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Out but Not In, Going but Not Coming

David Obermiller


David Obermiller

Farm manager at Fresno Adventist Academy.



  • January 26, 2017
    6:45 PM


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Our Father in heaven want to counter to privilege to be where you desire to be. And that is here in this room tonight. In our midst. Tonight is your Holy Spirit that I ask for particularly as in many ways. I am just like all the other people in the room someone that I believe sincerely wants to be closer to you. Once the success and the privileges and blessings that come through having a relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord we won't get that from listening to me speak tonight. But we will get that from you speaking to each one of us including myself through the presence and power of the Holy Ghost is that that presence that gift that I ask you to bless us with here and I ask it in the name of Jesus. Out but not in. Go in but not coming. The Israelites I'm going to play on the theme of the conference which is you remember following how much Foley the story of Joshua and Caleb text of Scripture is about starts not with Joshua or killer but actually starts with the Israelites in Egypt God You remember it called Abraham out of earth the Kal these God told Abraham that he would bless him with a land. What we know is the promised land the land of the Canaanites or the land of Israel. Abraham didn't get to personally see that materialized. And God told him that his people would spend four hundred years. Captives in the land of Egypt the Israelites became slaves after Joseph died and Pharaoh. A new pharaoh came that knew not Joseph the Bible tells us that the Israelites were enslaved. As the old testament prophesies four hundred years they were in bondage to the Egyptians and the only hope they had of freedom was a promise a promise given to Abraham that one day they would inherit a land of their own. You know you and I have promises we claim in the scripture. But a promise not to realize a promise not materialized is still nothing but something that happens in the future. And for many of us means nothing if it's not happening now. You know God's promises are not just to be future activities future events but those promises are given to be fulfilled in you through you in us through us now. Do you believe that a promise does no good of a promise isn't realized materialized made reality. Israelites were in Egypt. Exodus chapter three verse seven verses three. Yeah right spot. Look at it on my computer and Microsoft word I'm looking at the screen make sure it and at the button too many times the Lord said to Moses I have surely seen the affliction of my people. This is at the burning bush. I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt. I have heard their cry by reason of their task masters and I know their sorrows and I come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out. Of that land in two or unto a good land and a large. Land the Bible says that is flowing with milk and honey under the place of the Canaanites the Hittites the Amorites and the presides and they have I and the job you say it's the land of Egypt is a symbol. And the Land of Milk and Honey is a symbol. It was reality for them but it is a symbol for us. Ellen White writes the following words the Passover was to be both commemorative and what typical not only pointing back to the deliverance out of Egypt. But afford to the greater Deliverance which Christ was to accomplish and free his people from the bondage of Sam. You see what I'm saying to you is that their story is our story. What happened to them. Unfortunately often happens to us and the positive what happened to them can be what happens to us this story is both commemorative of the past and typical of the future. Not only commemorating deliverance from Egypt and bondage. But from the greater I would encourage you bond of sin. Of course in the reverse the land of Egypt of it's a symbol the Promised Land is also a symbol. It is a land the Bible describes as a land flowing we said it earlier with milk and honey. Never thought about those words and what those words mean this is what kind of conference is this. This is an agricultural conference. This is the gardening conferences of our main conference is a ranching conference. It's all the same. Words mean the same thing ranching farming gardening. It's all the same activity maybe different scales. You're a big farmer you've got acres and acres and acres you're doing the same activity on us on a larger scale that you and I would do in our backyard. Whether you have one thousand square feet or one hundred square feet or one hundred thousand acres it is the same activity carried out on a larger scale. And that right there is agricultural language because you get milk from what. And you get honey from so being that this is a farming conference to make farming spiritual and God's promise of the land to be inherited was given and specifically agricultural terms. God said I will give you a land that will bounce on an agricultural productivity. We'll get another scripture later that further defines that abundance but to get into the land that was bound ing they had to get out of Egypt God called Moses there at the burning bush he said go tell my people that I will come and visit them and you know the story. Moses came to Pharaoh. And he said Pharaoh let my people they may serve me and Pharaoh said No ten times until the last time. And the Israelites left Egypt. Some of the Egyptians left Egypt with them they cross through the Red Sea. The apostle Paul says the Israelites were baptized on to Moses where in the Red Sea. It's a symbol of the Christian experience. But see again that the topic the title tonight is yes they were out but did. They succeeded in getting in. Yes they were going somewhere but were they actually getting anywhere in your life or feel like that out of Egypt you came but are you in. Going somewhere you are but have you come anywhere. But ever feel like I felt like that before Egypt as a symbol of the bondage of the soul to send. The wilderness experience is also a symbol. Joshua chapter five here a give you a couple reasons why they got stuck in the wilderness. You see the wilderness is a symbol and we're going to find out what it's a symbol of in Joshua five and a few other passes the first six says the children of Israel walked forty years in the wilderness. So all the people that were men of war which came out of Egypt were consumed because they obeyed Knott's the voice of the Lord unto whom the Lord swear that he would not show them the land which the Lord sware into their fathers that he would give it a land that flows with milk and honey. He would not give it to them because they wouldn't obey. You see if Egypt is a symbol of bondage to send the Wilderness Experience is a symbol of only partial freedom. True they weren't any longer captive to the Egyptians. Now they were just captives to themselves. Partially obedient. Hebrews Chapter three verses twelve and nineteen apostle Paul speaking about the world and his experiences take heed rather lest there be an any of you and evil heart of what unbelief in. Departing from the living God verse nineteen says. So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief. They believe the nuff to get out of Egypt. But they didn't believe enough to get him that partial belief. To match their partial obedience is almost up to Radio one verse ten quicker. There we go. I am the Lord thy God which brought the out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. But the Scripture says My people would know what. And would what would have been of me they had partial obedience. They had partial faith. They listened partially and they only had a partial relationship with Jesus Christ. They knew who he was. But they didn't know him. They knew enough about him that they managed to get out of Egypt. But then it stopped and they didn't know enough of him to get him out but not him going but not coming. It was partial. So the Land of Promise the land of milk and honey cannot be materialized realized by those who are only partly committed. You know I think about my life when I was eighteen I was on drugs there recently told someone it was a algebra teacher in a public. Rule in Fresno Clovis actually Clovis California suburb of Fresno. She taught math it's older fun a story. Funny story of when I was in algebra two and high school had long hair done on my shoulders. I dyed it red. You can't imagine that you know right now. Probably but my hair is kind of dark that much you can notice and so what I dyed it red I didn't bleach at first and so did turn out red it turned out kind of maroon. And I went to the back of algebra to the classroom every day really kind of bored with the class but my head on the wall went to sleep. One day I walked in and I noticed that there was a big red circle on the wall in the back of the classroom. It was telling this teacher math teacher this story is thinking back about where I was in my life when God got hold of me. And how when I gave my heart to Christ. I gave it to him because I had never met anybody like him ever before in my life. And I said to myself as the pastor of the local church. I was not raised Christian by the way it had no Christian experience really there was studying the Bible with the pastor the local church he looked across the table at me as the David God has a plan for you in your life. I said Pastor you're crazy. Why would God use somebody like me and say that out loud. It went through my head and that's the other went through my mind was wow Lord why would you use me I've never met anybody like that in my life and that's what you're like I really want to know. But strange thing happened. Six a ten twelve fifteen years of the motions of church life. But you know OK I guess the tables not OK. Years of going to church. Made me feel that my religious experience. Was based on what I did. Not on who I know and see that experience right there is perfect. Captured by the Israelite experience they partly believed they partly believed in themselves because you remember when the spies came and told them about the Giants in the land there the ten spies said no we can't do it and the two spies Joshua and Caleb said yes we can do it. The Lord will bless us. They said no we can't do it so they decided not to go in the Lord said Fine if you don't want to go and you don't get to go in the next morning they will come said well we really would like to go in and God Moses. God speaking through Moses said don't go because God's not going with you and they tried with their own human power to take the land that was given by problem. And how did it work out through a series of events the last two three four years. God's been calling my mind back. Why did you begin to follow me in the first place and I'm reminded that what got me out of Egypt. Is the same thing that gets me. There's a certain church in the Book of Revelation. And which church this is I'm going to a church that was partial. You see they weren't cold. They weren't any Egypt. You see they weren't hot. They weren't in the Promised Land they were the Church of Laodicea is the church of today. Out of Babylon. But not in. You didn't hear me. The Church. Out of Babylon. But hasn't yet come in. That's me. That's you. That's us out. But not in going nowhere coming to nothing but not him. Tomorrow evening I want talk to you. About manna sermon titled. You can keep the manna I want the milk and honey. If you think about that. Let's keep going. See they they needed to get into something they did it to get into the Promised Land. I'll tell it to you this way they had managed to get out of bondage but they had not managed to get in the obedience they had managed to get in out of Egypt but they had not managed to get in to faith they had gotten themselves out of Pharaoh's reach but they had not gotten themselves in to Christ and so Paul says they entered. To the rest of the land of Canaan. Gentlemen in the back the clicker is failing every go thank you. And of Canaan is also a symbol of the Promised Land is a symbol I failed to put the text up there. This is equal. Chapter twenty verses five and six saying to them Thus saith the Lord God in the day when I chose Israel lifted my hand to the seed of the House of Jacob and made myself known unto them in the land of Egypt. And I lifted up my hand into them saying I am the LORD your God in the day that I lifted up my hand into them to bring them forth out of the land of Egypt into a land that I had a spied for them flowing with milk and what which is the glory of all land. So Farming Conference I say it again the promise that God gives to us is given in agricultural terminology. He did not say that I will make you two and a hair a land on the outer suburbs of the finest city. He said I will make you to inherit a land that full of those with milk and honey the glory of all lands. I've come to realize as I think that what I am doing is rather important. I think that our farm is rather important I think that this conference this movement is rather important but God has had to remind me that it is not the thing in and of itself. Farming is not a magic bullet being vegetarian is not a magic bullet living out of the country living a hundred miles from the nearest Coke machine is not a magic bullet. You know what I'm talking about. Maybe you are one of those Christians one of those advocates the believe the best thing for you to do is get far away from the city as you can possibly get. You know you can be entirely lost and be on a farm. You know I have I have known and seen people that live grown up on farms that are entirely completely law. I have seen admin a skid grow up on farms that are just horrible. I love you. They're not talking about your kids you know what I'm talking about. We cannot make our call. A substitute for him. Is the glory of all lands you for me a slide film in the back there. What's going on there we go want you to notice something in that passage and I sorta highlighted all the times in this passage where God identifies himself. I mind myself I mind I got identifies himself so strongly in the passage. The reason why the land was so glorious is because it was his land. It was the land that he spied out in the passage. It was so glorious because he was there no Psalms twenty seven verse for being given the next line. David speaking about heaven. One thing I have desired of the Lord that will I seek after that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life because I want to see the streets of gold because he wanted to sit and kick back and relax under the tree of life because he wanted to visit the other planets and talk with the angels and find out Abraham story with a little more detail is that I want thing I seek after that I may do all in the house of the Lord to do two things I want to look at God and I want to ask questions. That's it. So David said I'd rather be a door keeper in the house of God. Maybe you'd be content being a door keeper. Come on be honest. DOORKEEPER David says I'll keep the door of any house the gods and go back or forward slide for me at least a way to get to call you to this year the Passover was to be both commemorative it's epic. Pointing back to the deliverance from Egypt but forward to the greater Deliverance which Christ was to accomplish in freeing as people from the bondage of said You see if Egypt is a symbol of bondage to Sen. The land of Canaan is not a promise of heaven. The land that flows with milk and honey I know we sing the hymns and the songs that make the make the land of Canaan sound like a promise of having But no no no. If the land of Egypt is a symbol for bondage. Then the Land of Milk and Honey is a symbol for the relationship that saves in Jesus Christ. I was a wonderful spot the cinema. If you think that I'm a heretic or you didn't hear me and maybe I'm speaking with poor language. Every day when you farm your land. Every day when you farm your garden. The thing that makes gardening special. Is the things that you see about God in that land. If Egypt was a symbol of bondage to sin then the land of Canaan the Land of Promise the land of milk and honey was a symbol to them. Of the rest that they find from bondage in price alone. I want to show you this gentlemen Next slide please. One more Deuteronomy Chapter eleven ten and twelve. Deuteronomy says but the land where you go to possess it is a land of hills and valleys. You have an extra slide on extroversion the screens are talking about Egypt for the land where you go in to possess that is not as the land of Egypt from whence you came out where you saw your sea and watered it with your foot as a guard never. How did you have to keep track. Take care of the garden in Egypt. With human efforts. In Egypt they had to exert human afeard to maintain their garden. But listen to what the next couple verses say he says the land you go into possess is a land of hills and valleys and drinks the water of the reign of Haven't a land which the LORD your God cares what for because the eyes of the Lord are always upon it from the beginning of the year even to the end of the year. The Promised Land was a promise of a land maintained not by human effort but by divine power. You put the three together. If Egypt is a symbol for bondage. If the wilderness is a symbol of partiality the Promised Land is a symbol of what happens when people go of it all. And when they take the same faith that it took to get out of Egypt and realize that's the same faith that it takes to get in to be saved requires the same faith to live the righteous life requires the same divine power. Not human power and so God couch the promise of Christ and the promise of eternity in agricultural language to remind them every time they looked at their crops that what they needed most. Was him. Was him going to the next slide. So this is a farming workshop this is a farming conference and what does all this have to do with farming whatsoever at all. And I think maybe I've hinted at a little bit of it. Next slide please. When you listen to this quote about Moses. A little light writing here. Tell you about Moses in the book Gospel workers those special testimonies and education. Moses suppose that is education and the wisdom of Egypt had fully qualified him to lead Israel from what. How can a man that's been learned in the ways of the world free people that are in bondage to the world. You know at that point and Moses is experience. You know where he was Moses was in the wilderness. No no no he was in Egypt but in his heart he was in the wilderness. He thought that he could accomplish God's plan with his own wisdom and his own effort you've got that lot of us here sitting in the room I am myself of gone through this in my own life thinking that I can fulfill God's plan for my a life by simply trying hard. He supposed that his education in the wisdom of Egypt had fully qualified him to lead Israel from bondage. He made a miserable failure of his first attempt Moses have the right calling. But I think that Moses had the right calling. Did Moses see the need to free people from bondage problem was he tried to set people free and how many times you and I with our effort. Our power our wisdom our genius. Try to set ourselves free and lead other people to freedom that we don't have but this story gets more about farming here. Like many another you then immediately lost his confidence and God does a strange thing. Moses tries with his own effort. Then he blames God for the. And failing. You know I never done that Florida didn't work. You tried it your way. Like many other heathen immediately lost confidence in God and turned his back upon his appointed work. He fled from the wrath of Pharaoh that sentence breaks my heart. He knew the calling he saw the need be tried by his own power they need to scarred it his faith in God and he rejected his calling. That's terrible. It's pathetic. God's gracious somebody. Next as a shepherd of sheep. Here comes the farming Moses was taught to care for the afflicted to nurse the sick to see patiently after the string to bear long with the on ruly to supply with loving solicitude the wants of the young lambs in the necessities of the old and feeble as these phases of his character were developed he was drawn nearer to who he became united to submerged in the Holy One of visible he believed in the great guy yelled communion with the Father through humble prayer whereat on the far. Caring for his sheep. Walking around a million. Caring for dumb Dom sheep. You've ever had. She tell me what you think right smart and tell G.P.A. four point zero zero. It's gets better. He look to the highest for an education and what do you know the thing that God wants you and I don't learn most from farming is not how to grow beets. You know I praise the Lord I don't like beets anyway. The thing God wants us to learn most in our gardens in our farms on our ranches. Is spiritual education spiritual education and for a knowledge of his duties as a faithful shepherd his life became so closely linked with Haven't that God talked with him what. That's what the farm as the do with us. God wants farms God wants gardens God wants AG Urana missed and horticulturalists who is chief objective is not to grow produce whose main goal is not to isolate ourselves from society so that we're shield and protected from the the contamination of the world. God wants people who are interested in nature and natural laws. So they may be a whole the God of nature and become like him and Egypt God told Moses is calling. But on the farm God showed him both this himself. You know a friend and I've been talking recently. We're talking about a God who never answers back when you pray to him but ever notice that your notice when you're in your prayer closet in the morning your devotional time when you're praying to God you know he never answers back and I don't mean like he doesn't answer your prayer. I said he doesn't answer back. How long would you talk on the phone with a person who never responded to anything you said. How long what I stand here and preach. If you never looked at me or never responded. Not very long how long would your wife appreciate you gentlemen if you never listened to her. So I am not answering that. On the farm Moses prayed humbly. But God came down and answered him face to face. Do you believe that God loves you. Less than you love Moses think God wants to use you last then you want to use Moses think God wants to talk to you last that he wanted to talk to Moses on the farm Moses not only learn to care for sheep. He gain an experience with God that made him now qualified to go back to Egypt. And set his people free. Next slide please. But as farming have to do with this presentation. It has to do with the way we train our young people own white rights how many useful and honored workers in God's cause of receive the training. Amid the humble duties of the most lowly positions in life. Moses was the prospective ruler of Egypt but God could not take him from the king's court to do the appointed work. The work appointed him. All new when he had been for forty years a faithful shepherd was he sent to be the deliver of his people getting in was taken from the threshing floor to be the instrument in the hands of God for delivering the armies of Israel. Eliza was called to leave the plough and do the bidding of God. Amos was a husband men a tiller of the soil. When God gave him a message to proclaim next slide. All who become coworkers were. Kreiss will have a great deal of hard uncongenial labor to perform do you think guarding is kind of hard. I hear the expression of personal experience in the room. And I can't say but you know God's objective is not to make my farm successful God's objective is the taken me. God's objective is the take you and through the difficulties of farm live garden live branch live. To shape you into a person he can talk to face to face. All who become Co-workers with Christ will have a great deal of hard uncongenial labor to perform and listen the lessons of their instruction should be a wisely chosen and adapted to the peculiarities of character and the work which they are to pursue. And what to call your mind of the great men of the Bible. I want to ask you a question. Why is it the God before you could use Moses sent him to a farm. Why is that before God can use Joseph earlier had to send Joseph through a farm why is it that Aleister had to be called from a farm and why is it that David and why is it that Amos and why is it. Oh don't forget advent of sister that William Miller was called off the farm. Why is it that you know I was called from the Pastore a land of confront the apostasy of his day on Mount Carmel. Because the farm life. The educational experience ordained in the Garden of Eden. Is the best preparation for those workers who God calls to change. The World. So their purpose in life. Must be matched to their training in life. And so for years. Yeah dentist church has been delaying procrastinating complaining about the difficulties of running farms and gardening in our institutions and in our homes teaching our children at church in our own homes and at our schools because farming is hard. And we have chosen. Yep to get out of Egypt but not to come and say What am I talking about what I am telling you is that our young people need an educational experience that will not teach them things that are educational experience for our young people needs to be such that it shows them the face of God right in their two eyeballs what I'm saying to you is that getting out of Egypt and getting into the land of promise means that you must fully trust God's plan fully implement God's plan and fully see God while implementing his plan because if the work of our church is to finish the work of God then the training of those workers should be calculated it wisely chosen adapted to the work that they are to finish it and give it another slide film and a couple more will be done. I'll read it to you from a light. This is a review and Herald article I have been showing that our educational work we are not to follow in the methods that have been adapted adopted in our older established schools. There is among us too much clinging to old customs and because of this we are far behind where we should be in the development of what you see there is a direct relationship between the church's mission the three angels messages and our educational methods and don't think that I'm talking about Orlando junior academy or Fresno admin is the cat of your Great Lakes out of its academy or Holbrook school or we are I don't think I'm talking about institutions I'm saying about education as a method and you can use a secular worldly Egyptian method of educating and homeschool you can do education the way the world doesn't in any environment and that's exactly what she's talking about the education that has been done the way it's always done because that's the way it's been done always the way it's been done. There's too much money as clinging to old customs and because we just follow the world's method of education we just add a Bible class where every day and hour in our Bible sanctified education. That's old customs and because of this we are far behind where we should be in the development of the third angels message because men could not comprehend the purpose of God in the plans laid before us for the education of our workers methods have been followed in some of our schools which have retarded rather than advance the work of God Many of you want to ask a question I may have you here work for a school or for a church that has a school or for a conference office that has a school. I mean if your teachers educators and some sort of make a radical statement the film the fulfillment of our church's mission is directly tied to our educational methods and we will not go anywhere. They're always trying to go somewhere you can get out but that doesn't mean you'll get in. You could be going somewhere but coming nowhere because if we don't change our methods. We will be here for a very long time. Next slide please. Usefulness What does she say shocking here. The usefulness learned on the school farm is the very education that is most essential for those who go out as missionaries to many foreign fields. If this training is given with the glory of God in view great results will be seen no work will be more factual than that done by those who having obtained an education and practical live go forth the mission fields of the message of truth preparing to instruct as they've been instructed. Our farm has opened up opportunities for ministry that are shocking. I mean just stunning. I might have mentioned last year when I was here. I got a eighty person bus to or a couple years ago a group of environmentalists in California giving a tour of the Central Valley. Talking particularly about agricultural chemicals and proximity to schools and exposure to kids. And they wanted to highlight a school that was chemical free. So somebody told them about us and so they brought this bus tour down to our farm and people from the E.P.A. Department a pesticide regulation policy makers at Sacramento environmentalists about eighty people in the Stewart they came they looked they saw it was amazing thing all by itself and I was really cool. Eight months later got a phone call from a gallon named Maria Maria said you probably don't remember me but I was on the tour and I work for such and such an organization up in Sacramento and my boss as a kid in school here in a private school here in Sacramento and their. Doing a in event a summit they called it an environmental summit and they were looking for someone to talk about education and farming. Would you be interested. Be interested. So we talked a little bit. I know she never told me what farm or what school it was so that was kind of funny it's kind of important what school you're going to talk out of they want to talk to the school so I asked her. So what's cool is this just what I School in Sacramento. So now you all think that I'm a Jesuit because all it does of a good speaker doesn't school. Just having a farm on our campus just having a farm on our campus is open to opportunities to minister and connect with people we would never connect with before. I spent fifteen years working for the church canvassing were preaching evangelist experience all the traditional stuff I have had opportunities that connect with people I would never be able to reach in previous other forms of ministry. I have a lady on my farm right now California three hours behind have a lady on my farm right now volunteers from the local community. She's a member of our C.S.A.. And she told one of her friends about us. Her friend came with her mother and her boyfriend this past Sunday and volunteered on the farm help us pick and pack oranges. Her mother works for Clovis high schools when I was referring to a little bit earlier in the story and we got to chatting and we started talking about education of what we're trying to do with the farm a she started nodding her head like yeah I work for the school systems. I was talking about and she talked about how cool it would be to be able to get the kids a hands on experience and how neat it would be to get them on the farm and she said to me Would you mind if I sent my kids to your farm to volunteer for extra credit. What do you think the answer was. The purpose of the farm on the school is to make kids missionaries. And to fulfill our work as a church. Let's keep going if this training is given with the glory of God in view diary the whole thing. I don't remember now. No work will be more factual than that done by those who having obtained an education in practical life go forth a mission field with the message of truth prepared to instruct as they have been instructed one more slide. Before. That's a prerequisite word it's a conditional word it's a conditional prophecy that only it's about to make your. Before we can carry the message of present truth in all its fullness to other countries. We must first break every yoke and what my friends. It's a farm tool. And Jesus said Come unto me all you that Labor are heavy laden. And I will give you. But they couldn't enter in to his rest because of their believe. Justin Martyr early Christian says that Jesus was a carpenter. Of course the Bible says that too and in his father's shop made implements of agriculture like plows and yoke by which he taught the symbols of righteousness. We must break every yoke. We must come into the line of true education walking in the wisdom of God and not in the wisdom of the world God calls for messengers who will be true reformers we must educate educate to prepare people who will understand the message and then give that message to the world. One more slide think it's a summary next. There one more sliders that it. I guess I forgot to put it in there. Or maybe didn't save Let me summarize the summary. Friends I want to be a reformer. Because I want to enter and it means nothing to come out if you don't go in. It means nothing to be constantly go in somewhere. If you never actually get to where you're supposed to go and I'm not making farming a magic bullet but I will say that farming is one mechanism which we need to implement to get along to where we need to go into. If we want to go into the promised land that last quote says we must incorporate farms into our schools and break the yokes if we want to enter into that relationship with Christ like Moses had it. We want our future reformers to have the power and the energy of Alija and a life and Moses and David to slay Goliath. Then we need to offer them the same type of educational experience that God gave to Moses and God gave the David and God gave to all those other men. If we want to go in we must lay aside partiality and implement in full faith in full obedience in a full relationship with Christ all those things that he's calling us to the children of Israel were led out of bondage by a man whose traditional education experience had to be erased by forty years of agricultural learning by a man who would have led them into the Promised Land. Had they believe a man by the way whose closeness to Christ was cultivated by a result of the influence of shepherding on his soul. They were led into a land. Whose chief characteristic was its agricultural capabilities. Now what about you. And what about me this evening I offer you God offers not an invitation to farm an invitation to him. And I plead with you do not be unbelievers do not be partial enter the land of milk and honey the glorious lamb and the rest that Christ offers and everything you do on your farms in your garden. Wherever you grow. What ever you grow. Don't miss the point the point is to enter in to him. Our Father in heaven. We have somewhere to go and we want to come in. But in honesty. I'm like the man in Jesus's day Lord I believe. But help my unbelief. By your Grace Lord through our faith in you and your love for us. Help us realize that it took you to get us out of Egypt. It'll take you to get us in and let us not like the Israelites of old push you aside and have none of you but instead to take all of your glory in our media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon and much. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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