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The Family - The Public Enemy No.1- Part 2

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries




  • September 4, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for your wisdom that you've made known to us through the Spirit of Prophecy please give us understanding of your blueprint for the family so that we can think through this in our own lives for those of us who are in that stage now or Yet in the future please give us conviction and firmness in this age of deception and the on slot against the family and we pray this in Jesus' name amen. Parents The burden is upon you whether you are sensible of it or not to train these children for God to watch was jealous care the first approach of the wily fellow and be prepared to raise a standard against him I love that quote you are not secure a moment against the attacks of Satan you have no time to rest from watchful earnest labor I think yesterday afternoon session one and this morning's session three the last one have convinced us that there is an onslaught I mean if you see media on the brain you know that there is an attack we are not safe a moment against the attacks of Satan on ourselves or our children so we must watch and pray we must always be on guard that's the urgency that I want to begin this message with because we saw the three biggest events in the history of redemption right and of course there was an attack and it continues to be an attack not just upon the wives of children in the womb but upon the children who make it survive the womb in this age they are coming after the children through every means that we've talked about through the media especially which we haven't really talked about much this weekend I'll talk a bit about that tomorrow morning by the way there's a typo in the in the the schedule it says seven to seven thirty is tomorrow morning's devotional message I'll be tomorrow morning presenting at seven forty five to eight thirty so it should say seven to eight thirty is that morning experience so be there at seven for the morning prayer seven forty five for the message I think that will get announced more Also later if you didn't catch it at seven forty five is tomorrow's message that I'll share now listen to the end of the statement it says guarding the home against a tannic influence us that's all we want to do right that's what we just read about doing we want to guard the home of. It's a tannic influences how do you go about this it says other families will mark the results attained by such a home by a godly home and will follow the example set Have you ever heard the statement that the A well regulated family and obedient children and a nice family is better than all the sermons ever preached and that's a very true statement families will mark the results attained by a godly home so this statement is saying you can guard your home against a tannic influences by looking at godly homes and following their example now that's going to a lower level we want to look at the example of Christ that's even higher but interestingly Christ working through godly homes has actually been studied through George harness research he took a look at spiritually strong young adults and he said what kind of families what kind of parenting produces spiritually strong young adults and other words what do we need to do to give ourselves the best chances and they just looked at the data they found what kind of homes are most likely to produce spiritually strong young adults he came up with about fifty findings of what sorts of parenting strategies and it approaches and philosophies are done in those homes those fifty findings is law as well as all the Spirit of Prophecy quotes to back it up are in the raising the remnant series that you can get upstairs what you're hearing is bits of that OK So this is six discs there used to be an old one that was only one disc if you've got that this is the updated version and it'll be half off for you if you've got the old one already because there's some repeated material but much expanded but anyway George Barna went out and studied these young adults and he wanted to know what kind of what kind of parenting is most likely to produce spiritual Champion says he called them now a quick disclaimer though because you could parent perfectly and still a child could rebel because I know a perfect parent and only one and his name is God the Father and he parents and all the angels and one third of them rebels OK so you can still be perfect and still there's free will right here's the statement parents may do everything in their power to give their child. Every privilege and instruction in order that they may give their hearts to God Yet the children may refuse to walk in the light now this kind of thing isn't stated all over the place the Spirit of Prophecy read all these books and it's all about how we can really have the power of God in our home so I don't want to like hang on to that one but I share that for those older members of the church whose children of laughter in their hearts are aching to hear a message like this and like oh it's all my fault if I would have only done these things and then there's just a big burden of guilt and shame and remorse and negative things there's free will right and we all make mistakes and God forgives us for those and so that's in the past now for all of us as we're thinking about the subject at hand we should ask ourselves how can we give our children the best chances possible right because it matters a lot the research is clear that the more of these things we do the greater chances we will have at producing spiritual strong young adults are really it's the Holy Spirit producing them you understand what I mean by this but also another disclaimer when you're reading through Spirit of Prophecy on any subject you want to look at the Book of the evidence you want to get multiple quotations you want to look at a vast quantity of information before you select one thing and go I'm taking that and I haven't really read very thoroughly but this is going to be my thing I go with you let me give you an example here's a statement from Child Guidance children should not be led to feel that they cannot go out or come in without being watched suspicion demoralizes producing the very evils that seeks so and seeks to present prevent So in other words you should just you should let your kids do whatever you want whatever they want right you shouldn't watch them that's what somebody might take from that they might go wow yeah I don't want to produce any demoralization in suspicion so I'm going to let them go out and come in however they want to do and see you guys at midnight and don't tell me where you went well if you only took that quote you might go there you might be a total free range parent right now then again you might only read this one Parents generally put too much confidence in their children for often when the parents are confident confiding in them they are in concealed iniquity parents watch your children with a jealous care now if you only took this one you might become like super suspicious parent like like. They are all over like you're doing some wrong aren't you you know if you're only looking at this you might become in balance so you look at the totality of it now that you've got both of these you realize something don't you you do want to be watching them but you don't want them to feel like you're suspicious of them right so did you see how he combined the two and it became a clear hole and it's actually just stated in the clear HALL It says Be one with the children in their exercises and amusements without leaving the impression that you were watching them see how that all comes together isn't that beautiful so just know as you study spirit of prophecy as you study through these councils that's a good a good little example of how to make sure that you're doing this in a clear and balanced and and truthful way now this is the the end goal of where we want to go this is the end of the quote then I'll show you the beginning it says a sanctified love will bind the hearts of parents and children together isn't that what we're trying to do a saint if I love binding the hearts of parents and children together and the youth will grow up established in the faith and rooted and grounded in the love of God Now let's see the beginning it says the work of education in the home if it is to accomplish all that God designed it shall demands that parents be diligent students of the Scriptures this is where we're starting number one square one as parents they must be learners of the Great Teacher Day by day the law of love and kindness must be upon their lips their lives must reveal the grace and truth that was seen in the life of their example you see we will only be Christ like and be an example to our children when we're in the word and we're receiving from Christ George Barna actually found that the successful parents were most likely to be theologically conservative that's his term for it basically they believe in the Bible maybe the fundamentalists is the term you use they studied their Bible is even more important finding there they were actually in the WHERE THEY LOVED IT I LOVE the common sense statement here in order to interest our children in the Bible we ourselves must be interested in it to awaken in them a love for its study we must love it OK No kidding that's that's like our what why didn't I get that before sometimes I need to read in an inspiration. Why don't we study our Bibles Oh well frankly if I'm not interested in the Bible it's because I don't love the Lord and love the Bible I'm not converted I'll just say it bluntly right day and night I am burdened with the thought of our great need of unconverted parents becoming converted is what that means we need to be converted so that we love the truth right it says in the Bible says spiritual things are spiritually discerned So if I'm not discerning and having a taste for the Word of God than what do I love I have the appetite for the world and I talk about that with the media on the brain seminar about how our appetites and our tastes and our love for things that are ultra stimulating and entertaining and exciting might mute or diminish our love for the Word of God major theme there that I want to expand on now and maybe we'll touch on tomorrow morning so if we're one of those that we have to got to take a look at this every day parents should be receiving the light of heaven into their souls every day be receiving the impressions of the Holy Spirit upon the heart and mind every day they should be receiving the word of truth and letting it to control the life so is that pretty clear in order to raise spiritually strong adults we've got to be spiritually strong and that's kind of basic will start with that but also he found that they lived out what they were asking of their kids they did not live in a hypocritical manner where they asked one thing say Do as I say not as I do like what that actually has been sad with a straight face do as I say not as I do that is ridiculous right that doesn't work. As a parent by the way another finding if he had is not in this presentation but he found that successful parents were likely to ask their children's forgiveness if they messed up they were they were humble they were vulnerable they would go and say I was not right there and I'm sorry they would say I'm sorry to their children above all things else let parents around their children with an atmosphere of cheerfulness courtesy and love because when we're walking with the Lord when we love his word when we're living out what the word teaches it Christ will infuse our lives with cheerfulness and love and care to. And wonderful happy things a home where loved wells and where it is expressed in looks and words and in Acts is a place where angels delight to manifest their presence the atmosphere thus created will be to the children what air and sunshine are to the vegetable world that's a beautiful picture isn't it the children just growing with health and vigor of mind and body because the Angels are in their midst mom and dad are smiling everybody is cheerful this doesn't describe most homes does it for some reason behind closed doors we all tend to get a little shorter with each other a little more rude little less normal courtesy that you extend any any stranger out there except your family this is not good is it but God wants to change our hearts he can give us that kind of experience smile parents smile teachers if your heart is sad Let not your face reveal the fact it isn't that good you know smiling changes your brain chemistry did you know this physiologically when you just smile it starts to make you feel happier and it's not that you're being fake it's that you're just really trying to develop a happier attitude you can change your attitude it's a choice you make and when you choose to respond to the Holy Spirit he empowers it in ways that you can't even imagine but unfortunately we're rude in our homes if you ever thought about the fact that we parents are often rude to their children bark orders out of Japan or you know this kind of thing we'll think about the golden rule for the Golden Rule says Do to others as you would have them do unto you. This applies to our children to their people right there are human beings they're our brothers and sisters in Christ if you ever thought about that they're just younger members of the Lord's family and so we should treat them like we would treat any what we would want to be treated right nobody wants to be scolded and angrily talked to talked to and there's a statement that it's not in this presentation it says Never parents never scold it never works or never helps and never does anything never scold there's never any reason to raise your voice or get angry and say you know if you've got to get somebody's attention and they know that your firm sound is always saying the state statements over and over being firm. And kind blending love and affection with firmness and restraint but never anger never anger no loud voice commands would never ever have to happen and I know this is setting the bar way up here because all of us who are kids or parents home remember our parents are in that most parents are like I did not follow that one all the time because you're frustrated right but the Holy Spirit in your life can give you victory over this if you realize the effect of a mild Furman or even in the care of an infant the fretful impaired to look at this we've got the infant right there he's like I know he's saying a man. So cute little junior year you're giving me the response I need right there the fretful impatient mother or nurse creates peevishness in the child in her arms whereas a gentle manner tends to quiet the nerves of the little ones so those there's further stressful moments in parenting absolutely So what do you do my wife takes a deep breath. I've heard that if you take nine deep breaths it literally changes the biochemistry of your body but even just one deep breath can can call on the dorsal Vaghul nerve in the upper back of your neck that goes up into the limbic system and that affects all of your emotions and makes you feel like this a deep breath can actually affect that in a positive way so then we can love our children unconditionally they know that it doesn't matter what they do we will always love them when my son was three years old I started a little practice where I would rub his back and pray for him at bedtime it was just a special thing we still do it to this day we sing to our kids turn your eyes upon Jesus and we put him to bed and pray for them and one time my son did some very disobedient he was on the couch and we had the whole discipline thing which by the way we're not talking about very much today it's on Disc four of raising the RAM and if you're gone disciplined give me the strategies OK but all of this needs to come first this is more important than getting the strategies right but anyway I had him on the couch and he was going he'd love how the last like three nights we've done the robbery back and pray for me and he's like You're going to do it again tonight right now at. I get the idea that this is a new thing and when you sit in there he goes Dad does this mean you're not going to rub your back and my back and pray for me tonight and I'm like Son No no way there's nothing you could ever do that would make me not really back and pray for you yeah you have consequences and there's discipline to buy love never ceases right that's how God works right that's a huge huge huge finding right there successful parents also were sacrificers they were giving up their aspirations and preferences for the benefit of the kids what they wanted to do they set aside for what they knew was best for their kids and you know there's a lot of joy in parenting but sometimes honestly my son loves to play stuck OK It's where you got two trucks and I'm driving down the road and I get stuck in the snow bank and he's the tow truck that comes and gets the car out OK playing stock it's not my favorite thing to do I'll just be honest you know I love my kids but it's just I just don't like play stock and I don't know my son that but I still like it sometimes you know the but then when the mind of Christ in me prevails I will get down on the floor and I will play stock and let's have a blast together right where you got to sacrifice a father's shit unbend from their false dignity deny themselves some slight self-gratification in time and leisure in order to mingle with the children sympathizing with them in their little troubles finding them to their hearts by the strong bonds of love and establishing such an influence over their expanding minds that their counsel will be regarded as sacred If you want respect then play with them like a little child seriously that's what this just said unbend from your false dignity and get down and play with them and then your counsel will be regarded as sacred that's how you gain respect and that's something you don't just stand of some steerer you know figure like they did in the olden days right. So also you do this God talk you when you're naturally walking with the Lord you're going to talk about Jesus you're going to be like Jesus you're going to love on your kids are going to always love unconditionally you're going to talk about Christ. Christ is not a stranger in their homes His name is a household name Barna found that the successful parents who raised spiritually strong about young adults did all those green screen things you just saw and they talked about caught throughout the day Jesus isn't something that's relegated to family worship and prayer time before meals and church know it's throughout the day life he's a household name we talked about Jesus being a member of our family from very early age leave I would say that those that he'd say who's in our family was a little two year old needs a mommy and daddy Levi and Jesus and that was the family and now it's Silas to of course but show in your life that Jesus is everything to you right he's a household name he's woven into the experience of kids this is God talk as George Parnham called it it's basically living life as a relationship with Jesus Christ when the children do wrong you present the words of God as a reprise of reproof you avoid tedious remarks short remarks are good if much is to be said to make up for briefness by frequency so we're talking about God all the time we pray about everything my family we have a little prayer journal every time we pray about some we put it down in the journal and then we see when God answers it we go put it in the same spot on the journal how many times we've lost something and then it was found and we got to say God help us found how many times somebody was sick or injured and we prayed for healing and then there you were healed and you know you say well those are just a matter of course but we've also seen supernatural interventions because God loves to show up in the life of a child a small child to help develop their faith there's this amazing situation one time where we were harvesting our carrots and it was supposed to rain and you don't want your carrots to go into the sand bins what you want you know somewhat damp sand but you want dry care it's going in there and it's like I've it's going to rain then this is going to be spoiled and we're going on a trip we're going on at the ministry outing and then the carrots are going to you know it's spoiling the ground it's going to freeze and we don't have time to get go to the store and get you know cover for the ground so when we got our Sunday this is the day we pull them all up in the forecast was rain like all day and we're like it's not looking like rain right now. Let's get out there do it took longer than we thought it was going to and we're like we prayed at the very beginning and throughout Lord please hold off the rain so we can get these carrots put away into our root cellar and the most amazing thing you can believe happened OK No rain no rain no rain no rain no rain we've got the carrots laid out on the tarps we're getting the sand bins fill getting Jayate in them we put them in and we've covered the sand a little layer cover the sand you know and then I put the last been on and I go snap drip drip drip drip drip literally the next second and rates do you think that's a coincidence how many seconds are there in the day that that could have happened this is divine intervention is a beautiful thing ministering angels will guard children who are that's dedicated to God that means we pray for our families if we have to separate for a time if Dad goes to work if somebody has to do something then you pray together as a family before you before you part is what that quote was talking about so how about our role as a parent you believe if you are a successful parent majority of the research finds that you view your job as a parent as your number one job in life it's not like something on the list of other things it's your number one job in life remember you're sacrificing what you otherwise would want to do in order to be a parent it's your most important job in life and in fact you're seeking to obey God because God has called you to do this that's another finding So God established the family relation his word is the only safe guide so here's what the Lord has shown us let not home education be regarded as a secondary manner so what should it be regarded that this primary right number one it's not secondary implication it's not tertiary or anything else it's primary we need to make the education of our children a business for their salvation depends largely upon the education given them in childhood to the mother and father the right training of their children is the most important work of their life Oh man these quotes really lay it on don't they I mean this is big time when parents see the importance of their work in training the children they see that it involves eternal interests they will feel that they must. Both their best time and thought to this work so their best time and thought it's a business it's not a secondary manner it's primary it's the most important work in your life it's your life work the mother bears a greater responsibility than the king upon his throne next to God the mother's power for good is the strongest known on Earth and an angel could not ask for a higher mission has the lord been clear with us on this I mean that's awesome let's think about the order here what we just heard OK Next to God A mother's power is the strongest on on Earth so it goes God then mothers then angels and then other people have kind of like not really big jobs like the king. And the rest of us. Isn't that amazing I don't know where Dad's fit in that it's not. That we were going to get to some council about the dads here of course but how sad is it that many parents have cast off their God given responsibility to their children and are willing that strangers should bear it for them isn't that given what we just heard isn't that tragic I mean this massive mission calling the one sole audience of your child or two or three our many you have and then we cast off our God given responsibility and have strangers or children. We will go back to the last session or yesterday on that but you know where we're going with that OK so how about this if you ignore your duty as a wife and mother and hold out your hands for the Lord to put another class of work in them be sure that he will not contradict himself he points you to the duty you have to do at home if you had a the idea that somewhere greater and holier than this had been has been entrusted to you you are under a deception. OK that's strong counsel right there I would never say that to somebody I just like you I couldn't do that but the Lord does right and he inspires these words so live from the feminist movement that motherhood has some degraded role in it some oppressive thing. Just a mother and no you must rise in the ranks of society you must become something great and powerful and wonderful No this is a lie of the devil we are under a deception if we believe this letter I saw the OK So mothers are to stand preeminent in the raising of the children it says in Child Guidance page twenty four but dads men this is HUGE few fathers realize their responsibility I saw that but few fathers realize their responsibility OK so most of us don't really get what we're supposed to be doing here the father's duty to his children cannot be transferred to the mother. If she performs her own duty she has a burden enough to bear only by working in unison can the father and mother accomplish the work which God has committed to their hands now this quote right here change the course of my life as a dad and as a teacher and as somebody who is starting in ministry because I read this quote and I was like OK I'm teaching full time and at the same time I'm starting to do media on the brain some noise around in Michigan and then I'm asking OK My son is born he's a baby now it's moving up into toddlerhood years when I read this my first son Levi he was I don't know how old maybe fourteen or sixteen months or something at the time. And I read fathers spend as much time as possible with your children and I thought to myself OK if I'm going to continue to teach full time and be gone on the weekends for ministry and speaking opportunities whilst also claiming to be a father spending as much as time as possible with my children I would be derelict in my duty and so we've got a decision to make honey should we. Give up these speaking opportunities in this interesting thing that seems to be developing here that the Lord is opening doors or should I give up teaching has got to be one of the other and nobody wants a part time teacher that I can think of so we said hey all right we're going to give up the teaching thing and allow the Lord to open up the doors and. I'll tell you that was kind of scary thing but my wife came to that determination first it wasn't like the you know crazy adventurous maybe but it was the Morgan more cautious and. Perhaps more rational and less dreaming wife of mine she said this is the right thing to do. Spend as much time as possible with your children that's that's an important piece of counsel right there if he is engaged in business which almost closely wholly closes the doors of usefulness to his family he should seek other employment so fighters look for a new job they did say find says look for seek other employment that will not prevent him from devoting some time to his children again I would say that to somebody but I'm glad these quotes are here because they kind of confront you right if I'm just off doing my career and pursuing what I want to do I'm not self sacrificing I'm not loving and conditionally I'm not making parenting my number one job in life and I have to reorient those priorities in order to have success successful parents also had a one full time parent situation and sometimes that can be combined but there's always almost always a parent right a full time parent focusing on that and related related finding is their socio economic status was not a factor so parents who sacrificed a second full time income in order to have one full time parent and so therefore they were a little poorer they did not lose any ground in chances for successful spiritual development in fact you might actually believe that poverty in many cases is a blessing for it prevents us and children from being ruined by inaction when we decided to leave fulltime teaching we give up health insurance we're moving into this like I have this D.V.D. series it's like is this really going to provide an income we have no idea so what we're going to do is we're going to sell our suburban home and we're going to move into a mobile home in the country and grow our own food right do not try this at home I'm not a silly recommending this for everybody you might say that sounds kind of reckless but we really felt that the Lord was leading us in this direction and hey we're going to have to I mean we'll have some some grocery. And I miss not not that crazy like we're going to totally just live off the land and everything but we're not going to mortgage we're going to you know keep our. Cheap cars and not upgrade we're going to you know clamp down and redefine all the neat all the wants and needs more clearly so that we're not being reckless with our funds because our children are worth it what are all the the toys in and Bob Wills and cars and everything that we could want from this world how is all that going to benefit anybody spiritually right it's not so you sacrifice all of that poverty in many cases is a blessing even because now we've got to go guys we want to eat then we're going to have to get out there and and grow the food right and the Lord is as bless the ministry so that we can live full time in this ministry for at first it was the Lord moved us a part time teaching actually after I gave the full time teaching job it was an amazing story I'll just tell it real quick I gave him the full time teaching job put in my letter of resignation the very next weekend I was at another school where I was doing media on the brain and the school staff the principal and some other people came to me and they're like hey we've heard you're not happy at the other school I'm like How did you hear that first of all that was kind of weird how that slipped out there but they're like you know if you're if you're you know ever thinking about leaving you know just just let us know because we're we're we're in transition and we're taking a look at things and I'm like well actually I just put in my lesser version red letter of resignation that's pretty funny write that up and they're like oh really well you want to come here I'm like No I'm putting teaching because we're going into this other thing and they said would you teach part time and I said so but I have to live on campus but I have to do the whole boarding academy thing and they're like No you're moving up into the country up near us right I'm like yeah I would be twenty five minutes from you guys they said why don't you commute over two days a week and teach three classes back to back you have lunch here and go and been and do your ministry and country living thing and I'm like This sounds great so the Lord definitely provided there but then as the ministry developed we're able to to you know move on into the situation but we still you know even if you aren't like. In poverty you still want to have kind of like an artificial scarcity and yet in your own life and in your own home where where your kids don't feel like oh you can just whip out the credit card and just do whatever you want it's like no we're very careful with the Lord's money and we want to be good stewards and we do have to grow our own food because the Lord has called us to do it and if we want to eat we better get out there and work so that's still the mindset even even now so thankful hearts and kind looks are more valuable than wealth and luxury and contentment with simple things will make home happy if love be there do you like that one out let's get successful parents spend hours in dialogue with their children you know how long it takes sometimes fathers and sons to get hours of dialogue going when you're kind of just hanging around right and you're doing things together no but you're over time you're developing hours of dialogue parents mothers and children speaking to their children continually as much as they can and that's huge for academic development for verbal development my friend Joshua white in the classroom of the remnant I've got that went over there to upstairs this is a whole series on early childhood development in the home until age eight or ten and what kind of you know home education are we called to do in the home in order to follow the Lord's blueprint for the early childhood years and verbal communication just talking to our children reading to our children continually is so helpful for not just academic development as all that or intellectual intellectual development is in the context of words to describe concepts right but also spiritual things right I mean they're learning the Bible they're learning all kinds of things as you're talking about Jesus throughout the day right so it's about quantity of time not just quality time there is this movement back in the day where it's like spend just a few minutes with your kids and get some quality time in now I'll say that's way better than no time and making it quality a little bit of quality is a better than a little bit of not quality so there's some to be said for that but what the research is showing is quality plus quantity is going to be the just nuclear explosion of loving it. Some of this in the home and the development of children spiritually quantity of time in addition to quality and by the way if you're if you're thinking about discipline and behavior issues and all of that there's a little anecdote that Donna Hominick tells and she says she had parents come into her office looking for counsel on getting their children's behavior in order and they got all these misbehaviors things and they're such bad children and how do I get them in order and give me the D.M.A. the discipline strategies and I'm going to teach him a lesson I want to get the order in my home and she says you know what we're not going to talk about all those missed behaviors and we're not going to talk about discipline yet in terms of punishments this is the word discipline just means to teach means to train but she says all I want to talk about with you at this session is this I want you to go back with the child and both you and your husband spend fifteen minutes a day with each child one on one doing something fun with them that the child wants to do and that's even not that much quantity right it's powerful when it's quality and quantity but this is quality and no decent quantity with a child every day making sure you doing something special she says everybody to a man to a person i just as I can tell you how many times they come back and say those behavior issues are disappearing I mean everything is changing one time with my son Levi we were struggling with some behavior issues early on because I mean we were like brand new administration you know what Child Guidance was I was starting to read to you know parts of administration that's where I came to that father spend as much child with your children even No Child Guidance existed and here we are just trying to figure this thing out and on in we're like and we've made a lot of mistakes like we all do even those who have those who did know and so was and you're going I got to we got to fix the mistakes and I'm going OK here's we're going to do we're going to do twenty four hour period of time of one on one time me and Levi and my wife took the baby and went to my mom's house or something like that and I mean Levi just had a nice whole day together doing fun stuff and we started a fire place in the fire for the first time and we dragged the mattress out into the living room and had a sleep over together and just like everything cool and novel and fun and stuff he wanted to do and running around and jumping and singing doing to stuff and would you name it. And I said no computer no phone everything's off the whole time twenty four hours now that's quality right I mean that's quantity that's an enormous amount of time effort and I'm like What are we going to do for that long so we came up with a bunch ideas I mean this was kind of a big program we had to come up with this is a big deal to do this kind of thing every week but. Toward the end of that twenty four hour period I noticed that I had not had to review correct his behavior a single ONE TIME and this was at a time when we were struggling with a lot of you know. Butting of heads I'm like This is amazing this is powerful quality time cultivate friendship with them especially with your sons in this way you will be a strong influence for good. You one on one time no time though says the father I have no time to give to the training of my children no time for social and domestic enjoyment then you should not have taken upon yourself the responsibility of a family by withholding from them the time which is justly theirs you rob them from the time which is it from the education which they should have at your hands if you have children you have a work to do in union with the mother in the formation of their characters you have brought children into the world who have had no voice in regard to their existence of ever thought about that little philosophical conundrum like it was your choice to make them exist you better make their existence happy you better make an eternal You have made yourself responsible in a great measure for their future happiness their eternal wellbeing the burden is upon you whether you are responsible of our of it or not to train these children for God amazing it is the cry of many mothers I have no time to be with my children then for Christ's sake spend less time on your dress neglect if you will to adorn your a pair O. we don't do much of adorning of our a pay are but we do a lot of shopping for apparel probably are thinking about what our peril is going to be neglect to receive and make calls you know as our social life crowding out a time when the time with our children neglect to cook an endless variety of dishes neglect to keep up on Facebook post and the like to watch T.V. they'd like to be on your phone that I added that part of course that was done in the original. But never never neglect your children what is the chaff to the wheat let nothing interpose between you in the best interests of your children you know the phone thing I'll talk about that more tomorrow Monday morning but remind me that if I don't talk about the phone on Monday morning I get it I gotta catch up on that the mothers in the phone of the children the research on that not a mother allow her mind to be occupied with you many things she must allow nothing to divert her mind not until the final settlement when the cases of all will be decided in the Acts of our entire lives will be laid open before our view in the presence of God in the pro the lamb and all the holy angels will parents realize the almost infinite value of their mis spent time almost infinite value your time we say time is money you know for an hour that I can work at my job I get her and fourteen dollars an hour whatever you value fourteen dollars in food it value of misspent infant almost infinite value is our time because we're talking about eternal interests here the right conception Oh and by the way the thing about fourteen wasn't meant to be like we shouldn't work a job right I mean you have to work you spend as much time with your children as possible but we also have to provide for our families and I know a lot of guys are working their hind end off for sixteen hours sixty hours a week and they're doing their best to provide their family at a low wage job and that person is a hero for their family OK so I want to I want to make sure that we're giving thumbs up to hardworking people who are doing their best to provide a basic subsistence for their family OK I don't know times are tough economically so that whole thing about look for a new job if you're almost you know useless to your family you know that could be a situation at an individual is in but I'm not paid with a broad brush saying everybody needs to cut down their work hours or everything like that that's a very much an individual thing that God is calling each individual to so my story was just unique to me about the teaching in the ministry and all that I don't know about the men in this room or or the women for that matter sometimes it's a mix in fact my wife works for a belt of trees ministries. She does a lot of the bookkeeping a lot of the more detailed stuff and when she's in the office doing that I'm with the kids so I guess you could say that we're both part time working part time parents but I'm I'm doing ninety five percent of it and she's doing five percent of it as shakes out in our family but the right conception of God through the knowledge of Christ who died that we might be saved should be impressed upon our children's minds you may think parents that you don't have time to do all of this but you must take the time to do the work in your family else Satan will supply the deficiency cut out everything else from your life that prevents this work from being done there's so many unnecessary things in our lives how much time are we spending on our phones you know that thing in there is kind of funny but also hits hits our convictions right you know so many moms I think that's probably the number one thing that good moms even like the the I'm going to be you know tell age eight or ten through education maybe even homeschooling my wife knows a ton of moms like this out there and she agrees with me that the number one stumbling block the biggest issue in the lives of good families where they're doing everything by the blueprint is that phone just just finds its way in and there's a distraction and there's a neglect happening and that's not that you can never you know keep up with with people or three or be on it you know it's not that the device is evil but the device becomes a device of Satan it becomes a distraction in many cases train your children after his order neglect anything of a temporal nature be satisfied to live economically by and about your want but for Christ's sake do not neglect the religious training of your yourself and your children we've had a number of quotes like this where it's like grabbing us by the shoulders and shaking us up a little bit I think you got the idea so these successful parents they've got their perspective all this time of their job as much as they can it's quality time is quantity of time as one hundred percent number one job in life but there's an there's a purpose to this it's not you know just time together is the purpose is to disciple them successful parents are disciple ing their children they do not look to the church to take the lead in spiritual training they're not waiting for the Sabbath school teacher. Teach him about Jesus or the pastor or the church school teacher they are involved in church but they use the church as a support for their efforts right so the parents are the disciple wing agents they are the ones who make disciples of their children that one soul audience in their home and by the way in doing so the whole the whole theme here this weekend you see and how this message fits into the theme right these children are becoming those missionaries that we just read about who like the children said Rosanna at the time of the first coming of Jesus those children will go forth and do in the final work think about that the older members of the church can't do it anymore the older members of the church are in a situation where the laws are hedging them about but the children can get away with it like the Scandinavian children during the Reformation Do you remember that in the book the great controversy where the kids would be just they they would be prophesying basically in the Spirit of God would come upon them and give them the of them utterance it would be miraculous but there were laws prevent prohibiting the parents from doing that and it says also that said says that in the last days the latter when the latter rain comes the children that your young daughters will dream dreams and visions and so on so this is very much Bible prophecy and it's coming and so are children if we're training them into cycling them they will be the ones that will do that the reason I call this raising the remnant is because those children will be the last remnant message messengers and that's an exciting thing thinking about our kids doing that that's really awesome so successful parents disciple their children we just saw that here and here's how it goes every family is a church over which the parents preside the first consideration of the parents should be to work for the salvation of their children it is perilous to leave this solemn duty in the hands of others. So you might say well at what age can my child be a Christian and be saved and be you know know the Lord age has nothing to do with it as soon as a child can love and trust his mother then he can love and trust Jesus as the friend of his mother don't you love that I love him that's beautiful one of the first sounds that should attract their attention is the name of Jesus and in their earliest years they should. Led to the footstool of prayer their mind should be filled with stories of the life of the Lord and their imaginations encouraged in picturing the glories of the world to come children's minds are like sponges they soak up everything that comes their way literally do because they're just their memories incredible we play scripture songs for our kids and my son Levi will help me out with the words because I'll forget them because their memories are incredible because they don't have the ability yet to filter out things right we have or we're more efficient I think that might be why they need to sleep so long because our brain is just going on going information data just like collecting it all and so what are we feeding it with what are we putting in there right we want to keep the world media out not only to keep it out but so that we can put good things in we're filling we're saturating their minds with Bible Bible Jesus stories love scriptures references all of it it's a beautiful thing let the first baby lisping speak of Christ I remember that was it's so cute it's so cute to see it a little toddler say Jesus and it's in their own unique little way and a little a little a little you know ta their way of doing it I want to try to mimic my children's ways but we we remember it we write Cammy keeps a journal and all the cute things your kids do write my wife's name is Cammie it was in the solitary hours of prayer that Jesus in His earth life received wisdom and power so our children need to have this experience let the youth follow his example and finding at dawn in twilight a quiet season of four communion with their father in heaven could our children learn these lessons in the morning of their years what freshness and power what joy and sweetness would be brought into their lives and in the morning of their years that the little children listen to scripture songs as a little devotional exercise even while their toddlers This is what we do and by the way when I say what we do please look to look to the council and to the factual data my little anecdotes are kind of fun but don't look at us as an example we don't even know what we're doing we're figuring it out as we go just like you all feel OK so I'm no expert every parent there is the U.S. might be like What are you saying you don't know. What you're doing I'll give you a little hint every parent fails half the time like I don't know what I'm doing here it's like you're doing your best you're making mistakes OK So I'm with you I want to be on that we've got a couple inches here so you can see the press presentation but that doesn't put me on a pedestal in any way so please bring me way down but I use my anecdotes is because they make the presentation a lot more interesting give you some ideas but the Lord will lead you into that we have little little scripture songs little stories little little devotionals that we play for our kids in the morning as a part of their their daily ritual their daily routine so if they have no knowledge of Christ so no connection with Haven't they will have no moral power and they will yield to earthly potentates who have assumed to exalt themselves above the God of heaven and establishing a spurious Sabbath to take the place of the Sabbath of Jehovah that's a that's an alarming statement right there isn't it if our children don't have moral power in a relationship with Jesus Christ themselves then they will yield so they might just be a part of a Christian culture they might kind of go through routines with us but they have to know Jesus themselves that's what the cycling the means so they have that personal time with him barn also found that successful parents delve into matters of faith as a family unit of course spread out the Word of God before your family's in love and ask what has God spoken so you could consult the Scriptures continually What is God said about this and then then then they'll see that we look to God as an authority less than ten percent of families by the way less a ten percent of born again Christian families ever open the Bible together during a typical week last that So that means ninety percent plus of supposedly Christian homes never open the Bible all week together that's sad Abraham Father Abraham the morning and evening sacrifice morning and evening worship not optional Why is there such a lack of missionary spirit in our churches this is a big quote a big slide for the theme of this weekend why is there such a lack of missionary speech. In our churches it is because there is a neglect of home piety we're not having family worship we're not calling our children to the hour of prayer the teaching of Bible truth is the great and grand work which every parent should undertake so parent you are a teacher oh no that sounds intimidating I never wanted to go into teacher teaching but you are a teacher you are a teacher of the Bible in a pleasant and happy frame of mind Place the truth as spoken by God before the children in all that men have written where can be found anything that has such a hold upon the heart anything so well adapted to awaken the interest of the little ones as the stories of the Bible kids love vital stories get to get the blue Bible story books get the my Bible friends read straight out of the Bible have audio versions of the Bible my son Levi has on his i Pod what I've done is I've gone through the first five books of the Bible and I didn't give every chapter of Leviticus but I stuck with mostly the stories and then he listens to a bunch of Bible chapters and then also the blue Bible story story of that same section of the Scriptures so he's getting the Bible and he's getting a telling of the Bible all kind of back to back so it's kind of real you know getting it firmer in the mind and that really helps fill the mind with good things instead of speaking vain words and telling idle tales you know one of the worst things about fiction and all of these things it's not just that it's filled with spiritual is some of that is a lot of these things just are so stimulating that they make the Bible and interesting but it's also just a waste of time and brain space right instead of filling them with idle tales talk about them about the Bible the reason that fiction is in by the way and in the series called undocked related I go into the whole thing on fiction and what spirit of prophecy says about that and why we're looking at fiction as something that we want to avoid It's mostly because the Bible says Whatsoever things are true and noble and right and lovely and admirable an excellent praiseworthy. I think upon these things and so when we go off into fantasy and science fi and even just just fictional tales that are realistic it's something instead of the Bible in economics we call that opportunity cost so if you spend your money on something you've spent it on that instead of something better for hate and so the cost of having This was not being able to have that it why did you get this when you could have had that this is way better right so this is the way better so let's avoid the idle tales and the fiction it's unnecessary it's wasteful and it's work we're called not to do it the most successful methods of assuring their salvation and keeping them out of the way of temptation is to instruct them I love this next word instruct them constantly in the Word of God and as parents become learners with their children they will find their own growth in a knowledge of the truth more rapid So if you a little in secure about that you know you'll grow as you do it and use resources instruct them counsel in the Word of God play the scripture songs while you're driving down the road you know pause and talk about what that scripture said you don't have to have it all from memory and like I am the master Bible teacher and I will deliver this all to you utilize those resources right when they are tired tried tempted or discouraged cite them to its precious words of comfort and gently lead them to put their trust in Jesus and you know what the whole point of this your disciple in them you're helping them to have a relationship with Jesus it's a process of character development the number one job focus here of a parent is character development because you're helping them to have a character fit for heaven you're helping them to develop a Christ like character those children who parents do the most for frequently feel under the least obligation toward them what does that mean basically if you do everything for your kids and you make their life so easy and they're spoiled and they never have to do anything hard you might think well I've been so nice in generous toward them that of course they will just feel soul. Obliged to love me back and do things back for me it's not how it works with the child mind you know if I do that for my wife and I'm like oh honey let me do all the dishes and to all these things she will totally oblige you really are I want to do these things for you with children though you have you can't do everything for them otherwise they'll become like she looks like a spoiled little I'm sure that nice little girl had had some nice moments too she's got caught at a got out an unfortunate picture I type into Google you know spoiled child or whatever she's like I have eighty five pairs of shoes or what we do this kind of thing to our kids right from infancy children should be trained to do those things which are appropriate for their age and ability this is very important it comes to character development I mean there are so many character traits we could go through like half of Disc three is just all the character traits Spirit of Prophecy how we do it how we can develop all these character traits of kindness and patience and obedience and doodoo doodoo doodoo doodoo tons of character traits but this is one of the most important moment by moment things in life are they learning to be able to how to be able to do things to be able to take care of things keep these children with you there is the theme from earlier right time together with you let them ask questions and in patients answer them give you a little children something to do and let them have the happiness of supposing they help you if they make mistakes. If accidents happen and things break do not blame them so it might be harder when I have my son help me wash the dishes it's not actually helpful I hope. It's not right. It's like the water is it's harder for me it's harder for me like emotionally and I'm worried about what's going to happen with the water he actually is he's five and he's actually a point where he can be kind of helpful and he's very helpful in talking about the older son very helpful in many ways I used the dishes example because that's where I really would rather not have it but we do it anyway because it's good for right so. Yeah the idea that they suppose they help you if they make mistakes in facts events happen no blame the more quiet and simple the life of the child the more free from artificial excitement and the more in harmony with nature the more favorable it is to physical and mental vigor and to spiritual strength so when mom is folding the laundry the kids are playing video games and having this artificial stimulation we live in the country with them outside there doing gardening together this kind of thing is what what the council tells us to live in the country would be a very beneficial to children and active out of door life would develop health of both mind and body they should have a garden to cultivate where they might find both amusement and useful employment. And here are a few from a slide show that my wife brought together the health food store near where we live they got the little kids card so there are two little guys pushing the cards around and helping with the groceries my wife unpacks some dried food there and he's right there and you know when their toddlers and I was really doing a lot but they're involved with it right the four year old helping to build help and dad build is is a wheelbarrow that Grandma gave him for Christmas and by the way when it comes to like presents and grandparents and that's always a big stress and challenges like what's going to happen with the extended family you have to take control of that situation you can't will that whatever happens happens we don't want to offend anybody so we've we've had this have uncountable conversations where I say to my mom look we don't want fiction books like you know how crazy that sounds to you know just non advocates general population people like what no fiction like to kill a mockingbird like all these books you read in English class and that's one of the mower more crazy sounding things that we do but we had to go there because we don't want that those books we want real books about nature with pictures and Bible and like real things and history so we say Mom Can your creative you come up with great ideas my mom loves to give gifts she's of wonderful person I just kind of had to just corral her a little bit into this direction of come up with things that will help them be helpful help them work and play at the same time. Help them develop according to things that we're talking about here and so there is some more from the from the photo album to create in the rows of the the beds there that was our first year at the place that we got on the country shredding the credit card numbers from the night before at the seminar. We got the pile of wood delivered by the by the folks down the road at the lumber situation the kids can climb up on the would help toss the wood into the barn and so on just a few few examples of that but remember it's not about efficiency right you might say well I'm not going to get everything done as the kids are helping Well Cammy said I said to me what would you say to parents who are fearful the won't get everything done she said you won't like it that's just life you would that's him but important realization you won't get everything that's not the goal right the goal is character development so it can be so given that the child will find pleasure in learning to be helpful see this is not about some like rigorous angry we're going to learn industry and you're going to learn to be helpful and you can be miserable know how mothers can amuse their children while teaching them to perform little offices of love Little home duties bring all the pleasure possible into your exercise as a teacher an educator of your children isn't that good I think kids would like that the sound of that we're going to have so much fun IGS just exuberant extravagant amounts of fun in life that's what it means to be spiritually strong young adult raising parents make the life of your children pleasant and of the same time teach them to be obedient and helpful bearing small burdens as you bear large ones the little child finds both diversion and development in play that's an important statement of balance here it's not like constantly just working they play while they work but also times of just creative and free play and they're coming up with what their trucks are going to do and no less as part of good development is creative development which is not happening these days maybe I'll talk about it tomorrow morning actually but what's happening with the media and how that's changing creativity. George Brown also found that successful parents meet their children's emotional and physical needs this is huge if you think about the discipline issue in the behavior issue which we're not so much talking about in the session is on Disc four of raising the remnant but the the number one way is not only to spend time with them quality time like Donna haven't talked about the fifteen minutes with each kid and all the behavior problems are going away or the twenty four hours of my son and behavior problems are going away but a lot of misbehavior happens just because they haven't had a good routine they haven't had sufficient nutrition sleep the meals are too close together there's their digestive system just constantly working and they've got too much sugar they're having an off water you know physical needs are huge We've got to be meeting those consistently having a good routine have a good order and structure in the day children thrive on a routine when they know what to expect when they don't know what's going to happen we learned that early on our son would get very anxious and fearful about what's what's happening next and we learned that he was like two we were just explain and they can totally understand we would say we're going to do this and then this is going to happen and then we're going to get in the car and do this we're going to go there we're going to see these people and now OK now I can breathe a little bit because I know what's coming so the physical needs we mention parents wonder that children are so much more difficult to control than they used to be when in most cases their own criminal mismanagement has made them so but isn't that something the quality of food they bring on their tables and encourage their children to eat is constantly exciting their animal passions and weakening the moral and intellectual faculties there was a there was a practice that was done with a school a while back and this is reported in the documentary called captivated but he tells the story of this administrator who has had all these parents who are dealing with all these behavior issues and the teachers and he called him and he together he said are yours we're going to do. We're going to define the meals for these kids we're going to get them outside and playing and we're going to limit the media exposure to thirty minutes a week OK A video games or whatever I would say zero but they said thirty minutes. So weak good nutrition and getting outside and playing and physically active a lot and all of the A.T.T. problems who are talking about we need to have all of the chemical interventions it's like they all started to disappear I mean how many stories are there now like that over the last ten years it's powerful the food we're eating has a big influence when they're not eating nutritious food when they're sitting in not able to play outside these things have a major effect on behavior the importance of regularity in the time of eating and sleeping should not be overlooked there must be a bed time there must be meal times that are set right since the work of building up the body takes place during the hours of rest it is essential especially in youth that the sleep should be regular and abundant if all would eat at regular periods Oh by the way just quick story on the way up the mountain on the way from L.A.X. to here on Thursday when we were driving we flew on Friday rather we flew on Thursday and then we drove up here on Friday was like took two days to get here from Michigan because of that crazy drive it was crazy because I didn't realize this it's Labor Day weekend and everybody apparently in southern California area leaves work at like noon or eleven thirty or something or or skips work altogether on Friday and we get on the highway and we're just like just bumper to bumper like I remember this because I used to live in Riverside and I experienced traffic as you know we've enjoyed not having that but I figure I'm an avoid it by leaving a new will be to Riverside by one one thirty and then we'll see some folks there will get out of there by two thirty quick and you know traffic will start around that time and will maybe have a little bit of it will be up there by by four five not so it took us from Noons No it was like a leaven forty five is when we left till three and a half hours later to get to Riverside from L.A.X. hotel or you stay in there and the kids were all thrown off from the fly in three hours right so we're going to bed you know later we're not going to bed at five P.M. Like that's their bedtime. Is this five P.M. Pacific eight P.M. Eastern time so we can put about a five P.M. because and all the meals are going to turn off the whole schedule over here so we got to just I'm just a little bit each day and we started doing that back actually in Michigan we started putting to bed later in Michigan to kick around to get things moving but the whole story is for this point I knew that my son Levi was short on sleep now he's the one that says I'm not tired he always says I'm not tired our little one Silas will say is it time for my nap I think it's like wow that's awesome but the other was in denial and he's like I said Levi You're going to need to take a nap in the car on the way up the mountain. And he said but I'm not I don't know how to sleep when I'm not tired. I said it's simple I'm going to require you know we don't like to have to do you know things with this is the wrong law and rule in front of forces but I just knew that if he didn't you know close his eyes and go to sleep A.S.A.P. we're going to have some problems here and he's been doing great lately with so we've been so proud of him how the war's been working on him and but I just knew this is going to this is not going to be a happy drive up to the bone if he doesn't get a twenty minute power nap before we hit the mountain and and there was there was this discussion about it which isn't supposed to happen right like you know when mom and dad say this is it well. In the feeder up here and it's like he's so overtired and then and it's like this misbehavior in this discipline situation I'm like I knew it right you know if you don't you've got to have that you know that intuition that discernment of knowing when the schedules been thrown off and got to have that regular sleep and so that suspects a failure story I guess should've gotten a nap earlier in the day or something but we don't know is going to be three and a half hours and Anyway if all would eat at regular periods not tasting anything between meals that that's an important thing you know when they're three they don't need to be eating five times a day right I mean a baby sure he's eaten all day every every day every you know periodically. But we move from them being fed constantly with the accord in the in the womb to by. Time they're on toward to an upward that they can be eating regular meals they don't need to be eating five six I mean I see kids just running around with Cheetos and whatever and it's not it's not going to help them in terms of their their brain function in their behavior so they would be if if we didn't taste anything between meals they would be ready for their meals and they would find a pleasure in eating that would be paid repay them for their effort after the meal the regular meal is eaten the stomach should be allowed to rest for five hours not a particle of food should be introduced into the stomach till the next meal but that's kind of hard to do with kids that sleep for like eleven hours because if you can have three meals in the day you know you don't have much day there to work with but basically you want to get him up get him water first thing in the morning get that breakfast go right away right so that lunch can be spaced out sufficiently and give him a light supper spaced out sufficiently you can do to meal thing and I won't go into that but you know that is something that that's that's an option as well if you if you pursue that parents in action is the greatest curse that ever came upon you so inaction is the greatest curse that ever came upon us so when we outsource our parenting to the worldly schools and they sit in a desk all day and we outsource our parenting to the worldly media and they sit in front of a screen this is the greatest curse that ever came upon us we are handing our children over to Molech you member that quote so this is very important getting them out side the health cannot be preserved unless some portion of each day is given to the muscular exertion in the open air and just being outside as much as possible I use a phrase sometimes like we just we need a list live outside maybe slightly or you know as strong of a statement but better than just being inside all the time small children should be left as free as lambs to run out of doors to be free and happy and should be allowed the most favorable opportunities to lay the found to lay the foundation for sound constitutions equalize the taxation of the mental and physical powers and by the way this is not for small children for small children it's physical exertion all the time. But as you get up into school age and you're on you know past age ten and in the youth and you know academy and even us all of us it's ideal for us to do just as much physical exertion as we do mental exertion so after a weekend like this where you're sitting for two back to back ninety minute presentations and we're not doing a lot physically we want to get more active and you know start making up for some of that and try and incorporate into our daily lives as much physical activity as we can I know that somebody is in med school they can't be doing fifty percent necessarily but as much percent as you can you know that's that's the principal there especially with the with the children so they go about that in the context of true education as well you know are our schools employing fifty percent manual physical exertions fifty percent mental you know sedentary exertions of the mind successful parents born of barn also found raise families that regularly serve others together canvassing you have you ever thought about this the children are going to finish the last work and we're told to have students in school doing canvassing and also if you watch the whole true education series called on Dr unaided you'll you'll hear about medical missionary work being taught in our in our schools so medical missionary work and canvassing are the two works that will go to the very close of time when we can't do public evangelism anymore and the children will be finishing the work also because when the older members of the church cannot do it any more so when the children are doing canvassing in mass medical missionary work we have a pretty powerful move right there for the very final final evangelistic efforts and then once a lobby and so that we have an opportunity to do and when small children do this I mean that they have access that we don't have right I mean if I go up to my extended relatives and hand them you know steps to Christ what is what are you up to like what is this thing about but my son Levi came up with the idea because we had been handing out literature and he said we should give to you know Uncle Mark and enjoy So we're going to Thanksgiving we should give them steps to Christ and I was like it's his. Idea let's do it you know and he walks over he's like here this is a devotional about Jesus and he said yeah this was his idea I want to give that to you guys know how non-threatening is that right I mean it's awesome one time we were handing out great controversies at a rest stop or rest area just people coming out of the bathroom headed back to the car my son Levi pops up close the book I mean how cute is that a tiny little kid with a book that's like half the size of his body right wrist and right in front of him he goes How have you read this book before or have you know what the great controversy is and they're like oh immediately they are cuteness and they want especially women they want to they want to talk with this child this one lady gets down at his level and he said we got out like dozens of these things in a couple hours where if I were trying to get him out of it no thanks ninety percent of the time right I had the statistics I can't I don't have them handy but it was like it's like four or five times more success rate him versus me but the lady the lady gets down and she's like Tell me about what that is and he goes this is about how Jesus is coming soon and she goes yes Jesus is coming soon and she says I have to tell you something she starts opening up her heart and pouring out her heart about how bad things have happened in her life and her husband has left her and she starts crying she's talking to my son. Like she's not even looking at me. And she's looking to him like it she's like I really would like that book and so I said what can we pray for you and we prayed for and we talked with her for the next fifteen minutes or so and we put her in touch with the place where she was going we knew the pastor up there I called the pastor right away I'm like you got to get in touch with this lady and that's that's all from a little child just popping up a little book right so the Lord uses that and an amazing way so in the early years children may be useful in God's work right when we go canvassing and you think you get a better reception when they they see that. We've trained taught our kid our son Levi like you got to talk right away when they open the door at first it was like this awkward moment where they looked at they look at us and it's like they glance at him but they're like yeah and I'm like OK it's soon as they open the door you start talking right like hi. I I believe I entered the you know is that this kind of thing and then they're like oh OK then it changes their minds that the children should be so educated that they will sympathize with the aged in afflicted and will seek to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and the distress in that beautiful children are so sensitive to these things they should be taught to be diligent in missionary work and from the earliest years self-denial and sacrifice for the good of others in the advancement of Christ because should be in that they may be laborers together with God children are to educate to be educated to deny themselves at one time when I was speaking in Nashville the Lord gave me light on this matter it flashed upon me with great force that in every home there should be a self-denial box and that into this box the children should be taught to put their pennies that they would otherwise spend for candy and other unnecessary things so in our home our kids do work with mom and dad all the time to their part of the family but then there is free time this rest time there's creative playtime or whatever we call it and then a portion that time they can work for money if they want to give up some of that they can work for money so they can they can earn money and then they use that money and they can choose what to do with some of that and so this is what the concept is right there now here's a very very important thing guarding their hearts I said were get the media out so we can fill their minds with the good things but here's the Council on influences from without that we need to guard their hearts against George Barna found that successful parents are strict on media no surprise there right I could go on a bit on that one but also they're heavily active and involved in every aspect of the children's lives the children don't just have a life over here the parents aren't really involved and successful parents are very involved they choose their children's friends for them they are involved with that process it's not leaving their untrained minds fathers and mothers do you allow your children to associate with other children not being present to know what kind of education they're receiving do not allow them to be alone with other children give them your special care and again it's not like suspicion right now I'm watching over you know that can we say we covered that earlier this wonderful lady. Friend of mine she says that when her daughters would have. Somebody over to play she would be you know selling and doing things like right around the corner and she kind of like you know just subtly even not right let them visit your children in your presence even better you're playing with them actually and in no case allow these associates to lodge in the same bed or even in the same room it is impossible to overestimate the importance for this world and the next of the associations we choose for ourselves and more especially for our children we were just talking about that with our son Levi's a wonderful family here I don't think they're in here but this little girl sailor what a precious little girl that we got to know up a family retreat and in California and. Levi was was with her and they were they were talking I said it's nice to be around children that love Jesus is in and that love the Lord and that are that are that are obedient kind and he was like yeah and he said and then he said I like being around Silas and around Salem because I smile more because there's little brother loves to smile and say little sweet girl smiles and and so he's like it's having a positive influence on me so you start teaching your children about that influence could my voice reach the parents all through the land now that's a big preface right if I could say one thing to everybody and I got a megaphone and everybody can hear it what would I say I would warn them not to yield to the desires of their children in choosing their companions or associates little do parents consider that injurious impressions are far more readily received by the young than our divine impressions OK so that's what we would say but people go oh Scott this is all thing about you're just you're just trying to get out of the world come on we're in the world we cannot get out of it I love the rest of this quote As parents we can get a good way out of the world if we choose to do so like just being in the world doesn't mean that we need to be in the world we can avoid seeing many of the evils that are multiplying so fast in these last days yeah turn off that television get a good off of the the Internet and the video games we can avoid hearing about much of the wake of Ness and crime that exist I have been shown that there should be a sacred shield around every family shield the children from. Staminate ing influences I was thinking about this issue of The Shield and the function that shields place like if you're standing here in battle and you've got a shield here it's kind of shaped sideways like this and you're the on slot of the enemy's darts upon you right like the devil and so that shield concept is effective in the context of the great controversy war we are in but also people have said you shouldn't shelter your children I remember saying that I talk about the home school kids who couldn't go to movies and go trick or treating and I let you know if those kids are so sheltered and. I realize now how silly that was to say that because a shield is like a shelter if you were to take a shield and go like this and it's hailing on you or something you would want a shelter right in on sort of a storm you would media want to find shelter take shelter take shelter right tornado warning get out around right and so that is a reasonable thing to do to become sheltered but we use the word in a negative way like ours do you want to shelter your children do what course I want to shelter them from the storm and the hugs lot of the enemy upon us it's kind of like a bunch of people out there getting hailed on getting you know the dents in their skull they're going to have a look at those those ridiculous people get sheltered over there let's take that word back you know sheltering is a good thing now there are bad forms of sheltering of course if I don't teach my child to tie his shoe laces and you know until he's fourteen years old you know I'm sheltering from any any hardships in life that's not a good form of talk of sheltering we want our children to do hard things that's character development we don't want to do everything for them and that is hard you know they'll go through a lot of mental anguish just the other day we have this we have a. Look at the Dalai like a little hand truck and it's a foldable one that we have taken to carry our boxes and whatever and my son leave I want to play with it and like Sure you can play with it go ahead and open it like if you want to play with it you've got to open it now this is a challenge to the saying It's not easy to open he's like well I can't do that we don't say that you say I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and so he's like well how do I do it and I. Well try using your foot you know get on there like this we spent literally and I mean there were tears this was hard but I'm like we're not giving up on this and this is going to be hard now but bear fruit later and finally eventually figured out a strategy and I didn't have a solution either necessarily about what's the best way for a five year old to actually pull this off which I'd like balancing it here and standing on is like bounce and on and finally got it open it's like we don't want to shelter him from that experience of hardship and pain so but we do want to shelter them from temptation evil evil associations media influences these things that are taking over their their minds from their infancy they use need to have a firm barrier built up between them and the world a barrier shelter that it's corrupting influences may not affect them every Christian family should illustrate to the world the power and excellence of Christian influence So there you go by the way did you notice we're going to be more of an influence if we are sheltered from the world like a lot of people will say unless we're just associating and equally yoked with the world and being influenced all the time by the world we won't be able to influence them not so we influence by becoming a peculiar people because then we're something different worthy of notice and saying oh you guys are different what what are you doing and you're the distilled in are so happy and obedient and you know if as weak as we grow in the warden and overcome the devil we become stronger than any sermon that can be preached right. So about this one successful parents are countercultural So you've got to get over this guys we've got to get over this thing of I'm going to be worried about what my mom is going to say or what my friends are going to say the successful parents realized that they were different that they were peculiar they were oddballs than. Just just just for into this world I mean we are not citizens of this world right we are foreigners and strangers and pilgrims in this in this place there should be less care for what the outside world will say and more thoughtful attention to the members of the family circle mothers should never allow their sisters or mothers to interfere with the wise management of their children about this when they. Voter reasoned fashion will never see or understand the immortal beauty of that Christian mother's work and will sneer at her old fashion notions and her plane on the Dorrance dress while the majesty of heaven will write the name of that faithful mother in the book of immortal fame does that encourage you who are trying to please God or man somebodies opinion about what they think we should do for our handphone homes in our family or the majesty of heaven this is no contest we're going to end with this one successful parents prayed a lot for their children so we can do everything that we can do but we got to leave the results in God's hands in the power in his hands I know of nothing that causes me so great sadness as a prayer list home pray much more than you do. Your compassionate Redeemer is watching you and love and sympathy ready to hear your prayers and render you the assistance which you need in your life work he knows the burdens of every mother's heart and there are burdens it's hard it's painful there's anxiety there's fear there's stress there's fear if there's a sense of failure he knows all those burdens his everlasting arms support the God fearing faithful mother he has her best friend in every emergency difficulties will arise you will meet with obstacles but look constantly to Jesus it takes us back to the beginning it's about our relationship with Jesus where this begins and ends when an emergency arises ask Lord what shall I do now if you refuse to fret or scold the Lord will show you the way parents are you working with on flagging energy and behalf of your children the God of heaven marks your solicitude your earnest work your constant watchfulness he hears your prayers with patience and tenderness train your children for the Lord all heaven is interested in your work think. About that the angels are on the edges of their seats watching that little interaction watching that child try to open that hand truck are his skinned knee and his mommy given him a kiss every little moment of the day this is the we are a spectacle to angels as well as to men the guy and God will unite with you crowning your efforts with success now this is the last quote that absolutely just touches my heart so deeply I'll try not to have tears while I read this but this is so beautiful. When the judgement shall sit and the books shall be opened when the well done of the great judge is pronounced and the crown of immortal glory is placed upon the brow of the victor many will raise their crowns in the sight of the assembled universe and pointing to their mother say she made me all I am through the grace of God her instruction her prayers have blessed have been blessed to my turn also ation that's makes it all worth it doesn't let's pray. Father we thank you so much for this beautiful institution called the family and while there is a an attack and an onslaught upon it we know that you have protected and guarded our homes as the angel of the Lord and campus round about us help us to be sanctified and consecrated unto you to follow your plan bless every child in the congregation of the families here future children children who've grown who are astray Lord we know that you've planted the word in their heart through their faithful parents and that word will not come back I just pray for every soul saved together together. And that. Jesus this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God. Swer through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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