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The Art of the Christian Conversationalist- Part 1

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • September 3, 2016
    2:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you again for this special time lord our prayer is that we be equipped. Father we want to know how we can better serve you we pray that only the good the practical what you meant for us would remain Father in heaven we also pray and asked that the Holy Spirit would bless us an incredible way during this special sabbath day and thank you for calling us out here today in Jesus' name amen. Our right name of the seminar is called The Art of the Christian conversationalist Now here is things I want to understand I found out probably literally maybe one hour ago that this seminar the first one is ninety minutes the second seminar is ninety minutes as well I have a speaking limitation I can speak probably past you know forty five to sixty minutes so hopefully we're going to get out early I just I don't want to you know destroy your brain for the you know the messages later on so we're just going to keep it very brief short sweet will have a time of dialogue and we'll go from there the art of the Christian conversation with part one every person born into the kingdom of heaven is called to be a what missionary Amen to share the gospel whenever wherever me whenever wherever and however possible should be the Burgen of every child of God there are individuals all over the world praying seeking and yearning for more light because of this the Lord has given you a precious capability to share wonderful truths about him it is cold in your mouth Amen so when you're using it right now was speaking. Every person possesses one of the through the Spirit of God It can be used to bless build up and ultimately better someone's life Likewise you can be used to discourage denigrate and destroy someone the question is how we use this special capability this seminar seminar is designed to teach some practical tools and tips in being a better Christian. Conversationalists So whether you find yourself in the church coffee shop classroom or wherever in the community you can be a powerful avenue of light can use Amen to that so five reasons to be a Christian conversationalist five Reasons Why does God want to be a Christian in conversation with someone who engages other people talks to other people it is number one God commands it Amen brother what does God actually command you to preach the gospel. I'm sorry I was talking to a Group of Seven Day Adventists All right. What does God command you to preach the gospel. Sense right Matthew chapter twenty eight right now to God uses human beings as his primary agent of communication rather than what angels friends it's not shepherd that produces sheep it's sheep that produce ship sheep Amen. It is good for your song Soul amen the reason why God wants us to witness is because he has the very same to influence upon ourselves when we share with others we ourselves are blessed we grow as a result of it Amen one of the reasons why I got to believe that God called me to be a pastor or a man just because it keeps me really out of a lot of trouble all right there are people sincerely seeking for a whole there are people sincerely seeking for hope God wants you to be a witness to them because there are people all over the world right now you're running to understand the things that you understand and the last one the value of a person saved for eternity and you know what's so interesting was preaching a sermon on this a few months ago and I talked about only in light of eternity can we truly value the work of a soul you know I lost my dad in the year two thousand. And it was after that moment that I realized how. Precious were those opportunities spent with my father it's only when a person is gone that we really recognize. This was such a important time friend only in the light of eternity are we going to recognize man when a person is lost I mean this is for eternity friends I mean there is no other resurrection after this so that's why God gives us this special opportunity to share the gospel to conversation to dialogue through talking and through the summer to hopefully will be able to have some tools to make us more equipped to be able to do this not everybody take your Bible and we're going to the Gospel of John the gospel of what John very good now if you have your Bibles put your Bibles in the air right now and look to the person who doesn't have the Bob with a judgment call look. I want you to go next to that person I want to open up the gospel to John chapter four John chapter four John chapter four. John chapter four. And we're going to do for a couple minutes not a couple minutes maybe a few minutes I want you to take a good look at the story that's found in John chapter four starting with verse one all the way to verse twenty six So take a few moments I want you to turn to the person next to you if they don't have a Bible please share with them and spend some time reading through that story and talking about that story and I want to hear some insights that come from just your dialogue and conversation so let's do that right now you have permission to talk about the story John chapter one Don Shepherd for starting with the first one all the way to verse twenty six. OK Very good I want to hear some insights What did you discover about the Master conversation and just keep it brief and beautiful raise your hand what is one insight you discovered about the Master conversationalists Jesus yes how bout you. Oh oh oh. Oh oh. Oh. Oh Oh so. There's that. Oh OK very good look at. This OK very good anybody else what's not the insight you discovered Yes this part about the water. Which is. OK very good that he connected with her on that yes. He started the conversation OK very good anybody else yes. He asked her a favor OK Anybody else yes. He wasn't just mental right. Here. He continued to share the gospel with their very good anybody else what else did you discover about the way that Jesus yes. Light. Works. OK Can you reiterate a little bit more. Like I said. Like I got you I see what you sent. Kind of going to an area where there's not a lot of people reaching out OK very good anybody else but you know the insight you picked up on Master conversation was yes. He did Mike well. And yeah he was bold Ron. Anybody else what sort of insight you picked up on the master conversationalists. Yes. He was not afraid to talk about sensitive subjects very good he talked about yes. He's competent what he says OK it was so interesting about this story when you actually study up the old testament most patriarchs met their wives where. At wells right you read the story about Moses he met his wife the four of where at a well right or you pick up a story of Jacob what had taken me his wife at oh well you know it was actually common knowledge. That the well was a place to. Meet a potential spouse Now the reason I bring this up is because when Jesus was happiness Well this woman shows up by the way and she's quite surprised that this man is talking to her because if you had actually looked up the direction of the Old Testament from just a superficial perspective it would appear quite unusual for Jesus to be doing something like this because only up the well is where there was. Pick up lines. It was up to well we're courtship began it was at the well where J. cooks all his wife and kissed her and then he cried afterwards right. The reason I bring this up is because when you're actually setting up the Gospels this woman is quite surprised because this Jewish man is talking to her and from all other perspectives I mean if you look at even the disciples were like what's he doing. And so Jesus uses sopper to me though to reach out and share the beautiful truth of the salvation of God with her Amen amen now. There's a few tips to remember when it comes to being a conversationalist OK It starts with this number one this is extremely important if you don't get this I mean this is probably the most important step to being the best witness God wants you to be in start with in the morning consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this your very first work work let your prayer be take meal by now hold the nine I lay my plan where. You have me today near service of mind with me and let all my work be right in the this is a daily matter each morning consecrate yourself to God for that day surrender all your plans to him to be carried out or given up now that's very key as his problem is shall indicate first day by day you may be giving your life into the hands of God and plus your life will be molded more and more after the life of Christ this is extremely important for any anybody who's trying to be a witness for gone and that assists in the morning give your entire day to got give your plans to God it doesn't mean you shouldn't make plans but it does mean surrender your plants one thing I picked up more and more as I've sort of grown in my Christian walk and I'm still growing is when my plans don't work out the way they should it's because God has another motive in mind he has another agenda in mind there's somebody else he wants me to. Meet there's somebody else he wants me to share the gospel with do you know what Paul said in flippancy says these words quite interesting he said the things that have fallen out unto me have led to the further and some of the Gospel noticed what do you think he says look the things that happened to me things I mean quite expect he said in actually in the end lead to the furtherance of the gospel so throughout the whole day I make you my plans I set my plans before gotta get my agenda before God I said OK God Anything you want to change Feel free to do it and it's interesting because through the daily intercourse of life. Things that I thought were supposed to happen that day did not end up happening and it turns out for an opportunity God wants me to meet somebody this is why this is a first important step to understand you know when I was passed through the series church I had various appointments laid out and I said OK God I'm going give you all these appointments and sometimes these appointments would cancel and when they would cancel I would be oh man I wish I could have met with this person but then I thought to myself I wonder what God has in store during this moment and so oftentimes I'd be sitting on my desk and the point was cancel I just be waiting I'm thinking what's next what's coming. And all of a sudden somebody comes walking in Pastor I need to talk to you about something come on I've been waiting for you friends I want you to understand something this is extremely important we need to give our time to gone and we give it to God He will lead us where we need to be Amen Number two this is something I've been learning more and more you know when it comes to the daily intercourse of life if you want to lay out your schedule let's just wait a hypothetical schedule OK you're trying to be a Christian witness forgot you wanted to be just somebody who reaches Now now how do you do it throughout your whole day OK you secure this plan before God you surrender it before the war you think OK in the morning on the do my devotions then I'm going to go to the gym I'm going to come back take a shower then I'm going to go to work and all my lunch break I'm going to go to the store to pick up some groceries I need to get for the House come back to work then after I get off work I'm going to go to Big five to buy ice a brand new sneakers to go hiking with RI then when that's done you're going to go home you're going to eat dinner but then you're going to take a walk in the park sounds like a normal day right now imagine if you set that day apart and say OK. These are my plans I'm giving it to you whatever you want to change for free to do it through out that day you need to pay attention to the people God is bringing to you the people you keep coming across regularly one thing I'm learning more and more is that an elk hand does not smile you all very easily. In fact it's because it's become. Kind of a muscle workout for me to smile I've been working on this. Do you know why smiling six trimly important for the Christian do you know when people see someone who is smiling do you know what that indicates. Means they're happy something mysterious in their mind right. What does it mean when someone smiling. There's an approachability. You know when someone has I'm not talking about like a cheesy smile like or like a creeper smile. You know somebody who's approachable Wow that is not somebody you want like oh I want to talk to that person whatever's on their mind I want to know right I mean that's bizarre you know but I was going through this when the I was actually starting up the topic of smiling white so point I came across as porno wife writing what she was talking to a man who said that Jesus did not smile and then notice what she said if it has been said that Jesus never smelled this is not what that is so in fact this is not correct by the way if you actually study out Catholic paintings of Jesus there's an intentionality by Catholic painters to make sure Jesus is not smiling did you know that if you actually study young Catholic artists when they paint a picture of Jesus he is not smiling you want to know why because there is the believe about Jesus and that believe leads to the reason why doing it are not the mediator and what's her name. We need Mary. Because Jesus a stir. And so that's why when you look at the paintings of Jesus he's. Frowning. There's not even a slight smile it's just us who. Look. I look what I want to she says it is not correct. A child in its innocence and purity called forth from his lips joyous song she continues in another place it's often said that Jesus shed tears but never smiled our Savior was indeed a man of solace but his face wore a look of peace and what joy happiness flowed from his heart not his here excuse me wherever he went he brought rest and peace joy and gladness you know one thing I'm realizing more and more wherever I'm going I'm saying OK Lord I need to smile more and there's some smiling more all of us funniest like people want to talk to me a little bit more I'm learning there's more approachability more accessibility when I was younger I used to walk like this. You know when you see it was in here God bless that man Amen. And I appreciate his preaching he was in the audience yesterday when I got up to preach I was thinking My goal is to make that brother smile. And say I was preaching you was there he was nodding his head but you know Randy skeet is Randy skeet and so he was there and I was like OK this brother is not smiling I was noticing of the back of my head I was like maybe he's mad or upset at something I said so I continued to preach but then I made this point and I looked and I saw the smile. Praise the Lord. Right smiling sixty really important when you are smiling it will become more and more natural you find you'll be able to talk more with people people will not feel sort of this distance from me I'm going to talk to that individual. I want to get to know them a little bit more and this is very important you know I've been doing evangelism and when I preach oftentimes I would have this look of intensity and there are moments where you need to be very very serious about the things you're proclaiming Amen you know it's not like hate God is going to destroy the last Those are the kinds of right I mean really that's not the I mean you so when it comes to serious matters that needs to be reflected in our faith but we shouldn't wear that at all times Christians should be the happiest people in the world Amen and the more joy for you are again not a cheesy smile or keep the smile right we want just a unnatural SMOM hand the joy of the Lord is my strength and you'll find that the more you talk with people in the world their burden. Why do you have that piece my brother in law who is an E.R. doctor not too far from Colton California. My sister also lives there and she's a doctor and here so stressed out I never forgot I was just spending some time with him and I was just listening and I was just smiling and I remember what the conversation was about and then I was about to leave and he says hey could you just stay I feel just peace around. Friends I want you understand something if Jesus smiled so sure we amen if Jesus smiled so should we how about this most of the Bible says next kept eleven verse twenty two news of this Richard Church in Jerusalem and they said What born abyss to Antioch when he arrived and saw what the grace of God had done he was glad and was encouraged the Encourage them all to remain true to the war with their heart he was a good man full of the Holy Spirit by the way do you know what his name means. Son of. Come for or encourage mint by the way. You know we talk about Paul Paul being this great man right we see a pop preacher Gough clever but do you know Paul could have been Paul if it wasn't for his friend Barnabas who got intentionally put next to him. Because you can imagine Paul being very careful at it his emotions going up and down he needed someone who was steadfast and encourage or and God sent a man by the name of Barnabas when you actually study up a book about any time God adds an ingredient the church gross a Pentecostal the church grows right the deacons work gang church grows right the Gospel goes in different parts of the world because of persecution the church grows when Barnabas is actually begins to do his ministry not what the Bible says He was a good man full of the holy spirit and faith and a great work a number of people were brought to the Lord because of this man's positive encouraging faith people were brought into the church one man Prince I want you to understand something there's there's things that this world needs. And that's encourage. A man encourage women to the Lord and when you are encouraging people to follow the Lord to do what God has called them to do you'll find that they'll want to be and they want to grow according to that let's continue handshake now you're thinking what does a handshake have to do with engaging people do you know Ellen White was a big fan of handshakes she was known for her firm handshake in fact she says these words much depends upon the manner in which you meet those whom you visit you can take a poll of a person's hand in a greeting in such a way ask notice to game his confidence at once or in so cold a manner that he was think you have no interest in him. You know I actually had a good friend. And he was working at this church he was there he was one of the elders he talked about a pastor who was actually going to that church to be interview and he said when the pastor went to that church to be interviewed he shook the hand a bit of the elders and he did what was called the dead fish you know a dead fish if. You for a second. Now I'm going to demonstrate what the dead fish is for you so you understand and so what happened is when he shook the hand of the elders what that a dead fish you know what happened they immediately said. No. And the one thing they remember they said look we need someone who's brave and courageous in this area he's got a we can shake these were a group of farmers a dead hand shake by the way a dead fish handshake is when you're shaking someone hand and then you immediately let go and there's like no grip and it feels like there's a dead goldfish in their hand really that's what a dead fish is you know when you go to church and you're grieving the past they appear. When you're going to church right and you're greeting people oftentimes we think oh that's just not that big of a deal but she says there's almost this kind of you can imagine son of a subconscious influence you're having upon somebody when you shake their hand in such a way to gain their confidence or in a way that's cool it's. You know I had this church member who was a truck driver and he went on the other end of the spectrum he was a truck driver and he was a mechanic his forearms were the size of my whole body and he told me one day when he shook this lady's hand he didn't realize it he broke my hand. Her hand was broken she actually had to go to the hospital after church. He didn't know what his strength was so big when you were a pastor part of the difficulty if you know people are coming out you're shaking elderly people. And so you're a little bit less people who are much more stronger and you're constantly having to change your grip so it's not always easy being a pastor but. But as a general rule people you meet out into ten when you meet in town you give them a nice firm handshake How you doing that from a good good firm handshake but the funny thing is when they give you a firm handshake and you kind of get the struggle back you've got that there's this almost struggle. All right you know what I mean. It happens all the time right but you know what when that's happening there's almost this like Oh good good this man's confident this person is confident so I want you to turn to the person next to you right now and I want you to give them a firm not a destructive or a dead fish you turn to the person next to you and you give them a nice handshake. And don't be afraid to shake the hand of a lady man a man don't be afraid to take the hand of ladies. OK All right. Very good. Very good handshake is extremely important you know when you go into town there's one thing I do I get your attention right now don't make me get ran if you didn't hear. Make me get a brother so whenever I go into town whenever I'm doing business or service with people afterwards I will reach my hand over the counter and I will give them a firm handshake Ah said thank you very much I appreciate it and you want to leave with this good image is a good picture and there's something that happens on a subconscious of I want to get to know this person there's something inside of me have something and I want to get to know more about that by the way in the second part of the seminar we're going to deal with how to take people out to dinner and how to actually use conversation to share with them as continue I contact I contact now. If I contact important. Role if I can borrow you for a second now I contacts very important you I know what I contact is very important I mean actually going through this book and this man describes what he calls you were tension and he says ocular tension is sort of the ability of someone to be able to just to look them straight in the eye kind of attention and he says in human history we have the worst ocular tension right now he said ever throughout human history he says we can't even retain attention because of all the things that we're constantly stimulated by all the things we're looking at all time and when you grow up by the way do you remember what you do when you watch Sesame Street doing what they did you watch Sesame Street then you are talk you are right and he's counting not talking about write the count he's counting and then you know what happened a second later the scene switched the scene switch and there you are you know you're talking to Big Bird then the scene switched and what happens from a very early age I think or your children because of their attention deficit deficiency is why we have to produce these television shows that are quickly constantly changing constantly stimulating them but the problem is that cultivates more of that So what this meant author was saying in this book about I contact he was saying these words he was saying what we need to develop pieces when you're looking at somebody and you're talking with them he says oftentimes attention is created when you're staring at them too long a very kind of awkwardness begins to develop. Do you feel quite awkward or hit right now. Right and the worst is when they're not you're not blinking and you're just staring them in the eye and then you move in a little bit closer. Right so what this alter was saying which is quite interesting he said look when you're talking to some of it could you please say up there. When you communicating with somebody he says. You want to have about a fifty percent sort of eye contact you keep a fifty percent where you're talking you know you look away slightly but you're talking but he says when you're listening he says you want to have about eighty percent I contact during that conversation it shows that you're paying attention unfortunate what's happening in taizé to get people when you're talking to them and as you're communicating with them they're just like. I mean really we've raise a culture that doesn't give people I contact any more do you know when Peter and John wind into the gate beautiful they found a man there who was crippled and you know what they said to him. Look at us. Look at US silver and gold we don't have but in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ rise up you see this man had even lost his ability his self-worth to be able to look at people in their eyes and so when Peter and John were talking look at us you are a human being and so when it comes to conversation when you're talking to people you're connecting with people you want to have kind of a natural or just ocular tension or whatever you want to call it as you're talking you're communicating with them right you look away right you don't want to just have this laser beam in their eyes. Right you want to keep a healthy defense I mean oftentimes this is extremely important one of the reasons why I cut short communication short and like if I'm church or wherever I'm out I'm so I'm come to when people get this close to me as they're talking to me you might have something like that I mean can you really communicate the gospel to them and let me tell you about Jesus. You know what I mean. And so you know keep a little bit different but have a natural just you know not too far away we're like hey let me tell you about God You want to be in such a place where there's this sort of natural. Distance Yeah let's let's talk about stuff you know what I mean and this is extremely important you may not think it's a big deal but friends I want you to understand something I came across somebody one day who said these words they said we are Seventh Day Adventists we just have weird beliefs and I said oh that's interesting I said you know what the definition of the word we're it is she said what I said weird is an attribute that makes people feel uncomfortable I said we have unique beliefs I said you know what uniqueness is she said what an attribute that makes people intrigued and interested I said our beliefs are unique and I looked her straight in the out and said people are weird. Amen. Our beliefs are beautiful and people want to know more about them right and so the more we share in just a on a natural way and we communicate we're going to find just this positive reaction to that right let's continue to say that all right number five look for problems or concerns as openings do you know when you're talking to somebody you don't have to go in there with just this mindset OK I'm going to preach the gospel to them what you do is you just have a regular conversation with them but where the alarm should go off is when they begin to share an issue or concern or problem in other words there should be this. Whenever you're talking to somebody you know when I often times I'll get to the grocery store and buy some groceries and if I'm going through the line I meet somebody and then we go look at how things going oh yeah behind some chocolate chip cookies that's not nice and right and you talk about them and yes yeah I'm doing good I'm just a. Yeah. The alarm should go off. I could for you God bless you you know that's not the time to say that right. You know what I'm saying like this is a time to say wait a minute Don just put me here. You don't have to be just kind of have this rear tension as you're going about witnessing it can be very natural as you're going out just pay attention by the way read this wonderful quote type this in her writings only it's one chief joy chief joy she said the chief joy of the beings in heaven. Is to bring happiness to others. That's what she says. Happiness to others. Do you know when Jesus said You are the light of the world right he said you're the you know he talked about being the water of life you know what's interesting about water and light. That's environment do you know if you were to take certain organisms right like the plants and you put them in different environments they naturally grow you know we have these kids growing up in central California and we have this teen Bible academy program first we take them out to Yosemite get them away from all their electronic second we do study we're covering prophecy and witnessing outreach and just what the Bible teaches started we do see service activities and let me tell you something you get these kids that are like hellions the very first day they shot actually well that you want to me and what happens. But well it was a good kid right and what's interesting is in law you can testify of this you will see changes happen you don't want. Their environment changed. In bad environments there isn't a spiritual growth and so when Jesus said You are the light of the world what he was saying is. Go be good environment people. And when you are good environment people. Will grow. They'll grow you know was counseling a married couple. And then when I married them I said. I said the one of the greatest priorities you have in marriage and I told my husband this is you are to make the wife the very best woman she can be and I told the wife you're to make your husband the very best husband he can be I said but you're not to eclipse who he is he's to grow and she is not to be clipped she has to grow in the fullness that God created her to be a man and so you can fix it and so when you're talking with people look for problems look for concern look as openings you communicating with people and if you're communicating look you know you have the trauma you're going to town and in the daily intercourse of life as you're just meeting people you find Wait a minute. This person just opened up something to me and I need to communicate right now about this. Much of the prejudice that prevents the truth of a thirty message from reaching the hearts of the people notices might be removed if they were more attention were given to help reform what are you talking about Pastor Nell and what does have to do with conversationalists when people become interested in this subject notices the way is often prepared for the entrance of. Other troops and I love what she says next if they see we are intelligent with regard to health they will be more ready to believe we are sound. In Bible doctrines. Do you know what she is saying here this is so amazing she says Look when people know you're intelligent about the things of help they're going to be curious about what else do you believe. Intelligent people believe. In this. And so what does this mean there's one thing I like to talk about all the time when I go into town. I like talking about how. Everyone's interested. In health you have all these races taking place everyone's interested in fitness everyone wants to become better physically and so what happens is as when you begin to share wonderful insights the advantages of the health message you'd be quite surprised when people say well I want to know war now doesn't mean on the very first day you talk to them about all the unclean food they have been eating and putting in their body right on the Scott actually opens up that door never never got one day I had actually gone to John but you see anybody here meant to use love that place. All right. With a job and it's near this gym and this lady came in and I offered her just this you know piece of literature and she was like no think you and then she was just there and she was just keep moving her feet like this you know she was just like I got to see active just came back from intense workout she was already some jumper juice and I was there I was like OK we'll see working with this. And I said hey I'm going to show you something and I have this flyer for health for we did and I said Hey look. Come to this come to this you know health care we do and she was like I don't think I need to go to something like that and then I said do you want to know who the longest living people in the entire world are and then she looked who. Come to this and your friend. And then she took that paper and she like brought it close to her like she was guarding this thing I say this Francis because when we shared the health message they're going to be interested in what else we got what else do you got you know Sunday morning going to be preaching a message about Joseph how he was prophecies problem solver not prophecies problem cause or and so that Sunday morning I'm going to share how God actually cause us calling us to share solutions to this world we are called to be solution people and been to some if so Lucian's for this world. And so when you are sharing the gospel message you're sharing these powerful biblical truths you know what you are sharing solutions to pre-book who are looking for answers to their problems so friends I really want to encourage you if you don't know what to talk about. Talk about health You'll find people ready to engage you ready to talk to you you know I go to the Dr saw and I go into a dry sought after work now for about two or three times a week I just like what and a first time I did I would be like ten minutes and I'm interested in drive for an hour because it's forced to help and just getting stuff out of you and so I did it I would go to I was doing an evangelist series at Bakersfield and I would go to the in shape gym I went to the dry sauna and I was just there and all of a sudden all these this great group of Hispanic women went in and as we are talking in Spanish and I was like I don't know what they're talking about and they're all just filling up the entire room and I was just there and all of a sudden one of them turns to me and she just begins to talk to me and then I said Yeah you know I'm actually doing I'm a pastor I'm doing the Susan there and she said your pastor. She just can't talk to you for a second I said you know. And there she just being to open up about some issues she was going through and we prayed Dawn really blessed and she said I know God sensual is going to a rough time right now and here we are just in this place where I'm just trying to you know feel better with the dry sauna God opened up an amazing door you know this is extremely important by the way when Jesus actually spoke to the man that was paralyzed was brought down by his friends demon The first thing he told that man. What do you tell that man. Your sins are forgiven now the Pharaoh see said we don't believe this no one can do this what did Jesus do next. He. Healed the man notices the healing of the men was evidence of the power of the Gospel Jesus actually used the health message to communicate the accurate the truth of the Gospel and so when we're sharing the health message we're actually sharing in aspect of the gospel message Amen help is extremely important how about this you don't want to talk about what I talk about remember these words feel felt and found when you're having a conversation with somebody you had a brief moment and you want to how do I talk to this person what do I share with this person I want you to member these words feel. Felt. And Found think of it like this. I understand how you feel. I felt that way before. But here's what I found. Amen. Now once you turn to the person next to you. Turn to the person next if you look at me and I turn to the person next year right. And one of you. I want you to share. That phrase feel felt and found regarding answers to prayer so go into that right now turn to the person next to you. Just to give you a recap. I understand how you feel I've felt that way before but this is what I've. Found. Feel felt found. This is the time to overcome shyness. I understand how you feel. I have felt that way before but this is what I found. Feel felt. Found feel felt found. OK it doesn't take that long all right. All right. Someone's talking to you about something they're going through a rough time or they have an interest in something this is where you say I understand how you feel I was. I felt that way before but this is what I've. Found. Right I understand how you feel. Anger stand how you feel I feel that way too. But this is what I found Amen and this is just and you know obviously you want to be a plastic and always I got to say feel felt found feel felt found I understand how you found out I feel that way and I know how you felt but you know you just don't worry about that right. When you do this more and more and you'll find that this is just I only got a few minutes and it's just opening up an incredible door for me to share something all solution to share a truth to share our blessing and how about this Friends literature literature is very important conversations is that we're called to give literature when the spoken word fails the written word will provide Amen so let me give you just a case. An example of this so I was doing a series in Fresno California and a summer years ago actually broke my back I have a can. I fell several feet of doing something foolish I was. Repelling off the side of a building OK and college. Came down I have called the twenty five feet. To be killer bone I had a compression fracture to eleven and it was a very difficult time since then I've had neck problems and I'm someone who likes exercise a lot and so I have to constantly go to the chiropractor it's like you know and so I go to the chiropractor and I'm always trying to witness to the chiropractor and sometimes I think to myself this is useless not going to work these these men aren't interested they go through so many people what is it that I have to share but I would still be very intentional want to come one car packed her and I was trying to buy into the series as a kid out of got time for that I said OK whatever went down went to Fresno I looked up one of the best chiropractors in Fresno I went to him and it was so funny I sat down with him and he did some just you know he looked at my body and he was like look he brought his nurse in he's like look that's the worst pro nation I've ever seen and he was just pointing out just how bad my body was and he was so intense the guy is so intense and we were talking and he was like he got really close like awkwardly close to me OK and he's like we're going to absence you've been it and I said well I broke my back is like what else and I said well it's like I know you have something else what else happened I said OK I got into a car accident wasn't so bad and I didn't say it was so bad I said What else did you get into a car what else did you what how else did you hurt yourself I said I think I got into another car accident. And. How bad was it and I said well there was a fender bender but you know I think I'm OK He's like I'm not asking if you're OK I just asked you how bad was it and I think this guy is so intense like really intense in fact when he left I turned to the nurse and I was like Is he like that with everybody. So here's the thing this just happened a few months ago and so while there and you know he had all these people lined up all these people lined up who were just he was using the activator gun sometimes on the back to reset just. Vertebrae and so I was there and I was like OK I got one fire on get one shot I'm doing serious well tried out and all these people were there and he was like OK you're up he brings me up and he's like. With my back and he's doing it and I'm like OK you're OK help me right now who me to be a witness and I walked out and I was like OK Hey by the way there's a fire and I walked out just like that like that OK. It was so bad cause I was like OK Good to see to get out of this place OK He took the flight and I noticed McCormick he just said it on the counter the first of the series he showed up. Like what in fact it was started on a Friday he said you know what's so funny I came on Thursday because I thought it started Thursday I was so excited about this series and I thought. This guy wasn't interested at the time. Because of the entire series perhaps just. About Does my car praise the Lord right. Praise the Lord you know this just confirmed to me Don't give up on your doctors and chiropractors and dentists and podiatrist Amen. They are candidates for the kingdom and just as much as this guy is intense with this kind we're practic medicine he's intense which sharing the gospel to. What do you go to church you know. The worst thing I've ever seen or heard you know and it's amazing because look here's the thing when we're just sharing and we just have this mindset look a lot opened up so open up an opportunity for me to share the gospel you will see what God does and he will open up just these moments of interaction you may have one minute to maybe ten minutes twenty minutes but in the Old few moments someone's life can be permanently changed for eternity can you say amen to that some thousands maybe one when Jesus reaches one Amen. When Jesus reaches one each one reach when you are called to share the gospel to this world Amen. Will and with this the Lord desires that his word of grace shall be brought home to every soul to a great degree this must be accomplished by personal labor. This was Christ method His work was largely made up of personal interviews he had a faithful regard for the one soul audience through that one soul the message was often extended to thousands there are multitudes who will never be reached by the gospel unless it is carried to them. And friends I leave that with us we end seminar one hour heads for a word of prayer Father in heaven as we end the seminar. God. Help us just to go. Help us just to try. To share the gospel or to be a witness wherever whenever and however we're called for. And Father in heaven thank you for the people that will be in the kingdom because we decided to talk. Thank you God for what you want to do Jesus in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W. Dot org.


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