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#Evangelism- Part 1

Naison Chitiyo




  • May 27, 2016
    9:30 AM


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You haven't a father I thank you so much for this opportunity that we have to learn from each other for the time that we have to read into your word and see how we can be able to apply the principles that Jesus himself practiced when he was reaching out to people so we can be more effective for you as missionaries as witnesses for Christ in the word that we live in just him I pray Amen when we think about evangelism who would be the most obvious person to be our motto. Obviously would be Jesus the only surprise Who else would have to be Jesus when we think about how Jesus interacted with different people we can be able to find different principles that we can apply in our own interaction to see how we can bring people to Jesus and so really what I'm trying to do is that you notice that this is not so much of a specific or you can do this blog or you can do that but it's rather more bringing out principles that we can be able to use in any form of evangelism even though as you can tell it's primarily focused on digital and media and all those different things by just want to bring principles that are general to every single thing so hopefully should be relatable and should be something that you can take away with you in any form of vandalism that you do but you notice that whenever Jesus turned up somewhere he often drew up a crowd and whether he was teaching whether he was healing or whether he was preaching people wanted to hear what Jesus had to say and I want to look first of all at the first phase we're going to be talking about advantages in the motive so from yourselves Evan division is a valid important. Wise of an important. Feel free to just add I'm sure Michael pick up your voice. A lot of people who have never had the opportunity to know what we know anyone else. Thirty. Seven is a fundamental factor of how we are able to grow as Christians alongside prayer and Bible studies and one else one more. Yes very. Exactly so I think I don't know how many if you work or how many affairs studying when your letter tells you to do something or when your boss tell you to do something you do it because they're in charge and so when Jesus was in charge of everything tell you to go that makes it important just simply because he said it but here I wanted to look at another reason why evangelism is important and we're going to be drawn primarily from the book of Luke Chapter fifteen so if you have your by Would you contend with me looked up to fifteen will be looking at verse one and it's a passage that we know so well we're all very familiar with and I just want to bring out some principles that apply generally to the subject of evangelism that we might be able to use and obviously because our group we're often asking somebody to read from us when you get there looked up to fifteen verse one and verse to. This. Thank you very much so here Jesus is teaching and like every other occasion people come to hear Jesus and in verse one we're told about a specific group of people who come to hear what Jesus has to say which are the what the tax collectors and sinners now being a sinner everyone is a sinner but when you have that I've touched to you as a title that's an almighty condemnation you know if I. And then you have alongside this in those people who are called the tax collectors so from this do you get the impression that task related with a good people or they're bad people where they looked upon in a positive light or a negative light negative light so you have you have a group of people who are considered as being the outcasts of society and these outcast. Society what you find them doing you find them coming to Christ and then as they are coming to Christ there is a different group of people in verse two who do read about investing. The Pharisees and scribes So this is another group of people and then what they say is that this man what receives sinners and it's with them now the word them is important the word is a plural word that you used to refer to a group of people or object to you are not a part of it so when the Pharisees says that Jesus received sinners and it's with them what were they saying by extension we are not sinners and so in their minds they are thinking how can this man who claims to be the Messiah who claims to be the anointed one be eating and drinking with them sinners in sort of interaction with us righteous people. And it made me think sometimes in church are we also guilty of having that kind of interaction do you sometimes look down on people as them because they're different to us. Do we ever have those problems in church even among ourselves sometimes in church people who are injured you know that some people who worship God au-Prince go in a different way and we look at them and think they're weird or they're strange just because they're different from how we are and sometimes because the Pharisees are doing it so exaggeratedly is very easy to pick on them and say that's wrong but when we can look at ourselves and think actually we go to the same sin and so when it comes to evangelism the very very first step is that you have to actually have open arms to people who are different to yourselves avoid you can never ever answer lies. But you see that Jesus when he sees these people how does he treat them he says that he receives them and he eats with them so the sinners even though they were sinners they love to come to Christ because he accepted them as they were and he dignified them and he made them feel human in contrast to the Pharisees. And so here we have the very very first thing about Jesus that he's willing he's a friend of the sinners he's a friend of sinners that gives us comfort because we are sinners too but when you mean that anyone who is out there can come to Jesus because Jesus is willing to receive them to. Jesus was not pleased with the Pharisees and you can imagine they were really upset about what he said and so Jesus himself he wanted to respond he couldn't let this go without saying anything so what Jesus does he in response gives a series of three parables the first one is the power of the lost sheep then the power of the lost. And then the power of the lost son now we're all familiar with most of them probably maybe not the last question it's kind of like just the in between the media charity of those power series as we know the lost sheep and we know the lost son but we don't often talk about the last unfortunate I'm going to talk about the last one I wrote today but I want to focus primarily on the power of the lost sheep Jesus tells these parables to illustrate first of all he's not primarily doing it to rebuke the Pharisees he's doing it to illustrate God's attitude toward sinners in contrast to the Pharisees and that serve as a rebuke. So we're going to read from Verse three and then verse for someone else can pick that up for us with a loud voice I don't like them I can pick you up verse to invest for. Looked up to fifteen verse three and verse four. Hundred. One of them is not. Love. Thank you very much so here in response Jesus begins by asking a question what kind of a question Is Jesus asking here. It's a rhetorical question that means that the answer is implied in the question itself so you could put it this way if you had one hundred sheep. And you found that mines nowhere safe and only one of them were lost wouldn't any rational person lived in one thousand i'm which are safe and go out and search for the one which is lost and so the obvious answer to Jesus question is what yes you would lived in one thousand nine which are safe and you go out for the one which is lost until you find it and so here Jesus is saying that the attitude of God has toward sinners is that he's not willing even one should be lost but how many should come to repentance all of them and so I want you to imagine this shepherd with your sanctified imaginations you know he's in the wilderness and he's counting his sheep and he realizes that one is missing their own in one thousand nine hundred thirty the day with a hundred and so what does he do he leaves every single thing that he has and when he goes out and tries to desperately retrace his steps and he's seeking into every single valley every single hero every single day has been looking for this one live to sheep until he finds it for this shepherd failing is not an option he wants to search and keep on searching until he finds it and that's how Jesus related us he come to search for us and so for Jesus it was natural to receive sinners because that was the purpose of why he came how could he not receive the sinners when he was looking for them. But the Pharisees didn't understand this even though they thought they were godly they were actually being very unkindly. For Jesus we see that everyone to listen was not the number one option it was not the number one item on his agenda everyone did Islam was the agenda and every single thing that Jesus did everything that he said revolved around this one singular objective of how he can bring people into a saving relationship with himself. When we think about our own attitude how does evangelism rate on our own agendas is it the number one priority or is it something that we do when we have time. It is something that we make time for or do or a free. For Jesus nothing else matters. But what have we done to reach out to people yesterday it was quite exciting because it all went out. How did you find that experience. It was good which was part of what programs were having having four different ones you were on the bookstore How did you find the book to experience would you like to share a little bit. What it was good. Very. Well it was so we had the book sort of under isn't it onto anything different to a book store. In the music. You listen to. And I mean it's an amazing feeling when you go to town and then you're standing there singing or how I love Jesus and who are walking by I stop and say Can you sing this song for me please and then they join you in singing and take pictures with you I mean the walk away those are some of the experiences that we're having and you know like the disciples when Jesus send them out to buy to the come back and they have so much joy because they're seen what it means for other people to receive the gospel for the first time so we have to understand that as well as it is to have all this ones which are so wonderful. What about giving those same summer to people who have never had it before. And so we see that Jesus he longs to reach sinners because that's his heart's need and then he goes on to say in verse greenback the power of looked up to fifteen he goes out to this shepherd goes out and looks for that one until he finds it what happens when you find it in verse five he says and when he has found it he lays it on his shoulders doing what rejoicing Vess six and when he comes home he calls to gather his friends and neighbors saying to them. Rejoice with me for I have found my sheep which was lost How does evangelism make God feel. It brings joy to his heart we were hearing before in the seven by brother Sebastian Braxton about Genesis chapter three I want you to trace your mind back to the moment when God was watching looking down on any stretch out a hand them plucked out fruit and then he sees eat it and give to your husband to also eat what do you feel is going through the mind of God at that moment do you feel like God was hurt or did you think I saw this coming it doesn't matter I've already got a back up plan. He would have been hurt and so that Mormon would have broken the hearts of God even though he sees it coming he's too able to experience that pain in that emotion and because of the pain that he experience when he lost us when we come back to him he experiences the reverse he experiences joy so the joy that God feels when someone is baptized is just as real as the pain he felt when he lost us in the first place. And it teaches us that regardless of where we might find ourselves Jesus is willing to stretch out and reach out to us also I want to notice something briefly in verse five when he finds the sheep What is he doing. There is he drives it home. Does it chase it home with a why when you last how does he do he put only shortish the she doesn't even have to walk home when he was lost he had to walk out on its own when he was there when he wasn't lost you have to walk on its own but when we need to last he puts on his shoulders he makes the way back home as easy as possible our churches are they set up to make it easy for people who are non Christians to come into the fellowship. Jesus wants it to be so easy for someone who was lost to become found. And sometimes the problem that Jesus has is that is the appeal. In church the ones who consider themselves not to be sinners who are actually the stumbling block for people to come to Jesus when Jesus is reaching out for them and I pray that we might not be among that number of the Pharisees in the scribes who look down on people who are different to ourselves. He doesn't just rejoice on his own he rejoices with everyone else how many of us about. How many if you remember the day you about. How many of you would describe the day you're baptized as probably one of or if not be happiest day of your life. Every word. Invest six it says I say to you that Likewise there will be how much more joy in Haven't over one sinner who repents than over ninety nine just persons who need no repentance It's an amazing thought to think that as happy as you were when you about Jesus was happier and he's going to find the one who's being saved see Jesus is more interested in our salvation than sometimes we ourselves are interested in being saved so there's never a reason not to come to Christ because whenever we come to him he is willing to receive us with open arms. But. Beyond this. This power will also start to illustrate something deeper than just God's attitude towards individual sinners here he says on the quote he says by the lost sheep Christ represents the one word that has of course the side of. Caution mind back to Genesis Chapter three we know from books like effusions chapter three verse ten Hebrews chapter one verse one and two that God has created more than one word and this idea is very very clear in this part of prostitute so you could think of it that in that mindset in that moment in that instant that Adam if God had only lost one of mine and words quote unquote and he could have done just said you know what I've lost this one word but I still have one thousand mine. He could have done that could indeed. According to Jesus on logic in the first verse in the second verse it was impossible for God to say I've lost this one and I'm not going to go out after dark one and leave the ones which are safe and so God sent His own son to live every single thing that he had and to come and look after this one last ship our little planet which is like the tiny little dot in space it becomes the one thing around which God's mind revolves for the last six thousand years. And that's an almighty thought for the last six thousand years God's mind has been focused on are nothing else than our salvation. But while we are God's mind what on earth is on our minds that's the question of us to ask ourselves as well. We see that the world we're hearing about the appearance of going helper in. The war that we live in is it a good place or is it a bad place there are many destructions there are many pleasures but behind the veils there's so much pain in the so much suffering and we're hearing for the morning devotion from Daniel Pearl that one of the promises that Jesus has told us is that one day who come back and who receive us to himself how many of us long for that day when Jesus will come back again and we no longer have to go for this pain and through this suffering and so we are motivated to evangelize so the world can end so that we no longer have to suffer. But how many times do you think over the suffering that sin has caused the hearts of God one of us think that we have to do evangelism so that God no longer has to suffer see we are only bothered by the suffering that we see he sees every single case of suffering and he doesn't just see it but he feels it for the last six thousand years do you feel that God wants this world to end. Do you think that God wants to come back more than we want him to come back he wants to come back because you put an end to his own misery. And yet do you feel that God could finish the work of evangelism by himself. He could if you wanted to you could reach out to everyone could he send endos he could send angels and then who put himself out of his own misery but instead he chooses not to think about his own needs and he asks us to do the work why. Because we have a need to serve. If I remember one sweeping a quote by C.S. Lewis and he says that if he who in himself can lack nothing should choose to need us it is because we have a need to be needed. And so advantage is the part of our own growth that would not be able to have if the engines do the work without us would never experience that joy of reaching out to people on the Bookstores in the music or any of those different things that we did and so God gives us the opportunity to. Read another quote it says in the book education page one hundred sixty four that those who think of the result of hastening or hinder in the Gospel think of it in relation to themselves and to the world but few think of its relation to God if you give thought to the suffering that sin has caused our Creator. Our world is a vast government of sin and disease stricken people a sin of misery that we dare not allow even our thoughts to dwell upon yet God feels it or not just by he feels it or. We think about the cross to feel that I was a good experience with Jesus did he just kind of like casually stroll to the cross. It was a moment of suffering that no human being has ever been called upon to suffer and when we think about how much he went through a hard to think that he was willing to go for all of that for us of the most important thing to realize she goes on in education pressure pain one sixty four she says that oh heaven not just Christ more or heaven suffered in Christ agony but that suffering when did what is said that suffering did not begin or end. With his manifestation in humanity that means that before he came was he suffering after he went back to heaven is there were suffering because the world is not yet what he wanted to be. The cross is a revelation to our dour senses of the pain from which from is very inception sin has brought to the heart of God And so Jesus wants this work of evangelism to progress because it puts a need in his own heart to be fulfilled. In order to destroy sin and His ways out he gave his best beloved and he has put in his power. Our power through cooperation with him to bring this sin of misery to it and then he says what this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a what witness to all nations and then the end will come so if you say that you want Jesus to come again just as what you have to do this gospel had to be witnessed and then the end will come so God is longing for that day when he can come and he just waiting for us to be willing to go. Because I did you toward sinners. It was so different to the Pharisees attitude and so for now we're going to take a little bit of a break probably just to discussions among ourselves and then just think about the following questions for about ten minutes or so. The first one we are there we are the last you. When you think about looked up to fifteen how does it influence how you perceive the love that God has shown towards you personally. The second question is in John Chapter ten just says that he has other sheep which are not of this forward how it should this influence your attitude toward those who are different from yourself and in the final thing seeking the last what does this have what if it is have or no perception of evolution so if you can you sort of like I think we could maybe just make one big group and then just show differ. In discussions it is a chance for you to talk and need to listen and learn as well but if you think about the first verse. We being the last how does that impact your relationship with God or your own perception of God's love. Does it have any effect. On Me. Because you know Linda Douglass the king of the universe and. You know it in homespun things I am just like a little bit you need to. Think of just how much. You hold me down to the time to time. We call it home for. It's a humbling thing that Jesus should seek to die for people like ourselves. And he makes us just realize yes Kristoff every person you know like you. Used to like myself oh yeah I was morally just like your last they are like the people who are like cause I know me and the day when I play this idea of mostly for myself but the years back when I thought I was and to be lost doesn't mean to be all sense from this year so instead of the tears if you ask me because we have already lost brother you said there. Is a sinner Oh Mr David our life missing people exactly cause we are the same position because Woody Brison denounced it like it was outside. I mean that's a very good point the Pharisees and the scribes where they. They were the leaders of the church but were they in the fault of God. No they were not the ships that were safe as they thought they were safe they were actually lost but they didn't realize it. They didn't see the need all the sinners they sed they knew that they needed the same good. Yeah the. Meeting. And I think it's a part of the Christian experience that even though we're in church we don't have to pretend that we're perfect we can still come to Christ acknowledging that we have a need that's why we are in church you know for from Talk about being a hospital so you're there to be treated but you know the condition and you know the physician therefore Where else could you go but to come to church so we can be ourselves with all our faults and then Jesus can make us better again. Make. Me. Thank you very much now when I was younger one of the things I used to do spending my time was pay would you try to solve jigsaw puzzles I don't know how many if you had the same or maybe I'm just weird I don't know. If I'm a very very interesting and you know so far as they come in different shapes and sizes so when you're younger you have like that one with four pieces and you know you've got like a twenty five percent chance of putting in the right place and then they get bigger and bigger as you go order and you know when you've got two you have those pieces which have like a thousand pieces where do you start with. The corners because they obviously you have four of them I mean you do the edges because they're also obvious but then that those little bit in the middle that you don't always know where to go on to something else put in its place and sometimes when we look at this world even when we look at church. Who appear like the corners you know their pastors they head out of there very very easily distinguishable and sometimes we can see ourselves as being that one little piece of the media that might just be insignificant you know holding anything up but the point of this is if you had a thousand pages of puzzle and you lost one and you had nine hundred ninety nine pieces and you put it together and you could look at it you could hang it on the wall and everything where do you see this gap where that one piece is up was to go would you be happy with that puzzle you can and you can imagine that puzzle as being like the heart of God each and every one of us we have a place in God's heart even Lucifer has a place in the heart of God but unfortunately that hole will never be food again and that's what breaks the heart of God So each and every one of us will matter to the creator even if we don't matter to anyone else so that's why steps across Great Hunter says that the relation between God and if so is as distant and as full as if there was not another soul upon the earth to share his watch as if there was not another soul for whom He sent His own Son Jesus would have just come to die just for you because that picture was just incomplete. Right. When it comes to the change. I think this is where the heart of the long. History. In the age that he was born he was in the House and the house because it was inside that we may be in the change while we. Mean to say in this home not know that because he lost each one. Meaning we may be in the change in the New Year to all. That we have lost because we have a culture that changed everything because to say that the market. That we hate. Is actually. That I really really want to tell other journalists and it's going to lose a lot of letters she will know this is what the Queen said it was all over that she was going to pull up but it was really called it was a go the way to the grass although you can see that it's over the edge of the queue and there's just. So doozy that it will last and she didn't cover that was lost it just couldn't get in the grass that's how we could visitors when Churchill co-existed in the doing. This it was. A turkey of the what's going on in the city because God loves us unless he comes and seeks us yeah that's the only reason this is. Interesting in. The last place she needs all the pictures he's addressing. Now it's the same with the Pharisees in the last the last time recognize he's not the older brother does. That picture again of. People is just drawing. A story that's a good question to ask ourselves Who are we. We are brother that. Is coming back the brother who doesn't even know his love. To be questioned Yeah I just want to say isn't this time we. Only supply them with the first. Sort of trying to find even if what's in there that can lead to more lies that's a really dangerous thing in the context of you know playing to other people. And that leads us on my sleeve that sometimes we can be lost without realizing that we are actually lost there are people who are in the wild they don't realize that there is actually a home for them to be going to so I think is trying to pretend he says that he's a good shepherd I mean he said I have which are not of this forward but one day he'll bring them all together and make one flock how should we. Let with those people who are not all this forward but they're still his sheep when someone who is different to us come to church how should we respond or have you ever had an experience positive or negative where someone comes in and they are very well received or maybe not so well received. This will be church you don't always see you yeah. We have to. We have to take care because we are just saying. We just have different backgrounds you know it's a cliche and it's good to say for all of this is evil we actually need to eat it came to work for him to us to respecting Hutch even if they are different for us to showing that maybe my maybe the Bible right maybe we don't see the right stuff but we have to learn to share and explain. We don't have to be the largest in the least we we have very little sleep because we're in France to pay. Rent and it's something where you. Do that so. That we don't have to feel free to show them that we are free we don't have to be afraid of. Death their brothers and sisters. Should. Actually be. Aware and understand what's going. To give it. And which is why we did something I was thinking when we're speaking about a bundle is and why start talking about how God want to save us personally because unless we how God has made our needs and what impact that has had on us we can never fully appreciate what that impact would have on somebody else who doesn't yet know what God's love and so when we see ourselves as this ship who maybe are or were lost we're able to relate to people who are still lost now because we're coming from the. Same boat. An offender probably under the same thing how does it affect our opinion toward evangelism is basically reclaiming people who are in the position that we once were in even though sometimes we don't realize that we were in the position and really that sort of completes the first phase of. Our seminal event it is in the march of we see that God's heart is tied up into the work of saving sinners because he has been hurt since he lost us in the first place we see that we are the sheep individually and now we have a place in God's heart that he would be able and willing to look for us even if there was no one else who are needed to be saved because that Shepherd went out for just that one lost sheep and then we see that there are people who are different from ourselves but there are still sheep as well and Jesus wants to bring every single person as you can as much as you can into the same food and that we should not be like the Pharisees washing becoming the stumbling block of someone who wants to come and eat and be received by Jesus. So that's a first I don't know if anyone has any kind of questions or any comments before going to the second stage. Yes on. This for all. The days of deception that in times we may have of people that you know mediation. When it comes to values you feel like you know these appear to cost the same thing over these a couple weeks in the small of the east in you know all the other ideas that he. Is saying I have this week and this fall even if they are in the estimation some of them daily to all the truth that they know the fact that they don't yet know all the some true or some true meaning that they don't believe for a day or. When you read your state of the city's many of the people of the nation that will do the Sunday no show they shall come out with you know the income joy. In the end I think it's really. Easy to show. So who what is it we need them when we came to the people from what they did in the nation we have different things that we want to watch this week that but. What exactly is it we should do the. This and we should be grateful for the study with so that they can draw the whole story. I believe is John Chapter ten verse sixteen let me just double check for you. It's in doubt of when you find out when you find the last no. Less no. Moving on from this related topic. We read in Matthew about how what we read from a quote that quoted matters up to twenty four and then he had that very famous breath that we all know and love so well and he says first of all I say that this gospel of the King will be preached in how much of the world the whole woud as a testimony to all when nations and then the end will come first for want to notice a few points the vet starts by saying what this gospel what is the word discuss when it says that there is this gospel the word death is identifying a very specific gospel is the only one version of the Gospel in the world today. If there is only one gospel there are only one church. But there are many different churches because there are many different understandings of what it means to have the gospel why he says that discuss. What is this gospel. This specific. Gospel that we are looking for is the one that is able to bring about what the end of the world between us messages when reading Revelation up to fourteen verse six to verse seven twelve and all the different verses in between we see that when those three enters messages are proclaimed invest in and best fortune we have the harvesting Christ coming to harvest the harvest which is now ripe and so those messages I would say is the everlasting Gospel that's why Revelation fourteen C says I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel it's everlasting because it's never changed so therefore that everlasting Gospel has to be this gospel because it was the gospel engines was there and is the gospel now and it was the gospel before Jesus came. We believe that it's our duty as Argentina to preach this everlasting Gospel. And so as Adventists which would have a very very peculiar responsibility to share this Gospel to other people. Does it really matter the fact that other Christians. In the world. And we can just say OK you know up or the Methodist can reach out to the Gospel that they have without bring about the end. Without being exclusive or anything like that but it just says that this Gospel and we say that that gospel is between those messages that literally mean that every single person on earth has to hear a component of the matter is in some way shape or form before the end can come. We're going to have that message. If we see it on the message and then we're think oh how I love Jesus we're marching to Zion and yet we're waiting for years to come and he's waiting for us to move. We waited for just to come and receive us where we are and he's asking us to go you therefore to where the people who need to actually hear the messages are and so sometimes I think it's very easy to become content in having those revelations when those prophecies seminars. To people who've had them since they were two years old and then it's very very happy because you all get revived but unless we bring in people who've never had it before there's not really any progress that's being made. Yes it's important to retain those who are already in the church but when you're actually spreading the gospel to people who've never had it before we're not gaining any ground. Sometimes we think I mean if you've ever felt or maybe you've ever had someone say no and want to know about the gospel have ever had that thought. I've had that thought where you know you go knocking on doors and then when he says no no no no no you get the impression that no one wants to know. When we went to vandalism yesterday one of the most interesting things that happened is that we had to we had a lot of material we had tracked We had books and then halfway through the day we realised that the books that we had were no longer going to be enough so we had to come back and get another box full of books and tracts and D.V.D.'s to take back to town square and Jubilee Square we were witnessing because the one that we had had been finished in like an hour or so and so we're here thinking OK we need to go vandalism on or no one wants to know but when the one time that we do go we don't have enough material. So we really feel that no one wants to know the gospel. Or is it really. People want to know but we're not always willing to give them what they're asking for. Here tells us same so you know so most of this quarter taken from the book Education Page one six three and one six four it says that millions upon millions have never so much as head of God or His love revealed in Christ and he says it is their what it is their right what does that mean. It means that they're entitled to hearing the Gospel. To receive this knowledge and it rests with it rests with who us who is us we've who have this gospel. The. Upon whom the responsibility rests to me to bear right. And when he says that it rests with us who have the knowledge with our children to whom I impart to their what. He never thought that there are people out there who are crying out for the Gospel. But no one is there to share because we think no one wants to know. And yet there are millions who are hoping that someone could just enter the kingdom of heaven. When you think about this concept of sharing the gospel to all the world that this seems like an easy task or is it a difficult task. Why would you say the task is difficult. For you or you know is that I often ask follow up questions when you say something just want this be ready for me to say to ask something in return. A long process. I mean not just. The part where we are. Places like. Africa where. You know we have. Some came to. Put in a messenger. We. Thank you much and we'll touch upon that later and that's a very important point we touch upon it I think when we live in the Western world where you are you know you have my core of me I was and where you are. Is very very easy to become impatient with something takes more than a night. To actually accomplish what we say that even though every. It is and can take sometimes even years. To a reason why it should be done even if you're not the one who actually end up being there to see the harvest being harvested. It's a very very big road how does it wonder what the world population is at the moment. If there were population is seven point four billion. I was looking up the statistics I couldn't find anything that was recent for twenty six they do every single kind of every two years they do sort of like a census the General Conference and so the latest on that I could find was from two thousand and fourteen and in this says that the world church membership at the moment is just under eighteen point five million. So there are eighteen point five million Adventists and between ourselves we have the task of taking the gospel to how many people seven point four billion people if you do the math ratio of one to four hundred for every single Adventists in the world. But they're not necessarily exactly. In the half million just the ones who are on the books notified the ones who are actually doing it and it is in the first place now I don't think I should even have four hundred friends to begin with what is basically a massive massive ratio and we look at. How are we going to be reaching four hundred people. For Jesus. You know you or you can interject and then we do speak loudly so about them I can. Something else. To me. Like. Are you getting. Ready to. Like mind something. OK. Yes. Like what you're actually. Interested in the cupboard. In my desk. And you wonder where it came from but it just reminded me that somebody else from the conversation. Four hundred people but somebody else. Has actually made my conversation with my colleague Exactly. But we might. Sometimes why it's difficult because like you just said we come success by the fruits that come to the end not by the faithfulness in which we plant the seed so therefore that's our marching orders and baptized people who want to but sometimes they're not. Always you have to go. So that's really a massive massive statistic but I believe that we can draw some inspiration from their past and from our pioneers that can actually show that even though yes and a half million point four seems like a really large number we could actually see that with God all things are possible. We're going to begin. You remember the story in Acts chapter two when the disciples were sitting in the upper room how many people were in the upper. One hundred twenty before after if you go to the one verse eight someone just read it for us please. Project your voice. But don't let out for you off after one verse eight. Thank you very much I would imagine that these were the. Parting words of Jesus part of the conversation that he had with them just before he was taken away and the last thing that he does is that he charges them with this responsibility and I imagine that these one hundred twenty people in the sitting in the upper room they would have been excited as well as daunted by the way that Jesus left them with on one hand he said that you shall be witnesses for me to wear Jerusalem Judea Samaria and to the ends of there. And he's asking them to do something that seems to be impossible three human efforts alone and then on the other hand he said that you shall receive what power when the Holy Ghost has come upon you so he's offering something that is beyond human power alone so that's like excited to see what does God mean shall receive power but then you thinking how we're going to reach the whole world. Some have said that at this point in time they're Roman Empire which for them was that then. Christopher Columbus had not yet gone on his adventure so they were part of the war they didn't even know existed but the Roman Empire it's estimated that at this point in time there were one hundred eighty million people living in the empire. So these people in the Upper Room one hundred twenty of them they have the responsibility of reaching at least one hundred eighty million people when you do the math that comes out to a ratio of about one and a half million non Christians for every Christian in that room so we look at our statistics one to four hundred they had a one two. One and a half million. How did that go. Were they successful or was it a total failure. When you look at these individuals what methods to actually have at their disposal. Apart from coming to church and preaching every single day and travelling for a week to go to Jerusalem and preaching there another month to go to Spain and preach there the only method the only sort of like technology that they had at their disposal was what. Paper and pen writing letters that that was the most advanced technology that they had and so Paul. That's what we have so many letters from him because death that was the main two and it took weeks sometimes even months for his message to go there but then when it got there it was very they would have been inspired and then they share many spreads and that one that was seed like those booklets is present is spread and then you have no idea where it's going to end and then now because of their letters only letters and their preaching we actually have the gospel as well and we've been able to hear that gospel. In one of his letters Paul's writing to the people in current inclusions color. And he says in the middle of the sentence in the middle of the passage he says and you who were once alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works yet now here is reconciled in the body of his flesh through his through death to present you holy and blameless and above reproach in his sight but if the next part of the phrase that interests me he says that if indeed you continue in the white faith grounded and steadfast and are not moved away from the what hope of the gospel which you have had and then he says which was preached to what every creature under the sun every creature under heaven. They money to spread the gospel to as many people as were in their vicinity such that even though people were not Christians had they had about the gospel they had a. So it is one hundred twenty minutes to reach one and a half million people each How is that possible through pen and paper and just their voices. Because the point is that it's not so much the metals that you have but it's about the Holy Spirit who makes all things possible and so sometimes we are frustrated and we are discouraged by the task of the size of the task before us and I think actually there's no way we can do it so then we never try but sometimes we accomplish so little because we try so little. If you fast for the time to our pioneers. When they were around how many of them with after the great disappointment. There are only around fifty to one hundred if not less what metal Do they have a dead expose on. One of them is in that picture cannot in fact preaching there's another second one. As I look for media they have the charts where they would have the different statue of Daniel have to do their dance of the seven with the animals there that was technology for them they will make it more exciting why using posters and charts to preach the gospel for some time to get like these lions were made out of like paper maché to attract attention but that was technology see there were moving away from the apostles who only had letters in episodes and are thinking what can we do to make the gospel more relevant to the age that we're living in and so William Miller would preach from the Bible but when they had all these charts to attract with attention and to make the gospel more accessible they were ever looking to develop new methods to reach people then they printing press came into play they start to print magazine this hard to print publication on very different topics from health prophecy education all of these different things to me to different kinds of people and from that slight You can see progress from you know black and white yellow and black. To have you for colored things that are able to be spread and now we've gone where. Digital. Now you can send things instantly you no longer have to send someone to carry a piece of paper for two months before they get your letter you can do things instantly when our pioneers saw the progress of the world and how the world was changing they were thinking how can we take advantage of these things for the purpose of the gospel they were not just simply saying Paul wrote letters therefore we're going to write letters to their thinking what do we have that poor does not have and then made the most use of that what do we now have that our pioneers do not have did not have. And how are we using that. Is it possible to use social media to evangelize to people. Some point don't believe that we should be on social media. But when the people who thought that the radio was an instrument of the devil and one point and now we have this Christian radio networks just churning out baptisms by the thousands each and every year because sometimes we often. We're often not very proud change when something new comes about it takes time especially for Christianity for us to be able to actually see yes there are bad things but it's actually something positive you know sometimes when we have our cam meetings. We have a lot of their sermons because like for example the eight hundred eighty nine. It was being recorded in the daily newspapers I don't know if you knew that so when eighty two hundred preach there was a journalist who is type describing his sermon and then they'll print to the next they were poor not able to attend their adverts for the cam meeting were actually put in the newspapers. But in the newspaper the things that were not very very godly but when that didn't stop them for putting something godly in the midst of where there was nothing good at all. When Ellen White died had death was publicized in the newspaper I haven't got a clip of it there as well but they're talking about. Here the death of another Christian in a leader and all those different things and then they're talking about you know hair and head believe so you know that there was an advantage to his writing it and yet she was so significant society and she was such a relationship with people who had media and all these different things that when she died death was actually noteworthy. And it was actually put in the newspaper not just as an obituary but as some kind of headline news. If they're possibly alive today would they use social media to reach people with a least try. In Britain we have a population of just under sixty five million. Sixty of those sixty of those sixty five are active Internet users that's like ninety two percent of the British population so they must include some grandmothers as war you know everyone is like on this social media hype but when all of those thirty eight million people out of the sixty five actually used social media actively That's fifty two percent of the poor that we're trying to reach. Would Jesus reach people where they were. If you are there why do we have to go off if the keyboard is like just there. Sometimes we neglect this avenues when we can actually be able to be more effective and our things in a more channels than we've been able to do before. Thinking back of all we've said another chance for discussion now the more fuss about how to have as you were just going to have to our doing it just kind of starting out and if in a. Bar we read from Matthew twenty four S fourteen the first part of that phrase was what does anyone remember how does murder Matthew twenty four fourteen start. This gospel what did we say about that he says that date a specific gospel that has to be preached which is the what the three of us messages and who has between those messages we do and then what. Has to happen before Jesus comes that message has to be preached as a what witness but who can preach it one of the ones who have it and who has it we do so we cannot be singing We're marching to Zion We're not here preaching the gospel that brings about Zion. If you look at your church experience your personal experience how well are we doing on this objective of sharing our distinctive message to the world. I would in great or not so great. Or the mixture. We could do more. For. The right of. Any more members and I think yeah. It certainly is to thank you but. I thought there was. A great head level that was and we continue to probably. Take it out of this we're a lot more coverage in the world don't. Take into account the whole world that we have already lost excess in the U.K. Well it's a very bad big smile. But you know this is this is because of the children. It's true was. Born in Israel this is the world for example where we are also told that. There is a what about twenty I think you know a group or trying to I think you just the. Jehovah's Witnesses have two services in that church and it's like a lot so that pops out and I say four hundred members compared to twenty of us yeah I think that's. Why. They have a way you could put it have you ever had the experience where you work with your university and then maybe you're in a conversation about speech and someone asks you all you know what do you go to and into the army sometimes. What the response was. Do people know what job was when this is not Methodists and Catholics different of what Adventists how well we're doing sharing our distinctive message if it even know that we exist. Then you know you're. Here. To visit well with. Us and for that that's a very good point that sometimes we are trying so much to be like everyone else and to not be outcasts and we have to forget who we are. Every good illustration of that myself I'm not from around here as you can tell from my surname I was already born in Zimbabwe along with my sister and my other sister and my parents are there to be their history. But. There came a time when they were looking at the world that we're living in the way that our political system was progressing that they thought it might be better for us if we moved to a different place where we would have more opportunities or the children often do they just want to say they want you to have more than what they had a military about their sob stories about how they had to walk twenty four miles to get water and all that kind of stuff whether or not they have more which into that needed and so in thinking about places where they could move move in country is it an easy thing or is it a hard thing is it expensive so you want to make that when you move in you actually make it worthwhile. What's interesting is that when they were thinking of a place to go they did not go to the places which were neighboring Zimbabwe where I'm from they don't go to South Africa or Botswana Why not. Because those places were similar there was nothing different about South African but is about it wasn't that much better so they had to move all the way to where England because England was different no one would ever moved. From where they currently are to somewhere else unless you actually offered something different why would people come to I've been discharged if I've been to church is exactly like what they already have and so we actually ruin our witness by trying to be like Evan Jellicoe and Methodists because we're no longer different so what's the motivating factor for the move. If when you think about that sometimes we try to make church more like the world but the world is better at being the ward than we are in the world so if our goal is to make church more entertaining in the world more entertaining. In the meaning of the word that people usually preys upon it is. If we offer nothing different experience nothing different than what we've already been experiencing and so it's really in our distinctiveness to find the power that's why God says you are peculiar people because unless you're peculiar You can never be a light because you just blend into your surroundings. From that. We're going to touch upon that as well as you go along but thanks very much for that as well and. We're saying that within that there would have used social media to reach people. If you look at the way that you are currently using social media it is something that could use to bring anyone to himself that's a personal question we think about the things that you post do you draw anyone to Jesus or do you actually draw for for the. Personal consideration. So we're going to take a break half way point and when I have a fifteen minute break so you can get some water or whatever we need to do and then we'll come back here for the last two phases of it where we look at something different as well. I don't know if anyone has any questions before we go off or you're. Never even. Just a. Social media. Or you see whatever way. You are. This is how social media. You. Just don't. Know how much. Of the country. Can Make It. So let's just say another show what a presence this action a man would take. Come back again together Devaney Father thank you so much for the love that you shown us we've looked at the passage of the lost sheep and how the shepherd to you our Savior were willing to live every single thing and for that one reminded us of how much you love us and how much you love those who are not yet of this forward and how when we should be to build relationships build bridges and sympathize and empathize with people who are different to ourselves then we have seen this work place. That it's something that cannot be done through human effort alone but we look at the Apostles and the work that they had to do was far greater than what we are quite a point to do and they had to follow. Resources by your Holy Spirit made all the difference and were inspired because of the methods that we use but if the Holy Spirit Dechen make every single thing we do effect so as you progress through this presentation. I pray that you are open up our minds that we can be able to see how you can be more effective and the generation of youth which is. What impressed him in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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