He wants your press. Even if you don't like you. If God doesn't like you doesn't like your haircut he doesn't like your suit he doesn't like how much you get for tithing offering he's not happy with your eleven percent. He doesn't care how good you preach or how nice you sing. But just through coming over and over. He's like OK I hope even if God was like that we have someone that can help us out. And in the end of the Bible says he's not. But he's not like that. So he was like that we still got someone to go to what he's not like that. And read the Bible says that if that's what the unjust will do then how much more will the just act how fast or how how sweetly. Well before they act on our behalf. If he's not on just. Because we persist in our prayers. Come to him as if he was unjust and you'll see how just two years. You see how fast he can answer. May not be the answer that you want. Really is because we don't know we should pray for but he will answer and you know what's funny. We haven't even said a word yet. Last X. name. Mark after five goes me about to march out of five. Much of the find if you find it just after much of the four. So you've got a long time to turn. The March Up to five. And we'll go from verse one is what it says much of the five verse one and they came over on to the other side of the sea into the country of the gatherings. And when he has the heat. You guys know Jesus and when he was come out of the ship immediately there met him out of the Tombs a man would say what an unclean spirit what we call that today. A demon right term verse three and this demon had his dwelling among the tombs. And no man could bind him. No not even with chains. Because they he had often been bound with fetters in chains and the chains had been plucked asunder by him and the fetters broken in pieces. Neither could any man tame him and always night and day he was in the mountains and in the Tombs crying and cutting himself with stones not your right your roommate would you agree. Then he says. But when he saw Jesus afar off. He ran and worshiped him. Now let's look at this just a little bit. Who took the man into the tombs the man of the demon. How he said the man case unanimous was the demon. The demon takes the man into the tomb so let's take that. Let's go a step further who's making the man cut himself. The demon right. Who's giving the man the supernatural ability to break out of the chains. The demon. So is it fair to say then that the demon is the one that's in control of the man. So how is the man running to Jesus. This man is in the TO HIS want to be able to we wonder if tombs. And the man's bound by chains and he's breaking them apart. I'm going to ask if any ever been caught above the Adventists we haven't. Keep the law. But this man's bound by chains. And he just breaks out and he's in the too many is crying day and night just allows the most annoying neighbor you could imagine is cutting himself the blood all over the tomb to come out of the tube just to scream at the city and runs back inside. It cuts him self and once possessed. But he sees Jesus and he starts running towards him. Now he's with us the story gets even stranger let's just become the story. It says verse six but when he saw Jesus far off. He ran and worshiped him and cried with a loud voice and said What have I to do with the Jesus the Son of the most high God I joined the by God that the torment me not now. I don't know of any of you guys have ever got in trouble before. I'm going to go out on a limb and say perhaps. Now when I was younger. When I was any anything between nineteen and one years old. I had a habit for getting myself into trouble. Ironically enough because I spoke too much. I was too good for time. All right so too much and so I was continuous continually getting myself in trouble. And and I think maybe there was something wrong with me because I was never getting myself into trouble with the smaller people. It was always guys that I knew if we were ever in the same room and we were alone game over. Goodbye The incoming. Houses run my. Not as we would say back home because keep saying Screw this thing isn't all these terrible things come out of my mouth just to make fun of someone. And here's the thing if I don't that in a social setting and that person was restricted from coming to attack me if I ever see that person alone. Well I'm walking down the street and then there is. And he sees me and I see him. And I see him seeing me. Guess which direction I'm not going. I'm not going there. He he would have sold me but now I'm going. When the other way around. By the time his brain was telling him that's the guy I'm going to really because if I know that there's a guy over there that has the power to just take me out and wants to just take me. Oh hum not going over there. But this man is being controlled by a demon and this demon is controlling the man physically and this demon taking him into the cave with demons cutting him his demons making him scream but when he sees Jesus. He's running to Jesus which tells me this that the demons no longer in control of the moment. But when that. When he gets there when he gets to Jesus right. So imagine this. He's he's got demons in him. Yeah. And and the Bible says that the demon authors Christ as you know from my name is legion for we are many and some people say that's something that between three thousand and six thousand soldiers is what constitutes a lesion so this month. Let's just say it's possessed by six thousand demons right. And this man comes to if there's one thing that the man not the demon if there's one thing that the man wants he wants someone that can get rid of the demons would you agree. And so he sees the one person that can get rid of the demon. But the demons controlling him physically but when he sees that man he runs to him because that's the man that can help but when he finally gets to him after so long of waiting for him. The lies that he says are not what he wants to say. God is not above the world's. Because he's been waiting to be at the feet of this man for years and when he's finally there. The things that he's saying is not what he needs to say he doesn't get to ask for what he needs because answers the prayer anyway. God says the pressure anyway he doesn't even get to pray that the words don't come out of his mouth he can offer freedom he can I ask for these demons to be you know kicked out of his body but just being at the feet of Jesus not even having said a word he uses like began. Don't tell me you haven't been there. Don't tell me that there hasn't been times when you've got your knees and you didn't know what to say but God answered that prayer anyways. ROMANS have to eight. Romans eight as we calls. Verse twenty six and twenty seven. You know the verse. Romans eight twenty six and twenty seven when you there say amen. It says likewise. Likewise. The spirit also helps our infirmities. For we know not what we should pray for as we ought. But the spirit itself make it into session for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he searches the hearts and He knows the mind of the Spirit because He makes intercession for the Saints. According to the will of God what this verse is saying is this. You've got on your knees. You close your eyes and you've crossed your hands and you've laid prostrate on the floor and you've cried countless tears. And words have come out. You've asked for things you prayed for things. But those words went as far as the ceiling. And the spirit which was their Spirit of Prophecy tells them when we pray honestly the crisis leaning over us the spirit that was there. Takes what we need to free and take that to the kingdom. Has been times I know you've been there. I know you've been there's been times you've been like Lord I need a new car. This one isn't kind any more engines given up he bumped me the whole way down the road and you pray Lord please provide. And the Lord his that prayer the spirit takes that person goes to God the Father. You might say this father God Dean is asking that you help him be content with his car. Because we don't know what to pray for as we want to say in Lord. I'm twenty seven years old. I know wife. I need a husband. And so the spirit goes on the father. And the Spirit says father. One of the angels would like permission for you to drop a pamphlet about being content in your singleness through that person's door box because we don't know what's a proof for us we will. But the spirit the spirit such as our hearts. He knows what we need. And maybe what we need doesn't correlate with what we want the law on so what we need you know more times and what he wants is what we want to go. I don't know how long it's been since you've prayed and I don't mean you know just. Haphazardly or Thank You Lord for this food Amen. You know those for Ari prayers is the reason. Amen. Not talking about those. So much. I don't know the last time that you got on your knees and poured out your heart to God So you know every time the Spirit impresses me to do that sometimes I'm tempted to think. Well what I say and I fall into this sin again and again and again and last time when I prayed and I was a holy prayer. You know I prayed exactly what the Bible told me to pray how I was claiming the promises of first John one night. You know he'll cleanse me from all sin and I pray him but now I've done it again. I've broken my word have broken my promise. What do I say this time there's one thing I want you to get from this message is God isn't waiting for us to say he's just waiting for you. And he tell you the good news when you do come and when you do fall on his knees the words can hear way for the words the spirit already told him exactly what happened. The words are forgot the words are for you. It was a for me. He's already in the process of answering before we've spoken. He has heard us. It's not about what you say it's about who you're praying to it's about our father and leave us these two quotes. Every sincere prayer is heard in heaven. When you are to say amen. Every sincere prayer is heard in heaven. And this is this it may not be fluently expressed. But if the heart is in it. It will ascend to the sanctuary where Jesus ministers. And he were presented to the Father without one. Not all quite stunning would be HUGE of all and fragrant with the incense of his own perfection. That's why it's not about the words Jesus has the words. Prayer is Heaven's ordained means of success in the conflict with sin and the development of the Christian character. The divine influences that come in on so to the prayer of faith will accomplish in the soul of the supplicant all for which he pleads for the pardon of sin. How do you want a pardon of sin. For the pardon of sin for the Holy Spirit. For Christ like Temple our Lord help us. For wisdom and strength to do his work for any gift that he has promised we may I ask and the promise is you shall receive. You shall receive. Take your prayers to your father today and not worry about the words bring in your heart and you shall receive. As pre Father in heaven. As you said the words the words that we have to say they're not important what we need to recognize is who you are and what you are like. How much you love us Lord that you love us as much as you love Christ. Wow Wow I can only imagine what our lives would be like if we lived like that. If we lived every day. Remembering that you love us as much as you love your son. Give us those lies Lord and Father I pray for myself and for those that stand before me. There's the citizens that we need to make in our heart. Some of us have been away for a long time. Some of us haven't really spoken to you haven't really open our hearts completely to you haven't let you deep into the treasure chest that we've buried within for too long and so what I want to ask is has anyone here this morning that is in that situation that has been away from you for for however long it is for them. However I'm two long years however long that is the father your sense of spirit even now as I know you have been to a press impress upon their hearts that you missed them. And that you are just waiting them. You're just waiting for them to come back. That is waiting for them to make that choice to come and so fall at the cross of Calvary to look up and see a risen Savior who's died for our sins. Does anyone here Lord it hasn't made that decision as of yet strengthened their will to make that decision now. But I claim the promise that she will profit gave to us when she said that old that you are your coupons to do and that when the will of man cooperates with the will of God It is omnipotent. Father I came upon is that all the power of heaven. Is available to us now to make the decision to come back to you. Jesus this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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