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Alistair Huong

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  • April 29, 2005
    7:30 PM


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everyone in all of your smiling faces that evening and that is privileged and is a great joy you with you you can understand how it cited I I grew up here in Loma Linda and in the years I've lived here there has never been something like this is a recent development you heard it already I don't need to explain anymore something great is happening and tonight we can be a part of neither study the Bible I pray that you will put all distractions out of all cell phones off noted that it is a vibrant it is better to have them off and cut away if your friend next to you is the type that will not even Fox news how then either collect themselves a nice and if you are eating is easily distracted right now but the Lord will keep you awake for my sake as we open as we open the word I might value is one one father in heaven this evening we ask for units we ask that you spirit fill us in power and changes that we made the final generation was busy Jesus returning bottles with region number for me number thirteen beginning in verse twenty six this is an account of a beautiful story the children of Israel have been taken out of captivity in Egypt and they had gone through the wilderness and now they are at the border okay and just use a journey and they will be in the form of land there is the waiting eagerly anticipating seeing where it is difficult without Warner and so they got together twelve leaders from each tribe of Israel gathered together and someone asked by the land see one with Len Leblanc what was gone having in store for the ridiculous story in verse twenty six of number thirteen when the spy the returning instead and they went and came to Moses excusing the universe twenty three and it came at the root of ethical and cut down from than a branch with one cluster of grapes and they vary between two upon a staff and they brought the pomegranates and of the face the place was called the rug escrow because of the cluster of grapes which are children of Israel cut down from thence he returned from searching the land after forty days and they went and came to Moses and Aaron and all the congregation of the children of Israel into the wilderness of Iran and to come and brought back word to them and show them unto all the congregation and show them the fruit of the land in verse twenty seven were destined for real our souls withhold it said that they told and instead became of the land within the offensive are you surely been lower than male and honey and this is the truth of the land of Canaan more a lot more fruitful more of our lives in the wildest imagination it was better than they could even imagine in the end of farthest corners of the online this store them not only does not go wrong in my life only they had physical evidence and whether the pomegranate was there they go there are solid at all in twenty more high bay knew what was in store it was then and anything they had ever and it will on the board and order of Canaan my friends where everything can use now those grades coming over the border obtained can you call your eyes and get the real value the main between energy of pomegranate juice according to Canaan is within our grasp just a couple of days more journey and will be made from Canaan is in our just like this slide back gone to the profit alone why who brought back the rights from Cana Jesus on vision he can meet in early writing had old that I had wings like abilities that I could fly and have been this press Kenya and Haiti can you now can you hear the birds singing over the Jordan but friends as good as this story sounds it doesn't end there it continues in verse twenty eight verse twenty eight nevertheless the others by continuing to speed nevertheless the people be strong that dwell in the land understanding the wall and very great and more older with all the children of a not there the Amalekites dwell in the land of the South and if you type in the general election none Amorite while in the mountains and the Canaanite as well as the money colors of Jordan and who are the people again made when the leaders of Israel the leader from each law and what will they do clamping down in the mind of the congregation influential reputable people within the church of God clamping down it it's too hard to be ready to the gospel can go to the whole world think of it aren't church populations of the world population is not possible you know that it really mean what he says when he said I'll come back for you the second coming of Jesus coming to our influential reputable leaders of the church planting doubt in the mind while Caleb speaks in verse thirty entertainment is still the people before Moses and said that until I want to possess it will be well able to overcome Caleb stood up but Amanda went up with maybe not able to go up against the people when they are strong than we would opposition and entrenchments in the air and in the following notice with a saver thirty two and he brought up an evil report of the lab Wednesday at searches of the children of Israel saying the land through which we have gone gone to search it is landing even all inhabitants thereof and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature now wait a minute they just brought back the fruits the greater the pomegranate and faith and they were lush and beautiful and delicious and they and what do they think is in the landing he its inhabitants and in the same breath they say that shines nonetheless sometimes when we are opposed in Poland and we know that were wrong because somebody is is is threatening our pride we become insurance acquisition and we go further than what the Wednesday of the end is exactly what leaders within the movements in transient vision so far as to lie about the clear fact that they have seen with their own rebellion began rebellion began within the people of God within just a small handful of influential men and women in this case just amended our day-to-day perhaps perhaps some of us fall into that category element here have been using of causing rebellion Numbers fourteen verse one and the congregation noticed a result of the ten upon the congregation to congregation lifted up their voice and cried and the people that that night and all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron and the whole congregation said other than with all that we had died in the land of Egypt or when job that we had died in this wilderness and wherefore have a look on the land the ball by the sword don't want our children to be praying not better for us to return to Egypt and they said one to another let us make a captain that at the time into Egypt the congregation although they have seen although they have seen the evidence of the goodness of the laugh although that the promise of God 's word although they had evidence of God leading in the past victim of false report envisions he just something about human nature human aging actually your asks naturally inclined toward negativity we are naturally pessimistic we are naturally faithless we are naturally unable to see beyond the thin simple facts before us and look at the grander scheme of things in the big picture human nature frail and weak enough it is exhibited here although they were on the border of the granite dream that they have ever the whole congregation murmured against Moses and against Caleb and against Josh not only that the congregation before God it would draw a lane leading of God is our God slaves of Egypt they forgot the crossing through the resting video looking back at the barrel armies drowned in the wanted list are they just different the leading when God gave them sweet water out of the bitter water of Lara they forgot the beating of God they forgot the daily raining of Nana you got the withholding of the matter once a week on that day and gone the playing evidences of God but what the baby they remembered where I arrived in Egypt they said they remember the onions and the means and anchovies of it remember the food of Egypt's they remember the amusement of need yes they remember the pagan practice of the Egypt they remember the immortal immorality and him on any of you get there remember the one time that they had Egypt's they remembered the friends that they had in Egypt and they remembered living life with the love of God and he just but they got the Lavery in the and brothers and sisters in all always had evidence from the word of God I have prepared for although we have the pen in prophetic ministry and on why showing us what is in store or on the future we think that the world has stolen good for us that we remember the world and we would get me remember the new we remember the moon we remember that sinful pleasures but we forget labor that can have been in the line is one and gone in meeting driving us showing us a better weather shackles of sin will never find his people again they forgot the leading of God but they remember the sin of Egypt but then in verse six notice what happens and Joshua the son of nun and Caleb the son of Jeff Annette world and less search the land rent their clothes and he spake unto all the company of the children of Israel saying the land which we registered it in the next meeting good land if the Lord of the life and then he will give it bring us into the land and given us a land which flows with milk and honey only rebel not against the Lord neither the people of the land but they are bred for us the defendant departed from them and the Lord is with us fear than not the congregation base still than with stone and the glory of the Lord appeared in the tabernacle of the congregation before all the children of his while all contributions when running in the way of renowned as they were running away from the plane evidences of God two men stood up to young men by the name of Joshua and Caleb is that no stop what you're doing gone wrong with my and if he's alive he will then lead only need enough the people and if I made in your look into what he was really saying Joshua and Caleb 's name the other people but fear and I might even add a failure today they would even say their God given glowing for the hour of his there is a message that needs to be given this church on the border and where all are the jostling Caleb today where all this to the that is willing to stand up and say stop what you're doing the day of the Lord he has he will use as he is here not the people but your dog the land of exceeding good and we are able to present where Scott where it came where are these faithful young the greatest law of the world the one man who will not be bought or sold mainly when it is will ruin on men who do not appear to call sin by frightening men with content it is the duty of the needle to the whole family will stand for the right though the heavens fall where are these young young man that is willing to call saying my frightening willingness of preaching the day of the Lord even though the congregation they stoned that there is Joshua and where to let me say something personal you perhaps this may make you feel uncomfortable but I missed it anyway if we don't want let me say if God cannot find Joshua and Caleb in a meeting like this here tonight where will I if there are not one or two very young men and young women here tonight where will they come from young men young women left for the wood of who understand the Bible Glenn Howard Sutherland until they come out of their here who have lived in Evanston Genoa Loma Linda if there are no people young people here where it is not going to go where's Josh and where these two can be there that we will be John you notice Rittenhouse that if there were ten men that were in favor of cleaning and only two that were against that of the congregation would have still have the same reaction the same you know something they're not enemies our couple others among the congregation two million plus people that knew what quality they were doing there must have been some other people than near where they were going they knew that they were doing something wrong then knew that they wouldn't obtain and a windward intense and there are people in the church all abilities the problems within the basic problem with vendors is a problem within their own life exceeds the book whatever reason it may be sometimes they keep silent because they are worried about being nine would worry about being nice more than being truthful and taking responsibility the duty of the duty that God given some thought we keep silent because we just want a nice something to keep silent because they don't know because we had not spent the time in the word of God someone get me to have not studied things out myself we had not spent the time in meditation and prayer that we can him me but we know that is wrong somehow we can prove it sometimes we keep silent because we don't want to be labeled as narrowminded and bigoted or in all which is violent because we don't want people to think that we are fanatics or legal it is rather the difference between being all of them being your spot we need to be responsible to the word the truth is the truth regardless of what label people intolerance bigotry fanaticism but should I believe all of those is no excuse for us silent on Christ's notice what it says in third testimonies testimony three page two hundred and eighty instead if you gone forth one above another of which is people are guilty it is doing nothing in case of an emergency indifference and neutrality in the religious crisis in the garden of God as a grievous crime equal to the very worst type of hostility against God let me say it one more time in different and neutrality in a religious crisis is regarded of God as a grievous crime and equal to the very worst height of hostility against God in the time of a religious private and we say nothing if we don't do anything immediately silenced in Windows twenty nine it is labeled at the words why again you know keeping silent when we see error and apocalyptic keeping silent when the church and wanting back to the wilderness into the court of Egypt we can sign that the worst hostility against forty years more in the wilderness the people one because men and women without stay like Joshua wears wears a button click now in numbers chapter fourteen verse eleven is a Scripture reading with my and the Lord said how long will this people provoke and how long will it be ere they believe me for all the signs which I have showed so often we ask how long would you how long before the national Sunday law how long before the closing probation how long before we had to run to the mountains how long before we had to do this inspection visit that will happen how long the act but a friend we are in no place to that question God is that how how long before Joshua and Caleb will then how long will the people of Israel keep silent in the moment of Christ how long will will well you will find the shackle of immediate help along well that you will need within the logic nest within the one how long will that be that I miss in their line how long how long will they continue to justify and rationalize their sin and error how long will they continue to fall in the world and their entertainment and recreation in the mode of earning a living in the interest how long will they continue to develop a relationship our region is that the Leica world how long will it continue to waste their money away with with a less than ideal diet how long not only how long will they how long before they remember the sign that I how long how long before they will remember how he has raised this church how long before they will remember the true wine that he had dropped his church how long before they remember that this church still stands despite Satan will value never how long before the how long before baby member saw the shortness the question of criminal that God has in his mind that the question how all one with all how was the result what was the result of his rebellion of God God offered both wipe them out on the phase of the adult they hated their carefully to say God is mercy spared the nation of his in the same way that is staring us today God is waiting for you given us another Moses prayed for the people and intercede on their behalf and got spent God honoring the faithful among almost the rebellious and what did God say first twenty first twenty eight verse twenty seven this began God says how long shall I bear with this evil congregation with murmur against her the memories of the children of Israel which they murmur against me saying unto them as surely as I live saith the Lord and he has spoken in my years so will I do to you your carcasses shall fall in this wilderness and all that were numbered of you according to your whole number from twenty years old and upward which have murmured against me that was you shall not come into the land concerning which I swear making dwell therein said Caleb the son of Jeff and that and Joshua the son of nun but your little ones which he says should be afraid then will I bring in and they shall know the by who you were talking and they shall fall in this wilderness and your children shall wander in the wilderness forty years and bear your hormones until your carcasses being wasted in the wilderness after the number of the data in which he searched the land even forty days each date or year showing that your iniquity even four years and you shall know my breach prompts God is good at answering her he not only answer the prayer of Moses to spare the people the answer the prayer of the people and on careful what you say let's gone in his justice and mercy given the design of the Goss Goss those of you from twenty years old and upward will need to wander for forty more years and perish in the wilderness this has special significance no one is I just turned twenty years old I can understand the fear that must have went through the part of those when gospel is another one for one for a moment very a momentary slip in reason in a momentary perhaps impulses reaction I don't know but the fact is that gone led the Israel nation that who will will be a rebel and return the wilderness would I want to hear it all I wanted I came in don't you where's Johnny where Kayla where is the final generation they need to staff or else we will do another lap in the wilderness just like Israel did you know I have a few either fear that one of these days I will look into the eyes of much and I will look into their eyes and I will have to say that you have to grow up on this miserable sinful I have my generation could have finished the work we could have explained the problem we were on the borders of Canaan but we and we turned back into the wilderness for another four years and now that's why you will not get sick behalf he was never live in the difficult situation where it is not safe to walking the streets of Iowa now how long can we answer the question answer that question cannot be given it must be given a lie through our life is always saying on one part of the file generation or are we willing to turn back to the wilderness for another how long before Joshua and Caleb is doing is not without although the nation of Israel return to the wilderness for forty more years the fact in history the fact and the word of God is that a generation did enter King just like a nation of Israel one across the Jordan a generation will answer heavenly friend that generation models love you why wait another four years they normally do any better in this world our generation is the weekends the most in more than most by the most Howard the most loyal the moving down to the most wicked of all generations previous but yes this is the generation that God will want green this is a generation if you want to write enough is seeing God come back without entering the great this is a generation that did not prepare just this link in a comment somewhere this is a generation in preparing to be translated and this is our generation and are we going to just sit idly by keeping silent twiddling I am thinking that the will we then meaning the new Yahoo and when Caleb today promise in second Corinthians chapter four gives us hope that we are not waiting or looking preparing in vain second Corinthians chapter four verse seventeen says for our light affliction which is but one moment work it was a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory while we look not saying which are seen but the things which are not for the things that are seen are temporal but that means which are not I turned all we looking at things are not being today I will looking forward to the future when we can have the greatest of Canaan overthinking the pomegranate of faith and we will not have to worry about the shackles of you that anyone friends tonight we had a decision decisions need to be made I know that there are those in this congregation and perhaps have not made the decision to give their life fully over the perhaps there are those here that have been lawfully not knowing what to do thinking that someday somehow something will happen to them I won't get them ready for heaven but tonight is the line that they need to make that decision they need to be a good decision not just something that is not an online something that needs to be exhibited in our life and our people here tonight I need to make this a so I saw as I have healed I wonder will hear eigenvalue may visit the other thing and just between you and God know when you looking at you just between you and the Lord that appeal the first appeal denied but for those who have not made the decision in the line begin everything they realize that they had been flirting with agents and they have not surrendered all in and they realize that they are not ready to entertainment that they are today's violet image because they know that they are not right with the ninth you want to make that decision to give everything if you are among that number if you want to make a decision on my integrator had right to give everything to the Lord that he may work in you God bless you brothers and sisters the message you are those who have seen in the own life that they had been leading people astray and whatever it is other than doing the lack of the meeting people in Simi Valley from rejecting the plaintiff evidence of the leading of God calling them to be satisfied instead rationalizing and justifying the error and an perhaps there are those in this conversation tonight but among those if you are among them region the lower season and he understands Mario on our name is booming to help God bless you brothers and sisters God has heard the four the next appeal this is with those who has seen almost around there seems for visiting friends visiting family slipping into the of error and that they had known that something is going wrong but they did not think that they were sitting idly by while they saw what was going on and do now tonight have understood that they were committing the greatest possibility against God and he has seen those things happen if you are among those raising God sees your God is bringing more than that God is willing to help change to be able to stand and to speak the time of crisis but Leslie brothers and sisters and finally our fuel supply is for those of us here this congregation who want to stand like Joshua who want to stand though the heavens fall who want to have conscious is clear what willing to call sin by throwing who are willing to leave the children of Israel into Canaan if you are among those numbers tonight in your desire to be among the hundred and forty four thousand if you want to be one of the least and here join together making this announcement about a grace of God and by the power of Christ working in us and through us the will be a part of the final generation God bless you brother this is maybe standing on just because others are said but because this is a true honest sincere design Dawn has seen us and he wants to do something great he wants to give us the union to finish the work common heaven tonight as we have reviewed the history of the people as we have seen how they have fallen short of the highest that we realize that we are no better than if anything we own words the Lord 's nine tonight we have the side we have heard this in our heart of the want to be a part of the final generation not just the final generation somehow tagging on the coattails of the one out the development of new that we will be at Joshua and Caleb who will stand the congregation bade stone that we will stand over me the only one that we will stand although family and friends and pastor and church member the eldest turn against us we will know we confess our ineptness we ask that your spirit will grab the villa that we may be able to stand on our power and our living I known me long we long to see you belong to see you at home not just anybody that was even but we long to see you come without ever entering what we know we can do that only you doing tonight your people are saying Joshua and Caleb 's will commit their life you no matter where you go what you ask us to do that we will be faithful blessed this weekend meters this year with an amazing not me they only need to fall in Iran proportion of the gospel to the whole world this generation we love you and Amy staff this is our prayer Jesus


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