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The Testimony of Anil Kanda

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • September 4, 2016
    8:00 PM


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Amen wasn't it wonderful to hear those testimonies Amen Amen you know I want to share a very special verse with you it's in Revelation chapter twenty two Revelation chapter twenty two last book of the Bible last chapter of the Bible Revelation twenty two Revelation chapter twenty two. Revelation chapter twenty two. Let's start with verse one. Revelation twenty two starting with verse one oftentimes the Book of Revelation is quoted at funerals more than it's quoted at regular church services. But let's look at the first one right now and he showed me a pure river of water of life clear as crystal proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb in the middle of its street on an either side of the river was the Tree of Life which bore twelve fruits each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations and there should be no more court curse but the throne of God and the lamb will be in it and his servants shall serve him they shall see is facing on his name will be his name shall be on their foreheads there shall be no night there they need no lamp nor light of the sun for the Lord gives them light and they shall reign for ever and ever its about our heads for a word of prayer. Father in heaven thank you again for this special time that we can share. The Lord our hearts desires that you would share with us for whatever the reason that we're here tonight we just pray that we would be open to the Spirit of God That is our prayer Lord in Jesus' name amen. Diana share my test. Monye how I became a Christian you know somebody once said this there are two important days in your life the two most important days in your life number one the day you are born and number two the day you discover why. You know it's going to be so amazing when you get to heaven you know we talk about all the wonderful things that are going to take place in heaven but I believe that one of the most favorite parts most blessed part of heaven is going to be is when we hear the testimonies of all the believers that were there do you know job can you imagine when Joe gets to heaven right at the second coming of Jesus and he's asked to share his testimony and he starts sharing his testimony of suffering and now Gawd really minister to him you know what's very interesting job actually says in his own book I wish that my words were written down. Do you know what job's going to discover when he gets to heaven. Yes someone is going to walk up to him say Hey Joe pick up your book. Do you know in life sure the prophet he's going to get to heaven one day and just think about a wash of the prophet he probably thought man to the guy that you know preceded me the guy that I emulated this guy I wish to Heaven he was translated and then I I do find sickness. You know what's going to happen and then you're going to come up to him and says why should I want you know something even after you died you were still doing miracles. And if you know the story of a lie ship when he has a body was put in a tomb one day some men were trying to bury another dead body and it touched the body of a lie shot and the man resurrected. I mean just think about it. A dead man touched it then that and he became alive. I mean how many people are going to have that testimony. I mean just think about all the wonderful testimonies we're going to hear when we get to heaven how exciting it is when we see the rest of the story the wonderful context that we did not understand. And the beautiful moment when that person realized gone was in their life and watched over them from the day they were born or what a time that will be Amen a beautiful of a time today I'm going to share my testimony how I became a Christian you know it's very interesting I was talking to somebody some right there and I said you know what. I know all these people I've seen them on Facebook they're actually all my friends but I've never met them in person I was like Oh that's true that person is that's the one that post those kinds of pictures you know I was like oh OK another dog lover like me I just never said hi to them you know you know it's going to be so amazing when we get to heaven and all the friendships I mean just think about the connections the cause and effect the ripple effect of someone's life and their influence and generations later I mean just think about it you know even when he gets to heaven. He's going to see Paul there and do you know who led who was responsible also for the stoning of Stephen Oh yeah he's going to get things going but what. I know that guy. What he is where my Yeah you know what I mean I mean just think about it. I mean just think about it I mean it is so amazing you know Marco Polo the great explorer when he actually went all the way to Asia he spent some time with the cogs and saw parts of China when he came back to Europe and he was on his deathbed and he told all the wonderful stories of all the things. He had seen and experienced encounter all the people did not believe him they said we've never heard of this before this thing doesn't exist what you are describing is not real and then he says on his deathbed I haven't even told you the half. I've just begun. Friends with given us in the book a revelation is enough that should make us curious and desirous of heaven can you say amen to that and that's what's exciting So this is my testimony I was actually born in Orange County Southern California nobody here from Southern California most of you guys are from Southern California I notice that I was actually born in Anaheim and I'm California and I'm General Hospital they have my entire you know youth life in born a park in Cypress California. I mean this is what happens going to be where you are to be sure and just when I was there I was there too you know and it's going to be it's just I mean just think about it I mean here I am I just grew up in Southern California My parents actually immigrated from the northwest side of India we come from the pin job state of India my family comes from a Sikh background Sikhs are the ones that wear the turbans I also come from a Hindu background and in Hinduism it's very interesting actually Hindu theologians have a very difficult time trying to actually isolate the fundamentals of Hinduism because of how relative it is indeed parts of India in actually Hinduism there's over three hundred million deities. Three hundred million deities Now in addition to this not only come from a Sikh background and a Hindu background I also came from what's called Sunday so some of these are a sect of Hindu ism in which there is a strong stress upon meditation and reincarnation and so for example I grew up a vegetarian well before I was a seven day. Just I knew what pot lucks were and haystacks except we called it a lunch hour but it brings food and taco salad at that time so it was a smooth transition for me but in addition to that we grew up strongly in the belief of meditation oftentimes my dad he would work he worked two jobs and worked as a security guard and also worked as a janitor he worked really hard to support his family he wanted them to be educated be the best that they can be God bless our parents Amen and so oftentimes he would work all night he would come home he would sleep for a few hours and then I would go into his room and he would spend a lot of time meditating you see this is how he grew up he was seeking God to the knowledge that he knew best and so here he was oftentimes I'd come in and I would see him there and he would just be meditating and sometimes my dad would just fall asleep and he wasn't meditating and so I crew up with this just very unusual diversity in addition to being raised in a very traditional traditional Indian culture I also you know as I said before grew up in Southern California so I was between the east and the West right there in the middle inside my house smells like curry outside hamburgers this is how I grew up now there's something about Indian people and my brother in here. Can probably testify there's one thing Indian parents love to do and that is to stress academics and men and men. You get a B. plus you're in trouble. A minus you're in trouble. You know I mean this is how I grew up oftentimes my sisters you know they were very smart we my parents would enter us into spelling bee contest go figure right spelling bee contest we would be dropped off at the Y. broke for fun. On the. Other kids we're going to Magic Mountain Disney on our parents would say hey we're going to drop you off at a very special place and they would drop us off at the library. And this is how I grew up my parents really really stressed education to my family they wanted their kids to be educated my sisters were very very smart they were helping my dad with his taxes in their pre-teens my oldest sister's graduate from law school the other two sisters there provide have a clinic together I have another sister you know she's got her own business another brother a brother who's got this million dollar Internet company my family is very much reaping the benefits of an Indian based education in America. I don't know how else to word that. And so this is how I grew up but there was one black sheep in the family. He was the kid that would come home and instead of studying he would actually go to the the den and he would play video games no stop. Guess who that was. Yet it was me. And I was not interested in education at that time I didn't care I would go to school and I said OK I'm going to pass this really quickly and I passed and I would just make my way through school without you know trying very hard and then something happened at the age of thirteen I love telling the story because it was just the power of a Christian witness you know in down in southern California all the Indians get together and celebrate India's independence it happens August fifteenth when India was freed from British rule and so all the Indians will come together have this like amazingly just very Again I'm just running out a words that have spoken too much of last few days. Powerful cultural show. And where they have all the. You know Indian dancers I have this Indian program and then you have all these boots that are set up where Indian businesses are advertising their businesses and they give all sorts of free things but all those three things oftentimes have the business name on it right you find a pencil that says I love India and then sing tax accounting right next to it right you're going to go there another put there's a free shirt that says I love India August fifteenth freedom for all put tail janitorial services please call us and so when I was thirteen years old I did something interesting I was going around the booths and I was getting all the free things because there were three I mean you can't beat free right I mean how much of that costs yeah it's free and so I was going around getting all these three things but then all of a sudden I came across a very unusual shaped booth it was more than just a booth it wasn't just a canopy and a table it was a little boat and there was little stairs leading into this bow and so at the age of thirteen with my little sister I decided to go into this little booth and I sat down because there was this little bench and there was this Caucasian lady only Caucasian lady from Miles because of all the Indians that were there. And she was giving Bible stories to this Indian children. I still wonder how she got on the premises. She was just there and you know what she was doing telling people about Jesus and all the Indian kids were there as well as myself and you know I was just thinking OK I'm in the wrong group. And so at the very end I do remember one thing she said she said who would like to accept Jesus in their heart and none of the kids raised their hands and so she appealed again who would like to accept Jesus and the kids raise their hands finally she said whoever except she's in their heart will get Jesus in there I will get this free Bible and I remember one word you know what I remember three names. Yeah that's exactly right I raise my hand OK. She gave me that Bible she actually signed your name on I still have that Bible very first Bible I had but it was so amazing I did what most Christians do when they get a Bible are took that Bible home and I put it in the bookshop I don't look at it for many years. You know the truth. And so what happened is as I continued to grow up I never forgot these kinds of things but I didn't think there was any purpose to it at the age of eighteen a graduate from high school had this brilliant idea I thought to myself you know what instead of going to a university I have to apply for all these scholarships I've got a brilliant idea I'm actually going to go to community college for two years then transfer to a university let me tell you something that is a deception I wonder why I spent four years at that community college. For years anybody ever been to a community college you know what I'm talking about so. For years I spent at this community college prep the same time I don't want to say it was a waste because as I was going to those classes my heart began to undergo some strange experiences I began to get really unusually empty about life because you see in the Indian culture you have an education you grow up you get a career you get married and after that. There's not much to life. And so this is what I was taught that these things are the purposes of life now I know that there are people very sincere all over the world can you say meant that and people are doing the very best that they can and so this is how I was raised the pride thought to myself there has to be something more to this you know what the Bible says in ecclesia future up with reversal of these words God has put eternity in the. Heart of man. Now just think about that God has put. It turning. In the heart of man. At that time I didn't recognize what was going on in my life I wasn't doing too well in school I didn't like any of the classes that I was taking but there was one class that I absolutely loved and it was our history I loved or history wasn't a very good artist but I love the history of the Renaissance age and if you look at all the Renaissance paintings there's a strong Christian three mm that is running through those paintings during that age and I would be so interested in so curious at these religious drawings that I thought to myself Well this is something strange and I look at these pictures and I wonder to myself What in the world do these things actually mean. Then I decided in the year one thousand nine hundred nine I said to myself you know what I'm going to do I'm going to apply to Cal State Fullerton anybody everyman's Cal State Fullerton are right you know what I'm talking about I went to apply to Cal State Fullerton and a bow that time I began to do just a very interesting study in religions I went to the library go figure right went to the library began to look at various things on religion on Hinduism after oftentimes I'd actually go into my dad's library and there was this voluminous library of books on meditation I pick up these books for meditation and I did the best I could to meditate but something was not working I knew something was not something was off and so I began to go out of library I checked out books on Hinduism Buddhism checked out books on Catholicism checked out books on everything the supernatural because during that time my heart was really searching for something more. Than what this world was offering. In a. Oftentimes we characterize people that are kind of interested in those things as being of the devil. But in the midst of all that darkness that they may be involved in their hearts longing. For something more than what they have. And so here I was going through all these things one day I came across this Christian book of prophecy and so I looked at this book and it had terms like the end of Christ and about the pocalypse and about Revelation I thought oh this is interesting never picked up a Bible at this moment but then I began to read about the anti-Christ and I thought wow this is amazing the AM a crisis I was reading books about the BY A but I'm never picked up the Bible and so during that time I thought to myself I wonder what this stuff is all about and so I went to one of my teachers one day and I said hey what is revelation what is apocalypse and he kind of looked at me with this puzzle book and he says yeah that's kind of like a book in the Bible and yeah it's a book in the Bible and I thought oh OK. I actually took a religion class at Cal State Fullerton at that time and you know it was a just very step the teacher was very skeptical of Christianity I mean it was not a very good experience for me and so during this time my heart was really searching and longing but something happened I started a new job at a wonderful retail stores call K.-Mart. Started a wonderful job at this place started off in the sporting goods department didn't know a single thing about fishing or hunting or anything like that right and it was during this time I was studying and I began to talk to various people about Bible prophecy and one day I had this wonderful pick for me I thought to myself Hey I think the antichrist I think I know who that is it's a dog Hussein I mean I really thought that never went to a church had no Christian friends in fact when. I was in college I was really wanting to talk to Christians but not a single one came up to me. I saw people even having Christian conversations one death thought to myself I want to understand what they're talking about a burden for college students because that's where the Lord was really working on my heart and so here I was I was thinking about Bible prophecy I wasn't a Christian I didn't consider myself a Christian in fact one day I actually went into my dad's quasi it of idols and it's interesting he had a statue of Buddha he had a statue of Krishna and he had a statue of Joseph and Mary and the baby Jesus was missing. And so I was there and oftentimes I was trying to connect with their spiritual being I had no clue as I remember I walked into my dad's closet he wasn't there opened up and I said God whoever you are want you to bless me I remember I saw a statue of Mary and I said Mary please bless me talk to God for me I saw the Buddha statue I touched his belly a little bit I don't know what I was doing at that time seriously I was really searching my heart was really longing for something else. And this is extremely important friends because there are people all over the entire world do you know what the Bible tells us and Genesis Chapter twelve The call of a program. Do you know what a prime came from. Earth counties you know another name for Earth counties Yeah Babylon when you actually study the message in Revelation Chapter eighteen the call to come out of Babylon that is actually the call of a Perhaps so those that come out of Babylon are heeding the call of Abraham and that's why they are children. Of Abraham. Anyone who's responded to the call to come out about want to come out of confusion is responding to the same call that Abraham did when he was coming out of earth cow this out of idolatry out of confusion out of darkness to follow Jesus. And so during this time God was really talking to my heart finally I had this brilliant idea about Saddam Hussein I said I'm going to talk to people at my work about this went to one person in the in the break room and I sort of cornered off the corner of them off because there was only one entrance and exit to the break room. And I looked at them and I said hey by the way Martha I know who the and I cry says them and this is how I began the conversation. She looked at me and she said who are now and I said Saddam Hussein just like that and she looked at me and she said That's nice honey. She wasn't interested there's another guy wrong cornered him in the break room and then I said Hey Ron by the way came across this information he said what Buddy I said I know who the anti-Christ is and he said Who and I said Saddam Hussein and he said that's nice buddy. No one was interested known or even talk to me about these things I had no clue what I was talking about fine there was a new person that started a his work a job at K.-Mart there was a program. Of all names. He was in the break room one day. And I said a pram he said Yes I said I know who Vienna Christ is. He said to the dog Hussein. And I had to get more serious every time I was saying it. Kind of Being conviction. And without batting an eyelid he just had these words he's like no it's not a no it's the pope. I said what. This was the first time I mean someone actually responded to me. I mean this guy just said something absolutely fantastic and I was like What are you talking about and I just like a member race over to the table what are you talking about and he pulled out this little Bible. And for the first time. I'm in my entire life somebody gave me a Bible study. Friends I want you to understand something you know the Bible is a powerful book I said this in my Vangelis experience and I'll say it again the Bible is a real book about real people who have real experiences in real locations with the real God. This isn't just a book of myths or a book of philosophy what you're dealing with is a very special book. And this book has been used for evil as much as it's been used for a good. Amen and God wants us to be able to share in the way that it was supposed to be shared with the love of God And so here this young man begins to share and I was like so it start I said I never heard this before and I want you to understand some pretty Paul's right here something to understand about Abraham aper Ham actually grew up a Seventh Day Adventist Christian he got kicked out of academies because of his behavior. And his mom had been praying. That God would send somebody he could witness to to revive his faith and I with that answer to that prayer. Chip in praying for him and it was so interesting because Abraham was even better ties at that time we actually both got baptized together actually got baptized before him I got into Baptist he was baptized before most people got baptized for the guy that baptized or called me to baptism. And here we were we both began to study the Bible remember pushing carts outside K.-Mart and I do a case of a what happens to people when they die where they go and he pulls out his little Bible and start sharing we were trying to make sure the managers weren't looking at us both pushing the carts as he had a little Bible in the car and you're showing me verses I don't know their friend who said what are you guys talking about I said we're talking. Bible stuff. That brother got baptized too. All I did was I said hey chuckle take a good look at this book he went home the very next day he went to his eight day tour managers are like take Sabbath off. I mean personally I had this fear because I was thinking myself man everyone here is becoming Adventists. I mean who's going to work on Saturdays OK Mark. I mean we were witnessing and then the decision came one day when a planned sat me down his car and we were right there in the parking and I said well let me ask you just one question I said what he's like Have you ever accepted Jesus in your heart and I said no just like that. Because here's the thing I knew a lot getting to know a lot about prophecy and things about the Bible but not the God of the Bible. And I said no and he says would you like to pray the prayer of accepting Jesus in your heart would you like to get to know him. Yeah. We both our heads in the car in the K. mart parking lot. This Hindu kid gave his life to Jesus. Led to the Lord by unbaptized struggling Seventh Day Adventist kid who got kicked out of an academy. I want you to understand something friends it wasn't a dog Bacha that won me to the Lord. It wasn't a mark that won me to the Lord some Billy Graham like person it was a struggling Seventh Day Adventist kid that won me to the Lord. Because he saw someone who had some questions and said I'm going to share what God has given to me but it was during this time as I began to grow closer and closer to the Lord I began to experience some things up to with my family soon as I began to go to church on Sabbath and it was very interesting because my family was just quite confused by what was going on soon they begin to. Upset at what was going on and one day when I was I was at work I got the call my sister was crying she says you need to get back to the house something's wrong with that and I get there as ambulances taking them away in fact even as they were doing C.P.R. on him and they're not supposed to say this I could hear the tech the emergency tech said I can't revive him I jumped in the car with my family followed after the ambulance and they pronounced him dead. Pronounced my dad dead first ever went to and it's very interesting in the Indian culture there are certain days of the year that when someone actually dies on those days your whole family is cursed my dad actually died in one of those days and so my uncles from India were sold like just you know scared and anxious about the whole thing they actually dispatched a priest from India came so during my dad's funeral they were doing this sort of counterspell to curse that supposedly was upon my family I mean I just got baptized at that time and here I am going through the worst experience of my entire life at that moment I just lost my dad and then about my dad is that he was somebody who wasn't a Christian but he was very open minded in fact when we were younger you know when he would do during Christmas time he says we're going to watch a movie about Jesus I mean that's how I first began to hear about Jesus never got when they went to a park and there was a church service outside he actually sat down at that church service was playing on the playground and just to let you know a little bit more about how God was leading Sundays my dad would actually take me and drop me off at this church where they had this kid's program came back later when I became an Adventist and it was a Seventh Day Adventist Church. I mean there were so many things that were taking place in fact a few months before my dad passed away. He turned to me one day when we were driving he says and now I'd like to go to church with you. And I was so. Embarrassed for. So ashamed about talking about Christianity. The very day my dad died a member that morning I saw and it was just through our being headache and I just prayed I said Lord please take this away. That was my prayer for my dad as I walked away that morning and the next time I saw my dad he was dead. Friends I want you to understand something about your parents. More and more I'm starting to understand this. Doesn't matter what happened they are your parents and they can be candidates for the kingdom it's the first commandment with the promise Amen. And so during this time I began to be I could be in finish of my education I was thinking to myself Man I'd be interested in going to law school my family they said hey we want you to do computer science. And I said I don't want to do computer science and they said you should into law school and so here I was between these two choices and I was praying and so one night something happened I got on my knees and I was praying from nine P.M. all the way to midnight three hours straight I never got as soon it was midnight something happened in my mind as I was just praying by the side of my bed all of a sudden these words came to my mind missionary school I remember I got up and I thought What is that I picked up the phone called Abraham at about twelve thirty A.M. and I said Abraham we need to go to missionary school and he was like What are you talking about and I said I'll call you in the morning bro called him in the morning I said hey bro we need to go to missionary score he's like I don't know what you're talking about but I'll go talk to the pastor he talks to the pastor then we both sat down with the pastor in the pastor said to us he said there is a missionary school it's called amazing facts cause of evangelism and you know we're going to as a Church Row going to fund the whole thing for you two young men. How many churches do they have today. You know what I'm talking about. I mean so this is what I was so excited and I was like oh my goodness gone is working but I had to make a decision that was to leave my family's home because you see something in the Indian culture. The firstborn son. Has a very heavy responsibility after the father dies. To raise the family. And I was struggling so much in my heart and my spirituality was going through ups and downs and I know what to do and I said God what do you want me to do I don't know what to do at this very moment as soon as I said that prayer walk downstairs and my mom was doing something quite strange she actually was taken off my house key. And she took it. You're gone. And I said OK Lord. Left with my family with my friend and we both went up to northern California. Where we went to amazing fast called evangelism and I was like This is amazing this is the first time I'm actually surrounded by a lot of Christian people a lot of Christians happy people. I mean they began to talk about golf all the time and all the classes I said this is amazing I actually love Christian education and it sort of brought out the bigger purposes of the light you see I want you to understand something when there was actually speaking before some Hindus and some Muslims at a school in India and I told them this I said look is their purpose in marriage. They said yes I said you're right I said is their purpose in careers they said yes you're right I said it is their purpose and children they said yes I said you're right I said is their purpose in just pursuing things of the world they said yes and I said you're right but. Then I said without the grand purpose. Of knowing who this creator is. These other purposes will fall apart one day. As I begin to understand the bigger purposes in life and I realized man God was really working in my life things began to change God began to change in my heart what I could not change what other people could not change and so I began to make these changes coming down to the very end of it I thought to myself I tell you this funny story you could laugh but it's very very important people would talk to me about the clothing I'd wear I see were very baggy clothing OK like I'm a size thirty six size thirty four before potluck. And. Oftentimes people say you know you got to change your clothes you know you got to go look like one of us do that's not who I am I wear these baggy clothes size forty four pants I go to church in size forty four slacks and then a Drescher I mean just think how that looks OK size forty for parents and then a little Drescher You know my little slim body size forty four you can fit me into one of those panels. And one day God taught me a lesson I was driving with my friend of my friend he loves to pass out literature he says I know you see those people have their capacities and literature over in the super baggy pants I said all right walked out there just like this is exactly what happened OK no joke walked out there the wind blew and my parents just rocked. And it took everything down with it. I picked up my put on just find the truth there's a practical reason about the dress I'm as I picked up the pants like this I looked at the gun I handed in the pants like this. Panhandle. Richer and. Here is a little kid with them OK And I remember he just like looking at me and he just got in the car and I pulled up my pants and I got into my drive bro drive Let's get out here I want to really. We drove OK Can you imagine that I mean here he is he's coming home to his wife and he's like hey I got this literature from a naked guy. You want to doubt after that moment I said I am not going to wear baggy pants. Changed my mind. Yourselves before the Lord has to humble you. There's a practical reason to these things and he men. That's always good keep a belt just in case. So I begin to change different things begin to change I mean I have crazy here I dyed my hair all sorts of colors when I first showed up I mean it was interesting I actually had multicolor rubber bands and one time actually changed the rest of my head and I had these bangs mumblings used to be in style dyed them red then I would braid them OK. And you know things begin to god had multiple ways of teaching me about my hair as well and so things began to change and God begin to really transform my heart and it was just an interesting experience during that time at the very end of it I said bored I want more schooling I don't want to go back home I'm not ready to go back home I want more of this and so came down to the end of that form of evangelism school and so I said under applied to different Adventist schools so I applied to all of them I applied to apply to Andrews I applied to Southern I applied to Walla Walla even last year I applied to all of them. I applied to every one of them and you know what they all said they all said we except you we accept you you've done all your transfer units you are welcome into our college I said wonderful until I continue reading the application and they wonder a lot of money. A lot of money at this time I was under the age of twenty four at that time you actually need your parents' signature on the financial aid application and she was not going to sign that so I said Lord what do you want me to do I don't know what to do coming down to the very end of those four months I got on my knees and I was praying and I was pleading I was fasting and I decided now what am I going to I'm going to stay here or if I go home I'm going to perish spiritually there was just a lot of agitation with my own course and other dynamics that were there last time I went there there was a lot of altar cations at that time because I became a Christian and so I didn't want to go home I wasn't ready. Then one of my friends came up and they say you should go to another school and so what's cool is that they said we were college I said I want to go to that school I mean I had my reasons for that. And at that school it was just it was just a few miles away and I said I don't want to go and they say should we think about Finally I said OK I'm going to go there I went there and then I talked to the financial financial aid lady and you know what she said she said All right you can need money to get into the first quarter but it's not as much money has the other go edges I said OK what am I going to do you went back to my room where I was that stayed on my knees began to pray on the very day the money was due I remember I fasted that morning and I was pleading with God and around noontime almost when I get the phone call this is interesting get a phone call and it's from this lady I have been doing a Bible study I will blue she says these words she said oh now I have money for your college I was like what she said I have money for your cause and I said I'm coming over your house right now. Pick her up we have she went to the cause she paid for my first semester and I got it and I was like Man this is amazing you don't just stop there came down to the beginning of summer and I thought I know what I'm going to do I'm going to be camp counselor for the summer not they want to be a camp counselor. At. The very last day of that first semester I walked in to the finance lady and she said you know what you know something that down payment got you into college but now you have a lot of debt she said you took a lot of classes and she says you're not going to be able to register for school for next semester after the summer unless this debt is paid off and then you need at least a downpayment for them I said OK and I thought I'm going to be a camp counselor and so I began to say OK I began to prepare somebody came and talked to me she says and now you need to do you can do the same call portering so I'm not going to do that as well Candy bars when I was younger door to door and that terrified me. She said you need to do call porting and she began to talk and pray with me and finally she convinced me about this she said All right you need to do this and so I made the decision I said OK I got I'll do this I'm not happy about this she says all find you a place to go and this is already a week into the summer Sure enough she found a slot down in Southern California so she where I met my good friend Jed right there he was fourteen years old I was twenty four I was the oldest and he was the youngest in that group everyone else was in between and so I did that canvassing and there was a powerful summer and let me tell you something I came to the end of that powerful summer a ministry not even doing what the average call poorest had made during that summer. I remember I thought to myself OK what am I going to do next and so I remember I that morning I was there and I picked up the phone and I was like trembling to call the finance lady and I said hello and she said hi and I said this isn't and she says uh Now how do I said Good she says yeah what's going on is that I just want to find out about my semester and she said you're not going to believe this I said what she said the day you left she said I got this anonymous donor she call she paid off all of last semester. Well that's amazing and then she says You wonder what else. So what she just called right before you did and she paid off next semester. I was like whoa that is amazing and it's interesting because I had friends whose dads were attentive who were paying off their entire school year and my heavenly father was doing it way way payments right but these payments God was teaching me faith he was stretching me using God owns the cattle on the Hill in men and he provides as he sees fit and so he felt it was necessary semester by semester to teach me the lesson of faith and trust at that time and sure enough it really was a stretch for me but every semester I was praying I was pleading I was fasting and semester after semester God kept providing even at the very last semester a lot of money was due to the finance wady and she says an L. lot of money is due you're not to be able to grant you unless this is paid off but then she says I've seen God work so much we're going to pray. Sort of right we pray walked away exactly one hour later she calls me she said no get to my office right now and I raced as fast as I could to the office and she said you're not going to believe this and I love when she said that. She said You're not going to believe this I said what. She said I just got a call right now from somebody she said that person I didn't call them whatsoever she said they felt impressed to call him to donate to your school Bill I said wow that's amazing she says but this is the most impressive part I said what the woman said she felt impressed exactly one hour ago when she was praying do you know what we were doing one hour ago. Yet we were in print we were praying right we were in praying we were praying right we were praying and at the very moment we were praying God was in the process of answering. A man God is good you see I grew up trying to connect. The divine trying to connect you know with this you know in you know heavenly bliss but more in Beauregard began to teach me about who years and the personal nature of who he is and I began to discover more and more about this god and step by step God began to lead me came down to the end of my school had graduated and I said OK Lord what do you want to be next and I get this call to work in a Warrior ground in your Pismo Beach I was a youth pastor for a year and a half that was a wonderful experience coming down to the end of it I said OK God where do you want to be next and I said Lord I want your will and want your will you want so much and you made it very clear where I need to be I get this call we want to be a part of this youth of vandalism team in the conference travel around up and down California doing we could prayers and you know you three viable weekends you name it and I loved it did for two years where the last year coming out to the end of it I said OK Lord where do you want me to be next and I was praying and pleading. You see here's the thing friends and this is such an important lesson to understand you know when you look at Noah's life and you look at the boat that he built God gave him the directions on the boat didn't he told them the with the length. He told them the material to use even told him how to build the thing God Himself even filled the boat for Noah but if you were to take that boat and you would take it to a modern day bomb maker you know what he would say that's the worst boat in the entire universe one there's no oars to that boat no motor no seals. But it was the only boat that survived. Why. God was guiding it. At the end of time the reason why the hundred forty four thousand keep their eyes on Jesus they followed the lamb. Were so ever he goes. And so God began to leave came down the end of that evangelists. Some two year stint and I get this call it was a calling to be an associate pastor and I said OK I'll do that but God led me into that did that for a few years then I got a call to be the senior pastor of that church was doing that then the Lord begin to lay a burden on my heart a few years ago to start a church plant and God kept leading in these things no glory to a no Cantor I have zero abilities it's about availability availability isn't it and so we started a church planning God's been doing some wonderful things coming down just to a few months ago. I. Get this unusual just call from somebody they said hey we want you to be what you do and you know evangelistic series at this church and I said I don't have time for that. Got Off The Phone Something was just not right in my heart and I said OK Lord if you want me to do that you have to make this very clear. An hour later and get a call from the conference and they said no we want you know something I said well we just put your name in for the conference evangelism position and I was like Oh OK All right I'll be praying about that got the word what are you doing you know what are you up to God and sure enough to a series of Providence is God led me to do that and so that's where I'm at right now and you're part of my evangelism because here I am. A man part of my testimony friends I want you to understand something God is doing some through wonderful at the end of time and I love what I want to she says God wants to do more right now than he's ever done before just think about that at the very end of time here we are we're coming down to the very end of time I mean we're not going to see sort of a cessation or pulling back of God's power at the very end of time God taking the gloves off friends and he wants to do a powerful thing that's not been done before men and this world sooner or later will hear about the powerful gospel truth and it will belt the entire world and the. The world will hear the same call that came to a perhaps which is to come out of confusion my people. My people God's people friends God has people everywhere God has people every work he has people in the remnant church he has people outside the remnant church as writers come out of her my people he has a visible church he has an invisible church and what God is trying to do at the end of time he is calling all those that are open to his voice to hear the Mahdi call to follow him. To follow him. Doesn't matter where your experience has been up to this point. Or the rollercoaster of emotions. Or how bad people are treated you. Today this moment. Can be the beginning of a brand new experience you guys are leaving tomorrow I'm leaving tomorrow. That hill. And friends God wants us to leave with the assurance and the hope. He is leading our lives God is in charge of my life God's in charge of my life we're going to get to heaven one day and we're going to hear all the wonderful stories all the testimony. All the beautiful pictures one day I walked into a church I saw this unusual looking mosaic and I'm interested in R.C. that's interesting game a step closer and it was a mosaic of a face because the clothes are an animal it was a mosaic of Jesus took another step closer. And the little pieces that made up the face of Jesus were pictures of the church members. You see friends. There is a. Another you. Did you know we have learned something about who God is from the life of a program. You know we have learned something about who God is from the life of Moses from the life of Alija In other words God is revealed through the lives of these people we understand more about God The Bible is a book of stories individual stories and it's the connect the the compilation of all the stories that we have this picture of God emerging trends I want you to understand something when you are not in heaven. There is a part of God. That will not be seen. There's a part of God that will be missing. Sure enough I believe you know what will have obviously will satisfy throughout eternity. But when God works in someone's life there's this angle or perspective of the beauty and glory of God that's revealed that can not be revealed in another person's life. God through that individual. Friends heaven is worth it Amen heaven is worth it and God will see us there if we trust and say Lord today at this moment. I'm giving you everything again. I'm laying it down. Surrendering just putting it out to the Lord. You lead me step by step. We're going to do right now because a very special song this so sweet to trust in Jesus amen and I invite you just to stand. And as the song is being sung I love. Appeals even when they come from little babies. During India Independence Day just telling people about Jesus and this appeal was just can be very simple and sweet lord I'm trusting you again with this life and if that's your prayer I'm going to invite you to come up to the front and we're just going to sing the song together to so sweet to trust in Jesus come on up to the front that's your desire I want to trust my life again with Jesus. Was the. Truth for a. Week for me. Was. The. Who. Its power heads for a word of prayer Father in heaven. You are trustworthy. And or no one desire. Our good as much as. Thank you. The fox that you have for us are greater than. Thank you God. The goodness of God. Or right now. Or there are things they're going to happen. Our decisions our plans our ambitions our hopes. And. Lord. Whatever it takes. That you would see that we and our family and friends are in heaven. To. Thank you God for. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. And much more if you would like to know more about you first if you would like to listen to more sermon. W W W.


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