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  • September 3, 2016
    7:30 PM


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I have only Father we thank you for blessing us what the opportunity to come out here and to worship you Lord we ask that you would fill this place with your Holy Spirit and that you would lead guide and direct this Q. and A segment and we thank you we praise you and we want to walk closer with you is our desire Jesus' name we pray for him. All right what's the ideal. What's the ideal of clothing in the church and then they have genes question. I guess there I don't I'm not sure you know I'm trying I'm reading the question but I don't know what they were thinking when they were writing the question you know I need you to work with me what's the I did what's the ideal clothing in the church the I guess robe of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Well you can argue with that answer. Yes. What is your take on music and the church drums etc. You look deep in thought. We want to know what you're thinking about. OK close you want to sound close just briefly in Exodus twenty eight first to when God gave Moses instructions to make clothes for air and he said a vow shall make holy garments for Iran by Brother for glory and for beauty in other words when we dress to come into the presence of God first concern should be do I represent God That's glory beauty is second Normally we reverse that we dress for beauty first and quite often we forget glory and so in dressing the question has to be representing God did I dressed with the consciousness of God's glory in my first Corinthians. In thirty one whether therefore ye eat or drink or what so ever you do do all to the glory of God Also in Exodus twenty eight verse five you will find that the colors of the High Priest garments were blue purple scarlet gold and linen they're not a color but a fabric that is the same color of the sanctuary itself. Which means when you dress you should look like the occasion for which you addressing. That I said actually. Let me say it again the dress of the colors of the high priest with blue purple scarlet gold in the the material was limited it is the same for the ten. Saw that he looked like the place where he was going. We must look as if we're going to church. Clear not as if we're going to a basketball game we must look as if we're going to church and if you don't know how to look where you're going to church imagine how you look when you going for a job interview. We dress completely differently. Yes. Some people when they go to job interviews think about that one as well. As I've seen some things out there and some things in my time. There's Anybody else want to touch the clothing this year OK. What is your take on music in the church as far as drums are concerned and etc. Maybe I'll just give a resource out there because that's a really big question with a whole lot of analysis that can take place my good friend Christian Bergdahl spends twelve hours in his distraction dilemma series if you've not. Seen that there would be a very good one L one music on sacred music on what's happening in the secular music industry which really isn't secular it's spiritualist music industry and how the musical styles of the world come into the church this is problematic because well for various reasons that take twelve hours for him to get into and so I think I'll just leave it at that and a non answer answer but we're really give you a much greater and broader and deeper and more thorough understanding of the why and that this is not some arbitrary thing that people came up with but there are some very good reasons why we might question using worldly sounds in the church. My observation is that we place too much emphasis on music. I have searched the Bible I have followed no one in the Bible who came to Christ because of music. Everyone came because of the word no one I have found yet was converted to Christ because of special music they will all brought to conversion by the word music has its place don't misunderstand me but sometimes we put too much stress on the music and not enough on that which teens is the life of a person and that is the life giving life changing word of God. Would you like to speak on that. I agree that it's. OK. All right. All right now this question. This is this is for you. Someone wants the know are you married. And as you heard from this Armin today he realizes that his God made why. And one then for one man one on one so there's no there's no chance of your Bible they're all right. Thank you. OK. All right. Why is it not good to live together before marriage. What number is that. There's a lot of Bible study called the Law of first mention which simply means when studying any subject begin where that subject is first introduced in the Bible and that has to do with marriage just look at the events surrounding the first marriage God made Adam Eve was not around when God made Eve Adam was not around effectively then he brought them together. Married them and then they lived together are you with me in Matthew nineteen when describes and father sees came to Christ and said Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause Jesus says Have you not read that he which made them at the beginning made the male and female Christ took them back to the beginning the way it was that is still God's standard for today and so it is contrary to God's arrangement for a man and a woman and mattered to live together when God said Let Us make man in Our image the image was not just a character the image also involve all the social structures of humanity the marriage relation is an expression of the image of forgot the subjects and of children to their parents is an expression of the image of got the where male and female come together to get married is an expression of the image of God When you live together. Before marriage you have reversed God's order and that is no longer a reflection of the image of God and the only other option is it's a reflection of the image of the devil living together before marriage is anti Biblical it is wrong it is a model and if one continues that way in the light of knowledge to the contrary that person is beating a path to hell and so I urge anyone who knows someone who may be living in a situation that is not more of matter which get out of it. Even if you have to live under a tree get out of it and please God. Yeah you know it's interesting when you actually study out Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter two you have a survey in Genesis chapter one of three ation Genesis chapter two you have God spare part of creation which is the creation of man and the Sabbath but it's quite amazing because. Genesis three is the fall of man. And Genesis to perfection and. We the last few lines of Genesis to perfection it ends with the whole the physical relationship I mean just think about it all the ways that God could have ended sort of this picture of perfection he ends it with a committed relationship. And I think the problem is this is that when you have sex outside marriage what you are doing is you are having intimacy without commitment. And in God economy into me see come you know as a result of commitment here's the thing to understand. Fire. Fire is good Amen fire right here is not good. Fire in a campfire is good fire in a cold place you know a cold house with a fireplace that's good in other words in context. Something becomes beautiful and affective efficient and blessed by God So sex outside of marriage is outside the context that God laid out and as a result we the consequences of violating God's commands you know Wendy I was actually. With this couple they were not Adventists and then asked for counseling they were not married they had kids together and the lady in the relationship she just said you know what he never listens to me he doesn't do what I've asked him to do and the man responds like yeah she doesn't do that and she doesn't do this finally I just said look here's the thing let me get this right you guys are asking for the blessings of marriage. And you guys aren't married. God will not give you the blessings of marriage. Because you are not married. So this is something extremely important to understand is that marriage is a special holy thing and what's reserved for marriage is a physical relationship outside of it we end up hurting ourselves hurting others and the scars stay for a long time. There's one there's never going to go there are always lots of good reasons for. Obeying God but sometimes I have to ask myself what if there were no good reasons that I could find but God still said do this obey what I still obey right I've got children I've got a five year old sometimes so he'll say Dad why why do I have to such and such or why this why that and I'll sometimes look and discern where his heart is that sometimes this is. Say I'm sincerely wanting to know so that I can have a deeper experience of obedience that's more rare but sometimes it's a challenging of my authority I taught high schoolers for years and I often get the question of why that's why that why why why and oftentimes and I'm not saying the questioner is of this mindset but many times we are tempted to if you can't prove it to me and if there are good reasons that satisfy my logic then I want to accept it but many times God will just tell us obey and we say OK I will because your god. Did anybody else OK All right this person asked or said I'm investing my time money and money as well as my heart with new friends I met in college whom I dearly love and hope to one day introduce them to Christ I am trying not to impose my belief on them right off the bat so I am slowly exposing them to Christ and my on the right track with this new approach towards witnessing because it's taking up a lot of my energy. Can you repeat the question I just want to hear it. OK. Let's see here I'm investing my time money as well as my heart with the new friends I met in college idea whom I dearly love and hope to one day introduce them to Christ I am trying not to impose my belief on them right off the bat so I am slowly exposing them to Christ and my on the right track with this new approach towards witnessing because it is taking up a lot of my energy. You're not you're not using a weapon are you because they impose you know that this sounds like I'm not using coercive force to compel them to believe in Christ this was the word imposed jumped out at me as well you know the alternative to using an imposition isn't necessarily holding back forever in the hope of one day maybe we'll have a conversation about Jesus there's got to be some where in between you know this is a seemingly long and endless process before we ever get there versus I'm going to impose this on you so finding that finding that balance. OK I'm not a preacher but time is running out you don't have time to wait in ways than and all that stuff you got to hurry up and share Christ with them we are living in the last days there is there is no time there and try and do it I just say that I'm sorry. But. I just wanted to say that sharing Christ should be a joy and an ally and. I don't know how this person you know. Is going to devotional life but if we know the love of Jesus God empowers us there is no energy or. Wasted or deserted I think we are compelled by the love of Christ to share. That's an excellent point how can you contain it. And I don't know if this is a question of them just being burned out you know and if it is then this is the need to call the example of Jesus Jesus with Sometimes the multitude to go to the mountain to spend time with God to be recharged if it's that you know especially those that are you know in campus ministries secular colleges really need to spend time with God if. If you don't it's easy to be burnt out by just the world you need spend some special time with Jesus you'll be whipped and empowered to go back and share Jesus. A man I agree with everything that has been said so far my concern would be this person. And their quality of their relationship with Jesus. And their perceptions of who God is. If we're seeing it as a waste of time and we're counting our money or counting our hours then there's something. Neat that needs to be addressed there and and like my sister said it's a joy and delight to love people to Jesus and if we abide in Jesus and Jesus we allowed Jesus to abide in us He will show us the right time when to speak he will put words in our mouth at the right time when those people are ready. Another thing is maybe you need to consider other friends. You've got something going on now. Or I want to just say something sometimes our priorities can be kind of you know we get so busy and I get that you know and then we're we're thinking oh my friends then you know the Lord too so I guess in that sense this person's are really having a burden and you know what's you know how to do everything you know school or work and then also the burden you know the cause of of heaven sharing price. OK I just wanted to clarify my house statement I didn't mean to say wipe out those friends and get other friends I think you need to also surround yourself with friends. That will encourage you and spiritual friends that will strengthen you through this process and pray for you. OK We have nine minutes left so we're going to we're going to rush through this one OK how do you distinguish between what you want and what God wants I'm sure. Elder Randian pastor Naylor brother Scott have something more elaborate and eloquent the same way but the Lord says wait on the Lord I said Wait. Now. I have my young adult group at my church that I've been nurturing. We've been doing a lot of activities and spending plenty of quality time together as a group so far activities have been good times and fun but not so much spiritually led I'm starting to get a bit impatient but I don't want to rush anything too soon how should I proceed. From here. There's a quotation a shot at this afternoon I don't remember the reference but you can look it up it says is social engagements can be profitable among the people of God When we come together with our hearts glowing for the love of Jesus and we we discuss the Word of God and we discuss the work of God And that's that's the description of what a Adventist Christian social gathering looks like if we look like the world and we're just having a good time what's the point. Yeah I think one thing I do whenever I work with groups I teach people about small groups I always tell my member the acronyms you know. And that kind of helps you to gauge what your group needs no S. and O. W. write study nature outreach and worship and often times groups can be in balance because all they have for example is just one aspect of that. But it's always important that as you're working with small groups you're working with groups or whatever groups just ask yourself what is this group missing right now we've done a lot of fellowship but have we actually spent I'm just praying together have you ever just spent time you know just studying the Bible together and oftentimes that helps bring balance to groups so that it's productive instead of something that's just draining or it's it's not really effective at what it's supposed to be doing so again just remember that acronym and study outreach worship and when you kind of put those components in the ones that may be missing you'll find a balancing that begins to happen to that group and in the end it turns out to be a blessing. This is a two part question that's the last two questions. And as breakout session number two he says to take that I say last night. They were time Canada to get. All right and then they'll Candace breakout session number two he says the take people out to eat what if I really don't want to take this person out was. Because we don't mess Well is there other ways to get to know them. If you want to take this one I. Here's a long complicated answer if you don't want to take them out to lunch don't. But the reality is I mean does half of your food sometimes you can just be connecting telephone call prayer I just use the meal thing because to me it's a fact that it builds bridges and bonds and opens doors to you sharing deep things of God somebody you know if you absolutely don't want to go. That person. Maybe you need to. Maybe. Healing of the nations. Of the tree of life. In the end you may want to continue to spend time and witnessing. Sharing and learning together as a result of. I agree with Pastor. And the other side is that God wants us to be honest and genuine and authentic when we reach others and make effort so if you're not feeling it it's OK. But then again. Maybe need to do it. But you know I think what I'm trying to touch on is we operate from guilt a lot and that's not what God expects from us. God wants us to be authentic and genuine and what we do for His glory. Because it's not for us. So be authentic be genuine be real if you don't want to don't you can start off the conversation during the. Don't want to spend some time with you. But I'm here and I'm trying. And then you can let us know how that works for you. All right this is the last and final question question number two my gay friend wants to get baptized in the. Church but our church won't allow it now he's trying to push his agenda through throughout the church. What do you mean push his agenda what agenda. A gay lifestyle I guess I guess he's trying maybe they're trying to get the church to accept I don't know when you say he's gay this he practiced a lifestyle or does he have that tendency. Every year oh you wrote this question and you're not it's you know. Because I asked that because some people have a tendency for fornication some of a tendency for. Adultery some have a tendency for stealing but they don't carry out the tendency so if he has a tendency for that lifestyle but does not act upon the tendency then I don't see why he can't be baptized because all of us are fighting the tendency of sin you understand a man but if he wants to bring the lifestyle into the church where these gays crack cocaine addict or whatever then that can happen. But the church exists to let people know there's power to change. I don't I don't mean for this to sound as a criticism. But a situation like this would tell me. There was not enough. Action. Done to this process who studied with him who connected with him that he has to push his agenda now. Where was the proactive in the body of change. How sensitive how how are the church trained. Understand what this man's life is about there might be other issues going on. How has the leadership handled this. Because if all of that wasn't play. I promise you because Jesus. He would not be pushing his agenda. If this man was ministered to in a proactive method. All right one thing sorry. The engine take a little bit longer to start OK. You know one thing is extremely important appreciate what Pastor ski in Vernon was saying is that you know is this an issue this man is wrestling with same sex attraction or is this somebody who's in a relationship who is practicing the lifestyle and that's very important to you you know understands. And the reason I bring this up is because you know we're dealing with this an issue that's obviously going more and more you know and the next few years it is really going to grow more and more and more and the church has to deal with it more and more and more and oftentimes. There's an imbalance in dealing with either it's extreme condemnation where people don't even look at people who have that kind of issue or it's a complete opposite end where you have this kind of accommodation. And you hear that term more and more continued to to be used but the problem with the accommodation argument is this is that right idea says at the end of time we're going to be called the repairers of the breach in not going to have an accommodation to have a greater revelation a reply or to a station of biblical truth not of pulling away or accommodating to sin you're not going to find that it's not what prophecy teaches So the reason I bring this up is first we need to understand what exactly is the issue here Second of all you know I I did a prophecy seminar recently and a couple came forward and. We know we've been studying with them but on the very first day they've been going to another church that was affirming their lifestyle the very first day we studied. Bob with them realize this is going to be a very interesting situation they asked the question they said What does your church actually believe about gay marriage what does that belief do you guys affirm it and inside the house I mean there's pictures of them they're married. You know as far as they understand you know their concept of marriage I mean this is a couple that's lived together for many years and so they've asked the question they said What does your church believe about this and you know I told them I said here's the thing to understand very important before we can understand the creator's obligation we need to understand the Creator. I said before we can understand what God wants us to do let's understand who this God is and since sent time there has been a process of study they've asked the question you know why haven't we been baptized or why we recognise this is a sensitive situation but what we're doing is we're just spending time studying the Bible loving them and. We're seeing God do the heavy lifting. And what I mean by that I'm going to too much detail but what I'm saying is God is doing the work that we could not have done. And so prayer love and continual study of the Bible the word changes and transforms people and that's a recall to do and you will see God do the lifting Amen and so that's why I really challenge just what God's been doing through our church it's been working and educating now it's been spun in with the subject the more we're going to be able. To vote in. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons to visit W.W.W.. Verse or.


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