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The Art of the Christian Conversationalist- Part 2

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • September 3, 2016
    4:15 PM
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Father in heaven thank you again for this special time thank you for this beautiful Sabbath. Lord we pray that you would give us your heart. Got a heart for fallen humanity made that love for souls grow more and more God and whatever career we have God may err number one desires to see source say for the Kingdom thank you for being with us thank you for the promise of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name amen. Right. By the way I want to thank that person who gave me this was that individual forgot where they're at right now OK they gave me this thing OK very good called Read it it's organic and to Merrick supplement this thing is a power up right here by the way and I know an interesting fact in India there are maybe maybe one or two not too many actually senior care homes. Dementia. Is just not really there in India Why no why. Some people trace it to the tumour ik good for the brain so thank you very much my brain is charged all right now out of the question conversationalist part two let's get into this just a reminder again regarding to find reasons to be a Christian conversationalist number one God what commands it what does he command it. Matthew chapter twenty eight Revelation Chapter fourteen write reach the everlasting Gospel every nation tribe tongue and people Number two God uses human beings as its primary agent of communication rather then Angels number three is good for your own soul by the way one thing that's really enjoyable is actually showing the Gospel it really is an enjoyable thing can you raise your hand and testify that when you get to share the gospel with somebody this is just a special joy that you get from anywhere and anywhere else. Amen and so it's just awesome one of the day when I won the most irritating mornings and I went to go drop off some clothes of a dry cleaner and I began talking to the lady who was working at the counter and she was I want to work and I said well I work for church and she saw we began talking about God she said How did you become a Christian and for about five minutes I gave up a quick testimony of my life and she said I was blessed by that it's and when I just got into that car I felt so good right about this there are people sincerely seeking for hope people all over the world praying yearning pleading for the troops that we have today and the valuable person saved for you turn a team save for eternity I read the Bible tells us something interesting that this is a Revelation Chapter three The last message to Laodicea says if Behold I stand up a door and what not if any man hears my voice and open the door notice if I will come in with to him and will some with him and he with was me the very last call to later to see if God is saying look I want to come over and have dinner with you. I want to come over and have a meal with you when you actually study out the life of Christ is very interesting you will discover often one of the most amazing and effective ways that he reached out to people was to have a meal with people you know when you study out the Jewish economy in the Old Testament there are certain days out of the year there was about seven days out of the year in which all of Israel was calm together these days were called the priests days and it's something like we had one November twenty fifth where we celebrate Thanksgiving right all the family comes together you have a special meal and there's a time of four will ship so the seven times out of the entire year God. We call all of Israel to come together and have a meal together and during that time they would be eating together there was a very special spirit present Jesus the Bible tells us about Jesus the master conversationalist the one who knew how to reach souls stand time eating with people and what we're going to discover with this seminar today is that we can actually use the time that we sit down and eat with people as a means of being a powerful when this when I was in Pakistan on a mission trip we were visiting the Adventist seminary that was there we decided to go to the place where my dad was born you know Pakistan India used to be one country before the partition in one thousand forty seven the English when they left essentially told the Muslims they said look when we leave the Hindus are going to dominate you and so all the Muslims were no no no we can't have that happen and so they all wanted their own country and for Paca song which means pure was formed ninety five percent of the country is Muslim and my dad was actually born in that region before the partition I'm up you know I come from Pin job and you know that's what my family speaks but it's very interesting when you're in pockets Don you can go to the very birthplace of Sikhism I also come from a Sikh back when I was a Hindu background we went to the very first Sikh temple it was actually being renovated and we decided just to do some sightseeing so we went there and they had this huge wall and in the midst of this very Islamic center this Sikh temple was there and so we decided to do some sightseeing and we met this old Sikh man and while he was taking us a tour around the grounds of where the Sikhism started he said something to us he said hey would you like a meal like no no we're OK We're at eight and he said these words he said. Because we have a same. Where there's no food there's no damn book. There's no food there is no temple. And other words. He equated worship with Gone. Eating a meal together now if you think I'm a little bit crazy I want you to take your Bible and go to Psalm twenty two on the show you something interesting about the very special messianic Psalm from twenty two the song that most clearly describes what the Messiah would go to go through some twenty two you can see something quite interesting Psalm twenty two you. Are right you there are going to say men and men are right this is where you have a description of what the Messiah was going to come of the cross it's a time where there is a struggle happening between faith and. Justice intensity right this darkness and light towards the very end of the song you find this hope and this flank begin to break through notice what the Bible says right here go to verse twenty five I want you to see something verse twenty five this is the very end of the psalm where victory emerges from the struggle my place should be of you in the great assembling I will pay my balance before those who fear him the poor shall. The poor show what. Eat and saddest be satisfied those are seeking will people praise the Lord let your heart live for all the ends of your children member and turn to the Lord all the families of the nations to worship before you for the kingdom is the Lord's many rules over the nations all the prosperous of the earth shall eat. And what. In the words you are looking at the benefits of what the Messiah would competition obviously have more to do when just literally eating but the point. It is still there that there's something special about sharing a meal together do you know I have this personal belief food tastes better when you're around people you love and then I mean it could be the most disgusting food. The most horrible cook but when you're around people you love there's just something special you know I had this friend and they came to me they said Pastor I'm going out to eat on Sabbath What do I do I'm being convicted about this I said well why don't you just cook some food at the house invite some friends over and you know what they said these words they said I don't have time to prepare so I give them a little bit of vice and I'll give this to you right now the most favorite times of Sabbath afternoon is when you get to go to somebody's house they don't know what they're going to cook and you began took everything together and you make this veritable Adventists haystack out of the most unusual things in your cupboards I actually started doing this when I was passing the last few months I would actually tell people instead of going to the regular park I might want to come over to my house there were new people come to Turkey said OK and I buy some people who are church members we go over and I'm thinking to myself man away is in my cupboard we put pasta together with beings. We get salad we just began to put everything together it was so amazing and let me tell you something The food was delicious all the time and there was always the not for everybody friends I want you to know something that when you spend time eating a meal together there's something special that takes place can you say meant to that so when it comes to witnessing you can actually use mealtimes as a form of sharing the gospel so what I mean by that one of the things I like to do is whenever I'm building relationships I always tell people this I said let's get some lunch let's get some food and what do you do on Thursday night live. Get some dinner and they happen to be someone of the of the general say they've got some friends coming together when we get together let's have some food right and it's so amazing when you're sitting down to eat some food something special takes place now during those times there's a principle to remember you may not call it just to give the the whole Gospel in that setting you may not call to even share very clear Bible truths I want you to remember this principle C P R C P R can remember that I mean we're not far from home and all the medical people to get this right C.P.U. I want to see if your stamp or cultivate plant or wreak you may be called to cultivate you might be called to plant or you may be called to repeat sometimes the very best thing you can do is just spend time with that person. Sometimes at the very end of the conversation just have a prayer when nothing really spiritual is communicated throughout the whole time or it may be a time where you're just saying Are you ready to keep the seventh day separate you know what I mean do you want to be baptized I don't know but either way you get my point you always gotta remember this OK What is it of the C.P.R. is a crime I call to cultivate in my call to plant and the call to reap at this moment and when you remember this mindset which is very important not everybody is call to reap I have a friend by the way I always make love making fun of my friends always dangerous to be my friend every kind he gives out a glow you know what is right God blesses those things he gives out a glow and then he walks away and he looks at his other glow he says. He takes another going says hey you should have this one go to you and your specially give them all the twenty eight fundamental doctrines from the glow literally happens every time like he feels he is like what I never see that person I said Brother you were not always call to be the Harvester here you may be called just to plan to see one color don't overwhelm people Amen I mean every time he has his. What if I never see them and what they done are said the Lord knows these things share the gospel as God has called you to do at that time Amen amen All right number one the power of the meal why is the meal time so important now I want to turn to the person next to you I want to turn to the person next you can turn to the person or you know look at me you know turn to the person next to you right look to the person next to you and I want you to ask this question What is the most delicious food you could ever eat if you had your chance you kept for dinner tonight what would it be. Now stop right there OK Keep the conversation going but here's a question want to introduce when it is your favorite time to eat that meal is that after a workout is it at dinner time is it with family when it is the time that you enjoy the most eating that food is that alone whatever it is. All right now let's stop right there I want you to raise your hand and I want you to tell me the person you talk to their favorite food and when they love to eat it go to raise your hand. Yes. Seven happy new colorful vegetables sing. Sing sing All right anybody else yes. During dinner OK very good anybody else I saw some other times yes. During all this. Let's be Filipino right I don't know just a guess or anybody else yes is a bat. A very good fruit salad when it is your favorite time to eat that meal. But two o'clock. By the way everybody I want you to know somebody. That's lady right there made a decision to get to join the church today. A man. You make sure you love on her right before she leaves this place anybody else what's your what's your favorite meal and when is it time to eat yes. Dinner time OK during dinner time anybody else yes. When is it when is the favorite time or the. Dinner time OK Anybody else. Yes. Falafels when. Lunch time OK now I want you to add more details and I'm going somewhere with this you're going to find out. What sort of things makes that meal taste better and I'm not referring to ingredients. What sort of components. Is it when you're sitting at the kitchen table was with music playing someone violin. Right. Use your imagination. What is your favorite time what other components make that meal oh so sweet. OK stop right there doesn't take two hours raise your hand what are the components Yes over there toast the meal and what component all right because. We're still a lot of. Kendo candles sundae ice cream. Never heard that one before all right how about you. A picnic with your friends very good anybody else. Yes. With friends maybe connecting that really that's a good time yeah. As long as there are people around right anybody else. Yes. When it's free. That's true. Although there's some free stuff Saturday afternoon you wonder what in the world is that right. Anybody else yes. You're watching a good sermon while you're eating somewhat what food. Nigerian food bought can. Anybody else yes. I know that I'm so tough to play with that I let you guys understood it to write. The farm right you like eating food fresh from the farm OK just great picked off the ground right. With friends OK I like stopping it like a fruit stand that's always good getting fresh fruit and vegetables right it's also anybody else what makes that meal special Yes. Hot noodle soup in winter with friends home and that sounds good you like. Anybody else. When you're hungry. Anybody else yes. Said again. Sunday Korean breakfast your wife prepares. You know for anybody else one more person yes. Family or friends what kind of food. OK got to I saw her duck underneath her. Anybody I saw another hand there yes. Authentic Mexican food wow here's a thing I want you guys to realize are there are components outside the actual food that make that memory special Yes right it's the environment that you're in it's the people you're around it's the time that you're eating it all those factors make that meal so special you know when I first became a seven dams Christian my favorite part of church service was Sabbath school and potluck. And I can only tell you the truth I cannot remember a single thing the pastor preached on but I do remember fellowshipping with people I member sitting down a potluck table eating someone's versions of Taco Bell burritos that they bought a criterium microwave Sabbath morning. And asking people about you know the state of the dead or the sanctuary and them explaining these things to me while I was eating this food I can remember those things just like you can remember special moments you see what I'm trying to say friends that when you're eating food in a very special way around special people are special times the memory of that sixty in your brain and it can have a powerful effect upon your life doesn't it and so matter of swine the power of the meals extremely important number two never be ashamed to pray over food say you invited a good friend and you're thinking now this friend isn't a Christian they want nothing to do with Christians should be you should you be ashamed of praying over that food absolutely not you want to know why because it says in Luke Chapter twenty four when the bread was broken it says these words and Jesus was known to them in the breaking of the bread and the words when the food. Was bless the two disciples on the road to M A S knew that Jesus was with them so even him blessing the food there can be just a powerful effect and let me give you an example of this I was in passing at the series church I get this phone call and it's a group of people from Fresno and they said Pastor now there is this secret man that's been coming to our church we can't even talk to him in his language and we don't understand what he is saying to us but he's been coming to our church several sabots what do we do and I said hey look I can understand a little bit can job and I can speak a few words but I can't even converse and I said why don't you just drive him up one Sabbath. So they did. And so they brought this Sikh man ask your question When's the last time you had a man with a turban sitting in your congregation. I mean that should be a concern for you friends the fact that we don't see that in our churches. And but we've had many times where people like that have been coming to church and there are lot of people in that religion that are searching so they show up and I preach a sermon and I preach pretty fast already so this guy he doesn't understand a single thing I said which I expected. Sat down with Matt Pollack and as we just began to talk I begin to get bits and pieces and so strange a lot was just opening up understanding as we're communicating and I sat down to talk with him and it was interesting he told me he said You see these he said you know go to white people. He said I was walking by the church one day and they had a children's program so I said I'm going to bring my child to this children's program he said I brought my child and I saw them and he said they were so nice to me and then he said they told me to come to church they said there was another children's program so I came and then he said they did something so special he said they invited me to their house for food so I ate. And then he said these words is interesting he said but then I invited them to my house to eat some good Indian food. And the whole time he's talking to me in Punjabi you know these guys have gone there just like two young guys that and this is an older Sikh man they're just like nodding your head like yeah you know they had no clue what was being said OK. This is where it gets very unusual he said we were sitting down I was with my wife and right before we're about to eat he said they said can we pray for the food he said the men close their eyes so I close my eyes they prayed and he said my wife will be really hard during the prayer and then he said I looked at my head when the prayer was over I said why. This is what she said she said when everyone's eyes were closed for prayer I looked up and I saw Jesus standing behind the two men. And you know what this man then told me he said I have found nothing in Sikhism that satisfies my soul I want to learn what they have learnt. In these two. Clumsy you know people who couldn't understand a single thing in the whole poem they were just like me and. They had no idea of what had happened but they were just loving on this guy and doing their best there was no gift of tongues their friends the reason I say this is because never be ashamed of just saying that blessing on the food even if no one joins you whatever when you are praying a blessing on that food you are honoring the Lord of heaven and earth amen So what does this mean you're handing down hand some friend with some friends you say your blessing OK what do you do you take time to eat you think wow is that really interesting I want you to stand something friends when you are being a witness. With your meal it is extremely important that you are not trying to gobble through the food very fast because your pee havey or is reflecting something isn't it and so can you imagine here you are you eating with somebody and they're just eating really fast eating streamlet fast how do you feel. How do you feel you feel like I can take my time and talk about the issues in my heart right now you don't think that way right you just like let's just get this done with. Right and it doesn't even look tasteful when someone's eating really fast doesn't it. But she had to have a beer. All right so take time to eat take time don't be rushed I always allow for my lunch appointments one hour one hour I call about one hour and it's only going to stick to an hour and one hour is plenty to eat to go through that food and to have a good conversation with people how about this listen and pay attention listen and pay attention spent time listening to the people as they're talking as they're communicating because something's going to come up and when that comes up I want to remember those words I understand how you feel. I what. Felt that way of you for. What I found right so that's extremely important all right there is nothing more here this is what Tiger absences is south of Seoul is quote one of us is interesting there's nothing more healing to the sinful heart notices then to be fully known and yet fully loved it is the essence of redemption from some what you understand something when you're sitting around at the meal table things begin to come out people begin to share things on their soul and that if they begin to share things this is the time to listen to not judge and we need to understand by what that word means you know the Bible talks about Judge in two different ways and I want to judge not lest you be judged person or do not judge. People's eternal destiny but I just say judge right just things Raja's judgement on what you do make a difference between right and wrong if you make a difference if you say I'm going to go to a concert or Bank of America you are being judged mental you are discriminating between something you that you think is better so let's get this out of our heads so what I mean when I say don't judge what I mean don't judge just simply means spend some time listening before speaking about an issue that makes sense spend time listening and wait till the issue has completely a merge wait till you understand more of the context and as you begin to have a better understanding I will have a conversation with somebody of the day was very agitated with somebody and I said these words I said what's more important under being understood or understanding. Being understood or understanding. What's important. Both are important. But what comes first. Understanding when you understand somebody then you can communicate things for them to understand Amen and that's very important to understand before you seek to be understood spend time listening and sometimes that means you're just there with your ears open and you're paying attention eighty percent ocular attention right and you're listening and you're just putting some delicious Pad time in your mouth right and it's just not you that's interesting and that time you take time to pray take time to pray one day was so interesting I was actually I sat down with the pastor of a non Adventist Church we're sitting down having some lunch and if we're eating he just was just talking about things and I was like Lord I don't understand the purpose of this but I'm going to make friends and so I began to pray and he did all the talking the entire time go figure pastors like to talk a lot right and so here is he's talking the entire time and I was waiting. Just waiting and then he says Yeah. And he says by the way he says I really love archaeologists if you love archaeology ocelots interesting and then he named his famous his most favorite archaeologist and I said I know who the archaeologists is what's interesting this archaeologists actually received over twenty different degrees some of them on were degrees passed away consider form one of the foremost authorities on archaeology and he declared Ella white a legitimate prophet. And then she said then I said hey I've got a book for you to read someone who this archaeologist really appreciated he said yeah be all about. That was the opening. But the whole time it just took a lot of time just listening to him a lot of time just sitting there as he just talked and talked and talked but when the moment was right I understood why God had called me their friends I want you to stand something it takes time it's not going to be easy but spend time listening to people but when the moments right speak Amen when the moments right speak expose don't impose expose but don't impose what does that mean if me when it's time to share those beautiful truths or a beautiful message right of understanding here's the thing to always remember take time to communicate it in such a way where it is more revealed and exposed then more antagonistic and for school and what I mean by that imagine you were trying to get somebody to get rid of a car they don't have that say they have this junky car right and they love this all junky car near like we've got to get rid of that thing and so you've been very wealthy you decide I'm going to just pull up one day with a beautiful. Subaru. And I. See S.T.R.. You have nice S.T.I. right you put up and that person about to come out and say look man about your brand new car. Now friends instead of spending time on telling them how drunk you their car is you know you can do. Introduce them to something better. Build a beautiful picture of what you have and when you do that you're going to find the people who say wait a minute I want what you have what the Bible gives to us is an advantage I'm not saying it makes us better than people what it does it gives us better advantages in life that's why the Bible says in Deuteronomy to heed to the commandments I will make you the head and not the tail this was the promise of God And so when you're there you're sitting down share what you have don't necessarily attack what they have and what they don't have but share what you have and when they see the beauty of what you have you know what they're going to say. I want. I'm interested in that. That's powerful stuff you've got there I wish I could have some of that work to get that. When you do that you are exposing not imposing can you say amen to that and this is something we need to do more and more we need to show more well the benefits of what we believe in and when we do it has within a very attractive quality people going to say no I want them I want what you have one day I was actually going to different churches we're visiting different churches because we were looking for a church to rent for our church plant that was going to be starting a few years ago we went to one church talk to the pastor he said no you can't it's just too booked up here you can't rent our church went to another church and this man said something interesting he said yeah we're pretty booked up here we don't get any space even on Saturday mornings but then said something interesting he says you guys are seventy have interests. You know. When he looks and leans a little bit closer and says. I love the Sabbath. And he says I'm trying to get my shirt to start worshipping on Saturdays to I believe the Sabbath you guys got right. Even said next time you're going to have a meeting let me know but you know the crazy thing is once we came into the area his church authorities transferred him to another church. But nonetheless that truth that desire for that truth is still present in him amen and if you don't think so my friend up in Northern California pasturing and he went to a Pentecostal convention he went to a Pentecostal convention and one of the main speakers at the Pentecostal convention stood up before everybody said the most unusual things he said you know the Seventh Day Adventist Christians that are out there they've got a real prophet and they're hiding her. This is what he told a group of Pentecostals now the Pentecostal are a good many of them call everybody a proper right you must be a proper right but nonetheless here he is he's telling the entire group of Pentecostal leaders the Seventh Day Adventists are writing prophet friends this is a time for us to be able to share what we got right and when you expose instead of imposed you're going to find a lot of people just drawn to these beautiful things I went to class one day and the teacher didn't show up because my philosophy of science class went there and there was a conversation between the students they were talking about religion and one of them said yeah I don't believe in God because I don't believe it's actually worth it in this idea that God burns people forever never so I just but my way into the conversation as usual as if we're talking about and then he says yeah I don't believe in this idea that God burns people in hell forever and ever and ever said you to do one. I don't believe. And she do. Looked at me kind of started to she knew I was a pastor and then it was so amazing because the conversation began to open up and I got to give us some books to read and we've been talking converse more about this friend people are searching for what God has given to us and when we're simply just sharing exposing instead of imposing we're going to find a lot of people drawn to that truth amen member of the goal is to build a beautiful picture beautiful palace or Subaru S.G.I. right and when they see it they're going to be like. That's where I want to be that's what I want. The truth spend more time affirming the truth instead of just attacking error now there is a time when we have to discriminate between right and wrong and bad and good but spend more time affirming the beauty and the blessings of what you have Amen amen and Number Six Oh yes keep what. Always keep literature I've said this again said again one more time it is extremely important that you keep them with a church keep someone your pet you know back pocket keep some cook books you think could books yes cook books in the trunk of your car whatever it is open I mean some people have a I've been to some people's house or some people's cars when they open up the trunk I mean they're horrible witnesses they got this literature or Marine in the trunk and Scott special compartments general you know great controversies and they've got these like little mini bookshelves in there is like this is intense these people are so old now you know and they keep having these powerful expenses what's gone why because they're making themselves available to God and man making themselves available to God So when you spend time sitting with people spend time having a lunch with people conversing with people God will open up opportunities one of things I'm going to really challenge you guys on think about this is there somebody in your life right now. Who when you get back to where you came from you could call them up and said I'm just going to take them out to lunch you may not even think to yourself I wonder what I'm going to say don't even said an agenda except pray Lord just guide this just guide this conversation and in time we're having problems in the church I said are let's take somebody out that issues which are almost all let's go out to lunch I've met people in college to deal with skeptics I'm like hey you want to get some food yeah let's get some food because everyone loves to eat right I mean that one person who hates to eat. I just don't like eating right. You don't find anybody like that and so I really challenge you spend time be intentional about it pray about it don't sin agenda just have some stuff ready and you'll see what God does as you guys are sitting down and with some delicious Indian food with some curry there the smell is there the eyes are watering because of the spice you're there. And they just begin to open up their heart. And an opportunity is created over that that would not have been opened and the other way. And the other way. Friends this is why in romance. The use of eating meals together is very effective isn't it why because bonding happens. Over food. Dinner when the Bible tells us that. In Revelation that the tree of life. Is for the. Now what happens under the tree of life what you do with the Tree of Life what's going on the tree of life. And what is that fruit do. There should be obvious tree of life. It's where God's people throughout eternity will come together and partake of the fruit that grows every month and as they partake of that fruit what happens they can. Teemu to live. Forever so I know that what's the big deal Revelation says that the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nation not strange in other words it's teaching that when humanity is brought together in the recreated world. The wrists and the scarse. That have broken Humanity Healing takes place in the time of. Fellowship. And eating of the fruit of the tree of life I was taking a. Class on politics in the Middle East. And the rift in the division between the Palestinians and the juice and we had to write this you know example this essay on it and it's so amazing just how intense the conflict is between the. Palestinians and not just Palestinian Muslims but Palestinian Christians and just the tension they have with the Jews and the Jews the tension that they have with them and they have gone back and forth throughout this whole thing that they have many times forgotten why do you have even begun this conflict. And throughout the whole time I was just thinking to myself. The leaves of the tree. Are for the healing. OF THE NATION. Many of those who have been faithful to God will get to heaven one day and God will heal wounds. As they partake of the fruit of the tree of life. Were not healed. On this side of heaven. Bonding happens when you have a meal together. Because where there's no temple. Or there's no food. There. Temple and number seven. Offer to pay you know why. Because Jesus. Paid our bill for us. Amen Jesus paid our bill for us and it just says a special blessing and I want to end with this tell the poor desponding ones who have gone astray they need not despair though they have erred and have not been building the right character God has joy joy to restore them even the joy of His salvation he delights to take apparently hopeless material those to whom Satan has work to make them the subjects of his what grace he rejoices to deliver them from the wrath which is to fall upon the disobedient tell them there is healing cleansing for every one noticed this there is a place for them. Where. At the Lord's table he is waiting to bid them welcome and with that friends we conclude this seminar is any question. This is the time and questions not now bless you we can talk afterwards Yes QUESTION. I want to introduce you to somebody who is the worst person that small talk and the most awkward individual ever meet and that's me. So serious about this being a while when I switched my primary motive. And I kept reinforcing this model to myself God you want to help this person you want to help this person God begin to smooth out the awkwardness and sort of the insecurity I had when I was communicating when that became just a primary focus like God you want to help this person you really want to help this person. And that motive creates in you just this change in the believe to reach out to people you go there and God will bless you you know he will give you courage and confidence OK if I am the worst person I know when it comes to these things I'm just saying sharing the successes let me tell you something there's a whole lot of messed up with this you know I'm not going to stop the Jesus comes back your question anybody else. All right let's our heads for what a pretty good Father in heaven. We just pray right now is there somebody who we need to invite to a meal next week. Lord they don't lay them on our hearts right now. Somebody who we could just love one and minister to someone who just needs Grace. Father in Heaven help us to use this more and more to bless others to fellowship with each other Thank you God for your soon return. To the words. Thank you for the Sabbath. 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