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The Commandment of Love - Part 1

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • February 10, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven. We enter into your presence tonight. On the day that you have blessed and sanctified and father we do it for one reason. Because we want to know you better. So we invite you to be with us here tonight. And that you would take the message of your word and through the powerful medium of your Holy Spirit that you would send it home to our hearts. We ask it in Jesus' name. In John the thirteenth chapter we find Jesus and the disciples in the upper room. Celebrating what would be the last Passover that would have any significance to it. Well they were up there in the upper room as you may or may not know the disciples were there amongst themselves who would be the greatest even in those final few hours with Jesus that was still a bone of contention Judas had already betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver and he was there with the rest of the disciples crowding in around Jesus just hours from this time Jesus would be in the garden and get seventy pouring out his heart to his father asking that the cup would pass away from him but nevertheless not his will but the Father's Will to be done a few short hours after his time in the garden Jesus would be found standing before pilot in one of the many mock trials that would take place before his ultimate crucifixion on the cross and then his ascension into the kingdom of heaven and as there is there in the upper room in this final time together there is much that is probably running through the mind of Jesus. He wants to share with his disciples in these last few moments together with him and as you read John thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen and seventeen you can peer into that conversation that Jesus is having with his disciples before he is hung on a cross and then ascends to his father in the kingdom of heaven and as they are there in the upper room there is a little piece of advice that I want to pull out and this is going to kind of set us on a course in our time together study him so Tarus me if you would John Chapter thirteen we're going to look at verse thirty four John thirteen verse thirty four. Jesus as He is talking to his disciples there he gives them a piece of advice he says this A new commandment I give unto you that you love one another as I have loved you that you also love one another oftentimes this is referred to as the eleventh commandment we understand that it has its foundation in the Old Testament to love one another as God hath love to us in fact nineteen times in the New Testament alone by Jesus by Paul and by John this theme this concept is repeated throughout the Bible that we are to love one another but I'm afraid that it's an unfortunate thing that in our world today this type of love that Jesus is encouraging his disciples to have towards one another is sadly lacking in our world today oftentimes I think rather than loving one another as Jesus says we ought to we rather put up with one another or we endure one another for the short time that we have together and I dare say that this has even crept. It's way in to God's remnant church. Now the real bombshell comes in the next verse. In verse thirty five Jesus says this by this by what. By loving one another as Jesus has loved us now before I read this passage let me just explain something here you will know the. Astute student will know that in other places in the Bible Jesus says to love one another as we all want to be loved right but here he is saying not only to love one another as we want to be loved when he is saying to love one another as he has loved us there's a all the difference in the world there and then in the next verse Jesus says this verse thirty five he says by this by us loving one another as he has loved us by this shell all men know there you are my disciples. If you have love one to another the greatest pedants that we can give the world that we are disciples of Christ is if we love one another as Jesus has loved us. He said back in the bible times disciples of different religious leaders they had their way of distinguishing who they belong to in terms of discipleship sometimes they were distinguished by their dress sometimes their habits their customs their rights their different teachings that they had but for the follower of Jesus what would set him apart to the rest of the world that he was a disciple of Jesus is that he would love or other people unconditionally the way Jesus. Love us. The proof that we were disciples of Christ and we are disciples of Christ does not come according to. Jesus by our theological arguments or the doctrines that we profess important as those things may be but according to Jesus the evidence comes from our love one towards another I want to flesh this out a little bit in our time together of the next couple of presentations if you have if you're taking notes just down this reference the southern review January one of nineteen or one as I was studying this concept of loving one another as Jesus has loved us I stumble across this reference and it's really not repeated that many times in the spirit of prophecy and it's a mind blowing statement Southern review general one of one thousand one it says this he only who loves his fellow men to a purpose can know God Who are the ones that know gone. Who love their fellow men now this is a Biblical concept in the Gospel or in the book of first John the Bible says He that loveth not know if not God For God is love so it's a biblical concept that she's talking about here so if we want to know God she says we have to have love one towards another now she goes on and she says this This is the reason that there is so little genuine vitality in our churches why is there little genuine vitality in our churches because there is little love in our church and the word vitality strength energy having life the reason why there is little vitality the reason why there is little life little energy little. Strength if you will it is because there is an absence of the love that Jesus had towards us in the church manifest it towards one another now she goes on it's not where she stops she goes on she says this theology. Is valueless unless it is saturated with the love of Christ's we can start there and go home. Theology is value lists unless it is saturated with the love of Christ what do you think of when you think of the word saturation. You know oftentimes if you are a husband or if you are husband to be a good thing to do is to get into the practice of washing dishes. And oftentimes I will wash the dishes at home and there's this one that sits on our countertop in our sink counter and in between the episodes of washing dishes that sponge dries up until it Crystal can occur up on the edges it's so bone dry but when you put that thing under the water it soaks up all the water and it becomes what saturated it simply means it cannot hold any more. See ya logy is valueless unless it is saturated with the low of price I'm not telling you this is coming from me this is this is from the serve of the Lord we believe in the Spirit of Prophecy Amen. That all us unless it is saturated with the love of Christ he goes on she says this god is supreme his love in the human heart will lead to the doing of works that will bear fruit after the cylinder to. Suit of the character of God that you go zones as this in the third chapter of First Corinthians the Apostle Paul defines Christ like love in the third team chapter of First Corinthians the Apostle Paul defines what gives value to our theology. He defines what brings life and vigor and vitality and energy into our churches he defines Christ like law and then she goes on to make this interesting little point she says this. It would be well to print this chapter in small type and in every paper issued in our presence you think she put you in first Corinthians thirty you know the other thing she said is that we should read that chapter every single day you think there would be a little bit more vitality in our churches if we did that you think there would be a little bit more value to our theology if we did that. And then she says this quote First Corinthians thirteen and then she says this This chapter is an expression of the obedience of all who love God and keep His commandments Listen to this it is it is brought into action in the life of every true believe it is brought into action in the life of every true believer now before we get too deep into First Corinthians thirteen I want you to turn with me in your Bibles to first Corinthians Chapter twelve First Corinthians Chapter twelve oftentimes the preamble if you will or the preface to first Corinthians thirteen is left out in its reading as you know the Bible was not written with chapter divisions First Corinthians Chapter twelve thirty one I want you to notice what Paul says right before he introduces this concept of love his definition of Christ like love prescriptivist twelve verse thirty one it says this he says but coveted earnestly the best gifts and yet show I unto you. A more excellent way this is the only place in scripture where we are told to covet something to another NOW course there's two types of coveting obviously here in the Bible there's the one that the Bible forbids in the tenth commandment and then there's the one that Paul encourages us to have and tells us to covet earnestly the best gifts the company that the Bible tells us not. I had in the tenth commandment is a desire to possess the visible materials the tangible things of this life that are owned by other people it is motivated by a sense of selfish desire for something that somebody else possesses this is not the Polish talking about here Paul is telling us to covet earnestly not things but the gifts of the spirit which he's already outlined if you go up a couple of verses of verse twenty eight he says this but God had sent some of the church first apostles secondarily prophets Thirdly teachers after that miracles then gifts of healing helps government diversity of tongues eight gifts that Paul outlines there and he tells us to covet them earnestly there's nothing wrong with coveting these gifts because as we covet them we are not taking anything away from anybody I'm coming to first printings thirteen just follow me down this rabbit trail if you will as we come to these gifts we are not taking anything away from anyone but in fact we are actually adding to the church when we come in earnestly the first gifts or these gifts rather Now the word covet is where we. Were for come it is where we get the word zealous from well the last time you coveted a spiritual gift you know oftentimes when it comes to the gifts of the spirit we oftentimes pray that the nominating committee will nominate somebody else for that thing. When was the last time you got down on your knees and you prayed and you you said Lord I covet scene I am earnest that I am desiring one of these gifts and specifically mentioning what Paul says to covet not just cut it but he says the coming earnestly the best gifts and I think we should do we would do well if we went home and we spent a little time with the Lord in our prayer closets and had it out with the Lord and said Father I want one of these gifts not for my own personal edification not poor. Might the enlargement of my influence but for the expansion of the Cause of God and to carry it forward in a way that will hasten the coming of Jesus Christ covet earnestly he says the best gifts but Paul doesn't stop there Paul always has another surprise for us he says but then he says yet I show unto you a what. A. What a more excellent way you see how Pop what Paul is doing here he's comparing in chapter twelve he spends his time outlining the spiritual gifts and then he concludes Chapter twelve by telling us to zealously cut it these gifts but then he says Now I'm going to show you something. That is beyond comparison in fact if you read this in the New English translation he says this but B E You should be eager for the greater good and then he says now I will show you a way that is beyond comparison though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity I am become a sounding brass or tinkling some money goes through purse could be in jeopardy so what Paul is doing here is he's comparing between the gifts of the Spirit and the love that should be manifested in the lives of God's people and he said he tells us that this love is beyond what he says comparison now the confusion I believe in our world today about the word love if I stood before you this evening and said I love my wife I love my dog I love apple pie. You automatically know there are all different kinds of love right if I just say the word love you don't know what that love is unless it is in the context of the sentence in the Greek that wasn't the way we know here that the love the. Paul is talking about a first Corinthians thirteen is what we know to be the Word of God Bay and that is also the word that Jesus used when he said by this shell all men know that you are my disciples if you pay one another the way we show the world that we are followers of Christ is not the theology that we carry around inside of our head or the things that we spew out of our mouth but it's the a copy that has taken root in our hearts that changes us so thoroughly and transforms us so thoroughly that we become like Jesus. I want to tell you something the seeping. As a minister of the gospel. This is what the world is starving to see. There is enough the ology to go around listen don't misunderstand me I was an evangelist for many years I believe in the importance of the gospel I believe in the importance of doctrine I believe in the importance of evangelism. But what I've also come to find out is that in order for our evangelism to be successful in order for our theology to be attractive it must first be saturated with a god. And when that happens I believe it is so learning that even the Spirit of Prophecy tells us it is like a magnet and it's difficult for people to resist that type of Christ like love being manifested among God's people. A gobby is not just a little extra patients with people putting up with them or shutting our mouth when somebody gets us a little upset it's a transformation of our hearts to be more like Jesus you see it's unfortunate today a gobby is something that we rarely see manifested in the human life we don't oftentimes see somebody show selfless love unconditional love but yet Jesus tells us this is going to be a key care. The respect of his people when you look at God Bible tells us God is love he loves us not because of what he gets from us but he loves us merely because he cannot do anything else. That should give you some pause for some fun no matter what situation God has placed and yes there will be a consequence for sin we understand that but even in our sin God still loves us no matter what we do no matter what we say no matter what happens God still has a love for his children and this is the type of love that the world is looking for among God's people. They're starting to see it they hear us professed it they hear us talk about it may he rest theorize about it but now they're looking to see if what we profess has truly changed. Who we are. That we love simply because as God's children we cannot do anything else that is all we can do because we've been so thoroughly transformed into the character of God We cannot do anything else I've got to is not an emotional response I got B. is a principle and in fact a God B. is the only love that God commands us to give he doesn't command us to anybody he doesn't command us to fully Layo anyone he doesn't command us to storage people but he does command us to a god pay he says to love your enemy. He commands us it's a command that God has given to us you see it's interesting when you look at most forms of human love in order for most forms of human love to exist it must be reciprocated in other words as you give it it is given back and as you give and take that love begins to grow and it exists and it becomes deeper and more intense. But when it comes to a god pay a God B. is not dependent upon the other person's response for it to exist that's why I can love my enemy even though my enemy does not love me back or you all follow me here. See I've got to is a type of love that does not need to be reciprocated it doesn't need to be something that is shown to me in order for me to give it back I can give it simply because that's who I am as a child of God and I cannot do otherwise. So let's look at this a little bit more here this evening together go with me in your Bibles you're still there first Corinthians now we're looking at the thirteenth chapter now for those of you that are taking notes you will notice by the time we finish together that the thirteenth chapter first Corinthians is actually separated into three different sections you can write this down if you so choose two and verses one through three Paul talks about the supremacy of love he makes five contrast in statements and we'll look at two of them in our time together tonight in verses four through seven Paul talks about the characteristics of love or he analyzes it he takes it and he puts it under a microscope and he breaks down a copy into the fabric of what it's made out of we'll look at that tomorrow morning and the third part of first Corinthians thirteen versus eight through thirteen Paul talks about the permanence of a copy that it will go on and it will abide for ever We'll talk about that a little bit more in our time together tomorrow evening so the supremacy of love the characteristics of love and the permanence of love is the structure that three sections that you find in First Corinthians chapter thirteen let's start by looking at two of these things I want to read the first three verses here follow along with me in your Bible if you would Paul says this though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and the word go means even if even if I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity I am become a sounding brass or tinkling so. Symbol and though I have the gift the prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge and though I have all faith so that I can remove mountains and have not charity I am nothing and though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and though I give my body to be burned and have not charity What does he say. Profits me nothing I want you look at that the gift of tongues they give the prophecy having all faith it's interesting the Bible just says if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you shall see into this mountain move in and be moved pockets kicks it up a notch and he says even if I had all faith even if I had all faith that there was to be able to to possess if I had it without a god it was nothing acts of charity is the fourth thing you see there and then the fifth thing the ultimate expression of love that jesus manifested on the cross that of martyrdom he says with love without a got Day is nothing I want you look at those five things. Tongues prophesy faith acts of charity and martyrdom if you met somebody that had those fine things which you think that they were pretty good Christian. You probably would I mean if you look at that description there Paul is basically describing a very good Seventh Day Adventists Christian but what he is saying is even if you had this and it looked good on the outside and to the eyes of everybody else and looked like you were a good upstanding seventy AD that is in fact you were ushered into different positions within the church if you had it if you manifested it and it did not come from the motivation of a god bake in the eyes of God He says it's nothing. In the eyes of God He says it's of no value in a sense so Paul is really telling us the importance here of all that we do all that we say having its roots coming from that self. Bliss love that Jesus has manifested towards you and me. Tonight we don't have time to go through these five contrasting statements that Paul makes we will just look at two of them in our time together hear the seed name I mean look at the first one here Paul says in verse one even if I should speak with the tons of men and of angels and have not charity I am become a sounding brass or a symbol. Doubtless Paul mentions the gift of tongues first in fact it's interesting if you look at verse twenty eight of Chapter twelve where do you put the gift of tongues. Last on the list if you go to Chapter fourteen and first Corinthians you actually find the Caribbean church was rather in the amort with the gift of tongues and Paul has to be labor the whole process of how that gift of tongues should be used in the church doubtless Paul had the gift himself and he starts with this get it is apparent that the Corinthian church perhaps prided themselves. That among them they had the gift of tongues sound similar to maybe some of the religious movements that we see in the world today but Paul tells the Corinthian church as good as they give the tongues is in helping to advance the cause of God as we see in Acts chapter two Paul says if it exists without it got big day it has no value in the eyes of God I really hope you are getting the sense of where Paul how Paul is trying to describe the permit to the importance of love existing among God's people and it being the motivation from which everything else comes from Paul says that even if we had this gift if it did not come from love we are but as sounding brass or as a tinkling symbol Notice how it's rendered in the English standard version I like this translate. And says this even if even if I say if I speak in the tongues of men and I'm angels and have not LOVE LIKE HELL it says it says I am a noisy gong or a clane symbol How many of you would go to a symphony of symbols. Or an orchestra of gongs but what Paul is telling us here tonight is that a church a people assembling themselves who have not the root motivation of a god in their hearts in the eyes of the world that's what they are. They're a orchestra of symbols they're clanging gongs clane symbols and gone that's what that's what he said. Now remember one time. I lived in England for several years and remember one time I was in one of the churches I used to like to go to different the different churches the old churches in England and I was I was able to go up into the bill for you where they have all these bells you can hear for miles. And while we were up there we looking at you know the architecture and all that kind of stuff and and for some reason well this group of people was small group of people while we were up in this belfry somebody decided to start ringing these bells. And I have never in my life been in the presence of something that loud. And it's going from my own mind's people in here and I'm standing right next to this but I'm watching it this thing in the painting back and forth and it is so loud I can feel it vibrating my bones And it's it when I when I heard it I put my hands over my ears and it was still too loud and my natural human compulsion was to get out of there as fast as I could. And Paul is telling us here the seed name that the. Those of us who are living the Christian life that is not motivated from a God he says that to other people when we open our mouths we are like claiming gongs and sounding symbols that in their eyes in their life in their experience just like I wanted to get away from that they also want to get away from it as well because what they are looking for is they are looking for a Christian who has the beautiful melody of Jesus is love in their hearts that's what they're looking for. Claiming Gong's sounding symbols you know it said. I look at. The news and things that people post on Facebook I've been struck with this a couple of times. Sometimes the world does a better job at showing a then God people do. Story after story blasted out on the news networks of people going above and beyond doing things that is not normal in the world today. This should be absolutely normal among God's people. It should just be another day in God's church when his people go above and beyond the normality of this world it's what the world is looking for what people see this manifestation of selfless love. They want to tell other people about it because it's so amazing it just strikes a chord inside of them they can't help but share that story. And try to find out what is it that motivates people to do these incredible things. Now I must say that I do not possess the gift of tongues maybe some of you here are blessed with that ability. But your ISP. Ective of whether you have the gift of tongues or not I believe the point that Paul is getting to here. Is no matter what gift of the Spirit God has given you. He just lists tongues here obvious he's writing to the Corinthian church they had an obsession with this gift and so he uses that but no matter what the gift of the spirit is that God has blessed you with no matter what the talent is that God has blessed you with what Paul is saying is you need to have that thing motivated from up. It can't just be there on it's own it can't just be something that you do it has to come from that deep will of Christ like love a desire to see somebody else benefit merely because you want to see them be able to say it's. So I ask you a question this evening. What is the talent that the Lord has given you. Do you think of yourself as a better person because you had that talent do you think of yourself as perhaps a more spiritual than other people because maybe you have the ability to teach the Word of God. Now I know the natural human response to this is oh no not me. But you know we would do well I think to actually go into our prayer Kweisi and ask the Lord to answer that question for us and ask Him Lord where does my service for you where is it motivated from we're pulling back all of the good new year and all the pretty Miss and all the billing and all I can suggest stripping it down to its bareness Lord where does my service from you where is it motivated. Is it motivated from my own ambitious goals is a motivator because I want my church to be better than other churches is a motivator because I want others to think better of me that I have a spiritual life is my. Spiritual service to you motivate it so that it covers up the wickedness in my heart so that other people don't think bad about. Dear Lord where is my service for you the exercise of the spiritual gift and the talent that you have give it to me where is it motivated from. That's what Paul is getting to. The manifestation of these gifts manifestation of these tongues or the are these gifts of the spirit must come from a motivation of love in fact I would go so far as to say. That the gifts the spirit manifest it without a God day actually do more damage than good to the Church of God. Because then the world says There goes. Another hypocrite same one thing and doing something else does more harm than good and so that's why I encourage you have it out in your prayer closet with the Lord and say Father Where is this stuff coming from what is my service to you motivated by. Plenty of smart talented people in our church have run people out of God's remnant church let that not be you and me and then. Paul goes on. And he makes the second contrasts the statement here in verse two. And he says this. And though I have the gift of prophecy. And understand all mysteries and all knowledge though I have all faith so that I can remove mountains and have not charity. What does he say I am. He says I'm nothing he could a couple together two things here that give the prophecy all. So with all knowledge and all understanding. If you look at the gift of prophecy I am thankful that God has blessed us with that as a church Amen. When we do Bible prophecy similar people want to know Bible prophecy. You know without Bible prophecy we really don't have any any indicator of where we are at in the stream of Earth's history for all we know without the books of Daniel revelation we could be here for another five thousand years but when we read the books of Daniel revelation it gives us a point of where we are at the prophecies that have been fulfilled and what is yet to come and we can see those signs being fulfilled around us so prophecy gives us that hope it gives us that confidence that indeed Christ is coming soon but you can preach loveless prophecy prophecy does something else that I think is kind of fascinating and some make this quick passing statement here in the book of second Peter chapter one of verse nineteen just jot it down if you would it's a passage or familiar with it says this We have also a more sure word of prophecy where on do we where on to we do well to take heed as into a light that shines in a dark place as it is until the day dawn and the Days star Ron is in your heart it is apparent there that Peter is telling us that prophesy points us in the direction of the day Star We know from Revelation chapter twenty two that that is none other than Jesus Christ the Bright and Morning Star prophecy is to point us in the direction of Jesus indeed the Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ's But Paul tells us that even if it were possible. To have prophecy to have the gift of prophecy not only to have the gift of making prophetic statements but also to understand and break down the understanding of prophecy if it is done without love the absence of love Paul says it is nothing. Now I used to think early on in my ministry. Doing Bible prophecy seminars that if I could just give a convincing enough argument that if I could just have the right texts lined up give the right reasoning give the right history and all the right but I used to think that if I got all of that stuff right people would just come right into the church and that was the direction of my ministry for many years the quest of finding the right things the right passages the right statements the right quotes whatever maybe and there's nothing wrong with that but what I found out about midway course through my time in public evangelism is I found that this thinking was not resulting in in results. Sure people were gaining knowledge they were getting better understanding of Daniel revelation but their words the results of people coming becoming part of the church. And then as I began to study the Word of God I realized that I was preaching a theology that was like my sponge before it was used washing dishes. Sure you had the substance but it was missing the life. And I want to tell you something the seedling friends if you want to witness to the people that you have contact to if you want to witness to your coworkers or your classmates who have a secular background the most effective way that you can do that is to plead for Jesus to give you a loving heart. It's not in line up the right Bible passages although that is important it's not in having the best lines of reasoning and arguments although that is important as well but the most important thing. Is for Jesus to create in your heart. Love for that individual. Listen to this is from nine manuscript releases page one hundred. Twenty eight seven The Lord going to back up the statement that I just made she says this a loving lovable Christian what kind of Christian loving and. Now listen it's one thing to be loving. It's quite a different story to be lovable. And certain the Lord says a loving lovable Oh so this a loving lovable Christian. Is the most powerful argument in favor of the truth. Have you read that before. A loving lovable I tell you when I read this statement it has never left my mind a loving lovable Christian is the most powerful argument in favor of the truth she simply telling me here the seed name that she's taking the effectiveness of witness seem away from so much the pulpit and putting it in the hands of the laity and she says if you really want to do something big for God If you really want to be affective I reach in other people if you really want to build up the kingdom of God If you really want to make a difference in the world pray that Jesus gives you a loving lovable character. If you really want to be effective in reaching those that God has brought into your life have it out with the Lord in the prayer closet and say Father give me a loving lovable character give me a loving lovable heart because that is the most powerful argument in the favor of truth. You see the world is looking for people that not only have a theoretical head knowledge but the world is looking for people who have a head knowledge that has changed their hearts so thoroughly that as manifested in the character of Jesus in their lives. He. I think one of the things that gets a little nervous as Adam is from we talk about a copy of it because it's not really tangible. You can do the sadness you can say it takes out a thought I'm going to go to church go to potluck when I hang out do outreach you can do that and be on convert or. You can say well I'm going to I could do outreach even though in my heart I can't wait to get home and watch the latest movie. You know we can we can do the health message even though you know we may be harboring some deep seated sin in our lives we can do those things. But when it comes to a God you can't do a god. You can act for a little while but when people around you long enough they will notice that it's not genuine but it's a counterfeit and that will be a great turnoff to them. When it comes to a God be it has to be something that God creates in you. It comes from daily spend time with the Lord when. It comes from Dave Lee asking the Lord to change your heart so that you become more like him and less like the world it comes from looking at the character of Jesus by be holding that we become changed to that same image it comes from taking the world out of our lives and replacing it with the with the with with the observations of Jesus and the character of Christ it comes from saturating our life with knowing Jesus and studying and reading His word and crane and spending time together with him the more we do that the more we immerse ourselves in the reading in the studying of God's Word looking at the character of Christ the more we become like it and the more effective we become in reaching out to others. But you know what. This is what I found out it's a whole lot easier to do for weak abandon mystic series than the let the Lord change your heart. Come on now. It's a whole lot easier to do thirty five bible studies with somebody and go through all of the Bible doctrines than to let the Lord root the root of the weeds of sin out of your life. It's a whole lot easier to go knocking on doors and ask people if they want to do Bible studies then it is to say Lord not my will but thine be done. Whole idea here. And I believe that this is why a god day is so missing in our churches today it's like a desert when it comes to a gobby. Tonight. Lord is looking for people who say Father I am willing I can do this fact tomorrow morning as we look at Paul's analysis of a god pay you will find very quickly that this is not something that we humanly possess nor can we ever possess in our own human strength. But it has to come from a conversion experience with Jesus. Paul really just boils it down. In verse two and three in verse two he says without. A god day says I am nothing. And in verse three he says without it whatever I do profits. Me nothing. Just boils it all down here. Son an interesting statement. From askance evangelist by the name of Henry Drummond. He wrote a little little book I believe isn't titled The greatest thing in the world or something like that small read well worth it is commentary on the. Book of the chapter first contains thirteen but he says this. In the heart of Africa. Among the Great Lakes I have come across black men and women who remember the only white man they ever saw David Livingston. And as you cross his footsteps in that dark continent men's faces light up. As they speak of the kind doctor who passed there years ago listen to this. They could not understand him. But they felt the love that beat in his heart. Is they knew it was love. Although he spoke no word. When I ask you something this evening. If you all the sudden became done. How would people know that you love them. You see friends we are very good at verbalizing our love to God. We are very good at talking to other people about how we love God but the things that we do things that we believe what happens if that was taken away from you. Would you still be able to show other people. That is not merely what you profess but it's something that you are. David Livingston was able to communicate that even though he could not communicate in their native tongue those people knew that he loved them. They made a profound impact in their life. And one of my churches several years ago. They were holding the depression recovery seminar. In our little tiny town. Who was one of the this little towns want to. The top two pounds in the United States top five it was a top five I believe for depression. There was a lady who had been invited to come to the seminar. By one of our church members. Had struggled with depression for over twenty years her depression with suicidal depression and we usually don't advise those type of people to come to our seminars because that's just a different category in and of itself we didn't know that. When the night came for her to come. She drove right past the church parking light kept going she said forget this I'm going home. And she got to the end of the street was a good way to turn to go home something told her. Go back. She listened to that voice and she went back. Sat in the back of the church you've seen these type of people before they have a little bubble. And you can't you can't come inside that bubble. And she sat in the back she had she was in a little bubble very defensive don't want to talk to anybody she sat listen to God. But she signed up. She signed up the next week came she came again. We continue to go through this week depression recovery seminar. Giving her practical tips lifestyle different things. How to overcome depression twenty years suicidal depression. Later on in the in the seminar right around probably week six or seven around in there she started opening up. She would talk to us this was a huge thing. That if you've ever dealt with somebody like this it's just it's phenomenally difficult to just communicate with them. SPIN THE OPEN UP. It's going to talk to us and told us just little bits of her story. Ask questions ask for some advice and you know we just we just continue to help with the best that we could. When we finished the eight week course. She came to me and the elder the two of us that were we were running the depression recovery seminar and she said Listen I'd like to meet with you guys some time can we get together and talk. Could have blown me over with a feather I mean that you want to talk to YEAH YOU WANT TO YOU WANT TO TALK TO CHURCH OK we get together let's do so we set up a time. For us to meet and talk together. She came in to our church except one of the side seven school rooms we would get to talk to and she could share with us more of her story but then she said this. I have decided. That I would like to become a seventh they had just. Now in the course of our conversation we found out that this precious lady was not raised in a religious environment. She was not raised going to church Sunday or south God was really kind of out of the equation in her mind and given her severe depression that she was going through God was even more distant. And as I sat there I I think you know it's kind of like you know when you hear that you hear something so life transformative it kind of echoes in your ears and as I was sitting there is thinking he got a second we did not talk about the Sabbath we didn't talk about the twenty days in talk about see that we didn't talk about the Second Coming of Christ and go through any Bible prophecy basically all we did was tell them read the book of Proverbs I was about the extent of our spiritual advice of course we gave them other things but but read the book of Proverbs good cognitive thinking it helps you to develop a better healthier way of thinking so they would read a proverb. Every day through the time of work but now she's sitting there and she's saying I want to become a Seventh Day Adventist. Now as I got home later on and I I was mulling this over my head I'm like What in the world is going on here I can preach a four week evangelistic prophecy seminar I can take people through thirty two but I will studies and at the end of that they don't want to be you know this. You've all done this before I'm sure. But here's a lady who hasn't heard anything about what we believe and now she's saying I want to be a seven. I said OK let's get together let's set up a time we should start studying the Bible together. Started going through some Bible studies doctrine after doctrine after Dr I believe that sure I can see that the Bible should think I should live a more healthy life OK I'll get rid of the pork and all you go to church on Sabbath on there when people die the rest sure that makes sense from the Word of God doctor after doctor after doctor and she just accepted him one thing after another. Now I'm not telling you the she didn't have a struggles twenty years of depression doesn't go away in eight weeks. But she went from severely depressed. To depressed. Now that may not seem like much to you. But it's somebody who's been to severely depressed suicidal depression for twenty years that's a significant move in eight weeks. We studied with this beautiful lady. We helped her with her problems we we helped her financially we helped her physically we helped her emotionally we helped her intellectually we poured into her for almost two years. Before I left that district. Beautiful privilege of baptizing her. In Lake Huron. As a sympathy and then us of our church. You know I think we want microwave evangelism in our church. But don't get me wrong I believe there's a time and place for. I believe there's a time in a place for and I still do it. That's what we're counsel in spirit prophecy. I think it's good. But I think we're missing something. We're missing something that is so fundamental to us as Christians that it's like that elephant the proverbial elephant in the room. It is the distance it is the defining characteristic of who we are. We tend to define ourselves as as administers by what we believe. But the Bible defines us as Christians by what we are. By what we do by how we love one another not putting up with each other but truly love one another. And I do leave I have a firm conviction. That if God's people would take the truth and saturate it with love we would see actually to explosion in our church there is no doubt about it in my mind. The world is star for this type of. It's not a cheap love it's not a love that you can get down at the corner market it's not a love that you find floating around in school or in some sort of a relationship but it is a genuine deep love. That only can come from Jesus world start for. Had to ask myself a question. If this is so fundamental to who we are as Christians. If it's fundamental to the success of our evangelism to the to the attractiveness of our theology if this is so fundamental to who I am as a disciple of Christ why do I not see it. Why is it absent in my life and why is it absent in the larger spirit of our church. Well there's only one Bible passage that entered that Matthew chapter twenty four verse twelve. Bible says this. Matthew Chapter twenty four. Verse twelve Why is it got so foreign. You're familiar with it you could probably quote it off the top your head. Bible says. And because iniquity shall abound. The gobby of many. Shall wax coal. Why is it that we don't see it as much as we should. Because the iniquity in our life has its hands around the throat of a gop that God is trying to create inside. It squeezing it tighter and tighter and the longer we let those that iniquity exist in our hearts the tighter the grip it gets around the throat of a cup until its quis as it out it says that the a god he has grown cold and those of you in the medical field know you have to be in the medical field to know this that when somebody dies the cause. A gobby is call because iniquity is killing it choking it to death. So the reason why we don't see it the way we aren't whether it be in our own life or in our church. Is simply for one reason. And one reason alone and that is because we allow sin to exist where it should not be. We need to have it out in our prayer closet with the Lord only. We need to beg and plead that. We have a garden and get seventy prayer time with the Lord. And realize the weight of the responsibility that rests upon us to show the world that we are disciples not merely what we say but in what we do. So the world's looking for listen to this is from thoughts from the mount of lessons page twenty nine I conclude with this when one presents the love of Christ and the beauty of holiness. He is drawing in a way the subjects of Satan's kingdom. Hollow. Holiday what there's a god to do it wrong as a way people from the kingdom of darkness it's like a magnet people can't resist it when the a godly of God exists inside of us it wrong people it pulls them out of the kingdom of darkness they begin to see the cheap love that the devil wants them to find value in and they all the sudden see a love that is deep that has roots that has substance that has meaning to it and it is attractive they cannot resist it they are pulled away from the kingdom of darkness when you simply allow God to create a god in your hearts. Nothing coming out of your mouth. Just simply who you are becomes attractive. To Satan's people. So the question I want to ask you tonight is what do you do when or what do people see. When you are put in difficult situations. What do people see when you are mistreated. When something does not go your way what do people see when you are spoken to in a disrespectful manner or maybe even even publicly embarrassed. How do you react in those types of situations. How we react in those kind of situations I believe will be all the difference between our non ad this Christian saying that person has something that I want and I'm saying forget it I'm happy where I'm at. This is big stuff. And I believe that this is what Jesus is waiting for. Now waiting for Bible prophecy we know that he's waiting for the character of Jesus in the hearts. And when that happens. This church is going to explode. I want to be part of that. I crave that experience this is not a cheap love gospel OK there's plenty of that you can get at all the different evangelical churches. But this is a love with the motivation of winning people to Jesus and the truth of his work that's. We're going to size the sound a little bit more in our next two presentations together but tonight I want to appeal to you. Tomorrow morning or maybe even tonight when you get home how the Lord is resting upon your heart. You would have a little time together with the Lord. And ask him father. Please. Give me that experience. I want people to know that I am a disciple of Jesus. Not because of what comes out of my mouth but because of who I I want the world to know that I am a disciple of Jesus because his a god is my a copy. Would you do that. Haven't I with the Lord in your prayer time i keep me this I crave it I want this with all of my being Let's pray together to my Father in heaven. Lord this is big stuff. I know that the Spirit of God wants to enter this prayer more than anything. Father we have accepted to truth. We have accepted Jesus as our Savior. We have accept it the doctrines of your word. But Father there's a little more sanctification and each one of our hearts that needs to take place. And I pray dear father tonight. That as we go home and have that time in our prayer choirs it together with you. That you would show us whatever it is that may be hampering the creation of a god be in our lives the totality of its creation. And Lord if it already is there encourage us to keep going in the direction that you are taking us. But father we want people to see. That we are Christians that we are Seventh Day Adventists that we are Bible believing in sympathy Ivan is not merely in the words that we speak but in the way that we live our lives and the way we love those around us father maybe get to the point where. This is the only thing that we can do that we cannot respond in any other way. Than in love. As Jesus would. If he were being treated the same way. To this and Lord we have. Give us the Skift for it cannot come from within. Thank you Father. In Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W. dot. Org.


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