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The Darkest Hour

Dean Cullinane
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Dean Cullinane

Theology student at Weimar College.



  • February 4, 2017
    4:00 PM
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Father in heaven. Lord each and every one of us here is soft and has sinned against you and against him. Father we are not whether it should be called your daughters or your son's father your son will forever be worthy to be called our Savior and so we ask that it is he and not me. This resource this afternoon. Bless us we ask in Jesus' name amen. And so most of you are familiar with the story of Abraham and Isaac Abraham has waited how long to have a son. One hundred years. He waits one hundred years to have a son from his wife Sarah. And then once he has that son got to ask him to do something very specific he says Take your sock. Your only son Isaak whom you love. And go to the land of Mariah and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you. The Bible says that Abraham rose early that morning then the next morning he got his donkey. He took two young men with him and took his son Isaac. And he had cut the wood that he was going to use for the offering and he was heading towards the place that God had sent him and three days' journey. He sees the place and Abraham says to the two young men stay here. Stay here because me and my son. We're going to go and worship and then we're going to come back. Abraham knows that God has asked for a sacrifice a sacrifice. That's going to claim the life of his son right. But still he says to the two young men wait there me and my son are coming back. Because Abraham believes that even if he takes the life of his son. The good is going to restore his life because the Lord promised. The Lord promised that through Isaac. His nation will be as numbered as the sand of the sea. And this is the first time in the Bible that we come across the word worship often we think of worship as kind of you know exuberant sometimes extravagant very a lot of singing and and other things involved but this right here is the first time the Bible mentions worship. We can see just from this alone that there is no worship without sacrifice. You cannot have worship if there's no sacrifice. We have nothing to worship. If we don't recognize the sacrifice are you with me. So he goes and he takes his son. He later I'm upon the altar and and I that I can imagine what least in my own mind. Isaac is kind of freaking out stuck where the land is Father puts him on the on the. On the offering table and ties him and he's about to take over. He takes the blade and lift it over his son's nic and just as he is about to plunge. You know the story here is his name so here I am and the law provides him a substitute. I'm going to make an appeal at the beginning of the sermon. There is an altar. An altar of sacrifice. And if we're not willing to place. Everything on that altar from the beginning then we're going to hear God's voice. Because of this things in our life that we're keeping from him. Now how is he going to speak to us later. And here's the thing. Isaac's a good kid. Isaac is is a promise from God he's not a bad thing. So often we think we're the bad things need to go on the altar. You know in the music that we listen to maybe that is to go into the arts and entertainment that we involve us of that goes into the altar and our friends that we kind of know that we should be hanging around of yeah we'll put that on to the altar but right here. Abraham's putting his son whom he loves on the altar. God is us. Being that everything goes on everything whether that be the choices that we make like I said in regards to entertain or whether it be the choices that we make in regards to clothing in regards to food in regards to how we spend our time in regards to what our ideas and wishes are for the future when we want big houses and big cars you want everything to go on the altar and the good thing is God will decide what comes of. God decided eyes that could come off the altar. And when we lay everything on the altar and allow God to take it off. We can be sure that that's what God wants for us. Are you willing to lay everything on the altar. Think about it is there something in your life that just saying Lord. I can't put that on the table. I just can't. Let me tell you something if there is something. I don't think will be there by the end of the message. Is there something in life you like oh I'm not sure I don't know if I can actually give this up. I think by the end of the sermon you'll be willing to put it on the altar. Can we pray for that. Father in heaven we ask if there is anything in our hearts even now even mind Father speak to us. Speak to us through your word Send your spirit to convict our hearts. Help us at the end of this to truly be able to sing I surrender all or not I surrender some. Became the promise that you were no return void in Jesus' name amen. When I tell you a story. Not too dissimilar to the story that I shared a few the small went to imagine a man. And this man just got one son you see when we look at the character of the Father. We can't help but look at the character of the son you with me. And what you imagine it as a man with one son in fact be that man be that person be that person that has one. Son B. that Abraham who waited so long to have a child and picture that they have the best relationship picture that they spend almost all day each and every day in one another's company picture that they like to do all kinds of things together they like to to go for long mountain walks together and they like to go fishing together and they like to go running in the morning together and they do their worship together and and and this father this this parent and their child their tight nothing separates them. I mean to imagine that one day. You're coming home from work. And as you're driving home from work. You know you turn on the radio. It's not Sabbath he doesn't a radio. And you're listening to the radio and you hear. After a long days of work a long day with a long day's work. You hear that a few people over and that say Pakistan. Have died of some random virus that you know scientists are unfamiliar with and you hear it and as we saw often do we hear of such calamities we kind of bypass them because we're soul in all desensitized and now that they've just become something else. Another piece of news are the lives that have been lost that don't really affect ours and then you just go home and you know the day kind of catches up with you you're tired you go to bed you wake up in the morning you turn on the news and then you see that overnight this virus seems to have spread miles and miles and miles and now it's in all the surrounding countries and it's in India and it's it's spreading into Iran and and many more lives are being taken. So it kind of perks the interest. It's current news and then you see you know what's what's the big channel over here the big T.V. channel in the U.S.. C.N.N. FOX A.B.C. N.B.C. A.B.C. the whatever you want to call it only to imagine that on these channels. Now there. They're talking about this the wide spread of this particular virus and they still don't have a name for it but with this virus overnight you know thirty thousand people live have died whereas it was just three people at the beginning and it starts to get a little concerning you start to see politicians and other people. Let's say you know the queen of the queen right. Now the queen she comes on the television and she's like you know. Well we're really scared that it might come to her to England and you know we're praying probably not but we're praying that it's it's not going to come to these borders and we're going to close it or we're going to leave you. And then so. So we're going to we're going to close the borders and it's not going to come in we're going to make sure. And then you know you see her little person on the side like it's hard. And then you know they kind of close down that because it's already reached in and it's spreading throughout London and then President President Trump President Tom comes on and he's very defiance like this is not coming you know we're not going to use them. I don't think this through. And so. So when not going to let this in this know is not coming in we're closing the borders. We're going to build a wall if you want and so the very defiant right. So you think. Yes You know this isn't going to come into America. The next day. And you hear. There's been outbreaks in Loma Linda. Right across California Oregon and Washington and every other state that's around there that I'm unfamiliar with. And it's here. This is taking lies and it's it seems like it seems like there's no real symptoms. It just seems like you know you have it within two or three days you're practically in a desperate. And all of these politicians come on T.V. You know the prime minister of France or the president or whatever they have now kind of like you know we're closing the border and everyone's trying to stop it from coming in but it just it can't be kept out it goes everywhere. It's taking live of the lives of the live off the life. And so then let's say the county sheriff comes around. On the air and he says this. He says guys it's getting to the point where this is literally a mass outbreak and you know extinction is on the horizon. We need to act and we need to act fast and scientists have discovered that they can perhaps find a cure or if they can find someone that is as of yet unaffected. And so they say OK this is what's going to happen. If you hear a siren going down your neighborhood. You're to leave your house with all of your family and you walk behind that such that I mean it's and everyone goes with it and it leads it to the hospital and then everyone gets checked and so you're sitting down there and you with your spouse and you with your child and soon enough you hear the side you look at each other kind of on a slope. You know what time it is and you leave and you're walking down the road husband child wife hand in hand looking at everyone's faces and everyone's down. Depression is rife everyone scared everyone's fearing for what could actually happen to the human race at this time and they're just walking and no one's really saying anything. Everyone's quiet everyone looks bleak everyone sat and you're just walking you get to the hospital and the nurses come out and they're they're all frantic lying around the place trying to get everything done and they say if you hear your name. You can you get tested and then you go and you wait in the hospital and when there's no room left in the hospital you go wait in the parking lot where there's no room in the parking lot. You kind of just stay in the area. You name is call the goal to take a sample take a sample from your spouse to take a sample from your child and then you just wait and you wait hours and hours and hours. You look around you haven't seen a smile a days. No one's really speaking to anyone else. People are crying family members from every family are dying as this Walter White crisis and no one knows how they can handle it and then out of nowhere. There's nurse just you know bunches through one of those comes out and she has a clipboard and a hand she's trying to read the surname and she reads your name. And you kind of want to hear it a second time just to make sure that she says your name and so you. You have hesitantly raise your hand kind of reluctantly because you wanted there to be a cure. We didn't want it to be from you. And she comes and she says OK are you such and such and he like yeah but actually that specific person that you're referring to that would be my son. So the nurse looks at you and she says Oh. OK. Let's go inside and so you follow her inside and they sit you in this empty waiting room. And they explain to you that your son your only son doesn't have the infection. And so far. Walter White. Is the only chance they've got of getting rid of this virus and so they hand you a clipboard they get to fill out you know sign all the little details and you're signing you going through putting signature after signature after signature and then you see at the bottom where it's putting your son's name. And then it has how much blood they require How many pints of blood. And it has a tick box and you're like well how do I answer that. What do I do there and the nurses what you just have to ticket and well what does that mean. Well. And she explains E.C. when we were planning all this getting everything together so quickly. We didn't think that we were going to have to use a mine up and since he is so small. We're going to need all of his blood and there's no other way. There's no other way and they offer you a few minutes to sit down you look at your spouse in your office it. They're crying and they don't know what to do they don't know what to say your child's dead no idea what's going on just looking around waiting for answers waiting for some sort of explanation. What do you say what you said your spouse what do you say to the child. Sooner or later the nurse comes back in with a doctor doctor's half happy heart upset knows that there's a good chance that the world will be saved. This is going to take your son now to take his hand source to walk down the sensorial of the hospital and you're just watching your son is walking down the hallway with some of that you never at Hugh never met before. And you're never going to see him again and he's just walking. And each few steps he's looking back like and those doors close and that's it. You just sit there sit there for hours. And these nurses askew can fly out the door and they're running down and they run of the right past you. Out into the parking lot and like we've done it. We've done it. We've done it. We found a cure. We found a cure and everyone starts to rush in and everyone wants this cure and you know they're making more and more of it as a spaz as they can and everyone so excited. It's mainstream news and all the states are rejoicing the president and the prime ministers and there's fireworks and this sort of ration and you are sitting in the room is a sitting room. Eventually people come government people. They calm and you sit down with you and they express their condolences self sorry they are for everything that's happened but how grateful they are. And then you know they do the courteous thing. And offer to cover all the funeral costs and everything. So you know we'll give you the biggest building to the funeral you know biggest cathedral or whatever you want to call it. And you know since since practically every want to stay alive because of your one son you say well you know you might as well just invite everyone. And so it's an open funeral anyone can come whether you've been affected or not you can come. And so a few days go by and the sorting out the little arrangements and before you know you're standing outside the church standing next to that three foot long coffin your one side your spouses the other side and you lift. And you start to walk up the steps and you get to the front door and this to us is there is open the door. You just walk in and you look up and no one's even there. Nobody's even there. And guess what the people that are there you can see by their face that they don't even want to be there. They're just there because you know they're locals. How do you feel. You know it's funny that stories like this can touch us. It's funny like stories like this can just hasa room. But this is exactly what happened. This is exactly what happened to Christ. This is exactly what happened to the Fargo. The whole world is sick. The virus is spreading rapidly and there's only one solution. And that's what the sun to lose his life. And when he gives up his life and he saves everyone and a few doors open for everyone to come in if everyone to to give their thanks that he done this at that time no one even cares and the people that do care. The people that do come to the churches and the people that do fill up the pews. They don't even want to be here. Welcome to our church that isn't John where we come because of guilt. Not because of love. And we come to see what we can get rather than what we can give the father lost his son. If anyone that we knew was a parent or lost their son. We'd be around the house we cry and we be consoling them and so we are on the shoulder. We do anything they can but when we read when we go to Matthew chapter seven. Chapter twenty seven and we read how the father lost his son. We just read through that like it's fiction like all she says start on the cross all praise a little praise the Lord have mercy. Have mercy that the death of Christ has become so nominal to was that we read it and we gloss over it as a devotional and we just go about our day time with me if you will. So the book of Matthew. So let's go to Luke. What's your Luke turn to Luke twenty three. Also the I'm going to reach you little from Matthew Matthew chapter twenty seven says from verse forty five head to Luke twenty three. It says now from the sixth hour. There was doctors over all the land on to the ninth hour and about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice saying ill I eat I love my suboxone. That is to say My God my God Why has the alpha saken me. Some of them that stood there when they heard that said this man called for Elias and straight away. One of them around. Took a sponge filled it with vinegar put it on a reed and gave it to him to drink. You know the rest of the story. He gives up the ghost. He does his life at that hour. Luke twenty three says in verse forty four also and it was about the sixth hour. And there was darkness of all the earth until the ninth hour. The way that the people in that place primarily do some Romans also the way they calculated time was they started us sunrise which generally right throughout the year was around about six A.M. and the first hour would just be one hour after six A.M. so would be seven like that. So when you get to the sixth hour was six plus it's. Twelve And so at twelve at exactly midday where should the sun be the sun should be at its highest and it should be at its hottest and it should be at its brightest. But from that sixth hour from midday right through to what we would call three P.M. there was a darkness that covered the face of the earth. Why. Why. Let me reach you from one of my favorite books is called Desire of ages. Is upon Christ as our substitute and surety was laid upon the iniquity of us all. He was counted a transgressor that he might redeem us from the condemnation of the law the guilt of every descendant of Adam was pressing upon his heart the wrath of God against sin the terrible manifestation of his displeasure because of iniquity filled the soul of the Son with consternation. All his life. Christ had been publishing to a fallen world the good news of the father's mercy and pardoning love salvation for the chief of sinners was his theme but now with the terrible weight of guilt. He bears he cannot see the father's reconciling face it says the withdrawal of the divine countenance from the Savior in this hour of Supremes anguish and miss this pierced his heart with such a sorrow that can never be fully understood by men and she says this so great was this agony that his physical pain was hardly felt and one of and would have been crucified. Probably not. When you look at the anatomy of the crucifixion. The arms are spread wide the feet held together one nails through the palm of the chant or sometimes the wrists and then another long nail through feet overlapping right into the wood. And there were done in such a way where the body would be held up by the arms. In essence the body would sink and the arms would be there holding it up. Now what's this. Whenever that happens it puts so much pressure on your lungs that you can't breathe in. So just to inhale crimes would have had to pull down on his hands to lift up his body for the space in his lungs to be present. So he could in. Hell and it's a breed that you would have to drop again and he would have to do that every single breath for three hours. I don't know how many times I've read in three hours but it's more than once. Every single time he had to go through that and we read it like it's just the. Man I'm so grateful. The book goes on to say Satan with his fierce temptations wrong the heart of Jesus wrong in the way that you ring a towel or a flannel when you've just dried up would have a mess you've created Satan run the hearts of Jesus the Savior it says could not see through the portals of the tomb Hope did not present to him his coming forth from the grave a conqueror or tell him of the father's acceptance of his sacrifice he feared that sin was so offensive to God that this separation was to be eternal. Christ felt the anguish which the sinner will feel when Mercy so no longer plead for the guilty race. It was the sense of sin. Bringing the father's Rast upon him as man substitute that made the cup he drank so bitter and broke the hearts of the Son of God one time I'm reading. Reading through the Psalms. I get to Psalm Chapter eighteen tome with me if you want to saunter up to eighteen. And you'll find that perhaps the the beginning. If I go to songs have to twenty two. Sorry. Songs up to twenty two says this in verse one. We should be familiar with these words My God my God why has duffer seeking me ever heard those words before. This is what we call a messianic Psalm a song that David would of written or sung at the time but that was pointing forward to an experience that Christ him selfe was going to have says it word for word go back a few chapters to Psalms eighteen and watch what David writes about in Psalms eighteen chapter three so verse three sons eighteen verse three says I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised. So should I be saved from my enemies. The Sorrows of death compassed me in the floods of ungodly men made me afraid I'm thinking maybe this is talking about the battle that he had with sore goes on to say the source of how come it's me the snares of death prevented me in my distress I called upon the Lord and cried on so my god he heard my voice out of his temple and my cry came before him even to his nit. Even to his is now what verse seven. The seven says then the earth shook and trembled the foundations also of the hills moved and were shaken because he was what they were just talking about some great earthquake that takes place and I'm looking through the life of David I'm so you know no earthquake there was he talking about who's the earthquake when the earth shook and the earth trembled in the foundations of the hills were moved because God was angry to read and as I read this. We're going to pull this all together with amazement angels witness the Saviors despairing agony the host of human story the host of heaven veiled their faces from the fearful sight. So that inanimate nature expressed sympathy with its insult. And dying or for. The sun refused to look upon the awful scene nature refused to watch cries die. It says it's full bright rays were illuminating the earth at midday when suddenly it seemed to be blotted out complete darkness like a funeral Paul envelop the cross. There was darkness over the land into the night hour he says this There was no eclipse or other natural cause for this darkness which was as deep as midnight without moon or stars. It was a miraculous testimony given by God. That the faith of after generations may be confirmed. So now one kind of interesting. I'm interested now I'm thinking OK the the Sun going dark goes dark for a reason this is not an eclipse just happened to bypass the sun when when Christ was dying. There's a reason for this darkness and so now I'm digging the world trying to find what's the reason for this darkness Psalms twenty two. Verse sixteen says this David writing again for dogs have compas to me the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me and then David says they pierced my hands and my feet he can deal with you. OK. Because no one pierced your hands. And no one pissed your feet. And that's when it's that's when it's just a quick To me that perhaps David is writing about what Christ is going through and not what he is currently going through when he says this they pierced my hands on my feet and I may tell all of my bones you saying none of my bones were broken. Is this ring any bells. So as they look and they stare at me he says they parts my garments among themselves and they cost lots upon my vest your David is seein the cross. He's seeing exactly what's taking place at Calvary thousand thousand and so years later. Picking up back in Psalms eighteen trust me we're going to tie all this together. It says in Psalms eighteen by. Seven The earth should contract with the foundations also of the hills moved and was shaken because he was a Ross says there went up a smoke out of his nostrils and fire came out of his mouth cold were kindled by it. Now what's this. David is writing about the experience is taking place on the cross and then David says this. He says he bowed the heavens all saw and came down. If Christ is in the is on the cross who is in heaven. The father is in heaven. It says he bowed the heavens also and came down which when it says next. It says and darkness was where under his feet says he wrote upon a cherub and he did fly yes he did fly upon the wings of the wind. He made darkness his secret place his pavilion round about in were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies guys let me tell you what's taking place right there on the cross crisis losing his life. The divine countenance is having its light withdrawn because he's bearing the complete burden of the suit of the world both the past present and future generations and at that time you can imagine the NGOs are watching and they don't want to watch because what they're watching is horrible but they're there and they're just waiting. They want to come down they see their savior. They see the king and they just want to come down. They want to help him. They were taken off the cross they want to ease his suffering they want to wipe the blood from his brow they want to free him from the pain and they just itching at the fathers holding them back. The father saying you can't you can't go down. You can't go down. He needs to go through this but eventually eventually the father says enough is enough. I've watched my son go through too much. He says and the Bible says that he bowed the heavens and he came down. He made darkness his secret place. Quick question. If God was to appear right now what would happen. What would have. It would be destroyed would be would be just to ride out the face of the Earth why. Because we would see his glory the glory of a light so bright and our very beings can't handle and so God sees his son he sees his son dying on the cross he sees tears coming from his eye he sees that he's thirsty. He sees that he's crying. He says I've had enough. I'm coming down to save him but he thinks well if I just come down everyone's going to die. So I need to protect the people that are killing my son and cold myself in darkness. So they can live last they kill him. That's the Father's love. He saved our life while he put his son to death. Three hours. We put the pieces together than the father got three hours. Spend eternity with someone you've watched them. Be abused for practically thirty three years in poverty. And you get three hours three hours to watch him die. And still your concern is everyone else around him. Still your concern is the soldier that hit the first nail into his hand and the soldier that pierced both of his feet. That's what God thinking. I want to be with my son so bad. I need to figure out a way to do it without harming the people that are putting him to death. Continues. In that thick darkness God's presence was hidden. He makes Darkness has been Fillion. And concedes his conceals his glory from the human ICE says God in His holy angels were beside the cross. The father was with his son. Yet his presence was not revealed. Had his glory flashed forth from the cloud every human behold it would have been destroyed. You know what's the hardest part to read. And in that dreadful hour. Christ was not to be comforted with the Father's presence. He tried the wine press alone and of the people there was none with him his in the thick darkness God veiled the last human agony of his son. All who had seen Christ in his suffering had been convicted of his divinity. That face once beheld by humanity was never forgotten. As the face of Cain expressed his guilt as a murderer. So the Face of Christ revealed innocence sincerity benevolence the image of got but his accusers would not give heed to the Signet of heaven through long hours of agony Christ had been gazed upon by a During multitude. Now he was mercifully hidden by the mantle of God. Jesus cried out on the cross. My God my God why have you forsaken me. He cried those words Father was right there. Right there. Just like why do I have to go through this alone. Fathers their site. I wish I could just touch him on the shoulder and say I'm here. We should let him know that he's not going through this along. But if I come for him now and sacrifice can't be accepted it has to be him has to be just him. So I have to be there have to stand there with the rest of the angels. I'm going to be with my son for the last moments of his life and I'm going to watch him die and he's going to think that I left in there alone and I'm doing that to save you. I'm doing that to save you. Sometimes we doubt that God loves us and made the point this morning that in John seventeen verse twenty three. It says that. Just as much as God loves the Son He loves us and I told you I'd answer that question How far would the father go for the son Will he come right down to have a right down to earth. He'd leave his throne empty. To be there with his son so don't miss this point because sometimes we can just say well it's amazing. God loves me. No No No Don't miss this. That means then that if God loves the Son as much as he loves us when Christ was in dire need of help the father went there. And if he loves us as much as he loves you. That means in Adachi hours when we feel the most alone when we feel like we've tried the one person alone and there is none with us. The father is there. God the Father. Would lead the throne to be at your side. And I bet you he's done it. I don't know how it works. I don't know the theology I don't care. The Bible says he done it for Christ and He loves us the way he loves him because of the way he loves him. It's been times in my life where I've been alone times in your life when you've been alone. And we cry out for going to God why are we going through this. Why are you here. Why can't I feel you what can I touch you and he's there he's right there. And if he could just reach out and just touch your shoulder and let you know that you can get through it if you just trust in his power to save your soul he would do so but he needs us to know he needs us to know that when Christ was there on the cross he had to go through it along and even though the father was there he would do anything to help him but he had to go through it alone. And I know where you are and we have struggles or I don't know what causes you to fall on your knees every night that struggle that you have I don't know what it is. I don't need to know you know. But I want you to know this. Our Father in heaven. Loves you too much to let you go through it alone. And if you've ever felt like you've gone through the Long hasn't happened. Hasn't happened. I know it feels like it's happened and I know you wanted more. And I know that you needed more but he's been there. He's been there are struggling. Nights when you can't pray because the burden of sin is pressing upon your mind and you feel like there's no way out. You feel like there's no way to overcome he's been there. He sent angels that excel in strength and might to be there to encourage you. To strengthen you he's been there. The father so loved the world that He sent His Son He sent his son here to watch his son die. He said to him. Like as a father pity of his children. So the Lord pity those that fear him. Don't leave you with this one scripture. First printed Chapter thirteen. We know the chapter but maybe you read it a little differently. Verse four says that love suffers along. Boy does it suffer law says that its kind. And that love doesn't envy. That it doesn't involve itself that it is not up but it doesn't behave itself unseemly look at this love seeks not her own. The love of God is burning within the father's heart saying I could just touch and wish I could just let him know it's OK wish you could let her know it's OK wish you could just let them know that I'm there. I've had dark hours really dark hours. I know many of you have had dark hours too. I told you this morning this book doesn't make sense. Stew deep. To crazy. So unfathomable that a love like this exists. But if the father would leave Heaven for Jesus. He'd leave have for you and he'd leave heaven for me pretty sure he's done it a few times already so I want to make this appeal. Given what you know now maybe you know this already. That's fine. Given what you know now about the love of the Father is there anything that you won't put on the altar. Is there anything that you're still not willing to give up to make an appeal because I believe these work is something that you want to give up an aspect of your life that you haven't surrendered to God yet there's never a better decision and it never a better time to make a decision. To surrender to him. When you hear about the love that he has for you and has anyone here that would like to make the decision today was to give up something I want to surrender their lives fully maybe even for the first time to the Lord. So I see make your way to the front here. And we have a prayer with you don't feel pressured to come. Don't come because anyone else comes come if the Spirit is speaking to you. Praise the Lord Brother as the Spirit is speaking to your heart you seen the love of God in a way that maybe you haven't seen it before. And YOU LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT I LIVE FOR HIM. I live for that god. You will make the decision the soft and make your way to the front of her together. I want to lead you of this thought the book of Acts have to twenty of us thirty five says this in essence. That is a greater blessing to give than to receive. Yeah it's a great a blessing to give then to receive for God so loved the world that he gave. God so loved the world that he gave his only son but it's a greater blessing to give than to receive. We've been blessed. We've been blessed by the life the death the resurrection the ministry of Christ. The father's been blessed more through watching the changes that take place in our lives because of what Jesus has done the father has received the greater blessing when he sees our hearts surrender to Him He can look back at those words that he penned in John Chapter three sixteen and say I was blessed. I was blessed. So how about this. If it's a greater blessing to give than to receive. Why don't you give him your heart. Why don't you give him your heart. The whole thing not just the left side of the right side of the OP eventual the eventual giving the whole thing if you believe that way that it's a greater blessing to give than to receive in the blessing is for you when you give him your heart can wait a few more seconds you want to make that decision. Conda we're going to pray together the blessing awaits you. It's a greater blessing to give than to receive that's giving my heart is there anyone else that would like to join us here at the front. If you say necessary one take their hand and your hand upon their shoulder that person that you're standing next to that person can help keep you accountable for the decisions that you make Remember that today. You decided to give God your heart he gave you the strength to make that decision as a greater blessing to give there to receive a man. That's pretty good Father in heaven. There's nothing that we can do. But surrender. And even the power to make that decision is given to us by you. But I can't imagine what you went through on that day. Watching your son die. Being so close to him. It's a him you were galaxies away. He tried the one person alone. But you were there. And some of us might be in Dr basis right now alone. And there is no greater comfort than knowing that you are there. Everything that we've been through as hard as it's been you've been there. And we praise your name. Well as you said it's a great blessing to give than to receive and so we give you our hearts we ask that you would take these hearts of stone and give us back cos of flesh the old one that can keep your judgments and your statutes and your last rights a lawyer even now will send your spirits a rush a law upon a hop. Give us that new covenant experience take our relationship with the Utes a even deeper level still to unreachable heights. For we commit our lives into your hands. Just as Christ did on the praise is this me. 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