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The Way of Love- Part 1

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • January 14, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Good morning. Happy Sabbath. I can't think of a better person to follow than Jesus Amen. Is what a wonderful him to say. Well it's a pleasure to be with you here again the small any and I trust that the Lord has a blessing in store for each one of us and I trust that the Lord has blessed each one of you as well I'm vite you to bow your heads with me and we're going to start with a brief word of prayer and then we'll dive into our study together. Loving Father in heaven. We are thankful Lord. That you have come to give us an example that we can follow. And may the song of our hearts this next week be I will follow the my Savior. It's morning Father as we reflect upon your word we pray Dear Lord that you would speak to us through it for we ask it in Jesus' name. Amen. In John the thirteenth chapter. We find Jesus and the disciples alone in the upper room. They are. Having a very meaningful conversation Molise Jesus is having a meaningful conversation with them. And his heart is burdened with a lot of things that he needs to share with his disciples before he's finally led to the cross. As you know the disciples were not in a very teachable frame of mind at this point. They were arguing amongst themselves about who would be the greatest They were jockeying for the best position on the left and the right of Jesus at the table. They really had a lot of strife inside of their hearts Judas as you know is already betrayed Jesus at this point. And while all of this is going on the deny this dynamic in the Upper Room Jesus. Really hits to the heart of the issue. And he makes a statement in John thirteen and verse thirty five that we read last week in our sermon together but we're going to look at a little bit more today by this Jesus says shall all men know that you are my disciples. If if you have what. Love what. Now in the general sense we oftentimes apply this Bible passage to mean that we should love everybody. And of course that would be true that would definitely be an application to the bible passage but given that we know the context and what's going on in the upper room the more specific application of the bible passage is that Jesus is telling the disciples that the world would know that they are His disciples if they have love for one another. In that group. All those people that are bickering amongst themselves who should be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven Jesus says if you love one another in this group the twelve of you that this would be the example to the world that you are my disciples and of course we know that as we look at Acts chapter one and accept a two as we see the disciples there coming together in unity and experiencing this love that Jesus talked about in John Chapter thirteen The result was indeed the world knew that they were disciples of Christ the Gospel went to the world at a very rapid Payne's this morning what I want to do is I want to take a look at this concept of love in the Bible the word that we know is a God page in the Greek I think there's going to be a couple of lessons that we can learn that will help us in our personal walk with the Lord and also in our interactions with other people the servant of the Lord writes in one of the periodicals in one thousand one. The Southern review January one of one thousand one she writes this statement. He only who loves his fellow man to a purpose can know God Who are the ones that know God according to that. Those who are. Now listen this is a Biblical concept the Bible says He that loveth not know it not God For God is look right so she's saying if we don't love our fellow men we cannot know who. But she give us some pause for thought. She goes on and she says this This is the reason why what is the reason why. The lack of love this is the reason why that there is so little genuine vitality in our churches why is there little vitality in our churches because there is little. Now what do you think of when you think of the word vitality. Life energy excitement this is the reason why she says that there is so little life energy excitement in our churches why because there is little love and she goes on she makes is this this bombshell of a statement that I had to read several times before really got the grasp it says this theology is valueless unless it is saturated with the what. Did you catch that I had to read that a couple of times the first time I read that to me dory when I when I first saw she was like wow I've never so I've never heard and of course I thought the same thing when I read that theology is valueless unless it is saturated with the love of Christ now what do you think of when you think of the word saturation. Right that's exactly right Norm the word saturate means it cannot hold anymore it's like the sponge on yours and your sink counter in your kitchen. That dries up throughout the day and then the dishes are timed it's time to wash the dishes and you get that sponge out and you put it underneath the water and it fills up until sit it in till it is saturated with water cannot hold anymore and she says that only when theology is saturated with the love of Christ that then it becomes what valuable. Educates that if we want our theology to have value to it to others we should first would saturate it with love then it will have value. Then she says this god is supremely his love in the human heart will lead to the doing of works that will bear fruit after the similitude of the character of God then she says in the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians the Apostle Paul defines what Christ like love which is what our theology needs to be saturated with First Corinthians thirteen defines Christ like love and then she says this it would be well to print this chapter in small type in every paper issued by our president she thought do you think that she thought this chapter was important. Every paper that comes off of our printing press should have first Corinthians thirteen somewhere on the page in small time and she also tells us interestingly enough that this chapter should be read every single day. You think that would change us if we read that chapter every day. Thinking about it reading it meditating on thinking about reading it and then she quotes First Corinthians thirteen and she concludes by making this statement this chapter is an expression of the obedience of all who love God and keep His commandments it is brought into the action in the life of every true believer every true believer will have this experience in. They're lying the small and I want you to go with me if you would first Corinthians Chapter twelve. We're going to delve into this a little bit more because I don't know about you I want to know God better Amen I want my theology to be valuable Amen I want to have the character of Jesus Amen so we ought to spend a little bit of time understanding this now let me before we get into this and actually today we're really not going to get into first Corinthians thirteen that's to come as we continue to unfold the series but let me make the statement here at the very beginning unfortunately First Corinthians thirteen has kind of been relegated to the wedding first with these thirteen is kind of been relegated to the Love Chapter between a husband and wife or between you know two people are dating each other I want to tell you this morning First Corinthians thirteen is much more than that. It is much more than that and it is lacking I believe in our churches today first read the chapter twelve. Verse thirty one notice the preamble here you know this already but when the Bible was written it did not have chapter and verse the visions in it so it would have just read like a letter Paul would have just continued going on here after verse thirty one and he says this in verse thirty one but cut it earnestly the best gifts and yet show I unto you a more excellent way and then he would just continue on from there so Paul here tells us to do something what does he tell us to do he says to what's the first word. Second word thank you coming right over the last time you found that the Bible told you to cut something. It was two types of coven in the Bible. One that's forbidden and one that's encouraged you know that we just read it right and it tends commemorate the Bible says that I shout not what. We shouldn't covet but here Paul tells us to covet earnestly the best gifts so there's two types of coveting here one that the Bible condemns and one that the Bible encourages the commandment that tells us that shalt not covet is a commandment that tell. As us not to covet physical objects visible things tangible things material things the Bible says not to covet those things not to want to take them from somebody else so that you can have them but here in First Corinthians Chapter twelve The Bible here is telling us to covet something that is not going to take away from but it's going to add to the church Amen. So that's the difference there it's not something that we're taking away from somebody but actually when we covet the best gifts we are adding to the church and I got a point that I'm going to hear follow me as I talk about the gifts a few moments here and then we're going to connect this in the first Corinthians thirteen and see how it all comes together and I notice the gifts that Paul mentions in verse twenty eight of First Corinthians Chapter twelve in fact the whole chapter there Paul is talking about the body of Christ the gifts of God and gifts of the spirit and he lists he lists them here in verse twenty eight he says and God had sent some in the church first what Apostles secondarily prophets Thirdly teachers after that miracles then gifts of and next helps then governments diversity of tongues eight different gifts that Paul outlines that would be in the church and Paul says to covet them how. Now it's interesting when you look at that word to covet earnestly it comes from the Greek word Zillo where we get the word zeal from and it literally means to burn with zeal for something to be zealous in pursuit of something good these Elice be earnest be desirous of the good things Paul says covet earnestly the best gifts there's nothing wrong with coveting these gifts because in the process we are not robbing anybody of anything but we are adding to the church now I want to make a statement here and I think you all agree with me that if you look at that list there in verse twenty eight of the gifts of the Spirit you will find that those gifts are important to the prosperity. Of the church and the furtherance of the Gospel commission would you agree with me yes or no sure we need those gifts we need the gifts of the spirit to move the church forward to fulfill the Gospel commission now notice Paul kind of flesh this out a little bit more inefficient chapter four versa Levon we're all familiar with this the Bible says this and he gave some apostles and some prophets and some evangelists and some pastors and some and teachers now do we still need Apostles today yes or no modern day missionaries of course we do do we still need prophets today yes or no yes do we still need evangelists today yes or no how about pastors say yes. So my Saemon. Do we still need teachers today sure we do these gifts we need them in the church for the further rinse of Law God has called us to do now Paul goes on and he tells us why these gifts are important and he goes on for the perfecting of the saints do the scenes Saints need a little perfecting yes or no sure they knew for the work of the ministry that the ministry need a little help of course it does for the edifying or the building up of the Body of Christ is God's body that the church need to be built up yes or no yes so he says this is this is part of the reason why God gives us the gifts of the Spirit so that the church can be built up so that the Saints can be perfected so that the ministry of God can move forward and then he says a verse fourteen that we hands forth be no more children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men and the cunning craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive so basically Paul is telling us here that the reason why God gives us the gifts of the spirit is so that it brings stability. In God's church can you see that she God wants us to not be carried about with every wind a false doctrine you know children if you tell them a lie or they going to believe it most likely they will because they know how much context but the gifts of the Spirit gives. Stability to the church so that when false doctrine comes we can stand through that that window of false doctrine and stand on the truth. I cannot over emphasize. The importance of the gifts of the spirit. But I want to ask you a question this morning I want you just think about this don't answer it just just think. That in First Corinthians twelve thirty one. Paul says true covet earnestly zealously. The best gifts listen we carefully you're ready for the question. Are. You ready. I'm not convinced. I'm going to tell you anyway here's the question. When was the last time. That you coveted one of the gifts of the spirit. Is something worth reflecting on is a process that we should covet earnestly the best gifts zealously passionately we should covet these things not because it builds us out but because it builds the Church of God. Not because it brings glory to me but because it brings glory to God not because of what I can do but because of what God can do through me he says covered earnestly the best gifts when was the last time that you coveted the gift of an apostle being a modern day missionary when was the last time you coveted the gift of being a prophet or not necessarily one who foretells the future but maybe one who interprets the books of prophecy when was the last time that you a coveted the gift of teaching or healing or helps or governments or the gift of tongues Paul says to the church of Corinth covet earnestly the best gives what was the last time you did that you know oftentimes especially when it comes to be nominating committee time we. I hope that the responsibility gets put on the shoulder of. Somebody else. And you've already heard this right if somebody calls and says hey would you be willing to take a position usually you can take that as an indicator that God is leading in that direction. So be aware so if you're going to be getting phone calls tomorrow is that OK. Is that OK. Just checking but Paul says to cover it honestly the best gifts that this is something that would build up the Church of God and move them forward but he says something more than this and this is where the contrast comes in the small he says Come in earnestly the best gifts and then what does he say yet I show unto you a more excellent way though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels. Did you catch the contrast. Paul is taking to great things here in his contrast in that he spends Chapter twelve defining and talking about the body of Christ talking about the gifts of the Spirit and then he makes this transition statement in verse thirty one where he says and now I will show you a more excellent way. What is the more excellent way according to the context of the book. It is first Corinthians thirteen it is the way of love now notice what it says in the New English translation of this passage I love the way this particular version translates this verse it says this but you should be eager for the greater gives and now I will show you a way that is beyond comparison. That beautiful. So Paul is saying listen the gifts of the Spirit are important but I'm going to show you something that's going to blow your mind. And he outlines for them a God in First Corinthians chapter if we're charity there is the Word of God It's love so he's contrast in these two things now let me ask you question Is the gifts of the Spirit important to the prosperity of the church yes or no of course they are huge We need them polish trying to emphasize that and as important as they are to the prosperity of the church how much more important to the prosperity of the church is what he's going to tell us in first Corinthians thirteen are you all with me this morning yes or no. You catchin it Paula saying listen it's important we need the gifts of the Spirit so that we can move forward the work of God but don't do it without what I'm going to tell you in first Corinthians thirteen. This is more than just a love chapter this is more than just something for the wedding time or two people that are engaged in a relationship this is a chapter that has huge implications in us fulfilling the Gospel commission. You know Jesus talked to the religious leaders. Of his time and he called them white it's subtle occurs remember that. They like that you know like that what did he mean when he called them white settlers they look good on the outside but what happened on the inside. Full of dead men's bones. You know I believe that a church. Without a God is like a white it's simpler. It looks good on the outside it's got all the right thinking it's got all the right statements looks good and everything like that but inside there is not the life. That the church needs that. We've already found out that without that life that it got paid that love our theology doesn't mean much and I'm here to tell you the small and the I believe with all my heart soul and mine. And I have a firm conviction on this that if our church isn't fused with a God There is no question about it it will grow. And I believe that part of the reason why our church and I guess I'm speaking generally here but I think we can learn something from this in our own specific church as well but I think in general terms the reason why our evangelism is struggling in North America is because there is a dearth of a gobby among God's people. There's more of a tolerance or putting up with one another rather than and I got pay which is the character of Jesus and I believe that when that happens we will see actually to happen in our church there's no question about it that's what took place the disciples were picking amongst themselves who will be the greatest in John Chapter thirteen and Acts chapter two they put all that stuff aside they came together in unity they loved one another as Jesus loved them and boom the Gospel went to the world and a New Testament church exploded. In his book on love Taylor but makes this interesting statement he says unless Love is the keystone or the cornerstone of belief and the spring of action the profession of Christianity is mere talk dry formality and what's the last one there. They've never seen a Christian it looks like they're in heavy judger drudgery before. Why is that. Because there's an absence of something in their life. The life giving love of God. There's a drudgery that comes to our Christian experience for me at the deal with each other we don't have that love of God inside of us. So what's going on here what does the Bible mean when it talks about this concept of love Unfortunately in the English language we only have one word to express this love if I said I love my wife I love apple pie and I love my. Dog. You understand that those are all different loves right I don't love my wife the same way I love my dog so much it's in a manner that. I don't even have a dog but you get the point right you know a husband who loves his wife the way he loves his dog doesn't deserve to have a wife. It's different if I just said the word love you don't understand what kind of love I'm talking about in the English language you have to have context in order to understand what that love means. But in the in the Greek writing in The New Testament they did not need the context because they had different words to express the different types of love that they are talking about and you could read that one word and instantly know what the context because that word had a specific meaning now I don't want to take too much time on this but I want to share with you a few of these definitions just so we can kind of see what it is that Polish trying to emphasize here as we get into first Corinthians thirteen over the next couple of weeks the first Greek word that you will find is the Greek love for Layo or friendship love this is the love this type of love is a warm feeling of affection for Layo is an emotional and it's emotional and spontaneous but the weakness of this type of love is that in order for it to exist in order to show it it has to be what has to be reciprocated has to be shared other words I follow you you follow me and therefore exists but if I only fully O.-U. and you don't fully know me back then it doesn't it just kind of fails it fizzles out this is the type of love that you will experience when you see your spouse or when you saw your spouse for the first time it's that I want that person to be mine my mate for the rest of my life it's an emotional feeling it's a it's a warm fuzzy emotional feeling that is good now unfortunately many marriages are built off of this type of love. And when they hit hard times. They end up in court you understand I'm talking about right so the this type of love needs to make sure in the human relationship it can't just stay fillet Oh but it's got to mature into something a little bit more deeper and we could talk about more more of that another time the other great love that you find is the Greek word story again which is a family type of love story gate is and natural love or affection of a parent for their child or one family member towards another it's oftentimes translated in the Bible as brotherly love you've heard that before right Philadelphia is where where we find that word so it's a love between family members church family members you know kin family members it's that type of love that exists among the family or brotherly love as the Bible oftentimes translates it air us is a physical attraction you won't find this Greek word in the New Testament but you find in the Old Testament translation in the Greek it's God restricts arrows to one man and one woman who are in a relationship within the bounds of marriage err us can often be selfish in the form of what this is the type of love that we oftentimes see in Hollywood OK this is this is the type of love that's out there in the world that's most prevalent a healthy era US would be a physical attraction between what. Married couple so there's nothing wrong with it it just needs to be in the right context now these three loves that I've just described to you generally speaking in order for them to exist they have to be reciprocated so I give it it comes back to me and therefore it continues to grow if it's only given and not gotten it begins to fail this isn't the case with a god pay a god be love is different than that God's love continues now God never tells us to arrows anybody God never tells us to fillet anybody God never tells us to store anybody but he does command us too. A GOD. Are. You all with me this morning that's where we find statements in the Bible like this in the Gospel of Luke Luke Chapter six verse twenty seven it says but I say unto you which HEAR WHAT IS A say love a God pay your enemies do good to them which was hate you does that feel good do you want to love your enemies naturally speaking you don't want to and that's the interesting thing a god is not a natural response it's something that God has to give you and create inside of you for Layo arrows and story that's more of a natural response it kind of exists because we are human but when it comes to a god pay God has to create that thing inside of us because naturally speaking I do not love my enemies. But God commands us to he commands us to a God Now the interesting thing about a God day is that a god they can exist on it's own it doesn't have to be reciprocated I don't have to get a god pay back from you in order for me to a got to you it can exist solely on it's own because it is a principle not an emotion that because that first Corinthians thirteen is not an emotional type of love it's not something that comes and goes based on how I feel at the time but I got to is a principle that God has given to me that to that that dictates my character in how I interact with other people and that's why Jesus says that we ought to love our enemies and do good to persecute them. Notice a couple of passages where we find this word of God. John chapter three in verse sixteen we're all familiar with this one let's read it together for God so I got paid the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life let me ask you the question Did God. Want to send his son to this world yes or no. Did God want to see his son die yes or no Did God want to be separate No God did not want this but because he a God paid the world he was willing to do it he wanted what was best for his children here's another one in English and chapter two verse twenty the Bible says if the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who what a god made me and did what did jesus want to do that yes or no no way he did it because he knew it was what was going to be best for humanity he knew it would help us it would guide us and it would draw us closer to him and eventually into the kingdom of heaven. Now you have your bible to go with me if you would to first John I want to share with you one more Bible passage on this and then we'll wrap it up. First John chapter three and verse eighteen. First John chapter three verse eighteen. John here is again talking and he's referring to our GAAP a again he says this. My little children. Let us not love in word neither in tongue. But would. And in. Now there's nothing wrong with loving in words or in tone the wrong that. You can tell people that you love them it's a good thing to do. But if that's all it is we become the white it separate curves that Jesus was talking. Just a mere profession but nothing that's coming from within. But the other thing I find interesting that John says here. Is he says to love in what first. And what do you need and. I don't think there's a mistake in that order. But oftentimes we get it reverse and we want to love people to the truth and then we will love them indeed but John says that we should first love them indeed and then love them for the truth that you catch that that's an important significant point that if we love people the way Jesus said we are to love them then they would be more receptive to the truth here's the interesting thing when you look at the life of Jesus Jesus's life could be defined as a god paying anything that he did in the Gospels was a cop a law. Did he have much fruit from his ministry yes or no. During his three and a half years there was little to no fruit not very many people were one to the church during his three and a half years of Earth ministry but he was planting seeds was he not he was planting seeds in the hearts of all those people that he healed that he helped of their physical maladies a he spoken word of encouragement to whatever was he was planting all those seeds and then when the truth came along and actually Chapter two boom people accepted that truth because of what Jesus had done for them before you see that Jesus loved indeed and then the truth came along and three thousand people were baptized. I want to tell you something the seedling friends this is the impetus that will cause our church to explode if we are willing to do it but I want to tell you something else this type of love is not an easy love. You see I believe we live in a society where we want microwave evangelism where we can just do a series pop somebody in the oven for a couple of days and then boom they come out at the end everything is the way it ought to be. But I believe that the Bible more accurately describes Crock-Pot evangelism if you will. You all understand what I mean right specially the. Sometimes it takes time things got to bake things got to cook they've got to marinate together and they've got to work them so it needs a little bit of time for it to get to the point where it is palatable. That's what Jesus did. Now listen there's no question about it that sometimes it's quicker for some than it is for others but the vast majority of the time there is time that needs to be involved in or invested in people. Let me tell you story. In one of my churches. In my previous district we held a depression recovery seminar. For eight weeks fantastic program. We we had our information session and there was a lady who came to the information session who noticeably did not want anybody to talk to her. She came in the backs of sat in the back pew she had a little bubble and as soon as the meeting was over boom she was gone after she signed up she signed up for it at least but she took off fairly quickly and you know want to talk to you. Later on we found out that she had been struggling with depression twenty years can you imagine that being locked in depression for twenty years day after day week after week month after month year after year depressed depressed I can you imagine the depths of darkness that you would go and. We also found out later on that on that night of the information session when she came to the church parking lot she drove right past the entrance said get this I'm going to go home I'm not going to do this she got to the end of the road and something Toller turn around and go back and so she turned around and she came back and she pulled into the parking lot and she parked car and she came in. Night after night week after week she came to the to the depression recovery seminar and we taught her different principles and how to how to get the mastery over your. Diet exercise and positive thinking in cognitive thinking reading scripture reading the book of Proverbs and lots of different tools that we have dietary things that and she was beginning to to crack and start to experience some level of victory in her life. When we got to the end of the Depression and cover a seminar she came up to me and the elder that was helping me to do the thing and she said listen I want to talk to you guys now this is a lady who came week after week and she didn't talk to anybody. And now she was stepping down to say I want to talk to you Can we talk sometimes that sure we'd be happy to talk I want to hear this lady story so we got together one day we were sitting in the church we were talking. She didn't have a lot to say but what she did say was profound she said. I. Would like to become a member of the some of the ministers. She had never heard the State of the. She had never heard the three angels messages she had never heard the Sabbath twenty three hundred days the second coming she never heard any of that stuff. And I was scratching my head I was like Hang on a second here we haven't done any Bible doctrine all Cs read is The Book of Proverbs and she had no religious background she wasn't raised in the church she didn't attend church at that time but we got to the end of the first recovery summer and she said I want to become a something I have as I say OK let's do some Bible studies we started doing Bible studies with her one doctor after another I accept that I accept that I accept that I said there is no question it just all smooth. And at the end of it I finally realized what it was that triggered inside of her mind she found people who loved her condition. She found people that would love her even if she did not give anything back to them or even if they didn't get anything out of it they just simply. Wanted to do something that would help benefit her with no strings attached. And she said I want to be with those kind of people I want to believe what they believe I want to be like they are and I had the privilege right before I came to this district about Ty's Gale in Lake Huron and it was a beautiful experience but I want to tell you something this morning. We worked with her for two years. Prayed with her studied with her not because she was resistant but she just needed she needed a lot of encouragement two years we prayed with her we cried with her recruited for her we prayed for her we prayed with her we study but it was a lot of work that went into it but in the end she is a Seventh Day Adventist in this church today. Now I want to tell you the sworn in I don't think many of us have much interest in this type of evangelism if we're going to be honest with ourselves we don't really have the much that much interest you invest so much. Into one person but I want to tell you something friends this is what the world is looking for if all we have to offer is the same kind of love the world has to offer what do we have the offer there's nothing that the Church has that that they can already get the world is looking for people who will love them unconditionally. Without any strings attached and then they will say hey if that's how they are I want to be like them. And I believe that first Corinthians thirteen holds the key that will give us explosive results in our reaching out to our community. And so this morning. I ask you. How are you loving people. What type of love do you have towards your brother and. Jesus says by this show all men know that you are my disciples if you. Love one another How's it going here. We got to start looking around here first and say hey how is it with me now listen there may not be anything between you and other church members and that's fine if there isn't but I've been around long enough to know. That there are oftentimes things that creep up within the church that divide the church family. And I want to tell you something this morning that we need to get a grip on that if we're going to be effective and God using us to reach out to our community God has put the Muskegon Seventh Day Adventist Church here as a beacon of light in our community and God is blessing the work that we are doing and we're thankful for that we are abundantly thankful for the souls that were baptized last year we are bonded we thankful for the Souls that are going to baptized this year but I'm not I'm not satisfied I believe God can do greater. If we have first Corinthians thirteen experience in our hearts if we have a character of Christ that loves unconditionally that is willing to be spent and just and to spend and be spent that is willing to invest even if there's nothing that comes out there is no glory to this kind of work there is no chart that you can put in say what we've had this much success in showing a godly look there is none of that it just has to come from within it is who we are it is something that we cannot do otherwise because the character of Christ is so perfectly reproduced in us that's the way we are. Now I believe that when that takes place our church will grow exponentially I want that how about you. I want an actual chapter to experience for us and so will you join me this morning in the prayer asking God give us this experience father as we study first Corinthians thirteen Give us this experience while you had with me as we pray Father in heaven. We are thankful. That you have called us to be. Children. We are thankful Lord. That you are calling us up a little bit higher. To not be satisfied with the status quo. But to go above and beyond. I want to be like Jesus. Father I pray. That this a god be loved would start with in this building among us as your people. That we would be self-sacrifice in an unconditional. And. A Father I pray that it would spill out from our church into our community and that it would compel people. As it did. To embrace the message beautiful message that you have given to. Give us just. Keep pushing forward like you are. Creating Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know. If you would like. To visit.


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