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Secular Psychology - Satan's Alluring Path, Part 2

Magna Parks


Magna Parks, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, and president of Be In Good Health, a health education organization. She conducts mental health seminars based on science and the Bible and inspired writings. She has authored books and articles on various mental health issues.




  • June 26, 2009
    10:45 AM
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father again we thank you that we can come before you to continue this topic and we pray for you Holy Spirit to come in this room continue to give wisdom guidance we thank you for what you will fill in the name of Jesus ascended to bring several of the olive and asking me where you can get the book have them both you know they have several ministries with write-down of the meeting place we have about there being a hell we have not only this laws that we have available that run using was a healthy depression and we have various CDs and DVDs in fact I have this book on on actual audiobook same with one thing is a secular psychology and some other things you might be interested in so I'm not a visit us my husband and I have a full-time ministry now when we do seminars health seminar seemed was trained through correspondence and alumina campus work for you two kinds so we do some work with that in man I'm also sliding it back into the counseling room again because there is a great need I get calls all the time so keep our ministry prayer at best mama talking about Satan the learning path if we can get on the screen the senior and are well out on top as an idea this the second opportunity looking at some of the different concepts that have common system to our world 's Christians that's affecting us the secular psychology and we use a lot of words and we don't recognize that some of these words on some of these words have a lot of secular psychological roots when the words we use a lot of self-esteem we talk to people in saying all that have low self-esteem we saw that word out and we all recognize that they are not a lot of level of whole worlds for that word I went to have some verses of irritation to come in support that but many of these baby we go praise God many of these things they don't realize it has been something that Satan has brought into turn us away from God 's true way Abraham Oslo Moscow actually said I sometimes think that the world will either be saved by Scientology in the broadest sense or else it will not be saved at all the ladies why psychology will same the world I find that after I finished what I just left the line and go and make psychology would let me know that men and help the Avenue 's family even marriages and no charges because the information I have is a wonderful window a lot helping it didn't happen I think I do believe that Michael has an allotment of psychologists believe that you know when you get with the minor places you in a really superior kind of mindset I love you realize that people sent me some time will tell them the psychologist essay when my thinking right now I will begin a lot of work will recognize that think we believe these the one of the areas I think just because he can really know let this mind be in you he can really move away from having the mind of Christ because of the fact that psychology dealing with the mind of self-esteem I mentioned that something this is called Rogers some of your partisan and can't I just wasn't whenever psychologists will really push the self-esteem idea he's this is another person Eric a lot of on the horizon that it is the doctrine that man is selfish and have nothing than himself is not healthy and promote self-hatred is all that the Bible says there is none righteous no not one of these things probably say all of these poor Christians just reading self-hatred and ran and what they were in the most that I mentioned earlier the one talk about the best professor he mentioned that he was away on nonautomated and then someone warned me not doing then I listened to the same installed all the world is not meant to be moving the Huguenots in a wood and he has taught law and when I was myself I'm not a human being of his or her self-esteem about how this person defines sin anything that you obvious self-esteem this is an annual event to be born again means we must be changed from a negative to a communist self image from a very hard team to self-esteem that's what it means to be born again and eight euros charge saving more and you may think I'm here right here in the Xenical you need I say more I intimately by the says business must be my idea and even coming to the choices you have heard me talk about this before and I know there is no call at the cross the wording of that was changed based on the self-esteem any of the eye and then you believe and then my son and I went need him had eight years of saying signs out warm as I said I am in my second lane and in my family die when heating and head for the online design not only when enough people send out a general Congress that they says you know we need to read peoples of the spindle is change the way of writing I think instantly and they had stopped on the exam and we all recognize that this idea out to tell people that were rooms and a growing become better people we need to recognize that people want such as ideal any idea that we have the right sympathy for people to feel better self-esteem and we all love the foundation is how contemporary Christian music movement I love you recognize that this is a personal development any know about this moment in the readings assigned I keep my wonderful I will be sad in my experience I will estimate your contemporaries as the people all the contemporary Christian music movement in Manhattan and to guide and call that worship back to when I went to change my personal worship stopped from bowing my head to looking up renaming and glassy and mean that I was the first time upwards and in worship with God not some lowly SLR worm who have to prostrate myself and he says I held my hand about myself and how you wash it had ruled in the self-esteem movement because now worshiping away and animate a skeleton ourselves in the Bible sometimes people are coming just blatantly false and is a member before that it am planning to let sound having self-esteem that why should I unfortunately is even coming into some of our publications this is in this the name Jesus is to tell Simon Peter Nowacki is going to have him to do for Gina knowing Peter 's life back of self-esteem immediately tell him of his important task in order to help you understand that although he was a center Christ not only accepted him but was going to trust him with important work so this will have minimal less inclined to believe that Peter had low self-esteem now that you know they are the same as you read about actually having a problem people and on himself but we missed the game to start to look at what I is psychology I have an effect on you and I talked about in the first session we really realize what we're doing is affecting all different ways eventually about self Matthew sixteen twenty four can find one in if you can read it without killing you in the last time I did then you looking at arena meeting in my and him was an different voices the linkage is reading for me on the nights when you see you can okay then said Jesus unto his disciples if any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me so what is is how does that fit with self-esteem it doesn't focus meeting is just the opposite of that okay with you go forward here everything is just the event of the night ourselves in taking on the cross and following him out with an even balanced perspective on this in a moment with you getting scared okay there is a balanced perspective on this guy to sell in the best way to deal with our self image I found this one and I have to share with you whether something is in at the last minute when we dance itself we are a restaurant I printed on it to outperform us both LaMonte property will not like our ideas the only way we can become as simple as it is it we cruise down and follow the humble password to Jesus and he is and isn't telling us if you always focus on a Phoenix outbuilding you will be infected everything that happens around you but if you found in the biblical Windows injunction effect die to self some of most things will not affect he was much to see you again to missing on things they timeframe as being in an increase in that is not one that is how you are an attractive alternative answer because my leg is the foundation of peace and contentment in the basin of all human beings to read and management even if that is my mean you in two thousand and I'll tell you later I was invited by one of the people who actually die within one of the ninja visualizing the put their name on there for a particular reason to you later okay on Philippians two three I believe that the process and let each esteem others better than themselves that does not again with what is a talent that is same as saying a famous contradictory ideas they are okay we must realize that we are in Christ school not to learn how we may see ourselves by how we may cherish the meekness of Christ self and selfishness will ever be striving for the mastery it is a sign that we must have let ourselves themselves and I happened to read and it was a relief I guess I'll was trying to sell the tool you don't together is one of the other she also tells us a feel well since the only our hearts before him and see ourselves as self-esteem and put away the natural defects of your character he will bestow on you his Holy Spirit God what have I called to say to me now you know when she sets out with the little different than what we're talking about a self-esteem is true technically for the underlying principle of the thing the underlying principle is if you if you try to uplift and cost south it will go against what God wants to happen with your character now and then balanced perspective on this the line is disappointed when his people place a all the men upon themselves he is held inheritors of value is also pointing to the price he has placed upon them not one of them else he would not have had his son in an area to remain in the presented information on self-esteem people who listens against Scientology against something everything is anyone thinking that I should have my handout all the time and just think about myself I want on a Saturday I like to give a balanced perspective that wants us to have a proper sense of self while waiting and how we appear when our achievements are where we lay in what way we have this is definitely one of the world and he wants I'm not into the date on what he has done for us you ultimately is a fourth and had he not see when reading was in such a silver of the old but what Christ can anyone let out without blemish and without spot and I just wish I connected the people that I help build self-esteem and was on his mind thinking fan and not have to work at all as people 's lives all over again and let me point you to find the show you how he can give you a medicine what can we do now is pray for them to leave them to someone who will sell the mature way and another powerful quote is not pleasing to God that you should do marriage itself that does not look into a pleasing way when you put yourself down all the time is come in a cell but this is how I remain so that you will be approved by your own creations and before men and angels why we should not think ourselves more highly then we ought but why not does not condemn a proper self respect and daughters of God we had a Christian you have it which I am employed to have no part in the whole sanitary line character personality where she talks about self respect that he talks about different meaning that will pull them down and self-respect to talk about teaching people how to support themselves and fill self-respecting to talk about how I treat you and how that builds myself respect to talk about even automobiles and housing and meals of abuses right masturbation if you don't know that it is and how that reduces self-respect on these things people suffering from not feeling themselves as to why what he says I think I'm having anything obviously different than the end responding to the Holy Spirit and the way that they could best putting down there in their view of themselves and I'm building a self respect is something that we want to go around beating us ha ha once you have the right perspective in terms of how you doing yourself not a while also starting to tell at this meeting is a psychologist which is on a monthly book that we think I did get were part of the American psychological Association this is a study still it is who based their self-worth on external sources including appearance approval from others and even academic performance reply to this high stress anger problems relationship conflict and I traveled on broad and alcohol use and symptoms of eating disorders Milton tried to boost their self-esteem based on these things students will enhance their self-esteem internal sources such as being a heartless person or a hearing tomorrow and alike in many Senate to approve you on that man killed in an hearing time is more found to have high way had one less likely to use alcohol and drugs on develop eating disorders so now I'll be moving on the wound and how they look and sound a lot like the problem well now looking at how I can develop my character is basically what they say didn't have as many problems as you say we were at people that will not go on their own self-esteem but on something like tenderness out that nanometer is susceptible to some of the negative effects of a surprising sympathy and maybe even remotely first time I said I'm basing the Bible spirit inspiration and truth I know when the time which is when you go back to Finland Bible is that an out how we determine whether or not the sizes jewelry I also have been vital in the final in the help world to help the whole help message and I will do different things about building health of people saying to become a better talk to people about health and found this enemy in the Wright amendment on his part in making a difference and we simply send in well guess what and when the Lehman who was inspired and a lot of information on how we check everything against her they said that's interesting but we have some type of diet book will looking at science and this applies in this case as well Paul says in Galatians but that may not send Lori say in the lot price of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified unto me and I went to the world understand what you are not saying with and when the formula tells us that the crossing the official statement everything we do practically now using a people say I live in a film and an understanding that I'm looking more and more on how to help people help myself complete everything connected across the back to the cross and also Christ's mediation and sanctuary is not the made more sense to me as a little difficult sometimes things that people still have questions and you have questions you can talk to me when any is there is anything that will try and see what we can do this is another phrase that we are a lot of people saying unconditional acceptance and unconditional love always even when I talk about these is true as arrow okay let's keep that in mind this person I hear is Eric Psalm we talked about earlier opinion the women introduced the idea of unconditional acceptance and love the definition of unconditional acceptance is that we accept value and archived against one another person we go on that person 's behavior that is true and just to and then there's some argument as well people need to me and I will additionally without any conditions performance but that you want to know someone love you because of who you are I had that many problems and to the part I is is is based on people not born what is the second and any captain unconditionally they will naturally blossom into the MSM that's what the unconditional acceptance and unconditional love constant is based on that we are blind to what makes sense that is the bad environments that we go out there and bad ways parents treat the highways are tedious treatise but if we just don't know you cannot tell what to do and just accepted because newborn than just develop into just good people Socrates and so had the same philosophy of human beings they had the philosophy of an angle this way and before we are born and I and firemen that causes us problems so there's no way in history this idea is in this pastor says that she will and I wonder how long way under every second with no action and see if it will be totally without any reservation so when people come to try efficiently only not tell anything because what we want that we will just naturally does the announcement of the people what is the music to the contemporary Christian movement is based on that it will be in the people but now while let's go to clean and does not fit us all he says that some Fellowship Christian no longer how the question is not a Christian behavior on personal preferences is not a long you will be accused of what shutting down if you have a chapter and verse on the bottle he will be called Barry C if you turn on the taller than anyone president preference and is considered to be a legalistic charge so this idea and and has somehow taught us that you know we should really say anything to anybody we have just unconditionally accept and allow them think there is that we are people I know when they come in with things that we want most of our integrated knowledge of God but there is which state that sometimes Holy Spirit impresses this year something with someone that immature person wants each other as you can guess I'll bet I can deceive the human mind and want us to think that there is an inherent power in themselves to accomplish great and that works they seem to rely upon God to do that than which they think exists in themselves to do their knowledge not a superior power big in the glory reclaim that which is due to his great love bread filling magisterium has been a jump down I know that the ruin of man is just as sure as he exalts himself at his website and thought how I appeared talking about the fact that I did know that Stroman on the come up with these theories of you have any idea and we get some inherent power and self-assessment people with wealthy identifier or a need for something outside of ourselves as God help us Romans three twelve and forming me me if you can only give you my again Romans three twelve so what that says someone right here can do that for us and you they are all gone out and the way they are together become unprofitable there is none I do a good number one okay to mention this earlier think you suspect that the minor child is not a good uninhabitable and in medicine I felt was really not biblical at all and it was good and I told us the kind or natural mind is enmity against God for it is not sent into the log I mean and we can be done at the Temple and the way we haven't come to mind naturally and that kind online will not flawlessly goodness is only by the Holy Spirit now enjoined to goodness even when those nontechnology so that I did an amazing on this because the bank as of unconditional love and acceptance of the idea that with one good and the guys that I love being inactive even think what has happened is that we pick the boat we don't look at the root so we may use the white unconditional love unconditional acceptance not recognizing when everyone is an excellent spending so much time helping you to understand the root Jeremiah flaxseeds and economic crisis on the confinement farming in a systematic candy in my reading therefore Jeremiah fourteen ten I just needed some first messages because we need to become parent line upon line precept upon precept as we study these concepts in the the support family planning our tear down biblically the problems with these ahead and it is one the most phase monkeys people the green enough to wind down regional please trained their fate so that law does not affect name he will now remember their wickedness unpunished in financing so what do I thought I was not well enough anyone except and in this particular virus he was talking about the children of Israel who continually understand after Lamictal was an attempt to know what makes this was not the actually that I will no longer accept them on again unconditionally accepted and will start out that way but on the problem and because of how our minds are we all recognize that there is some point where the limits of the love and acceptance will be reached and you know the problem with this but I also think it affects us and I was in Texas and all my lifestyle now some of this I may be getting a little development in Young Magazine you have to take the truth okay you will find a new maintenance and from churches and the surrounding area on non- Adventist churches mostly but I will say I charge you are charged away it should be the only acceptable you are in a unconditional acceptance think the creeping into our church where it's now just how many ways it doesn't matter how you dress doesn't matter what you do not accept you and loves you read my mind they are because there is something that women living in our services with this type of thinking and I just does not have every other thing about we want people people who can't do better in terms of interesting and often hold in him they were losing some of that yes yes right where anyone are any limits with the numbers we just ran in Jeremiah fourteen ten when he said I will not accept them limitless love I will happen when any of the time I thought it was the first year if you had unlimited level God without any step in the garden these the aim that regardless but there's still something that went missing in limits to what he does with that unconditional love would say no say in the garden additional problems with them naturally psychologists explain yeah that's an answer until you look at the root psychologist on the Internet and human amendments back in management when he said do not punish your children do not need them that according to psychologists it is something what you're saying is correct but your explanation is not the explanation of skin of unconditional love and acceptance if you study the psychological literature is not saying what you're saying what you're saying is correct the study understandings okay that's a lot we talk about it afterwards appeared on the twenty fifteenth about the fact that at the end of time the dog will be thrown into the lake of fire nominees adversity has the money only with that twenty fifteen if you believe that for me that's right I limit even eight and strange act where he will meet again I think that's enough that people will be miserable if they go to heaven in that condition and so to sign some on-air and doing the strange act of destruction behind the head there are limits because he consequences for our behaviors Lyndon and even if it ended at the end of time we have to realize and conditionality will come at a time when you said you had to let me just value added me let me know please don't write as much as the comments on the standoff and having all my time on reasonable clothes that are trained in this Armenian and often asked how tall do you want to just hang on and on the Oslo barons in love she may think that and that's because that's what you said that when making I was not made on God is not intuitive I mean it even any limits by the system you have limited in what we're doing is letting anyone mentioned that I had us all and I want the first minute of the dissenting as for the lineup .in a sinner and is believed and I will him him why he continues and said I know that to be sin this is the way they are doing over passing the leave present to now focus on the love of God is an is something a little different here she said no who focus on the love of God and not she with them and there anything is going to happen if you engage in this behavior doesn't be a consequence for your time and I went and he will not allow and acceptance against you and you continue to do you and him I would imagine he will no longer accept that the only reason I'm about to people and don't recognize the limits to that we can be very unthinkable that a real genuine situations spiritually we have to recognize that every man should also contain and if you like the harness father took him back the reason for meaninglessness people are several articles I wasn't having them unconditionally happens with me and the thought of traveling to the city where innocent party apologizing for the legalistic rules with you on this one away initial invitation to return Eric Agamemnon he lived Jesus taught no such gospel would have to do retirement as another way to start the car range hens immediately and will enact still all the woman happened in his life you might want back out in my antagonist monocyte is not granting what happened so we can as an example of unconditional acceptance and love to him he was a condition for God to be able to do anything with that wasn't human before we came into existence recognition was agreed upon to be met as one of the conditions to be met of obedience but the Bible tells us that before the foundation of the world would lay Christ decided to do what the paraphrasing Dan and I will cry when the condition that was what he wants right that's right we have to accept that condition that Christ died for us all in the remodel significant Islamic counterpart because spasms recently because the Bible to modify main fake nonrecommended love what I know I'll react to die for us on things we don't have to do what I want to understand the danger of taking this and carrying it too far because white and red sometimes they can pervert the gospel we have to recognize that this unconditional love and acceptance as psychologists explain it is not applicable to us as Christians we have the understanding had been applicable based on the Bible now not a concept means this means that we haven't not so anonymous I hardly ever that economy testing that I ideologically may lead to say he not been longing to see a theme name this is my self-esteem comes in I will be actualized in the eye the time is that we have to get all these needs and that is we have to move on this I think if these needs are not met we cannot leave the people that we should me or had armies that we cannot be all that we can be advanced to their assumptions are that if the land on the street with no clothes and I'm not him and start saying revelations fourteen six Intel twelve says and I began blogging about me Jonathan why give him what I think the Nissan brand name the giant salads if you see another and to take care of the names on there is some truth to this again to the end of manuals in the work well it's been using the in the educational world the whole framework this idea was based on Michael's hierarchy the kids are coming to school hungry and we can expect them to achieve some of their life what would call underhand funding activities of the made in the morning when eating and anytime from household idea on the I know our money and they don't feel that they belong and I'm unaccepted in their job and it will be able to be able to afford better now came from the century there is however the problem they can come up to you this was not a day when he was coming up with this from the beginning and was the display model SMC and what relationship with a serious man he said the history humanity has little guiding values for principal and Whitehead Mann outside of itself to die this sounds like a sacred book this was Michael's idea is that so I need to come up with a better theory this idea of needs to really help people be what they should be and even has some truth to what you say we see that they can move them when he came up with an Michael Barry's was largely based on far Eastern thinking tail with them Buddhism etc. get out of coming to the church this is a woman who says if you want to have the items for expenditure congregation realized that the best way to ensure that there will return is to do what the church has been called to do about them in terms will send that erratic this means being sensitive to their health needs we have to fulfill people 's felt need in order for them to come to church to stay in charge the only knocking down why I am just curious where you go there you go at it coming up to other places too not just the mega churches of the first sentence of the something that come from bad to tell you how to preach so you can reach their felt needs manager preaching to roughly twenty minutes because bowlers don't have much time to spare and GMS is I live in a formal family 's breadwinner and with humor and personal anecdotes because the people have names assigning names and the names everywhere from precinct along and making assignments to Sirius is really not getting it to fulfill committee so we had more sermons on marriage and family I said the grandmother this is the anatomy wrong when it happened pushing out some other things I am focusing on these things and that's the problem you know this person Progressive Insurance wheels is amusing that the majority of the people and I try to listen to on the DL and I have each fund is it with astronomy and archive them to music with a strong baseline and rhythm once the child and you believe in this moment a man is one who designed the patient is a safe of them and medicine to the net means and one that confidence that he may never follow me happening sometimes what we just saw this on people 's needs and that the happening is that we will lose the focus of our mission as a church where so and so fulfilling people 's names that we forget the little private and follow me and I see that happening a lot and I mean focus mission in and what's happening in attrition yes all you some benefit of the thank you all human episodes are listed between the found me and he actually does not modify the story by ushering and under pressure Augustine said a menagerie and sometimes I miss the stories up and we talked about a couple on one leg who lost her child and husband and in a car wreck Diana sorry at home and time what that help me convert but guess what under their home they were crossed wires both of all who are electricians know what that can do right by the fire and he and he masters indefinitely what could happen they can connect my feet happening to want in our churches sometimes when focusing so much on the felt neither will recognize there are definitely coming up on this world soon and we need to be able to balance out not only convert people it also went help them recognize what is coming upon us as a people as a world and we need to be able to balance both of those together the only avenue by which some persons can be reached with the gospel I feel the relief of pain and the R we do need to minister to people 's needs and Daniel Mendez pointed out need now and not in the name that people feel that they have you on one thing the karmic again focus in the wrong direction the Christian church has immediately adopted the language of name for itself we now hand hygiene is lowlife at all he was some kind of divine psychiatrist on a minded charges as though God were simply to service us James also meet your every need I would like to say this am calm songs are similar to this on my songs to find a stingy visible willful failure need and will do is for you into that for you and where moving away from songs that are building us are spiritually and just focusing more on visa needs now is the odd thing yeah window window already gotten an contemporary songs there are times when Daniel is now biblical in basis so they hand and that a man who lambasted my problem is when I hear people just saying what's that he makes me feel so good I don't think some of these on the hearing a lot and is just about one guy can do for me and not teaching in each room someone said defendant on the Renaissance people were singing when they were in flames of fire was around them as the martyrs know everything in things like I'm sure anyone is long and it was around this bank which is writing and I was hung that where there was yelling about helping them deal with these things better questions limiting the human single eyes that when people 's needs are met it will be the main people will document in the land and people sending their needs I'm not a pessimist that however is not fairness out and tell a child is alive and well and program at the center and then ourselves still so-called psychological meaning they have everything in the way things around and so it is beautiful you need to know we love you and everything will be okay history and the Bible immigrant controversy tells us differently he is the awakening in the glory of macrocell including balcony and progress to the progress of the glory of God in addition the Montana mine we hung ministries and churches these days that we singles ministry disability ministries women's ministries children's ministry youth ministries and ministers ministry family ministry and what actually happens when these ministries as when becoming self self-help him them with all the information on a single needs are met and the human needs are met in the family 's needs are met and these things are important but what I see happening is that we just going around in circles with the name of the article and I think that's true healing and empowerment instead we encourage these moves and God is in a similar situation the mammography these ministries coming in at one thing that can be helpful but I think we're just waiting in the pool would only listen film it means to pursue ourselves hope he's funny and people and nation we have an event for the single people every week and I believe these goods need to be focused on me wrong but I think the following as we continue to sell this he found that somewhere in that way that makes me and frankly we need to rethink what we don't when these ministries as well focusing on these new night I think we these ministries that were redoing my outrage it wouldn't be as divisive so I wanted to solve the halting baby out with the bathwater and ministries can be helpful I think the problem is with the focus that we haven't has a sister so they can make a kind of vice and one who begins the other the Bible tells us see if you are thinking about God and his righteousness and what I made you have will be added unto you it was a gift for the kingdom of God the Bible also tells us but my thousand five on your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus when we often believe that the beheading of this section I have some lives the moment and then because I have so much that I have to share with you all that I didn't know when this is about emotions are anything to so as follows for the authorities know that emotions are important when it comes than a mayor and find a way but a broken spirit his cheerfulness that he saw the man is I want Mister loan sometime in the emotions okay inside the emotions on primary fungi emotions not necessarily primary but they're not ignored I was taught to understand when you come into my office is made a sensor feeling that that was what the graduate school I wanted to draw about your feelings I went into mind about your feelings what color would describe your feelings as and when is it blue you know and you talk to people and you say you have any know your feelings focused and end people would leave there feeling and because they focus on feelings there is a danger with that however because the picture of the brain and if you got your focusing on feelings all the time it just ventilating the emotional part right right you need to move past that and that's the problem but sexual abuse survivors and focus on feeling this is a book I had the reason this is part of it you mainstream America on frustration referring to the perpetrators of talking to the sexual abuse survivors a coming caramel to fantasize that he seems in detail that you are the XSLT match it to your hearts content I was encouraging my sexual abuse survivors to feel angry toward their perpetrators and what I can see a mind to visualize and fantasize the things they on that because they desire while mainly feeling is that you feel sad that I was doing and call myself a Christian but in psychology where encouragement people I know that you really stay in their infinite woman and because we set anger is what they say that Israel do we do have another wizard that will eventually lead Colossians three thousand that we should put away going for this because really we should put away and their malice and all of these things about another thing that you stay there and you draw about and write about and then ruminate about it but you need to do something with it and it isn't my thing whether it is in the signs and not bow down on our wrath but it's an DNA being angry and sin the license how people and he is not have to you if you wanted to say the Bible says be angry and out and in so yes they get angry for a moment on the letter carrier already over annoying and I don't have the responses I get yesterday that's right exactly beginning and no and yes I had this quote that the disease is the honor habit of their but it doubtless met him the title of antichrist has one of righteous indignation and not wanting there is not one example in the Bible of Christ being angry because someone did something to him it was usually when the poor or the approximate mistreating or when someone was doing something to attack the price character how many of us the only time we get angry when we see people being taken advantage of or someone doing something against I can't say the best and only time in which most of the time I get envious as the self-centered reasons the Solomon Islands and the angriest and not just talking about viewing the commentators notes on that talking about Wright's indignation of the system mentioned that he does not naturally alleviated on the area can make you angry or UMNO uses is that you get anything a pillow is actually sound and animation and the horse so when we use and how people realize that all amount was actually being away from the difficulty of time I identified and actually shy now that when you write that another an Acer angle worse reason is that this is all out as helpful and they do what they increase a person 's hospital hostility is something that a lot of people are doing when the Columbine came along it on these days the greenhouses come in and attend arts are encouraged to widen out and talk about the crisis right now the hobby greenhouses come in after these different sound high school in school tragedy and batting emotions during debriefing after prices are trauma and healing experiences repeatedly repeatedly in the immediate aftermath of crisis and cancer in error when you survive them and they tend to live themselves emotionally so when a man in you let's remind a job or at school as I talk about County you feel about it and I just push you to talk about that actually get into the way of the unnatural instinct alone and this is just off emotionally pleasing yourself emotionally can actually be more healthy at times because there is no identifiable base is created and that sometimes when a suspect that I actually recently recommending a hot heart opposed to manage stress disorder I recently read some studies showing that when you go to which I spent too much time talking about it you may actually come out worse than if you distance yourself from it they want me what I was taught as a letter to the name 's designer was taught and whine about it talk about it and get it out you can't immediately Batman reason and what with the English people to talk about it when they're ready to do so they will do so so we really have to watch these things coming out and I is confirming that way now I do and I remember I confirming in my assuming that his wife is not so willing initially disappointing that his way is the best way to tell and five amazing ways and is not feeling any emotions that I need to be examined we tried to look away from himself to the problem I haven't is getting people to focus on their emotions a lot is focused too much on itself as you focus on more so he can get better because the more self-centered we are missing away I actually once I tried to think we have some segments of society because we too self-centered now I'm not saying that Christians would say the opposite extreme and will just deny and minimize emotions because they want to be so Christlike that's not what I'm saying I'm saying asking God to help you deal with the emotions and the way that fits the Bible biblical principles another way psychiatrists say I will do the next one with guilt on me when I'm about Allen Lane asked if you have any questions about what we come inside Best Buy the last session of the session and the questions they might ask any seven minutes kind almanac okay all right that's the clinical that was a clown did you want to put up front I however thalidomide on where you she says I know you are training and disobedience and fast approaching the amendment of God 's forbearance and love them and be shown in and say that practically what that means is that when the cup is filled up okay when they reject law the cup is filled out and then the students in all okay consequences so what you thought when she's in a bad forbearance and my understanding of that in the management entity shall buy the things that are that happen in life and is individually and the things and I have been happening in the war at home and now I'm how I will explain that maybe I can explain a little better yes there are three is okay and is in a greater degree Livingston where you destroy you love you into a boy is her and you will use us you're right you see this is your reserve price is in the same death yes but will I be in one eight law is always a lot is online now what love is that a thank you so much yet I thought someone had an abandonment of the suspect that in my past intervening in the Fort Lauderdale First Amendment which is saying is a limit on what Islam will be reachable where saying I want to anymore and he's good to say you know I can't force myself on you anymore you want me so that's the rejection part is just again and this is the next to you the book of Deuteronomy okay the method and the curses of Canada's repeating because it's on audio it can take forty overs okay okay if you follow me you keep my commandments with the last part if not and will read the consequences of it okay that's a start is the past couple what we consider an unconditional acceptance and love becomes enabling we are encouraging that person in their particular dysfunctional behavior powerful thank you yes ha ha ha ha okay him him him when I okay and it even in doing that and that mission I'm getting it for that more numerous Deuteronomy twenty eight is not his love is not conditional by the blessings are that's what you're saying okay right and the okay okay I think writing right is not only beautiful idea worth a London merchant it is not biblical for society doesn't assess you will not love us anymore we have to be kept with that message authorities okay yes and is elected as well it is reputed for the tape hung as vitamins and command and in the right and right that God loves us and we have to understand right okay I I recommend that we witnessed what happens when I said when talking about the secular psychological new unconditional love which is based on the premise that we are innately good when we use Second Life psychological terms we have to be careful when his ancestors and I know it's hard to really ask this because with Saul and David with this stuff but unconditional love and acceptance they find you and is based on people being born I know that at the beginning he that term loosely and not recognized that will weaken we can really bring ourselves into such we have to recognize the money felt most times out because the rules what lean are still some data is safe so I only got the okay to say God love is long-suffering God lobbyist loadbearing godmothers and merciful God love 's gracious that is just me because I'm so wounded I was taught this so much when you weren't unconditional love I had to Google New York last night life because I know this might sound you know what comes of it as anything was much to use it I'm just cautioning you to understand the roots of these words that we just go out gladly at best but my prayer that you believe you leave here with you and will end even if I choose the diet disobeyed God will still love me yes will he let me about his method available there is not in domain eleven long-suffering forbearing gracious merciful but my preference is what will happen when this word means yes and I will hand is not it is not ever found it then it starts to leave you wanting all man about ethanol nothing in unconditional love and spirit of prophecy she talked about on unconditional election to talk about unconditional pardon to talk about how we have to unconditionally accept the truth she talked about hybrids unconditional election unconditional healing unconditional engagement and that was the word unconditional love and acceptance and based on what secular psychology thing sometimes I was lamenting the price is the unconditional probably really need to question and found in an and we just got back in touch about and put some studying prairie for this and I does use these words about recognizing when they complemented the temporary father we thank you so much for your truth we thank you for the Bible that we can use to compare everything that comes our way fundamentally satisfied our personal opinions and biases including myself and ask you father to give us the truth as it is in Jesus we just praise your name for what you allow us to learn and maybe continue to grow into letting me know what's going on recent nonhormonal as you want to buy my new website is in God 's free seminar audio and much more than we would like to know more about what you like this is more so than is www. online universe .org


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