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Secular Psychology - Satan's Alluring Path, Part 3

Magna Parks


Magna Parks, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, and president of Be In Good Health, a health education organization. She conducts mental health seminars based on science and the Bible and inspired writings. She has authored books and articles on various mental health issues.




  • June 26, 2009
    3:30 PM
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probably try to heaven we thank you again for being able to come before you we thank you for all you have done for us we pray that you may be with not only this seminar with the other seminars that are going on at the same time as we continue to talk about the dangers of secular psychology we again ask for your wisdom and for the presence of the Holy Spirit to give understanding we thank you so much for all you've given to us and may we not take this information ran a father but continued to study and grow and learn and grace and knowledge of Jesus in the name of Jesus we do pray amen I restart and I think your members of the last one I put up with talking about studying in an dealing with emotions and I shared with you how psychologists place emotion is primarily nuclear problem with any continue why methane and we talked a little about anger to an etymological and other major emotions that psychologists focus on also important in our Christian walk and best deals on the Internet I enjoy Doris Jeanette and she pretty much summarizes what most secular colleges think about deal she said the is no more experience known to humans it makes you feel unworthy and miserable it has caused my thinking you have done something wrong you want to feel feel when someone gives you about anything how you dress how you think what you do there is no right or wrong only experiences to learn from so get out there and enjoy learning and living and growing time fields out there outside of school building is damaging and selling in dealing with clients you need to help them now long gone and it will get rid of their guilt guilt is something this bad damaging than that remember Wolf and Hera Holly came and I went on talking because there is some truth to that deal with Tammy down and talk about that that is really modified about Alice if you have a Janata know cognitive behavior therapy right the father of the and had their things I really like about kind of behavior is probably one of the things I held on to win my training because it is so much the biblical injunction as a man think it's always a but even with the fathers of these feelings that are good they have their interesting viewpoints in our ally says the Lord sent a guilty person meals and chance areas he will be a happy healthy while law-abiding citizen he will become compulsive wrongdoer these seasons you the disease and heart with that but I see Second Life is learning the cognitive mixes truth and error in such a really deceptive way that we talked about the contemporary Christian music movement and I keep bringing that up because you might not have known them and a lot of psychological underpinnings doing we talked about self-esteem and is unconditional except in Spain and this whole idea about you really feel that hall music movement every I may have to go to charge the field people feel guilty leaves him feeling empty there are many in the charges who are deceiving their own so they read in their own creating I think that relationship is going to church to hear sermons in Camelot he is going to charge you feel good when I leave church and had an outrage has been it will mean my family self-denial and conflict this man that Christianity will not join the times one which we are rushing what time is he talking about now that is one of those information on Panasonic sporting child offsets will be found with it away my contention is that if we focus on this every day this idea was my secular psychology that people shouldn't feel guilty and as you think they should leave church feeling good what Christians are we producing businesses this strong Christians who can fan with Michael Cunningham not married Mary Monday that religion is based on a set of producing good feelings and feelings I was not one single regular class and it would looking for religion and produces the feeling when the time comes we will not stand by a psychiatrist who is not even a Christian book what became of sin as they must can't manage or have your wealthiest in the Philippines decided to looking at mental health field and he says is wrong here the words are all in mental health and he recognized that this problem is the rule in the low mental health lungs and this is what he says when he and Dean didn't send out what became of it the family why is disappeared it was once a strong word on his Sirius word it is my central point in that rain implies human beings life and lifestyle but the war went away it has almost disappeared the word along with the notion is amazing that I'm not Christian professional and recognize that we don't talk about it anymore he has you wish that's right this idea but he did say that he wanted a following history was the latest drive into the night in the Old Testament buried appointments are bringing that out and talk about this I tried to getting on a television talking about I found out Carolina governor was having an affair is narcissistic even a leadership position on and on and on the conversation in any of the psychiatrist saying that that is not something that spoken about the Indiana we just okay but they had Hannah 's dad has been a strong tendency for the preacher to move into the field of pastoral counseling and some techniques of counseling international more than any response which might impute long on moral judgments upon the individual being counseled Muslim with no talking about this move away from the and the idea that when you when you leave them out in the annual list of pastoral counseling you have to get to the point we are not judging a person you can get that many of your valuables is so that takes away while anyone can see the real readable has frequently been translated into the pool that presentation of the preacher no longer are right and will clearly defined and congregations are left in their uncertainty and much repentance as all you realize what an many people are suffering mentally because they don't recognize and deal can be healthy if it leads me to what you put into my computer and that what will happen people will not get a healing that they truly need I can't tell you the number of calls I received from ministers and ready to get to training I like to get a masters in counseling like to get a Masters increment learning how to use psychological techniques to help people get excited when I get a call from how people are really opening up understanding the need for psychology now this is the company I get you when I don't exactly you may realize is that our pastors are moving away from their role moving away from them ultimately have to call Roxanne plinking with this anger and wanting to get into this counseling mode that's based on a whole different set of values I think you are well counseling that the minister has to play that is when the problem is we don't need to take up the principles of secular psychology and counseling we might even be compassionate and merciful the way Christ was but we have to call since I enable people will not receive the true healing that Catholic priests that I put up earlier than they were in the first session the cabin for his wife on the counseling no one ever held accountable for molesting again when he first started again and also we can make people accountable for their sins while pointing into a Savior what does Romans three twenty three say Romans three twenty three and really needs a loving and comes to lobbying higher than what we do with people we need to happen to identify and one missionary meet with me on this campus and they were doing things with someone and she was living with her boyfriend living instead he was praying if a log window I bring this out because you don't want to turn people away at the same time if you are leaving the company to be brought to realize this is a sad and I didn't say directly to my clients because I think it's energizing them in my graduate training and the countless dead saying that the dog the preventative thing that you do not put your values on people do not deny some people cannot attack more on that a little bit of insight than I says counseling value laden Yala just bias that's what values we share in a counseling has values but if we start talking really values on also away for the winter values on people going in and has nothing to value free we just have to determine which value within a share with people for his work of repentance to salvation not to be repented of the saw on the world market death the reason for this because I only missed tax kind of sunrises and there's a difference between and I am using psychological words here healthy again unhealthy guilt I went to the psychiatric Cleveland's without being trained I was back in the eighties and I met so many people there who was mayor just under a load of guilt because of past and past things that they had engaged in I was taught that I couldn't bring Jesus into my work so I couldn't see how my family Jesus had died and then there's the guy who can begin you a little related antipsychotic breakdowns severe depression breakdown smuggling under the deal that is on them like this when you think of coming from the eighth health and not leaning us to this activism in the kind of them talking about that we should be encouraging in Christianity we won the guilt has been a free us and as of the examples in the Bible of people with this and the healthy guilt that led them to conceal themselves the national employment you are is who was in town of my ball and then felt the P deal when he betray Christ and will three times I believe it was three times he is made is that she said he went out on my pedestal and wept bitterly but eventually Peter was converted to talk about guilt and and to himself so whether or not the one if you read the story of King Saul decided that path and eventually the in our America and thank them you know doing the will that he was on that and during the war and he himself basically so that I'm healthy again the laser data relative self-condemnation management together and that we should be putting onto our people we need to be putting on a deal that helps them recognize what I did was wrong and then pointed to a saliency listing the difference between a tendency people are suffering mentally there is one psychiatrist who had a place called esoterica hospital I believe was that in examining he claim to cure schizophrenia by having them coming in the idea within the it can a lot during the day when the weather going into the thing and that is very much I is with someone who was diagnosed with schizophrenia which I don't want to she was sent to me and as we started to talk about her life this woman was just she had like a boulder of guilt on her that led her to hear voices etc. I'm not sorry I know of a couple that just amend the husband of the couple started to hear voices is seeing things in the wine not what was coming really she says and he couldn't talk a good talk and he got out that he had had to affairs that she never knew about when he got back out guess what happened to the voices in the things he was seen with a way you can do many things to us sometimes people are in the hospital because when not dealing with the guilt properly depressed and sometimes can be due to guilt when I is will that when people kill themselves or have suicidal thoughts is because in the press he had a family member who was in a situation programming only what happens in and what they were I does the field and didn't know how to bring it to Jesus and eventually ended their lives something something we need to recognize that we need to point people to the Savior calls out also how do you say what earlier you are looking at the scene Apple I encourage you to get it is one of one of the charts and since it was my dad like you are here in a clear and the message about his dangerous and genuine substantial situation that he that prays together for eternal fire that's how strong these days definite because the guy is holding how can that be called successful you can achieve this I think that my neck cancer patients to receive treatment from the group of children playing Doctor understanding and danger he is a if you have a right to look to the Savior now play an important role in our spiritual one and are emotional and mental walk we can spin around it we can try to make people feel that as you know that you know that's not induce any guilty feeling infinite seeming the true healing that they can achieve and we must keep that in mind and I mentioned already preparing to does this until that is not healthy so we talked about hobbies and areas of psychology Ms. Manning wanted me to talk about Doctor Nelson brought up early I would second the whole presentation psychology and the New Age is a link between that if you are being on the passenger and radio what is his name young on what is his name I can remember Tom Landry again anyway he is the insinuation that it was interesting to hear him when even the end of the Armenian talk about the New Age movement was just a self-esteem thing and as he was talking why this is the same thing I learned in graduate school of psychology at Hemisphere he may sound far-fetched but you know the three what race they are affect and outlined him to my father or even their psychology that somewhere because of the spirit to live them underpinnings that have research in that and come up with a presentation on academic labeling things that use them like that we think in the end of time moving away from the main philosophy the psychology we do that without he learned that we must at reasoning behind the word and I think even if it sounds good unconditional law than all of these things go and buy the wine and I don't think that because it sounds good to be tested by God 's word and you can than avenging gods word to graduate school know that you are filling again and if I monetize my blog today not because I thought you said you know that I is in these fields constantly admonishing you have to have us on strong biblical foundations and actually believe that revealed a single to these feel betrayed and not tainted what can I register my doctoral program I have such easy ideas so the seminarians in life obviously I was so when people ask me seriously hope I can tell them not to know but I strongly caution if you only do it you have to be strongly grounded in the Word of God Rusty will be deceived that prove all things all as that which is good reasoning that comes upon us we must prove that one is the way to Sarah so when we believe everything must be brought we got hit silly we receive no he is without comparing it with Scriptures and very important because it is a moment psychology coming into our church some of you in our churches and I have their are you counting and interweaving secular psychology with the Bible and if he'll know I will you will accept this line and sinker and recognizing happening so I strongly encourage you to make sure that when you are in the Scripture and psychology arms no not confirm support Center assessment of what I found is a lot how do I get excited when the recent another LotusScript is now people who provide no support to others they are more than twice as likely to die to live in as people who helped thousands friendly thousands of it twice relatives and neighbors includes US valves friend and neighbor is linked with a lower chance of dying advantages the bad news is not in the elaborate a hungry and then I bring the point I cast out to the house when I see in the negative they cover him and this is the key right here then shall thy light break forth as the morning and nine health cells ring for their account back up it will help benefit others he restarts it lets me know me people out on the right track truly desire this is something else sixty thousand one hundred and seventy five American college students with colleges the survey between psychology and was made between nineteen seventy nine and two thousand and six one four civilians enemies and generations Sean and an elevated rate of Gnosticism be on the analysis of the men that a lot of snow business Internet link and he I was only one incident when the thing for you they will not sell so I said this is your last comment is talking to families and personal strife and leaving I is is is is now you have with people this is also about what they had a parallel time shall come for now shot me on how is waiting you become in the house is all that is a wise in my life I like humility and anything is there a way to meet the current respondent 's light of human happiness is on my kindness is just starting to realize there is something there is a cleansing between what's I see how I want people actually do it in August sometimes I is starting to show more realistic things in terms of helping people in the office with no thinking to some of the whole Freud right here in Moscow things was just amazing to me that's going on but I decided to get back into the counseling background reading on this science and I'm reading more hands seem at what God says is true I have one edge of the MSM and the tendency about a month and the economy is admired my brother is the only depressed in on just getting back into counseling can you say not being a shop asset there before I seen our delicious something with you try and call showers twice a day the woman called me back on the antennas you can't enact me a letter and says my brother is like a different person then we leave she that she sent to me he's doing a half hours and has depression I just him friends I called China's readiness for me on the neurotransmitters in your brain serotonin norepinephrine norepinephrine and dopamine in college I was easily manifesting that I never lacked in the unraveling and why it was it was thought that when I was working with who has schizophrenia is not intended I believe that one theme that she'd packed someone those of you weren't a hydrotherapy nowhere that is a racket with it when she happening Iraq began and you stand there for several hours in detention went down completely using that were and we need people travel in these areas becomes the reality is people need help you know I can someone please let about anything you want sometimes people need man holding a window that is the main building to say to me that I will but is less analogous so we need some handholding and livestock that Nathan is a spirituality is another thing that is completing a survey that measured happiness gratitude and thankfulness they were told to write down five things that were grateful for researchers found that participants will have my things once a week express my gratitude and thankfulness and right in themselves significantly happier than before I will verse that supports this everything I do not demand out the young lady leave anything and everything and they rejoice I went in again I really do mathematical benefits from regional thing and is is is I entreat of you who want to know why word of complaint did share his feelings of gratitude and thankfulness by so doing you'll be learning to make melody in your marks and see you and Larry to what is out as having gratitude and thankfulness if you got way to way of preventing with the challenge the white marshmallow now will wait a while to get to what teen years later the whole school and waited works well self-reliant and did well in school also had waited waited where you can stop by and score lower on the SAT than those who waited in an amazing as well what we're talking about here and talk about the fruit of the Spirit what is right this is an impressive Internet is going to my mind I had to alternates in the exchange agreement and then I is is an independent exchange underwear and transitory but the pricing is an enduring she was a child and you'll think it's a mouse compressible power self-control should then be acquired and missed exams that you will exercise control pointing his later problem okay so you will reserve that nothing is more on what we know and what we have an inspiration in the Bible is misbegotten I wanted you to see what you leaving it with thinking on psychology and people got some wonderful things being done in the area of psychology but you have to check it against my will and what we have an artist my writing the first thing testing everything against the Bible is to be limited to moving away from the same philosophies is a believe that the model has the answer to our problems will really believe that we say that we're so quickly and with other methods than the Bible got the answer is easy he tells us all Scripture is given by inspiration of I is profitable for doctrine for we drove for correction or instruction in righteousness that the man that maybe perfect in all the works is green but now it has much more meaning to me can I recognize the Bible has so much for you that you will send one of my college he found in the holy Scriptures and as liking emphasizing it again this mail going into this field you have to study that you went back and tell his side he and mom to become and tell them exactly that she would not let their identity on offense but what's happening is mingling intimacy and oversight that's what Michael said was what I have been just that we need to be an Englishman ozone and when God has appointed my book on the line we can say how that Sarah is not to social psychology is that it is good to know what you just have nothing original about them on counseling dealing with anxiety and care upon an employee care because exactly who easily read and that that will help with anxiety if we really understand not taking on these things I felt the caffeine Jesus you are not the norm of them ourselves a thought for the things of itself sufficient for the day of the evil thereof actually applied to sometimes when I'm dealing with stressful situations outside of myself I repeat to myself I can deal with Mike tomorrow and then it rained the Bible tells me just deal with today is saying something early will be the nine-day siltstone answering me just deal with the situations one day at a time when anxiety is the only name on a sexual practices by his wife Anne and Hagan see that dealt with sexual trainers is something that I was taught to them is not biblical and what ideas you cannot cure people no other children you can do that but I blame when things are possible and a conversion experience can change anyone and there are unprincipled in the Bible we can use in destabilizing I cannot reuse and recycle a secular psychological techniques but it was one person I was able to use something with you about that I think even if I only see this one thing and then we work with that you look at we focus a lot on lots because when they see children and other start implementing it as we try an enzyme that is going to distract yourself and learn how to thought that you can replace it with biblical principle and Natalie also about easier maintenance program is a program I was working with these people to get our second major gynecological risible I was not giving up on my nice day I was limited and on the life there is a principle and this one is really important and we can say is the painful and sensitive again by sending us from unrighteousness when the important for someone dealing with the sexual problem pink your brains a little evening and when the importance of them understand that there was a diamond we can confess our sins to him and he will forgive us anybody anything yes that the money about my privacy and consultant helping him understand that you confessing them in hell with anybody yes a man who will demand that you hit it on the head with them but when you grandfather say I'm confessing guilt that an actual cycle that these people go through and how they would benefit any addiction you saying that it is a continuing beginning to feel guilty saying yes when I get you to do engage in again spirit and message cycle you shall let one person said everything I can forgive you I can break the cycle as a weapon and overwhelming for him and he said that was something for him because as you see this principle to understand how have to get caught in the same cycle to lead me to repeat that behavior principles don't say anything about my changes since then you believe the Bible practically now people will recognize that the importance of income and sanctified life and I just do not leave you would like sanctification the me rephrase that since the LSI probably just not needed what sanctification which she says is a work of a lifetime and we have lost that even as Christians and dealing with our problems look at the things is a disease is talking to Nicodemus he said he said to me except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God that sounds wonderful opportunities in working with people in them understand that there is a Holy Spirit I can give you strength to overcome these things if you're dealing with as your counseling them and understand the process of being born again in the last days perilous times shall come in a paper form ungodliness interesting with the birth but denying the power thereof from such turn away and now because I think one of the reasons we are turning to the psychologist is because as it turns we are losing power the Mullane was losing her is because we have to look for something to fill them I will deny to understand and I'm including myself and as we cannot understand how I met at the battle of life and deal with the issues married to a single parent and child in a single addition and she will pay only for my path I mean can be dealt with by the power of .net in the I will power as Christians we really are also battling ethnic diversity the rest of the religion but that now is that how God was the one way will the one man for the eradication of what all sinful tendencies grasping paraprofessionals can help just as much as professional shipment is happening in understanding the price you in understanding how we can practically help people you have to have a PhD in health facilities both move away from what is struggling with not a lot known about the issue is the deal with the laws of the land had been whenever counseling shingle on my robe lineup outside my door I have to have a license however I believe men he had not been in the life and can do that and still being appoint people to Christ the Savior and in public hearing we lies I used to work here and he talked about using it seemed to glance in the book with alcoholic and using various biblical principles and get the help that moved from alcoholism and he was having some weekly by placing them in the same paragraph was powerful when is the possession of enough on the heart and to transform the life single lines are put away a lung these are renowned humility and he's got a place in anger at me astride joined take the place of whether I had been moved onto Quigley we recognized in the present and the need for the Holy Spirit and I wanted to emphasize that because again returning to psychology because they don't recognize what we have in our hands to help people I didn't have to resign and recognize that and putting it into practice as they work with people and on this powerful thing why the change in the the satellite is instantaneous I wonder when this is important when one is converted well and development of the true Christian are continuing to lifelong member and went on to chastise them out when .net domination about him being president remember me I a lot have problems than online things to deal with them is just the beginning and has me Hockenberry and that we start to grow in Christ was not to recognize more and more things the character that needs to be downright so you walk away thinking I don't think of regulatory significant original K now is that you go through life as it is mentioned that is what that tells us to work on salvation with fear and trembling why meet with me for a job with work and then you will do where is it doing his good pleasure he is saying anyone not understanding what I'm talking about the bullet and how nice to help change people and another group of young people in Oregon using a sanctioned library and found that all staff should know I'm not exactly sure where I stand on and I'm still looking at the whole process but the gentleman e-mailed me and told me that he will miss processes might think that when people do their studies in something that we can use these things to bring people to the Lord and not just help them change their behavior is our talk about child nor do I doubt anything is I just put the patch on things now we have to get cinnamon on the effects of charge we talked about all the things of the contemporary Christian music movement and doing is delaying the church growth the Renaissance and hand in any class in the Nazareth a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders as I family and eleven other determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God he had been away and I went to have crucified and slain whom God has raised up there for me and my right hand of God exalted not mean that thinking is whom it was my modern life and Christ is that the people what made this theme is that where you and Christ as their friend and Redeemer one website is that the people at the scene is invalid and even earlier and earlier sessions it one of the psychologist said that when we point this out the people that it brings is okay three but when an independent that is the concern was that we will see what you've done you by this Jesus you know you maintained in this act and abdomen this is what happening to you this is happening is that where Frankie website of people being offended I've had many people that live again from prisoners they both know what the watchers I know that psychology has a lot to do with that we don't recognize that it has a lot to do with that and I know when this Web printing heart is the Peter and to the rest of the apostles and brethren what shall we do not see any charges on that you know that's pretty much with my dad in the church is growing anyone have examples of his wow I saw what happened you will and you know that right we don't believe a lie was not enough money to preaching to the choir and I believe if you go to many of the others in the Christian charge is not disseminate menace in the late is that if you price for each sin information on things that will cause people to begin this maintenance of the churches will go because the management is a telling something different this favorite and this felt needs they were just talking to me about a ministry that change their focus to the balconies I remember now not to mention the ministries namely my music ministries is now becoming what felt needs focus and in their home way of preaching is doing some interesting things and saw him gladly received his word were baptized and the same day they were added unto them about three thousand souls connected to ask model is processing I is enough for them Elizabeth is worthless as any which distinguishes from the world the limited according to the will of the members in the knowledge of Christ and according to their progress and spiritual experience when looking at is not I say looking at is looking at how well are my people growing in grace and knowledge I mean being sanctified on Friday I can tell the Congress presidents and ultimately to see the numbers seven and nine in all sound and high interest in seeing all of our churches spiritually is on them all in one category but there is certain to them to build numbers but I looking at it in terms of how we grow in Christ the well made a practical demonstration of what you and I can do it restore human beings there is nothing in the world me so much as a knowledge of the Knoxville saving power revealed a Christlike lives something that we know now about as bad as what is on its foods are in and of my energy are brought into the church with him a lot but if you start a business is a righteousness by faith you will find that it is very mental training and many the things that inflame us we don't have time to get into that in today people have their and everything I believe this has everything against the Scriptures and that is only understanding this principle as I find it a little more time to sleep okay this is my work with people to help them understand Grayson bathing and how this all goes together into something that's not important he is revealed as a welcoming one of the biggest management about the issues that he had met with MSA will be talking is when people cross the line of faith and became Christians we start telling people and teaching people that have had to take responsibility to become self leaders we should have taught people how to mean their Bible between services housing to the spiritual practices much more aggressively on their own you will agree that we have not well predefined the mother of NATO commander churches and employed a lot of the things we talked about some of the earlier sessions with the praise worship and all of them in the believe that that we didn't offend people of women in the feel-good churches in Bali Madrid as well but now in two thousand and thirty five I made a mistake now and doing now I can't tell you what they mean is less significant and they recognize the Bishop line people more than double the contemporary movement and even showing exists we need to know how Michigan and I get anything you tell me how can knowing our mission is invented to protect us against them it enables positive velocities of psychology and Tommy that knowingly hire the wow website designers are a floor parking lot in the protective barrier against him the things going on yes okay I continue to resist temptation as cried and then witnessed temptation I continue that tell me more than unilateral right one okay we know beyond me probably not I think that's not the man that this identity and mission countless not me penetrated while the secular psychology thinking anything out yet hey man we used to be known as people of the wine every now and we won't be this evening admission of seven a.m. and made the people to be coming in eleven different thank the house that the share that as yet unaware in a masculine wicket and secure I then anyways not another word to you but emulating the end of all Willow Creek and all of the other places have you ever disarm him by name as your experience in the Armstrong is still again that sermon is now telling you about it that we an examination of the name of it we had lots of the bathroom we are seven madness and why we're following after all of these things that come about grabbing onto them trying to unfulfilled needs and is anything but we all recognize the knee when I do remember is starting to continue home and I can't even tell the story about the methods professor committee and I repeat this the online intervening in the living waiting on my book layout and run on the date of the secular psychology held among the former president of the Pacific Union conference using the all but getting his masters in I have been back this professor who went into effect on the bar became dynamic that I will look you like them unless they can realize that the Bible and stamp me information you have and there will some of the mental health problem that we're facing in the world on that business it's all in this he dropped out of the program after that until you have point is whining to this program in the abdomen is the darling of we have everything we need to leave he denies that if you have involved my she tells us in advances have been strong in my guide as a cookie on your people right from the world is truly the mouse on the quarry on the world and brought them into connection with himself he may than his representative and has called them to be ambassadors for him in the last work of salvation I just thought of something I was watching I spent all my time was a baby and don't think that okay nothing in again and there is a group of the husband and wife team who has been organization call for survivors and one with an win gotten into affairs with pastors and they called on the call passes dependability and a healthy women were dealing with things but it will rule on the airborne hunting multimedia is intimately paraphrasing our Second Amendment and businesses into this because he know what time we living any no admission we are we have a set amendment is to give people this last morning anything to ensure this past Thursday into getting into affair with women and doing all these things in the mathematical plan is not anything when he talks and ministries he called them back in Saskatchewan to Maine and on the enemy we want like this and I think we yet that we have a special dog bananas and the enemy knows about them in that window is unreasonably in many ways as well as each other I should make children according to athletic children is referring to them according to women and the reason why we are Seventh-day Adventist why we are called when the children e-mailed me a peculiar people people need things in the explained to the children and will wait even to be understood and has been growing years but less than ten hundred seventy students and their increased name capacity until the foundations of truth had been laid broad and deep and if we didn't help with my children whenever there is smallest in this era I have an arrow we would be more able to deal with it but we're losing that were not teaching that as much as we should continue to be asked on several priesthood and holy nation a peculiar people that using these diffusion will want to pray religious practices of him who has called you out of my darkness of his marvelous light we actually ministers and ministries and lot number is closer to Christ and the whistles of doctrine and church when I know that my heart about our ministries in the ministries of this magazine when administering disabilities ministries at all windowing of ministering to one another becoming what wiggly wiggly and singly when I'm getting out there ministering to others I believe this and I believe that my heart and difference and we haven't difference in our ministries at seven and has been increased to the principle has seen what was I doing with women's ministry that was in the spring and into ours we see the baptism the only thing you can do children's ministries and less promising is increasing the reason on that is as we shall have an amazing is not mainstream and will be using them want to how is having a positive privacy some different things than other ministry which I thought was interesting she has gotten the work presented by the FDA into fast you are not how is that the elaborate and win the bank in reaching out to the angel is not convenient to invite in this work but there is anyone it yet maybe there is in danger of bare Enoch the great prince among cultural way of doing that which is why did you hear is reaching out and ministering in helping us who are having to know what I'm in a three hundred and how I know this is the problem and when the moment is reason at all and has been doing everything that we forget who win this means nothing in addition to doing these are the things I leave you in the same location thank you for bringing analyses that you will not have to send the Salvation Army was raised to do this work but what's happening in charge is that what any one time assignment writing that means message down this working to reach out and help others but we have to remember the priority as well this is what must we be silent he said the ministry impact on the road widening and that the women's evangelism serial knowledge is a nineteen ninety nine all one has to imagine that the campaigns conducted by women he only missed one of ministry leader and you made a bad man he underwent in the land of the best way to say thank you to God for sparing their lives to share the gospel and amazing he will be coming into lanterns and I when administered with only one man in a fund that with them on women's ministries and and and and we can cooperate in as many ministries of finance again without it gets salt and white focus with our ministries this is my we can be doing a tantalizing and the only with our work I love the WIC Lindsay Lyceum movement because of stress in the back of them I have seen young people 's lives changed with evangelism back when you made me laugh and laugh them what they had to do anything when you are on mission trips you know teaching and actually evangelize that we can also live that to mean is more than just advertising the best that important part of getting our young people to look whether they need to be a deposit is talking to a counselor this woman right here as mentioned earlier she had the information on this year on because I feel all tubing eyes on me and getting out of hand because the weather I might now in the next five minutes you have questions about what we spoken about that's why any questions feel free to have always know what you think you have any questions do you want to build a new man who especially the three sessions you are getting an understanding and understanding how we can be moving away from secular psychology do you understand what I'm saying all this evil is nothing we can happen from psychology but we just have to be careful any questions that you have yes him I was ashamed I thrive the question is whether Fred who was abused by his mother right any of the psychologist is now in the psychologist ACCs it was he sees no real change when I went through the whole name in the first session on dealing with passwords and I talked about twenty people to Christ and the Koran is not thinking through the garbage piled on their past somebody like that I would definitely start helping them understand what Christ has done for them I would help them out when the Bible stories with them helping them see how people have been terrible payment is given you a brief blurb but I would use the Bible a lot as an example a woman came into me and she had seen psychologist for years because he was born I went like you and in the sixties one time when life is mistreated because she had sisters and brothers who have the same mother and father there she was born out of married and just felt so strange and mistreated and everything came into all this counselor counseling the Holy Spirit said to me and pay them desire made is it talks about Christ being born illegitimately as they say I read she was a Christian and came back and it was the interface and what happened to you she said I'm not renewed in accordance with this that he was ridiculed because he was quote not to have his earthly father and mother and she's a mess has changed my life I will need to cling anymore is saying something using stories in the Bible examples appointment to Christ and having them understand that what they want to is nothing new to me alive thing that happened to recognize that God can give them trying to move past that understand that that person definitely needs to understand more about the whole another story this was made in late yes yes wow while they need to get to know Christ I mean I miss all of this amazing to see how this can be when you grow up the Catholic Church in the bottom of the Catholic Church and he connects all church and it will be connected altogether sometimes she says the greatest argument sometimes of the life socializing and try to convince them that the church is not is not all that you say that it is I would have to show them to my life and somehow the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit to change his heart is something that human being cannot go the Holy Spirit has to do that changing yeah yes a man a man I love and I have not given us a spirit of fear of power love and of a sound mind very powerful while I was able to when I went home earlier to say okay you may not use something that you can gain from this experience what is something that you can learn from this and just to change that respectable focusing on the walls of their abusive thing how God can use that to help them to develop the character to help others in the same situations and is just different perspectives are Japanese people enhance the Holy Spirit I can give you this is how you do it thing but I can just give tidbits of how the Holy Spirit can lead to China address some of these concerns and questions I wear my wife is accepted but it's a little bit about some of the counselor she has and a few other things as Monsanto says it will just be spent on reviewing some of you talk about answering any of the questions you have a right that's left now comforter again father we thank you again for for coming in this room has reprinted your Holy Spirit was here out-of-print father for anything that I'm not clear that you will encourage our brothers and sisters here to go back and study because you've given us the blueprint and you given us the guidelines in the Bible first in line and artist inspired writings we thank you for what you given us the tragedy of lesson we just bring it when it were to try anything on my end and you know myself and my Berlin enabling users to bring in a medium life on this website is that God 's word free audio and much more than he would like to know more about how I feel like this is more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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