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How Does Family Fit In?

Brad Johnson


Can you balance farm work with family life? What are some of the challenges you face and how do you overcome them? How can you make your family feel like they are top priority and run a viable farm? What challenges do you face as the children grow up? 


Brad Johnson

Owner and Operator of Wooley Farms in Gridley, CA



  • January 27, 2017
    4:00 PM
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That afternoon. It's like we have some young families here the. I'm Brad Johnson my wife Yuri we're from Margaret and we're part of our family with the New York our operation and work with the army so you get a question Will gonna go over those things do. Go ask my daughter. Elise. She's the one up there on the on the Predator. That asked her to put something together for me in this presentation I said Would you then help me out with this because you have more of her or her side of the experience. So much of this is her creation. I've added some of my input into all who asked my other two girls to contribute their thoughts and about farming and family. So it's a combination that you'll be seeing and this quote There is something to be learned every day as how to improve in the manner of labor. So as to get through the work and have for time for something else. In front of the Christian education. Three hundred sixteen. And also in that same chapter manual you patient for the youth is essential. We should so train the youth. That they will love the work upon the land. And delight in improving it. The hope of advancing the cause of God in this country is in creating a new moral taste in the love a work which will transform mind and character. Like I said this is this is our families the me and my wife and then my three daughters. That's. We're just this is this year we're picking cucumber the my wife and my daughter and son in law and the my grandkids in the pictures that my older brothers and sisters and that's me. We're going to move along with some of those pictures as we move through here. So this is my comments. Although my daughter put this up. Can you balance farm work with family life. So my first thought is here is what is the difference. But I realize I'm seeing this from my point of view and I'm one of. I am the one most the responsible as responsible as the the farm operates effectively ethers may see them as separate. Possibly where the start is if your spouse or family has a different direction and the farm is extra or contrary to or to what each views as a direction to take. If the family life is to be separate from the farmer and is the family life to be separate from farm work and farm life. I think that there is a question to figure out. The question may be in relation to activities as other than farm related things like what else is family life. Is it modern sports or time to play and enjoy and learn about each other in my room. That may be where the question is if it is to find time to play and enjoy each other's activities then yes the other I have not find much time for family find time where the work and farming doesn't become all consuming in that regard I think yes. As we go through this presentation as we go through than this presentation but others in my family may think differently. We may find out from them as we go through this my daughters are contributing to this topic and I asked them to be candid about their experiences a lot of family life is incorporated into the form work life and if a lot of that can be family life and be normal. Then they can blend together. So. Here's just a little thing that came up as I was going through this just to give you a little bit of of another perspective. If you're not used to it. You didn't grow up with farming it can seem like a lot of work. My family would host exchange students that's my family growing up. We would take an exchange student from other countries one year we had a student from Costa Rica. We found out after a while he thought we brought him over for free farm labor. Thinking he was being taken advantage of until he realized this was normal. Now he looks back on his time here as one of his best experiences and he has continued to come back and go three get a visit as many times. That's him and his wife. Picture of them. So this is for my daughter Elise. Give and take. The self employment of farming gives you the flexibility to decide when you can take time off for important and or family events. However the demand of the plants and the land sometimes mean you will have to put that first as well as as well. Working on holidays etc. It helps if you have someone who knows enough to manage things while you're gone. The important things is finding balance and bowl including family in the family on the farm or supporting each other ever each other in non farming endeavors like hobbies schools they're very much intertwined. So we're picking as my grandkids. My son in law. We pick in the sweet potatoes. So at least says on one hand your business is typically where you live. Therefore it is easy to be near family and raise your kids while making a living on the flip side you have you live where you work and so it can be sometimes hard to separate family time from work trucks will come when it's meal time. Harvest won't stop for birthdays or holiday. Ways. The key is finding balance and. And sharing your understanding among the whole family my parents were busy. But they always made me feel important and supported they incorporated a lot of family time into form time and made time for recitals. School outings etc. It's almost become a tradition to dig sweet potatoes together at Thanksgiving time simply because that's when it needs to be done. And that's when everyone is home visiting the grandkids will tag along and help with whatever is going on. Planting in the green house shelling popcorn driving tractor etc. So this is me saying this family for us was not always being together. I spent thirty plus years away from home for six weeks every year. Harvesting pistachios that was three hundred miles away but Judy made the effort. That Judy my wife here made the effort to visit and bring the children and make that part of our lives. The demand for more income as our family expenses went up was in a large part to pay for private schooling. I look for multiple ways to increase our income that is one of the reasons we kept our vegetable business going and worked our custom harvest business as a way to diversify within our business and yet stay within the realm of forming the vegetables for providing more diversity and flexibility to change crops as market changes and custom harvesting gave some income outside of our farm. But it has always come with the price of high demand for time and work as now our family is out of school and on their own more we are beginning to move away from those more demanding areas and back in a more permanent crops with less demand for time and labor. This is just the photo of our harvesting operation we're getting ready to go out the field with all these machines to harvest and this is just a local. This is our harvest in our business at home. But we just put a couple harvesting pictures in there though I would spend time away down in Bakersfield with a large ranch out working for them with our equipment. But sometimes we are being together all the time you live where you work and you work where you live and if you. You and your family live there you will be together. Most of the time. One of the family jokes is no one gets married born or dies during harvest. There is flexibility is a time to take off many types of educate types of education are important and my dad Johnson would say don't let school get in the way of your education. When my children were young we could take time off with them from forming a new school new. Hul of other kinds like several like several trips to Mexico. So one Sabbath I was in church and I think it was after a mission spotlight program and I mentioned to the man sitting next to me whose name was Bill Baxter. Bill Baxter. I told him I would like to go to Mexico some time not knowing. So I told Bill I'd like to go to Mexico sometime and I didn't know the extent of what that meant but he's told me later he says well he's been looking for someone to go to Mexico with him and what he would do is he was retired but he was a teacher in Mexico and a pilot. And he would go back since he was retired he would go back to Mexico to hold evangelistic meetings and so he said he's getting older. He was eighty. He said he'd like to have a young family go with him to help him do that. So we we did that as a family. And this is some of our our go so we took several months off in the winter and travel to Mexico with other families to help with their with the local community with evangelist meetings and visit families there. We took our suburban and travel trailer. And live there. Learning to know the people in language and spending time together. So working hard for a while in farming. And one of our reasons to stay mostly in a finish cycle of harvest and other words not harvesting something all the time for the market we harvest in between May through October and having time off in the winter gives us more time to do things in the off season. Again this note there is something to be learned every day as to how to improve in the manner of labor. So as to get through the work and have time for something else. So we would get through the harvest season and we had a couple winners we could go down the Mexico to do this type of work. So here's a picture of us and from the church down there and then we had some baptisms while we were there the stuff my daughter. What's happened with pewter my daughter's. Here's my three girls in front of a church down in Mexico. We happen to my parents came down to see as well. Were there and on the why we were there we went took the time to visit people that work for us in the United States their families. We went down to see one of the several The workers at work force and went to their homes in the country that were near that area. And visit with the moms and dads there and. And this is this is the bill. Baxter and the pastor down there Mexico and this is we were going for the baptism and actually you know they didn't have seat belt laws down there. So every compiled into a truck and we went down quite a ways below the city and had a baptism down the middle of the city so that just gives you a little picture of that aspect. And we of course we had time to enjoy and tries some of the local produce with local farmers avocados cactus peaches. This this place we went to when that was a mile high. It was a mile high city. And they grew avocados had pine trees and avocadoes growing same elevation peach trees those are some piccies in the back and so we had our trying to visit some of these local farms or see their primary race and. So at least that is. Is a kid's perspective there's always work. Again you gain valuable work experience from a young age to carry into school in other jobs as as she was growing up always having a summer job and school your job when you came home from school. There is always work. Sometimes you want just a moment to breathe and take a break from your other work school studies etc but there's always farm projects that need to be done. Farming doesn't wait for you. Like I said the farming job is no one gets married born or dies during harvest though we have not kept those rules very well let's see what are they do here and with seven with us. Computers as it were of course as children are born and the care of them responsibilities change but I view getting the children environ involved in farm activities as soon as possible as the norm. I try to make them blend I view as. I as the father view my wife and children as one of the reasons I provide and work but but being mostly close to home. Gives me the opportunity to be able to help in some of the home care of children as well as finding age appropriate types of activities as they can participate as they can participate in. They can produce be in and I do that as a as I see those things when they're growing up we homeschooled. Till they got to certain age. I forget which it was like you know Autumn or old but that. We were we were that gave us up to travel to because we we could well the local school gave us all their schoolwork and went to Mexico. So we just took their floor with them. And yes it was a mix. We did. Home school when they're little in them some of they grew in them with some went to the local admin school within some of their And then on through it it was a mixed bag. Yeah. But. Yes and. So it does become a stretch when the demands for both need attention. Family and work and with the timing and with the timing of farming activities at are at critical points. It can be at those times I need to readjust what I think is important to perhaps not be so but at the same time knowing some decisions can have consequences and what the cost in dollars will be and balance that out with family needs because money earned will also contribute to the stability of the family in the long run. I think that is a constant consideration to work through one way I've overcome some of this is work harder and find ways to be able to hire someone to help and not have to do all the operations of the farm myself. This is my grandkids. So their help and missed. Popcorn and this is when my grandson cool younger he does help me drive her there real they're real anxious to help me become more of my kids were too they were good helpers. But I The difference is in this presentation. We went from digital to two. Printed pictures and I didn't all my printed pictures were somewhere else and so I didn't have a lot of printed pictures of my kids the much. So I have pictures of my my grandkids. So this is a bit of a quote that I kind of pulled us out because I thought it was good. It's taken from a book. By Neal Conan conic. You can't fire me I'm your father. So my daughter says being both family members and business partners learning how to balance being family partners as well as business partners. Sometimes it's easy sometimes it's easier than said than done. Family Council ism is necessary and important to so this says the elements of successful family business the golden these are things the follow the golden rule and I suppose you all know what that is. It doesn't mean Who has he who has the gold rules honesty trustworthiness respect knowledge and learning cooperation and independence excellence not perfectionism kindness compassion optimism money as morally neutral forgiveness fun laughter and play and we'll get into some other similar list as we move through this which I thought was appropriate as well. Alisa saying this. So she says realize that while there are chores and helping. Chores and helping support the farm. Farming is not for everyone. Certain family members may not. May need to feel like. While they may need to help out they can have their own goals and accomplishments kids grow up and many have different passions and like I said out of ten kids in my family myself and my brother are the only ones that are still forming I have another brother that find farms Ammons on the side as a as a just a hobby more or less. We have three daughters in my family. Now I have one daughter that's still that's with us now she's the one that's writing this. She stayed home to take care of the farm why we came here. I have ones in intensive care nurse at a local hospital she works. Cardiac Care and then I have another daughter who is a homemaker as to the two kids you lives in in Colorado with her husband. And then she she was physical physical fitness trainer and massage therapist. But now. Homeschooling her kids right now. Rita's furniture. So Sabbath Sabbath rides one of the best times to take away from work and be together the family. Is good to have this day as a constant. Knowing God blessed it asks us to remember it and gives us permission so to speak to knock it all and remember what life is all about. So Brad this is me if you grew up on a farm there will be work hard work and chores is part of life. Some of them are fun and some of them are not but you learn a lot of skills. We had projects of our own growing up for me it was cows. We also raise goats some of my brothers raise chickens another raise pigs. And this quote all about Israel by the distribution of the land among the people God provided for them as for dwellers and as for the dwellers in Eden the occupation most favorable to development the care of plants and animals. And we started running equipment as soon as we were able to skiing running ridges to irrigate tractor work irrigating we participated in harvest and field work as soon as we could wall of horrors after school prone harvest in the summer as well as you're getting in regular chores. Yes. Oh yes art I was a. Well my experience was. I mean a kind of blurs when you get older but my first experience of working that I remember and I mentioned it in here. Maybe don't need to bring it up then now but we would. We were clearing land and I was probably. It's five or six years old and I was driving a tractor because my dad put blocks on the pedals and a block and a pad behind my back. So I could reach the pedals. But it was a big field. I didn't have to worry about run into trees or stuff like that but he would he would let me drive it as an aisle and my brothers would pull a trailer and my brothers would pitch roots on to the wagon behind me and I would just keep it go on make sure it didn't and they just let me drive it and they would of course they were there. OK someone funny or something but I just kind of I looked through the field and we could turn it that in the Go back and so. That was just my first experience about running a quick MN. And then from there it just it almost seems like here's what I do. Like my grandkids come to visit. I'll run I'll work with them on equipment. We'll take whatever I'm doing at that time and I'll say come on let's go do this and then we don't do it forever but they have in their mind like we drive forklift or drive tractor will drive the three Witter forward in their mind. They're doing that and it's almost like I know how to do they get older it's like I know how to drive tractors and they already have it in their mind that that's part of their life and it could be something else take I'll take them out or if I'm doing. Plant in the garden or farm work in the fields you know as it may not be a link the time a long time. My little granddaughter. She'll go for a while then she slips I'm tired. Grandpa or she calls me deed all you know and so you know I don't keep him out there working all the time but so I say fine you know he just whatever they they can do a part of the day for me and as they get older than we kind of is and my daughter talks about it here all move move a little bit farther along in this and I'll show you some of the things that she talks about and I didn't I didn't ask her to write this stuff she just said Hey Dad I'll put this in maybe you want to talk about it. So it'll maybe give you a little bit of it. So it's not all the time and you have to realize their kids their children. They're not going to be out there you know working like an adult you know so you kind of just. Work with what you can. So. You know like for example my little girl. Elise the one who helped me write this. She was too little to run my pickup reach the pedals. So what she would do I do the same thing with her what she would do. She would is a big Dodge truck so she could see between the steering wheel. And she would lean up look between a steering wheel and say come on check on water as I move the truck up for me and she would lower head down underneath the sear will push the gas a little bit and then look up and because you could reach both of the same time and that's how she moved at. Forward and you know it wasn't dangerous a just I mean you could have heard something but you know she just kind of knew what to do to touch it a little bit and she wasn't trying to horse around or nothing. You know. Well and I and maybe I'm speaking. So yeah Wald I'll mention some of those things but so you know here's here's a simple way as to say and I discuss a love them and include them. So you love them. You don't want to be dangerous or hurt them but you want to them where you can now this is just some fun pictures we took they were help we had tomatoes and we just did a little photo thing with them they were out help and do some stuff and then we hear my little of my oldest daughter when you little heathen here with us. We're we're going to transplant and she couldn't sit still. So she would go with us doing whatever we had we're doing and so and then this is just the family Hey Ryan is my grandkids we're going to go fishing together. Oh this is my little so right now this is my little granddaughter and my wife has horses. So this is what she's doing with her. So are you can't hear very well. She's five. Like me. So yeah and and see we're enjoying doing this I mean you know this is this is kind of smelly and not but it's normal stuff and we're just doing it. It's not like we're trying to say hey you know this is work we're just going out and they're they're just saying hey this isn't me. This is normal. Whatever you're doing. That's why I've been a part not I we're trying to create a form. We're just are if we're just doing stuff you know. So but there will be also there will also be play this is my little grandson on the left row irrigating. These are my daughters. Up at my cousin's place in Montana. So they have a big farm up there and this is some is big tractor. They probably took him for a ride and they're there. You just taken a picture you. My daughter says you have a huge playground at your disposal. We we did find time to be carefree swimming in the canal to cool off building rafts to raft the drain did hunting and trapping this is me. Humping hunting and trapping and frogging and fishing and making things and doing things as if we were living off the land and building forts and tree houses we learned about raising and butchering animals. It is not my first choice today but it was part of our life growing up. I didn't grow up I grew up in the Church of the brother and which is maybe not too much different but similar some ways but this you know so family involvement. When we were kids. My parents got us involved in Heifer Project. It was part of my family's church of the brother and mission activities and we would raise goats for Heifer Project and give them away to needy families when the goats were big enough. This is me. My brother had a big project so this is me with a little pigs. When I was little. So this is a nice family project. I don't have ever heard a half a project but my dad actually went as a seagoing cowboy a covert a pole and after World War two when it got bombed out and they took cows over there to help them get reestablished and so this is continuing from there we would raise goats and then we would ship them. To other countries so families could have goats to raise for their for their food and now. Crows we use the raised crows every year. Climbing trees at just the right time to capture them at the right age before they recognize you for anything else other than a way to be fed they would return to the wild it into the summer. So here's this is just me taking a picture from the tree after when I went up to climb to get the crows. And then this is my bed. This is my dad he's been in Crow This is me when I was a little queen a crow so they just make pets we just make pets and they're fun to have in the summertime. So you know they were pesky too but. So this is a picture of my girls attending a safety training meeting for our new workers they were helping for harvest right here. So we're just there participating in it. We had maybe even a bunch of people there that came to the workforce and were just glued ing them in that process. They came over to help us out with it set up tables or whatever doing and see all the people who showed up and that kind of thing. My mom's helping me plant melons here. I'm driving the tractor. My kids. I love grandkids help me plant some garden. They love going out in the garden. We had a wedding at our farm. And my daughter got married in one of our greenhouses and I found them over my other greenhouse just playing in the dirt. You know that is rather go over there. So you know I was working with my grandson the last time they came to visit doing some chores and out of the blue he says I like working with god. And I did it was nothing I thought wow you know I didn't say anything to him he just kind of blurted I said was pretty I thought this. I thought was really neat. So yeah my oldest. Daughter I started her driving our flatbed truck. I think it was the day after she got her license when she was sixteen so she would help me all peaches into the processing plant. And look back and I thought whoa what was I thinking. But we needed the help and she could do it at sixteen she was a good driver and in Montana. My cousins would drive a fourteen to drive grain trucks you could drop you could get allies and drive grain truck for harvesting wheat and so I guess California is just a bit behind the times. So as not it. You know fourteen sixteen driving trucks and vehicles in our own was not out of the norm and that was driving heavy loads. You know would drive in sixteen bins and grain trucks aren't light either you know you learn how to run those but you drive it with you. They were just out of the blue make or drive a truck. She would go with me as you growing up and we're doing these things together. She knew what the what we're doing it wasn't like oh this is just a new thing. So you know from but from young they were doing stuff with us. So ten commandments to make your children like the farm taken from the family friendly farming by Joe's solitude. And it's a great book. If you want to get a good book to read. I thought it's been excellent done take genuine interest and take genuine interest in their interests. Listen carefully to their thoughts and feelings imaginations and dreams applaud their achievements read to the children and listen to them. Listen to them read take a keen interest an active interest in their school experience expose your children to life's incredible variety give age appropriate responsibility and decision making opportunities set high but reasonable and age appropriate standards and expectations. Correct mistakes without hurting feelings give plenty of latitude for trying things show under. Standing in forgiveness for mistakes. Stick to appropriate consequences for irresponsibility set an example of optimism about the future speak well of work and its possibilities and rewards. Though this is Alisa's words. My parents were very good at having us. Take ownership of task and making us feel like we were contributing to the family wellbeing by helping with the farm creating good hard working habits from a young age. We have home videos of me out white washing printer resent three or four years old. Another beauty of family farming is you can give your kids valuable work experience that many kids these days have gone without because of labor laws and not growing up in a family setting that can provide it so that that's one of my rubs in the current labor laws situation sure there's a risk to hiring young kids but the rewards are great and so I don't know where the balance is in there but we've kind of short changed our children in the modern with the modern laws I think by not allowing them to work until they're eighteen. As a as a hired work. That's the. Yeah. That's right. So these words responsibilities and tasks that are age appropriate. You're never too young to be involved as I got older I was given more responsibilities. I worked my way up the ladder so to speak as a kid I helped with small projects and piece work such as white washing trees pulling weeds planting it cetera. As I got older I started being more involved in the planting and the packing and shipping than actual sales in the produce and interaction with the buyers farmer's market markets etc Eventually I got more involved in the office work as well until over time I became the assistant. Office manager dealing with almost all sales inventory shipping management paperwork bills and payroll. So this is Elise my my youngest daughter she's a jewel. There she doesn't. That's another our brothers who just came over to watch us pick. And she's driving some equipment. So this is just some of her her input about some of our farming experience. So I didn't know my daughter she she recorded this and I just have the come up when I was doing this presentation but i'm so I just left it in. So here's her she says she's actually if you can hear this. This is her in in. Saying speaking up. Why you know you know. So my oldest daughter she she this is what she gave me for this presentation she was in the words of the this is it words of a me growing up on a farm provided provided me with many valuable lessons and tools that I still make use of today she is the one that the nurse is. It's still to me the value of family and the true wealth of hard work and determination. It taught me that I am capable of accomplishing anything. If I set my mind to it and work hard to achieve my goals. It gave me a childhood filled with freedom and play. It taught me the value of good imagination. Growing up on a farm or might have provided me with a solid foundation a home to always come back to and lessons and skills to live a good life. You want that. So here it's. This is a lease we were paid age appropriate wages for the work farmer we did. Had our own bank account. Under parents and taught how to balance our accounts and manage our money. It's never too early to start learning those kinds of skills. My girls can give you. So I'm saying this the my girls can give you an example of respect and priorities when they were little a rooster attacked one of them. My mom their grandma they were visiting simply grabbed it around the neck with a twist and said I guess well we we will be having chicken for dinner. So my and my daughter kind of related the same experience in this but a little differently she says. So this is Amy. Growing up on a farm definitely provides a child with a very unique and in my opinion superior upbringing. It is not without its drawbacks too. For example I highly doubt there were many other little girls out there who wondered if they would share the same fate as a rooster if they picked on their little sisters at grandma's house she came out maybe that sees that's first time I heard us talk about that. In this release write it down like this and I kind of wonder the impact of that what my mom did. And I thought I was thinking a little differently but that's not. She thought about it. So this is Amy one of my favorite stories is how my dad drove me on the three with her through the orchard to my grandparents' house on the the day I came home from the hospital. I'm sure my mom was horrified. I'm sure she was equally shocked when I was three and she received a phone call from my grandma asking her if she knew were I was over there. I had decided I wanted some a gram of sugar free hard candy and totaled my way over for a visit. So this is. It's you got across and you got it you got across the ditch. Is probably a couple thousand feet. I guess and so this is Amy I still think of peach harvest when I look at the story sky on a summer night. We use machines to harvest when I was younger and I can remember working on the sorter machine when my car with my cousins. The summer I turned six. We harvested at night because the cool air reduced the risk of bruising the fruit. I can recall being so sleepy I was convinced I was going to fall into the conveyor belt and roll right into the bin with the peaches. And at that moment my dad drove up. He took me to the edge of the orchard where the noise from the machines was barely audible and all you could hear were the crickets bullfrogs and the babble of the canal water. We laid on the hood of his truck still warm from the heat of the engine and looked at stars and made wishes on the shooting ones I was always determined to stay awake but inevitably I would wake up hours later sprawled out across the bench seat of his truck and wrapped in his denim Levi jacket as the sun was rising. This was a summer tradition for many years and I'm remembering. I cherry. I still to this day cannot relax with a book and a cup of tea on a rainy day. Without first thinking about if it is knocking blossoms off trees and ruining a harvest or making the fields too muddy to drive a tractor and setting back planting time she's thirty one now. So this is a book that I would recommend. Family friendly farming. If you have not seen this that it is an excellent book on. So this book tries to address the why of farming and as has many good points as in the process of farming for personal development and our society as a whole it may not be your total view. But it makes good points. So here's a few things I just took out of it. A few chapters a few pages so quoting. One chapter we're talking about some of the ills of society and solutions to it he says a real alternative is a family friendly farm the most successful Ju new juvenile delinquent delinquency treatment programs in the nation involve agrarian base rehabilitation. Even without family people in touch with plants and animals enjoy a soothing caress from life's hand. Their Creator can reach gently into the human spirit through the eyes of a little chick or the magnificence of a fruit laden grain grapevine. Also another chapter paragraph the capacity to care to have a deep and abiding love for a place is far greater in a person than a machine. A farmer can surely love a field far more than a turbo charged diesel tractor can. Even in a perfect world the. World God placed a person. Adam. To tend and dress it a landscape devoid of people is not a properly stewarded landscape. You can hear some of these some of these chapters ten commandments That's right. Got that one for making the kids love the farm romancing the next generation family development a sacred work multigenerational transfer. Just a got a really really well written book there. Let me see your I've got to move on down. So some other books. That See my moving on down here. You know so anyway so I'm just about ready to conclude this. But here's some of my own thoughts. So this is some personal things I've written in here. Look at a live eat and drink. So. To conclude if you think my personal thoughts here as we have moved through these days I know all of you have been in this process of what I presented. We've been presenting here every day. This is Mark are our six session here. As we move through these days here and through the real Days of our farming and living. It seems a bit muddy at times so to provide clarity my simple sermon to myself is look and live eat and drink. So look at the live as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. Even so was the son of man lifted up that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life. What does that mean to me. Jesus is where my looking should be receiving encouragement from his grace in my mistakes and imperfections and looking to him and his life to receive by. Faith and my model to exemplify. Eat and drink Christ said who so Edith my flesh and drink of my blood has eternal life as a living Father has sent me and I live by the father. So he that eat at me even he shall live by. I mean it is a spirit to quicken it. The words that I speak unto you. They are spirit and they are life. So to me it says just like plants grow by what they are given we grow by what we look at and feed upon Christ's life and words being the water and bread to eat and drink. So Christ provides clarity in every aspect. He is the lily that gives purity out of the muck and mire of life. In Romans one twenty even though we can't actually see God we can understand how he governs by looking at nature. It's been that way since the creation of the world we can understand the regenerate of power of God and His goodness by observing the things he has made. And now this he has given you the gift of His Son The greatest gift that heaven could be stowed and now if you connect with God If you connect with heaven. You may in the name and strength of Jesus develop symmetrical characters characters that are spotless as a purely that opens its blossom on the bosom of the lake. I invite you to take hold of Heaven's blessings and then you can have a right hold upon the earth. I invite you to look through nature to nature's God let these things teach you the love of God and the care that he has for those form in his him in this meeting. It was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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