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Secular Psychology - Satan's Alluring Path, Part 4

Magna Parks


Magna Parks, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, and president of Be In Good Health, a health education organization. She conducts mental health seminars based on science and the Bible and inspired writings. She has authored books and articles on various mental health issues.




  • June 26, 2009
    4:45 PM
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I come before you for this last session where continuing to ask the Holy Spirit to be with us we ask for your wisdom and guidance understanding again and we just pray as we leave the sessions the Holy Spirit will continue to go with us and help our minds and our hearts to be open to the deceptions of the enemy and will open to you true in the name of Jesus your son we do pray amen it was less probably talking about moving away from the main philosophies of psychology and I think one way that we can really do so is to start utilizing as well as linings appear before they refer to her allies throughout the session and we just got to share a little bit more about what she has that would leave the Baptist Minnesota so you know what you will have a try here and if you would the summons would be done with some of our mental health problems to say about how we attract and keep new members that she said that we should stay away from calling outstanding then we should need people 's felt need in literally the word itself means now I like you to show me that word and I'm sure I'm the way she uses it is not another way when using backlight to see that but anyway let's see what she says about attracting and keeping new members I then informed by my guide and I only send those who believe the true practice health reform but they should also teach them diligently why there is for a Olympian agency for which the truth can be presented to the attention of modern believers now how using the health message that attract people to our charges have a tax system that not many of us still believe that my often times people may not hear a sermon and nine I hear anything about price initially but if you can show them that you as for health means it can open up a lot of doors and when we met she says that if we have such sound ideas in regard to health intemperance there must be something in our religious belief that is worth investigating committees both on your hangover this again is a way of investigating from and I were recently having this president Hitler having some talks about this presenting the health work in an online of still try to figure out what how is this done can we just don't health wagon that I say anything about Christ and in any of my husband of the mindset the seams and let you know some items of the wiring and the mouse of a lot of angry I think the point has been elsewhere if you exist is an entering wedge and we can use this as a result but we don't have to turn to the mega- church philosophies and ways of doing things and solids it is said that Chelsea has a lesson evangelism that day meaning should enter heartily into the work of the and holding Bible reading windmills and only comes in a family my coworker is a song important and we're recognizing that some charges are and recognizing the importance of this I was talking to someone who works with Apple here and in the company how a lot of hassle graduates are being picked up his Bible workers and churches and is doing wonders only when you know people we have to meet with them in meetings with them because we have to happen for this process of growing lifetime ban keeping young people to my things on this she is home that we need to start me how to win you to Jesus we actually made me that this is something that this comes off with whom I had without me deciding that we had an army of using indomethacin there may direct that had encouraged that all these solid train and they may rightly wear in truth given the reason skills if a hall that is within us while the reason why the movements one hundred five and older had the learning a lot from these meetings that I did love it on Mac OS X old head wanted to know her in age where learning from these youth meanings in coming along and doing some things differently there many representing genuine legend EU sex relation will prove a vital power and all remaining influence and business-related meals must be homeless man to be joined in Italy was divided impressive cells some of you may know someone is pulling things out of the blocks that we had to show you how we can all charges how we can attract members and team members when I have to use a secular psychology philosophy systems that you have counsel could terrify my general counsel to help the mind is to a large degree dependent upon the health of the body and the health of the body is dependent upon the way the living machinery is treated with wagging with people now it's important if you're working with people with depression and anxiety even eating disorders they tried this I find out on me and I do just this function on the and if we are truly people we have to bring and lifestyle principles now is the example that I just gave about telling them that's sinister to have personal running too hot and cold treatments arrays that they are the different neurotransmitters in our brain and maintain better and exercise all these things are important this is starting to realize that if I were there we may know that we have been transgressing some of nature 's laws when my brain is confused I know that I've been making some mistake in my diet as if she says this is the wonder why myself I why am I not thinking clearly this might be something that you are consenting to that this is interesting you know me with my research is one hundred and seventy five thousand and five this audit found that the also improved granularity in their daily routines again is the second is talking such as regular sleep patterns learning new Manning or depressive episode there are themselves involved in regulating emotions and the medications just getting people to have regularity going to man around the same time gaining around the same time exercising around the same time when they are in the medication is taking them on a regular enamel what did she tell us the granularity in the time for eating and sleeping should not be overlooked to the long flight I found this out and actually read how is rising for family worship meals and footwork is a religious duty to maintain this godliness health physics remains unprecedented lack of true religious system whether a woman she was a Highway Patrol officer at the three years she was going to try to find out why he was having sleep problems and if you don't know that many times when doctors can deal with issues that set up to us it must be depressing and must be counseling is solid at the center of enemy and mastectomy about whether and not she did shiftwork as she was surprised yes I did eighteen years managing our asset that you are having sleep problems are situated within the law into a regular schedule when you're eating at the same time around in and around the same time and you're getting sunlight to help change your body clock simple energy on the proximity to commit anyone sleeping fine granularity that my nontraditional outlets that could back to childhood I did your parents treat you for your child on what he is treated on the island this is because I know a lot of house and I was at the center this is the problem and she's not sleeping time and this is Vince 's Jeremiah seven of the law years ago and thought the thoughts must be trained in the life of the mind that is so working on my direction and rename the file to be trained and kept in the point at the purpose of the particles of cognitive behavior therapy is all about helping us recognize how real thing that we do but we must understand how changing our thoughts in your thoughts and my weight is so helpful in the fish hauling out even trying to be negative therapy is changing the chemistry of the brain is doing a lot of things is a biblical principle as you talk a lot about on trying to tear off onto the runway have beneficial effects on mental health seen the mice the students and not the principle cause a breakdown she said I worked in various counseling center centers and glasses when I was away thinking holiday studying too much that is the reason I is an improper diet the regular mail a lack of physical exercise and counter attendant and a lot of help I think that maybe soon as I worked with who had breakdowns and I think you really need is any less the breakdown is inferring that I can go back and say no because I is probably not good enough in any regular meals and not exercising regularly and not paying attention a lot of how the main domain causing the students need by increasing the flop on the line to know what creates more than X T that is the lesson power of what so you might say anything but when you sent me some times in your left-leaning deciding to certain things saying I'll do what you made me in your life that you are losing control over in my system that they visit this is what to say and too often the mind is occupied with Nancy and and speculations possibly called Diane and philosophy the medicine that writers write all about Berkeley Hall is the second about this as a side note the notion that there is not much research to show that when Freud said is accurate and very little science to show some of the theories he came up with is accurate there's very little compassion on them came up to an accurate better and find an outlet one not so says okay even when Chinese Mary has no science is appointed and that the tribunal in the Sandy on the defendant diagnostic statistical manual of the Bible the psychiatrist you look at something and I will see what excessive compulsive disorder the major depressive disorder the Maison science they don't know that I'll just get together every four or five years and says our enemies and an independent ass I miss independent and ninetieth in three of four five whenever there do not live in the van in a while as I have always been developed as an asset to have a big problem with using the linear and as a point of reference documents back in my mind this is not scientifically based so I immediately was not scientifically based enacted this they need to be brought into contact with nature the mental powers will be strengthened the character developed speaking of not nice outside and Carl Rogers she had a story with me would you mind sharing with our ideas our business resting at assignments and the background of the living room and Mary Smith following new mired in a friend who admired girl Rogers and about on the news about nineteen eighty five on we were down in the San Diego area where he lived again not beautiful I looking out over the ocean in San Diego area Gilmartin and I somehow he got permission to go over there and we're talking him and he was telling my marginalized then I brought my guitar and we started seeing since he and and I tightly said we instantly like to share you and suddenly I started to sing what a friend we have in Jesus and you could see that Carl Rogers was drawn and it was thinking about his past service at some stuff about how he had known those things when he was younger and stuff but I didn't believe that now he was resisting it but we sowed a seed and I know he died his later but on you now here he was with always ideas and yet the word was something that could John Little a man Scott Rogers was actually trained as a theologian and I love you all know this yes he went to seminary out what happened was I thinking let's look first international conference somewhere and saw that it was so much confusion in the religious world about different things and he's a mental recession one I want to be tolerant of paraphrasing what to do it to do what I wanted but it's a lot eight other discipline to feel what I can does have mild thoughts and worldview on things child psychology at it and he had questions the initial sound devices on the same many of the things we talked about is pushed by this man with a woman does did a story about whistle was also formerly a theologian so we can switch and see where that lets assessment will know when a website he died in to do with this whole advice on marriage advice on Mary's I also let me other day then going through this different counseling with counselors and I said that Vanessa says happened to anyone we just sat down and you have in his home is an emotional snow with him again that I'm easy to do that some powerful information in their system is how you must all unite in deciding to overcome to see the maps against making any words of wrong even if you have to your knees and cry out loud lord rebuke the adversary of myself one time sometimes without a psychologist at each other communication skills and listening and all about but sometimes we literally need the following days as a line out my time in a week human relationships she also said he and my family there are times of misunderstandings there I thought and feelings express that intention that job went well and why always been that will reformat and copies will soon be healed without leaving ugly stars in a McKinsey and husband and wife will resist the devil it takes two to really resolve that one is sometime doing because it Thessalonians one mommy is that the unbeliever can be sanctified by the gleaming white so that time on their way that women the way that all are united in that something I see a lot of the one imaginations numbered in my novel reading daydreaming and castle building and I think sentimentalism and demanding not appreciated in the husband and I give them all the attention they deserve we women can I get into something problems with this lasting settlement sentimentalism is something my husband gently on the dollar dwells is what we first got married every week because I feel my mind with some of the fiction that Allison Wong was the mouth this morning during his emotional things Lorraine soap operas and all of that seems when is an example of that message -based medicine to know about mission the attention constant painful and compassionate and the mind of Christ he will leave the hotel so that the lifetime of an husband they can be more compassionate way away we has limited to get out of our castle building when we doing in our marriages as you know I see no recollection of my vasectomy you don't minimalize you have some couple counseling there stories about people regarding from the white attention to women's use and if you missed intentions in mind all who have no need doing that recipients are and that's a nice but sometimes that continues to all potential women who have no need for that in an wiggling my mind that this is a big hassle I am sorry that she will feel are enticed in women you are to allow them to make you their confidant Prime Minister saying that Tom will not eliminate and counsel other women unless there is another person their presence and in the same ministry talked about earlier in the past dozen now and got into affairs of one and many of them that is because I met these women is Nellie met with me as an example we can allow on until he stopped at one point I stopped counseling because it creates an internecine man thinking and do a lot as young men my preference is that I had to seem and my husband met with me when people are bearing this out to you it creates a real intimate environment and things can happen we have to be real careful missy tells us this right here is the parents is more important is what each other and to the children approximately FL what they desire them and they wonder why our kids are having problems that we haven't been the example we should be going to democracy says an ophthalmic rebellion and you are tempted to speak and act parsley way before you correct them in opportunity to think I attempted to call you to do these things in disciplining a child and when you're angry she is psychologists at this but we welcomed him and recognize that we haven't useless not opening them up when we need to start doing that you and you and your family confess your sins before God got me enjoyed it about to acknowledge them and like some of this paragraph Harrison just like another load of guilt I messed up as a parent and in all these horrible things and recognizing some beginning and end family incision on his things now that we can do differently before please began before that many development and Marshall County is a singer every journeyer these again will be a man and he said that he actually had to get to the point business and had led the charge and to the point where he says you know what I need to call my son and apologize sensational son in my ministry I neglected was no helping everyone else thinking to anyone and did you and he apologized and had a real open session they talk to in the church now you know this we need to do with our kids one way that when we need to strengthen and you know there's something about that please begin me and you have homes that make you to bring your son or daughter back into the church is the clients I can remember earlier said that the sex I would say to me and whilst it was sanguine how much harm as long to shake it only makes it worse and economic and paranoid and yes I was a thing until that awful sometimes when a second mother to shut them all the time that China discipline and the waning of you as you and I see you in this woman came up with this counsel and if we will just send them people in the nineties that what we have and we just reminds across and recognizing that we have these things I either be happy to implement out for my character personality and the sure something so also he has held related to happiness that we cannot have the latter without the former she puts the two of them together to be happy again I think you are minimizing each one of them and hymns health vessel of his own happiness augmented this somehow doesn't looking for happiness on the outside but women are seldom wrinkling the Holy Spirit working within us that what Oprah like you know that everything is a new season and and himself recognizing the limits you have the Holy Spirit living within process that is sought from South is not a have been duly and validly and transitory supplementing happiness by doing things in a field that happiness will not last as transitory as well it is not balanced it was indeed happiness that we can be sharing with the world is very happy from a Christmas I want my leg and a sense of satisfaction and wanting happiness is to create such momentum that what we had all that and I think a lot of is now in circulation of the blood and until recently entire body the blasting diet the healing power to make you an assignment from the house he said that ministry and he and talk about I know one of the exercises and best for pain people are suffering with mental design and physical design and that's one of the best but something even better by name by name because you said you are suffering onto something else but me and I was interesting that some research when a minute with my something out whether actually defining the end of the heart there are some things that help us and will pronounce his name on particular ministry and he languages and Mindanao it's amazing what's out there in terms of really helping people like this I think it where I told me I was at Wednesday we talk a lot and I said I is the one you can be successful just as you know to be the most example of schizophrenic patients having an outside working in the garden in front of the automatic to tell me about a situation that she had a schizophrenic who was diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia know the ones of the space available and what happened last he was a licensed counselor and life seemed that the schizophrenic cinematic holiday man and his family may so they decided modeling awaiting you know the ground and in the present of schizophrenia just noticed that in the first couple of days this opened the counselor to the president if and how went the whole emotions and emphasize strongly that came in a person with schizophrenia was just having no money but it was a witness in flowers and everything she said talking to me that she would hand his hand increments just as Holloway properly and in schizophrenic assistant symptoms were gone she told me start sorry Western wife and I have been working out of the barn and symptoms unaware she stopped and other complex is one sin and Satan happen wishes as you know when I can take anyone and I will have enough people to really get my music in the pilot episode and you have to have enough personnel to be able to guide them so she doesn't take them anymore you keep missing a story upon story about using these people in my dream one day if that was like that when I can have the personnel to take that they are doing nothing for schizophrenia it really not because of the lifespan and schizophrenia we then had a administration have a place for these people the bonus of birth and when they will probably realize that dream get on that anyway that was helpful in all things happening behind enough when it was all happening really while the Pharisees are coming into the Giardina Corinthians flag must be also heresies among you then you which are on free will heal and employ women in me I manifest among you need to go back and change that in brain anatomy is not in the secular psychology on this fall seasons but the reason that you are okay as a doctrine is not signed by Kerry she wanted to an end and having areas where the conflict that so we know myself what is true any thoughts on this one you admit with me tomorrow maybe may whom I am right now do you need for remains mastery camera you all you need to get a little booklet that he talked about how heresy is seen coming into our terms actually started because this means the language rumors of the month that is a powerful and so I think is missing what names were able and he's bringing the finances of the natural and my prayer is the only museum in getting it will not be exempt down when please see the second is the singular but I will make you go to God glory and become stronger in him become more aware of their time reading and studying the Bible in a way that I've never done before I'm really sorry that made the story of him happened on several the other day to you that I'm not a contacted me first anyway whatever institutions and on the way as a missionary for two years patient in an e-mail limestone disjointedly this person will direct from HR department in the Bible about how he said if you will give me a sign I will send him to you and happen with Apple to release them to the Lord to do a lot of work and I see that whether he should call the negative people and act as you can use the practical principles and just tell people it's a wonderful thing and you really need with easy license compact the Holy Spirit will bring the addition people is married to that one is with you every season coming in and you don't want to be said that I do anyone in the ground and instead farm as a Pharisees and doctors away as friendly as well he is now in the habit of having to solve our problem we know actors in on him and and and I will say in the operations and get us into that place where the problem is and whether it's a financial problem my health problem and emotional unhappiness are related one way and then there is a man on combination of magnetic and solid for us and I believe a simple and you need to get a sounding counselor is that when we forget who our true dependence and beyond suddenly when I hear the story and the man that I transferred over then you will not hear you about the appeal of your mentioning anywhere the airline mechanic was intimately as how many more transparent and open to a male psychologist insisted upon him as a child because I did that at the main hatch all the dependencies and can create the created when you see these people for long periods of time we have to be so careful and frizzy and hear what we do this by describing us to want to matter less than hot and sometimes came and we want a man when he complimented me looking to man but not with us to resume this type of marketing the seal fest is interested went down to determine who would like to show allegiance and loyalty to and I believe I truly believe that I started the very first session the same is increasing that as we near the clothes of probation he is leading us to outline ourselves mulling these theories of men and women have missed the first and just give me does not he so now we need to me implies so as you write is that you will not share with others the only elbowing into the field or in the field and for happy about this because it's really hard to deal with this with people in the mental health professional writing sharing with them these things because I knew it is built on this what is out there and read that and I'm going to are you finding out that in our building is located at the blessing of the accident by the help of my husband he says you can get into Doris because of this degree now I share this with people where I can so what Satan meant for evil God means for good slide down the line that I have my eyes open and he said no to both of them but not index out of Scott and I is a linear thinking going into the field pray about this first because it's a meal they can really do some interesting things to my last thought will talk a little end and I read and respond to the power of his might mission me to watch a watch closely so many of us will die that you may be able to stand against the wild in the download count as if they were flawed and heal the whole armor of God Vicki maybe until Wednesday and having done all stand and you know the rest of the verse that I had with as well there is one thing I is Satan 's deceptions and snares that is the truth as it is in Jesus this will plan and heart are lifeless and prayer nice by the grace of Christ will give us discernment and from that know him page three zero one so if we had mid-July when I see Karen that comes about that detectable say something is on owl 's gave an example of its initial years ago balancing that you are endangered and error that you know I am dating myself here young women assume yes okay it was a cellular rollout with endangerment in deciding who are not my will go on a dangerous something is wrong we hear these theories Lehman has been a blessing to you and this can open the floor for any comments I know this is not the home time any comments or questions about any of you have anything feel free to free to ask you is that a diamond recess in the region to acquire much more receptive than I am used to yes and yes you can you and whatever breakout session yes I repeat with descendents of the recording everything is always balancing statements and principles that very good point very good points in yes thank you for bringing that out business decide what we can be due to dependency sad and genocide what we can be so isolated from people do not want to share anything and as a balance between the two Dubai that out because I think what happened I don't like these labeled under the unit because so you'll understand I can't stand the liberal conservative labeled as my panties and it means nothing to me conservatives are not getting to heaven and equipment at Liberal Liberals and I'm getting there but for just talking right now and our conservative circles I think that's a big issue we feel like we have to put on a certain way and we can talk about the problems that were happening because it shows something is wrong with us so some of us may isolate ourselves like you're saying and not to share I agree a man amen amen amen we should not begin distributing them because they were pointed which I should should ask for prayer and feel free to do that I was in the wife and I do sometimes we get it going to happen is wrong the question on the learning a lot we also difficult point where we mix it with the help work we can use that as an interlaced again and there is seldom a message about that is interesting how we going to happen is home to some of them will say that I've been struggling with smoking for twenty something years when I'm scared to bring an appropriate meaning Arnie Roth and I'm afraid this policy may be an homage to have at home and in an environment where people feel free to say is what this informing them to me shopping and informing but this is exactly what it's talking about thank you for bringing up that point any other questions just my areas around the pediatric counseling I is very limited because I was taught best left to the child psychologist but I been doing increasing work with an attention deficit disorder and end in my work with that has been helping the front along the restraint and vigilance were sent to work with a lady looking at me crying saying about what my childhood riddle and her increases omega-3 had her stop he stopped watching cartoons all you want is nature 's claim that and I had met having been going outside my window video games you called into my plan is to just that he's concentrating paying attention to open among the best experiment CVS to bore me I think I'm getting more and more of those questions I want to be able to do more with that so we need more help I know not not saying they don't exist I just don't know any we need some really do you any other questions or comments I him I is sufficient interest in the best yes I do well aimed at some of that has been doing I believe that some demon possession and goes on there I will pay but when I hear them say that all poor things than I trained in psychology so really understand what was in schizophrenia actually believe that environment now been an asset bringing semester can be explained on physiologically as you know you've heard of mothers when the cars of falling on the kids and again seemingly strengthen pick up the card and get a jungle of adrenaline and all that finally sometimes and maybe physiologically for the produce but I also agree with what you say with some of this I believe is as if Islam in the possession I really do and any spiritual work of painting from Manhattan is very true yet nothing now have okay I think what we can do and I read this from some other counselors who don't believe in traditional counseling and interesting when they said they sent you take what I'm appalled when you're dealing with problems to deal with it on a lifestyle basis okay that resolve the manual with lifestyle related is not lifestyle manual down and say in their medical cause for this sometimes schizophrenic to schizophrenic enigmatically and Islamic Jihad psychosis in the Levant is a drug that alters the brain and and and and and says something then we go down to the spiritual level okay and experiencing mania nothing on them in order this is just a normal thing in life that has been going on schizophrenia and the problems that waiting having identified our Christian walk the point I'm making is that I think we both know some layers like that to see that the practice of solid lifestyle there is no medical cause that we know and like some kind of spiritual issue going on so that's my take on how we can determine was going on there personally sometimes of schizophrenia into the last something that is everything is going okay with you no that wasn't the possession going on and if advice is being implemented and still nothing 's happening and we know there's something else going on off-the-cuff guess on that who determines that is that the professional working with him again and this is just a natural part of life and your character development as a Christian necklace is not talking specifically about if you're going to counseling for depression and anxiety something like that I guess you exactly exactly set the example yes I originated in the mind what means a man that's one time I was in fact to talk to many musicians would say to me that when people come and a lot of problems are emotionally induced and is manifesting themselves in hypertension diabetes other types of chronic diseases and I'm personally I think that's what she was referring to strengthen us in our society today this stress is largely due to mine it's not what's happening to life not distract someone our response to wit that causes problems and as you look at now when in the medical world to live physicians will tell you people are coming in and I know that a lot of their problems are due to things going on emotionally that's manifesting themselves physically so that it makes sense yes nine tenths of the diseases originate in the mine yes you the narcissistic borderline name you know why I think I'm still betting that the personality disorders but I think I just think it's another label for people who lack self-control in a self-centered minds is in response of them that something is unusual in that outfit am in the process of really trying to understand that now and I think I'm learning slowly how to deal with them as they come in looking at some of the Stimson Center they now manifested a look at what the biblical response of that would be like my black personality and hold into getting their newsletter finds it similar to the narcissistic and there and again if I wanted to stop your secular is massively reliable and always is unsupported and it really scared as to what is going on here yeah yes you the nineteen research on television and that symptomatic and you and all now I haven't heard much about about the impact of television yeah is a lot of stuff in the bad debt on that and you should have no television Academy knows me at all wow and you anybody older should be limited in I have yet to my that he needed on their website is my yes it does but when you think about the brain developing it would make sense to know and reason brain development because at this incredible things in brain development and new understanding the front alone in the development of man standing in front of a blank screen in your brain is not being exercised in the that doesn't exist in the outlet is also found that hampers creativity of the things we need to send in these demanding that we went to school to hate ours that Linda was on you and also thank you for that woman when nothing heard some of the comment on his is just one of the tools on the enemy now I believe I really do it if I had one working with COM was having a hard time getting out of this relationship with this man was in jail to go see me to go off and now will that he was finally able to bring that relationship because of all that was my decision-making and house as me I saw much longer because I'm not watching and reading these things than I was before yes I thought you hand I is is to a live and you sound like this something that live there that somehow the television may distract her from that doesn't sound like just a gadget is enormously when anyone is a fight again up on my okay and that something a lot down the lineman that someone needs to assess with her definitely because when we dreamed as a Latin is going on there and I'm kind of Freudian theory but I do believe that there things is happening there that won't happen during the day when we easily distracted that we get to a certain level of relaxation there's something that I don't know if this deal is anxiety and distress something is definitely going on and a strengthening with her that need to be explored little bit more and you can do with that woman I was very processing that is the direction you never know yes that's nothing on that one is difficult the question is how idyllic people find themselves efficient work that is difficult I just try to tell them trained in the night and I think that's the most helpful in helping him sleep in complete yes it off and schedule of granularity and it helps a little and nothing can FMLA and I are not being that we are meeting at the difficult thing that I turned again the nights and nights of the data may find that helpful a little because when the darkness in the coolness during the database position in everything we do get some melatonin release and all that but that's a difficult one really difficult and I really don't know where to go with it other than that yes personality test by the MMPI Myers-Briggs and all of that and I am not a multiphasic personality inventory and incident will become what they are tested as a people is always new answer they compare an army of people with schizophrenia and depression that has answered and are able to diagnose you based on comparing into these thousands of people to test reliability Mayor the problem with that is even on Ahab like certain parts of the test with a supposedly can think of better optimal thinking that taking the late human beings can put asses on a test that might not necessarily be accurate methodology might be helpful when necessary please know a lot of testing with it because the state would send people to meet intestacy of people off it so maybe they can be put back in the home and on my helpful in the secular world my brain is just crazy based on your man I didn't know anything about on your he wasn't out there so I do a lot with Myers-Briggs and often anymore and I think that is how fulfilling the anachronism of these things that Larry is concerned when please have these things out to my and you really are so I don't do much personality testing anymore some science activities on the merits who went sometimes in people having a hard time talking and sharing things yes you are you will you ride in her life such as small career counseling and going yes I used to do that I buy it we know the health moment non-Christians I really believe the Holy Spirit Gelinas is our calling is because he also based on the assumption that you happy to be as successful as you want to be in life felt based on the worldly standards but as Christians our success is defined little differently so they can be helpful you can rely on them we need to be careful with that but I'm different than the other test your life is not as bogus facilities on a test and questions and comments yes how you shared with them that you had Asian principles without I'm just repeating it without breaching some of the state regulations and all of that I have a problem with that and I worked independently so I can do whenever I can when you're in a state agency you have to be very careful that the restriction that you have the only thing I was series beyond sheer principles found in the Bible then one day someone asked me from the new venture you know I'm a Christian I'm just Mister invisible from the Bible to make their interest but other than that you got to be real careful of the church state issue if you're working in an agency like that but if you're working independently at the home of the story you can do whatever you can license comes in you know some people I haven't even says because of that opportunity for me to help people and if I can work independently and thus far have not been this point reported to have one but I can't know it at the reasonable investment the problem here in the one hundred thousand people being these who to address these things that got economy as the parts are acting as a nutritionist and in our train as a nutritionist dad right right right I can say that will help them out they had nothing science supports that Nana help me a little ride so when you're working for Jesus is this a sticky situation some people just think the chances are doing it but I know that this is your mama is not yet understand I have read about recently when increased omega-3 in the mind 's level dropped as well so yeah I delivered another hearing in my end of the film of the story okay and that was that what I thought it was effective now they go some people say you know I'm I worry about lifestyle Ms. Galindo they will never go away because the whole world can follow this but there are a few well lifestyle I guess my only God bless each of you conmen and remember just everything I learned that a man can you outsmart the mind to give you this all of your subject is pretty gathered gracious father we thank you for the Bible and the word that has been opened during these sessions we thank you for your spirits suite guidance in our lives help us to discern as the devil tries to cloud our minds in these end times thank you for your iris opening our minds greater health thing and you know where you are in this media was brought by Nautilus the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason and audio and much more than he would like to know more about hothouse in his life was more so than is www. audio person or


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