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The Family - The Public Enemy No.1- Part 1

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries




  • September 4, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity to be together and to take a look at this most important of all institutions that you have instituted and in this world and that is the family and we know that this is a precious institution of yours that you have designed to do a great work and father we know also that there is a great controversy happening and as we take a look at the cultural agenda as we look at the Family public enemy number one we just pray that you would give us an understanding of the urgency of the times in which we live and that we would all the more with with fullness of heart and energy and passion seek again for your blueprint your method of how to do family and we pray this in Jesus' name amen I want to start with a question. What do you think are the three biggest events in the history of redemption and I want to say the three biggest redemptive events in the history of redemption so after Adam and Eve in the fall one of the three biggest and most redemptive massively important a pox or areas or events in the history of the world and that could include now or in the near future. You had Jesus first coming they said the birth I would say Can we count the birth and the crucifixion the Incarnation the resurrection the ascension all as one that's the most important right that's the easy one how can you think of another one. OK The flood was very destructive it cleanse the earth of sin so that God could bring about what. Yes the Messiah and then I would add you want to add another one yeah you know the Messiah came through the people of Israel right and so when God cleanse the earth of sin and sinners you know eight of course of his redeemed his faithful you then have them leading on to Abraham who brought us to the point of the patriarchs Abraham Isaac Jacob and the twelve tribes and then Israel so the Exodus happens why is the. Exodus so important that was the time were God gave the law he brought his people out of his out of Egypt he made them a people unto himself and brought them into Canaan and started this massive movement which would then lead to the Messiah so I would say the whole exodus and the Ten Commandments and the law and God establishing his people that one the first coming of Jesus and how about right now and the Second Coming and the judgment and second coming will loop that together as one era those I would I would suggest are the three biggest the formation of his people Israel and the giving of the law the first coming of Christ and the judgment and second coming of Christ now why share this at the beginning of a message on the family well if you notice something interesting about these three biggest events in the history of redemption you start to see a trend and the first thing I want to ask you is do you remember who it was that says that saved Moses is life when he was a baby in the basket boat who was hiding right there in the bush is it OK It was his sister Miriam a little girl child who was it that pronounced Hosanna to the son of David bless it is He that cometh in the name of the Lord Jesus first coming who is in the temple courts pronouncing these things the children if you ever read this quote from testimony six as the children sang to in the temple courts Hosanna bless it is He that cometh in the name of the Lord so in these last days so the third one here we are so in these last days children's voices will be raised to give the last message of warning to a perishing world amazing Now if you think about this also on the flip side what's the devil going to do with that information he knows that children play a key role in God's kingdom and God's plan so what does he do what did Pharaoh pronounce at the time of Moses yeah definitely the children in all the baby boys in Israel how about at the first coming of Jesus that Herod do something similar same exact edict right of the children in and around Bethlehem How about in our day you know the session is tied entitled The Family public enemy number one why is it that the devil would have an attack. On the children well it happen the first two times we can count on it again the third time and usually when I present on this topic I take it along the lines of the spiritual assault upon the minds of our children and we talked about that yesterday in the message called schooled the worldly schooling agenda and the whole media on the brain seminar is about that to a great degree about the children the youth and really all of us and how the media is seeking to capture our minds but there's another aspect to this there are children being killed today did you know that less that only one in five children survive make it out of the womb in America today. I'm sorry four and five one in five is killed now that would be even worse wouldn't one in five is killed only four and five make it out of the womb and survive about this statement when heavenly intelligence to see that men are no longer permitted to present the truth the Spirit of God will come upon the children and they will do a work in the proclamation of the truth which the older workers cannot do because their way will be hedged up did you hear that there's going to be laws it's going to be restrictions the older members of the church will not be able to do the work of God in the way that we normally could at the very last days there will be persecution there will be limitations but the children will be able to do it reading on with the quote it says in the closing scenes that this is history many of these children and youth will astonish people by their witness to the truth which will be born in simplicity yet with spirit and power in the near future many children will be indued with the Spirit of God and will do a work in proclaiming the truth to the world that at that time cannot well be done by the older members of the church that's why the devil wants to attack the family capture the minds of the children and to the extent possible kill as many of them as he can and by the way when I bring up the topic of abortion this is not meant as some sort of heaping of guilt and burden upon somebody who has taken this act and made that engaged in this sin the Lord has forgiven all of our sins and cleanse us of our iniquities if we've repented right so there's no sin that he's like not sorry you've gone beyond beyond my grace on that one so let's just keep that in mind as a second be a very sensitive thing but the media and the culture is very much. Pushing this and celebrating this not just as a right you know that became the big rights issue in the one nine hundred seventy S. that somebody ought to have the right to choose these things it was kind of a political football but today it's being celebrated it's being pushed there was a whole movement after the Planned Parenthood scandal of last year where all these you know hidden camera videos came out and they were you know negotiating donations for you know fetal tissue and all of that was a big scandal and then all of a sudden the other side of there said hey wait a minute let's let's react by promoting it and so they started a hashtag shout your abortion and they started celebrating and promoting when I had this procedure done it was so liberating and good and I feel so happy about what I've done and it was something that people were then bragging about instead of something that you know as it used to be said it was kind of a you know kept quiet thing it's a personal choice and we don't want to necessarily promote it but but today it's being advocated there was this T.V. show Scandal I've never seen the show but I saw this on a news report last winter and it was absolutely horrifying to sit to read the script of what was going on it was in prime time entertainment drama television an actual enacted scene of an abortion taking place and the song that was being played while the scene was being portrayed was Silent Night Now think about that for a second Silent night holy night all is calm all is bright and then round yon Virgin Mother and Child holy infant so tender and mild as the song being played and then the background script is her father's voice going through her head saying family is a burden a pressure point soft tissue and illness an antidote to greatness you think you're better off with people who rely on you depend on you but you're wrong because you will and inevitably end up needing them which makes you weak pliable family doesn't complete you it destroys you can you believe the message coming from the culture to the youth of today family is a burden a soft tissue An ill. And this in fact you read in sociological textbooks of the the academics of our day and they say that the family is a is a bygone archaic notion it's a social construct from an oppressive patriarchal era and it's something that needs to be done away with completely you have on the black lives matter website that the one of the goals of this movement is to to disrupt the nuclear family so there's a whole aggressive agenda from all quarters from entertainment from political movements from academic saying that the family is something that needs to be disrupted taken down it's an illness it's not a good thing now this next quote that you're about to see while we're on the topic of the annihilation of these millions of babies this was a actual abortionists sort of conference where they have a lot of abortion providers taking part and listening to messages and speeches and this this one presenter Her name is Lisa Harris said the following to. Providers ignoring the fetus is a luxury of abortion activists and advocates So she's saying you know our pro-choice friends out there who don't really talk that much about the fetus they have that luxury but she says you can't ignore the fetus right because the fetus is the marker of how well or how good of a job you did right if you don't account for all the parts and you don't look carefully you may be setting someone up for an infection or hemorrhage or whatever the feeder is the fetus matters clinically to us not to mention that women know what's in there you know about two thirds over sixty percent of women are already mothers in the remainder don't want to be mothers they're not stupid they know what's in there I actually think it should be less about denying the reality of those images and more about acknowledging listen to what as being acknowledged now by this movement it says yeah that's kind of true so given that we actually see the fetus the same way speaking of we see this this this baby this fetus the same way that pro lifers do and given that we. Actually both agree that there is violence in here let's just give them all it's violence it's a person it's killing that's quite an admission isn't that didn't used to be the argument back in the seventy's it was just it's just a blob of tissue let's kind of move along and allow this and quietly ignore what that baby really is but now there's an acknowledgement hey we are engaging in acts of violence this is a person and we're killing it him her let's just give them all that is the quote goes on let's just give them all that and then the more compelling question is why is this the most important thing I can do with my life so we're acknowledging what this really is it's an act of violence and killing a person why is this the most important thing I can do with my life in that context I don't think it needs to be about correcting facts I think it needs to be about moving the conversation to a different place quite an admission right but moving away from that into another another theme seems to get even crazier Salon magazine has been promoting pedophilia I'm not a pedophile I'm a pedophile but not a monster writes Todd Nickerson for Salon magazine and he goes on and tells a story about how he became of this you know what he calls his sexual orientation he says this orientation needs to be accepted and heard and listened to and understood not to not to endorse he says I won't act on it but you need to understand and accept this orientation so this is the next step you know I heard people kind of you know what I thought was kind of an alarmist message sometimes where they're going you know if we allow the gay marriage issue to move forward and we're going to end up with what's next they're going to allow this they're going to allow that and they're going to allow this and I'm going OK Really is it going to go there and so in two thousand and fifteen when they flash the rainbow image up on the White House and the Supreme Court put down the decision saying no state may may prohibit gay marriage every state must allow homosexual marriage to take place the movement does continue to accelerate to. The point where we're literally reading in Salon magazine about accepting pedophilia as a sexual orientation so long as the person doesn't act upon it that this is not some sort of illness or dysfunction within the person this is something that they are and we have to accept what they are and so you now get the Catholic Church coming out saying bishops do not have to report child abuse Vatican says U.K. independent report it they did they said you know we want to just simply handle this in-house and not have this become a legal issue don't don't report it now if you go back in history a couple of generations this is this is way before my time but maybe some of you remember the time where even in entertainment culture and entertainment culture was never good but even in entertainment culture there was a promotion of the family it was family units that were promoted in sitcoms and you had the Cleaver family right Leave It to Beaver and you had Father Knows Best I mean can you imagine a show today being called Father Knows Best I mean how how stereotypical and how how you know massaging this dick and anti-woman that might sound right but you know the idea of the patriarchal father figure where you have a you know the house band as as the word husband means and this is this is the you know person in the household that is the head of the of the house that was just just a half a century ago this was this for it was promoted now and now fast forward two generations and you get to Will Smith's son is the new face of Louisville Times women's wear campaign yes you read that right along with the ladies promoting the latest fashions you have a boy dressed in not not I'm transgender on this on that it's just I'm going to break all the boundaries and push the envelope of everything and hey I'm just going to do this because I feel like doing this can you can you see how quickly overnight things have really been on the march and on the move but how did we get there you know there was kind of a over a generation you had the. Demotion of the role of male figure in the generation I grew up in in the eighty's you had Al Bundy you had Tim the tool man tailor what did all these men who are the fathers of even the cartoons with Homer Simpson and then on into the ninety's and this this millennium I forgot his name I never watch this one Peter Griffen. That what have all these guys have in common while the male figure is no longer Father Knows Best right for the past twenty five years or so it has been he's the doofus he's the butt of the jokes he is doesn't know anything and you know the wife is always smarter and more you know dominant in the family and the kids are making fun of him disrespecting their dad and all of this this is what we find as humor in our culture and so this is part and parcel of the attack upon the family because if you can take down the role of the father if you can take down the role of the husband then you end up with total confusion like we end up with today with the example of Jaden Smith being the new face of Louisville Times women's wear now the bible is clear on that issue Deuteronomy twenty two verse five you read the scripture before I'm sure the woman shall not wear that which pertain a son to a man neither shall a man put on a woman's garment for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God this is not according to God's plan right God has created them male and female We'll talk more about that which I get into the transgender thing in a moment but with regard to the push last year with the homosexual marriage Supreme Court decision it reminded me of this Bible that was actually published because this is big even in Christian circles I mean there are Christian denominations promoting and saying this is OK and we're going to you know give a nod to this an enigma or what the scriptures have said about this sort of familiar with the queen James Bible the queen James as a reference to you know a spin off and a play on words for from the King James this would be Queen James and the. Scripture verses are literally just altered and changed here's a look at his eight hundred twenty two which says Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind it is an abomination Well that's the verse That's the literal render rendering from the Hebrew you can see here. Notice the queen James Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind in the temple of Molik it is an abomination so those words are just merely added and inserted into the text nowhere in the Hebrew original so what they've the meaning has been changed hasn't it it now says that you can lie with mankind as with womankind as long as it's not in the temple of Molech right is that what God was after with this text is that what he was after in Romans one when he said that that he got the wrath of God is being revealed against all of the unrighteousness and wickedness of mankind because they gave up natural relations for the for same sex relations it had and it said nothing about the temple of all in Romans one that's a new Testament Scripture but they go ahead and alter that and this has implications for where we end up in understanding the institution of the family but as the attack on I did a series at the G Y C of the last years U.I.C. called Biblically correct masculinity and understanding what it means to be male in the twenty first century I found it instructive and strange and interesting that the see in Diego municipal employees for a time where permits were prohibited from using the phrase founding fathers This is Thomas Jefferson and George Washington of course right the founding fathers of the country were male but we cannot refer to them as founding fathers because we're trying to reduce and diminish any patriarchal tendencies because we want to deny the role of masculinity even it goes further in the Ontario government forms where you list you know for birth certificates and so on mother and father they said we're going to eliminate the terms mother and father and just have a guardian and Guardian and so gender is under attack particularly masculinity in our culture. Today I found it kind of strange and odd that they had actual army cadets with this program walking a mile in red high heels and I'm going that's kind of a warping of the most like you know Mel masculine thing of the military not that I'm promoting militarism but it's a symptom of the culture when you see that even that aspect of more of that masculine expression now being feminized into the walking of the with the red high heels kind of a strange thing but of course when we end up all confused with regard to gender we do end up with one of two expressions of masculinity which are distortions of masculinity and one of those is what you might call hyper masculinity because then the inundation of the culture upon the minds of children of boys especially and what it means to be male you get confused and so you're going to end up with one of two distortions that will show you in a moment but first this is Philip Zimbardo Philip Zimbardo is a sociologist famous for the Stanford Prison Experiment he came out a couple of years ago and said we've got a really big problem with with males with young men that they don't really know how to function as men which is this is part and parcel of the breakdown of the family as I said Right and so they did a study a little survey after the TED talk that he gave where on the TED Talk website you could you could select a little vote you know what are the reasons for why young men are struggling so much and what is it that has caused this distortion this dysfunction this inability to be leaders to be. Able to be heads of families to be committed in relationships and George Barna talks about this in the church as well how men are really a wall in terms of spiritual leadership in the churches of today but what they what the voters of just the general population on this TED talk website they say sixty three percent of them said that the reason that we're getting so messed up in the head over this gender issue is conflicting messages. This from media institutions parents and peers about acceptable male behavior so in other words we don't really know because we're getting all these different messages from all these different angles so you know what the number one lesson so far is if we want to have a clear and correct view of quads order God's design God's plan than tune out all of the worldly cultural nonsense go to the Word of God spend time with people that you know are following the Lord and you want to go in his footsteps along with the people of God and say no to all of this craziness from the culture but if we accept what the culture has shared then we're going to get very confused I remember in two thousand and four I started teaching in two thousand and three and I taught in a Christian school in two thousand and four and my students at the time were very clear on biblical marriage on what God says about male and female about you know homosexuality and all of these things and to the point where many of them were like too aggressive about I kind of would have to play the role of toning them down a little bit because they get so on fire about it to the point where you can you know you go overboard on to the other side of being on loving toward people but fast forward ten years at the end of my teaching career in two thousand and fourteen I was also teaching at a Christian school this time in administration school and in a short span of ten years my students went same age same type of demographic went from being super crystal clear on these things to my students were totally confused and they're like this or it's a why is it wrong to do you know this or that and you know why it why can't we say this is just the way somebody is and they ought to be able to live out the expressions of how they feel and I'm going ARE YOU SERIOUS guys like you haven't studied this in the Bible you don't know what the truth is on this I mean it totally is just rocked my world that you know a short period of time the media had done such a number and attacking this precious institution called the family so here are the two distortions and expressions when we get confused when guys don't know what to do they end up either as passive man this is a new creature that has appeared upon the face of. The earth he is you've heard of The Descent of Man right well this guy is literally descending into what we call the man cave right and isn't it interesting about a cave like what lives in a cave would be an animal so then we end up with also the secondary expression where we we are where we idolize egomaniacs and you know sports stars as we call them who are trying to one up each other and thump their chest and run around like I'm King James and whatever and literally the some of the names they give themselves right so we've got two poles two poles of men and these are supposed to be the leaders of families in the heads of households and in the priests of the home and and the pastors in the churches and we're struggling we're going all right I'm over here with passive man or I'm going to add you know like that over reacting back into that more militaristic mode of things the Lord has an answer for this and it's in his word it's about unplugging from the media agenda and messages but you know when it came to two thousand and fifteen it you know who the Time Person of the year runner up was TIME Person of the year was on the Americal the chancellor of Germany. Caitlin Jenner Bruce Jenner the transgendered hero that was celebrated in the year two thousand and fifteen was TIME Person of the year runner up and when we look at that we're going wow there's something very serious going on in our culture that our children and all of us are subjected to but the transgender seeing started to take leaps into even more strange territories like you never would have thought you would see and you know these things are happening so quickly is the amazing thing it was like over an eighteen month period of time like the whole country accepted this thing and then other people started coming out and saying and these people are promoted they're celebrated in news reports that this this I feel so much sadness and empathy and I want to cry for these people but this poor lady said it well you know I've been inspired to come out as what I truly am and that is. I am trans abled I am actually a disabled person in a normal person's body and I'm supposed to be blind isn't that strategy and she literally blinded herself and the B.B.C. put this up as some you know big heroic thing that this lady did to express her true identity after she put drain on her eyes I mean this is a serious spiritual sickness that our culture has and we're looking at the celebrating in our culture today and the other people who say you know I'm actually an animal in a human being's body and all of these strange expressions where you know. The end of the children I mean how do you explain this to small children that I mean this this is this is a sad sad you might say illness of spiritual and mental proportions and and God is that healer of all of this right but the moment you start saying things like that well that's that's hateful speech in fact we'll get to that in just a moment perceived as hateful speech but it's not just a cultural attack that's that's warping the family in the gender roles and all of that there's also a physiological aspect to this there's a lot of talk in medical circles about the endocrine system as of late and how many and Okrand disruptions there are within the human organism the endocrine system of course is what regulates hormones the glands the endo can grow glands or releasing various different hormones you have both and regions and asked regions these would be the more male and the more female hormones and if a man has an imbalance of more female hormones and last male the normal that starts to manifest in his physiology and so on and so forth and so there are actual endocrine disrupting chemicals and other things in the foods that are that are also messing with our human physiology as well so in addition to the cultural you know brainwashing assaults There's also a physiological aspect to that that's being explored right now. Amazingly just a couple of weeks ago there was a foundational report a metal analysis a massive study. That was published in The New Atlantis and this was a highly controversial controversy all study it was a one hundred forty three page report that just dissected and analyzed over two hundred studies that have been done on the nature of homosexuality in the transgender experience and all of these things and the researchers wanted to look at this objectively they said let's finally at once and for all separate the fact from fiction the cultural hype from the factual reality so that we're not just swept away into this is the cultural trend let's all go that way and let the science follow they said no we want to be scientific about it the researchers were Dr Lawrence Mayer and Dr Paul McHugh they're not coming at this from a religious angle whatsoever they're just looking at this from a scientific perspective the report was called sexuality and gender findings from the biological physiological and social sciences and they did a study of all the studies two hundred plus studies on these issues Dr Mayer is a scholar in residence in the department of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University very prestigious and a professor of statistical and bias statistics and biostatistics at Arizona State University Dr McHugh who whom the editor of The New Atlantis described as arguably the most important American psychiatry and of the last half century is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and was for twenty five years the psychiatry in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital OK you've got the pedigree here you understand that this is one of the biggest and most important studies from some of the most prestigious researchers you can find on this topic and here are their for most important findings that they discovered and that they put out in this report number one these are the They've they've figured out what we know and what we don't know about these things are some things that aren't found out yet there are some things that we do know and here's number one the belief that sexual orientation is an innate biologically. Fixed human property property in other words that people are born this way as Lady Gaga says is not supported by scientific evidence OK So that's the science right this is that's not even a religious message that's what the scientific researchers are finding it happens to harmonize with the Bible as all true science does but this idea is not biologically fixed that something that is innately created and God ordained and I'm putting spiritual terminology on it of course but the scientific terminology is the belief that sexual orientation is an innate biologically fixed human property that people are born this way is not supported by scientific evidence so these things can be transience they can come they can go and many times they don't come and go but there is no evidence that it is fixed biologically Secondly the belief that gender identity is an innate fixed human property independent of biological sex so that a person might be a man trapped inside a woman's body or a woman trapped inside a man's body is not supported by scientific evidence these guys are get themselves in big trouble right now by the way this is this is you're just asking for the total lot of angry politically correct you know. Critique and rebuke of what they're reporting but they're sick and what the science has discovered there is nothing supported in the scientific literature evidence that this idea of this is a fixed gender identity thing of being an actual man trapped inside a woman's body or vice versa not scientific only a third only a minority of children this is an important one only a minority of children who express gender atypical thoughts or behavior will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood there is no evidence that all such children should be encouraged to become transgender much less subject subjected to hormone treatments or surgery if you're familiar with a researcher Camille Paglia she's actually a transgender feminist scholar OK so she's got a little credibility and speaking to this and she says that this is transgender mania that's happening when. You start to identify children at early ages as your if you feel this well then you're this and you promote that and you encourage that and you solidify that in their own mental structure and conception of themselves you're messing with them and then she says it's child abuse when you start putting hormone therapy upon children and the research here is showing the same thing because only a minority of children who express gender a typical thoughts or behavior will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood Let's say that the opposite way the majority of children who have feelings of you know I feel this way or this way the majority of them will not continue with those thoughts so it is transience to a great degree as it comes it goes to for many people and so you don't want to make this some protective thing and create a group out of it and huddle everybody into the group and say you are this group and you're the heroes of our age and we're going to make you invalidate you into what you feel you are right now because what you feel you are made right now can change according to the research fourth non how to row sexual and transgender people have higher rates of mental health problems anxiety depression suicide as well as behavioral and social problems substance abuse intimate partner violence they have more of that than the general population and discrimination you know were discriminated against and were oppressed so we have all of these you know suicidal thoughts and violence in the home discrimination alone does not account for the entire disparity so they're saying you can't blame the fact that it's a discriminated against minority for all of these social and psychological problems they're inherent in the lifestyle in other words I'm adding to what they said but that would be the only logical conclusion beyond the discrimination is that there is something physiologically something sociological something mental that is hurting and damaging them I would call it spiritual and we know that that is the case and it's a sad thing it's not something that now we're we're going on a culture war and we're you know proving everybody wrong and we're going to shut them down and we're going to go on some sort. Of agenda to to push people around no not at all we want to get the facts right so that we can in a loving way share truth with everybody in a broad sense and an individual sense as you ballooning in some of the other some of the other breakouts but how about this one with a chair transgender movement so so aggressive over the past year we had Target came out and said we're not going to have any boys or girls labeled clothing or toys like there's no more boys section girls section because you don't want to you don't want to put upon a child what their gender expression should be like a boy can be a girl and a girl he can be a boy so we're not going to have the sections separated anymore but then they went even further and they said now we have a bathroom of your choice policy you've heard about this in the news I'm sure target came out and said that they'll anybody can go in whichever bathroom they feel is theirs and that causes some problems they said changing rooms also you can go in whatever changing room you want and then there was this report of this this pervert this guy who would do is taken pictures of yeah anyway the guy in the in the wrong place and that is kind of what you'd expect in that context but I went to this organic restaurant once and a lot of times when you go to you know a healthy health food store or a healthy restaurant it's like they've got a great big an organic stuff and it's awesome but then sometimes the worldview is a little a little at odds with what we might believe from the Bible and it was kind of an amazing eye opening moment for me to see how far this thing had been pushed through in such a short period of time when I went to the restroom to wash my hands before the meal and I noticed that there were two restrooms and both of them were labeled as as you know non gender and I'm like Normally when there's two you'll have a male and female right and sometimes if there's a third you'll have like a family restroom or something or if there's only one restroom and obviously be unisex restroom but there was two and they were both gender neutral and I'm like come on that's kind of strange so I went nasty and I said you know I didn't want to show my cards I didn't want them to know who I was and what I was all about is that not my food might not. Prepared as nicely or whatever but I don't want to start a fight with an advice I just asked it neutrally I said is that this is the thinking behind the bathroom set up to have you know it to have them both gender neutral is that an effort to you know be sensitive to community and all of that or the jet transgender community as I think I put it and the and she did lady behind the counter got this look on her face like yeah righteous indignation moment and she goes yeah we're definitely not the kind of restaurant that would put mail on one of the bathrooms and female on the other like that would be this horribly offensive just hateful thing to do to have male and female identified you know targets as read that we're moving removing boys and girls were removing it from the bathroom labels here and if we didn't do that I mean that would be some sort of absolutely just vicious you know bigoted thing for us to do to identify male and female I mean if somebody doesn't feel that way that might that might upset them and so of course we have to just remove male and female from the Ontario government forms no more mother and father how about this one from the University of Kansas their student senate came out in their rules and regulations and they said you may not use in Student Senate business any gendered pronouns you can't even use the word he or she him or her it's against their code of conduct and the students that it I mean it's crazy and tragic and evil and it also kind of you know you have to almost laugh at something absurd it's not funny though is it it's really a nefarious agenda that's trying to annihilate anything gender related and so that's what's going on there at at the at the University of Kansas they call it a microaggression if you say the word he then you're having a you're exercising a micro aggression against somebody who might not who might be a he and feel like she or in between or whatever it you're it's an act of aggression which is an amazing term to use is coming from a political science background the word aggression has an important connotation in legal settings an act of aggression is something. That is a criminal act where you're violating someone else's person or property so when speech or thoughts or ideas start to become micro aggressions we're starting to bring this into the legal realm and started well if we use that terminology for the maybe we should have eight speech legislation like they have in Western Europe and in Canada where if you say something about homosexuality that's not welcomed by certain people then that's hate speech and it's literally against the law you know in America we have the First Amendment so we still have some freedom on that but this is on the way out take a look at this one from a actual university diversity and inclusion Power Point that's put out as a way to you know teach us how to be sensitive and think about what what micro aggressions are and I skip through the micro aggressions part just to get the portion where they said now beyond micro aggressions like beyond saying something about you know it's calling somebody who's transgender by their biological pronoun you know that's a micro aggression but beyond that there are also assaults Now notice what now that's a definitely a legal term right an assault that's a criminal act right notice OK A student slash my tire on my car that is an assault that wasn't That's an actual criminal act of violating someone's property about this woman almost being raped Yeah absolutely rape is an act of aggression an evil violent assault I'm not sure what they mean by almost but we're definitely in aggression and assault territory there but no to some of these other ones an anti-abortion person attacked my pro choice beliefs say beliefs are now assaulted and it's an assault so if you disagree with somebody's viewpoint on something in a formerly free country with open exchange of ideas on campuses especially if somebody's quote If you're perceiving it as an attack on my beliefs then it's called an assault or I was virtually abused because I am bisexual I would course we wouldn't ever want to attack somebody belief we would never want to verbal abuse somebody but you can imagine scenarios where. Simply holding to a position in a loving way can be perceived by some as being an attack and verbal abuse and so these are now assaults now this whole thing about the the gender in all of this I was another quick story I was talking with a friend who has been a part of child development studies and research and and getting into the educational world and she said to me you know one of the most interesting trends as of late is helping children to you know not be able to define their own reality where you don't define things for them so you say they're be they're playing with a with a toy airplane you know you don't say to them and to find that toy as a toy airplane allow them to determine what this object is for them so that they can conclude that it's something totally different maybe it's a sock or maybe it's you know breakfast or I don't know you could imagine a million things that it is other than a toy airplane and as I was thinking about this I'm going this is still I understand like kids playing pretend it's stuff like that but there's something more going on here with this because the next thing she said was of course and if they're playing with a little girl doll with long hair you don't say and this is a girl and this is a boy and I was I knew that we were going there with this why does everything have to come back to this these days you know there's nothing wrong with my you know my son taking his airplane to be in like my airplanes going to be like a truck or whatever OK we don't have to be fanatical about things but but when it's really an attack on reality it's a it's a actually redefining of reality there is no object this is postmodern moral relativism it's relativism of even reality and this podium is not actually a podium it's just perceived as one you know as all this crazy postmodern philosophy that is infecting now the child develop at the preschool where they're saying don't say it's an airplane that's oppressive you know I have to allow them freedom to. Use what it is for them and let them decide their own gender and all of these things now this is in the classroom of children really moving on in the U.K. teen students are now given twenty five options of genders to identify as on their little bullet you know fill in the bubbles you know notations of their their their identity in their so their location they twenty five options of what gender you are number ask the public schools. Have to instructed teachers to ask kids what pronouns they want to be called like would you like to be your Would you like to be she or would you like to be they have a new one that has been invented for new neutral pronoun Z E Z I and they say don't don't I don't group the kids all right boys and girls come to the playground or the boys over here the girls over here have different groups and say these are the purple penguins and these are the you know we're just no more gender stuff Albert that was Nebraska Alberta guidelines in public schools throughout the whole province of Alberta and Canada say bathroom of your choice policies of course those are those are going across this country of federal government edict even came down saying all schools who receive Title Nine funding must do this as well and a lot of schools are not doing it but the expectation is there but in Alberta it was a province wide situation where similar things also happening in this country I'll skip you some of that but only in New York New York City there was a. Regulation laid down where employers employers who referred to transgender workers by their birth gender pronouns or names would be would receive a fine from from the government so when we look at the issue of freedom of speech in their religion as this as this you know gender thing is interpreted as being a hate speech related issue and all of this it really comes down to a religious liberties issue right and we want to look at that topic because when it comes to freedom of conscience and religious liberties you want to allow people they can you know they can believe. Crazy things right and we're not trying to come back with with force and coersion in the other direction we want to see freedom of conscience as the first amendment would say but here's from from The Daily Caller the University of Texas at Austin Police Department issued a disorderly conduct citation to an outdoor preacher on Tuesday after students complained that his message had offended them and by the way what are you saying may have been offensive so we don't necessarily have to even defend what he was saying but he got a disorderly conduct citation for offending people through his through his preaching the preacher who is standing are just off campus recorded his interaction with several university police officers who explained that it was illegal for him to offend the students here's the conversation the preacher says there's freedom of speech protect offensive speech in other words he says the First Amendment protection of freedom of speech is a First Amendment protect offensive speech which of course it must otherwise you wouldn't be the First Amendment right you would need a Amendment in the Bill of Rights saying speech is protected if only permissive permitted speech and non-offensive speech was being was being spoken it's because there is some speech that needs protecting that some people don't want to have out there that you have to have the First Amendment protection right so yes does freedom of speech protect offensive speech answer the officer says it doesn't matter freedom of speech someone was offended that's against the law. It's against the law to offend somebody officer says yes so this is a new time in which we live a redefinition of freedom of conscience and freedom of speech by the way we never want to deliberately offend somebody I think that goes without saying but I want to make sure to have a little disclaimer so we don't become imbalanced in this that you know we would never want to intentionally for the purpose of just being provocative offend somebody but sometimes the bible is going to cross people's personal preferences isn't it and so when we live and preach and promote the Biblical truth of present time this will inevitably become perceived as. As offensive by some and so we always want to protect even freedom of speech that other people would not. Like to hear university tell students to report incidents of discomfort to campus police the University of Portland has launched a Speak up web page that encourages students to report quote incidents of discomfort to its public safety department we ask members of our community to speak up and report alleged incidents of discrimination and incidents of discomfort regarding observed or experiences interactions of intolerance the university States on the web page I never thought we'd be seeing the day so quickly so soon where they would be saying we're going to report to the public safety department if you if something that is said makes you feel uncomfortable discomfort is now something that is becomes an issue for public safety but I got it when even further with the. Where was it here we go with a Missouri University police where they came out and said Call the police immediately this was an e-mail sent out to all students Missouri University Police Department call the police immediately if you witness any incidents of hateful and or hurtful speech or actions so if somebody if their speech or actions that is that hurt somebody's feelings. Then that then you call the police then and this is strange to world we live in it's like we're calling the police about this and we never want to hurt somebody's feelings that's not nice you never ever want to hurt somebody's feelings you know if God sometimes got hurt my feelings like he does it because he loves me but I'm not out there to hurt anybody's feelings and if the Lord wants to do that to somebody that's a good thing because sometimes he wakes us up out of our out of selfishness but the amazing thing is that as it relates to religious liberty and freedom of conscience now you have universities saying call the police if somebody's feelings get hurt filmmaker Amy Horowitz spent less than an hour and Yale University campus doing a fake signature petition experiments now I don't you know using these sorts of methods of pretending faking it deceiving people I don't I don't think that's right but. He did this this survey and this is this little experiment and the results are telling their amazing he asked people on yell University's campus OK these are the best and the brightest these are the people that you'd expect to really have a solid understanding of what it means for the foundations of American principles of freedom and liberty and he asked them Would you sign this petition please to prohibit an outlaw free speech on the campus because there are things being said that are hurtful to people that people don't like to hear so can we ban the First Amendment and use phrases like this in his he's got a video recorded and where you it's like a hidden camera thing and he takes his fake signature petition on the sheet and a full fifty signatures were collected in less than an hour and the majority of the students signed to ban free speech ban the First Amendment on the Yale University campus and that's that was really shocking and horrifying and amazing and instructive as we zoom toward Revelation thirteen and oppressive measures that are coming in Europe people are being arrested for offensive Facebook posts one officer appeared at somebodies doorstep and said All right this is the president appear the door step is just in a minute this was the officer that was spoke with the media and this was in Scotland he said I hope that the arrest of this individual sends a clear message that police in Scotland will not tolerate any form of activity which could incite hatred and provoke offensive con comments on social media so any behavior that might provoke somebody else to make an offensive comment is not tolerated and the behavior that is going to provoke that might provoke somebody else to make an offensive comment is not permitted in Scotland a Danish man was convicted and fined for a Facebook post in which he compared Islam to naziism he was convicted and fined for making that comparison historically a British preacher was arrested and tried for calling Islam say tannic a Dutch man was also also received a home visit. From the police after he criticized his country's open borders refugee policy he said it was a bad plan on Twitter and they came they showed up they said you tweet a lot we have orders to ask you to watch your tone your tweets may seem seditious so these are free countries and this is the West I mean this kind of sounds like East Germany this kind of sounds like the soviet block this kind of sounds like the Stasi But here you have in the West in the free West freedom of speech under attack but it's not just Europe it's really getting worse there but in America in Boston Massachusetts there was a Catholic school the higher demand for the cafeteria department and it turned out that they found out later that the man was homosexual and they'd hired him without realizing that or recognizing that early on and so they dismissed him and they said you know this is our Catholic religious all girls school and we don't want to promote the alternate lifestyles and in the school well of course this became a lawsuit and the school lost and they were required to hire the man and pay you know bunch of money and all that the there was you have no of course know about the the Bakers the cake makers who you know homosexual couple will come saying we want a cake for our wedding in this is the big famous you know cases in the courts and they get fined you know one hundred thirty five thousand dollars fine or whatever for not catering to homosexuals because that would be not equal opportunity T. shirt printers who you know promote Christian messages on their and their teacher company while homosexual activists will find out you know hey they're there they're potentially going to reject us let's go and ask them to you know put a rainbow you know gay pride teacher together for us and they refuse and becomes a lawsuit thirteen thousand dollars fine so I mean this kind of things go on and on and on in the United Kingdom they're actually moving to register all Sunday Schools government registered all Sunday schools there was speaking of the religious freedom issues watch a Hills canvassing group were prohibited a while back from going door to door and canvassing needing to obtain a permit and go through a whole bunch of regulations and pain and so. On and when when when you need to receive a permit for something that means that you're getting permission for it which means that it's no longer a right but it's been transmitted into a privilege and stead of a right so the Bill of Rights maybe we'll call them the bill of privileges Now I don't know but this is getting more serious when it comes to what the pope said the mental structure of fundamentalists is violence in the name of God He said a fundamentalist group which by the way a fundamentalist group is anybody who live believes literally in their inspired book so you can have fundamentalist Jews fundamentalist Muslims we are fundamentalist Christians because we live we believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible six day creation Jesus literally raised from the dead and ascended into heaven Jesus is literally coming on the clouds of heaven this is a historically accurate book and prophecy is for telling real and actual events that are to come so that's a fundamentalist group a fundamentalist group although it may not kill anyone although it may not strike anyone so you could have like a fundamentalist group that's promotes noncombatants and nonviolence right like ours so how about this one a fundamentalist group he says although it may not kill anyone although it may not strike anyone is violent did you did you catch that So if you're a fundamentalist if you know you're a Mennonite or Amish you know fundamentalist you note anti combat and see group if you're a fundamentalist if you're a seventh day adventist noncombatant believer you are violent. Make sense of that was the mental structure of fundamental and fundamentalists is violence in the name of God violence is now the new word member it's an assault to believe differently about somebody sexual or abortion beliefs we saw earlier right that's an assault so it's violence to believe differently because when you believe in what the Bible says well then you believe in Romans one and you believe in I am the Way the Truth and the wife and you believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven and which then implicitly says. As that other people that don't believe in this have to accept this in order to be saved Well that's all of a sudden a device of an eight full message in it's violence is what it's being called because it's not open arms one world religion accepting of everything. But it will go even further with Kathleen Taylor neuroscientists who was who came out and said the following at a convention she said one of the surprises may be. To see people with certain beliefs she's an Oxford University researcher and she said one of the surprises maybe that we're going to see in the near future is to see people with certain beliefs as people who can be treated so this is talking about psychiatry OK people with certain beliefs are people who can be treated someone who has for example become radicalized to a cult ideology we might stop seeing that as a personal choice that they have chosen as a result of pure free will and we may start treating it as some kind of mental disturbance in many ways it could be a very positive thing because there are no doubt beliefs in our society that do a whole lot of damage so any beliefs that can be defined by officialdom as being cult ideologies and damaging beliefs there's no longer a freedom and a choice there they're saying you've been radicalized by a cold ideology and in the near future we can treat this as a mental disturbance rather than freedom of conscience so it's violence it's mental disturbances you're hearing the themes continue well so speaking of mental disturbances this one came out feds want all teens screened for depression the federal task force is recommending that pediatricians and family doctors do mental health screening screenings for all students over twelve years old regularly so all students in the public schools getting regular mental screenings you can imagine where this could go in the near future based upon what Kathleen Taylor just told us. Right which or this reminds me of two thousand and two legislation that was put out this is there was an effort to do this years ago as well it was called the new Freedom Initiative and it basically would require universal national mental health screenings for of every child in the country it's called the new freedom in this You Tube and they wanted to get children at a very young age under these mental health screening so that they could be defined according to various different diagnoses and so on which getting them at a very early age reminds me of yesterday's presentation right on schools the whole thing about the disruption of the family I mean this is all the basically the same theme and reminds me of the book It Takes A Village by Hillary Rodham Clinton where we read the following quotation Imagine a country in which nearly all children between the ages of three and five attend preschool in sparkling classrooms with teachers recruited and trained as child care professionals more than ninety percent of French children between ages three and five attend free or inexpensive preschools called it Colet maternal and I don't know how to say that in French My wife would help me out with that but even before they reach the age of three so there are two even before they reach the age of three many of them are in full day programs so this is painted as some sort of like dream world imagine a world where all children from age three and up and sometimes even age two are handed over to professionals in sparkling classrooms how beautiful and wonderful with this this is a nightmare scenario of disco picked proportions that bring us right to Revelation thirteen type of stuff of the control of the minds of the population and the destruction of the family you know the bible prophecy says that in the last days the hearts of the children will be returned to the hearts of the fathers and vice versa that there will be a restoration of the family the devil knows that this is why he's moving on all fronts in fact the. This one came out on another hidden camera if you notice like the last year year and a half it's kind of been like the age of of leaks and hidden cameras and hacks and all this stuff coming out it's as if there's something going on behind the scenes but this was the West Coast sales manager of one of the nation's biggest school booksellers Haute Mifflin Harcourt and she told an uncover. Journalist who cheat didn't know was a journalist again use of deception not endorsing it but this is what was found she said quote I hate kids I'm in it to sell books Diane Barrow said of her advocacy for Common Core she said Don't even kid yourself for a heartbeat she said quote It's all about the money what are you crazy it's all about the money you don't think that the educational publishing companies are in it for education do you know they're in it for the money now she's a representative of these publications sort of admitting what they are doing and in her words I hate kids sometimes it's an attempted al touristic effort like we're going to get them young said N.P.R.'s Barbara King asked evolutionist who put out this book called grandmother fish she asked him Aren't kids of this age too little to be taught evolution My answer is No not to young we all know now that more than forty percent of Americans say that card created human beings in our present form in the last ten thousand years is that dismal situation cries out for a big efforts in science education and there is hard evidence to show that the storybook route can be effective in kids' mastery of evolutionary concepts P.Z. Myers an ardent atheist an outspoken evolutionist praised this book by Mr two Mr Tweet is his name and evolutionist P.Z. Myers said This book is a great idea. Get them young he wrote on his blog get them young. OK then of course the US Department of Health and Human Services in the U.S. Department of Education put out a draft report and this came out last fall I read the whole government document if you ever want to do something for fun don't read government policy papers because they're deliberately dry and using academic you know mumbo jumbo and jargon and I'm just like we're just waiting through this thing highlighting key phrases and words and you kind of have to know the lingo a little bit but let me explain what this draft document is this is a policy directive coming from federal departments on down to county and you know social service departments child protective service departments school districts etc And they're saying what we need to do is the name of the the name of the document is draft policy statement on family engagement so this term family engagement is key in this report and the name of it is from the early years to the early grades they go into say basically when we get children at age four and or age three in preschool or age five in kindergarten or whatever when we get the kids they've already had a lot of influence at home from the parents so what we want to do is family engagement we want to engage families with their well that says when does family engagement begin is the question that's posed family engagement begins I'm quoting now family and gauge begins prenatally so pregnant moms are now engaged with government involvement here to form quote relationships was the word that they used a formal partnership with social services and mental health consultants so no longer is the family a relatively sovereign on Thomas unit created by God where the children are raised in this know it's going to be some some meddling happening if this policy report were to become reality and it is reality to a great extent obviously through the school system but it from the early years prenatally. Babyhood toddlerhood and on up they talk about quote conducting periodic home visits of families and having mental health consultants involved with professionals and specialists ensuring constant monitoring of children's social emotional and behavioral needs and even taking a look at the Diet of the family so you can imagine like just what happened in Italy there was a bill promoted approach proposed in been in Italy saying that if parents are feeding their children a vegan diet that those parents can have their children taken in they can be arrested and that bill hasn't passed that I know but that was a bill that was actually introduced into the Italian legislature saying that feeding your children of a good diet could become a criminal act in Italy so here in this report saying also we need to take a look at what parents are doing you know because there are some there are some radical you know diets out there we might need to crack down on Now of course by the way it should be as a strong proviso there are situations of terrible neglect in children you know not even being fed and terrible abuse and so when there are criminal situations like that of course we acknowledge Romans thirteen I mean the state has been given the authority to punish the wrongdoer so we don't want to take that away but this is also a danger and a threat upon the religious liberty of families when you look at a policy report like this saying that there's going to be constant monitoring and home visits of families a special emphasis is put on early childhood to quote prepare children for school to transition them to kindergarten you know I wonder if part of this report came out about because there is a growing homeschool movement where the children aren't being talked about here having a positive attitude toward school that's in the report says we want to teach to the toddlers in the children to have a positive attitude about being transition they get a garden into our system now of course I'm presenting this with you know unfair fairly with an overlay of understanding that there is a nefarious agenda here but of course there are good. People trying to do good things within these departments not to try and libel every person involved with this but you know that the devil is involved with this you know that this can be used for evil and this is a great danger as well it's also that they want to implement evidence based parenting interventions so they kind of watch the parents and do some interventions and refer families to social services as needed that was one of the most horrific horror stories that I've read in quite some time I gave up watching watching movies and horror movies and so on like that but sometimes when you read history or you read government documents it's like you're reading something straight out of a you know dystopic fiction novel or some type of horror movie so when you look at the history of this many people have noted that you know if we're going to get to the point in history where Revelation thirteen indicates that there will be a religious imposition of of coercion and oppression you know what I mean by this it's not necessarily going to be secular humanist with some sort of you know progressive agenda Darwinistic you know all of this this worldly stuff it's going to have a religious overlay to it in Revelation thirteen so where is this going I want to do a little history historical moment then you'll see how this compares with the present you are the one thousand nine hundred seventy S. And I remember it as a historian I wasn't there but some of you were there some of you have studied this the sixties and seventies was a time of tremendous moral corruption and that the decline and degradation of the morals of the society and at the same time one nine hundred seventy S. was a very unpopular Supreme Court decision that made Christians feel like our traditions and our understanding of a moral society in our culture is under attack and they're killing babies and they're bringing out around the hippie movement the drugs in the Rock N Roll and the Christian sector of the country the moral majority majority became much more active much more vocal and there was a whole movement formed called what you might call the religious right you might call the the moral majority the Christian Coalition groups were formed. Saying we're going to take America back for God and we will use the legislative ballot box and we will be using the coercive force of government they might not use words like that but basically we're going to use the imposition of force to impose a Christian way upon the country and this is the kind of world you call Dominion theology Dominion theology holds that the Christian ought to reclaim all of the Dominion that was lost and that includes rulership we want to be the rulers of the civil structures of the political structures of the nation and of the world and then we will enforce that local law that's a very prominent theological school of thought in many different circles today than it was promoted in the seventy's by a guy named R.J. Rushdoony and it was promoted by others in the political realm like folks you see on the screen there but how could this get to the Sunday Lots of a thing you know where you're thinking all right where is this going with you had back then a. Very aggressive cultural agenda in the sixty's followed by a of a very unpopular Supreme Court decision and then the reactionary wing against that said we're going to take America back for God right and that's great we want to take America back for God but let's do it through the family let's do it through the once a lot it's let's do it through evangelism not through force and through political means but that was the reaction did you see how it went problem reaction solution you had the problem presented by the secular push and the moral crusade to be followed by then the reactionary wing saying we're going to take a Christian crusade right back atcha and you can see the fusion of this coming to a head back then while at the time people were like This sounds a lot like Sunday law type of stuff and they were right well then we got on into the ninety's and into the two thousand and what has been the era that we are in now a era of tremendous moral corruption just the last few years an aggressive push of the stuff we've seen here in the shutting down of any dissent against it and also a very unpopular Supreme Court decision saying you know no state may maybe. Homosexual marriage anymore so what's the pattern from history history cultural just Plus a very unpopular Supreme Court decision among Christians at least leads to a reactionary religious right political response so are we witnessing that are we going to witness that in the very near future in our culture today yes especially in the context of disaster I mean remember what happened after nine eleven what happened the next Sunday. Everybody was in church Wednesday and boy that can be a good thing when people get religious real quick and the context of crisis can also be a very dangerous thing because there's counterfeit religion all around and like this one right here Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen in two thousand and fourteen said there has been a horrible erosion of the soul of America she said we are sex so this is two thousand fifteen I believe we are slowly eroding religion at every opportunity we have that's true right and this is a problem probably we should be debate scuse me I'm debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth it sounds so all that is nobody would ever say such a thing they're saying it right. You know God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created he then the that is God's design for the family that is God's design for male and female and according to God's beautiful blueprint for the family and we'll talk more about that after the after the break in the next session we'll talk about parenting We'll talk about family get my God's design and God's blueprint because we're headed toward the close of this message but as we think think through some of the things that we've seen here I want to close with a just a nice little story that will warm our hearts a little bit because this is again been pretty ominous just like yesterday session one was like the world is cooling agenda All right let's look at the blueprint today it's like no. And the onslaught of against religious liberty in the cultural degradation in all this but you know there's still things that even secular people identify as just pure and beautiful and OK thing here in the context of gender This was reported on Christian News dot net and the story goes like this a little boy in California recently stood up to a man after witnessing the stranger catcalling and cursing out a woman who was out for a run the woman happened happened to be secular singer songwriter Julio Price who shared her story on Facebook last week in explaining how much the child had made an impression on her she explained that she was out for a run on Nov eighteenth as she was out for a run on Nov eighteenth a man loudly began cat calling out her sexy lady hey hey hey sexy lady Pryce ignored the man and kept on running which in turn made the cat caller angry he began to curse her out spewing profanities Well she said as I ripped off my headphones prepared to stand up for myself but a little boy nearby only identified as James was watching the student as he walked with his mother and younger sister Jane spoke up to defend Pryce who was just a stranger to him thinking that a man should always protect a woman. Hey that's not nice of you to say to her and she didn't like you yelling at her you shouldn't do that because she is a nice girl and I don't let anyone say mean things to people James declared to the man she's a girl like my sister and I will protect her a man who had been eating lunch outside then became embarrassed and gathered his items to leave price asked the mother if she could hug the child to tell him thank you I told him how grateful I was for him she recalled he just shrugged and said well I just wanted to make sure your heart was OK. This in that beautiful is a statement from Spirit of Prophecy councils of the church the Lord has constituted the husband the head of the wife to be her protector you know some of these things that we hold to as the biblical idea of gender that you can go overboard with a lot of that and there's been patriarchal oppression in the past but there's also something still pure and beautiful about headship about God's design for the family about this whole beautiful picture that's a witness and a testimony of what God is like Father Son Holy Spirit the family is meant to image that beautiful picture of God's character of love and so we'll end it there on a positive note as we come back how is God restoring the family how is that prophecy being fulfilled that says that the hearts of the fathers will be turned to the children and the children to the fathers and daughters and mothers and fathers to daughters and mothers to Sons of course as well the restoration of the family how do we get that back in God's plan in his hands in our homes and so we'll look at that in the next session so let's close in prayer shall we. Father in heaven we thank you so much for the beauty of your blueprint for for gender for family for the roles you've assigned to us to reflect your glory and your love and as each one of us serves and sacrifices ourself for one another and as we seek to reach the last with with a voice of love and never with condemnation or some sort of cultural clue crusader a political agenda may we always have the Spirit of Christ in our hearts and in our midst and also Father we do pray that you would preserve religious conscience and freedom of linen and the liberty of religion that we have left we know that we have much freedom but it is under attack and we just pray for for a time to do the work for help for a motivation help us to reach that when the audience while we still. Thank you for this. Jesus. 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