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Hebrews 11:1-7 "Faith in the Creator God"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • June 20, 2009
    9:00 AM
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I want everyone I talk to masala sauce is continuing her studies in the book of Hebrews we have gotten through the first ten chapters and nonmainstream starting zero to eleven said now hopefully it's even coming to the receiver 's class throughout this order he will have a lamp server an idea of what the author if he refuses Paul is trying to convey to his readers now if you ask people today generally what's the book of receivers about what would people say and what certain I'll say sure that's good that all thousand seen from the study refers ten chapters of Hebrews we see that it's a lot more about a lot more than just the concept of safe as important as that concept is an question is then why is she result in love as a chapter which is all about the face of those from the past what is that doing toward the end of the book of Hebrews why does Paul decide to suddenly give a whole chapter of examples of people who live by faith and just buy a matter of brief review receivers what I want to be seen as we've gone through the series seen that Jesus is God in chapter one we see that he's also a man in Charpentier and at the beginning of chapter three we see that because he was God because he is a man of vitamin B our high priest him we see that God why have you in the chapter for him God wants us to enter into experience unrest within which is an experience all week long and we need to come boldly visit to the throne of grace to receive help from Jesus our high priest to have that experience and then we only see a few other concepts in chapter five six chapter seven crisis five percent of the order of Melchizedek and a chapter in a we see that Jesus is the high priest to write his long-term hearts and minds and chapter nine come back for a group of people to have that need to have an experience and Shepherdstown news on little bit more about that and so the reader may be left wondering will be Jesuit Eberst chapters three and you see the children of Israel to have the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night and they hadn't knows is the greatest leader of Lebanon the site rise leading them through the wilderness and yet the record in the Bible in chapter three and he was as they did not enter into an experience with God threatening labor laws else like now those people her job loss from I beyond memory hear gods voice literally probably the way they do what hope do I have and so after going through all the and seeing the high calling that God has for us as chapter eleven cells this is how to be on the right side of the equation at the end of the day when God wants to write Islam your hearts and minds safe is the key so that's why Hebrews eleven is where it is and a lot of times people go straight he was eleven and that's fine you can get a great most gorgeous setting he was eleven élan is nice to know where it the Hebrews were setting but he resists the random chapter nine obviously is that the bigger the same story I see some interesting points about faith right off the bat such as the receptor love and starting in verse one is now safe is the substance of things have for the evidence of things not seen so we all know the source for this since I was probably five years old Faith is the substance of things hoped for so it's something that you're hoping for and it's based on evidence of things that you don't see how safe would not be a if you saw when you have faith in you I mean I mean it's true that the disciples saw Jesus literally for three and half years but they still had to have faith in his word that he would come back a second time after he was laid and see that it was something they believe something really helpful but they didn't have it in their hands in his and him so safe or example righteousness by faith it's something we believe that we have we only can believe that we have because God says is not something that we can prove in and of ourselves God says so we believe that of course you will see a change in someone's life you had that experience is feed is the substance of things therefore the evidence of things not seen for by it the elders obtained a good report number in to see how they obtain a good rapport in the remainder of this chapter and verse three becomes very interesting or innocent little bit of time on this concept to me from verse three verse three is a study all of himself in verse three three phase him we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear 's alien I don't even know where to start on here is an and you will and will write a position as a you a you are right right in a right sure a is a right is a right as you talk about saving him time to Missouri upon what we see is a way worlds were framed how by the word of God through faith we understand that now now let's look here to see the worlds framed by the word of God anonymous source here before creation and to see what was around before God 's throne things into existence and so is through faith we understand that and now I'm not gone through all the biochemistry major in college neurologist as I speak respectfully of science and notice she doesn't say through science we understand that the worlds were framed with God even say that this refrain him we understand that the world 's were framed by the word of God as soon as you and that he has eyes as soon as things which are seen up with things here on the earth and that were created were not made of things which do appear to serve God didn't say okay here's some amorphous substance found time to speak my word and change this amorphous substance into something more beautiful nose lipolysis the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear that means so the world into existence out of nothing and that shows you how powerful God is and this is this is the starting point of faith and God made this world for not by his word and again it's through faith we understand this since through faith we understand that the worlds were framed of the word of God not by science so that things which are seen were not made of things which do up here now see an creation are inseparable we weigh how I know that you are to Romans chapter four verse three for example in in Romans chapter four verse three it says for what saith the Scriptures and Abraham believed God and it was counted on to him for righteousness and we study the Cinerama 's class on Wednesday night series that has included that we went through this and were him whatever he believed caused them to be counted as righteous that's called righteousness by faith Abraham he was a demonstration phase which causes God to count as a righteous priest for a forthright a Rams belief caused on the right is very straightforward but what did Abraham believe in this is being cited from Genesis chapter sixteen verse six applause assuming that the reader around and already knows what Abraham believed and way what we'll do is we'll start a verse for Genesis chapter fifteen the fourth the story is God tells Abraham your child and they ran deficits in social head of the sermon in my house Eliezer he can be near childless and God says in verse four and behold the word of the Lord came in to him Abraham saying it shall not be thine heir but he that shall come forth out of line own bowels shall be thine heir in a room some more yard drive on past childbearing age that Sarah was his and him and then God says in verse five and she God brought in Abraham forth abroad and said look now toward heaven and sell the stars if thou be able to number them any sediment in social my CV for six and C Abraham believed in the Lord and he counted it to him for righteousness in this same concept as Romans for restraint what Abraham only got sick amounts shown in the stars and sensors on your CV and that made Abraham realize REI us create a by the word of the Lord were the heavens made his words slow those heavenly bodies and you exist said he wants to create a child with me and Sarah even without childbearing age if he's the creator I how we do that without God says here righteous now what's the key point is the point is this is can only believe that God is creator through faith to bring the woman makes that abundantly clear now Abraham at some point saw Isaac born in that was on hard evidence to speak of God 's promise that I would and all the experiences forgot is done things in our lives that we can say was divine intervention I'm sure that when it comes to the creation of the world that's why something that we can understand through faith and was a soloist sang in Romans chapter four verse three and will see in Genesis chapter fifteen is it for greenhouse phase in God 's word we have to believe that God is creator and while I say that because the same will word of God that is in our hands in this book is the same word that God used to create the world and at the same that can re-create a new life in our hearts that's why Abraham and Sarah having a new birth when they were dead physically is a spiritual analogy to the new birth experience that comes with righteousness by faith our lives are dead in trespasses and sins and then we believe in God the same way Abraham in the creator God that he can re-create a new life in our hearts and then we arrange them to walk in newness of life of Thomas Jefferson first for now if we don't believe that God can create through his word the waist size then chances are him really won't have the understanding of the faithful we really can create a new life the fact is not even a chef we want believe that God created a new life in us now the center on the topic of creation I'm going to read a passage from the book patriarchs and prophets and this is from the chapter entitled the literal weakest chapter nine of the current profits entitled the literal each and this is interesting the very first paragraph whites as whites the Sabbath is that we originated at creation that has been preserved and brought down to us through the Bible history God himself measured off the first we as a sample for successive weeks to the close of time like every other he consisted of seven literal days sorry about the long white definition of creation six days were employed in the work of creation upon the son of God rested he nonetheless this day and set apart as a data of rest for man and he maybe sang well but what about on the scientific horizon that shows the fears is a lot older will she have the comment for this as well page one twelve the same chapter geologists claim to find evidence from the earth itself that it is very much older than the Mosaic record teaches downs of man and animals as well as instruments of warfare petrified trees etc. much larger than any that now exist or that have existed for thousands of years have been discovered and from this it is inferred that the earth was populated on before the time brought to be in the record of creation and by a race of beings vastly superior in size to any men now living such reasoning has led many professing Bible believers adopt the position that the days of creation were vast indefinite periods I never heard that argument is outsourcing is not to say that apart from Bible 's history geology can prove enough there were two reasons are confidently upon its discoveries have no adequate conception of the size of animals and trees before the flood where the great changes which than second-place relics found here if you give evidence of conditions differing in many respects from the present of the time on these conditions exist that can be learned only from the inspired record in the history of the flood inspiration has explained that which geology along said never found in the days of Noah and then animals and trees many times larger than announces were buried in the preserved thousands evidence to later generations that the antediluvian parish by a flood God designed that the discovery of these things should establish faith inspired history but men with their main reason with her vain reasoning fall under the same air as the people before the flood the things which God gave another benefit they turn in theaters by making a wrong use of so notices can go and do carbon thirteen dating her saw whole record is that the other and use the scientific method to come up with the length of time from when those substances existed that is for the inspired records his life before the flood everything was different it's like comparing apples to oranges you can need something from before the flood to the laws of the nature after the flood things have changed and deteriorated this is different and yet modern science thinks they've figured out the origin of this world and the truth of the matter is since humans Thomas Dundas mentions in passing modern science and more follower planning his answers and your settlers as the Bible says about the origin of this earth by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear pretty straightforward and you understand that then you understand that what the Hebrews eleven of course is one of the most safe famous chapters in the Bible that defines phase and one of the first things that hold on this chapter is to say what I say is his understanding that the world was created by the word of God out of nothing let's face and that sort of a starting point so like it's the substance of things have for the evidence of things not seen we see creation but we believe we understand we have faith in God 's word and like if we don't believe in the first eleven chapters of Genesis then how can we trust any of the rest of God 's word will say while the first eleven chapters of Genesis don't have the rest of the word of God is okay in my problem is that the New Testament authors made reference to the first eleven chapters of Genesis and even Jesus referred to the flood of Noah and Jesus is our Savior and his God and saying the flood happened that were single but the flood and really happened to them or making Jesus a liar so who is a liar here Jesus arrives so that's those of the difficulties that we come in she can we start questioning the biblical record should now this is what you might call breaking knees and had to that I wanted shoe on breach EU a letter him from our world church president Jan Paulsen that he just wrote yesterday on June nineteen so this is from the world leader in the sum that Mister John Paulson she says I place us before you in awareness of an ongoing discussion in some quarters between faith and science particularly as it relates to origins and creation for us as a community it has always been of utmost importance to stay close to the Scripture saith house that has its final point of reference we must not allow ourselves to come a trip from the Bible in defining our values and stating what we call our opinion this is certain our position of the church in the matter of origins is clearly although somewhat broadly stated in our fundamental beliefs this position is further amplified in a statement quoted by the General conference executive committee of the two thousand four annual Council to remind ourselves in the details of that action I've included the wording in the field I can read everything on it at some of the high points inserted she is going to this statement to reaffirm what the church believes number one we strongly endorse the documents affirmation of our historic biblical position of belief in a literal recent six-day creation and in these cases we reaffirm the Seventh-day Adventist understanding of the historicity of Genesis one to eleven of the seven days of the creation account were literal twenty four hour days forming a week identical in time to what we now experience as a week and that the flood was global in nature we call on all coordinate educators of some sadness institutions at all levels to continue upholding and advocating the church him on orange and then he comes back and says a few things she says I should yield to all on the entire church in the ministries of administration preaching teaching and writing to articulate and reflect our stand is a community on creation we are a faith community in the world of faith is a world in which God 's creative powers are on constant display sometimes the findings of science may reflect some of this but often not knows what he says here space is certainly not subject to findings of science and so he goes on to say pieces in any student to our educators in our institutions as your pastor I appeal to need that when you take your students out on the journey of evolution versus creation evolution versus creation you bring them safely back home before the day is over in their homes always be in the world of faith he ordered the euro it to the students you are to God you are to their parents you owe it to the church and you are to yourself of the believer to safely guide them through difficult moments on their journeys egos and not basically the substance of the letter says and in recent times there have been some controversy that has come up unfortunately in some of our institutions it seems that creation has not been upheld and it's nice to see that leaders of the churches reaffirming strongly the firmly held belief of creation the literal six-day week the seventh day of rest and obviously that's important because it all comes back to face and if we don't have faith in if we don't believe in God as creator just like as Abraham our father the father of the faithful is what is righteous and if we don't believe in God as creator were not enemies righteous and that's in getting the whole issue of righteousness by faith righteousness by faith we don't have salvation since you can't say that creation is an academic argument for some to believe one thing something we need another thing according to the Bible in order to be counted righteous by God is the only way to experience his righteousness is to believe in him as creative as at the beginning point of saying so we want to uphold our biblical understanding of faith and of God 's creators a personal loan is on a hunger three okay I want to make sure that we articulated on that soon after we got to the first three verses face is the substance of things for the evidence of things not seen it is certainly how that applies the creation and how it applies that the things which are seen here on this Earth which were not made of things which do appear that takes safety of the human mind can't harass substance being created out of nothing I mean you can create that in the scientific while this is nowhere so that takes a and the good news is as God can take our life which may be dead in trespasses and sins and we create a new life in 's servers for it is by faith Averill offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain by which he obtained witness that he was righteous God testifying of his gifts and bought it he being dead yet speak zero candidate and Hillary you could hear an entire sermon on every story and he resolved while I certainly don't have time to see the monogamy myth are all alone in a way that the basic point is this with the difference between saying enable a able offer to God a sacrifice that God asks is same drive a sacrifice to God that he felt like bringing even though God is awesome to bring something else now able drive actually required more of a sacrifice because it required to sacrifice them thus as Islam and have the shepherd you how to be painful that's what got us what a chamber and he brought the best fruits from his garden now if you think about that how hard is it to bring themselves as some fruits and vegetables that he is working to full today compared to a live animal that you have see sacrifices his very different in sure this is an sure so what we see here is shoe streams of thought or as seeds of the state of how to worship God in the one way is God asks us to come in spirit and truth and this is how he asks us to worship in the time of able linguists and bring an offering or sacrifice of the land in an cancer while now on bringing in the best three the high myself have called him there is is an element certainly here is where God says that Abraham coming kids are evil obtained witness that he was righteous against some arbitrary forgot to bring a lamb is about the brain fruit that by saying a below grade when God said and yet came to things as our own way he was trying to gain favor with God by the fruit of his own works and there's a number of other things and say here again each of these could be an entire sermon on the chain is a demonstration of God in a way that is not pleasing the knot is possible that the it's not enough to just say that were worshiping God therefore not worshiping him the way that he's asked to see then the way God sealed in the way got reacted to Cain and Abel will be similar to able to obtain the witness that he was righteous and can certainly didn't have witnessed from God this in and I balance of hit points she was angry they have been taken out of the garden so this is one of his ways for Sharon and the lower is song you hear stories of people him he says may be sensitive on the family left the church so now they have to change the way they worship God said anyways anger is never a motivation to worship God since we can see here to do the differences of worship between April and stay healthy verse five is my thinking it was translated that he should not see death and was not found because God translated for me for this translation he had this testimony that he pleased God now sign the Manhattan apartment before five years ago my family processor and so credit is given where it is our calendars and interesting for those you get your hero 's Chapter 11 you'll have these contrasts of the experience of people who exercise faith in able exercise faith and he died in a character sizes spacing he's translated the contrast now exercises faith and he stays in the art Abraham exercises save and he leaves the land of his birth so we'll see that as you go down through some people escaped the mouth of wine and something worse on asunder so when you exercise faith in appearance she that God is taking down a certain safe path necessarily it may be the opposite of your neighborhood is exercising the same fairies and goblins wanders through them while in for you while this is terrible job while this is the same in God is allowing you to pass through different experiences that he's requiring the same type of faith as we do see we see that sometimes when we exercise the same type of faith the end result on this earth may be different the end result ultimately will be the same center campus translated that he should not see death in the fourth unit within the a representation by philosophy people who are translated without saying that and that he read the story of the next unit was a man who live in the world but was not of the world he was on partaking in the pleasures of the world he would only go into the world to conduct business things of that nature he was so close to God he was in constant communion with God and God bless the people will have that same x-rays will be in this world that we will not be of we won't feel comfortable doing we won't feel like the subtle in the same yard if you want to come than twenty five years is fine with me because I really like you want to be with God so much like Phoenix will be translated without seeing the first six but without faith it is impossible to please set a precedent to God must believe that he is and that he has a rewarder of them that diligently seek an analysis without phase it is impossible to please God now what was one of the first points in this chapter about what phases that God is creator and if you don't have faith in God as creator is impossible please is even free all the elaborate scientific methods that you want them up on it please God no stimuli came bringing the best of his free on the maybe showing a lot of human now like to create some time flow chart of evolutionary theory and and whatever is not pleasing to God without CFIDS and possible please got this is for CNET to God must believe that he is one of the amino acids they must believe that he is he has one he is God and he is Creator so six hundred and say while in another Bible says you created years in six literal days worth something I'm not sure if I really believe that that doesn't let me if you don't believe that he is creative and if you down that means you don't have to see if you don't have faith that means that you're not pleasing is a important concept in which we can get under the argument of the quarterly of a science or faithful the Bible makes a very clear we do with this and if you want to get with signs that your choice God gives everyone free will to make that choice we are not trying on my here to try to foresee seeing how safe do not believe in science when the scientific record goes against creation but what I am saying is you can make that choice but God will be pleased because that will not be evidence of faith and you have a choice to reject out hopefully I would appeal to all of you hopefully that you would not make that choice because God is so much for the really has and in Romans chapter one this can make one final pitch of a personal creations in Romans chapter one is first twenty cents for the invisible things of sand from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse is at the end of the day we are without excuse this believes in creation record is pretty clear there from around the iMac a key reason now is the second half of her sicknesses so for he that cometh to God must believe that he is the creator for he is God and that he is a re- warder of them that diligently seek so that's interesting says God is a medium order of that diligently seek and based on what we've studied so far and what way would we diligently seek God thinks we diligently seek God through his Word yes it is through faith we understand that the world reframed by the word of God so we diligently seek him through his word we also diligently seek him has received CE has demonstrated himself to us and to others here in Jerusalem while the first way that God demonstrates you he is is as creative so when we diligently seek God has created for them that were framed by his word and what we understand by that is only out of Genesis one is an God said and there was an God 's and there was which helps understand we get the Matthew chapter eight when the centurion sent speak the word only and my servant shall be sealed then Jesus and I have not found such great faith in all of Israel because she was a man who understood in the creative power of God 's word so when we diligently seek jobs were diligently seeking him as God as our Savior as are created what we create our lives and what Paul says here is not as a real order of those who diligently seek him and not respect and how does he mean Ward 's will ha ha but he rewarded Abraham to believe in God as creator and he counted them as righteous and if we are counted as righteous meaning that we have salvation what greater reward can we ask for so she is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him of course you can certainly make the application that in order to see how the saving walk with God we must diligently be seeking you every day so we must be on the beach and because of our love for God we diligently seek and we spend significant time with she's not satisfied with the most important people or even second place on for those your married and that means she's not safe with your spouse is he is a rule re- warder and then that diligently seek in estimating on verse seven by faith now being warned of God of things not seen as yet moved with fear prepared an ark to the saving of his house by the which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith area network is sold a villain heart from one that is coming and there'd never been in rain or certainly never afford and got seldom to do and people are calling no a lunatic he's lost his mind but yet he may do with senior and he prepared in Arkansas and the saving of his house this is also saved along with them because he acted on God 's word and prepared for something that had never been seen to condemn the world who didn't believe in that which is not been seen and he became an error of the righteousness which is by faith and your people talk about how you have gotten hundreds of people which he writes as long their hearts and minds in the perfectly reproduce God 's character and all of the flies I've never seen that on my own life the that experience is no way that you are my history here you can let your human experience is for that conclusion that the problem is you're going against the word of God which is the creative power of God 's word and it's interesting if you start to doubt God about the record of creation inevitably start to doubt his word in other areas feel stable the scientific evidence shows this about origins so therefore Genesis one eleven then you say and my human experience are the evidence of my human life is sure that was the Bible says for example June twenty four nonhumans able to keep you from falling out how that experience so therefore a June twenty fourteen the right and you see Jesus marched down the pathway that becomes more and more uncertain in the word of God is in the safest place to be is to believe in what God says and sometimes we don't understand everything but by faith we choose to believe in we believe that God is Creator we believe create him he can do the impossible is that even though we may seem to have possible experiences God can do an amazing thing and now is an example of this is never happened before and because God says about them and he's asked me to build marked this as an amenity and because he did not say this house to condemn the world became heir of the righteousness which is by faith not also shows us the evidence of the importance of spiritual leadership within the home because now it was faithful to God to save his family and there is something importance for the spiritual leaders in our homes to do all that we can to make sure our family is


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