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Picking Up the Pieces: Learn the Lessons, Get it Right

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator




  • June 26, 2009
    4:45 PM
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okay now those ear hair first thing this morning are you appropriately dressed and is a little overwhelmed and challenged by a Alianza Sergei is that here's a huge thing if I were not convinced that it remains the work for this time I wouldn't bring it up but it remains the work for this time until we learn this and we need it right thinking were taking the gospel to the whole world it's fantasyland that slim reading of the book of the moment anyhow the very worst deal upon the churches I think we're doing something is going to finish the work when it has no chance of finishing or because it's not properly portraying the character of God which is done through benevolence so sorry for the momentary depression just design there I'm enjoying myself of the European feeling tolerable letter our last session here is hopefully intended to leave you feeling more hopeful and picking up the pieces learn lessons get right somebody's going to do that whether I live long enough to see it I have no idea and I love it I look at this I say wow this could be a hundred and fifty years project for images and do no make those radical changes go back to some adaptation of this idealized thing that I just presented and then do this in every city this is my thing and we all have a finite life then idled Oliver last lines as it happened but the violently rep Glenn Siciliano who knows I will maybe maybe I will resend beyond belief to see what allergic accomplishes your time they have led scientists to begin father we friends some challenging stuff and loaded Freda even had help us to avoid the natural human reaction we can easily become faultfinding in critical review anybody been a good film deliverance from that I pray that delivers for the shrugging our shoulders and saying you never happen for you be with us now help the something useful tangible practical will come the session 's last presentation give us your wisdom and your gangs who pray in Jesus okay and the basis learned lessons gay-rights what is this important as a religious teachers earlier under obligations to God keeps his students had to engage in medical missionary work okay as God 's plan for finishing his work on earth is actually achievable this plan requires a demonstration of the selfless character by his people largely through medical missionary work opportunity each place this was provided in a special sense a century ago when the Lord calls for a new form of medical education compared to prepare workers to form the nucleus of multifaceted companies using a wide range of evangelistic skills and techniques manfully document that lesson yet as part of what will be going through them now with a company that does not mean a legal corporation that accompany me to a group or body of workers hopefully for the unit here through three hours of SLR now makes it to the car I see what happened I'm going at here at myself because I must have one senior that got marked do not display and I wanted to display it I don't something the Lord of the bachelor click click click click okay this is disconcerting that size I need the site I'm sorry I may have to do this this is morally I got printed but some non-smoking okay when the activist visiting orally from the lesser land him him him to in order to come visit in evening talking the hell it is any see a decided change okay this is one of the influences living organism that is traceable to us very very specific occurrence February twenty seven nineteen ten okay and I remember thinking head 's up on the screen for his ongoing move your something my file must have during the night of February twenty seven nineteen ten the onward cities were represented before me as a living reality and I was plainly instructed and there should be a decided change from past methods of working energy decided change that is working for months the situation is impressed on my mind and I urge that companies reorganize and delicately trained into labor in our important cities get it from that statement from that vision that is what we're talking about now okay this decided change in his statement she said no nice companies in implement we have a tournament be using and is credited as the outfits company evangelism and company of people working together through multiple facets multiple avenues as an body and evangelistic body the outcome in an attack sitting out for the Lord I think the evidence against them in the basic pleasantry of the head to pick up if we back why okay down at the bottom near the multiple multifaceted wide range of the measures he skills and techniques Mary got related looking at some of these different skills and techniques as multiple facets of this war and is looking at and how they developed historically in an what was so busy trying restaurants to the whole concept is a restaurant started in eighteen seventy seven will happen is a losing Phineas Barnum Dale PT Barnum Circus the Battle Creek and the Saints in Battle Creek said this is not good because all people from around around town the whole County almanac annually saloon Halloween drunkenness can be a message on here so they went downtown and a couple of tents and eight served meals hygienic meals I getting being there through the day for sure I think they serve good vegetarian food and a good things that drink and the people around me all sorts of commendations and in and in praise on here is an excellent place is a great thing in alignment as well I was wondering if any different rest but a couple of decades for the idea reconnected in action again and she back from Australia September nineteen hundred and twenty maybe do so novitiate restaurants things like this I encouraged them she came back making hundreds and began advocating him again but quickly fairly quickly there was a sense of concern that dropped into her comments to the can opener comments but this finding culminated in a speech that she gave to a group of health food workers September twenty three nineteen oh five things were not all that vegetarian restaurants and then taking young people away from more specifically the mentalist the lines work is why is there are some laborers in these important lines of work our young people choose to labor in some place where they can live without any particular exercise their minds spiritually the restaurants offer a free field for such individuals this is not good if you going in the Lords work it needs the Lord 's work is always going to be somebody out there who doesn't really want to break ties with cultural Adventism they don't want to make embarrassed man I know I often working for the world but they're not really interested in earning the Lord and if you want to offer something this case vegan restaurant where parking and the churches restaurant but I'm not doing a thing for the church in any disaster hands hot in awarding button here now some occult or programs that they really good was that others have been something disaster a lot depends in a leadership that your apparent unison to get out of color programs I would suggest that all possible means you find out what you using you get into the free good that some of them are fantastic I can give you names but I want to be that of the emission trips fill in the mission trip that's wonderful stated intentions beneath the atmosphere that can be unfortunate that the German restaurants heading may looking out for their workers quotes the managers of our restaurants are to work for the salvation of the employees veritable they are to devote their best powers to instructing their employees and spiritual lines explain the Scriptures to them and praying with them and for them you are really serious in their helpers as carefully as parents or to guide a religious interest of their children that had happened what happened is a medicine that restaurants had hired a bunch of twentysomethings will pay you X don't so much are the great opportunity what do the work maintains the money left and addressed in this big city whatever city was in some dingy apartment someplace and revenue bailout money the other male on letting myself this environment I don't work in his restaurant eighteen hours a day but when I do the rest in a writer and I buy them I spent the weekend 's we lost a huge number of young people because that that very thing now I was not happy about that since it unless our restaurants are conducted in this way the right way it will be necessary to warn our people against an individual citizens workers the managers and RSS must do more to save the young people in their employ every one of them needs to be sheltered by the home influences on young person who I had to address your video a teenager early twentysomething who wants to go out and their primary motivation is looking for freedom and independence is a disaster and as missionary workers we cannot provide that it will release his first they need to be sheltered by home influences she says it's a serious thing to consider I can if you're a young person get those issues settled first please single find a missionary opportunity and had a diesel vegetarian restaurants become so sorry there are commercial success just as I am in making inquiry as to how many of been converted into as a result of the work done by restaurants can anyone inform me as God 's chosen people our only work is when Solzhenitsyn also the restaurants are not doing this work they never have done it and I never can't do it unless the workers are thoroughly converted to God they thought he was at the Santa Monica restaurants and more concerned meaning than that one I hope to have open in months so I guess a nice day and I do not say that all our restaurants should be closed but as I've seen the situation I sometimes wish the circumstances would arise would compel them to be close it seems almost an impossibility for us to place ourselves in such a position that the existing evils can be corrected a young Dutch again there's a lot of things that happen in that damage city Michigan four hundred years ago and we are reductive and this is our last session when the asset doesn't want to cover more though that is religious unrest in subverts or undermines the liberties of our nation 's oldest list is for freedom of consciously placed in unfavorable conditions for their own sake they should well have opportunity becoming salt in regard to disease its causes prevention and your and those that do this will find a field of labor anywhere there will be suffering one's plenty of them will need help not only among those of our own faith largely among those who know not the truth in order for context this is the subversion of religious liberty this is a context is realizing cranking up his even save yourself a lot of grief by winning some friends by knowing how to be annoying diseases causes prevention care and why should we not for their own sake again that would take and can be referred to as a word to the wise I get for your own safety or something he will maybe are not limited to I was David soon there will be no work done in Mister lines that medical missionary work in purchases for me down it's important that we had the Broadview medical missionary work again that's not saying it is actually nothing leaving uninitialized but tonsillectomy 's appendectomies in dermatology and you know the more technical medical practices and advanced technologies like me because I'm a broad scope of medical missionary work camp and is not to be anything anything that doesn't fit in that category is is is again now with frizzy first we're not all doctors were not owners and medical missionary work now we need a candy for everyone cannons what if we has a narrow view of medical mission work then before selecting the fortune you have family in the youngest Broadview I wanted to document the slaves wanted us to know who of this event what are ministers of being expressly single word learn how to give simple treatments and in labor intelligently as medical missionary evangelists that I would document ministers Paul Goss coworkers should know how to give the simple treatment that is unless relieve pain and remove disease food I cannot gospel workers in every place the state may be found in no single Florida's workers from Christ should be true health reformers prepared to give those who are sick the simple treatments that will relieve them and then pray with them thus they will open the door for the entrance of the truth workers for Christ in the canvasser goes from place to place you'll find many who are sick these you have a practical knowledge of the causes of disease and should understand how to give the simple treatments that he may relieve the suffering ones we got a lot to answer immigrant summer Megan book program is a great thing coming from a failure in an environment honestly and within the Joomla! is a great thing whenever you have to level of love usefulness that we again unless they are safe and simple to pricing works now little elderly to explore in the fifteenth chapter of Isaiah the Lord tells us plainly what the word is that he requires of us in order that our young people may be fully prepared to do this work small senator answered reconnected with their schools the students are to be taught how to use features a simple remedies in the treatment of disease who don't students gay the people are to be genuine medical missionaries and learn how to minister for the needs of soul and body they should know how to give the simple treatment the news unless relieve pain and renal disease who he got me back cut people some missionary work in real unless you happen to be the physician under the minister canvasser of the coworker for a church never assume directors ever again if I was getting I been in a medical mission work is real hey if all else I will get a nice and relaxing when now in his broad kind of medical Michelin you do not have to know how to know the massive skin transplants burn victims hopefully somebody knows how to do that for Azores and technical skill there's no doubt about here again they been who is what what did you almost seem as a dispenser you notice anything about the what simple treatments every one of them specify simple to thinking it's not rocket science fiction but other than that you how long it takes a decently added to half of their old approximately thirty seconds if you know that is not complicated and unilateral hot for that is the greatest of all I deserve between your ears is wonderful it helps me times when there's no reason it should I think the Lord simply honors know somebody who's willing to use a simple methods guys it's like when you read the book would show every netbook Bruce Olson went down to South America and remember Roseville BR you see HK oh find a book and read is not evidence but again in the early out your flaky areas urinary mother stated ends in SF is a great book the thirty California's see what other work among the Indians of South America and gradually he managed to introduce them to some better systems of health care than most doctors think I can do this any carefully so as to not offend which doctors whether but down in multiple cases leaning on the village and somebody get bitten by a snake and causes death in my thirty seconds are manic they are suddenly on a poisonous snake this is generally fatal okay and these Indians plus their hearts and they said that we pray you gave him a shot human this model in and around like a saline solution as I think about their health and already high I know things are really don't know what they're doing okay try half of the tribal lands of the book is simple treatment of everything okay civil treatments God 's remedies are the simple agencies and agent it will not taxability system through the to their powerful properties pure air and water cleanliness proper diet impurity life firm trust in God or remedies for the want of which thousands are dying in these remedies are going on dates because her skills these requires more than the people do not appreciate the major hangup of the simple remedies is a required time and effort is much easier to fill in much quicker and much more dramatic in many cases do you use a drug school prescription now whatever when you getting a hot scene repack everything in identity with that guy for the duration of treatment that's a real drawback unless you have any a medical missionary work and you're looking you say without reservation and anything that is a wonderful thing when ceremony was what I was similarly trying to only twenty one patients were our offices as possible our wheel human diesel down there there's a there's a place in this it does require work to gain down again don't get me wrong I'm not against modernism it's a wonderful day is the best tool for evangelism then and keep some perspective on this LA uses the term simple treatments forty one times in the CD-ROM rank civil remedies as of seventy eight times if you is enough to take notice of it in perspective the name Jesus was of thirty seven thousand three hundred and eight at the famous forty one seventy zero and rugged so you may get your gospel is a tool of the gospel why why this emphasis on simple treatments in the last season this is history war will range there will be pestilent plague and famine the waters the people of a flood of boundaries property and life will be destroyed by fire and flood that Eileen taught how to guess I don't know I'm not inspired so if yes they get away with it is my guess the Lord has many times of the severe prophecy makes simple treatment simple methods simple medical missionary work with the timely and physically I was wanted in a night when they begin to subvert religious liberty franchise area I see that he would did I does make sense to me that he would emphasize simple treatments for the time the ending and then allowed the end to come and go was an environment that didn't allow for civil statements to come and come into play meals tomatoes so here's my guess is yes my guess is that the existing medical services will somehow be disrupted or overwhelmed and all we will have at our disposal will be the simple treatments will have left under the circumstances click the medical system really him could happen well with ever hear of methicillin-resistant staff across artists and across a N a man definitely no it's it's increasing and any drugs that handle any more that's the whole point is resistant to their reserving some cocktail approaches it also listens allegedly entertaining enough but it's becoming a problem in a extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis running around out there it's a problem if I understand this correctly actually people that are essentially confined in solitary confinement the rest of life with superduper ventilation systems lost around because they want to get on the public as a new heaven and assumpsit tuberculosis used to be the number one cause of death this country is not real excited about having a resume that title okay so that China containing that they could get out now adenovirus serotype fourteen was something you know most of those coming up convenience will rolling out a couple years ago wreckage site and one in the flames of hell will break the things will get to Taipei and they are now in the film so far through tracking your visit at nearly similar to nineteen eighteen where a new form of of swine flu showed up in the spring the case is mild the kind of drifted through the summer and then falling in with a vengeance and forty million people died again is happening in their nonprofit but again trust me the medical system would be overwhelmed very very quickly quick aside for whatever it's worth I don't know what it's worth but this losing radio I grew up hearing stories my grandfather lived to that reggae music Academy of the time the place was shut down he could go on you can go off he was stuck in the dormitory with seventy guys they were all sick basically Dean and Buddy were the only guys in a dorm that were not throwing up or having diarrhea are all the other symptoms they lost deeply and to carry dead bodies out of abnormal again that was waiting for me to be a physician as they would have any workout that was his determination they went through the hole they were down twenty four hours a day and everything to take care me seventy people in the is down in all anything indecent in all things almost overnight but he got it I urge you to reason that I am in layer capacitors in the home the whole bird flu thing and is an initiative committee learned Dennis Cass the fiber day I can protect patient physician again there is an and him and his role 's boundary was an advanced but he was a link i.e. he did some really good working as a medical missionary for whatever church West Africa and you worked on this day he had in all yes as I recently okay but his uncle was serving down in Kenya I think it was during the nineteen eighteen flu episode okay and in this book you look it might be worth somebody's life someday okay it is a little story about he went down to the same country he was passing to the same region a sound adoptive woodwork with his uncle years before we had to stop off as a very colorful character illustrates atheist I often talk is all that I failed my uncle remember the guy and ideality scours our musings and true and a doctor confirmed that they were all through his uncle is whether characters in books begin using working this is uncle and gone after the little book on the treatment of seniors that would no longer pass muster as is the best medical knowledge today for this little book back in nineteen sixteen when he should definitely extensively in a person has a fever cooling off I have three basic call it down again and follow that advice when the nineteen eighteen flu came through the cooling of the biggest I will exalt about life letter it was a was a little less than tactful about this is the again is a rough vanity when cool now held he didn't lose a single patient to member that I flew nineteen eighty at an incredible and we will record them those those flows as a site in one eight one and what have you fully develop they are rare to find out but mainly actively than other flows they react in different piracy along the activism body temperatures visit also the things going on maybe just maybe there was a man called back what is mine is a salmonella second any one of these things has the potential to completely swamp our existing healthcare system and Internet without the government so the government saying the phone I think that room and things are just at midnight on alarming was the safest the study of surgery and other medical science receives much attention in the world visual science of medical missionary work carried forward as Christ carried it is really strange the domain of denominational churches and the world but he will find its rightful place when asked the people of angry like civilization has awakened in the responsibilities and improve their opportunities this is something different I just want to really emphasize that we're not talking about medical practice as heretofore developed it is interesting new and strange but when using you as I says all right okay strange Jesus you are willing to spin this is a that is new and it is strange I know that any people are looking at our medical missionary work in saying that Israel and that is strange reason Toronto where he is a tool that you may get the job done is not the optimal tool he returned a screw with the litigation I make you everything that you been saying a few concerns as it gets and I asked my life and it's not a regular is obscure and again another category mousy looking at another category that has not been used representative taking of the pieces one one one and the Lord was kicking around a hundred years ago that we can still save in use today the categories company vans as I mentioned them before then the company a group of people is an evangelistic team okay now he gets the same as a one hundred and twenty five something very funny aggressive this this is the one that comes from a very specific vision during the night of February twenty seven nineteen seventy onwards cities will represent reform is a living reality and I was plainly instructed there should be decided change from past methods of working for most situations and impressive in my diverse accompanies the organizing those who trained to labor in our important cities again this is the vision and started what I would call the smallest change in ministry and they made the change yet again the resulting a little cynical but here's the story follows after this vision Ellen White put the responsibility for this decided change on the shoulders of the most trustworthy man she knew who was that John Burgan Bank and Raven know now what I have been cooperating a Burton Hall in San Fran again she comes to John Byrne and the other leaders of the college medical advances on it would've been like RSO one season was the best Bible teachers and donations recommendation Jeannie DiMaggio than in high esteem by maybe one or two others I don't know the others of the names and she gave him his eye is twenty seven eighteen ten companies there wasn't rather I'm putting this on your shoulders you are responsible for the Odyssey this thing flies well the regular committees always an organic mail on FMLA to everything as well as in the past that stage and I have the committee and make .net delegated basin we have to find somebody to make this ball roll me say something about balls they don't roll somebody seeking and identifies only thinking of ethanol and a giggle they looked around Mrs. Coolidge and we find who should we call communities the men they connect was a fairly recent and he was fairly recently became in essence he was a former newspaper publisher that was a useless field and later he had now lost in an authority not enough in his time his conversion he was an old prospector hair okay him and in nineteen oh seven even converted out in gold mining fields reading desire of ages and immediately or thereabouts he came back studied in any similar bedtimes are baptized in nineteen oh eight he signed up as a medical missionary course is the college medical evangelists because this is where that format so by nineteen ten without a graduate of the president said he's our man in areas John HCN to now curiosity question how many of you have even heard this man's name for this job in raising funds if you want to review books etc. they invite him again okay he was little little little more pleasant than that is considered by him Johnson was the one who pioneered gospel medical missionary evangelism he did this in California Indiana Virginia Wisconsin Oklahoma and Texas the elder single combined medical education with his docile presentations even though he wasn't often that's what he'd been trained to do where'd you learn to do that you ask him some little school in Southern California that when he enrolled in nineteen oh eight was following this Council Loma Linda is to be not only a sanitarium but an educational center for the training of gospel medical missionary evangelist gospel medical missionary evangelist he graduated from the medical missionary course is according to well he was successful but there was something still missing from his work he worked for a number of years the nineteenth invasion and called for the formation of companies of evangelist and you can do that at first it was an endless polling in excess meetings trying to do with health information is it worth their page of a couple of years anything out the whole company aspect of things but when he figured out and added that new dimension to his work it showed up big time for the five campaigns in the last five campaigns before he incorporated the company element into his evangelism elder dinner for ten minutes successful he was averaging thirty six baptisms for campaign to having him a lot and actually happy with that thirty six that this is the campaign admittedly dislikes he said let's try this company the next six campaigns he is in breach one hundred and twenty one Baptist that's significant hundred and twenty one baptisms somebody was doing something right gospel medical missionary company is okay as well good results with an accompanying DVD have well carried out it was eligible what a medical helper I've no idea what that qualifications were won by the worker those were the pain positions the outside one businessman one singer six nurses a ten unspecified volunteers these would be untrained volunteers including the businessman missing in the Sixers as they were there is launching within guys a lot are outdated and M&A don't talk about things as hell have you naturally there's the also have no idea I think that he had us again sixteen seventeen eighteen and eighteen volunteers and his company and three paid workers and the three salaries was for them they were living simply in nineteen twenty three original return to the cosmetically evangelists to study dietetics some people challenging and NFL in the court at one point the parents of some convert were hauled into court as it this man has taught our son in a major anything dealing a life initially him is a silly little bit after this that I think it is one more thing for us they would have been a singularly benevolent any signs of her two-year dietetics course everyone saw value in it is the stories he told in nineteen twenty eight is in a while Loma Linda taking my training at any kind of very prominent man of our denomination say to me John what you doing here what do you expect to new studying dietetics using it right to meet your great work is any vandalism communist analyst timesaving dietetics in reply to my good friend I said timely show was and I plan brother did you ever read in testimonies volume nine page hundred and twelve quotes there are some who think that the question diet is not a sufficient importance to be included in your evangelistic work that such make a great mistake John Lassa that said I'm going to study economics he works getting better well he graduated in nineteen twenty five from the dietetics course along with a decent people Pentagon at the graduating classes that headaches nineteen twenty five more important to our study for the moment though is the fact that he returned CMEA nineteen twenty three nineteen twenty three happened to be the last year the medical missionary course was offered as happened there was a seventeen -year-old who should not have been accepted into anything in the college he was too young to be home schooled in etiquette and have a high school diploma but somehow he managed to get his way into the medical missionary course you do not know what was the real what new is forever thankful after that he got in and as he was in his medical missionary course and Johnson was a use dietetics course until Molina in a chemistry class and ending lab partners the young guy in the older guys working together in the chemistry lab I can do he witnessed this in any a favorable impression on single well in nineteen twenty seven two years after you graduate from dietetics student was called the California conference it was only one offering him a second he was told to select any as everyone to be his assistant establishing the schools to teach gospel medical missionary company evangelism think anybody want Sentinel says this is the guy I want my lab partner is now twenty one years old very young because Presidents' Day I bent over in order until said he's the one I want McCarthy 's president said I ain't not happen until said she's the one I want I want somebody I can train from scratch it's so much easier starting with a young and needed somebody who already thinks they know what the debts listed in give me that men in civilian now it worked out nicely because shortly after that is lost edema and that young man was candles exhibit A because even raising the transverse they stood up in court and said that life is not okay the case is dismissed and the person that young man who ensued an Intel core costs this is what you what the liability towards the fans massive language was given the young man you may have heard of him is Victor and irregular as diabetes is a it was the enemy the last year of CNA 's medical missionary course color work at Venice seventeen years old again he was forever thankful for them as if they just smelling the seventeenth three Seaport Latino for five years directly or indirectly for another five years after that Windows was he was called to Utah to form his own company workers the depression forced them to rely even more heavily on volunteers until then eventually bought the field of medical need vandalism and formal gospel medical missionary company vandalism I doubt the late nineteen thirties partially from the depression lack of funding on the other will kill the resume is as valid address for the state a couple years later nineteen forty two begin a conclusion he said possible medical visionary company manuals and will never succeed and if there's not at least one school teaching and learning at that point overemphasizing it so he said I need to start school that was while drinking from with all due respect diabetes as he was not frequently successful in training the medical missionary company evangelists I know only two that he actually turned out it's a long time the first person I know that my men others and they are some small way at least now there history is the first line oncoming allows women actually pursue the gospel medical missionary company evangelism wasn't until the late nineteen sixties long time from forty two to sixty eight and was there was a young man whose pastor younger pastor come down to Georgia area work with fizzy fizzy cellulitis ideas and how do they put together something up in southern New England anyone out there this pastor and his wife and in a number of years and informed three different evangelistic teams from seventeen to nineteen workers all working on three and a half salaries you may recognize this guy who has missed the point about my graphics and marketing for you to start gospel medical missionary company evangelism and you know the concern of his family and friends wasn't going that route would possibly destroys denominational prayer for his vice president G season okay I anyway here's a southern New England March train system is famous might I replace him his name is Brad Thorp is currently the codirector of the whole channel the churches now so I guess they are having ingredients could represent broad warrantless mark precedes a much of this is due to market breath I will live as he managed to drain the prism or to get the captain the vision alive again in the history and myth again back in those days for an bread was a young man from British Columbia Canada West Coast together throughout the past opinions on anything or anyone acting industries at the degrees of the other at the Vancouver area and without a lot of asses any record of their and their salaries these are an awful medical missionary company evangelism team had about ten to twelve members this is known as we handle living seminars and lasted from nineteen seventy eight to nineteen eighty three now this is an interesting before family happy to be old family friends of my wife was responding and actually in nineteen eighty two bread was kind enough to sign a piece of paper that really got me married so that was that was nice again their program folder any three in Vancouver because Brad went back and join Martin in running for the year me was to something like that the waking in soul winning Institute outside Chicago was Africa trying to teach the gospel medical missionary companies in element hiding with the seminary and was apparently successful but that's that's where he when he marked went back there working here in Chicago and radiant living just die and is laid bare the thought for twenty some years until free guys landed in Vancouver for Saudi iron is fresh out of male mission callings they wanted to do it in somebody I realize somebody remember me learning seminars bring this up these guys hello move methods of editing the guys via mail Jeffrey and Jay Rosario start regulating what has now been translated to the San Jose is our friends coming and keep up with having this dream has been kept alive dead yet again there's always something missing in within all of Kindle for the market this area is still lacking one thing still and that is the Lord is sufficiently worked by the united efforts of laborers in different capabilities all abilities and would their dressing depending on mentalism is a letter strengths additionally companies organize an educational silly to work as nurses is is is is is is is is is also seems to the second paragraph and was not the idea is a multifaceted broad base of operation nothing that means you come in any way they never had was the more permanent fixtures in town that only cost centers of influence your health food stores and treatment rooms are vegetarian restaurants they never had that advantage again that would limit their ability to conduct a wide range of people in a neutral setting down it's like if you just doing evangelism you will not find dollars and you know whatever okay if you're doing amazing restaurant people come walking in Canada no pressure type of seventy okay all these different parts in this work existing in the all work the same caused all working the united efforts cult orders canisters and try to sell a book that is worth you drop down a happy DNR gave everything they did they buy acting teeth and you get it all here's something for you it's fifty percent off coupons of the restaurant presenting out if you get me the canvassers can support the restaurant the Bible workers the Bible workers can work as waiters and waitresses in the master fight by border Amber him walking into the rest that is vital in understanding era is ready to schedule an inconvenient this is going on right the restaurant serves a theater for the wellness center out of town beating him the whole is more than the sum of its parts that's the idea again that's what I have been blessed privilege of being involved with in the Wichita right now hopefully I'll coming online within about a month and half the restaurant Balthazar bakery the culinary school in town okay the wellness Center sixty five miles out of town the Bible worker outposts which can guide you but I doubt I would already living in my house I volunteer my order went okay I was letting my house again I don't have that with any of the Lord has said we have to have it so we hear something in the providing that their present place run at the case these things can be done we have to have faith enough why do we not act as though we had a thousand thousands of dollars in move forward we can begin this dream is the again I know it is in a happy note where does it all in here will God has given us a commission which angels leniently if Gabriel had a chance he would trade places with you anyway except all of your liabilities and hardships and problems because you are one of the precious few was the only supplier in the universe were soliciting say you can work result saving the Angels never have the chance one day when I is for you see him anyway the commission and Angel mine in the pitcher since artists convey to the world without delay God 's saving grace is a mercy this is the trustees give you an easy faithfully executed medical missionary work is to be done thousands upon thousands of human beings are perishing inside the compassion of God is no all seven is looking on with intense interest to see what character medical missionary work will assume under supervision of human beings on man-made merchandise in the game plan for Regina Garcia for the manifestation of his benevolence is a controversy with selfishness and then called medical missionary work I pray not to statements finally putting together Christ is waiting with desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ and reprinted it reveals his people that he will come to claim them as his own the completeness of Christian character is obtained when the invoice to help unless other springs forth constantly from within what is waiting for a longing desire is waiting for people to just loving helpful to help unless others congregated is not rocket science there is no change in the method is the goddess and in the past the work and if any of the reasons work this time when this is our design would have been the result will be the setting and operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed in context is allowed right with the lettering the cities like Jericho are blocking our engines the promised land do I feel like I'm been done any wrong I'm sure there's a lot of costing people do different things now that many of our brethren must stand condemned because he is not very work which God has been calling until I am blessed that I know my calling at this point in time there is to be a working of our cities as they never have been work that was shown at midnight put this in a hundred and twenty yes more than a hundred and twenty years ago is now to begin stealing the work will be more difficult to do now that would've been years ago but it will be done it has to be done now I sometimes I just angle now is like Imus in the endless Jesus is coming soon they might be next Wednesday since every city ironies folks is not happening between now and next Wednesday living in fantasyland we shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening of every claimant 's progress because of the influence of hundreds and thousands of streams until the whole earth is covered as the waters cover the sea that's a medical mission work guys the glory of the Lord shall cover the earth waters cover the sea is my new favorite statement I like it will be done at all that leaves one simple question to you willingly learn the strengths and look upon it as new strange Sarah it's strange to find real Muslims in the history is a lot alike will love this under years ago because they came close to her years ago now I'm not your fault those who didn't carry two hundred years ago I think they make mistakes praise the Lord for what they did how close they got the Council that called forth in these of you work with today and I felt all timely testing same goes I have wanted to resist turning all this into a commercial and so close this meeting valve equipped with enough hard guys for fatherly thank you for challenges this is something with four we thank you for direction and instruction they knew this some way to structure are living for an utterly destroyed it you help us to take these things even find practical ways to help us figure out how to manifest the character of Christ whatever may be our simple may be in our personal setting it was pretty and bless us I need to list you as a media was wrong audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's green sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in Taiwan University .org


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