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The Third Angel's Thumb

Darren Greenfield


Darren Greenfield

Weimar Farm Manager



  • January 25, 2017
    6:45 PM


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I want to just give a brief introduction to our speaker the c evening. Derren Greenfield has been an integral part of ad Agra from its very beginning and I guess you could say even from before it's beginning. So he has a real heart in a real passion for agriculture but he's a man of many talents and many skills he had a background in engineering and is very practical he can make tools from scrap metal and very practical hands on kind of a person but he was also a pastor in the Michigan conference for seven years and he currently is is kind of the pastor of a prison church that he's very involved in out in California. So the Lord is using him in many ways and I know you're going to be blessed by what he has to share tonight currently Derren is running Wiemar farms in Wiemar California. So he's got a passion and a heart for agriculture and I know that you will be blessed as he shares with the Lord has put on his heart tonight. OK. About eight years ago. I had the most difficult phone coal in my entire life with the most heart wrenching. Phone call my ninety one year old grandmother was dying of cancer. I had booked a flight to go home to be there. She had asked me a number of years ago she said Will you please speak at my funeral. And my problems there. I would. So who has I talked to who. She didn't have much energy I could only speak for about two minutes. Last time voice. She was a wonderful lady in she loved gardening she had the most beautiful garden wall street. She cared about people and she was continually living her life to the beliefs other people. So the on the phone with her. I never had assurance that she was right with Jesus. So I had to ask you the question. So as I asked the question. She struggled a bit. And she said. It was almost like there was a saw I and she said yes there and it is. It's OK with me. Jesus. Well she could of the fun. I think I caught a playing the next day. She was still alive when I read that in a few hours she died. My sister. He's blind who was absolutely adored my grandmother was there to saw it when I called it. Prior to that. But that she had cancer. And that she had to live. Was a real difficult struggle for her she didn't accept that and she was very restless she wasn't serene did. And she was very unhappy about it and I'm sure she was upset with God about it. Is she. But off the phone. My sister told me she said. When she hung up the phone she started praying and she was praying out loud. She started can facing some certain she was there in your life to Jesus and then after she did it. There was a joy that came into a hot. And she just started singing. And it was within two days that she was did. And I was able to get up and speak at a funeral with the place of hope that I will see here in in Haven. But tonight. I share that experience with you even though it's very sad. Because as I speak tonight. I realize I'm standing between the living in the did it. Maybe you. It may be somebody else in your life or somebody that's within your influence. And the message tonight may make the difference between you or them being in the kingdom of God. We live in very very serious times. Jesus is coming through soon in the signs all around us are screaming at us. Thank you. I didn't come for a period. And Jesus is coming soon. And now if ever there was a time to be serious about our walk with Jesus. It is now if ever there was a time to fully follow him. It is now. We can't go on play. Games we can't try to cater to our own likes and dislikes to our own pride and try to maintain it. We have to humble ourselves and as the work of the righteousness of my faith message. Impacts our heart. It is to lay the glory of man in the dust. So that we will fully follow Jesus and then and only then will the work be cut short in righteousness then Jesus can use his people to finish the work. One hundred forty four thousand follow the lamb wherever he goes fully following him in whatever you ask. I struggle to share this message tonight. Because Caleb and Joshua not popular. Caleb and Joshua could have lost their lives because the rest of the children of Israel did not agree with what they were saying they should do and were ready to start in them and it was only because of the intervention of God. And so was I share tonight. What the Lord put on my heart to shear I do so in humility not pointing the finger at anybody who it my prick the heart of but with a sincere desire that as we fully surrender to Jesus to follow him that there will be souls saved in the kingdom as a result I have to ask the question tonight like I did with my grandmother. How many of you tonight are right with Jesus. How many of you tonight a fully surrendered to Jesus. Can I see a show of hands is your life fully given to Jesus. Praise God I see the majority of hands and there are some hands a didn't go up but you know I am grateful for those hands the did not go up because I was one of those individuals that didn't put my hand up or stand up an appeal. When I was in the will very last very very last. It was a very simple appeal and a very simple message. Not one that stirred the hots But as I sat there and didn't raise and respond to the appeal the Holy Spirit started speaking to me and I realized that I had to make a decision. The pill was simple. It was do you don't you want to work with Jesus and gather for the harvest and. Not be scattering people abroad but gathering with Jesus. It was very very simple. And everybody stood up except for me and I stayed this sitting down because I didn't want to be a hypocrite. I've been raised in the church. And as I was raised in the church I remember seeing one about school youth leaders at the time who was there supposed to be leading us spiritually. It was going to nightclubs living a double life. And there were many other things. I'm not wanting to share those things but I determined when my friends and I even though we had had an admin a stage occasion and we decided at the age of sixteen to leave the church. I decided my heart I'm not going to be a hypocrite. That's why we're leaving because we don't want to be a hypocrite. And so at that time when I stayed sitting down in the Holy Spirits that in person. My heart so powerfully and so real. Just a simple with a simple thought. Don't you want to be saved and you want to be in the kingdom with your family. And as I sat there thinking about their not realizing what was going on. I thought yes I do but not now I'm not ready now. And in my heart I was wanting to put it off and any decision I was young. Everything was going well I was making money. I was having fun I had goals things that I wanted to do and yet I was lost and I knew it but I thought I had time I thought I was almost immortal like a lot of young people do. And so as the Holy Spirit kept on the appeal. I could feel like this magnetic pull. And it was almost like an order or double voice saying to me why don't you stand up. Why don't you make the decision and then I heard another voice another impression that said Don't do it now you've got plenty of time. Look at all the things in your life you'll have to change look at everything that's going to change in your life don't do it now. And then the Holy Spirit came in with the last clincher. That settled it for me and that was how do you know you'll ever have another chance. How do you know this is not your last chance and I thought about that and I thought about the time when I was eighteen years old and I was skiing in New Zealand and I went over one hundred twenty foot cliff and should have been did and my life was spirited. I thought about the times that I was crazy driving my VI and going at high speeds and losing control and and should have been killed and I wasn't a member of the times and I could name others but I don't want to get into it that I could have been did and I knew that at any time I could die. And if I didn't make a decision then I could walk out of that church and that would be it. I would be lost for eternity. So I thought OK if this is my last chance. I must make it now. I be a full two and then I tried to get up off my seat. I couldn't get up I was stuck I was glued to the seat. I couldn't move. I tried harder and I couldn't get up I was stuck. And I wanted to get up at that point in time and I was trying. And as I tried and I couldn't I just started to break and weep and I was crying and the Holy Spirit was sort of breaking my heart at that point. And then I just was with every ounce of energy that I could could muster. I'm going to get up that was when I fully decided that this was what was going to do all of a sudden I broke free from that seat and I was able to stand up and as I stood there. I was just weeping. I wanted to crawl under those under the chair because I was so ashamed to be crying as an adult. But that was the stop of a of a different path in my life. I'll give you a brief background of some of my goals when I was lost. I've grown up on a farm sheep and cattle and kiwi fruit. I love the life I enjoyed it. It was it was amazing. I felt alive to be on the farm. It's all that all of I ever wanted to do and I told my parents when I leave school I want to be a farmer and they said well farming doesn't make much money you should go and get a trade and get a trade and when you have a trade. Then you can go back you can find and if it doesn't work out your life something that will support you. Well little did I know that part of true education is to get a trade and go. And had his hand over me at that point in time that I went and worked the senator and health food company in New Zealand. I was able to serve an apprenticeship as a fit a turner machinist working with food production. But I was lost. Is anything going in the city there and. As lost as many of the young people in our church then and today. So my goal as I work here in the city was that I would save money. I would make as much money as I could and when I had enough. I would then buy my fam and then I'd move to the country and the not have a good life prior to the time when I was in church and that experience happened that I told you about I was busy working. I worked day and night I was a workaholic and from a little child. I must have heard a verse. When I was in church with several school somewhere and it started to play in my mind that seed that would the would of God was there and it started to make me think and it was this verse what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses and soul. I couldn't get it out of my mind it kept playing over and over and over and it was in that context that then. I went to church that Sabbath with my parents hadn't been in many years but I went to please them not because I wanted to go and that's where my life changed forever. Well long story short I ended up going to wee my college. I thought you know what as much as I love farming and I'd love to do live that life. I'm going to put that on hold until I get to heaven. God has other planes for me I don't know what they were little that I know that he had other things in mind and other training for me to go through. And they are I am today. Farming. And I love it. I think I have one of the best jobs in the world. Well I better stop telling you my story and get into the Masons tonight. The third Angel's thumb. That's what I call the missive tonight the Lord impress that upon me and I think most of you who have God and kind of get the what this is about. This really impacted me this particular passage says that in a special sense Seventh Day Adventists have been saved in the world as watchman and light beer is to them. His being in trust of the last warning message for a piercing willed on them as shining wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn import. The proclamation of the first second and third Angel's messages there is no other work of so great importance. They are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention when I first started farming when Dr natally asked me to do this. About six years ago. I was so gung ho and so excited to be farming and it to be a ministry. I put all my time and energy. I was working Crazy Al was. To make this farm a success. So it could be what God wanted it to be but about a year into it I felt like I was dying spiritually. Something was wrong and as I was praying with God about it. He impressed me you. You need to be doing ministry were reaching souls for the kingdom and so it was then providentially that he opened the door for me to start in prison ministry where I go my Sabbaths and it has revived me again. And it has brought back that first love experience that I had when I surrendered my life to Jesus and I believe that that is the secret when you're born again to keep that first love on fire is to be reaching out and seeing others experience the same thing when you see it happening in them. It just ignites that flame in your heart and you want to reach more. And so as we consider this at our agricultural conference. It is so easy for us to be thinking that we are doing the will of God and we are when we are in our gardens and when we're doing agriculture. But it's not all there is agriculture has been given to us as a powerful tool I powerful means of reaching souls for the Kingdom of God. And so with that absorbing our attention we go about our farming and our Godling. And it becomes such an incredible joy. No longer is the hardship of of sweat and toil what dominates your mind in those hot days of summer but it's the joy of when you get to witness for Jesus that keeps you going on. I've been to China four times I don't read Chinese I'm learning a few characters but this was shared with me and I want to share it with you because it's very true in Chinese the word that is used the characters that are used to to for the word happiness or blessing it's the same thing and these ones you can see on the screen. The first character. Is a combination of soil and lamb. That's what the two civil two hieroglyphic. Syllables that merged into this particular character actually symbolize soil. And lame. Then the next part. Means God one mouth which actually means. Man that's the that's what mane means in Chinese one mouth and I will garden or literally a field which they believe which they understand to be a fine. So you combine these together you have soil. Lem God one mouth man and a farmer a garden. And so my translation of this is happiness is working with Jesus the Lamb of God in the soil as a part of his plane to restore what was lost through the fall and I could share a quote with you from Ellen White where she says that it became part of God's plan for our restoration from the fall when he cursed the ground and then you know it became three switch in toil and so forth that it was part of his plane to restore his last man is blessed because God gave him the work of God you consider yourselves blessed it is a tremendous blessing to work with the Lord in the god it's a work of cooperation man and God working together. This is some that I'm going to share now is my favorite psalm this year it's you know every year there's something different that jumps out at you and some sixty seven verses five through seven says Let all the peoples praise you. Oh God let all the peoples praise you then the earth shall yield who increase God our God shall bless us God shall bless us in all the ends of the earth shall fear him now are surface reading of that verse. Well have you thinking. That's a nice verse very nice but if we dig deep into this verse I believe that it is the experience that God wants us to have a Seventh Day Adventists. And as a result of the experience that we have with them in the garden a joyful experience. Fully serene and to him fully doing his will. That not only Willie blessed Al garden's Alphonse with increase. But others will live and to fear God as well as they see us joyfully serving the Lord in that capacity. You see to praise God in this context is not just coming together in corporate worship and praising him and singing songs like we do every week. The Earth does not yield its increase on its own the earth has to be worked by man is a work of cooperation man doing his part God doing his pot and illustration of what happens in the spiritual world and so we work together with God and then we understand how he works in the hearts of Main and how we cooperate with them and the same results that we see in the garden and in the fire will happen in the spiritual realm and Al lies in the lives of others as a result all Iain's of the earth shall fear him. The theme for this conference is fully following fully. Based on numbers fourteen twenty four. But my servant Caleb because he had another spirit within him and have followed me fully him will I bring into the land where into he way and and his seed shell position. That doesn't mean his biological seed that means like Abraham's seed if we Christ we Abraham's seed in areas according to the promise in the true. This means that if we are like Caleb and we will fully follow the Lord Jesus that we will fully surrender to Him then we also have the assurance that we will possess the earth made new. We are encouraged in the scripture. To fully follow the Lord Jesus in Colossians. Chapter one vs nineteen It says We also do not see to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will and all wisdom and spiritual understanding that you may walk worthy of the Lord for only pleasing him. We could change that to say fully following him. Wouldn't that be the same thing. Caleb's have been greatly needed. I want to share a couple of quotes here about Caleb's Caleb's have been greatly needed in different periods of the history of our work today we need mane of far off. Adela T.. Men who follow the Lord fully men who are not disposed to be silent when they ought to speak who are as true as steel to principle. Who do not seek to make a prison time pretentious show but to walk humbly with God patient kind of Blige in courteous mean who understand that the society have that the science of prayer is to exercise faith and show works that will tell to the glory of God and the good of his people to follow Jesus requires whole hearted conversion at the start and I repeat Titian of the conversion every day. We fully converted to Jesus Christ. We being fully converted on a. Ailie basis I can say as I look back on my experience. I gave my heart fully to Jesus. But there were times where I wasn't converted on a daily basis and I did my own thing and I must agree the Spirit of God. Praise God for the goodness of God that leads us to repaint and and I'm grateful for the theme of this conference because again it reminds me to be fully surrendered to the Lord Jesus and fully willing to do His will and we need to have this reminded daily that we can be fully converted daily made in May forget for a time that God has given light in reference to his work. God has designed that the testimonies shell hold their place in the work as a beacon of light from heaven. Satan has made decided if it's to make it of none effect to make of not effect the counsels of God through the testimonies they have been highly likely esteemed I wish they were highly esteemed they have been lightly esteemed disregarded ignored but they will still live to testify the right way to reprove and correct those pursuing a wrong course of action. God will make himself known in his work. When he works by His Holy Spirit through faithful man like here. Caleb do we have Caleb's here today. How many of you want to have a hop like caillou. You can be a woman and have a like a live. The Keep a list and as a result of having a heart like Caleb the careless and unbelieving brought to repaint and suspicion and alienation are gone the faith is a stable list. For the faith is established faith and. And. I love resisting putting on glasses I hate wearing them. But that will be the result of Caleb's that are courageous and willing to do whatever the Lord says. And when they know the will of God Wayne and I met or how unpopular or how unreasonable or how much mocking they may receive they're willing to do the will of God and as people submit you see it takes one to stay and and then others when they are impressed by the Holy Spirit willing to take this day and also and to follow it fully and then the ripples can go out this quote gives me great hope because a beacon of light from heaven is shining upon us. It has not been long since these three compilations that you see on the screen were released all within a very short period of time of each other. I believe that at least one or two of these will be available at the conference and if you don't have a copy. Please get one. I hope they brought a lot of copies. Councils on agriculture. Put together by John deicing it is one of the most comprehensive of all these these books. He spent much time searching in the unpublished writings. This was before they released the unpublished writings now you can get online and look at it for yourself but this is a wonderful resource for us to see them mazing things that God wants to do through agriculture in our lives and in the lives of our young people and in the lives of in the church and through our sanitariums And now our lifestyle Santas and all of our medical missionary work as. The green print is an amazing book to this book is a compilation of letters that I don't want wrote arranged in chronological order from when she first wrote about agriculture to the last time that she wrote about. Agriculture. It's not a comprehensive compilation. But it is a very good book to read to get the context of a lot of the statements. So I would encourage you that you get both of them the hope in the soil was the first book to come out and it's an excellent book too. And I highly recommend getting that as well. I have all three and I'm very very grateful because the book's this message about agriculture is a beacon of light from heaven. And so as we as I thought about the message for today and named it the third Angel's thumb. As I share a lot with you today and I'm going to share a lot of lot of data because I want you to read it and see it for yourself but I want you to just take what I say is my opinion that my opinion doesn't count for anything. But here we are told the medical missionary work is the right hand and to the third Angel's Mason and on the right hand is a bum and if you've been working with green plants especially tomatoes. You're going to get more than a green thumb you can get green fingers and I thought about you know the thumb is a very useful part of our body. I can't imagine not having a thumb. I would limit me so much not to have a thumb. I know people that have lost fingers maybe you do too but in New Zealand I think there's more people that have lost fingers and I know over here. My father. He's a danger to. But he loves farming not too many years ago now was trying to move a cow and get a cow on to a trailer and it wasn't cooperating so he less to do it anyway to tie it off and just as he was tying the knot. The Cal lurched away and his finger was in the same two of the not that he was trying and off goes the end of his finger. He's a pretty tough mane and when you when he talks about the experience he talks about how enjoyable the helicopter ride was for the hour to the hospital where they tried to sew on the finger that had come off but they didn't succeed it wasn't. It wasn't viable and so he had lost his fingers somewhere about the knuckle and that was very difficult for him as a dentist who does intricate work at the mouth. And I think about you know just losing the little tip of your finger but what about your thumb trying to hang on to things. I mean without a thumb you try to hang on with four fingers. You can hang on to something as well as you can if you have your thumb and one finger. So the thumb is very useful and I believe that the thumb the right hand of the the health message that is the the right hand in the right arm of the third angel's message is the agricultural component. Maui pope Mowery was a young man in high school in New Zealand in the eighteen eighty eight hundred ninety S. when he heard the advent message the advent message was very young in New Zealand at that time few years since Stephen Haskell had arrived in the missionary work began but the work was taking off and him and two other merry boys excepted the message. One of them went off to the school that had been started in Melbourne Australia. This was prior to Avondale college but Mallory Palmeri was a very talented young man and he learned of the health message and about medical missionary work and so he wanted to become a medical. Missionary. There was a lady who'd whose name was Dr Caro or as Sister White would call her sister Kyra in New Zealand she she was a dangerous who was very supportive who was an Adventist that put a heart and soul into to God's work. And so she sponsored MAOI primary to go to Battle Creek college so that he could learn to become my medical missionary and return and do a great work in New Zealand I'm going to share some quotes with you and just go through them quickly but for the sake of time. Ellen White writing to Dr Kellogg says this. We expect the young man MAOI poet Mari I Mallory will leave on the organist boat for America his going to Battle Creek means much. And please do not forget this. It means that the impressions made will be carried to I whole nation. Give instruction that he show have every car in the shown him that he shall have a good bed and room and the best and most spiritual society the sons of the chiefs and higher class of Maori have conveniences equal to them to the Americans. I am told he is half caste pleasant in appearance and intelligent. So she was appealing that this man would have a special spiritual experience while he attained it Battle Creek college we get another glimpse of this young man in another later that Ellen White was writing to someone else. I'm not sure who she was writing I haven't researched that out but she says Mary primary he is a half caste of Rob the Hawkeye rain. And is a great grandson of parliamentary that took the Chatham Olens he belongs. Of the chad I'm on and if any of you were at I saw I this last year you may remember that Pastor John Bradshaw shared a story about the Morey Henri's on the Chatham on arms and how the Maori came over there conquered them and they were like these men dogs they didn't want to take a lot and so they didn't fight and they were slaughtered and they are extinct today. Maui power Mary was the great grandson of that Chief that took those islands. My primary has always worked from early boyhood to elevate his people and being of rank he was granted the privilege of going to school he has improved his opportunities and is thought much of them at college he designs to become a medical missionary that he may be the better able to elevate his people he is anxious to spend some of his time translating tracks into the Maori language we rejoice that the truth is being carried to the Maori race and he did translate some tracks and to marry about the Sabbath and and maybe a couple of other things that were printed and used in the early work of the administer Church in New Zealand. He goes off to. Better creek and Ellen White actually writes to someone else. And she is a little bit about the experience that he has and this is so small I will have to put on my glasses. She says these Maoris make very much of the a pleasure exercises games at football and the like. We call it rugby. If you've heard of rugby but put Mari seeking the Lord head experiences such as God gives. He related to Sister Cairo his experience which was decided and food. He said he had to give up his games of football or he could not risk. In the peace of God and could not feel that he could glorify God in that exercise. Now said Sister Caro when he goes to Battle Creek and finds them engaged in all these sports. I am afraid of the influence upon him he will become acquainted with some who and engaged in these games. Well well she said things are rather mixed up. I must give poem Mari to the Lord but I can fear that the enemy will come in to make the truth now to him so solemn so sacred through the influence of others who have not had so deep an experience under trying circumstances to be brought down upon a level with common things sister Caro has at her own experience seen several of the New Zealand boys and is hiring money that means she borrowed money to save them there. You can understand how she is exercise she says my boys write to me. Inquiring if it is not base to go to an arbor and of taking their education hire a room and be by themselves Exeter. And then we find just maybe a month or two later she writes a letter to Battle Creek college and this is what she says. I was speaking to teaches in messages of reproof all the teach is needed exercise a change of employment. God has pointed out what this should be useful practical work but you have turned away from God's plan to follow human inventions and that to the detriment of the spiritual not a jot or tittle of the after influence of an education in that line will fit you to meet the severe conflicts in the last days. What kind of education are out teachers and students receiving has God devised and planned this kind of exercise for you or is it brought in. By human inventions and human imaginations. How is the mind prepared for contemplation and meditation and serious thoughts and the earnest contract Pria coming from hot subdued by the Holy Spirit of God the Lord open before me than a sister the of a stabber sing a school a better creek that should not pay any school in existence. We were to have teachers who would keep their souls in the love and fear of God teaches were to educate in spiritual things to repair a people to stay and in the trying crisis before us. But there has been a departure from God's plan in many ways the amusements doing more to counteract the working of the Holy Spirit than anything else and the Lord is grieved. What is grief. I had a hard time getting up here and telling you the story of my grandmother because to tell it. It was like I was living it again. It was fresh and I felt the grief again of losing my grandmother we grieve when there is a loss. God sees prophetically into the future he sees the results of the decisions and actions we take today sees the end results and he grieves it doesn't say he's angry. It says he's grieved because he sees that someone is going to be lost for eternity or maybe many are going to be lost for eternity and it grieves us hot because Jesus gave His life on Calvary for every person in this world. He died as if every person was the only one that he died for His love goes out to everybody and he's not willing that any should perish. He doesn't want to see anybody lost and so when he sees people follow their own planes in their own devising and do not follow his plane that where where there is true success in saving souls. He's grieved because of the loss that he knows that is going to result and he and it's painful to him to see that his sacrifice for that person or persons was for nothing better creaks in a theorem Here's a picture of the one that burned down. It was big. It was elaborate it had the best of the latest technology. It was on the cutting edge it was popular and we could go on and talk about the accomplishments of the sanitarium. It was at the sanitarium where Maui Palmeri went and was trained in his medical training to become a doctor but when he went to Battle Creek college and he worked at the Battle Creek sanitarium as part of his training agriculture was not part of that training. It had been neglected it had been put aside and it wasn't so Caleb and Joshua Sutherland and again came to Battle Creek plowed up the football field and then later moved to Berrien Springs and the thing was change it was too late for Maori primary and he did not see the powerful results of agriculture in education and healing. Unfortunately for Maui. He lost his way when he returned to New Zealand the very thing that Sister Caro dreaded happened and he was when he arrived back in New Zealand as a medical doctor he no longer was a Seventh Day Adventist and wants isn't this a testimony to twenty seven. The Lord permitted fire to consume the principal buildings of the review in here old and the sanitarium and thus remove the greatest objection urged against moving. Beto creek. It was his design that instead of rebuilding the one large sanitarium people should make plants in several places these smaller sanitarium should have been established way Lane could be secured for agricultural purposes it is God's plain that agriculture shall be connected with the work of our sanitariums and schools our youth need the education to be gained from this line of work as well and more than well it is essential that if it's been made to carry out the Lord's play and in this respect. While we don't have a clue help powerful agriculture is for the healing of human beings that are sick diseased and in a poor state of health. We get a glimpse of the power of this because I don't want was very active in promoting agriculture for education and for sanitariums and I'll share some of these things with you. She tells the story about a sister High's a man. She says she used to be an invalid sick and suffering at that time they had no home of their own they purchased the place on which they are now living the ground is very good but the house is rather old perhaps some of you farmers can relate to that. Well brother was a man worked at his trade system and began to cultivate the garden connected with the house she says that at first she was able to work only for a short time and then who back would take so severely that she would be obliged to go into the house and lie down. But gradually she gained in health and strength and now she can work for a long time without getting tired she does not. She does most of the gardening and this morning. She took pride in showing us who are growing crops. Her hands are hard but her health is greatly improved. She says that in the past she has spent much time in sanitariums but that all the treatment she received did not do. Who is so much good as who work in the open air has done her the physical exercise was just what she needed the benefit that sister has a man's work in the garden has been to her has been to her is a lesson for us all it shows what such work would accomplish for the patients and how sanitarium sanitariums it would work a cure without drugs. Oh how many invalids might be killed if the Lord's methods were followed week and trembling sister Hossam and began who work. My screen changed I'm sorry we can be here. I found my place we can train Ling's sister husband began who work and now she is strong and well her outdoor exercise is surrounded her with an atmosphere of serenity. She has been indeed greatly blessed. She is full of peace and happiness who weakness is gone the satisfaction of seeing what she could do his strength and her purpose to do more powerful you see God's plan for a lifestyle saint is includes agricultural they are A-P. and white had a vision God showed her what Al life style or else sanitariums as they were in the day how agriculture would be used not only to reach not only to heal but to reach souls for the Kingdom of God. Now listen to this. This is really amazing. In the night season I was given a view of a sanitarium in the country. This was not a real sanitarium it was what they should be like it was an example the institution was not large but it was complete. It was surrounded by beautiful tree. These and shrubbery beyond which were orchards and growth connected with the place where gardens in which the lady patients when they chose could call to buy flowers of every description. Each patient selecting a special plot for which to care outdoor exercise in these gardens was purse cried as a part of the regular treatment. Can you imagine going to a wheel of the screen. OK OK. Can you imagine going to the doctor and being prescribed Godling to be healed amazing. She goes on and she says scene after scene passed before me in one scene a number of suffering patients had just come to one of our country sanitariums and another I saw the same company but our how transformed their appearance disease had gone the skin was clear the countenance joyful body and mind seen animated with new life. I was also instructed that those who have been sick that as those who have been sick restored to health in our country sanitariums and returned to their homes they will be living object lessons and many others will be favorably impressed by the transformation that has taken place in them. Many of the sick and suffering will turn from the cities to the country refusing to conform to the habits customs and fashions of city life they will seek to regain health and someone of our country sanitariums God will work wonders for us if we will infer eighth cooperate with him. Let us then pursue a sensible course that our efforts may be blessed of heaven and Crown. With success. You cannot improve on God's methods. She says in one place tell those who are sick you that if the hosts of those who had just peptic that's internal problems and consumptives tuberculosis could turn from as they might overcome disease dispense with drugs and doctors and recover health. How awful I know for myself I was cured of an incurable disease that I had since I was eighteen years old Saber it dermatitis it wasn't life threatening. It was ugly. It would break out as a rash on my face I had to use a prescription shampoo. That was expensive and. Still than control it. When I started to farm and there's more to the story about using ocean minerals if you go to learn how eggs you learn about ocean minerals. But I was healed. Of the skin disease. That the doctors said was not curable. Tuberculosis one of the diseases she said could be cured through farming also known as consumption was the cause of more deaths in the industrialized countries than any other disease during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by light. By the late nineteenth century seventy to ninety percent of the urban populations that's the city populations of Europe and North America were infected with the TB bacillus and about eighty percent of those individuals who developed active tuberculosis died of it. This was primarily a disease of the city's. Serious one and in the late nineteenth century tuberculosis was a major killer of Europeans accounting fourteen percent of all deaths. Malory. As Maui POMERY was were even more vulnerable. By the 1930's and talk that date away in the back of your mind. By the 1930's Malory tuberculosis death rates were probably eighteen times higher for then for an on Mallory it was a very serious threat to the Maori nation. Ellen White says this about sanitariums that her erected for consumptive patients should be placed some distance out of the city where there is plenty of open space. I clear stream and land which can be cultivated then the patients can be drawn out into the fray share while those who are strong can cultivate I just realize is that up there yet there it is. Can be cultivated in the patients can be drawn out into the fray Shia. So a clear stream and land which can be cultivated while those who are strong enough can cultivate the soil the institutions built for consumptives which has not these accompaniments cannot benefit the patients. It had to be there. Now if you read on in this quote she says that she does not recommend at that time that we have sanitarium soley for consumptives and she gives the reason why for that. Nonetheless it is still true that through this method these things prescribed that the consumptives could be healed. Now Maui primary when he went to Battle Creek sanitarium did not see this illustrated he did not learn about the power of Agriculture for healing. He missed out because our brothers and sisters of that time were not fully following the Lord. Now something interesting about how this may have worked the cure for tuberculosis. We have modern science is discovering something. Mycobacterium Vaca is a nonpathogenic species of the micro bacteria say family of bacteria that lives. Naturally in the soil research areas being pursued with regard to killed like a bacterium Baquet vaccine include immunotherapy for a lunatic asked my cancer depression leprosy psoriasis dermatitis X. MA and tuberculosis very fascinating. I could say more about that particular bacteria but if you listen to the presentation that was given at our first conference it's online at Audioboo store or now at administering dot com website you can listen to that first presentation on the opening night and learn about it. This particular company and who a long call biological pharmacy code limited long call produces I mycobacterium back a vaccine with the trade name Rock A for the treatment of tuberculosis immunity to Incorporated has reported to successful clinical trials with its oral formulations of M. via K. and treating all forms of tuberculosis including get this including drug resistant TB India T V. Mari went back to New Zealand he became the first Minister of Health in New Zealand. He worked actively and energetically doing a great humanitarian work for his people the Maori. He is considered to be the savior of the Maori people. Because there are other diseases and health issues that they were catching from the European people and they were down to a mere forty some thousand and they were fully expected by the Europeans to go into extinction. But because of his work he was able to save the race. However he was not able to help those who had tuberculosis in one thousand nine hundred thirty he died himself from tuberculosis. He could have been healed of tuberculosis. If he'd gone and had a training in a sanitarium that fully followed the Lord Jesus and his instruction and had agriculture for gardening therapy prescribed to patients perhaps he would have seen. I'd like to think that he would have seen some TB patients cured by that method. He did a great humanitarian work. He was also knighted for his work and became known as serve MAOI primary but he did not reach his nation for Christ he did not share the three angles messages with them and I think my hunch is that because the Battle Creek sanitarium was not fully following God and his counsel and the senator was not fully following that that had a large part to play in him losing and you saw the quote he had a genuine conversion experience but the influence laid him away from God The good news is that in his dying days or perhaps a year or so before he actually died he remembered the Edwin a sanitarium. And he traveled. Who California went to Saint Alina sanitarium. I have not been able to find any evidence that they were prescribing gardening or agricultural activity to their patients and a year or so later he died from tuberculosis. What could have been what could have been. Al beloved. General Conference president at the recent annual Council say this relates remember to fully use God's instruction for his education model found in the Holy Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy you can use a man so that. With clickers not working very well he had this also to say at the same annual Council he said. Have we become so strong in our economic pursuits that we have failed to listen to the master teachers model for education. Have we at times felt so competent in our own right as to outline the future of Seventh Day Adventist education without consulting the Bible in the spirit of prophecy. Have we taken the saints in our own hands feeling that we have arrived and are more capable of determining the educational direction of our institutions than a simple The stay at the Lord. From the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Have we allowed outside non biblical intellectual influences to shape our vision of the future rather than looking to the Lord the master educator and saying Be there. My vision. At the lead conference. I wish. At the lead conference that I believe was within the same week of the annual council to the educational leaders from around the world that gathered for this conference he said more to say and he gave the book education to every one of those leaders and they made a. Commitment that they were going to read this book and to follow the Lord's counsel in this book. And he had this to say at that lede conference he said if the devil can neutralize the model and change it to dynamics of his own liking he will evolve the very system God initiated to be a great blessing to his own Advent movement God's plans are beyond our imagination. For God's last day remnant church a man. The listen listen to what I want to say and I think he's a man of the Spirit of Prophecy he reads deeply and I think what he was saying was a reflection of what he read in the Spirit of Prophecy re we read this in every school say to move try to make himself the God of the teaches who are instructing the students. It is he who would introduce the idea that self or should muse Ment's are a necessity. It is he who would lead students seem to our schools for the purpose of receiving an education and training for the work of evangelists ministers and missionaries to believe that amusements are essential to keep them in physical health when the Lord has presented to them that the better way is for them to embrace manual labor in their education and vastly it useful employment take the place of selfish amusements. I'm not sure what the time is because when my screens change the time and can see it at the back I know I don't have long ago so I'm going to have the rice through I'm leaving more than half of my presentation because I lost track of time but. If you go to give you the quote and you can go there and read it for yourself. It's councils the parents teachers and students page three forty eight. And there's a section there. She says. Experiences in our colleges in sanitariums lead me to present again instructions that the Lord gave me for the teachers and students in L. school occurred in a straight I'll summarize it for you because I have to start wrapping up. On the first year anniversary of the Avondale college they had a fun day and all that fun day they started playing sports games and the students were having a great time and way to dilute about sports from watching the heroes of their country playing sports and you know cheering them on when they went and excitement that goes along with that and so are these students as they are playing cricket in tennis is that she mentions those two sports particularly were playing these sports. They were Mema King. Those heroes that they had seen playing and trying to be like them. And she goes on to say that the sports that the that the putting it in my words to the attraction to the sports that it was common and that they in is common in our day was a species of idolatry and she quoted the experience of the children of Israel at Mount Sinai when they had been given the lore of God and when Moses went up on the mountain took forty days before he came back and they had made a golden calf and they were worshipping in having a party. I wish I could share more with you I'm going to have to just race through and see where it's a good place to wrap it up. Let me go to this one here if I can get this to click through quickly. Getting stuck on this one. So you see T three fifty one. She says at the end of this what she was shown in vision. She says turning to the teaches. He that is Jesus. I believe was speaking to who is said you have made a mistake. Yes he was teaching talking to the teachers he said you have made a mistake the effects of which will be hard to efface the Lord God of Israel is not glorified in the school. If at this time the Lord should permit your life to end. Many would be lost. Eternally separated from God and the righteous. Can you see why the Lord is grieved when his council is not followed and a substitute of the world is put in its place because he sees what will result. Praise God that Ellen White was at every hour college at the time she wasn't there on that she wasn't attaining on that day but the Lord showed her in the night season what happened and then she went back as she did many times to the staff explained to them what she was shown in vision and the staff really did have a one to follow God and they repainted and they changed their planes and they didn't go back to that for that period of time and I must share with you. I'm going to have to race forward here. To this quote here it's from the General Conference bulletin April fourteenth. Nineteen zero one. I want you to see what the fruit of the results of following the Lord's play and following fully his plane and ninety know one this was written this was after a what return to the U.S. She said I don't believe it was her that wrote this. So it may have been. But every term of school which we have held at Avondale has resulted in the conversion of nearly every student in the school now if you read some of the historical data behind Evan our college. It didn't just constitute the Seventh Day Adventist kids they were. Kids from the community of people who looked and was so impressed by the school that they want to their kids in the A So these conversions were including Nona had been us kids. Has resulted in the conversion of nearly every student in the school in some terms this is being the case without exception. And in others they have not been more than two or three exceptions. Praise God for AIDS more than anything else that we need is the power of the Holy Spirit to get behind the work that we have doing to save our kids and to reach the world that is lost. Read through the Book of Revelation I'm going through it at the person. Amen Chapter sixteen now. The things that are coming upon this world before it ends. A horrifying people are going to be crying and screaming and and desperately lost and perishing and we have the Juji to reach them with the message that will save them and the methods that God has given us will help us reach more and have a greater influence. And draw people it's attractive when people see what the Lord will do. We have been given a very powerful very very powerful tool in our hands to reach people through the gardening and agriculture like to vs now witnessing. To people about our work with Jesus in the garden has an magnetic attractive. Effect on them when I was flying to the very first conference that was held in the Nashville Tennessee. I was sitting next to a man. And this main. As I got to know him was a professor at Vanderbilt University. He was a. Howdy all just and he had just come back from England where he had been lecturing and he was I guess a renowned professor. So as I was sitting there and he told me what he did I thought well how do I reach somebody that's intellectual and oftentimes the intellectuals done believe in God. They've been taught evolution and all that rubbish and. So I was talking to him and he was asking me what I did and I told him about farming and and what I do there and you know and he was oh yeah that's nice. And I was praying so I only Lord how are you going to lead this conversation because I'd like to get into spiritual things to see where he's at. And so he as we were flying along the area I thought OK I've got a loon from fishing you got to throw some bite out to see if he's going to buy did it. So he had told me that he had moved from New England somewhere down to this particular. Place Where is living and I said to him. How do you like living in the Bible Belt and he kind of chuckled and he said not so not as bad as you would think he said I've got a secretary who's one of those Christians. And she leaves these tracks for me sometimes on my desk and he said she's a really nice person. I just you know dispose of them. And he said actually are you know I'm an agnostic. So OK he's an agnostic. There's a chance here he might believe in God. And then as we continued to talk he started opening up he said you know I was raised in a Baptist family and when I was going to church as a child the things that put me off the Bible and off religion was. This thing about an eternal burning hell. It just didn't make sense to me. And he said and also. I just love to dance. You know whenever I heard music it just made my foot get going and tapping and and I just wanted to dance and I wasn't allowed to dance and so he said he said Well. It's not for me. So I then started to share with him about I didn't try to to argue with him about his thoughts on Helen and so on. Although I did give him my understanding of hell from the scripture but I said to him and this is what really made a difference. I said you know I am really blessed to spend a lot of time in nature. And as I spend time in nature. I see God at work. And I see the beauty of His creation. And I see his love expressed in the things of nature. And as I see that I'm drawn to him. I like him. I want him in my life. He turned to me and he said. I like nature too. Well. OK. That's nice. So I reached into my bag and I pulled out a happiness digest. I just held it in my hand I didn't give it to and I said you know I read this little book here and I said it starts out talking about how God is revealed in nature and how his love is shown to us through the things of nature and I said this is an amazing little book that I read and you know as I read that and think about it it just it really makes me love God more and I was holding it in my hand I hadn't even offered it to him and he looks at it and he actually reached over and took it out of my hands. And he started leafing through the book looking at the chest the top and as he was looking at the chap the top. Also he comes to one of the says what to do with doubt and he's read that out loud what to do with that he said I have a lot of doubt this would be a good book to read. And then he says Can I have this book. And I said to him. Yes you can have it. I have an extra copy. And he said. Thank you. He said you know my wife was raised a Christian too and she has said to me. Occasionally you know we should go back to church and he said I've always brushed her off and I haven't been interested but he said when I go home and I share this book will read it together and she'll be so happy and he thanked me I could see he was visibly moved and as we got off that plane and I got all forms of the the you know the jetway and on to the plane and I was waiting for my bag to be brought up. He walked past me again and he patted me on the show received. Thank you thank you. And he walked off. Praise God we have been given a powerful tool with our experience and nature that draws people I could tell you other experience one more experience is a young man. No he's not young anymore. He's old. Now he's a missionary from Colombia. He came especially to attend this conference. A few years ago probably five or six years ago he flew back to help me to put up a shared because he has a degree in. Construction management and he's very good at construction so he came to help me put up a shade and. I drove to the airport. I was in my little toy to Tacoma pick up. I arrived there I was in my from clothing with my head on and there he comes out and he looked pretty wild and wooly himself long hair and a bit of a beard unshaven he hopes some of the ends of the truck and I was just about to drive off and throw in his bag on the back and just as we're going to drive off this young lady comes running over and knocks on the window and he wants down the window and she said Are you guys going anywhere near Albany and ice said year we're going we're going to pass over and she says Can I catch a ride. OK you can catch a ride. She jumps in and then she tells us she said you know I'm going to this farm in Nevada City where I'm kind of doing kind of an internship kind of thing and you know she looked very new agey like a lot of the modern people that are into the modern farming movement and she said you know I saw you guys and you look kind of earthy. So I thought I could come over and ask you guys for a ride. And so she jumped in and we drove all the way up to Albany we we dropped the train station we were she could get train to wish she was going. We talked to all the way about the Lord and she listened the whole way and we told her about Jesus and about his commandments and how his commandments were given to protect relationships and just how beautiful they are and and she says. What are they tell me can you repeat them. And so we went through them one by one. Told her about the tane comet she was off. I never heard that before. By the time we got to the train station we hoped out she was visibly moved and we prayed with who there. She had opened a heart up to the Lord and she said you know my grandmother is a Christian and we encouraged her to start reading her Bible and we told her a couple of books that she should look up and get that would help her and she said when I tell my grandmother she's going to be so happy and off she went and that was it was it absolutely amazing. The fun connection. We don't even go out of our way she came to us and I believe that when we prayed to the Lord inside Lord use me in your service to reach souls through this powerful influence that you've given in my life caught will see people. God will give us influence and all the ends of the earth shell fear him because the Lord is placing us as we fully follow him as we go out praising the lord day by day I have to end here I wish I could share more but I can't end without an appeal. I was blessed to attain We college and as I took this we were shared we had shared with us a quote that said we should never as pastors share a message without an appeal hot so moved. The stood as we preach the Word of God and people must make decisions while they are hottest painter and open to the Word of God My appeal today is three. Maybe a four part appeal. It's not an emotional appeal. It's an appeal to your heart and reason. And your desire to fully follow the Lord Jesus. Why first of part of the pill is this. If you are willing to say Lord use me. I want to fully follow you. Now this is for farmers. I'm not talking about anybody else. If you are in farming full time. Or maybe part time. But that's the primary thing that you do. And you want to say Lord Jesus. I want to fully follow you and use this precious gift that you've given me to be absorbed and nothing else but giving the three angels messages. I make this commitment today that I will be a cow you live in. Fully fully you will you raise your hand inside Lord Count me in I will fully follow you praise God. The second group that I'd like to appeal to. Is those that are involved in medical missionary work of some kind some kind of healing ministry. You might be a doctor. You might be a nurse. You might be working at a lifestyle see into whatever it might be you might work alone. But we have just scratched the surface. I haven't shared all the points with you but. There are many more that talk about this my delicacy of healing using the garden and she specifically says that when the patients go into the garden that ages of God will surround them and it will make the work of doctors and nurses and helpers much easier to reach them for the Lord Jesus using the illustrations of nature and their hearts being moved to to win them to the Lord. So my appeal for medical mission. Aries is will you today say Lord Jesus I don't know how do it. I know you have shown me but I want to fully follow you and use this Modelo T. of healing to help people into your kingdom and I see the hands of those medical missionary work. Praise God. The next group that I want to appeal to those who are involved in education. There are people here that may be homeschooling and maybe you are already. Gardening is part of that homeschooling mode of teaching way of teaching there are people here and I know that teaching in our schools with or be self-supporting or our conference schools. God has given us a powerful means of reaching the hearts of our young people. When I was in Michigan. We head at the Mt Pleasant church. We had a little garden that the Lord impressed me to put in there and to work with those students because I read several quotes where she says that. It would be well for ministers to spend a couple of hours a day with the students in the school God and I don't need another excuse. And so we start a little garden and it was powerful. I could see the impact on those kids and I can tell you all the details but it is really powerful and the teacher came out and joined them too it was wonderful to see what God was doing in these hearts and there was a revival going on in the Church of the same time and I believe it was a component that was part of it. So if you're involved in the educational work whatever the facet is I want to appeal to you Will you ask the Lord to show you and help you to use this powerful tool that the Holy Spirit can make strong impressions on the hearts of your students your young people to win them for the kingdom. Will you say Lord Count me in I'm going to. Only follow you and I'm going to do what I came in as a Caleb to implement this into the educational process praise God my last appeal. They may be some here today. And maybe someone who has never fully surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. You might not be in these categories that we've mentioned but today your heart is being stood by the Holy Spirit and you feel in your heart a desire to surrender everything to Jesus Christ and you want to say Lord I'm going to let go of this or that or whatever. I've been hanging onto that I have not wanted to and give my life fully to you and to do whatever your will is in my life I just want to trust you. I'm going to believe in You Will you raise your hand if there's anybody here praise God. A number of hands praise God is there anyone else. Praise God. Will close with a word of prayer and ask that the Lord will go with us from this place and as we go from this place. God will use us powerfully to impact his work in the area where we implement this council. Let's pray. The Father in heaven. We thank you so much for the beacon of light that has shined on us from heaven. We might have neglected we might have been ignorant but Lord thank you. That the testimonies still speak to us today. Thank you for giving us such a powerful means of reaching people and winning souls for your kingdom. Thank you. That the enemy can be defeated and allies and our children through fully following you in the methods that you've given us Father please help us with my decision say today. Help us to implement him to the fullest extent that we possibly Cain as we fully follow you. Father bless us through the rest of this conference bless the speaker. Who are going to speak to us. Both and. My this time of revival and reformation and it's hard we can go back. Absolutely. Excited with what you're going to do with the tools you put in. Now this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more sermon visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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