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The Commandment of Love - Part 2

Jason Sliger
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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • February 11, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Father we thank you. For the beautiful Sabbath day that you have given to us. We thank you Lord that we can come into this comfortable building in our comfortable clothes driving here in our comfortable cars to sit with our Bibles in our hands. And Lord as we come together the small. We don't do this merely out of a formality. Because nineteen million other people in the world do it. And we do it Lord because we want to have an encounter with you. So Father we pray. That the spirit would be here. That he would take the message and send it home to our hearts. For we ask it in jesus name. Amen. You have your Bibles please turn me to John Chapter thirteen. John Chapter thirteen I will do a quick few minutes overview for those of you that weren't here last night this is a three part series this morning we're looking at part two John Chapter thirteen Jesus is in the upper room here with his disciples that he is about to commemorate what would be the last Passover the had any significance to it he is there with the disciples who are obviously had been bickering amongst themselves about who should be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven Judas has deceived geezer betrayed Jesus at this point and there is much that is rain on the mind of Jesus as He is there with his disciples and in John Chapter thirteen and verse thirty five Jesus makes this piece or gives this piece of advice to his disciples He says A new commandment give I unto you that you love one another as I have loved you that you also love one another now you'll know that there are other places in the Bible where Jesus told the disciples that they were to love. Each other as they would want to be loved but here in the final few hours of the life of Christ only moments only hours before he would be condemned and ultimately crucified Jesus says his heart is weighing heavy as the gospel Commission is about to be laid upon the shoulders of this bickering group of men Jesus reaches down into the deep recesses of his heart and he shares with them a piece of advice that maybe we might be tempted to just glaze over and continue reading the larger story but this little piece of advice that Jesus gives has huge ramifications. He says not to love as they want to be loved but he says to love as he has loved them and then he makes this bombshell statement in the next verse verse thirty five he says by this by what by this by the fact of them loving one another as he has loved them but this Jesus says shall all men know that you are decide you are my disciples if you have love one to another it back in the time of Christ there were many different religious leaders that people followed and they had different ways of distinguishing themselves from these different religious leaders but in Jesus's mind what would distinguish his disciples as being distinctively different from other religious leaders disciples is that they would have harmony amongst themselves that they would manifest in their heart a love for one another very similar to the love identical to the love that Jesus showed them the way that we would show the world that we are disciples of Christ Jesus says is if we have love one towards another as he has loved us and I should give you some pause for thinking here a little bit. Morning. How is it that you love one another of course it's easy to love those who are kind to you of course it's easy to love those who are nice to you of course it's easy to love those who love you but what about those who mistreat you what about those who are impatient with you what about those who make your life miserable Do you love them as jesus loves you the ultimate expression that I believe we see in the life of Christ is when he hangs upon the cross he has gone through all of this terrible physical agony and the emotional draining of being rejected by those who he loved by being cast to the side by the the world at large and as he hangs there upon the cross cruelly treated beaten spit upon and now be ridiculed he says Father forgive them. For they know not what they do. By this shell all men know that you are my disciples. If you love them as I have loved you. The sort of Lord tells us this in the southern review generally one of one thousand or one. He only who loves his fellow man to a purpose can know God Who are the ones that know got. Those who love their fellow man is a Biblical concept the Bible says He that loveth not know is not God For God is love we cannot know God If we do not have love one towards another it's a biblical principle but then she goes on she says this This is the reason that there is so little genuine vitality or life strength energy in our churches why is there little strength energy in life why is there little vitality in our churches because the servant of the Lord tells us there is little love. She goes on and she says this theone. We have plenty of theology in our church praise the Lord. Theology she says is valueless unless it is saturated with the love of Christ somebody sits a man to that theology is valueless she says unless it is saturated with the love of Christ now when you think of the idea of saturation what is it that comes into your mind. The sponge we talked about last night you have a sponge on your counter there and that thing between washing to get to dried up and it curls up but when you stick that thing underneath the water it's up with the water and it becomes saturated it simply means it cannot hold anymore. It is so full it is so overflowing that there is no room left inside of it to hold any more water and the servant of the Lord tells us that if we want our theology to have value to it it must be first saturated with the love of Jesus. And then she goes on and she says. God is supreme his love in the human heart will lead to the doing of works that will bear fruit after the similar Tud of the character of God. And this makes us little statement we read this last night and this is just a review from last night nine men Shipley's page one hundred twenty eight paragraph three she says a loving lovable Christian. A What kind of Christian. A loving lovable Christian is the most powerful argument in favor of the truth. Now listen we're not talking this morning about a week Mandy Pandy half sided love We're not talking about the type of love that you can get at any corner evangelical church what we are talking about is a type of love that moves people to have a closer walk with the Lord and moves them to dig. Deeper into the reasons why we have this type of love in our hearts it is a love that ultimately leads to the truths of the truth of God's word. If you want to be effective in your witnessing for God The best way that you can do that is to become a loving lovable Christian. It's not merely the regurgitation of theological concepts it's not merely the expression of spiritual principles or lining up all of your proof proof texts that is compelling to the world we need that we need that line of thinking we need theology we need Bible studies we need the right arguments we need all of that stuff but it must first be saturated with the love of Christ. And then when that happens we will find that we will have explosive results in our ministry to other people we will have Acts chapter two experiences I believe with all of my heart where the Church of God will grow exponentially. When the truth of God and the love of God are married one to another. So it's in your Bibles the first Corinthians Chapter twelve this morning we're going to look at the second part of first Corinthians thirteen but I want to just quickly run over the preamble here what does Paul say in his introduction. Of First Corinthians thirteen we read this last night first routines twelve verse thirty one Paul says this. But covet earnestly covet how earnestly the best gifts and yet show I unto you a more excellent way or a way that is beyond comparison now when you look at First Corinthians twelve Paul is talking about the gifts of the spirit the purpose that God gives us the gifts of the spirit and he lists them in verse twenty eight and in other places in the chapter. But the primary reason why God gives us the gifts of the Spirit is for the. That's myth of the Cause of God the purpose why God gives us the gift of tongues the purpose why God gives us the gift of evangelists and pastors and teachers and all of these things is so that the Gospel can move forward in a rapid fashion hopefully by God's grace to bring this world to an end sooner rather than later but Paul tells us that not only are we to covet earnestly the best gifts but then he says yes these gifts are good these gives help in the in the spreading and the advancement of the Gospel but then he says Now I'm going to show you something that is beyond comparison I know I'm going to show you something that adds power to the advancement of the Cause of God that is so amazing that is so all encompassing that it is beyond comparing it to something else that's the preamble to first Corinthians thirteen that this what he is about to tell us will help the Gospel move forward in a fashion that we have never experienced it before. And then he goes on and he says. Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels he moves on from there in his description of love. Remember it's the love of Christ expressed in our lives that will give evidence that we are disciples of Christ and so this morning I will look at the second part of first Corinthians thirteen those of you that are taking notes and were with us last night you will know or you will remember that first Corinthians thirteen is divided into three sections we're looking at the second one the smore name the first section of verses one through three is where Paul talks about the supremacy of of he gives five contrast statements there we went through two of them in our time together last night we won't review that at this point the second point or the second part first Corinthians thirteen versus four through seven is where Paul gives us the characteristics of love or he analyzes it and gives us the what love is made out of the fabric the details. Love verses eight through thirteen Paul talks about the permanence of love that it will abide and it will never come to an end we will look at that in our time together this afternoon but let's turn and look at first with these thirteen versus four through seven and see what Paul has to say here in a sense what Paul is doing is he's taking a god he's taking love and he's putting it under a microscope and he's going to break it down for us in its basic parts he's giving us the stuff that I got B. is made out of the fabric the details of what it is and verses four through seven let's read that together here the Bible says this charity suffer through long and it's kind of charity envy it's not charity vaunt it's not itself is not puffed up does not behave itself unseemly seek it's not her own is not the word easily should not be there provoked think it's no evil rejoice rejoice it's not in an equity but we joystick in the truth there with all things believe with all things hope with all things endure it all things by this show all men know that you are my disciples if you have a got one towards another. It's kind of said that first Corinthians thirteen largely has kind of been relegated to the wedding time when people are uniting their lives together in marriage and they read first Corinthians thirteen this is far more above and beyond what a marriage is this goes beyond that to how we treat one another and really who we are as guns people well Paul does here is he takes a gobby and he shines it through the prism of God's word just like you take light and you shine it through a prism on the other side of that prism what do you see you see the rainbow right so that that prism breaks down light into its component parts and you see the beauty of the rainbow Paul is in a sense doing the same thing here with a god he shining it through the prism of God's word shining through the prism of Jesus's life and as you see it on the other side it is broken down into its. Bonaparte's and we see the beauty of the colors of and the and the different hues that I got they come is comprised of Paul is breaking it down into its parts here for us to understand now it's interesting when you look at this description of a GAAP in First Corinthians thirteen four through seven it it's almost like Paul is describing somebody to us look at it again in your Bible and you see read it through it's almost like Paul is describing somebody and I don't think you will argue with me on this that really what Paul is describing is he is describing to us the character of God and then God is love and he's breaking down what love is he's describing to us the character of Jesus he's describing to us the character of God In fact when Moses asked to see the glory of God The next this chapter thirty three and God shows in his glory there's an overlap in that description there with First Corinthians thirteen four through seven and so Paul here is in a sense he's describing Jesus to us he's describing what type of love is making up his character but here's the question that I want to ask you this morning. As you look at First Corinthians thirteen four through seven. Can you put your name in that verse. Sure we can read the verse and we can say Jesus suffered long and is kind Jesus and the nun Jesus vaunt did not himself is not puffed up but can we read Jason suffer with Long and his kind Jason envious not Jason vaunted not himself is not puffed up take the time to do it put your name in that chapter I don't know about you but when I did that when I set my office and I challenged myself with that it made me uncomfortable. And it ought to. Because we are far from what the description of God's character is the the ideal that God has for us this. In that we find in First Corinthians thirteen four three seven is not merely a description of Jesus but it is a description of Jesus as people and Jesus followers because the Bible tells us and first John first John Chapter two in verse three just jot it down and you know it's first John three sorry first down three two The Bible says that when Christ shall appear we shall be what. We shall be kind of like him right we will be made like him we went Christ comes we will be changed like him as our says no it says when Christ comes we what we. Shall be like him when Jesus comes back first Corinthians thirteen four through seven is not just going to be a description of Christ but is going to be a description of Christ's followers. Amen. This is going to be the description of the character of God's people God's people are going to be made up of the stuff that Paul tells us first Corinthians thirteen or a love is Jesus as he continues his conversation with the disciples in the Gospel of John he repeats himself in John fifteen of verse twelve again write that down if you would again he says this is my commandment that you are God pay one another as I haven't got paid you he's trying to hammer this point home with these bickering men that they need to have a love towards one another as he has had towards them I want to tell you something this morning. The only way that this can happen. Is if we allow God to create it in our hearts. The experience of first Corinthians thirteen four through seven is humanly speaking in possible when I put my name in that section of verse in that section of the chapter I almost became discouraged but when I looked at Jesus when I looked at what Jesus can do and through me my encouragement came back and I said Lord Jesus this is the experience that I want please give it to me. In the book Christ object lessons page one hundred fifty eight. We're told this. We may be active. And we may do much work. But without love such love as dwelt in the heart of Christ. Are you ready for this next part. We can never be numbered with the family of heaven. We can be never be numbered with the family of heaven without having the love of Jesus in our hearts. You see heaven is an atmosphere of a Gotay that's heaven Heaven is a god. And before we can get to the the atmosphere the. The place of a god day it first has to be in our hearts there's another place where a light tells us that when we are changed into the character of Christ that we are fit for heaven because Heaven is in our hearts when we have that love in our hearts it's almost like God says Listen father I don't they don't need to be down there any longer they have heaven in their hearts we need to bring them up here like we brought you not like we brought Moses like a body like that we need to bring them up here because they have heaven in their hearts they need to be where heaven is before Christ can come back this thorough hard transformation has to take place in a sense we have to lay on the heavenly operating table and allow God to take the precision scalpel in his hand and open up our spiritual chest and take out that stony heart and give us a heart of flesh give us a heart that beats a copy a copy a copy copy. Change us thoroughly transform us listen when somebody has heart surgery they don't do it themselves. When somebody has heart surgery it is a pain. In full process and many members who've had heart surgery but the result is an extension of life and I want to tell you this morning you cannot do that spiritual heart surgery yourself you have to let God do it and when you allow God to do it it will not just extend your life for a little bit a period of time but it will give you the gift of eternal life. Lord Jesus put me on that operating table take me into the theatre of the operating room in heaven and take out the stony heart out of my chest the heart that I was born with the heart that the world wants me to hold on to and Satan wants me to hold on to and give me a heart that beats like Jesus. I'm only going to have time to look at three of the characteristics here that Paul gives to us about a gobby there are thirteen of them if you count them out verses four through seven we will quickly move through three of them in our time to give this morning this is a longer series of presentations I've brought it down to just a few points here this morning and I'll leave the rest of it for you to go back and study on your own but the first thing that Paul says in verse four is that charity suffer with long and is kind of the idea of suffering long in the Greek the Greek defines it to be faith to be patient in burying the offenses and injuries of others have been offended. Have you ever been injured by somebody else do you still hold resentment about that thing that happened that offense that injury the Bible tells us that God pay the heart of Jesus does not hold on to that kind of stuff charity suffer through long and his kind it is patient in bearing the offenses and injuries of others are you thankful for the patience of God with you. Do you offend God when you sin. Does it injure God when you sin does he throw you to the side and say forget you for doing that. You're causing me too much pain you're causing me too much suffering this he go around Heaven badmouthing you to all of the angel because of what you have done to him yes or no no and the heart of Jesus in the heart of human beings is going to respond in a similar sense when I am wrong when I am mistreated when I am not being treated in the way that I should be the Bible tells us that the character of Jesus is patient and bearing with the offenses and injuries of others there's no doubt we live in a time where we are irritated and main impatient but it got a will be the only remedy to this type of impatience in the world today in fact it's interesting the time that we live in impatience has almost become the norm has it not. When you really think about it impatience in some circles have become has become even expect it excused and in some places even praise has it not and in many cases when we are impatient and we tell the person why we become impatient we are in a sense justifying that impatience and we are and it's like the other person in a sense kind of understands yet that you had what you had a right to be impatient given what happened to you but according to First Corinthians thirteen that's not the way we are to respond in the heart of Jesus when we are mistreated we are patient in bearing with those defenses offenses that other people have showed towards us interesting little article I stumble across in my research on this concept of impatience this from N.P.R. and says this We speed date we eat fast food we use self checkout lines in the grocery store we try the one week diet and wonder how that went to pay extra for overnight shipping Hoch when the light turns green thriving dive on quarterly earnings reports and speak in half sentences start things but don't. To pretty accurate. Description of our time isn't it. We live in a very impatient society and listen friends if we can't be patient with these types of things. There is no hope that you're going to be patient and burying the offenses and injuries of other people. And what time I was in the grocery store and all I got all my things that I wanted to pick up. And I was walking down the aisle right by the checkout lines right you walking down there and you're looking at all the checkout lines where you looking for. The shortest line Y.. Because you're in a hurry and you're maybe a little impatient and so you're walking along and you're looking for the shortest line and I find the shortest line and I pull my cart in and I stand there and I wait and I wait and I were in the longer lines the guys already gone by have you ever had that happen to you before and your way one the world's going on I pick the shortest line and now the person that was two people behind me he's already walking out the store and this was happening to me and I looked up at the person in front of me that was at the cashier and I couldn't believe it she was writing a check out in the grocery store I thought that when I would Fred Flintstone and she's right is she who I write it out to OK you know how much is it we're OK She's right I'm thinking myself you got to be kidding me and then the Lord spoke to me and I said right around the time I was studying this Chapter First Corinthians thirteen and he said Jason Love is patient. Right if I can't be patient in that situation if I can't be patient when the the little old lady in front of me is writing out her check you know in a very slow fashion how in the world am I going to be patient with the injuries of other people towards me. We have come to a time in society where impatience is the norm and I'm sad to say this morning that I believe it's even becoming the norm within the doors of God's Church. That's. The character of Jesus and is not the character that will get us into the kingdom of heaven. Today social norms. Are in conflict with the description of the character of Jesus. And more and more I believe we're seeing these social norms becoming the norm in the church and it's time for that to end because God's going to take a people who are like him when he comes in the clouds. Lord Jesus do that heart surgery that only you can do. Bible also says not only is love patient in bearing with the offenses of others but it is also kind if you are noticed as you leave through the Gospels maybe you've noticed this before but if you haven't maybe you can try next time you go through the Gospels have you ever noticed how much time Jesus spent being kind other people. Do it next time you go through the Bible it's when you go through the Gospels just notice take note just jot it down and you will find that the overwhelming majority of the time Jesus is laboring in being kind to other people even if they're not kind to him he's still kind back to them viable tells us that the character of Jesus the love of Jesus the gobby of Jesus is a kind in dealing with other people and as a parent. There is nothing that brings me more joy than when I see my children being kind to one another those of you that parents understand is just the other day we gave our children a gift and we'd like to them to learn how to share so we oftentimes don't buy too will buy one so they have to learn how to share. And my daughter she loves to be the one that my oldest daughter to open up the back package and show it to everybody so she's opening up the package and usually she wants to hold on to that thing and she has a hard time sharing it and as I sat there and watched as she was opening up she took it out and she said here Kristen do you want to see it. And I both fell on the floor. I said whose dog. Or is this I said a holiday all the prayers are starting to pay off there is nothing that brings more joy to the heart of a parent then to see his children being kind to one another and there is nothing that will bring more joy to our Heavenly Father then when he sees his children being kind one to another. Even when they're being mistreated even when they're not being treated in the way that they deserve to be treated brings her joy to the heart of our father. Mark Twain I don't subscribe to much of what Mark Twain has to say but he once said this. Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. The Lord Jesus give me that kindness. Give me a kindness that deaf people can see and hear and blind people can see give me a kindness that just exudes out of my heart that just horrors out of Who I Am That I cannot respond in any other way in any given situation because that is who I am I can only respond in a kind and loving manner George Fox and English reformer he made this interesting statement he said this I know Jesus and He is very precious to my soul is Jesus precious to you. But I found something in me that would not keep sweet and patient and kind of you had that experience before. And then he said this I did what I could to keep it down but it was there I. Have ever tried to get rid of those things that are not sweet and kind in your life try to push them out try to shove them out and then only to find out that they still come up again. I have a saw Jesus to do something for me and when I gave him my will he came into my heart and he. Took out all that was not sweet and all that would not be kind and all that would not be patient and then he shut the door. That's the experience I want and then that's the spiritual heart surgery that the Bible tells us that God wants to do where he comes in and he is the one that takes out all that's unsweet and kind and patient he takes it all out and then he shuts the door so that only in my heart resides the sweet presence of the character of Jesus world starving for this kind of stuff God has brought us into this world so that we can manifest it to others first by. Verse five Paul goes on and he says this. He says that charity does not behave itself unseemly seek it's not her own is not easily provoked this is all good stuff can't do it all right now the last one he says in verse five is. Thinketh no evil three words thinketh no evil the Bible doesn't say it thinks a little evil. The Bible says it thinks what none no evil there is no room for evil in the heart of a god. There is no room for thinking evil in the character of Jesus there is no excuse for thinking evil in the character and in the heart of a God The Bible says it thinketh no evil Proverbs Chapter twenty three in verse seven jot it down if you would the Bible says this for as he think it in his heart so what is he if my heart is thinking evil then what kind of heart am I going to have an evil heart but if my heart is thinking First Corinthians thirteen four through seven what kind of heart is God going to give to me that this heart of a GOD BE THE BIBLE says he thinketh no evil of course. You know this quote from testimonies for the church volume five page three hundred ten The Bible says if the thoughts or the spirit of prophecy says if the thoughts are wrong the feelings are wrong and the thoughts and the feelings combined make up the what the moral character as a man thinketh in his heart so is he and the Bible says that a god may think it no evil Lord Jesus please give me that experience one writer put it this way we sow our thoughts and we reap our actions we sow our actions we reap our habits we sow our habits we reap our characters we sow our characters and we reap. Our destiny. When Jesus comes back we shall be like him and it's not going to be your doing it's going to be the doing of God he's going to be the one that does it for you for he's the only one that can do it you'll remember with me in your Bibles back in Genesis Chapter six right before the Lord before before God destroyed the Earth with a flood the Bible tells us that the thoughts of men were what only evil continuously The Bible says that as a result of their evil continuously evil thoughts that the world was filled with corruption and violence what happens when we choose to think evil thoughts it brings corruption into our hearts it brings violence into the world it changes not into the character of Jesus but into the character of the enemy of Jesus charity think this no evil. So what does this mean. In the original the word. Or it literally means the idea thinking no evil it literally means that a gobby does not take inventory of or keep records of other people's wrong actions did you catch that they do not keep records of other people. Wrong actions you know some of us are like accountants when it comes to people's wrong actions. Come on. And some of us are very accurate accountants when it comes to other people's wrong actions we would win awards for our accuracy. And the Bible tells us that when it says charity think it's no evil it means it does not keep an accurate score of what people have done bad things that they've done towards us. Like the way the New Living Translation puts it it says it translates it it keeps no record of being wrong. Keeps no record of being wrong the best way to describe this maybe you haven't had this experience but I've been privileged to have this experience the best way to describe this is to use the description of a mother's love if you were to ask my mother what kind of child I was when I was growing up she would give you a very glowing report if you just took my mother's report you would probably think that I was the best kid that live ever lived on the face of the earth. Because something happens in the mind of many mothers that as their children grow up and as they move on to do other things in their life they tend to have and needs when it comes to the wrongs of their children and all they can remember is all of the good things that they have done and I literally believe this that in the mind of my mother she has literally forgotten all of the bad that I have done and all that she can remember as all the good things that I've done how wonderful I was and all of these flowery things that make you turn red in the face and blush and want to just go away when your mother talk about this. And this is what this is what it means when it says it think it no evil when it comes to the faults of others we have a very faulty memory we can't remember those things but when it comes to the good things that other people have done our memory is just riveted on those types of thing. It's a paradigm shift from what the world excuse is to what God wants us to be. Actually Apostles page three hundred nineteen says this Christ like love places the most favorable construction on the motives and acts of others it does not necessarily needlessly expose their faults it does not listen eagerly to unfavorable reports but seeks rather to bring to mind the good qualities of others. Think about that person that you have a hard time with think about that person that makes your life miserable when you think about them what's the first thing that pops into your head is it good or bad. Whether someone want to be honest this morning or. That honesty is good for the soul. But what really should happen is when we have this paradigm shift in our mind when we think of that person that makes our life a challenge and makes our life miserable The first thing that should pop into our head is something good about. And I challenge you with this morning to take a moment and think about that person whether it's a colleague whether it's a boss whether it's a fellow student a teacher whatever it is maybe it's a family member or maybe it's even a church member that just really has the ability to push your buttons. And I challenge you to come up with three things that you admire about that person. Are you serious you want me find something I admired about them and don't just stop there but go on down the list of all those people that give you a hard time and instead of remembering the hard things are the hard things that they've done to you have a mind that remembers the good things the good qualities the good characteristics but you say Jason there's nothing good to see it's because you haven't looked hard enough. It's because you are looking through a filter that can only see the bad and not the good you. To ask the Lord to rebuke that spirit. And to give you the eyes of Jesus that will be able to see the good and stead of only seen about. A got a think it no evil you know it's amazing to me. The problem that we have as carnal human beings. Is that I think we sometimes have more satisfaction holding on to the dirt. That other people have done to us and trying to find out the good. It's amazing to me. That people tell me they cannot memorize scripture. But they have no problem remembering the faults of other people. Is a preacher preaching the truth this morning. They can reach back into the deep recesses of their mind and they can remember a grievance that happened to them thirty forty fifty years ago but if you ask them to memorize a Bible verse that is comprised the fifty words they say I can't do it. I can't memorize scripture I don't think the problem is with our memory I think it's what we find enjoyment in. And something needs to change in the heart of God's people if we are going to get to heaven one day we need to have the character the love the god day of Jesus in our hearts we're all we are looking for is for the good now that doesn't mean that I've got a makes excuses for sin day I'm not saying that you make excuses for other people's faults in your life we live in a sinful world people are going to do things that hurt us and what have you I'm not saying that we make excuses for them but we simply do not keep an accurate record of them in our mind it's. Such a Christ page one hundred twenty one it makes this interesting statement she says if we keep up our most in our minds the unkind and unjust acts of others we shall find it impossible. We shall find it what. Impossible to love them as Jesus loved us. But if our thoughts dwell upon the wondrous love and pity of Christ for us the same spirit will flow out to others Amen. Ask that the Lord will teach this way this thinking of others of bad thoughts about other people and replace it with the mind of Jesus we must hasten on there is one last thing I want to look at here and that is in verse seven. Verse seven the Bible says that it got be a bear with all things believe with all things hope with all things and endure of all things that there's so much in there that needs to be unpacked we will only take one of those things is the first one that Paul mentions in verse seven it bears all things it's very similar to the last one that we looked at a gobby beareth of all things perhaps the mental image that comes into your mind is taking a burden and shouldering it bearing in all things but that's not accurate to the language here it literally means catch this it literally means to cover over with silence. It means that a gobby keep secret and hides and conceals the errors and faults of others. It bears all things the N.I.V. I like the way it says here the N.I.V. put it this way it always pro-tax. Right it always protect what is it protect its protecting the wrongs the faults of others listen to this Proverbs Chapter ten a verse twelve write them down for the sake of time proverbs ten twelve the Bible says hatred stir up strife but love cover it all sins. Lord you want me to do that you want love to cover up all sins all wrongs that have ever been committed to me that's what the Bible says hatred stirs up strife but love. All sins first Peter chap the former Say listen to this the bible says there's above all things have fervent a got to among yourselves for a god day shall cover the multitude odd. Is that really what you want for me Lord yes that's what I want for you I want my character be so perfectly reproduced in you that when it comes to the sins of others you cover them over there is a story that illustrates this go with me your Bible to Genesis Genesis Chapter nine. Genesis Chapter nine. Is after the flood. The earth is in the process of being repopulate it. And in verse twenty we find that Noah falls into a weak moment. The Bible says and Noah being an and Noah began to be and husband men and he planted a vineyard and he drank of the wine and was drunk and and he was uncovered within his tent. And hen the youngest the father of Canaan saw the nakedness of his father and what did he do. What did he do he told his two brother in without. When Hammett saw the mistake of his father when Ham saw in a if you will the sin of his father the fault of his father what was the first thing according to the Bible that came into his mind. What we call gossip. Is it not. The first thing that came into his mind as I'm going to go tell my brothers about this. And so he goes out and he blabbers to his brothers the bad thing that his father had done the fault of his father in verse twenty three The Bible says this inseminate and J. fifth took a garment and laid it upon their shoulders and went backwards and. Hovered in the nakedness the fault of their father and their faces were backwards and they saw not their father's fault what do they do. What do they do they covered it over Shen wanted to talk about it to other people and broadcast it far and wide and the other two brother said in a no we're going to go in and we're going to cover this thing up Paris all things cover with silence the faults and failings of others and then the Bible says a verse twenty four. And no awoke from his wine and knew what his younger son had done to him and he said cursed be Canaan the sons of the family of ham. Assertive servant shall he be unto his brethren and he said Blessed be the Lord God of Shem and Canaan shall be his servant and God shall enlarge jape it and he shall dwell in tents of Shem and Canaan shall be his servants of the two which were blessed are the ones that covered or the ones that broadcast it the faults of others. Can you see it this morning yes or no charity Barris all things when it finds out something that somebody else has done wrong instead of it bringing a twist it distort it sense of enjoyment to be able to share that with other people. Instead of bring sorrow to the heart of the of the child of God to see that another child of God has done something that hurts our Heavenly Father and instead of enlarging that influence of that wrong charity a god pay covers it over with silence so that it doesn't bring any more pain to the heart of Jesus. Hell might says that the fault of him was reproduced in his descendants for many generations. And I think that the same thing. Since when we are busy going around talking about other people's. Inconsistency and weaknesses you know one of the things that we have adopted in our home and we're not always successful on this but we do it as much as we can and that is when we're around our children. We try only to talk about positive things about other people. Maybe that's the way it should be all the time but there are times when situations arise and we need to discuss how we can help the other person to come out of their sin and into the character of Jesus but we don't want to talk about that stuff around our children we want our children to think well of other people to have that ingrained in their minds that they automatically look for the good things about other people and stead of dwelling upon the negative and I think we need to do a little bit of that ourselves as God's children so. That if we would do well to learn a lesson. From the pearl oyster you've heard the illustration before gets a piece of sand inside of it what does it do. What is it do it covers it up secretes this this substance that covers it up and covers it up and covers it up and covers it up until in the end it is a beautiful pearl and I think it God's children would do that we would find in our church pearls of patience pearls of gentleness pearls of long suffering of forgiveness of patience all of these we would see them in our church and our church would be a more attractive place. For people would see that our religion is not just a theoretical religion it's not just the ology but that the ology is so thoroughly transformed me that I have become like Jesus. Cory Ten Boom tells a story. One of her times in Africa she met a man by the name of Thomas. Thomas lived in a little grass hut with his large family Thomas loved Jesus and he loved people too unbeatable things to have in your in your character. But Thomas's neighbor across the dirt road hated God and hated people and therefore he hated Thomas. One night Thomas' neighbor who hated him. Snuck across the dirt road in the middle of the night and he said Thomas's roof on fire. So families inside. Thomas smelled the smell of smoke and he ran out he he put the fire out to save his family went back to sleep the next night his neighbor snuck across the road. And he set fire to Thomas's roof again the second time. Thomas woke up in the middle night and he put the fire out and he saves family. The third that you thought he got a watchdog. But the third night his friend against knock over in the darkness of the night and he was determined that he was going to destroy this man and he said his roof on fire again. Thomas came out and he put the fire out saved his family a third time. The fourth night came and you thought Thomas would have moved to Bill Gates with a fourth night came and his friends snuck across and lit his roof on fire for the fourth time. That night happened to be a windy night and you know what happens when there's fire and when. That's Thomas was beating the flames out as he had done the last three nights sparks went up into the air and drifted across the dirt road. And landed on the roof of his neighbor. And caught his roof on fire now I know it some of your thinking serves him right. He deserved every bit of it. But that's not a got be in our hearts. That's the world's way of thinking that has been programmed even into Gods people's way of the gods of gods children's minds. But what Thomas did is what Jesus would have done after he put the fire out on his own roof he went across the street and he put the fire out on his neighbor's roof as well. And in the process he severely burned his hands. The chief found out about this. And he got this man this neighbor of Thomas's and he put him in prison for what he did to this fine upstanding citizen of his village. That night Thomas went to one of Corey's meetings and afterwards Corey had the opportunity of meeting Thomas and she did what would come natural to most of us she saw the bandage hands and she asked him what happened. And Thomas reluctant Lee told Corey what had taken place the last week Corey told him You must be glad that this man is put in prison for now you and your family will be safe. And this is what Thomas said. I'm sorry for this man. He is in unusually gifted man and now he must live together with all of those criminals in a horrible prison. Where he thought about that man what was the first thing that came to his mind. What he did to him. He is an unusually gifted man and it's unfortunate that he's going to have to spend prison be in prison with all of those criminals. Cory suggested that they prayed for the man and Thomas jumped on and they knelt down right there and Thomas lifted his bandage hands up into heaven and he poured out his heart to God and he prayed and this is the way Cory recorded it Lord I claim this neighbor of mine for you Lord give him his freedom and do a miracle that in the future he and I will become a team to bring the gospel to our tribe Amen. You know what Cory went through. Time in concentration camps. And when she heard Thomas pray she said I've never heard a prayer like that before. A couple of days later found Corey in the very prison where Thomas' neighbor was serving his prison term. She oftentimes went to prisons to talk to the prisoners. And that particular day Thomas's neighbor was actually in the congregation when she spoke and at the end of the presentation she made an appeal for the people there to give their hearts to Jesus and to accept them as their Lord and Savior Thomas' neighbor rocketed out of his chair and that day he gave his heart to the more. Cory met with him afterwards and she told him about her meeting with Thomas and how Thomas felt sorry that he had to spend that time in prison with all of those criminals and how Thomas prayed for him how Thomas loved him and wished him only the best Cory told him. That Thomas had prayed just a days before. That the two of them would be able to unite their efforts together to bring the gospel to their tribe. And Corey Thomas is now. Aybar responded by saying yes yes this. Is how it will be. And one can only wonder how many people will find in the kingdom of heaven because of Thomas and his neighbors united efforts in bringing the gospel to their tribe. Can you fathom the person that gives you the hardest time becoming your closest confidant and work are together with them are it's possible. It's possible. But we have to give our hearts to Jesus and we have to pray and say Lord. Let the love of Jesus first take root in my heart that it may be shed abroad to those around us. How have you this morning want to say Jesus I'm ready to get on that operating table I'm ready for you to open up my chest and take out the stony heart and I'm ready for you lord to give me a heart of flesh that is the heart of Jesus that is defined in First Corinthians thirteen Fourth or seven that you desire this way let's stand together and make that commitment to the Lord. Dear Jesus. We think you this morning. That you find something valuable in us. So valuable in fact. That you have spent the resources of heaven. To invest. In US as your children. And I pray Dear Jesus. That we would go from this place. And that you would do the necessary surgery in our hearts. To change us from what the world would have us to be what Satan would have us to be. To what Jesus is. Give us this experience Lord. Give us the love of First Corinthians thirteen four through seven. May that not just be a theoretical head knowledge dear lord may be something that we just attribute to Jesus. But may be said one day that this is the experience of those that are assembled here together this morning. You don't want to stay here any longer. We really want to go to heaven. Please put heaven in our hearts. We thank you Father for answering this prayer. For doing the work that only you can do. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. And much more if you would like to know more about. Visit. Or.


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