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The Way of Love- Part 3

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • February 4, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Dear Father in heaven we are incredibly thankful for your many blessings in our lives we thank you Father for your tender mercy for your patience your long suffering with us and we thank you lord that you find in us something worthwhile in investing in and Lord we pray that your Holy Spirit would guide us and give us wisdom as we study your words or we ask it in Jesus' name amen. A couple of weeks ago we started this journey of First Corinthians thirteen and we started off by looking at the preamble of this beautiful chapter some EVERY for it to be as the chapter of love or the psalm of love and then as we began that preamble we look there were Paul said in First Corinthians Chapter twelve in verse thirty one to covet earnestly the best gifts the gifts that he just outlined in chapter twelve but then he said I will show once you a more excellent way or a way that is beyond comparison that more excellent way we found out in our study is the chapter of First Corinthians thirteen where he breaks down a basic understanding. Of what adopt a love is and what it will be like among among God's people what it would look like in its manifestation in our study together last week in our last study together we began first Corinthians thirteen by looking at the first three verses of that chapter there we found where Paul made five contrast in statements as he contrasts to between some of the gifts and various other things using these these contrasts to show the incredible importance of a god day among God's people we found out in that study together that tongues without love is nothing prophesy without love is nothing faith he says in fact all faith without love is nothing acts of charity without love is nothing and then the ultimate expression of martyrdom according to Paul he says it is. Nothing without the expression coming from a deep roots of a God or love for that individual now as we started this study together we found a very interesting statement in the spirit of prophecy that really gives a greater sense of the importance of a god among God's people and we found this statement in the southern review January one of one thousand one other some interesting things going on in the administration around one thousand one there was a lot of dissension there was a lot of division there was a lot of bickering back and forth amongst the two groups kind of similar to some of the things that happened with the disciples in the time of Christ so this is a very telling statement that she makes or she says he only who loves his fellow man to a purpose can know God only those who love their fellow men will ultimately know God this is the reason why this is the reason that there is so little genuine vitality in our churches from the statement it appears like there can be non genuine vitality something that comes from another source other than the true source of life but she says the reason why there is genuine vitality amongst God's people in today's day is because there is a lack of a cop a love there is a lack of love one towards another then she goes on she says the ology is valueless unless it is saturated with or saturated with the love of Christ so in order for our theology in order for our understanding in order for our doctrines the teachings of the Bible to have value to them to be valuable to other people to be valuable to us they first have to be saturated with love no loss Oftentimes we think well if we give them the truth then we can love them later. But according to this statement We need to love them first and then give them the truth later Amen now we don't skip the truth this isn't just a gospel of love where we just love love love love love and that's all we do. You know this is a gospel where we love people by showing them it in our practical expression but that love is alternately driving us to lead them to the point where we can share with them the truth of God's word and as we've seen many other times that when we when people with love the doctrine the theory the teachings of scripture come very naturally they are except that when once they know that they are loved by the people now she goes on she says this god is supreme his love in the human heart will lead to the doing of works that will bear fruit after the similitude of the character of God I'm going to talk a little bit more about this here in just a moment about the character of God and what that is going to look like as it is expressed in those who have first Corinthians thirteen manuscript releases Volume nine page one hundred twenty eight it says this a loving lovable Christian is the most powerful argument in favor of the what I'm going to be reading this over and over again because I want this to sink in your head when I read the statement the more I read it the more it just becomes alive to me with meaning that if we are loving if we are lovable that it will give a powerful defense in favor of the truth we don't need to have these apologetic necessarily symposiums where we come up with fancy arguments or answers to arguments to the truth of God We simply need to show the world that we are loving and lovable would you say amen to that it will be the most powerful argument in favor of the truth that's a promise I think we should do well to claim on a regular basis a copy is a desire to do what is best for somebody else a copy is not depended upon the other person's response in order for it to exist it loves not because of what it gets or how the other person responds but because it cares for and wants the best for others I don't want you to miss this point that I got paid does not respond just because somebody does something good to you. A. God being exists whether you are treated good or whether you are treat. Bad we still have a gap a one towards another and this is why I say it's not something that is of human devising it's not something that can come from within sure it's easy to love somebody who loves you. There is no test and that there is no changing listen all of the people of the world have that characteristic all of the people in the world wherever you go if you love them they will most likely love you back but what is the real test the real expression of whether or not Christ has come into your heart is if you can love those who do not love you. Now as we looked at our study of First Corinthians thirteen we found that there it is the brief overview of this chapter is divided into three sections the supremacy of love is what we looked at in our study together last week when we looked at these five contrasts the statements where Paul talks about how great love is as he compares it with other things this morning we're going to start on the second part where Paul describes the characteristics of a god versus four through seven and then we look at verses a through thirteen another time the permanence of a God that it will last for ever and ever so this morning let's begin this analyzing of a god pay by going back to our Bibles First Corinthians thirteen versus four through seven First Corinthians thirteen. Versus four through seven. The Bible says this charity suffer with long and is kind charity and the if not charity volunteer not itself is not puffed up does not behave itself unseemly seek it's not her own is not easily provoked think it's no evil Rejoice is not in iniquity but rejoices in the truth beareth all things believe with all things hopeless all things endure of all things what Paul is doing here in these few verses is he's taking a guy up and he is sliding it if you will underneath a microscope and when you look at it in a microscope you get. Closer look at whatever it is that's underneath there and you begin to see if you have a powerful enough microscope you begin to see the fabric of what that thing is made out of it it breaks it it magnifies and it gives you more detail of what the thing that you are looking at is made out of and Paul in a sense is taking a love and he's putting it under a microscope and he is showing you what it is that it is made out of the fabric of a god pay it's kind of like you know when you take a light and you shine it for a prism and when it comes out the other side of that prism what do you see. You see the beautiful colors of a rainbow right so Paul is it again he's kind of taken a GAAP a like a light he's shining it through the prism of God's word and he is breaking it down into all of its beautiful colors what it looks like in its expression towards one another. Now if you look at these few verses here just look at them in your Bible if you would if you look at verses four through seven. It's almost like Paul is describing somebody here as you read through it it's almost like he's he's got somebody in mind and he's describing that individual as he's right charity does this charity does that charity does this it's almost like he's describing somebody there and I don't think it's too far of a leap to say that really who he is describing is he's describing Jesus to us a man he's describing God he's describing the character of God In fact it's interesting if you go back to Exodus Chapter thirty three where Moses asks God to show him his glory he causes all of his God causes all of his goodness to pass before Moses and he basically proclaims his character and if you look at the character of God described in Exodus Chapter thirty three and you compare it with First Corinthians thirteen you will find that there is an overlap there you'll find that there's a similarity between those two things in fact Paul actually expands and gives more detail. That Exodus thirty three does not so when we look at for script is thirteen four three seven Keep in mind that what Paul is describing is he's describing God The Bible says God is love what does that look like Paul says here it is I'm going to show you what it looks like and he writes it down breaks it down into the fine the fabric of what it's made up now here's where things get interesting I want to look at this verse again just to look at it in your Bibles you have your Bibles open and when I ask you a question as you look at that passage of Scripture verses four through seven. The question is this Can you put your name in place of the word charity. Jason suffer long and it's kind Jason and the it's not Jason Pontin not himself is not puffed up does not behave himself unseemly and so one can you put your name in there we can put the name of Jesus in their Jesus suffered long and is kind but can I put my name in First Corinthians thirteen versus forty percent now I don't know about you but what I did that made me a little uncomfortable. And make you look uncomfortable and makes me a little uncomfortable because when I look at what how Paul describes the character of God I realize that by me putting my name in there I have a lot of areas where I need to grow in my life. I. Have some areas where I need Jesus to do a little tweaking in my in my character and in my life do a little changing on how I express myself to others there is a little room for growth in there but Jesus tells us in John Chapter thirteen verse thirty four he tells his disciples in the upper room as they are breaking bread together as they are spending those final few moments he says A new commandment I give unto you that you are got the one another as I have what I got paid you what does the godly of God look like that he gives to me first Corinthians thirteen versus forty seven What is Jesus commanded disciples He says this is how I want you to have got they want another. And then he repeats himself he doesn't just leave it there but in chapter fifteen verse twelve he repeats the same thing again this is my commandment that you are God pay one another as I have a got paid you do you think the disciples needed this message. You think we need this message there's no question about it this is a message that we need this is something that is imperative Jesus says by this show all men know that you are my disciples if you have a god pay towards one another. Now here's the really interesting thing. According to first John Chapter two in verse three sorry chapter three verse two it says this beloved Now are we the sons of God and it does not appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear we shall be. We shall be what we shall be like Him for we shall see him as he is when Jesus comes who are we going to be like we're going to be like Jesus first Corinthians thirteen is not just describing the character of Jesus but first Corinthians thirteen is describing the character of the Redeemed. First Corinthians thirteen is describing the character of those who is going who are going to be translated First Corinthians thirteen is the scribe in what the hundred forty four thousand will look like before Jesus comes to take us home in the clouds of heaven that's what first Corinthians thirteen is describing and it's not something that I can do myself it's not just a mere intellectual assent to truth it's not just you know going to a church service and saying I've got this knowledge no no no this is something that God has to create within us. In a sense it's almost like we have to lay ourselves down on the heavenly operating table and allow God to do some hearts or. Maybe there's some of you here this morning that had heart surgery maybe you know somebody who's had heart surgery it's not it it's not a fun thing to go I've met many people who've gone through heart surgery it's very invasive. It's very difficult to go through the healing process is quite extensive there's a lot of pain and suffering involved but it saves their lives. In the Bible tells us a new heart also will I give you and a new spirit also will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of. God wants to do heart surgery in fact he wants to do a heart transplant he wants to take out the stony one and give you a heart that beats I've got it I've got a copy. That's what God wants to do for you and this morning I don't know about you but I want to go under the surgical precision of that scalpel that's in the hand of my Savior. And say Lord you got to do it because there's nothing in me that can do that. Help me Lord I can't do it on my own. So what does it got to look like let's go ahead and break these things down to their basic components first Paul says that charity or God pay suffers long and is what suffers long he says and is. The Greek the fines suffering along. As being patient in Burien the offenses and injuries of others let me ask you a question Have you ever been injured by somebody. Have you ever been offended by somebody First Corinthians thirteen tells us that we're patient with them when that happens. That we are long suffering with them when that happens that we are kind it to them when that happens listen this isn't something that you have inside of you the natural human response is that when that happens we lash out at them. But Jesus says that the character of Jesus is when that happens to say Father forgive them. For they know not what they do. To show kindness in the face of mistreatment to show kindness when others injured us a God day is patient with the faults and failings of others it is willing to forgive seventy times seven if necessary when everyone else gives up a got Day continues to be what. Now you remember when Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven. The disciples ask how many times I forgive just as under seventy times seven The point wasn't that we forgive four hundred ninety times and then we say I don't have to forgive anymore. The point was that Jesus says as many times as they ask for forgiveness is many times as you forget and it got is the same way no matter how many times somebody may injure you or do wrong to you or say bad things about you or say bad things to other people about you or whatever it is the Bible says that a god day continues to be patient and it got to continues to be caught. Behind impatient to those who may mis treat you now. What is the opposite of long suffering what is the opposite of patience it is what. It's what it's impatience now do you think we live in a world today where there are a lot of impatient people. There's a lot of impatient people right I mean in fact when you think about it impatience today has almost become expected excused and in some circles impatience is even praised Is it not in some business circles it's almost lauded it if you as a business person are impatient with people as a means of intimidation. But I want to tell you something this morning never does impatiens exist in the heart of a truly converted Christian. One article that I read that. The society that we live in today put it this way. We speed date we eat fast food use the self checkout lines in the grocery store try the one weekend diet and wonder how that will pay extra for overnight shipping honk when the light turns green drive and dive on quarterly earnings reports speak in half sentences start things but don't. Is that not true is that not describe our society today we live in a society that is obsessed with getting things done yesterday we're very impatient the moment the light turns green beret somebody behind you between the arm because you're just sitting there for whatever reason I remember one time I was in the grocery store there was a while back and I got all my groceries and I was walking down the lane where all the checkout counters are right now I'm walking down there and I'm looking what am I looking for. Yeah you're guilty of it too aren't you. You're walking down there and when you're looking for the shortest one oh that was a little long and I went Here's a short as one pull my shopping cart in and I waited and I waited and I waited isn't it it's what they call Murphy's Law right the shortest line ends up taking the long as I've never had that happen to you and you wonder gee what the world's going on I guess was the shortest line the long lines that man that was way back he's already walking out of the store and I'm still standing what's in I looked up and the lady in front of me was writing a check. And I thought to myself Who in the world writes checks today. You didn't have to do that to me. You did not have to do that to me. And as I stood there a miner's it was actually when I was doing the study on First Corinthians thirteen the Lord had to say Jason. Love is patient. So if I'm the. Mind you next time that Myers and you are writing out your check we will have a wonderful chat about First Corinthians thirteen. Shows the generation generational differences doesn't it. A study in two thousand and three. In the Journal of American Medical Association pointed out that in patients may lead to a risk of hypertension. Among young people you think us older people are immune to that. No I don't think so you get impatient your blood pressure goes up leads to hypertension another study in two thousand and four from the Journal of bio science bio social science linked the rise of American impatience with the increase in obesity This is a very interesting little research that was done and said This study has found that as Americans spend more of their income and save less they also gain weight if you are willing to forego present satisfactions for future benefits you are what. Patient If however you want your satisfaction right now then you are going to have that extra dessert and that extra ice cream and you are not going to be able to forego the pleasure of today can you see how it's all linked together it's all linked together in two thousand and seven there was another study that was done Science Daily they reported that inpatient people may not be as savvy as patient people when it comes to their finances soling to get the god know what he was doing when he said hey let me create patients in your heart you know he was doing Sure he did now this next one really kind of got my attention. This is from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention So this isn't just some little group this is you know some big stuff. This is what they said. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention puts in patients at the top of the list of symptoms in diagnosing someone. With traumatic brain injury it's. Think about that next time you get impatient. Traumatic brain injury you know when people have a traumatic brain injury they will often not every time but they will oftentimes lose the ability to have patience they get very impatient very quickly and as I thought about this there are definite spiritual implications to this many years ago six thousand years ago in fact there was an event that happened where humankind had a traumatic brain injury that altered our way of thinking it happened in the Garden of Eden and that traumatic brain injury was the entrance and sin into this world and sin has caused us to lose our ability to have patience with other people. Now some of you this morning you. Might be sitting there. Saying I'm glad he's not talking about me. Maybe you're sitting there this morning saying oh yeah I know so and so check. That's for them. Oh yeah my family member that that would be a good file that away so I can tell them that some time but I want to tell you something this morning if that's the mindset it's probably this information is probably for you. And we would do well whenever we hear something to apply it to ourselves but for us before we apply to anybody else Amen to ask the Lord Lord is this me because you know we are the greatest at lying to ourselves. We don't like reality sometimes but the Bible gives us a reality check and first Corinthians thirteen verses for. We're through seven is God's attempt of giving us an accurate reflection of what we really look like as his children and by God's grace we will allow him to create this new creature with in us. Now Paul he continues and he says that. Love is not only patient but it is also what. It is also what kind of. Listen to this question to think about have you ever noticed how much of Christ's life was spent being kind to other people have you noticed that next time you go through the Gospels just track that just track that in the back your mind just time after time after time after time Christ manifests this this this character of kindness to people doesn't matter how they treated him he was still kind to them he healed ten leopards even though only one came back he was kind of people that was just his modus operandi that was the way he operated that was who he was he could do no less than to be kind to other people now that doesn't mean that he wasn't stern with them that times but he was still kind with them we're told that when he rebuked he did it with tears in his own. Now I don't believe most of what Mark Twain has ever written but this is a good statement on kindness he said this kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Amen. Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see again it goes along with the concept that it's not what we say but it's what we do. The greatest thing a man can do for his heavenly father is to be kind to his children why is it that we are not all kinder than we are high. How much the world needs is the world looking for kind people we of all as Seventh Day Adventists should be the kindest people in the world would you agree with that we should be the kind of people we should go above and beyond we shouldn't evil surmise we should always give people the benefit of the doubt and we should be praying and looking for opportunities to show people kindness and whatever way the Lord may bring it across our paths George Fox He was a English reformer he made this fascinating statement it's just so beautiful he says this I know Jesus and he was very precious to my soul is Jesus precious to you this morning and then he was very precious to my soul and but I found something in me that would not keep silent and patient and kind of sorry that would not keep sweet and patient and kind I did what I could to keep it down but it was there. Can you identify with that you find things in your life and you just you're trying to push it down and when you're talking to somebody your blood pressure is going up but you're trying to keep that smile on your face and and try to act positive area but it's just it's still there it's coming up in the more you're there the more intense it gets in your face is starting to turn red this is what George Fox is talking about here. It was there he's trying to push it down he said I did what I could to keep it down but it was still there and then he says this I the saw Jesus. To do something for me and when I gave him my will he came into my heart and he took out all that would not be sweet and all that would not be kind and all that would not be patient and then what do you do. Shut the door. I want that experience how about you this is the heart surgery that we need where Christ comes in and he is the one that takes out all the bitterness he is the one that takes out all the the the one sweetness and the young kind as he is the one who takes a. And then he shuts the door behind us and all that is left is the sweetness of the character of Jesus love charity God's people are patients and. Paul goes on he says charity a god pay God's people Jesus and the if not it's the Revised Standard Version says that it is not jealous the word envy in the Greek means to boil. Ever seen something boil in a pot right you know it doesn't it's kind of kind of vicious means to boil the boiling produces anger and bitterness it is the result of competition with others who may appear to have more talents or are doing something greater then you may feel you are doing. Might not think of yourself as being a jealous person. But listen to this definition here of jealousy and see if maybe there might be something that might you might be able to identify with envy or jealousy is pain at the sight of superior excellence or complements in others and is characterized this is what it looks like by feelings of what I hear or feel inferior so it's characterized it's expressed if you will in feelings of inferiority it produces bitterness born out of what there is the root of it all sin has its root that comes back into selfishness and envy is not any different envy has its root in selfishness it has its expressions in feelings of inferiority. And when you look at the fall of Lucifer Perhaps this is the greatest expression of the price that is paid by somebody who continues to harbor in the in their hearts usually it doesn't manifest itself. In. Any way that people see it because as Christians we've become. Very good actors on the stage of Christianity but it's something that rolls around inside of our heads often times where we think that others are better than us we have these feelings of inferiority and they are born I believe out of selfishness which is what Lucifer is and he came out Proverbs Chapter twenty seven in verse four says this wrath is cruel anger is overwhelming but who can stand before jealousy or bitterness or envy. So Solomon says listen cruel is Wrath is one thing and anger is another but jealousy is in a completely different league of itself it creates in a mass mind of a man something that is not natural to the human existence the only end to don't to envy and jealousy is a God That's the only ended it is the only thing that will take it away you can't buy in a bottle you can go to therapy and the therapist will do all kinds of things with you he'll try to you know get your mind off of it or whatever it may be the therapist you know I'm not knocking therapist as I think they have a job but I think oftentimes the thing that we ask a therapist to do is something that a therapist can't do that only God can do for us. Again it has it has its place I believe that sometimes we need to come to the Lord and ask the Lord to have a therapy session with us and let him do the work of our lives. The Bible goes on this is the one I want to conclude on the smaller name it says that charity not only does it envy not but it vaunted not itself and it is not puffed up the New International Version says that it does not boast and it is not proud it's not what for. Every human being at some point in their life will struggle with pride in fact or probably struggle with it until the day that we are buried in the grave but God. Once they give us something better. If we allow him to now here's an interesting thing Paul as I've mentioned already he's describing here for us the character of Jesus in First Corinthians thirteen forty seven but he's also describing the character of those that will be translated but he also gives us a character description in first in second Timothy three one through five of the wicket when Jesus returns so he gives you two character sketches this is what the righteous will look like this is what the wicket will look like and I'm not going to go through all of this but just look at a few of these things that Paul describes that we can as being lovers of their own selves boasters proud heady high minded What's the one word that comes to your mind when you look at those five things Prout Right right that's the mindset of the wicked the wicked think of themselves better than they are and as you go back in the recesses of your mind you will find that again this is also what led to Lucifer's alternate downfall is that he thought of himself better than he ought to he was the Bible says that he beheld his beauty and he was lifted up because of it maybe it's not your beauty that makes you proud maybe it's something else that makes you but doesn't matter is if there's pride there it's all the same what causes it is easier relevant The fact is that it's there and we need to ask God to do a heart transplant for us to take away that pride to take away that arrogance of thinking better than our of ourselves then we ought to and to replace it with the humble meek attitude of Jesus in fact Jesus says in Matthew chapter five in verse five Blessitt are the. Four They shall would inherit the earth the Bible says those that inherit the kingdom of heaven according to Matthew are those who are meek who are humble like Jesus listen to the statement from Christ object lessons page one hundred fifty four it says this There is nothing. So offensive to God or so dangerous to the human soul as pride and self. Sufficiency. Let me read that again there is nothing so offensive to God or so dangerous to the human soul as pride and self sufficiency of all sins it is the most hopeless the most in cure. What is offensive in the eyes of God. Pride and self sufficiency and listen we're not immune to this as Seventh Day Adventists you know sometimes the fact that we think we have so much truth that makes us proud. But are we loving people. Sometimes we think because we have so much knowledge that we can become self-sufficient in our religious experience where we are the ones that are doing dot dot dot there is nothing so offensive to God as pride and self sufficiency of all sins it is the most hopeless it is I'm sorry you I had thought I had the quote up there is most hopeless and most in Europe. We need to pray and say Lord please search my heart and show me if I have any pride in self sufficiency take it out of my heart take it out of my life let me not think of myself better than others but Lord let me have the meek mindset of cheese it's Help me Lord for I cannot help myself the human tendency is to think of ourselves better than we are it's. Proverbs Chapter eight and verse thirteen. If you don't Proverbs Chapter eight in verse thirteen the Bible says this The fear of the Lord is to hate evil pride and arrogance. And the evil way and the forward mouth do I hate what is the fear of the Lord to hate what evil pride and arrogance see and. Evil way and forward now you know the Bible says that the everlasting Gospel the first part of it is to fear God. And give glory to him. You know we really need to delve into that fearing God part a little bit more I think because according to Scripture the fear of the Lord is to hate pride arrogancy evil evil things all that's the stuff that Solomon mentions here proverbs first. In closing over seventy two statements here on the screen this from Christ object lessons page sixty nine the Bible says the Spirit prophecy says this crisis is waiting with a longing desire for the manifestation of him of himself in his church what is he waiting for among in his church a manifestation of himself he's waiting he's looking he's hoping he's praying he's looking on this earth he's waiting for manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to what. Claim them as his own he's now waiting for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled although that's going to happen but what the what we're told he's waiting for is a manifestation of himself among his what. Among his people he's waiting for first Corinthians thirteen versus four through seven to become a reality now I know maybe this morning you are drowning in despair thinking there's no way that this can be my experience. But I don't know about you I believe I serve a God where all things are possible. And that the impossible is just an opportunity for God to manifest how incredibly powerful he really is a man I believe that this can be the experience of every son and daughter of God and it's what Jesus is waiting for Notice what it says in desire of ages Page six hundred forty one it says love to man is the earth word manifestation of the love of God it was implant. Sorry it was to implant this love to make us children of one family that the King of Glory became one with us when the long of of the world start when we love the world as he loved it then for us His mission is accomplished when it is mission accomplished. When we love the world as well as he loved is that not what he told the disciples before he went to the cross his mission is accomplished and then she goes on she says this we are fit for heaven. For we have heaven where. When you read first Corinthians thirteen versus forty seven I'm going to tell you this morning that's what heaven is going to look like. When we get to the kingdom of heaven those who walk on streets of gold this is the experience that they're going to have those that are translated to the kingdom of heaven this is this experience that they're going to have when we get to heaven we are going to be kind we are going to be loving we are going to be patient we are going to be all their first Christmas thirteen versus forty seven Tell us love is going to be heaven will be in our hearts when Jesus is able to create in us a love that was just like his. When that takes place. I believe Jesus and the father talk with one another and they will say as they did with. Heaven is in his heart we need to take this guy to heaven they will say as they did with Elijah Heaven is in his heart we need to bring him to heaven they will say as they did with Moses Heaven is in his heart we need to bring him to heaven he will say of his people Heaven is in their hearts they have my character they have my love towards one another they no longer deserve to be pilgrims here on this earth but now they need to be in the atmosphere of Heaven now that heaven is created in their hearts now they can be in. In heaven for eternity. Listen the stakes are too high for God to risk taking anybody to heaven he does not have this experience the stakes are too high God won't do it because he doesn't want sin to rise up again another time. So my challenge to the small team is this. Don't ask yourself the question but ask God. Where do I need a character tweak in my life. Doubtless there are elements of first Corinthians thirteen four three seven that you already have in your life God has given that to you and that's why we experience elements of this in our church. But I believe that when we all experience it the way God wants us to. There will be a unity there will be a harmony there will be a oneness among God's people that God will be able to use in a miraculous way as he did in Acts Chapter one this is the impetus of Acts one and two. So I want to encourage you this morning and I want to challenge you to have it out with the Lord in your prayer closet and say Father Where is it that I need heart surgery and I want to ask you to take it out as George Fox said take out all that is unkind take out all that is not sweet take out all that is not loving take it out dear God and slam the door shut so that all that is left in my heart is the sweet presence of Jesus. He can do it. Over to God all things are possible that you desire this morning and then let's pray Father in heaven we thank you. We thank you for the wonderful reality that we can have that you can create this experience in our hearts then it doesn't just have to be theoretical on black and white paper in our Bibles but that it can be experiential. This morning Father we plead with you to show us where we need to surrender our will to you so that you can take out. Anything that is of the world. Please Lord let only the sweet presence of Jesus. The sweet character of. Be found within our hearts and may that be what drives us where as your. This week Lord. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W.. Org.


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