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The Demoniac

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • September 2, 2016
    8:00 PM


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Good evening. Everybody both turned to Psalm twenty seven. Psalm twenty seven. Psalm twenty seven. The Lord is my mind. And my salvation. Whom show I fear. The Lord is the strength of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid. When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh my enemies and foes they stumbled and fell. Though an Army major camp against me my heart shall not fear the war may rise up against me in this case I will be confident. One thing I have desired of the Lord. That will I see. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. To be whole the beauty of the Lord to inquire in his temple. And in the time of trouble he shall hiding in his prevailing in the secret place of his tabernacle he shall hide me he shall set me high upon a rock and now my enemies now my head shall be lifted above all my enemies around me therefore I will offer the sacrifice of the joy at his tabernacle I will seeing yes I will sing praises to the Lord hear all or when I cry him to be with my voice Have mercy upon me and answer me. When you said seek my face. My. I heart said to you your. Lord I will seek. Do not hide your face from me do not turn your servant away in anger. You have been my help. Do not leave me nor First take me. Or God of my salvation. When my father and my mother forsake me the Lord shall take me up Teach me your way your Lord and lead me in a smooth path because of my enemies do not deliver me to the will of my adversaries for false witnesses have risen against me and breathed out violence. I would have lost heart unless I believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living wait on the Lord to be a good courage he shows strength in your heart wait I say on the board. Let's bring our heads forward a prayer. Father in heaven. Thank you for this. Beautiful opportunity. To sit at your feet to learn from you. God thank you. That in your presence is fullness of joy. And God right now with all the things that may be on our mind we asked for the present blessing. And God we pray by the time we leave tonight. That were changed. Because we have encountered you. That's our prayer Jesus thank you for the Holy Spirit in your precious name we pray Amen. Amen God is good Amen Amen My name is the No Canada I really blessed to be able to be here I know God is going to speak to us in so many ways Amen Amen you know what's so interesting. The last time I was here was the year two thousand and two and this is when they actually had the very first G Y C I never forgot I was sitting in this room and there was one thought that went through my mind through this entire conference that I was at and this was it this is the most boring conference I have ever been to in my entire life. But let me tell you something The problem wasn't the conference the problem was my own heart so something happened I decided with my friend we're going to go for a walk up and we jumped over the fence and we women down this trail and something was really strange about the weather it was getting very cold and so we continued to hike further and further into the hills and we probably hiked I don't know anywhere from five to seven miles and we thought wow it's just wonderful being out here and then all of a sudden the snow began to fall and we thought wow this is wonderful snow in southern California Camp beat that and that for about an hour just thinking out deep in the woods we decided to make our way back when we realized the trail that we were trying that we originally came on was completely covered with snow soon it began to snow so bad that you could not even see just even a few feet ahead of your thinking This is southern California this is Southern California where you we got lost and we didn't know what to do my friend was getting annoyed at me and I was getting annoyed right back at him and so we just began to argue finally we said hey let's pray and so we began to pray and finally you know we just said OK let's just keep walking and we just had this thing to idea of where the you know the actual buildings were so we just kept walking and we kept moving and we just kept going and for just many minutes we thought to ourselves we're getting more and more lost out here in the woods but there was still a still small voice that was saying Keep moving keep moving keep moving and after about I don't know maybe an hour to two hours. We finally found some tracks and we were able to get our way back to Pine Springs ranch this was my first and last experience here at this ranch. You know I'm excited about tonight's message I know God is going to bless us in tremendous ways the theme of this weekend is called the one all audience and it's based upon this quotation founded on White's writings this the Lord desires that his word of grace shall be brought home to every what Saul to a great degree this must be accomplished by personal work labor this was Christ method His work was largely made up of personal. Interviews he had a peaceful regard for the one soul audience through that one soul the message was often extended to thousands there are multitudes who will never be reached by the Gospel no notice unless it is carried to them and that's why we're here this week in this sort of to be recalibrated to be revived and to head out and to preach the gospel now everybody take your Bible Let's go to Revelation Chapter fourteen this is like the Pledge of Allegiance for Seventh Day Adventists Revelation Chapter fourteen we are going to the three angels messages found in Revelation fourteen starting with verse. Deano Jesus gave the Gospel commission as the very last sign right before he comes John does something very interesting to the same gospel commission the Bible says something remarkable in Revelation Chapter fourteen versus John actually adds to what Jesus had said regarding the Gospel commission Revelation fourteen versus notice what the Bible says right here then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven I noticed his next words having. The everlasting gospel do you mean what Jesus said in Matthew twenty four he said then the Gospel shall be preached all the world as a witness then. Come now watch what John does he says look the Gospel that goes towards the end of time is the everlasting Gospel Now that's quite strange Let's continue reading the everlasting Gospel to preach of those who dwell on earth and watch what John does he doesn't stop right there he continues to every nation every tribe every tongue and what. People now John does something so amazing to the gospel message or the Gospel commission Jesus said this gospel should be preached to all the world as witness than the actual come John says look this is the everlasting gospel so the Gospel sort of takes on a greater exposure at the very end it's not just the gospel it's the work ever lasting gospel and it doesn't just go for to the general world it goes to every nook and cranny of this entire planet can you say amen to that and that's what's so exciting about this end time message that we actually have the privilege to be able to be a part of you know it's so interesting God has so many ways of preaching the gospel Amen so many ways now I'm a conference evangelist for the conference I work for and let me tell you something I absolutely. Am uncomfortable with public evangelism I've been doing for many years but I started doing Conference evangelism just since January but I actually am not like this I just love doing public evangelism more and more I've become just desirable for sitting down and just explaining the gospel to people as I said before God has so many ways of preaching the gospel someone to message me the other day and they said Pastor now you want to know something I said what you just preach a gospel at Wal-Mart. Quite I don't shop at Wal-Mart I shop at Kmart. And they say you just preach a gospel at Wal-Mart I said What are you talking about and they said you're not. I believe this I said what they said they said my son he actually works for a Wal-Mart by the way Wal-Mart and what he did is he when I go to lunch in his car but he'll laugh he is there's a walkie talkie that's connected to the loudspeaker. Of the store he took it into his car and he walked in on he didn't realize it was still on he turned on a sermon I was preaching and for forty minutes he was in his car and the sermon was going through out Wal-Mart loudspeakers in fact the manager could not shut it off because the system was locked in because of his walkie talkie. Can you just imagine that. When you get to heaven one day to Pastor No man I was converted at Wal-Mart would have been. I was just shopping sense of clothes and this voice said You need the robes of Jesus. Find some detergent and the boy said You need the blood of Jesus if you want to be clean and men could use some magic in the multiple ways God has been communicating the message all over the entire world I mean it's just amazing I have a good friend who was actually a converted him in his whole family came into the church they were born and raised as Muslims in Iran they became Christians because of brains. I mean that's amazing right I mean it's just when you think about it I mean you could you God can use a Wal-Mart Amen Wal-Mart loudspeakers he can use dreams but God's favorite way of doing evangelism is the one sole audience the one sole audience. Now I'm going to share something with you when I was in college and it was in my college that I became a Seventh Day Adventist I was actually born or raised a Hindu I also come from Sikh background some. Thing happened in the year one thousand nine hundred nine I never forgot I was going to college and I was taking math and science classes and there was a placard on the wall and the placard said these words it was a quote by Albert Einstein I believe in Spinoza's God Spinoza was a philosopher slash scientist I would I'm saying said these words I believe in Spinoza's God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists not in the God concerns himself with faiths and actions of human beings Now this is people I was a Christian I was actually born and raised a Hindu as I said before and Hinduism actually teaches this idea of an impersonal gone they believe any any kind of articulation about God actually is limited thereby therefore it diminishes who God really is so they believe that you can actually know God personally and so growing up this is what I thought in fact as I grew up I would go to sort of the what we call the Hindu Sunday school and you know how people paint pictures or color pictures in their churches about John the Baptist preaching in you know the galley in SR the galaxy or the Jordan River excuse me or you read about Jesus' human leper I actually grew up you know coloring pictures on Sundays at the temple that said God is inside the tree God is inside the rock it was this form of pantheism that I grew up with and so every day when I was at college I'd walk by and I would look at that quote I said you know what God really isn't interested in my life I said Yup that's right next day I went to class I look always had that placard in this was a placard I never forgot yeah Albert Einstein was right Grant's not really interested in my you fullest life. Go to class when there are songs and I thought you know what why in the world would God ever be interested in my it's the Pittsfield little existence. And day after day I will look. At that point I thought to myself Yup that's right Yup that's right Yup that's right until one day I said wait a minute what fun. One of them actually wrong. About this. What if. God is actually interested. In my life. And through a variety of circumstances I began to read the Bible I never forgot when I came across this wonderful verse of scripture that says this in John chapter one powerful words right here this is in the beginning was the work word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God he was in the beginning with God all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made that was made and therefore the Bible says next and the word. Became flesh. And dwelt. Among them. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we be held his glory. And I never got as I was reading this when there thought to myself wait a minute God is greater than I ever thought before and now the Bible is teaching. He has come down to earth. And he did well. Among humanity. This was something so unusual something soul bizarre to me God is by definition the greatest being in the universe no one is more powerful no one is more greater No one is more wise within this god the universe was created by the words of his mouth its very existence is upheld by his thought and there was never a time in which he was not however the beautiful paradox and I love this the beautiful paradox of the biblical story where the Gospel is that this wonderful being wants to be incredibly close to the fallen race which includes you. And me. Everybody take your Bibles Let's go to questions chapter one kolache and Chapter one. Washrooms chapter one. Good way to find Colossians General Electric Power Company glacial visions Flippy and squashes right yeah right we're going to collage in chapter one. Chapter one let's start with verse one. Paul. An apostle of good. Jesus Christ by the will of God and Timothy our brother to the Saints and the faithful brother in Christ who are in cost and you know what's so interesting by the way and in time Paul writes a letter do you know how you always address to the sayings to the Saints to the sayings to the saints I mean that's how we start for many of us whether but what is quite unusual is in the sweater's he's rebuking people. He's like look you're not doing something right. You know oftentimes we have this idea of what I think it's only our saying to somebody that has a halo around their head a Mother Teresa but in Paul's mind as saying that was somebody who was a work in progress can you say meant to that So are you are saying Ladies and gentlemen some of you still uncomfortable with that you're going to know about that right let's continue reading cautions chapter one. Grace to you and peace from God our Father in the Lord Jesus Christ by the way this letter was actually penned when Paul was in prison in Rome I mean think about it he's writing a letter from prison you know potentially seeing his execution chortling and he's writing letters to the church and notice what he says in the next part of this letter we give thanks to God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ praying always for you and I think about this he's writing a letter from where prison where he is about to be executed shortly and he's writing this letter knew what he's saying in whether he's like oh I'm just so thankful to. Church God bless your church you know if I was writing a letter from prison I'd be saying something like I need you to contact my lawyer I need you to find somebody who can get me out of this prison but the amazing thing is when Paul was in the middle of God's will he knew he was he was at peace because it was the safest place to be Amen and so here Paul is in prison writing this letter of encouraging and God can do some wonderful things because of prison not because of prison but in prison Amen I mean you think about it. It's amazing got actually has his heart is actually really drawn to people who are in jails right now that's why he gives in Matthew chapter twenty five hey you visited me in prison I had this very interesting experience happened to me one day there was a new couple that had joined our church and we had been praying for them something happened to their son shortly after they joined the church he was involved in a drive by got mixed up with some wrong people and they actually ended up killing somebody. And so he was in jail and they said Pastor can you please visit our son he hasn't been to church before he hasn't known doesn't know who God is can you please visit him so I went to the jail and I went through all the clearance it took a few days I showed up and I met this kid that was like fourteen or fifteen years old. I remember got a picked up the phone and looked right at him and I said How old are you man. Just a teenager. He got mixed up with the wrong group of people never imagined that he would end up in jail and so we began to talk and he says yeah you know what's so interesting I go what he's like I think God's trying to speak to me I said did you say that and he said because when I first ended up Jill there was like this big all Hispanic guy with glasses that walked up to him with socks pulled up he sat down right next to me in service here saying you want to survive out here you need something like this and he read. Into his sock and you think the pipeline a shank or a screwdriver right he said the kid told me he reached into his sock and he gave me this little book and I go What was that in the book he said. To Christ. This kid has never stepped foot in Adventist Church his family had been praying for him we've been praying for him and I was like I never heard of that book what is it so you know I didn't say that but you know what I said You tell me and he started chairmen's like I've been really reading this book over and over and over again it's just amazing. I mean areas in jail and he is learning about Christ God actually had to bring him to the place where he was it moving anymore and he was still to hear the voice of God So Paul's writing this letter from jail you know he asked the peace of God still with him and he's encouraging the brethren and notice what the Bible says Next go all the way to verse fifteen. He is the image talking about Christ. The image of the invisible God the firstborn over all creation by Him all things were created that are in heaven and on earth visible and invisible where the throne for dominion for principle. All things were created through Him and for him. And he is before all things and in Him all things this he is the head of the body the church which is the beginning the firstborn from the dead that in all things he might have the preeminence and for Paul's build in this case about Jesus Christ he says let me tell you about Jesus Christ he said Jesus is before all pings he created all things which means he himself was not created he was the uncreative God Amen Paul Gee Paul was saying Jesus by definition is go out and gone by definition is not a created being nor did he a merge at some period of time he has always been. And so Paul is building this argument this theory of who thought if he can not be contained by time itself and he begins to really hone in on the power and the glory and the mind of Jesus Christ and it's just amazing when you begin to think about it and as Paul is building this argument look wife is beyond anybody can. He is the firstborn which is not so much a physical designation in a family but rather a significant or important designation other words he is the most important under the father. And so he begins to build this case about the greatness and the power and the glory of God and then watch what happens. Going to verse verse twenty four. And I rejoice in my sufferings for you and go up in my flesh what is lacking in the of the fortunes of Christ for the sake of his body which is the church of which I became a minister according to the stewardship from God which he has given to me for you to fulfill the Word of God. The mystery. Which has been hidden from in each of us. And from generations but now he has been revealed to his. To them God will to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery not just among the who. Among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the what hope of glory here Paul makes this unusual paradoxical sort of direction first it is what God cannot be contained here so mighty his report time by him our very existence. Is present is the saint and then he says you want to know what's so interesting about Christ. He is in. The. Uncontainable God. Is Evil. The illimitable God is. In you. This all powerful army presence on that but didn't God. It was so strange about the book of Colossians towards the very end of kolache and he begins to just think various people locked him in his ministry one of those individuals is look I'm going to come back to look in just a second but I want everybody to take your Bible and go to Mark chapter point we're going to actually look at a very powerful encounter Jesus actually has with an individual the great god of the universe comes close to a broken humanity Mark Chapter five Mark Chapter five. By the way when you actually read the various gospel such as Luke you will find not less than thirty encounters that Jesus had with individuals the Gospels are so powerful because while you happen all that's talking about the why of theology and you have the Old Testament that's building up to this the Gospels really are just a narrative on the life of Christ. His encounters with people. We're going to march after five. Mark Chapter five The Bible tells us something very interesting in the previous chapter Jesus just what a great multitude he has just done so many things and finally tells the disciples look we're leaving and they get into a boat and as they leave this great multitude you can imagine wait a minute we have all these people are here now you just wanted to leave so he leaves this great multitude to get on a pole and even as they're on this boat right to this mysterious place the Bible says a storm came and Jesus actually had to rebuke the storm the disciples Now think about this they left the great multitude without explanation and now they're on this boat ride there nearly die and they have. No understanding about what Jesus is about to do next and let's go march up or slide. Mark Chapter five starting with the first one then they came. To the other side of the sea to the country of the gathering. And we need to come out of the boat immediately there met him at of the Tombs a man. With a work. Unclean spirit evil spirit was continuing. Who had his dwelling among the tombs not one combined and not even with chains because he had often been bound with shackles and chains and the chains that often been pulled apart by him and the shackles broken in pieces and neither could anyone tame him and always night and day he was in the mountains and in the Tombs crying out and cutting himself with stones only as your question this is going to have a few problems. Yet here is a lot of problems doesn't he can you name one of his problems. Yet he's demon possessed right but what came along with that was the guy living. What does he live. He lives where. He lives in the cemetery and who lives in the cemetery actually dead people don't live there so we need to go to evangelistic series right OK. What else is wrong with this guy. He's mutilating himself right I mean this guy is constantly mutilating himself what else. What else is wrong with this guy. He's crying out when he crying out. When. When this when is he crying out Oh yeah always day and night right what else is wrong with this guy. He was in chains what happened to those chains. Who put those chains on him. The people who attempted to tame him. And he broke those chains upon me as your question Can normal people break chains like that you know. He's dealing with a power that's far stronger than any human being is. Something supernatural has taken a hold of this and you're going to see something beautiful and just a minute with this story and so Jesus comes across I look at desiré just as by the way you got to read the story and one might say is that when Jesus actually came out with this disciples this man came running out and the disciples actually took off running. And then you look back and they realize when they got to vote Jesus was still there I mean think about this is possibly Jesus was back of his entourage they left him and they slowly made his way their way back and she says that she you know Jesus was right before the demons hand was outstretched and he was not moving in the demon was not coming any further. What a powerful sight can you imagine that the disciples twelve of them running for their lives because of one man and Jesus stood face to face with this man that was possessed with the demon. Keep going with this story. And when he had saw the Jesus from a far. He ran. And worshiped him. He cried out with a loud voice saying. What have I to do with you Jesus son of the most high God I am floored you by God that you do not what let me ask your question who's talking here the manner of the demon. When the man ran and worshipped him who was them the man or the demon the man because demons don't worship him. So he ran and he worshipped him but what came out of his mouth. The demon spoke in fact the words that came out of his mouth are quite interesting he says I am poor you by God that you do not torment me in fact if you actually look this up in the Greek it's the present participle what it was he was actually saying the I implore you by God that you stop tormenting me. Who was actually responsible for the torment of this man. The demon was responsible for the torment of the man but who was the main demon blaming Christ. The demon was actually blaming crime through the man and but what is also interesting is what he says What are you doing here and then uses the title son of the most. Now just think about what he just said I implore you please to what do you doing here. Some of the most high God NEVER words holy people. Don't belong around garbage like this. This is not a place. For a holy beings. What are you doing here. But I want you to think about this this was precisely the place where Christ wanted to be can use Amen to that. This man had so many problems right you know the something I'm realizing about sin more and more. And it came to me one day that God doesn't ultimately give sin it's death penalty I think in what numbers say one more time God doesn't give sin it's all ultimately he doesn't give it it's death penalty you're thinking wait a minute the Bible says the wages of sin is death I want you I want to say one more time God does not give sin it's all commit death penalty sin by its very nature has the test penalty in fact Daunte called that which has the death penalty san. Simeon by its very nature is the principle of self destruction. This is God's great problem with sin Look here from this idea properly so God doesn't like sin because he just doesn't like it he doesn't like it because you're too happy doing it and he doesn't like that friends I want you to understand something God's big problem with sin is that it just strong it's separate and it brings death. Amen and so here we are if Jesus is dealing with a man who thought was destroyed himself because of his habits his wife and his face to face the life giver with the man that is full of sin. And notice what the Bible says next. For he said to him come out of the man. You one clean spirit then he asked him What is your name. And he answered and said My name is. Legion you all know what a Legion is what the Legion. Is a thousand Roman soldiers general Legion had two primary purposes in the Roman army number one to go out to battle and number two to guard. That was the purpose of the Legion they were to guard or protect something. They said their name is legion they continue. For we are many and now I want you to start noticing the key phrase and he begged him earnestly that he would not send him out of the country now large herd of swine was speeding there near the mountains and the assistant all the demons begged him saying send us into this wind that we mantra them so Jesus gave them what. Permission Now this is interesting your searching around here then the unclean spirits went into and entered the swine and were about two thousand and the herd went and ran by only down the steep place into the sea drowned into the sea then those who first read the swine flu they told them in the city and in the country and they have come out to see what happened none of this then they came to Jesus all the one who had been demon possessed had the Legion sitting clothed in his right mind and they were afraid and they who sold it told how it happened to those who had to him would be in demon possessed and about the swine and other suspects phrase then they began to Politi by the way another word for a plea is big. Strange is continuing. And when he got into the boat he had been demon possessed. Brained. Him that He might be with him no suspects praised However Jesus. Did not. Permit it. But what this all together now I want you to notice something the man the demon possessed man he begs Jesus don't understand until country does Jesus actually obliged by that Jesus actually answers that prayer request then the demon said he'd send this into the swine and his Jesus actually answered their purchase he left them going to the swine It even says he permitted them and then was so interesting is this this then when all the people were so upset by well it happened they came and they said please leave this place they beg Jesus to leave the place and just Jesus came into the boat and leave Yes And then you are the one man who actually says more I am begging you let me stay with you and at that prayer request Jesus actually says no. Now that's strange because here Jesus is answering the prayers of enemies because there are three in the prayers of demons. But then you have the one client. Who is doing his best to follow Jesus and Jesus says no. You can't come with me. Now when you look at the direction of the store I really believe the Holy Spirit was intentional about this. We see this build up God answers the prayers if God is willing to even listen to the requests of these demoniac surely he's going to keep listening to requests other people's requests and even the people who want Jesus to leave the area Jesus obliges But then the one guy who's struggling to follow God he says let me be with you. And Jesus. No. Friends I want you to understand something here. And this is something that as you grow in your Christianity that you wonder stand more and more of. Is that some of the greatest blessings in your life will be when God actually tells you no. You know a lie just pray God let me die. Good word of mine just out right now. You know he's probably coming up to God It's like Lord thank you for not answering my prayers. Crims thankful for that right. Moses pray Lord let me enter into the land God says no. He died but he stayed right where is Moses right now. It's like I love this place. And I'm saying. When we get to heaven we're going to realize that the greatest Murphy of God was poured upon us when God didn't do what we wanted him to do. There's times in our lives we're just pleading God please do this for me please change of circumstance please do something else right here and you will find the silence of God you will find over and over gone say no. No. And it's because of this reason. That when God says no. It's not a rejection it's a redirection. Amen it's not a rejection it's are we direction we will find God's greatest blessings came when God said no to us we're going to get to happen and we're going to be like Lord I think you are not answering my prayers always. I mean think about it when. The last time you've been to a prayer meeting. People say oh yeah what do you think will do God for someone says I'm so thankful for God He doesn't answer my prayers. Right. Now I want to show you something we push past your want your race to accept or sixteen I want you to see something X. Chapter sixteen here this is really interesting but then Mark Chapter five also. After sixteen. The book of Acts by the way is written in just a a wonderful narrative it's written by the writer His name is Luke and Acts is divided into shifts great changes accepted to there's a shift right you have a Pentecostal X. Chapter nine Saul is converted becomes Paul the Gospel begins to go to the world then Acts Chapter sixteen is considered the next great shift in the Bible could have Chapter sixteen I want you to see something go all the way to verse six now when they have gone through and this is Paul with his band his traveling group of friends now when they have gone to the bridge in the region of glacier they were. Forbidden. Well it's interesting. Forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia let me ask you a question what was the commission of Jesus going to work. All the world and what. Now what is the Holy Spirit actually preventing them from doing here. Preaching the Gospel Now I wasn't preaching the gospel generally it was preaching the gospel in that area by the way this was Asia Minor this was like the Rover in Roman province of work Turkey is that this would have been the second or third missionary journey to that exact same place so Paul was just doing what he had always done in years past which was to go back to the area after he preached there and so he was making a second or third round there and all this in the Holy Spirit if you can not come into this area. And so pop thinks OK Let's continue reading. After they came to my CEA they try to go into business but the Spirit did not want. Wait a minute. They tried taking around to a different place and what did the Spirit do here. You can't come in here either. And watch what Paul does next. So passed him by Mr they came down to Troas and trolls by the way with the report. It was were sea ships took off so Paul and his brother and said you know we're just going to stay by the sea shore we've got tells us what to do there are many ships for us to take us Paul reached the point where he was now still but he was ready to go where God had called him and then he waded across and notice what the Bible says right here now a vision appear to Paul in the night a man of Macedonia stood and pleaded with them saying come over to Macedonia and help us now I want you to see a switch right here this is quite amazing right here now after he had seen the vision immediately. We. The pronoun changes you're thinking what's the big deal prior to this time in the book of Acts Luke when he was writing the book of Acts said they or the disciples. And at this point because of this great vision he actually joined the missionary team here and he started working out the rest of the book of Acts as we. This was when Paul joined the team or season when Luke joined the team Luke the medical professional at this moment became Luke the medical missionary Now let's keep going right here I want you to see something interesting. And now after he had seen the vision and assist in me. It Lee We sought to go to Macedonia concluding the Lord have called us to preach the gospel there by the way when they get to Macedonia do you know what they find. A group of women. They never find this man. At least it's not recorded in Scripture. They go to Macedonia and all they find is a group of women. By the way Bible commentators point this out and they said that in order for a Jewish synagogue to actually be to actually be present you need at least ten Jewish men. And so here Paul and Luke and now there's this group and they said All right let's go to Macedonia there is someone there who needs help and they get there quite surprised because it was not what they had expected. It was essentially an area that did not have a church set up. This is where the Gospel actually goes outside Asia Minor and now goes into Europe it was not at this point. When God told them No it's because he had a greater purpose for them it was not a rejection but it was a really what direction to something greater and bigger than it have imagined before but it took place when Paul and his band of brothers said Alright let's go to trial as we are ready to go where God calls us to go and we will stay at this place until God makes it clear that it's time for us to go to this other area now let's go back to the Gospel of Mark now Mark chapter we're going to conclude on a point on last point here Mark Chapter five. Mark Chapter five. Starting with verse eighteen. Mark Chapter five starting with verse eighteen. And when he. Jesus God. Out into the bow. He who had been demon possessed. Begged him. That he might be with him. However Jesus did not work. Permit it. But said to him. Go home. To your friends. And tell them what great things God has done for you and how he has had compassion on you. Now as he departed began to proclaim that the cop was the ten cities. All that Jesus had done all what. Marveled or amazed him back when Jesus goes back to this area to know when he goes back to this area months later all the people accept him. Because of this preaching of this man who spent what an hour with Jesus. This man became a missionary he was converted he took the gospel with all that he knew he shared it and he didn't understand why but God's purposes were greater than he even understood and so this man would have to go preach a gospel exactly where Jesus told them to and then when Jesus showed up again in that same area he even find a group of people that rejected him rather you find a group of people who are excited about him. Friends When God says no. It's because he has a greater purpose in mind for here. In Often times in our lives we can look back. And we can wonder man why did it he listened to me. I didn't Jesus just say yes. You may have even some bitterness. Towards God. But friends I want you to understand something. God's purposes for you are greater than you even real lives. When you even know. And you may not understand what God is up to in this time in your life perhaps you've been finding God keep it close he keeps saying no here he keeps saying no here. And those moments you're you can feel. Your friends I want you to do something. Something that Paul did. Something this demoniac had done before he took off. Just to spend time waiting. Saying ward. What is your will. Ground Zero with you right now. Whatever you want. Whenever you want to do Lord. I'm right here I'm not going to you say go I'm not moving so you say move. Share with me what you want me to do and God may not tell you the extensive plan he may just give you one step in maybe two steps but I believe this weekend is a special window of opportunity were God wants to pour that spirit. And start opening up to you but he has been wanting to share for a long time. How many people want to say Lord this we can i want to sit at your feet and I want to hear what you have for me I want to understand where I should go much to raise your head if that's your desire Ground Zero this is where God wants us to begin at this. Moment. That's our heads for a word of prayer. Father in heaven. Was thinking about Moses the other night. Who died because of sin his judgment was upon. It was on that mountain. And as he closed his eyes. One chapter of his life seemed to close come to an end. But Lord thank you. The next chapter had just begun. Or for whatever the reason we are here this week. We want to start by just coming to you Lord as we are just as we are. And we want to pray and ask that you would. Recalibrate our heart to work needs to be or that you would just draw close to you. By the time we leave from this place. We will be revived and strengthened knowing the direction you have to go thank you for hearing us tonight for being with us. If it's your world that you just linger a little bit longer and place so be in Jesus. 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