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John Dysinger


John Dysinger

Bountiful Blessings Farm



  • January 28, 2017
    6:00 PM


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Dear Lord as we wrap up this conference. We praise you once again for your presence. For your spirits for your guidance for the unity that we have felt as we come together and Lord once more we ask for your spirits. We asked that we can leave. Convicted. And committed to fall of fully in Jesus name. I pray. Amen. C.B.S. News called one nine hundred sixty three. The year that everything happens. One of the most memorable years in US history. Now we don't have time to talk about all the memorable events of one nine hundred sixty three. But how many of you know what happened on November twenty third two thousand nine hundred sixty three. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. What about August twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred sixty three. So anybody know that day. Oh boy. Did you all take American history. The march on Washington. Dr Martin Luther King Jr I have a dream. You remember that you may not remember it but you've heard of it. One other memorable of event July twenty one thousand nine hundred sixty three. Does anybody any of you remember. OK. My parents I was hoping you'd remember. That was the day I was born. OK so. I mentioned two memorable events of one nine hundred sixty three. You know I have a lot of respect and admiration for Dr Martin Luther King Jr He dreamed of a country that would live out their founding beliefs. That all men are created equal. A country where people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Unfortunately we all know that dream has not been fully realized. But I like to think that at Agra is fulfilling. In a small way. A part of that dream where in Dr King's words on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. Now we're not on the red hills of Georgia but we're pretty close here in north Florida. And I'd like to think about. If we could rephrase that. How about the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners. Working in the fields side by side. It's been you know this. This group this weekend is so diverse. So many coming from so many places so many cultures. So many backgrounds but it is so heartwarming to see scumming together in unity. Tonight I want to share a dream I have. And this dream in no way supersedes Dr King's dream his dream must still be fulfilled. But with due respect and apologies for any hints of plagiarism. I would like to share with you a little of my dream. I have a dream of admin is home. Each with sufficient ground for tilling where mothers and fathers both work together with their children in the garden planting tending teaching training admin is homes where neighbors come and say we'd like you to teach us how to have a family time in the garden like you do. I have a dream of administrate shiz. Each with community gardens rather than lawns that have to be mowed where small plots are loaned out to those who do not have access to land or maybe just those who need to feel a part of something bigger than themselves where church members feed and water. We need and water side by side with the unchurched mingling mentoring encouraging and drawing by the love of Christ. Churches that offer cooking schools and food preservation classes to those who are growing the food but don't know what to do with it. Churches that prepare the excesses from the garden and share with the homeless and unemployed. Inviting them in turn to grow a garden for themselves. I have a dream of admin as elementary schools with small garden plots and greenhouses where the children are taken out each day to see and we and harvest and prepare healthy food that they can cook for their hot lunch program and do that all the way through the winter and then in the spring the children can see the vegetable transplants to take home and plants and tend through the summer. To stave off boredom and video games. I have a dream of administering Cademy is where much of biology chemistry and physics is taught on the school farm where manual labor is not viewed as punishment but as a welcome change from brain work schools where teachers work side by side with the students in the garden. Laughing sweating praying and learning together from God and the Angels where the cafeteria is largely supplied by food the students have grown themselves and where there is a noble independence from Cisco and the large institutional food suppliers. I have a dream of admin a scholar edges that alongside the professional tracks of teachers doctors and nurses offer training in practical skills like construction welding mechanics and agriculture. Not as Aleck to vhs but as a required. For a well rounded education colleges where true balance is maintained between the mental the physical and the spiritual where future farmers are educated in the sciences as well as in the practical skills of growing in marketing their produce colleges where farming is viewed as just as noble a calling as medicine or theology where students leave trained and prepared to be true missionaries ready to go wherever the Lord calls. I have a dream of admin is health care institutions that they could be moved to rural locations where the hospitals and lifestyles centers could be surrounded by flower and vegetable gardens and where the patients and guess could spend portions of each day in the peace and quiet toot of nature surrounded by the sights and sounds of God. Rather than blaring T V's. And the sterile sameness of indoor life institutions where patients are suppressed scribed outdoor exercise in the garden. Rather than just pills where doctors make their rounds in the garden teaching and applying the laws of nature to their patients physical health. I have a dream for pastors gospel workers and church administrators that they in spite of all the urgent poles on their time would take time each day for physical labor out of doors and that as they work in their gardens they would hear. The still small voice of God reinforcing the teaching of the parables and giving them practical lessons to share from the pulpit and in their bible studies. I have a dream for our cities a dream that each of them would have vegan vegetarian restaurants supplied with fresh locally grown organic produce grown by Adventists families in the surrounding country that the workers in the restaurant could cycle through the farms rather than burning out in the cities and could return refresh and eager to share with the customers the things learned on the farm. I dream of these restaurants having lunch with the farmer as well as lunch with a doctor where both spiritual and physical lessons could be tots from the garden. I dream of the restaurant's planning special on farm dinners where the customers are invited out of the cities to experience the peace and joy of the country. I have a dream of city farmer's markets being slowly taken over by administers farmers supplying the healthiest tasty as produce available anywhere. And then along with the produce giving literature as well as prayer council and community to the customers. Admin as farmers working the cities from their country outposts each week as they drive to markets farms that open their doors multiple times through the year for their customers to come. Come out and experience a taste of the country. Along with the fellowship with the farm family. I have a dream of admin is agricultural research and training schools being established on each continents seeking to combine the latest scientific research with the councils from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Where young men and women can come and learn how to be educated farmers. Oh how we need educated farmers It breaks my heart every time I have to tell someone that I don't know who to recommend help with starting their agriculture program. I dream of the day when institutions and schools contact me looking for farmers. And I can actually give them names of qualified experienced balanced farmers. I have a dream of experienced admin as farmers who can bring the homeless the unemployed. The former convicts out to the country and train them to the noble independence of farming incubator farms where new farmers can be men toward under the guidance and direction of seasoned professionals. I have a dream of our Adventist Church embracing agriculture as the ideal package of our message a package that includes country living manual labor true education health of vandalism Christ method of reaching the people family life City evangelism. Chris. Stewardship and the list goes on and on. I have a dream. Actually it's not really my dream. I just got most of it straight from Mrs White's councils on agriculture but then again it's not Mrs White's councils on agriculture. It's God's councils that agriculture. After all he is the one who planted the first garden and he is the one who placed man in this garden home and gave him useful labor as the best method of character development. So maybe I should be saying God has a dream a dream for his people to follow him fully into the garden. Now just a word of caution as you prepared to leave this conference this dream has been largely forgotten. And as David over Miller said this morning. You may feel like the Lone Ranger. You are going to go back on fire with a through enthusiasm for agricultural evangelism. But unfortunately you're going to be looked at with blank stares or polite head nods your zeal and enthusiasm may be doused by the cold water of naysayers and progressives who feel agriculture is just too old fashioned but don't be discouraged practice what you preach. Let your gardens and your produce Be silent missionaries proclaiming the message you want to share let. Master Gardener do his humbling softening work in your hearts and others will notice. Soon they will be wanting to come see your garden. Soon the questions will come and doors will be opened. I have a dream for agriculture no god has a dream for agriculture. The question I leave with you tonight is who will follow him fully who will say. I'll go where you want me to go dear lord. I'll be what you want me to be Dear Heavenly Father. We thank you for your patience. We thank you for your long suffering. We thank you. That. You're still waiting in the garden. To walk with us to teach us. To draw us close to you. Lord you know the hearts of each one here. I just pray as we leave this place. That you will give strength. You will give guidance. You will give direction. Lord watch between us. Until we meet again whether it be here. Or in the land flowing with milk and in Jesus name we pray this media was brought to you by audio force. 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