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Sanctuary and Sanctification: God's Solution to Sin- Part 2

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • May 27, 2016
    12:30 PM
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All right so. As we we kind of talked about the first two which is the sacrifice and the media Tauriel Ministry of the high of the priests as two of the focuses but there's three so I just want to touch on the third one briefly. So actually back up so when we look at the third element of the sanctuary parable it is the final judgment right which is what's resulting from the most holy place a ministry now this is tied obviously to the priest ministry just like the priest the ministry is tied to the substitutionary sacrifice so if the substitutionary sacrifice is a reminder of the death of Jesus then the precinct ministry is only possible through the death of Jesus because obviously he needs blood to minister but not only that that blood also has to be carried into the most holy place to cleanse the century and it is through that process that leads into the final judgment of all of the sins on the sanctuary being transferred to the scape goat so I just want to recap again briefly because I don't think I specified in my final remarks that that was the third aspect of the parable. So again the first one is the substitutionary sacrifice the second one is the millionth Oriel Ministry of the priests and the third one is the final judgment which is what we were just talking about in the most holy place that only happen once a year. OK So let's talk about Santa for creation. What can the sanctuary teach us in this parable about sanctification now. I know that some of you probably subscribe to the idea that the outer court is about justification then. The holy places sanctification and in the most holy places glorification you probably heard that before right but as you study the parable you don't really get that from the Bible Now that doesn't mean that when people say that they're being read a call that's not what we're saying what we're saying is they're trying to be allegorical they're saying that all this is a part of sanctification but we have to be clear that saying to is not just something that is a process right how many guys have ever heard the statement saying to vacation is the work of a lifetime how you guys have heard that statement OK Now you said sanctification is the work of a lifetime right. Yes. Right that's my next question. So you guys have heard it how many of you guys believe that sanctification is the work of a lifetime. What's the difference. What do you mean every day you're going to be holy. So what does it mean so what does that mean think. OK. I get your I get your concern OK so I want to share with you a verse in the Bible OK Go to accept a twenty six verse eighteen. This is where things sometimes get confusing. And this is where the century can be helpful. X. twenty six verse eighteen. So this is the Paul recounting his testimony. And Jesus is talking to him. Are you there. OK it says to open their eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are what. Sanctified by faith in me. Now is that future present or past tense. The word sanctified. Is past tense. It's already happening. Right it doesn't say sanctifying. It says who have been saying to fide past tense. Saying N is. Correct is the same thing if you are that means you are in the present benefit of a past action right you are saying to fight today that means it was completed in the past right so that's actually a better translation of the Greek. Now if you are saying to fight past tense how can it be the work of a lifetime. Yes. Right but keeping it holy and making it holy are two different things. OK Let me let me clue you in on something right the word sanctification and the word for holy are the same word. They just chose different words because they want to say the whole of occasion. Right. So they are the same word in Greek. So when you say oh there will be made holy they'll be made sanctified it's. Same word. So when he says you are now saying to fight right you will see forgiveness of sins and you are now saying to fight. But then at the same token right let's go to first US alone eons chapter five. First US alone eons. Chapter five. Are you there. OK. Moment First Timothy. One of this does not look right. Our first US alone eons chapter five are we there OK we're going to look at verse twenty three Now may the God of peace himself do what sanctify you how completely and may your whole spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ he who calls you is faithful who also will. Do it. So now Acts twenty six eighteen says. Paul your job is to bring people from the power of Satan unto the power of God so that they might receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who have been sent to find. Then Paul writes to the church and does of Annika and says you know what my prayer for you is is that God was saying to fire you completely. And preserve you blameless. He says we've been glorified. Today. Yes yes he is he is sitting in heaven. Right. But there's a difference by saying something has been done right and something will be done. Wouldn't be the same thing but I understand your point. Right but there's a difference by saying the lamb was slain right when you say when you use that illustration you're saying that the lamb was slain but it had not actually been slain years. Right so what do we mean by the lamb was slain we don't mean the same thing are you following That's how we arrive at a contradiction. But it was not slain So when he says the lamb was slain from the foundation Well he doesn't mean the lamb was killed. He means the lamb was planned to be cute. But not the same because he wasn't slain yet until the cross. So let me ask you a question just I want to I want to take you to task on your point so if the lamb was slain from the foundation of the world could Jesus have failed when he came to earth. But yes he could have. So if he could not if he could have failed then the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world was an expression of faith not reality. He said the father knew that he would be. Yes but the point is this right what the Father knows is the really what we know. So I understand what you're saying in God's mind in terms of knowing the future what we're talking about is when we communicate in language we're not talking to God we're talking among ourselves right so in order to have understanding we knew that when Jesus was upon the earth and we read the Gospels at that point in time the Lamb had not been slain until he dies on the cross and he's faithful the entire time while dying on the cross. The Lamb has not been slain That's why Jesus didn't say it is finished until when. Until it was finished. Amen so I understand how you're trying to resolve the dilemma through the issue of faith but you're right and you're wrong right Faith is a component. But we don't believe things in phase that we currently have right no man hopes for what he possesses right you believe that you have it but you do not yet have it that's why you have it in faith if you have it in faith you do not have it in reality by definition. That's why the Bible says Abraham and all the patriarchs died in faith not having received the promises if they didn't die in favor that means they receive the promises there is no need for faith. Here's the point. This is why we get confused about saying to fixation. Scientific ation is a work of a lifetime. That is true and will look at that in a minute. But when we read in Acts twenty six verse eighteen we must keep in mind that sanctification is not just a process it is also a status it is a position that we have so let me let me explore this a little bit more with you. In the Bible. So now when you look at sanctification as a status I want you to go to Colossians chapter one. Colossians chapter one. Colossians chapter one. We're going to look at. Verse thirteen. Are you there OK The Bible says he has delivered us. Yes from the power of what darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the son of his love. In whom we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of word since I want you to know what is that word conveyed means what is your translation say. You are translated right. Now you know where we get the word from translated the word simply means to be transferred you were changed so when Paul says in Acts twenty six eighteen he says this is what Jesus told me my job is to bring people from the power of Satan and of darkness to light into the power of God so that I may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who are saying to fight by faith. Which is in me now Paul writes to the church in colossi and he says listen he delivered us from the power of darkness and as he delivered us from the power of darkness he literally translated us he transferred us from the devil's kingdom we have now been excised into the kingdom of Christ amen. So before I was a child of the devil's kingdom I was a member of his kingdom but because I accepted Christ at that moment my status has now been changed the word sent the five simply means to be set apart. So now God says the moment that we are justified what else happened. We were saying to fight we were set aside for a holy use this is where the confusion comes in justification says you are right with God you are declared righteous saying to begin says you've been set aside now into his kingdom to do his purposes in his will but now that you're in His Kingdom you do not currently possess the character. Following So you've been put into God's kingdom now you are considered a child of God and I want to look at one of the verse. But now that you've been transferred into his kingdom. Now you have to begin the process that as you set yourself apart to God. God begins to work in you to now make you the reality of what he has declared you in justification so he says in justification you are holy you are forgiven you are righteous you are Clint's But guess what. You also have to be free from the power of sin. You are still sinful. You are STILL have a propensity I want to read you a statement. From the Spirit of Prophecy it's an interesting statement I think you'll like it. It says this. There is in the religious world a theory of sanctification which is false in itself and dangerous in its influence in many cases those who profess scientific ation do not possess the genuine article. They are saying to vocation consists in talk and will worship. Those who are really seeking to perfect Christian character will never indulge the thought that they are sinless. Now watch this their lives may be irreproachable. That means you can find even wrong with their life they may be living representatives of the truth which they have accepted but the more they discipline their minds to dwell upon the character of Christ and the nearer they approached to his divine image the more clearly will they discern his spotless perfection. And the more deeply will they feel their own defects. When persons claim that they are saying to fide giving sufficient evidence that they are far from being holy. They fail to see their own weakness and destitution they look upon themselves as reflecting the image of Christ because they have no true knowledge of him the greater the distance between them and their Savior the more righteous they appear in their own minds. You know what this idea lead to this led to a concept of what we call Holy flesh doctrine. Oh I'm sorry yes. Thank you for reminding me I have a habit of doing this sometimes. The reference is the same to find life page seven and eight. The same to five life page seventy. Now this leads to what we call the holy flesh doctrine. So there was a time in a place in Indiana you probably read this statement where she talks about drums in a bedlam of noise and all these different things these people believed that because they were already holy and sanctified that they can indulge in any desire and it was pure because they were pure. They were they had not just holy character they had holy flesh. Now. In the sanctuary as we explored this parable in the light of scientific ation we must first recognize it as a status through the blood of Christ as soon as that lamb is killed in a priest carries that blood into the holy place and sprinkles it makes atonement for us we've been transferred we are now members of his kingdom but now at that point in time what is God's goal to have us keep coming back with new lambs. Know God's goal. God's go. Is to not only free us from the penalty but to free us. The power of sin that's what scientific ation is all about and that is what takes the work of a lifetime that's why she says No person who possesses sanctification will ever say they are sinless. She says it is proof evidence that they are not now let's talk about the issue of assurance. Because when we say this right our church gets a lot of flack for teaching this even though Methodists teach this too. We get a lot of flak because people feel like where is the hope. Where is the assurance now here becomes here becomes the the beauty of our message. In these last days. Because of our understanding of the sanctuary. What does the sinner do in the sanctuary we said this right. The Center brings the lamb. The sinner confesses over the head of the Lamb the sinner kills the lamb. After that the sinner leaves the century and what happens who takes over. The priest who's ministering always on the sinners we have. The priest and it's through the priest that the sinner though he's not in the sanctuary he always has access to to God He always has access to the Holy Spirit through the golden candlesticks he always has access to the bread of life to the Word of God He always has access to bringing his prayers to God because listen to this desire of ages I mean this quote always always reminds me she says the prayer of the humble supplement. The prayer of the humble softly Jesus offers as his only prayer in that soul's behalf. Are you following what I just said. When we come to go. Hard to pray if we are humble and we are sincere in our prayer she says that in Heaven God is literally repeating the words the prayer to God on your behalf he says this is my prayer for Sebastian can God tell Jesus no. Yes or No no we can't tell Jesus no. Because Jesus is sinful sinless sorry. That's all you know I'm still working in my center for cation. Jesus is similar if. So Christ God has no reason to tell him no. So now when when when I when I come to offer my prayer he offers me my prayer as his own request in my behalf and she says he will offer it without one stammering word. Perfect mix with the incense of his own righteousness. When we understand the priestly mediation we recognize that while we are going through the process of being sanctified. In terms of the process of changing our character we are still saying to fight in His Kingdom we've been transferred over this is not an issue of you're in and out we have this idea of this daily Amen today I'm out tomorrow no you are transferred into the kingdom This is why we have a book of life. So when the judgment comes in the book is analyzed is this person a real believer they professed faith in Jesus. But now let's look at the books. And if we continue to have faith and hold on to Jesus you cannot be lost. It is impossible. As long as we hold on to Jesus now let me get let me be very clear what I'm saying because when I was going through this with God in my hotel room today I said lord. Give me the words so that people do not misunderstand what I'm saying. When I say hold on to Jesus I'm not saying saying you're holding on to Jesus. I mean actually holding on to Jesus there are people that will say oh yeah you know as long as you have faith in Christ I was at a mall near my house and this woman was Christian we got into a great conversation and she said people one what else do you need to do to be saved they try to make it hard to be saved am I getting hard to be saved it's easy to be seen it's hard to be lost. The Bible says the way of the transgressor is hard it's. So you want to go down the transgression wrote is going to be a hard life so she's like a man a man I never heard of seventy eight minutes in this one and the third and I looked at her and I said well ma'am you know I believe in all the Bible. So she's like yeah you know how can you lose your salvation how can your father stop loving you I said No God will never stop loving but God will never force you. And I said his goal is not just to forgive you his goal is to help you to be back to where he created you to be. I said if that's right if I'm like if that's work centered if that's removing assurance I said look there's a difference between working for my salvation and working with my salvation. There's a difference Jesus looked at the thief on the cross and he said assuredly I say unto you today. Today you will be with me in paradise the brother wasn't even baptized. And even get off the cross and give a Bible study in attend a synagogue didn't go to apologize he said assuredly I sent you today why. Because he said Lord remember me. That's all he said. So at that point when that beef gets his legs broken taken aback. A Roman dungeon at that particular moment in time he knows I've been sent to fide my status has been changed. Now I've been annexed into the kingdom of Christ and in a kingdom there's a law. In that kingdom there's a king. But he knows that I don't have the power to behave like a son of God that's OK because the Bible said to as many as received him. To them gave he power to become the sons of God How can we become children of God It's only through what. His powers so who's doing it. He is. Which is what the parable was trying to teach us all along we need to remain having faith in the priests work in the sanctuary. And that's why Paul said he that has begun a good work will do what. I. Need to and this. When we talk about the process. I want to be very very clear. When God created the world. How many days that God take. Six days now I want you to follow my question. Could God have created the world in one day. Yes. You all agree. OK but it took him how many days. So God could have created the world in one day and he decided to take six guess what this teaches us about God. God does not do in a day what he can do. God doesn't a day what he plans to do. Are you following. The first day all down. It was a light is that all God can do. On the second day he just made the clouds in the atmosphere and in the waters on the earth is that all God can do. So let me get this straight God is going day by day to something that I can do more but I'm doing only what I plan to do and the evening and morning were the second day. And he took time to look at what he had made and he saw it's good I'll be back tomorrow. The Bible says If any man be in Christ Jesus he is a new creation. So if that is how God did the first creation. Why would he change his method in the second. He started creation did he finished. Yes or no. So here's the point. God is not going to do in your life in a day what he can do. He's going to do what he. Plans. You think God can make you holy today he can reveal all your force to you today. Do you think you can handle it. No So what is really slowing God down is not God Himself. It is our capacity that Jesus looks us like He looked at the disciples I have many things to say to you but you cannot bear them now. So don't get frustrated in the Bible say God you know I'm reading the Bible and since I got to say nice things to me God like Das enough for now. Don't think I got anything else to say to you I got plenty to say. I. Am a holy God My standard is perfection I got plenty to say but don't worry I only take my time to do what I plan to do God has a plan for to. Today how he's going to restore you into His image and he has a plan daily. And during that time though you may fall you have a high priest. So you always have access to him. But it also reminds us that while God doesn't do everything he can in a day. He's also not going to take forever. Eventually the sixth day arrived and God said. He looked at everything that he had made and it was very good. And he says the evening in the morning where the six days the world where the six day and God looked at everything that he had made. He says the heavens and the earth they were finished. And then God said you know what I'm going to create a day just to enjoy what I have done. God didn't rest because he was tired. God rested as one pleased. With his work. So this encourages us to recognize two things incentive for creation. As long as our faith remains in Jesus and I mean real faith I'm not talking about profess faith. Don't just say you mentally agree with Jesus you like the idea of Jesus no we're talking about real faith that leads to submission. That leads to believing his word that leads to trusting His goodness. In that faith that we have. If we recognize that guess what god what are you trying to do today. And when you look at the end of the day you take time to see what God has done. And you just let the evening in the morning be whatever day it. It is because it is a daily work that God is doing our goal is to cooperate with his work. But I'm also encouraged. And I don't have to be discouraged when I see all these faults that are still in my life because he that has begun a good work will what. Will complete it I'm going to finish don't worry. I'm going to finish when it came to creation was enough and. When it came to redemption was I not on a cross and then I not say it is finished. And one day very soon. He's going to say. It's finished. I'm done. It's time for you to come home. Have a Sabbath. To enjoy what the Lord has done. He will perform the work. And he will complete it. And it and every head is about every eye is closed. As we pray. Father in heaven. The time has failed us. But perhaps there is someone here in this seminar. That has become discouraged. Overwhelmed with their faults. And they feel like God is not going to finish his work. Maybe you're worried that you're not going to be complete. In time to meet the Lord. But today God wants to encourage you. He wants to say listen. My child my son my daughter. I have begun a good work if I started. I'm going to finish. God doesn't start anything that he doesn't finish. And so today God is calling you. To put your faith back in what Jesus can do. To stop worrying about how long it's going to take and just enjoy the process. If you want to say Lord. I felt this way. In today you want to ask God to help your faith. Help you to trust the process. I just want invite you to stand to your feet. Say Lord help me to trust the process. That he that has begun will complete. Father in heaven. You see those of us who have stood and you know why we stood. But now as we stand we know without the shadow of a doubt that we are standing in your grace. With all of our faults with all of our failures Lord with all of our defects that we see more and more as we draw nearer to Jesus. But may we day by day consecrate ourselves to God Each morning. That we were set aside ourselves for that day. That we would lay all our plans at his feet. That we'd be willing to surrender those. That God would lead us to give up. And that we would be faithful and diligent in those that God enjoins upon us. And Lord when the day is over help us not to be discouraged because God is not going to do. Everything today but he is going to finish. And he's not going to take forever. So in very soon we're going to enter into that millennium Sabbath. Joy with award as. We love you and thank you for these gives you offer this from our hearts. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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