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Revelation 13: An Update

Lewis Walton


Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and, a year later, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.



  • June 20, 2009
    10:00 AM
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hourglass I have been this morning from the music and a few moments ago you sang a song the words which were run authored by Uriah Smith anybody here have an idea how old Uriah Smith was in eighteen forty four only twelve people sometimes say Adventism has to be restructured so it can appeal to the young mind like a news for you a lot of the pioneers were teenagers in eighteen forty four nothing wrong with the advent message and Young mine started up able help to finish the end of work to enable off service on the bridge of the ship underway standing watch in Chesapeake Bay it was evening Captain had retired to his underway happened leaving the young man in command of the ship and everything seemed to be going reasonably well in the shallow water there until an unforgettable heart stopping career ending moment when the ship went one and suddenly stopped rock the little from side to side as the bow dug in that young officer to run the ship aground and opening his mouth to think of something to say when the captain burst onto the bridge and took command I have a con corner matter what you're hitting very well utter amidships engines back one third messenger five damage control of the bridge on the double quartermaster get me around the bearings I mean right now and backing the answering orders icer amidships engines back one day see the bridge around the bearing surface and on the bridge wing zealot they swung around the lineup with the White House and the lights of a broadcast tower and some other item on sure it was illuminated in the short lights those winds of bearings were brought in and lay down on the chart bingo there you had a perfect three line crossed right over that telltale notation on the chart and said shoal water the captain turned to the young officer and said Mister were you surprised this error when I got a question for you why it was right there on the chart and all of us in the last few months have felt that heart stopping career ending unmistakable as the world runs aground and I got a question for you this morning reuse a prize if so why it was right there in the book our topic this morning as Revelation thirteen revisited let's get into the word of God Revelation thirteen chapter eleven or Chapter thirteen verse eleven and I saw another beast rise up out of the earth let's stop right there what's unusual about that Daniel and Revelation are filled with various pieces who represent geopolitical powers or major religious powers and most of them in one way or another out of or are connected with water this one comes out of here let's do a little simple biblical interpretive review this morning this one comes out of the earth which means what all the other piece of come out of water when associated with water in the Bible what does water represent in move on over to Revelation seventeen fifteen and John's angelic messenger that Sabbath day tells him that water his sorry kingdoms nations and people so low use of water to represent people and it never ceases to amaze me how the Bible in just a single word or a simple phrase canceled brilliantly encapsulates so much I think about water and its similarity to people water can be very very beautiful I stood on the bridge of the ship stood on the deck of my own sailboat Manny many times and see and scenes sunrise over a calm ocean it's a it's just a magical moment here in good weather and the sun goes down there is a red sky out to the West the whole ocean turns orange a magical moment water coming are just a drop of water with light refracting through it becomes a diamond water in the exquisitely beautiful just as people can water can also be very very ugly adventure to tropical storms one in the Gulf of Formosa one off the West Coast of Mexico in the Gulf of Oman affect I've been through hurricanes and typhoons I can send you the ocean can get very very ugly I hope never to see it again like water people can be very beautiful or very ugly and another point like water people can assume the shape of whatever vessel water has no shape of its own it just assumes the contour whatever it's an exquisite vase or should we save lives it'll assume the shape it will also take the shape of a simple jelly Glasser using as a drinking glass water will assume the shape of whatever vessel was in as will people they well for example assume the shape of the magnificent U.S. Constitution with its regard for the minority and its protection of the minority from the majority they can assume that shape or in a worst-case scenario they can assume the shape of an Adolf Hitler so the why will he descriptively uses water as an apt illustration of people all of these other pieces of out of human population but this one in Revelation thirteen comes up out of the earth which tells us the end of time there is this entire global Hemisphere held in reserve unknown unexplored and four events and waiting for Bible prophecy and is held in trust by a remarkable group of people whom I just personally happen very much to admire and respect called Native Americans who do a pretty good job of preserving this place so this new power comes up out of unpopulated Earth held in trust since the time of Noah and its unique all the other piece that you see described in both Daniel and Revelation ten reject their authority through forms or teeth or claws or some combination thereof these most of them are ugly critters are not the kind of thing you want to meet on your way home after dark from Granny's house their ugly this one moving on in Revelation thirteen eleven has horns all right but there two horns like a white like a lamb Michael is a question for you this morning what good are lambs born fighting for reform became a lawyer I was broadcasting here in the inland Empire has started and this is a garden-variety disc jockeys know I defined what is seldom visit from a Southern California listening to the Louisville show okay I then moved on finally in the news now I put it to you this way when have you ever been listening or watching the news and the newscaster comes on this is sad news from White Oak Creek approval Boy Scouts camping out Lionel Craig was brutally attacked by a pack of killer lambs at all like horns are good for nothing in an offensive since they are good only and what's the symbolism here for this landmass undiscovered landmass becomes a nation with respect for the defense of civil and religious liberty but were not done yet in just twelve to fourteen versus depending on the translation we move from the emergence of America and its classic profile of a nation respecting individual rights to one which at the end speaks as a what speaks as a dragons something happens something goes wrong toward the end of time the world goes into a primitive herding instinct and it begins to coalesce into a very very injurious globalism driven in large part by the United States now want that globalism emerge watch the revelation thirteen twelve and a causal world and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed you move on the verse fifteen it causes them to worship and causes that as many as would not worship would be healed verse sixteen we now see an interesting alliteration to one economic embargo because of all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark and that none might buy or sell save he that had the mark the name or the number economic embargo accompanied if necessary against a feared minority by the authorization to use lethal force by the ways anything sounding familiar here that is exactly the protocol we use in today's world when the collective global community becomes frightened of an outlier frightened of a nonconformist out there we try and economic embargo and then we move onto the station of lethal force so that anybody who says the Bible is a fairytale has to deal with the issue of how in the end of the first century John the rebel leader could so accurately describe the twenty first century geopolitical protocol so we seen the United States in a variety of ways beginning to an incipient globalism their other hints of this in the Bible turnover if you will to read well and will put together when a wayward cat herders anymore Revelation seventeen twelve kind of helps John understand what he saw in Revelation thirteen one receives a seven headed beast coming up out of the sea seven had ten horns and on their heads the name of blasphemy Revelation seventeen twelve goes onto a litter rate a little further and say that the of the ten horns that you saw are ten kings which have received no kingdom as yet no what's happening here is that in a variety of ways some of them buried deep embedded deeply within the Hebrew mind are against suggestions of globalism when we see seven heads now we all recognize seven is a symbol of completion but in the Hebrew minus completion in a relatively limited local area OneWorld one solar system made one relatively minor galaxy in the much larger cosmos seven is a significant symbol of local completion of a project and if you want to prove that geometrically this afternoon get seven coins of equal diameter seven quarters if you're wealthy enough find seven half dollars put them on the table put one in the center you will discover that six of them absolutely perfectly complete the circle he tangentially all patched there is no overlap there is no loss space seven geometrically as perfect completion but ten in the Hebrew mind has a larger context hand symbolizes completion and a global totality as for example when the Lord wants to speak morality to the entire Earth to guess how many commandments ten when he gives a pagan king of dream it takes him from his error all way down through the end of time in a series of layered metals finally mod and higher you get to how many toes when the kingdom of God interrupts human activities can home all the nations of the world so Tim represents global totality the Bible when it puts those together potentiates them you have seven times ten equaling seventy in other words a very very dramatic way of showing that at the end of time there is global unification and it leads to a terminally fatal crisis for me illustrate this another way in later on in Revelation twenty one twenty two chapters down in there you have reference to God and may God which a very simplistic way been interpreted by writers of pop in time prophecy interpretive books but let me show you in the Hebrew the significance of this thing Goggin Magog in Hebrew is spell like this these letters all in Hebrew have numerical significance demo has to this has for two four fifty two oh has four and you have to and that equals what anybody here who didn't fall asleep and middle school math what we have up to overhear this adds up to seventy so embedded in the term God in Magog once again is a Hebrew concept the entire world catastrophically unites in its opposition to God and that's what's happening here there is a globalism at the end of time which resurgent Lee is seen after the thousand year period okay it's obviously exceedingly dangerous because when this occurs Daniel a prophet looks forward in time and in Daniel twelve he says and at that time shall Michael a grade print standup with standard for the children of thy people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation no historical precedent for when the world coalesces in a frightened terminal globalism that precipitates problems so absolutely catastrophic that it requires a cosmic rescue coming of Christ how long does a crisis land collapsed well Revelation seventeen twelve gives hand on that one as well says that the kingdoms but these visa ten crowns which you saw are ten kings which have received no kingdom as yet another words the end of the first century they were not relevant they didn't exist they were downstream in time but John in Revelation quotes that angelic messenger is saying they will reign one hour with the beast and how long is that how long does this Ms. Rego on the good news this is not very long the reason we know that isn't the word in Greek for one hour is for rock spells like this one that simply means is a very brief in determine the period of time this crisis does not last long all right let's try to illustrate what I been saying here in a different way because were talking about how America morphs from a nation that has long stood for the defense of individual liberty into a nation where frightened people do uncharacteristic things and conceivably if you will as two parallel lines the top one here is America down here we have the world at large and from the beginning of America's history through the present time we have pretty much consistently followed a uniform record of respecting individual liberty and trying in our own sometimes clumsy way to live that out on the world stage so that as for example those whom we considered enemies at the end of World War II then became people we try to help rebuild the world and and I think with great success we made our mistakes but we have fought through those things and we have learned the value of civil rights and the value of respecting the minority 's right to be protected from the majority that's the purpose of the Constitution so the Bible says America morphs it becomes something else but historically you look back and you don't find precedent for meanwhile the Bible also suggest the world at the end of time will morph into this primitive herding instinct go for globalism that can't find any precedent for it's been tried Roland and the cop should Rome was only eight eighty fairly local phenomenon which took no consideration of great civilizations in Africa or southern Asia or in the far east what the Bible 's talking about in Revelation thirteen is a global phenomenon so we look into the past we find no precedent for globalization Napoleon tried and failed Marx and Lenin tried it and so did their Soviet disciples they catastrophically failed it was tried by a guy named Adolf shekel Gruber your aware are you that Hitler's real name was shekel Gruber a change that evidently determine the title shekel Gruber didn't have marketing appeal so in historical precedent we see to parallel events moving along parallel lines but they're not doing what the Bible predicts now on if I can find one that works here show what the Bible suggests these two parallel lines turned in word they converge there is a crossing point of historical events and when that happens you have a hundred maggots on the critical mass things go very very badly and the coming of Christ has to intervene now the question is what can turn these relatively stable historical phenomenon into something that morphs and turns inward on itself becomes self-destructive and up to this point we've done biblical exegesis I think are our understanding of the word is pretty clear nine and obviously engage in a little bit of speculation but I think it's it's a reasonable speculation to take I would suggest is what causes these changes in the world and in America are external forces let me illustrate one might be societal collapse one might be terrorism and the third could certainly be the world economy let's talk very briefly about those societal collapse that is so evident in society today it is hardly necessary to argue the issue you look around you you see societal collapse everywhere you look in the way for example women are treated in the news stories that come out of the treatment of young women who do nothing but make no greater mistake than to say take a vacation on spring break is absolutely appalling at the same time I hate to say it ladies but women are exhibiting a collapse of their own I'm a tax attorney I try tax cases in federal court I'm office to downtown LA around the office the kind which I routinely hear women you reminds me of my days on the quarter deck as a naval officer listening to sailors societal collapse point number two terrorism think about it ladies and gentlemen as we speak right now in North Korea a tight hold on to missile is being generated that is to say it is being fueled its gyros are being spun up the anticipated trajectory will be from North Korea toward the Hawaiian Islands this thing can probably fly four thousand miles of it gets off the ground the last one didn't but they keep trying think about the implications of that thing being made into a nuclear device and then North Korea marketing that hardware to the world meanwhile if even one percent of the Muslim world indulges in the kind of extremism we have seen that means this one one million people are perfectly prepared by it it means they can take you with them you Mary that kind of philosophical construct with the increasing availability of weapons that are very very effective in a destructive sense and you got the opportunity to get very very frightened terrorism by Jesus say Matthew twenty four Mark thirteen Luke twenty one all the same all the synoptic Gospels record best and there shall be signs in the sun moon and stars on the earth distress of nations the sea and the waves roaring that people at water angry people roaring in each other and then indoor translations he goes on the same man will think with terror at the thought of what is coming on the world forces that the world has not had to confront in this sort of global cents before beginning to impinge on it hitherto stable historical behavior patterns talk about number three the economy just a year ago some brave economists were still saying that two thousand eight will probably and with a three five percent growth rate it's not just that it happened it's that it happened so fast I'm taken back to the words of Alan Wyden volume nine great changes are soon to take place in our world and the final movements will be rapid ones the government said we got a bailout the auto industry if we don't have unemployment could reach a half percent by the time they got the auto industry bailed it was at nine eight I hope we pull out of this recession I hope for a lot of reasons as a tax attorney in downtown LA I represent everybody from publicly traded corporations down through the whole spectrum to the small subchapter S Corp. a small closely held corporation typically run by a family through the whole cross-section you cut through American society and the economic realities we live in today people are hurting and hurting bad I hope we pull out of this recession I sincerely hope we do for the sake of good people were hurting but if we do don't miss the point you and I have had the misfortune as it were to live through a tech tonic shift in global in geopolitical events and global economic events tectonic shift if this recession goes away this tsunami that has already hit our beach will leave on the shore the wreckage of the life we once took for granted think about it the banking system now largely owned by the government much of the auto industry owned by the government we are left with the depth so great that if our Chinese lenders and our middle east lenders finally say were sorry but we've had enough of it your credit rating is good enough to continue funding that kind of debt in what we just done we have just printed over a trillion dollar bills backed by nothing but ink the economic term there is we have monetized the debt now what happens when you do that what happens when you print money backed by nothing you can't get people to loan you money so it's just a piece of paper what happened in Germany after World War I very reparations were put on Germany by the victorious Allies the German economy just tank they finally the Reichstag finally decided let's do an economic stimulus package let's print some marks they off our debt with newly printed marks they did supply and demand to glower pretty soon the market became so worthless they gave up printing on both sides of the paper just wasn't worth the ink so the mark was printed on one side of the paper you have these horror stories of the German man with his wheelbarrow piled high with marks going to buy a loaf of bread at hyperinflation that when hyperinflation can't you pay for your dinner at the restaurant if you still afford to eat out you pay for your dinner when you start the mail not afterward because afterward the price will so the German Empire it is walking down the street with his wheelbarrow in an Adolf is walking with them and they're talking and finally they come to the bakery wants loaf of bread Heinrich leaves the wheelbarrow parked out front nails as hired to Gunn Elizabeth Steele which can't leave it out here Heinrich says that's nonsense of stuff is a worthless nobody would steal it he was right when he came back with his loaf of bread the money was there on the sidewalk in a heap somebody had stolen the wheelbarrow now that's hyperinflation what did the Germans do when their monetary system collapsed I think about this one Germans are no fools they are very bright people out of Germany came the first cruise missile the first ballistic missile the first jet fighter the American and Soviet space programs were launched on the back to what the Germans did Germans can produce your front box or a Schleiermacher very very advanced very very high quality people but when their monetary system fell apart when the the Germans do they chose a guy with a mustache I saw another beast come up out of the earth having two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon what turns a lamb into a dragon real simple simple four letter word fear Americans are afraid yet not yet nervous yell concerns you have a hair start a stamp on the back of your neck were starting to say this thing isn't like this to go real bad but we aren't frightened not the kind of fear you feel when things really fall apart pray God it doesn't happen but the Bible says Sunday and will maybe this is just about as good a time is anything I can like to see the war and wouldn't you Americans are frightened yet but when they get frightened everything will happen with blinding speed just a few weeks ago I was in a meeting in Los Angeles with the very senior government officials and very senior banking officials in the city the lady who is head of the IRS program in the Western United States for tracking one hundred money the efforts of the government to get that stopped stop terrorism crimes one of the panelists after the meeting I got together with her in the leading banker and in the LA and the gentleman recently retired from the IRS who was head of their rough criminal investigation division on and Southern California we talked about the problem society faces now terrorism crime money flowing like the lifeblood of both of those things across international boundaries we came to the collective conclusion the only real workable solution to get this thing stopped us to pull money out of circulation issue a tamperproof high-tech national light the card and make everybody accountable to a central government we all agreed in a practical sense is the only solution is raising wrong with that technology nothing immoral about it nothing in principle wrong what worries me is the word of God says that kind of control lead you somewhere any cause of all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark and then run my life buyers to help save he that had the name of Mark or the number are let's close let's cut the chase what our role this is the world that is materializing around this the Bible says there is a beast out there and that these will be fueled and driven by fear and ladies and gentlemen every day I go to work in downtown LA I see the thing materializing as if Mister Sulu had pushed the button and something was being beamed off and it's happening before your eyes so what's our role basically this our role is a magnificent series of messages found in Revelation fourteen Revelation thirteen biblically defined as the problem that's what we put up here this morning Revelation fourteen defines the solution in seven magnificent verses from Revelation fourteen six through twelve you find a series of escalating truth designed to take the world from where it is the portals of the coming of Christ number one the gospel number to a judgment our message number three the Sabbath number for a reminder to a frightened globalizing world of how precious religious liberty is and then finally the last three the patients of the saints keeping the commandments of God and the capstone of the whole thing the crown on all of it the faith of Jesus seven wonderful progressive true and trusted that his church started by him full of teenagers in the autumn of eighteen forty four that's our role to tell the world you don't have to fear because we read the book we've looked at the chart and we know where it all in Ellen might put it this way transgression is almost reached its limit a great care is soon to come upon the world we who know the truth should be prepared preparing for what will come upon the world as an overwhelming surprise that's close dear Lord thank you for the privilege of being among those who been exposed to so much truth now we pray that like the young naval officer who didn't bother to look at the chart we don't make the same mistake in his neck and


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