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You Can Keep the Manna, I Want the Milk and Honey

David Obermiller


David Obermiller

Farm manager at Fresno Adventist Academy.



  • January 27, 2017
    6:00 PM


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Good evening. Ladies thank you and. Thank you think you. You came here this evening to meet who I was very underwhelming I'm sorry. Come on now. You came here to me two ladies thank you so much. Again that's a beautiful reminder why we're here. You are full of information your minds are stuff. You're looking from eating too much mental food and that's why you gave me such a sleepy response have you had fun. And you've learned a lot. And you're ready to come back next year and. Well I'm grateful to be with you. And I'm grateful that south. Last night we talked about what out but not receive there what invites you to be able leave or because they couldn't enter into RAS and today is the Sabbath the day of rest and one invites you to enter in and I invite you to believe that Jesus Christ offers to you to me through his invitation of invitation of wrath as you find it with me this evening as you seek it with me this evening I need another or we're not ready. This is not repeat last night out but not in going but not what and the invitations Jesus says to me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you. You want that. You seek that. With me right now. In my work in you over too much. OK let's have a prayer would you about with me as far as possible in prayer. Our Father in heaven want to thank you for the Sabbath the invitation not to keep the day the invitations not to refrain from certain activities. But the invitation to come and to find rest in the person of Jesus Christ. Lord it is not a day we seek it is not a day we need it is a person. It is you in whom we find rest and I. Lord that scripture makes me think the Lord thank you for reminding me that there is no rest in me to offer anyone here and it is my my request for myself that through me you would offer rest. To all of us including myself tonight. And that would what would be found is not man but God not the offerings of men the words of men but those from the lips of the most high so Lord please help me lay myself aside and remember my own need. Of you tonight in Jesus name I pray to make sure that the clicker work. Helps if you turn it on great wonderful. I told you last night this evening we talked about you can keep up. I want. Milk and Honey I will build on last night out but not in going but not coming. In the wilderness because they chose to wander there. God gave them manna they supplements. But you can keep the manna give me the milk and honey the Bible says In Exodus Chapter sixteen verses one to three. That the Israelites took their journey from eleven all the congregation of the children of Israel came into the wilderness of sin which is between eleven Sinai on the fifteenth day of the which month second month you'll remember that the Passover day started their year on the fourteenth day of the first month you'll remember in the scripture that it says that on the morning of the fifteenth day they were to be packed and ready to depart from Egypt. This is exactly thirty days after the Israelites had departed from Egypt. And the whole congregation the scripture says the children of Israel murmured against Moses that against Aaron in the wilderness and the children of Israel set on the god it would to God oh God I wish we had died by the hand of the Lord in Egypt thirty days in I wish I was dead. Why because they remembered the flesh pots and being able to eat bread to the full so they said Moses you're brought us into this wilderness to kill the symbole. With hunger. You know it's amazing to me that just thirty days in they had forgotten the entire promise they forgot in the promise not of hunger or not to starve in the wilderness but God says I give you a good land I'm going to take you out of the land of Egypt and I'm going to offer you a land of agricultural plenty. A land that drips and flows with milk and honey you know I wish I could say that I wasn't so short sighted and so short thinking and so short of memory thirty days. And to think that God turned his promise of milk and honey into a promise of starvation and death by famine. Thirty days in and the pain in their belly was starting to rumble. As their provisions they had packed along with them. It started to run a little bit then you ever been to the point in life where you start to run a little thin you've packed with you all the provisions that human capacity will allow you. But it's just not quite enough and you're starting to feel a little bit a hunger in your soul and instead of saying Hey Lord. Thirty days and time for the milk and honey you said Lord I'm hungry. Why did you bring me here to kill me. Oh Lord I wish it wasn't like that but you know God's gracious. One a man. The rest of you think the gods a God of justice. Side note is God a God of justice first or God of mercy first. So it shows the described himself the Lord the Lord your God merciful and gracious longsuffering in abundant goodness truth he describes in that way himself that way. First and then only Secondly says Oh and by the way I won't let the guilty go free. But he's not a God of justice. First he's a God of grace first and they're sitting here complaining about being on three and not one of them said Hey Lord you promised us milk and honey. They said all were hungry. You brought us out here to die in the wilderness God's gracious. They gave you a second chance. God is gracious and he gave them manna said not on the ground that morning. That is sixteen verse fifteen it's not on the screen sitting on the ground. That next morning was lying man and they all looked out their tent wende and said What is that. And you know that manna literally means what is it. So apparently it was good to eat because they started eating it. It's like honey the Bible says some of you like honey are just so glad that God didn't give them. Say I like it but you put honey and you. I'm not trying to be humorous but thirty days. They were hungry. God gave him something sweet. God gave him something sweet to the children of Israel packed up their bags the Bible says they went to Mount Sinai. They spent almost a year at Mount Sinai about eleven months is what we can gather from scripture. And after getting the Ten Commandments and seeing Moses face aglow and all the wonderful things the Mount Sinai the scripture says the numbers ten it came to pass on the twentieth day of the second month in the second year of the cloud was taken up from off the tabernacle the testimony of the children of Israel took their journeys out of the wilderness of Sinai and the cloud rested in the wilderness upon an operand it goes on to say here that from the time they departed the Mount of the Lord Sinai they journeyed for three days three days journeying from Mount Sinai and they ran into a problem the problem was that some of the Egyptians that had left Egypt with them. What the Bible calls the mixed multitude fell a lasting. For women for food. And the children of Israel wept again and said Who shall give us what they want to see. They had food. Now they had many but they didn't like what is it. They wanted flesh and they said verse five we remember the fish which we did eat the fish. The cucumber is the melons the leeks the onions and the garlic. Thinking about all those things put together and that man's wife had cooked up a beautiful dish and he's thinking back on how sweet that lovely cooking taste. In Egypt. And then he opened his eyes after daydreaming and he says What is this stuff but our soul is dried away there is nothing at all beside this. What is it anyway before our eyes and if you hear the next multitude here have difficulties with what your lovely wife puts on the plate. And if you picky eaters. Let's be honest thirty days eating the same thing even if it did taste like honey I mean if you can eat the same thing thirty days in a row. I actually got hands here that's impressive. I like to know what you're eating. Many of us are blessed with good wives and good cooks in our home but thirty days of the same thing. Three meals a day or two meal a day or a person. They weren't happy and so the numbers jump to eleven but won't put the text on the screen but. God gave them what they asked for God gave them flashed. And weren't happy with manna here again we find in the story that no one said Hey Lord. You know the man. It's been a year now. Lord. It's been a year now where's the milk and honey. It is Time Lord. It. I aren't we can go in yet. No The unfortunate thing is instead of thinking about moving forward. They thought about going backwards. I said to you last night but not in going but not coming in my friends you cannot stay in one place. If you stop in the wilderness the human mind resorts to thinking so often it's a backwards. Little note about farming I was reading a botany book years ago. Not that old make it sound like it was forever ago. Reading a new book a couple of years ago. The guy said the most amazing thing is that you know that a plant is but tannic really dead the moment it stops growing you and I think that a plant is dead. When we look at it. Brown but he said yeah that's not really the case. This is the moment cellular division stops inside the plant it is biologically dead and it only takes a matter of time to reveal in the brown outward appearance of the plant what had happened long before inwardly. I said the same thing you just said I said wow. The danger. Growing the danger of Laodicea. The danger of not being willing to move in is that you will eventually. Moved out why didn't somebody say Lord. It's time. Where's. Where's the milk. Where's the one that in the title this evening. You can keep the manna. I want the milk and honey. Numbers Chapter twelve verse fifteen short chapter after what just previously happened Miriam had complained about Moses marrying an Ethiopian woman and I'm only saying this. This is this verse here because it says that maybe they had to wait for seven days after Miriam caught leprosy and had to be quarantined for the camp seven days it's once remember the number seven days and it is. Seven days and then we come to Numbers Chapter thirteen immediately after Miriam was allowed back into the camp then Moses sent out twelve spies and of the land of Canaan. And numbers numbers tells us that they went in for forty days they were in there and the children of Israel were eating what. While the twelve spies were in the land of milk and honey number thirteen verse twenty seven Scripture says the people were to myself and they told him the spies. They came and said we came into the land where they are you sent us and surely it is a man a land flowing with milk and honey and this and he held up right there in their hands. This is the fruit of it. They came back saying look we saw it obey the way here's what it looks like oh by the way we've been eating it for the last forty days. What you've been eating. You know I'm being a little bit dramatic but I am sure. I am sure I am sure. That if you and I were one of those spies and we had a little bit a man. Well it didn't store so you didn't have any man you see if you follow what I'm saying you're full of that when they left the camp and went into the land of Canaan and have manic like so for forty days those guys it took them a really long time to wonder why. These guys were eating in the land of milk and honey grapes and all the stuff that they listed. Thinking about had I really like this and those guys are eating. Manna should we go back and White says when they heard the report that people were enthusiastic they would eagerly obey the voice of the Lord they were what they were enthusiastic they would eagerly obey the voice of the Lord and go up what you say at once. Do you know when you have an experience with God and you tell somebody about it. The very first thing that God tells them whispers to them in their ear. Is go get it you know the power of an experience. When you have an experience with God That's milk and honey and you tell someone. What's just happened to you the very first thought they have you thought of yourself many times I want that too. I want that to the power of influence. When one person goes in the twelve spies when they go in and they had that experience and they came back and told the people the experience they had the very first thought of the multitude is let's go let's go but some of you are like me and I'm a little bit like the Israelites my mind starts to thinking well tell me about the logistics. Let's sounds a little too rosy. Tell me a little bit more. You say when something sounds too good to be true in America it often is well too good to be true and they came out with this glowing report and even presented the evidence of it but then the twelve spies some division and ten of the spies. She says going on in largest upon the difficulties and dangers that lay before the Israelites should they undertake the conquest of can and a moment. The whole multitude changed their mind. An unfortunate reality here. Is that as powerful as the influence of a person is in favor of right. It is so often the case that the power of influence for the wrong wins the day. I would ask you. How is your influence. When you have a new convert someone who has an experience with someone who's who's had an answer to prayer or someone who has seen amazing things. Do you discourage them. By being an unbeliever. I hope I hope not. Scripture says the numbers fourteen. The congregation lifted up their voice and cry people wept all that night and all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron in the whole congregation said unto them would that we had what died in the land of Egypt or that we had died in this wilderness and where for the Lord brought us on to the. Slan to fall by the sword that our wives and our children should be a prey were it not better for us to return to Egypt and they said one to another little make a kept and let us return to Egypt and Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before the assembly of the Congregation of the children of Israel and Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jeff Luna which were of them that searched the land rent their clothes and they spake into all the company of the children of Israel saying listen to what he says he says the land which we pass through to search it is an exceedingly good land. If the Lord delights in us. Then he will bring us where in to. Thank God for Caleb's. Thank God for Joshua us who in opposition to the voice of skepticism say don't forget it's good to have you here if out at a sweet relationship with Jesus Christ. In the voice of dissent. What a powerful testimony to say no no no no no I know Jesus. And he's a good land. If the Lord the light. And he will bring us into this land and give it to a land which flows with milk and honey I wish that someone in the congregation and said hey let's go. Yeah we've been waiting. I've been eating manna for the last year. Let's go sad reality is they went home that night and decided that they weren't going and wished they had died in Egypt. Even God became discouraged with them and told them Now the bad news. Forty years. And they would all be dead in the wilderness. Except for their children. I'm going to use my imagination a little bit and I thought to myself you know some guy went home that night and it is disappointment sitting at is ten table trying to satisfy his soul with some food. And his wife offered him. And he did a little bit of mental math. And said wait a second. God just said I've got to eat this. For forty more years. And some kid woke up the next morning mommy I'm hungry. Do I really have to eat this for forty years. You remember I told you last night they didn't like the idea of not going into the Promised Land. All of a sudden. And I'm sure that the thought of what is that played a little bit of influence on their mind and said you know what I'm just not eating this for forty years. No me. Hey. Let's go get the land where you think you're with me. Come on you really want to eat this one. You really want to eat this for forty years. We were right here. Let's go. We go with me. We go with. So they tried to do with human power last night I told you what God had offered to do with divine power. They decided oh wait there's consequences I got to eat this stuff for forty years. Let's go oh yeah oh yeah we better go. It was too late. Never can you accomplish with human power. What God promises to perform by his own strength. Never. You see this man a stuff called stuff. Was never meant on God's part to be permanent. The problem with the Israelites The problem with human nature. Lord please forgive me. Is we're not very easy to obey Deuteronomy a chapter verse three tells us why God gave man I want to listen very carefully. God says He humbled the and suffer due to hunger Moses speaking and fed you with manna which you didn't know what it was neither did your father's know that he might make you know the man doesn't live by bread only but by every word the proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord as man live. Vs sixteen seventeen Moses goes on who fed the in the wilderness with manna which their fathers didn't know that he might humble you. You know the manna The funny thing about manna is it wasn't meant to make them happy. It was meant to humble them. You say Wait wasn't the man I think I think the song says. Man God gave them. Angel food and food. One problem. I'm a human being. I'm not an angel. I'm glad they like it. But the Bible calls it Angels food and I'm not just being humorous. God gave it to them to humble them not because it's what he wanted them to have. God gave it to them to humble them to task them. So he could give them good at the end what was the good thing at the end by the way milk and honey. And you say in your heart you want to prevent them from saying this my power and the might of my hand has got me this. Well you know once you're converted. I says strange things happen I told you about a little bit last night a strange things happen if you meet Jesus you come and fall in love with Jesus you get in the culture of the church and after a little bit of time all of a sudden you start to think hey I'm pretty good keep the Sabbath. But some money and offering that was collected this evening homeschool my kids maybe I don't eat between meals believe Jesus is coming soon. I'm all right for God gives you manna the humble You humble me to test me to remind me that it's his power and the strength of his hand that gives you all things. It's his strength that got them out of Egypt. It was to be his strength and their faith in His strength that got them to the promised land a white makes a comment on this. She says even in providing their food god sought their highest good the manner with which he fed them in the wilderness was of a nature to promote physical mental and moral strength that's pretty cool in it. But you'll notice she does not say it was meant to satisfy them then reading a book recently called the saving life of Christ by a major in Thomas anybody ever read this book. No nobody here got one person good book saving the life of Christ he wrote those forty years and other words they were never satisfied for the man who was given only to what. Sustain life but never to satisfy because God never intended for them to be satisfied. Where in the wilderness. You see of God gave them something that would make them happy. They'd be content to stay where they are instead of going where in so God gave them just enough to sustain them without giving them enough to make them satisfied angels' food might be good for angels but it's not the food that God promised them. He promised them milk and honey milk and honey you can have them in. But I want more. I want more than Angel Food. I want the milk. I want the honey do you want it in with a couple thoughts. What about their kids is the most tragic thing about the wilderness experience is that parents who are willing to stay in the wilderness kept their kids in the wilderness to. What about their kids. Joshua chapter five. Scripture says one too far. Sorry. Try to keep my computer in the same page of the screen. Joshua Chapter five The children of Israel and camp and you'll gala and kept the Passover on the fourteenth day of the month and even in the plains of Jericho if they cross the Jordan River now they were into the land of Canaan. And they did eat the old corn This is King James I mean stored grain they did eat the stored grain of the land on the day after the Passover unleavened cakes and parched corn in the self-same day and the man what it do the man a ceased. As soon as you learned to go in God no longer has a need to humble you. As soon as you learn that you can be satisfied in. Jesus Christ and you learn that nothing else will really satisfy you. Your desire to be satisfied by other things goes away. So the man to cease the need for humbling them was over it was gone. They had gone in and God took the man away. After they'd eaten the stored grain neither had the children of Israel man anymore but they did eat the fruit of which land the land of Canaan that year that year. Write them. Right. Then ask you about those kids those kids for forty years had been forced to live in a wilderness because their parents chose to live there for themselves. This is a conference on agriculture and I want to make an application to something about our youth and agriculture and then we'll pray and be done. What about their kids you know the biggest objection that I hear to agriculture being included in our schools and in our programs is number one that agriculture is a lot of hard work. I would say to you that being unsatisfied with the wilderness and just merely being sustained is a lot harder than the hard work of Agriculture. I would say to you that being unfulfilled and being forced to confinement in a place where you don't belong is a harder experience than all the sweat hard piece the ground can produce from your body. And the other objections I hear about agriculture. Is that's culturally dated. O.L. and White wrote that because that was their culture eighty percent of them lived in the country anyway. Of course they farmed and ate off the land and. I don't think that Moses gaining a glimpse of God face to face in the wilderness had anything to do with cultural dating. I don't think that Alija being prepared or a life so being prepared or David being prepared for their calling had anything to do with cultural preferences. Do you. Hear the objection. Well if we if we take less time for study in our schools and get the kids out and active with their hands. Won't we suffer academically. Won't our crediting agencies be unhappy with us because we're deemphasizing academics. It's always something the world is caught up and surpassed the church Fresno advice Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges anybody familiar with WASC Now if you're familiar with Lost. Western Association of Schools and Colleges the regional accrediting body for educational institutions on the West Coast. You have a different over here and a different one in the Midwest and went with it when the school is audited every couple years. School has to explain their program the school has to explain what they're doing with the kids and so when we explain to them what we were trying to do with the garden. You know they said they had no objections. You know in the state of California is liberals that is California's actually encouraging teachers and schools to start gardens. Because many people are starting to pick up on the fact that actually kids learning hands on actually improves their desire and their ability to learn. Kind of funny thing actually Ellen White says that much can now be. Again and connecting labor with schools the students will acquire and following this plant inelasticity of spirit and vigor of thought and can accomplish more mental labor in a given time than they could by study alone other words hands on learning makes you smarter. It makes you a better student. It makes you better mentally and they get to leave their schools with their constitutions and paired with strength and courage to perseverance and any position in which the providence of God may place them. You see the unwillingness to incorporate agriculture into our educational program and don't think I'm talking about brick and mortar schools. Unwillingness to incorporate agriculture into our homes schools our church schools any school any educational program is keeping our kids in the wilderness. It's teaching them to merely sustain themselves but to never be satisfied. It's teaching them that manna angels' food those provisions that God gives you just to keep you alive is nearly all that life is about when God's promised milk and honey. I want to share something that's disturbing to me and I hope that you will be disturbed by it too. In the seventh Day Adventist Church immediately after graduating from high school more than fifty percent of our young people leave the church. That's a conservative number. You know the result of parents. I'm a parent by the way your two kids at home and nine year old a ten year old the result of me living my life in the wilderness is my children learning that living in the wilderness is just what God wants and so our children look at us living in the wilderness Luke. Christians out but not in gone somewhere but coming nowhere and they say you know is this really the church is about. It is this really the God we worship who was good enough to get us this far but not quite good enough to get us all the way in and just like the Israelites in the story. Someone says hey let's just go back to Egypt. Let's just go back. Let's just go back. You should be disturbed. You should be unsatisfied. We should be entirely discontent. Frustrated agitated and whatever adjective you could throw at it with the idea that our young people are leaving the church in mass. If your high school age or younger stand up in this room. I school age or younger stand up in this room. Go on high school age or younger stand up in the room. If ending up. Everybody's then to high school age or younger. Look around and pick half of them and tell them to leave. Pick out there get your children standing in front of you look at your youth standing beside you and force yourself to pick half and tell them to leave. But in our church I'm not trying to be Listen to me. I know this is an audio verse I know this is on video. I'm not trying to be rude. I'm not trying to be critical. I'm not trying to be a doomsday there. I'm not trying to be any of those things. It is a well known established fact the nomination will research from Andrews University Conference administrators educators it we all. Well if you're in the business and know that our kids are leaving and nobody or few people are asking why your kids can sit down now. I want to end with a quote. Ellen White. I have been led to inquire must all that is valuable in our use be it was sacrificed in order that they may obtain an education at the schools. Then she says and this is words connected agriculture this is my whole point. This evening. This is the main point this evening if there had been an agricultural and manufacturing establishment in connection with our schools and competent teachers had been employed to educate the youth and different branches of study and labor devoting a portion of each day to mental improvement and a portion of the day to physical labor there would now be a more what elevated class of youth to come upon the stage of action to have an influence and molding society instead of being molded by society our young people with the integration of agriculture and education would leave the school to exert and influence on society that would shape society. You think that Brad Pitt's popular you think Madonna whether profanity laced speech right after trumps inauguration is popular and as an influence but this quote says that a young person trained in the right way has a power of molding society far and above and beyond anything you can see on television. She goes on with this fear to say the youth who had graduated such institutions would many of them come forth with stability of character. They would have perseverance fortitude. What's fortitude strength. Courage Stickles and principles that would not be swerved by wrong influence. However popular want to come back to the point. It was never God's intention. It was never the thought in the heart of a loving God to provide for his people that which merely sustains them. God's thoughts God's plans God's desires for you and for our life in its fullness to go in means to be satisfied to enter into Christ means to partake of the land of milk and honey. It means to partake of success it means the partake of satisfaction. It means to partake in the fullness of one's potential desires. It means to experience in the words of Jesus Think not that I have come that they may have life. I'm come that you might have life what more abundantly. I share with you this evening. Not just the story of the Israelites I share with you. The present reality that you today that I to day can enter in the present reality that the God of power the delivered from the past is the same God today that wants to offer and is capable of bringing you into the Land of Promise. Now that rest is not something to be obtained in heaven and that Angel Food is not something you have to wait for when you get there in fact what you've been offered is better and what I have been offered is the highest. The most blissful the most gracious and the low most loving experience that anyone in the universe will ever possess so much so that the scripture says the angels long to look into these things. So sweet so enjoyable is the religion of Christ the person of Jesus Christ that the angels feel a certain amount of cover just this for what you have and what God has offered you. And we happily exchange what angels have for what we won't obtain if you follow me on that the angels want what we have been offered. But we often are content to not have what they so passionately desire. The scripture there when it says the angels long to look into these things is the Greek word Epatha Mia. And literally the word epa through me and means lust. The Angels have a passionate desire for the religion of Christ that can only be described in a word that you and I most often use in sexual connotations. They have such a strong burning desire for what you and I have been given as a promise that they search and seek after those things while many times we are content to merely be sustained in the wilderness of partial belief. Tonight on the Sabbath day the Sabbath evening. I want to invite you to enter in I want to invite you and encourage you to look forward to the Land of Promise and the on. Ring of sweetness and say let's go. Lord. You can keep the manna for the angels. You promised me milk and honey let us pray. I will happily repeat what you just said those of you that stood up earlier in my illustration. Even if your parents want to live in the wilderness. You don't have to. And God does want to save all of our children and if we implement what we are here at this conference to learn about and study about that promise will be fulfilled in our children and we can make a decision that will influence them to be un persuadable by the corruption of society around this. Thank you very much as a very healthy reminder to end on let's pray Father in heaven. I want to thank you for the promise. I want to thank you for the promise of your ability to enter us in and Lord I want you to teach us teach me to hunger and thirst. Because the promises they shall be filled and Lord our hunger is not for food. The real hunger of the human soul is not for earthly sustenance. But the heart aches and the soul only to be filled by the sweetness of Jesus Christ as Lord we think you that on the Sabbath day that your invitation is still to come to enter into you through faith and all that you offer. Lord we thank you for what you have done for us the gift of heaven poured out for us so sweet. With the angels desire. What Jesus gave to save us a beer in the name of Jesus this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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