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The Two Guys Who Went in Twice

David Obermiller


David Obermiller

Farm manager at Fresno Adventist Academy.



  • January 28, 2017
    6:00 PM


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Our gracious Father. We want to thank you. That on this Sabbath day the day that you made for mankind to embrace your presence and delight ourselves in you is the day that you gave to us out of a heart of love. With a burning desire to be intimate with your people and father it's our privilege it is truly an honor to think of us lowly sinful humans as being worthy of the attention of the most high and Lord I pray this morning again as I prayed previous days is not me that has anything to offer. And Lord I don't want to is as a human. I don't want to offer anything because there is nothing in me and I know that what I have you've given me what I know you have shared with me. And in the words of David as only we are able to give back the Lord and I want to. I want to submit myself to you and ask that you would speak that all may be blast leaving here knowing that they have been drawn by you and Lord I am myself too to be brought closer to you today. Thank you for your Holy Spirit who preyed upon us to convict us of sin and yes our sinfulness but of the righteousness also of Christ and the favor of a just God to us on the day of judgment Lord we look forward to that day when you will pronounce the sentence. Well done. The good and faithful servant enter into the joy of the Lord and Lord but we can enter into day. And do not have to wait. As my prayer now for all of us and we ask it in the name of Jesus a man. Thursday night we talked about going. But not coming. We talked about but not in. Last night we talked about manna and I proposed to you that the manna though is kind and is suitable as it was for sustaining life is still an angel food. And God has something better for us. God's promised us milk and honey this morning we talk about the men who went twice the men who went twice like to begin with Numbers Chapter thirteen verse six. I'm going to put the tax for the most part on the screen. If you brought your Bible with you this morning. Of course invite you to follow along you make sure that I am not misquoting or mis typing or actually miss copying and pasting from my study scripture to the screen. I know this is a world of technology and why I will not be offended if I see you on your phone or I see you on your device of some other sort as long as you know that you are following along in the Scriptures I'll be happy for you to look at it in whatever form you have it. I often take my computer to church. Sitting there in the pew. And I don't know if people think that I'm surfing the Internet or not but whatever you have encouraged you to follow on Numbers Chapter thirteen verse six. The first U. verse is a Describe each of the men from the twelve tribes that Moses delegated to go spy out the land and let's start with a side note of sorts. Verse thirteen verse six These are the names of the men which Moses sent to spy out the land and Moses call them. The son of Nun. Joshua was very curious by that little detail that the scripture threw in as they decided to dig into it. I was curious what O'Shea and means and why Moses changed the name and Hebrew the word Oshea in the name O'Shea and means deliver or salvation. And I imagine that it was a name given by him to his parents while in Egypt of course because of their expending expectation or their hope at least that they would one day be delivered or saved from bondage. So the name and expression of hope that they would be delivered. Well I'm happy to know that in the company of us here there are many Berea. My computer is not connected to the screen so I will change it afterwards. But thank you though and I assume you'll do that all the way through. Although maybe I'm nervous now. So an expectation of being freed from bondage they named their son deliver salvation. Moses wasn't quite content with that and I don't know why the scripture doesn't say one can only assume but he renamed them to hotshoe which means just whole of salvation. And I believe perhaps I can imagine and Moses is mine and that he wanted to remind Joshua that the coming Deliverance was not to be accomplished by humans during. They were not delivered out of Egypt by the. Hand of man they were delivered by the hand of God outstretched in a mighty and powerful way. And through this change of name. God was reminding through Moses. All of the congregation that their deliverance in two was still dependent upon the hand of God we are saved out of sin but we are delivered in to freedom by the same hand and having gotten out of Egypt we are not dependent upon our own strength. To get into and stay into Christ. So Moses renamed him to hush. Joshua by the way is the Hebrew equivalent the name of Jesus and Greek. Jesus was in the person of man Jehovah who would say. The next verse of scripture number thirteen verse twenty five records the story of the spies coming back from the Land of Promise forty days they had been in there. We looked at this a little bit last night and they returned from searching the land after forty days and they went and came to Moses and to Aaron and to all the congregation of the children of Israel into the wilderness a parang to Kadesh and brought back word on to them and to all the congregation and showed them the fruit of the land and they told them and said We came unto the land where you sent us and surely it flows with milk and honey and this is the fruit of it. We talked about how when they said those words that the congregation was greatly encouraged and they were ready and Susy asked eagerly and eagerly to enter into the land of promise but the spies enlarged. On things that should have never been enlarged the pond. Never the less they said in verse twenty eight. The people be strong the dwell in the land in the cities are walled and very great and moreover we saw all the children of Anik there and they Malikai it's dwell in the land of the South in the Hittites in the jebus science and the Amorites dwell in the mountains and the canonized well by the sea and by the and by the coast of Jordan. And with those words the people were extremely discouraged and the news of discouragement spread throughout the camp of the Israelites and their hearts were breaking for fear of the challenge a challenge not greater than the challenge that faced them in leaving Egypt. If God could have passed them through the red sea and drowned their enemies in that same See what were the giants. In the land of Canaan. But as the Temple broke out the commotion broke out. Caleb and Joshua We are told are rushed in and with their voices lifted up the Bible says they still the people I want you to imagine with me. The the chaos of the camp people angry people distressed people frustrated people shouting wanted another people. You've seen a multitude of people go bizerk. And how by itself. Caleb and Joshua quieted that's what the word stilled means quieted the multitude by itself is an amazing feat. Lifting their voice above the chaos they got the people momentarily to listen and they repeated the words. Let us go up at once. Possess it for we are well able to overcome it and there's a bit of emphasis in the Hebrew text here because it says to go up literally is to go up go up. If you follow what I'm saying here the words go up is a Hebrew word that means go up and the phrase at once is the same Hebrew word appearing. Back to Back in the passage to go up to go up and simply saying that they needed to go up and they needed to go up right now you see there is a moment in time where delay becomes dangerous. There is a moment in time were delayed becomes deadly. There is a moment in time were doubt begins to enter the mind where it is that not expelled and dealt with decisively instantly and persuasively it will lead a direction that will cost the soul for eternity. Perhaps you didn't hear that there is a moment where doubt enters the mind in which it must be expelled immediately and no sooner than doubt had crept in with chaos into the camp of the Israelites Joshua and Caleb rose to the occasion to meet doubt decisively and he didn't say no no no no no we must go in he said we must go in now and the Hebrews in the end parroted form emphasizing emphatically the need to do it now. I believe that Caleb's intent Joshua's intent was to take that multitude and to turn squarely for the promised land and March immediately. Because that's the only way that doubt can be encountered and embrace is a strong resistance. And White writes I have been shown that the most signal victories and the most fearful defeats have been on the turn. Of minutes. God requires promptness of action delays doubtings hesitation and indecision frequently give the enemy every advantage. There is a time and a place for decisiveness and that is in the face of those who are doubting. That is in a moment of crisis where souls are deciding for or against the truth permanently making their decision to enter in or to God she goes on. Once men connected with his work in Battle Creek talking about the church headquarters whose judgment is that hand whose minds when it is necessary will act like lightning. Joshua and Caleb didn't delay they didn't hesitate they didn't stop to study they didn't stop to meditate on the process and where this would all go. They saw the chaos they saw the doubt they said now now now and they hit it and they said the encouraging words we can take the land that God has given us and we must do it now. She ends with the phrase the greatest problem this is positively necessary in the our peril and danger. I don't know where you are in your life. I don't know where you are in your relationship with Christ. I don't know where you are in your relationship to the Land of Promise and where your at in regard to entering in. But there comes a moment in time where there is time no more and the time is now at Venice have been preaching for one hundred fifty plus years that the second coming is what soon. When will it no longer be soon and it be. Now in the words of Pilgrim's Progress if you've read the book or listen to the audio there is. Man in the in the story who is captive to ascend and Christian the story in the program's progress the character of the story. He's talking to the man who is captive to one particular scent any any pleads with the man to let go of that scent and the man keeps saying no no no. The story says that soon never come. It always moves away. At some point soon the coming of Jesus the entering in of his people must be now and I believe today for us as Adventists and to many other Christians in the world. The time is now. We are here at an agricultural conference and I'll make one in my one and only plug for agriculture. Ellen White talking about time says time is too short. Now to accomplish that which might have been done in past generations but we can do much. Even in these last days to correct the existing evils in the education of youth and because time is short. We should be in earnest and work zealously to give the young that education which is consistent with our faith we say it with me are reformers. She does not say we should be. She does not say you should become She does not say God calls us to she says we say it again with me. Are now all reformers and because time is short the time is now if we believe as we discussed on Thursday as we discussed on Friday that agriculture is the very education most essential to those who go out as missionaries it out. Agriculture was the education that Moses need to be the deliver it. Education on an agricultural scale was the education that David needed to slay Goliath and Alijah to reform Israel and a life to institute those reforms further if that was the education they needed then it is the education that we need now. Not soon. And somewhere there must be the voice of Caleb Somewhere there must be the voice of Joshua many Joshua's many Caleb's say we can possess the land and we must go at once. Now as you leave this conference my invitation to you. Whether your home schooling or your a teacher in one of our schools. Your missionary overseas your pastor or just the parents. Or whatever it is that you do that you leave here with the information and don't implement it soon as you implement it. Now. You can start small but start now we go on in the story numbers thirteen versus thirty Want to thirty three. But the men the other it's in spies that went up with Caleb and Joshua said we be not able to go against the people for they are stronger than us were the Egyptians and their chariots of iron stronger than you to begin with and you've been meandering around in the wilderness for the last year. Plus it's not new news. And they go on. They brought up an evil report what does it say here. What do they bring up an evil report of the land. They brought up an evil. Report of the land which they had searched under the Children of Israel saying now that the land through which we have gone to search it is the land that was eat up the inhabitants and it. They next contradicted themselves by saying the people that we saw in it are men of great stature and I'd like you to explain to me how a land that eats people up is capable of producing people of great stature. When you give way to doubt doubt leads to irrationality. A logic that is internally dissonant. And income when we accept doubt when we embrace that we manufacture things that are mine that absolutely make no sense because how could a land that flowed with milk and honey. If it was really a bad land that people produce men of great stature. And so many objections are urged against agriculture and farming Well it's hard work. That is hard work. Oh and a friend of mine when I went into farming. I actually was his fault that I went into farming anyway. Well it's a hoot is movies watching but it's a friend of mine is a landscaper. Worked with him he taught me to prune fruit trees and other things and he was giving me books from acres USA on farming and neocons Ian Arden Anderson if you're familiar with any of those guys I'm reading all this stuff on agriculture and I'm studying the spirit of prophecy in the Bible about agriculture and I'm starting my own garden and I'm getting into it and one day I was convicted as John soldier earlier and I went into farming. And I told him I was going to go into farming and believe church work and going to farming is very first words were Oh so you want to be poor. So when you talk about this is your fault. We constantly say the land will eat us up. But I would ask you how is it that agriculture can be so bad if it produced the likes of Moses. And a life. How could it be so bad if Jesus drew. So many of his stories his teaching and his instruction from the Book of Nature and the farm. How can it be so bad if the Master Gardener himself planted the garden of Eden with his own hand if you realize that in Scripture God spoke the world into existence but Genesis says that he planted the garden in Eden doesn't say with his hand but it's implied because it doesn't say use does voice that he planted the garden and gave to man the most perfect occupation. How can it be so bad. If God tells us in heaven that we will plant and eat. Of our own hands. So they say the land of the inhabitants thereof and all the people we saw in it are men of great stature and there we saw the Giants the sons of an act which come to the of the giants and we were in our own side as grasshoppers and so were we in their sight but they already knew all that stuff. God told them it was not only a land of milk and honey but they already knew that the Giants dwelt in the land they knew that before the spies went in they learned absolutely nothing new from the adventure of the twelve spies except what they already knew before and all they managed to do by entertaining doubt was forget that they were grasshoppers in Egypt. And that nothing to do with God's capability to deliver them out and it now has nothing to do with God's ability to deliver them and so they made actually an attack on God and this is the most to me. Stunning part of the story is that they allowed their doubt to transform in their mind into a direct attack upon God and they accused him by their statement of lying. God said it's a myth a land that flows with milk and honey. It is the land that drinks the water of the heaven. It is the land that God himself cares for and they said no it is a land that people up and made the subtle but ridiculous argument. That God does that to people infortunate reality is that many of us here. Many in our world still struggle today with the idea of a God who does not give good gifts but is constantly harassing the sending soul giving judgment and punishment. And condemnation and around. They transformed the truth of God a merciful God who delivered them from Egypt into a lie that he was a god of anger. Story goes on in numbers. Chapter fourteen versus one to five as they further meditated on their doubt the congregation lifted up their voices and cried and it says that night probably all that night they wept and all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron in the whole congregation set into them. We looked at this last night. Would God that we had died in the land of Egypt or would God We had died in the wilderness and wherefore had the Lord brought us out of this land to fall by the sword in our wives and our children should be a prey were it not better for us to return into Egypt. And they said one to another little make a captain. Let us return into Egypt and Moses and Aaron film their faces before all the symbole of the Congregation of the children of Israel. They again and this morning in those statements they attacked. They said god it. You are the type of man who takes us out of bondage to put us into something worse. They said God is the type of person who will put you into positions where you were merely wishing that you were dead and that he had never pulled you from that pitiful place you were in to begin with. The danger of being out but not getting in is the conclusions that you draw about God they truly would have been better staying in Egypt than hanging out in the wilderness forming opinions about God that were true. It would have better for them. Been better for them to have never known deliverance than to meander in the wilderness and conclude that God only brought them out to leave them hanging and they would have been better off dead in sin. But my heart. Unfortunately realizes that there are people sitting in this room now as Christians that unfortunately I in my life as a Christian have more often than not struggled with the temptation that God in every failure of mine just seeks to punish me that he has brought me out of Egypt and sin the previous life that I had only to remind me of my mistakes and to leave me wondering in the desolateness of the wilderness and I know because the devil exists that you and some of you here today still wonder if God is and will do what he said. Joshua and Caleb again. Rose to the occasion. They said in verse seven and they spake unto all the company of the children of Israel saying the land which we passed through to search it is an exceeding good land and for those of you struggling with the temptation of who God really is and how He really treats you. Joshua his words and Caleb's words are great encouragement that Jesus Christ and the rest he offers he is truly a good land if he delivered out of bondage in Egypt. Then the opposite meaning of paradise the Promised Land is the genie this is the land of freedom that he is the land of sweetness. He is a land of milk and honey that he is a good land. The temptations that we face to conclude that God is a God of justice the god is a God of anger are not true and must resisted with the words of Caleb The Jesus is an exceeding good land and he says if the Lord delight in us. Then he will bring us into this land and give it to us a land which flows with milk and honey only rebel not against the LORD neither fear ye the people of the land for they are bread for us their defenses departed for that from them and the Lord is one with. Us. I have to tell you honestly I'm fairly human. Not that you suspect it differently. And my my my heart struggles with their words right there because if I was Moses or Aaron if I was Joshua or kill of I would look at this constantly complaining murmuring rebellious. Multitude of. Losers. And I would question how a kilo could say that the Lord the lights and I would question whether or not God It really would delight in a bunch of people who have proven nothing but failure and unbelief. I look upon my own life and I look at the things the temptations that I struggle with how many times I fall. And I would I would look at the last words there verse nine and say how could God possibly be with me when I am so perpetually like that. You struggle with when you say the very first thing that enters your mind is Lord I know you're not with me anymore. Lord you know and I know what I do in private. And you know that I sometimes like these Israelites murmur and complain and attack your leaders and doubt and want to go back to Egypt and there is no way that you could really be with me. The attack. They made on God's character is the most dangerous attack that they encountered in the wilderness. The most dangerous thing about not entering in the most dangerous thing about delaying is the conclusions that you draw and I draw about God. A word on Joshua and Caleb a white right to stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the majority for sake us to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few this will be our test at this time we must gather warmth from the cold. Of others courage from their cowardice loyalty from their treason. Joshua and Caleb displayed. Remarkably And amazingly the ability to stand in the midst of a crowd of people who doubted God doubted his love and doubted his ability doubted his patience doubted his mercy doubted his grace to stand in front of them and say God still delights and you just say in the face of temptation and discouragement the God is still with you Mike. It's after seven. I love these words What powerful words the relevance of our story. Who is a God that likened to the the pardons iniquity passes by the transgression of the remnant of his heritage. He retains not as saying or forever because he delights and won and mercy he will turn again he will have compassion on us. He will subdue our iniquities and you will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea. They forgot they forgot that they were worthless in Egypt they forgot the God didn't deliver them out of Egypt because they were better than the Egyptians God deliver them out of Egypt because God promised Abraham that he would deliver them into the Promised Land. The whole thing was based on their promise not on their performance. So when they couldn't perform in the wilderness what it changed nothing. I am the Lord I changed not Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today. And when it's not based on you. It's not based on them. It's not based on me. It's not based on what you do. It's not based on how you live. It's based on him and his promise to take you. The central I the wretched despicable human being that I am and to take me and despite who I am not because of what I am. And so the worst thing that. They could do I say it again. The worst thing they could do is in the wilderness delay and allow the temptation to enter in that God is not what he said he was to conclude that because we're bad now the gods not good anymore because we're central He doesn't love us anymore because we so often rebel on purpose. He doesn't stay with us in any more in the face of Jesus Christ in the face of God made man in the flesh. We are told that God loved us and died for us when we were enemies. What had changed. There were still Canaanites in the land there were still giants in the land that had not changed. The sons of Anik were in the can't Canaanite land when they were still in Egypt and an AK was still in the Giants were still in the land of Canaan when they were in the wilderness. And they were sinners when they were in Egypt and they were sinners when they were in the wilderness but none of it was based on them in the land of Canaan none of it was based on them. Them in the wilderness in Egypt. It was not based on you follow what I'm saying it was God's promise was not based on the condition of the Land of Promise God's promise was not based on the condition of those he promised it to the whole thing was predicated upon his promise you and I don't gain rest. You and I do not enter in because suddenly we become capable you and I do not attain eternity because we deserve it. We have tain it because he delights in you when you are a sinner. We have tain it because he loves you and died for you when you were his. Enemy. Own light continues the commentary on pages and profits. Unfaithful spies were loud and denunciation of Caleb and Joshua and the cry was raised to stone the insane mob at sea missiles rocks with which to slay those faithful men they rushed forward with yells of madness. When suddenly the stones dropped from their hand a hush fell upon them and they shook with fear God it interposed to check their murderous design the glory of this presence like a flaming light illuminated the tabernacle all the people be held the signal of the Lord. Mightier one than they had revealed himself and none dared continue their resistance the spies who brought the evil report crouched terror stricken and with bated breath sought their tents. And God through Moses pronounced than fortunate words that the Israelites would get their wish. And they would die in the wilderness. Do you know the very worst thing you can do to God is to reject his mercy. I want to be honest with you about myself. Going to be honest with you about things that I have concluded being almost twenty years an advantage at too many times I have concluded that the worst thing that I can do to God is break the Sabbath at too many times I have concluded that the worst thing that I can do is to compromise my values as a Seventh Day Adventist the worst thing I could do too often in my mind is I could go home and Twinkies. Or eat between meals or not wear a skirt. Or listen to rock music or not paid or have questions about the inspiration of Ellen White. I'm telling you that the very worst thing that you can do to God The thing which will make God the most frustrated with you is to reject His mercy and to define him as a god who merely seeks to punish you for your sins. You see it was not their discouragement that bothered God. It was not their fears that bothered God it was not the fact that they had concerns about the stature of the men in Canaan that really bothered. What bothered him the most was their unwillingness to accept him as a god that delights and then when they don't deserve it. Their unwillingness to accept the encouraging words of gospel truth from those messengers who get sent to them. Caleb and Joshua and saying that the Lord is still with us. You see by their doubt what they really said is God you're not with us. And we don't want anything to do with you. And don't take me to an extreme point of view you know that I'm saying you should still keep the Sabbath. But what I'm saying to you is that far worse than breaking the Sabbath or any other sin you can commit is the rejection of God as a god of love. A god of patients a God of mercy a god that delights in you even when you don't deserve him. Because mercy is the only voice. That Can Win the heart. It is the goodness. The apostle Paul says in Romans that is the goodness of God that leads to repentance and when you reject the goodness of God displayed through mercy. God has no other means to touch your soul. No other means. There were two guys who got to go into ice and I'm not talking about twice their physical presence in the land of Canaan. I'm talking about twice. Caleb and Joshua first entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ that was permanent and allowed them the second opportunity to enter into that physical land they entered twice entering into Jesus and His rest. They found the natural result of that entering in which was the promised physical land because they believed on him because they trusted him because they embraced him for who he was the land came with embracing him Numbers Chapter fourteen verse twenty four says but my servant. Because he had another spirit with them. And me fully him will I bring into the land where into he went and his seed shall possess it but don't you know that Caleb was a sinner too. Was Caleb perfect was Joshua senseless. Now. Those two men were just like all the others in regard to sin but they were willing to accept God for who he is. And believe that God was with them. Take God as a man of his word and accept what God wanted to offer to them unconditional numbers thirty two twelve save Caleb the son of the can as I and Joshua the son of Nun for they have holy followed the Lord. I ask the question well how are these four men different is the kill of how another spirit and you could say that's a reference to the Holy Spirit and I would certainly argue that point but there are other ways in which Caleb and Joshua were different. Joshua for me there are probably many reasons but I picked four of them. Joshua chose to believe when others doubted. And you today can be like Caleb you can be like Joshua by choosing to believe I know you have doubts I know you have unbelief I know you have concerns. You're human. I do too but we can choose to believe that God's promise is greater than who we are. Secondly when the camp was afraid of the people outside they were afraid of the evil within Joshua and Caleb heard the cries of the camp and they ran and ran their clothes. It was so often we get fixed upon what's happening around us. They were worried about what was in the land of Canaan the Giants and the land that eats people up. But the greater concern. What was happening within. And Joshua and Caleb rent their clothes in the horror of what was happening inside you know the greatest sin that I can commit is the one that I commit not you the greatest unbelief that I can display is my unbelief not yours and my unbelief has nothing to do with you. Entering in and in you entering it has nothing to do with me the greatest thing that I can do is to doubt myself. To have doubts myself. But God's promise. Again is greater than our unbelief. And Caleb and Joshua were more concerned with what was going on inside and what was going on outside. One other note on this the Seventh Day Adventist I'm sorry I do love you often get caught up in what's going on in the world will Hillary Clinton be President will. What will Donald. Trying to be president. What's the pope doing what are the Jesuits doing what's the economic situation in the world around us what's Islam doing what's ISIS doing what about the immorality in our world what about homosexuality being legalized and the Ten Commandments and prayer being taken out of schools or out of our government God's not concerned with what's going on in Canaan seventy vanished be concerned about what's going on in their hearts and what's going on in the church. There is a time where we can delay no more entering in has more to do with us than with what's happening in the world around us delay the second coming is God waiting on us not Canaanites the Seventh Day Adventist my friends too often caught up wondering and worrying and dissipating. What the world will do. With the world outside. Instead of asking what God wants to do for the world inside. Joshua and Caleb. While many follow the multitude they were willing to stand alone. They were willing to stand alone. Deuteronomy says you should not follow a multitude of do evil. While the multitude of Israelites wanted to do evil Caleb and Joshua were willing to stand alone reminds me of a quote by Mark Twain one of my favorite quotes. Mark Twain says in the beginning. It's like about patriotism by the way in the beginning of a change a patriot is a rare man brave and hated and scorned. But when his cause succeed. The timid join him for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. Joshua and Caleb are willing to stand alone. They believe with all their heart they followed fully. Even when it meant doing it alone. You've been here at this agriculture conference you learn many things from many different speakers and you will go back to your homes. You'll go back to your churches or go back to your schools you go back to your congregation and it might be that you will start a garden alone there might be a teacher here who is out of school a conference person who's out at a position where they could implement change and they know that they will stand alone. It might be but to be like and to be like Joshua to stand alone and start what others aren't willing to start is when change happens. Recently my wife and I and my kids. Watched a video about the pilgrims on the Mayflower coming to America. And we watched about the hardship that they endured as they settled the colony that first winter in the United States and the story here is perfect in parallel because those people on that boat were seeking a land from freedom a land of freedom. Escaping a land of bondage and William Bradford who was on that boat who became the governor of that original colony. Wrote these amazing amazing words all great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties. If you want to go into the land of promise it will be difficult if you want to leave Egypt and go into the land of milk and honey it will be difficult but he says both honorable actions and great difficulties must be enterprise and overcome with answerable courage today when you leave here I want to invite you to leave as a man as a woman as a child of courage. If your church at home is led to see and lukewarm content to meander in the wilderness of sin for perpetual for Propecia. I can't say that even if I tried twice. If your choice just wants to hang out in the wilderness. Stand alone. If your church members if your family members. Perhaps your husband perhaps or children perhaps your wife is content to not enter and go go alone. Lift your voice and encouragement and tell them how good the land you stand in is lift your voice and tell them that when they are tempted by discouragement and tempted by a god who seeks to punish encourage them. The God delights in them even when their centers the God loves them even when they're not worth dying for William Bradford again must be overcome with answerable courage and vite you to be a man to be a woman to be a child of courage and to enter in Lasley number four. They believe that God was with them even when it seems as though he shouldn't be. The scriptures conclude the story in Joshua chapter fourteen verse six and seven. Caleb comes to Joshua when they had already entered into the land. Caleb speaking to Joshua he says them you know the thing that the Lord said to Moses the man of God concerning me and you in Kadesh Barnea forty years old was I when Moses the servant of the Lord sent me from Kadesh Barnea to spy out the land and I brought him word again was the say as it was in my heart. As it was in my heart. Caleb and Joshua. Had entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ in their hearts. Entering into the Land of Promise was merely a secondary activity. Caleb spoke the truth that he believed with his heart spoke the truth that he knew to be reality even when the situation in Canaan indicated to him. Otherwise he knew in his heart that God loved him and that entering into that land by promise was better than staying in Egypt and was better than wandering in the wilderness of sin and today I encourage you. You and I today it's time for us to enter in. It's time to exchange Egypt and the land of bondage for the land of rest. It is time to exchange the land of the wilderness and the partial The partiality that the wilderness symbolizes for a land of full commitment and full consecration to the rest that comes in Jesus Christ. I say to you. I say to myself God speaks to us all come to me. Enter in to me and find your rest. I want to this morning appeal to you. Like to ask you to take a moment with me to pray and I will make a specific appeal which about your heads with me. Our Father in heaven. Great moments call for great decisions. Great desperation calls for great relief. And Lord as I appeal. I know that you have already been appealing to Hearts in this room. You've been making the appeal to calm and to exchange for freedom and doubt for belief. For those who you've been speaking to I pray now that they would respond to your call. As I've shared with you this week the last couple days. I know that God by faith has been speaking with you. I know that some of you in this room are struggling with the real identity of Jesus Christ and often question. The reality of the promises that he has given and view them as something so far off into the future that it seems impossible to obtain a very specific appeal this morning and I ask you to think carefully. If you this morning have not yet let go of the land of bondage living in the Egyptians. But today want to embrace the rest that Christ offers when I ask you to slide out of your chair come to the front here and say Lord I come to the front said Lord I'm tired of Egypt. I'm tired of unbelief I'm tired of my bondage. I want to come to you. I want the milk and honey I want the land of rest the land of promise to the front you're here in Egypt. Listen carefully not for everybody. Make sure it's for you living in Egypt. Living in my cell Lord I want to exchange bondage for freedom want three careful with appeals that's not for everybody. Follow them all the to do good second appeal if come out of Egypt but you right now are wandering in the wilderness partial partial faith partial obedience partial trust partially questioning God is the God of partially distrusting and today you want to leave the wilderness and come fully completely holy and you're saved from Egypt by his promise. You're not saved from the wilderness by your own efforts. You're not saved by your works by your strength by your power no partiality you're saved from Egypt by its power. You're saved from the wilderness by the same power to be brought into by His grace and we are the church and the from Jesus appeals to the church. I will exchange with you your guard or anybody else want to leave Egypt come to Canaan tired of the wilderness wandering forty years you've been going to and fro eating manna when God wants to give you more Lord I want to add friends you've been discouraging you friends you've been tempting you saying we can't do it. The Giants are in the land and you want to stand alone say Lord with them or without. I'm coming out anybody else can be the day. It turned into starts now. Anyone else anyone else want to thank you for your courage. Thank you for your desire my prayer for you. God will bring you still feel we still feel uncertain based on you always based on God and what God began the Bible able to finish in you what he started and based on him Father in heaven. Thank you so much for Jesus. I thank you that you delight when your enemy long to set us free free from free from the lies of the devil that you are not worth believing in that you are delights in just. When you are in reality the God of love and saving the Father we thank you Your Land of Promise a land extremely A land. Fine thank you Lord. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. 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