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Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

Nicholas Allen


  • November 19, 2016
    11:30 AM
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And the title of this message is sacrifice Afghans giving. This a cost up to twenty two verses twenty nine saves the way he will offer a sacrifice Afghans giving unto the Lord after it oh I'm weary. The worst times giving. In this passage it means an extension of the hand. Of a ration and the word either ration means a deep love a deep respect. So Or when you offer a sacrifice other ration of deep love and respect. It can be in the form long worship of choir it could be that you're speaking to your mind. But notice the text says the sacrifice our time forgive him. You need to estimate the work done is given is also a Mason and came out for me and can also mean actively grateful to God an act of worship worship. Sacrifice off Thanksgiving So in other words Thanksgiving is a form of sacrifice. Now you have to ask yourself what does that mean. You see when this whole was given to me to come here and see and I thought it strange stance given on Eve day but then I went to the Word of God. And where we first mentions times giving it was linked in with the ceremonial services of the time of old and I doubt I'd like dogs. There was a powerful lesson behind this. Sacrifice of Thanksgiving and the text does not cliche it says the most grimly I see our own will you see that our sacrifices and oblations that took place in the days of old it was specific times that were set up are that you have to appear before God. If you see you have to bring I'm a lamb or if you're poor you can bring our P.G. a word of what the sacrifice of times given that was all men will and I have to stress that I have to stress that point it was us your own will the priests did not continue and say Why have you not sacrifices why have not partake of the sacrifice our friends given you have just being there and do them all will you have to when you think about it that is the Israelites are kind of old it's not like today where they will be working in offices majority of their trade of Commerce was to do with the land in other words they have to take from their lifestyle something you don't know their life in how and how much I mean more that they have some more wealthy somewhere nice. So they had to bring something that would cost those something. So for them to pay a lamb from their head that was the Nishi. The value of what they had left on their bank account it cost them something to do this. So does it mean then that they would appear before God once right here just to do this one sacrifice and by giving. Because remember it's their own will. What have you. That will cost you something. This sounds given that you are out of the house to be your own will. Mom can't do it that you can't do it. You have to do it yourself your husband can do your wife can do it you have to be yourself but what exactly is it that God requires of us today. To sacrifice. Romans Chapter twelve Romans Chapter twelve over there please Romans Chapter twelve grosses one and two. Romans Chapter twelve versus one two sais I beseech therefore resurrection by the Mercy is our God that you that he present your body with a leverage is accurate fives holy acceptable unto God which is you know what reasonable service. Pours here. God say that it's reasonable that you present yourself in what I say I live a sacrifice why because the day will be while acceptable to lug. And how is it acceptable why the text tells you it has to be holy. Hostile hostile is something when you give yourself the guy something has to be given up on your part the Bible says you have to present yourself as a sacrifice on the outside I sacrifice does not have a life of its own weight is dead you happen to be on the alt tab. Than Stevie lived with sacrify. Lives. This sacrifice give me both why the need to name your life on the outside. What is it that you have to say that you have given stands for why are you presenting yourself as a hidden sacrifice to guide. Their house the conflict you have to come to a point where God has spoken to you and says enough. I am calling you I desire you. I have coffee with an everlasting love. You see many of you young people specifically I'm talking to the older folks I get even a second. Some of you are doing things are not right in the sight of God. I remember when I was strongly strongly. With my own weaknesses. With my very own weaknesses I would pray to God and say no do not let me do this thing again because why sin had its me but yet God was calling me and God is calling some of you young people you know what you been doing in a week you know what the scroll when. He called me quite a number fifty some people are ready to put another fifteen years. Some people in this room right now have had fornication in the we are your strong will be and I see I mean no it's not right. Some of you have mouths that are viable. You see all manner of things in certain ways and the we that is discourse in the sight of God. Unsaved to stop it or you do not have the power to do yourself hence you need to make a sacrifice. Got to say need to stop. Ungodly stinking to Yahoo right now. And say meet the Devil how that state because my son will not always live and may. God needs a sacrifice who will be the sacrifice. Here you know send me that was the response of the prophet. When I saw the growing up God whoa is me. For I am of the mind of my own penis. You know we this is no way seizing on why there is a remedy. If there was no remedy they could keep the S.P.C.S. In fact it would not be as a lie to call because of your suffering but there is a rarely second Corinthians Chapter six verse sixteen. You see some of the older folks used to have witnesses used to have been in this war and now fall to that TIMES Well that is merciful and has seen from day to day. God has NOT parts you walk in your sadness why because he is long so free not waiting that they should perish but that all should come to remain. There is a way that the Mary writes and to a man but the end there are always a day some of you are going the way of death. Circle ruffian's sucked us six verse sixteen onwards. And what agreements have the temple of God. Knows. For he. The temple of the Living by. God had said I will do well in them and war in them and I will be their guy and they say be my people. God the same you are might well be placed. But how can God where is somebody that I have idols. And hence constant calling verse seventeen where for calling out from among them and me separate that scientific Asian. Saying the lower courts not that I don't think anything and I will see even. With me how far I am to you and you shall be my sons and daughters say oh your mighty. God wants to be your father and. We don't want to say you are your karma the devil. Wells in love you want God to be your father. And that is why you are strongly right now to make a choice for God. Because Satan knows. That God desires you and nothing breaks a heart more info guide than to see why have these children suffering one who is suffering and who is struggling with a certain city. All of us in this room including myself how Fall is short of the glory of God All of us. How we this is all of us have you ready to take this if that means that you have inherited things from your parents from your own limits but also there are some of us that have developed. Evil harlots. Whether they be fornication I don't treat. Some of us have developed a hold to be of course them to evil the music that we listen to to glorify the. Way who had some of these artists and the things that they get to you and then you forward them and then they have this work or I go. I know what it's like to struggle to get most certain things all of us in this room have and all I Was Right now know what I see is. I do not need to tell you this music is wrong this is it is right your conscience will tell you. That's why it says in Rome or stop the poor verse to I'm being not confidant to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind why that you may prove what is that called an acceptable we know why because you know mine is now transformed. When you have a mind change. Your tastes and appetite appetite is not just what you eat your appetite is what you desire. Your appetite will change God will give you a new appetite. Things that you did not like you will like now that are wholly. On the subject of sacrifice our friends even go back to the book of Luke the process we go to talk to seven this time. And I'd appreciate if you could just put a marker there because we're going to be coming back and forth to this specific talk to from now on. So say the time to finally. Leave it to cost up to seven really. Verse eleven to the T.. You see the text that we were. Lead To Cross chapter twenty two verse twenty nine. You know present or sacrifice of offering we have free will. Listen to what he has to say now in conjunction to that we need to cost up to twenty two sorry verse seven verses eleven terror attack Chapter seven verse eleven thirty and this is the law of sacrifice of wild beasts. I'm not going to step over that and this is the law. The sacrifice of peace are free we shall offer and to the Lord. If he offer is for what that is given then he shall with this sacrifice our sons give him and labor cakes mood. I'm Lavan Wafer has a ninety day and it cakes Meanwhile we are off to find flour Friday besides the cake he shall offer on his offer and labor and prayer we decide to fly south France giving our He's what peace offering. You see. When the sacrifice of fans given is given it is linked in with what's called a peace offering. When you offer yourself I'm not always at the guy you're making the peace with God I this is a lesson of God wanted to teach is people I listen to submission and I surrender. When they brought those both you have done I label know the Negron K. but then you know how while I had labor and I was born also old and true. Unladen ones have already been mangled really all Paula I mean The Laden tape did not have or eight who are all my mates or me with it. And there are reasons behind this because about us. When you make peace with God It's our for our stance given that God has ruled out our sin. That's why it is necessary to make a submission to God now because you cannot make submission or make peace with God when He returns you need to make your peace now today if you hear my voice harden not your hearts today is when God is speaking to you to say now is the time to make peace how have you got that peace. Is your sins coming out right now are before them saying you do not have peace. That you need to make peace now who for today are reckoning. Go with me of the city people are there to the book affinity and start the four verse six and seven. Are six and seven. Philip instructor four one verse six and seven say. Be careful for not seem to know where they need to be visions. Medium point be careful for nothing both in everything by what gray area and softly Haitian with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God and the peace of God with passes all understanding. So keep your hearts and minds who Christ Jesus you do not have to worry when situations arise. We can bring it to Christ and when you put your supplications your requests that's what some patience is when you put your petitions before Guy how mean with his hire strongly. Guy is weird if he had these things he delights in versus the lie was a is. The Bible says He delights not only mercy while he was the C.E.O. is safe. To say make your requests known to go far. Far worse off status will send one of his servants a need. So when you're sitting down in front of that television on your phone or on your computer scrolling we are not on the whole watching hour things are not right way things are common for you situations in your life wherever you are God says he only here and then he says not only here we're here and the guy after peace that posit all our understanding people might not understand why you are going through what he understands and what he will give you peace these are safe my peace ideas to you when you can't get it he can give you peace Remember the Bible says and sounds that way he says. There is no peace my God say a week in. The week it will say there is no peace this is what it says in songs but when you come to try when we come to Christ as a child of God You can see listen here Peace be still. Collections of the three. There is a page over collections confuse me and verse fifteen and sixteen and let the peace of God. Your hearts and can only rule your heart. He is the one that is ruling. Who Rule you now. What is motivating he now. And let the peace of God rule your hearts to which To the which also you all call him one mighty one piece Stamfordham let the words of Christ well in you reach. Him all wisdom teach it and my machine one another in Psalms and INS and sure songs spiritual songs singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord and Whatsoever ye do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus given tyrants to guide the fire by he you cannot be certain things you are dead and knowledge of the glory I mean your name. Because you have not been that sacrifice on the Outer God is calling for a sacrifice that the piece of room your hearts and that ruling on the heart can only come with so mission the freedom with your own wicked Yukon to guide you know the strange things about it the Bible says no man can come unless my father has call him so even your conduct of life is a fact about God and wait out of his way to call him. The light that you have now is not your own you are on borrowed time borrowed life done. Only think the biases your reasoning is the present your body a while being sacrificed why because that by originally belongs to God. You see when the phrase is. Zation pace ace in the woman there's millions of sparrows I roll around I had Sophie that Hugh was the one who forms. There is a purpose and a reason for your like there is grace that I have abundantly that can be stored up and eat a swastika say there is great to see you what that great mystery only comes when you lie Laogai the worst in humans. In every one of us there is a potential by which we can reach beyond where we are now. For the savings of ourselves and the soul souls of us. Some of you might have comments is about a good looks about how it says those self esteem. But there is a God that says holy Farai. Some of your story because I things that I didn't say he I think he was of humanity you last self-esteem you lack the drive to perform well in your studies I'm not aware. What people say up out Gene does not define who you are. Your motive is what God judges. Did it is the result I sacrifice the fetus up to various asperity in fourteen states but now in Christ Jesus you who are sometimes wear off or are made by blood of Christ then when you are awake when you are away you are all the way you are right now in seeing where you may be the Bible says that the blood of Jesus Christ. Can bring you closer to him. There has been a sacrifice. Before. The Bible says that he is the lance Lay from the foundation of the road revelations crazy. His sacrifice was poured down before he is requiring you now to make a sacrifice he is a sample down where you are before us the whole body itself unto death why is it so hard that we can kill pride. Why is it so hard that we fight the things we're struggling with they don't work for us in the first place and that's the mystery the Bible says see is a mystery the mystery of iniquity it's a mystery. You know the guy says why the chase and I thought I'd go nuts you know because it looks a certain way he did not know what tomorrow holds you can die tonight chasing after someone that you will never have and that will be on your record for. The girls the same thing why are you doing certain things called insanity things that he knows our rights you're doing certain things in the quiet that your parents do not know allowance I consider example you know some of them some of the people that church folks parents need to be careful about is not source of people in the world they're biting off but saw some of our own you know one of the experiences I have growing up in this chess. I have friends this is how deep it gets I have friends that I went to church with they secure their sites go out boys and girls like to go out she got pregnant when she got pregnant he denied it. And he told me Miss Omar why he was doing it that got me even more sex. Because what it is now is something that you already have needed to do many. And that's where the West plays you could fire a missile when you are found out. God have always found you out that's why they say maybe for me be that sacrifice of our staff I need it all he wants you to do is call up go on your knees confess your sin and He will not set you may. Now is the day of solve Asian you know who you are. The strange things that sing will have him do the strange things that Satan will how he caught. The strongholds he will bring you in the promise of pansy that the sin is so deceptive it comes you know you made that first step that first choice and he did not realize the great implication I will have later run while sin is like that frightened of Hoth it only really lies when it's hot when it's too late because it was slowly. And seem because sweet becomes comfortable of our heads as I heard someone say when danger presents itself and the devil now ready to play he's prayed to lead us. Only then when to call out to guy like he saw most of all that he will actually calm down said angels in south ten angels and choir rest in one day responded to a point by which God has said about him when no known guy when he sent an angel see these comments up one to history. We need to make all current relations sure now. See the cost up to seven who go about their lives it's a course up to seven the bible says'. In verse twelve. If you are a force that is giving Then he showed afterward to sacrifice a friend given Laban Kate's mood or. This was all the need offering. And I always thought why not straight out got a book or something that have no need to me offering. You see. The cakes that have no labor belatedly yeast so when you bake the bread you put us in there that would make your great rise to make it nice and soft the Bible says that do not put any piece in the cake and also read away for us what Also you must bring another one that had he is the two that did not have any yeast were symbol of what do you think he was a representation of Christ without see that our one is a representation of you and me that we are to be without sin but the one of the he isn't there also represents all of us that when we present ourselves we present ourselves as we are sinful that's why we bring one with the East. And you offer that to the priest. You see this peace offering you will eat of it the Christian eat of it the Passover you are either this the grease an individual the others you will not eat of it. It's a two way thing so of Asian is the king will cross as God requires for us with our freewill to come to him. He will not force the will go away something that is given to you all that is asked it is for you to submit back the will to him that he can refine it to these glory. And for your sake. First all of the insects and verse seventeen Ses for We've been many are one grey. And while I'm buying four we are all haters on that one gray so. We'll be many one hundred. And one mighty who are we are all our wind great crisis I am the great of life. When we partake of Christ we come like kids eventually. One very. We are who are into the family of God. The Bible tells us by adoption but not only that when you come to God He gives you something you don't have. I divined nature I His nature is all powerful all we need to do is learn how to submit and see how that divine nature will do thing you know. How that sin that we are slowly and we will hold on you know I come to the point now I just realize if I can you know one thing which I know I have then it is possible to give up all our sins needing about now in your own life why you have so who is why you have stopped building why you are I see how Guy has a boy from way was where you are now why not call the extra mile. That there will have you believe that this thing that you are whole in until now. You were not able to give up. And didn't give you up if you give it up it's as though the world with empty day. The truth is the world will end. Wherever you want it or not it's I need your holy and I'm to meet you will end with this. He was shocked that verse ten says we are scientific the word sanctified means to be set out hearts. Are free the body of Jesus Christ once and for all. That sacrifice that was done for us. We are set up pots when we partake of that very which is Christ Jesus says if you eat my feet if you eat my flesh mean that he partake of his life. If you accept Him and partake of these life. You will have life eternal on. That late friend coming back to that labor costs in Luke Chapter twelve verse one and say this Luke Chapter twelve. Stop the power one verse one say's in the mean time when there were gathered together in member munched multitude of people in so much that they trouble one open or nobody begun to say either his disciples first of all being where he believed the piracies which is the policy. That lay them that he said was going to the brain that we would have to bring their priest movie hypocrisy one of the needles the hypocrisy that is going on you know only life needs to be called out and it can only be caught out when you bring a suit for storing the cries hypocrisy you are acting you are behaving in a way that you really are not I would all have worship when I have guests on my house. I will only give my homework to make it look like I'm in my hole where. You know the participant also says oh that it's by our moldy judge was so what we do now in front of men or men to see. You know you cannot fool God God sees and knows everything that is going on in the deep recesses that you are all my. Mom gets up to sixteen verses five a score of course about the labor and are false doctrines false teaching and so our goal is to must what you have because teachings are taking place in our our Seven Day Adventists and now in various ways and that's why we need to study the Word for yourself to know that way ever is presented itself you are really various virus in the Word of God to know what sin is are No one all that teaching is. First for him to stop the fight vs sixty eight first Corinthians Chapter five verses six days. It says first step five verses six to eight. Yo Gloria. Is not. So you show you not know not only not a little a very or seen Laban a whole long when you continually East inside the dome it makes its spread and it makes it rise thus in your life now you think that is its only last thing you miss a crisis before about it weighs you find it so hard to give up it is a little sin. If it's a low wire So when you take a stereo this what it shows in the deception that say compliance in our mind to believe that there is a little scenario that big city says it is it. What I'm doing now is not as common is not as bad as that what that person is doing now your growing is now gone you cannot compare yourself to know about Christ he is the perfect example when these images for top of for you you really realize how far you are from the mark. You were NO NO WAY they need to strive towards and white guy is one to you now to work towards the mark because when you work towards them are you will never fully I take a while yet you can't comprehend Yes. Versus start the fire versus. Glory is not good. Nor you not listen live and live not the whole alone perish out there for the old Laver and that he may be long. As you are on labor. For you for Christ our. Is sacrifice for us there for less keep the peace not with or lame Very. Minimal with the labor one malice. And with we could miss. But with the unleavened bread our sincere it is true there are some people here now and that might be a hole in Madison somewhere even in your very own household or someone's in the congregation. You are all a very the Bible say they need that all now because if you have that. Labor not malice it's that old man that has resurrected it's that sin that needs to be perished out and he need to be that new love that need individual that new person desires he is of the. The By also tells us in the discourse up to seven. That all a. Need to be men will be cake. And that the oil needs to be poured out under way for. One nor was ever told man the labor and growth were going to identify that the greater representation of force and Christ you see X. is a step is Eagles are easy kill Chapter thirty six Various is twenty six and twenty seven is safe a new heart with. New Heart also when I give you a nice theory it's without a point within you and I will take away the stone heart of your blessed I know give you a heart of flesh and I will put my spirit within you and cause you to wall in my statutes and he should keep my judgment and. Right now he cannot keep the lower guy because you are not old person you need to purge out that Labor need up oil now to con in and do the work inside of you hence I was minimal with a cake it got between every part of that cake and it is where also a representation of the Holy Spirit need to come in your life you need a Holy Spirit you cannot be missing on your own Jesus says when I go he I will say to him the confidence this theory and he will tell you are all things that I have told him so Wayne. Yeah I got a voice in your head saying what you're doing is wrong that is the Holy Spirit we need our voice this is the way walk in it that is the Holy Spirit when the Bible when you hear our voice saying Put that phone down lock up that pornography stuff take in the light suck commision firmly cation stop doing this and it goes Arlen I learned that that's the whole history trying to save you from destruction that is the Holy Spirit speaking to you. I mean we keep you in the way. The Holy Spirit will manifest itself in various ways this in your life some for healing some fruit teaching and that's why young people you know the Bible says enough peace problems are yes it is the young I like that are all in one hundred one my it's a man now is the part of the poor out of the Spirit of God we're in a time such as this that God can use him as mighty men of my school and she's. Like oh is that worth through the House and the land of Israel Oh and also now in the land of burn while the hunter wherever God wants it to be you can be a mighty wire Yeah when people come to you for foolishness you can speak a word of God and they cannot gainsay Oh you know what has been said. The Bible tells you when the soldiers came to Jesus they went back and said Never heard a man smaller like this. You want to reach your full potential you can only truly do that when you saw the life of life. We are to be the head and not the tail. That's why you make made serious with why you do whatever you find your husband be doing all your might. Some of us are mighty and do the we can is but when it comes to do the work of God We are very formal and. That is assigned to show your spiritual states. That reveal the nature of your character how can I with my mouth praise God One of the same time I'm not willing to see he's been. So how the Holy Spirit doing its work in Hebrew sacristan verse sixteen and Sarah tells me that this is the harmony that I will make in the house of Israel after those days. So you know I will go my way also in their heart and in India in my I we are right then and this isn't there anything that I remember nor more. Why this holistic cannot die dwell in the same vessel as where within it is the reform that's why the Bible says you are that temple that God desires to eat if he comes in Something's gotta go out. Bale and Christ has not the same thing in Christ's word minutes I'm gonna test cannot be combined the way we dress the way we see is a revelation of our character do not judge me because I'm wearing this you don't know I'm going further. This week in. What spirit is more to say see you. Why do you need to go to know these things I didn't you know I heard one preacher say this make up. Is just up make up some of you don't get it. But you know some people might meet. Why you need to have a green the. Bomb. Why does that make it up is it these things are revelation I was showing that so is now the mastery self These are the strong of the hearts. And way history is needed to be done man see it is. So at the throne not the highest is God save you know what your free will is that you can say there are enough growth however one sends you a free will and offer it to me then me since I'm not road. Let me be the one that who does thrown that needle well rule that kinda me. The Bible says that the devil came to Christ and Christ said crews are this is where I have come from found nothing in me. And that the sick are of you. Say The knows what Heart Support he knows what's true is the pluck. He knows how weak miss is he knows our parents is I mean watches you when you a boy to see Will this drug develop the same rates and tendencies that their parents have that's why some of you are so ugly with certain things because they have been handed down to the nothing for the go on but you are not responsible for all of the choices you make. You know when you look like a commander made where God said I would visit iniquity after four hours of the third and fourth generation of them that hate me this of course is like a frog that hostile from generation to generation. And some of you are still really with you regularly tendencies that can be stumped house. There is power beyond you that can deal with this ng. That's why I sacrifice our friends did it is need you need to be on the Isle of time. The Bible also tells us that the oil was also poor arm. Which is a representation of the Holy Spirit being poured out on ye. So you have this series in you that they you all hold for poured out on you many things station up divine power in ways and means that you cannot comprehend and they say OK because it says that they spoke and other people in other languages could hear them that's why example are things that the Holy Spirit can do for you. That our people will walk in wind up and what are wondering what is taking place with that individual. And you can see all why I'm taking you right now manifested in the life of Christ where he was about is that why this is the heavens opened and the dove life all came down on him and the Spirit of God came upon him easy like he decided miracles and it's sad to think that in the sea and the blind raising the dead and accepted to rest seventy. Makes a promise that if we are winning another medium it can be fulfilled in our lifetime is now or today and I shall I seventy seventy eight and he shall come to pass and let in the last days a thought I would pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and their daughters up prophesied I know young men shall see vision I love all masons and dreams. You see nor I was ever poor are below their growth that sinful is a representation of simple ness the Holy Spirit cannot be poured out and he in a state of sinfulness he OK Are our beings in up the horse and cannot work with him that's come fusion. The Bible also tells us elites across up to to invest frenzy leave the discourse up to two birthday see. If the question of the keep verse parroting he says and every oblation after a minute offering a shout out season tickets sold need need sort. That was sort of the near her side that suffered the sort of the government got to be lacking from dime meet we all die off that was out of office Sauls. Might stop the fire is very easy yield on a sold off. By the Zogby lost its EVA where every Sunday be sold in that same way that same grade revived later and without belaboring the valleys need to be so thick. Where if the soul is not good it serves no purpose. The Bible tells us we are also about souls we see how this thing how God have put this system together to represent us and see him and so they should all in one package. Conversions have to fall verses five and six cautious up to four verses five and six. Questions chopped up four verses five and six or in wisdom ward and all without redeeming that high you must wrong in a certain way the Bible says we wisdom but then I for we have who are made our without the unbelievers Why do you need to walk in a certain way Vera Six led to a speech be always with grace seasoned with one's soul that you may know how you are to answer every man. Sat in situations that Jesus found in so him because he was well seasoned he was able to give appropriate response. So a smile was strolling when I'm around and say certain things that are away every time I make him get yourself in trouble the Bible says. Yes the wife's souls. Well seasons I mean you can only go back when you have a combination of why no yeast you have to find flour. You know a good rare million dollar oil you see the combination. And now you have the component of souls. That means you will be down a well rounded Christian I know the end there are now a part where where we say that when you offer these need hardly most or frankincense I mean. Why because it brings a sneeze out there second from verse ten out of the mouth received a blessing and curse in my library and these things are not to be so are not so to me. You can be cursing one me and in the same time pronouncing things are good. That sounds like someone that schizophrenia or that some kind of complex God does not work on Fusion people need to know what he stands for business stars are hot stars a politician we know what they stand for because they are played themselves on the television in the media. What beside him for what I mean people see you son for is so answers even now is school where your university college is in your workplace where people see one when they see you what would they say are you who are they say you are giving glory do you know the whole thing is about sacrifice Captain Fortinbras its bravery to ferry five cows or so likewise you see where he'd be have enough to say that not while all that he had the camp he might recycle it up all process. I sacrifice cannot be I'm not out of harm's way you do not see a sacrifice growing up that I was were running away that's not something fries you need to fall outs. Paul says you know I was schizophrenic right I was beaten I betrayed by all contraband. You need to fall out with Christ Christ when all lads device a homebody in south even on to Zach. He went all out on your greatness in the Greek graces and Hyundai here under process in design had I made my serious. If there were the great this is where I got to be set up man he said this. Grocer for. Forty years or so on is Google what is the source of lost it's a go where you shall be seasons how can you make him happy you're only dizzy if you're not see isn't. Restaurant supply is neither think for love or yet bored lonely oh boy oh man pass the hours. That had it you know that in here because it's neither fit for the dunghill. Cause the howling the wall I mean some of us in war time now we're not seasons. Being treated I worry because not season you not caring yourself in a certain way. The more they know that you are a child of God they will respect She even if they do not agree with you. I know this and I see it's the others in my own life mock up and I embarrass E.C. sold a school one of the sort of buses on the NES where we will be easy household in me selves. And have peace one. With another. You see because Chapter seven fourteen tells us that a priest sprinkles now the blood so you have to sacrifice the blood is to be screwed up the peace offering Christ is the one that ministers for us and he's only love his blood is the one that called those of us Hebrews not the one restaurant and for Christ is not entered into the holy places made hands which is a figure out the truth about the truth but in the heaven itself and now is up there in the presence of God for us if these are one seven in whom we have redemption through these blood the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His grace. This is the Lamb that was sorted out IMO that was so answered the facts have to be removed. Sunset to seven says the last twenty What do we get out of parish and is not the Lord shall be as fast as they so consume into small so they can see our way if you do not separate sin or get sins upgraded from you you may be concious and. Sin acidly separated now. Might be twenty five or less or do or and there is how they say on their side he say also under them until that time depart from the curse and into everlasting fire paired board and there I'm his angels the one B.'s West and he say to you I say no I don't. Need a course out the service is very easy. You have a right you have to bring your own priest offering. You have to bring your own peace offering no one can bring it for you. That's why this case we read a very unsafe minute chapter twenty two very Sunday night after all we eat. And when you bring up these are free when you bring nothing is given how frequently you will not sacrifice the media self put it into the hand of the priest. You need to put your things of life into the hands of our high priests. He is only one that can officially on our behalf he is a little man. In fact is the main man. You see also of the love certain parts of the law was to be given to the priest who I shoulda. Christ is the one we can lean on Christ is the one that can bring our car our burdens in fact Isaiah says this way unto us a child is born unto us a son is give or Hundred all of a sudden he over his shoulder and I he shall behold I do mighty God who I know who counsels us our last in far the Prince of Peace. Now is the time we can rest of the unlucky now is the time he came how our ways. How are my yoke my burden for they are light and they are easy easy with a yoke he are all along. With a yoke of oxen Wally's again. Christ is saying now take my gold conjoining me be on my right side I know Wallie the way it is not to you Grace that he can that you can carry alone I will carry for you and I will carry with you. We are left to ourselves. You see why this is also does the breast in the breeze the priest. We can come into the bosom of God are you. Will not pass this hour. By also says. If you talk to any unclean anything on the Internet he hung this opera five he says I do because off. You cannot have this opera fires and then go out she always. Easy fall out for him. He's looking for total surrender. And someone now knows out God is calling you. You have not given your life or was it about season. In knew him in Rose time to see say's out Baathism is a representation of the burial under them under resurrection of Christ is us suffer for is the greatest sacrifice that you tell me that God is calling into orders now I am making use of the WILL NOT ON MY OWN say well because of individuals in here not this man says I know them that is for you to make I was raised by his i'm now. A man for you to make that stance. Is there someone that will make that signs right now so when I heard this message you know your own life I don't. And I know that God is God is someone Eastlands your feet right now and cons of runs. About isn't County done for you one with one puts you on the I'm not that great. But IMO man are all were can be put away. That individual that God is calling now. I'm making this appeal Various is easy so more God is calling now. You know who you are you know your struggles you know why he belongs in the weeks. You know me this is I go I don't even know. I'm asking the guy who person that guy is holding to not be afraid of Seinfeld Are you a doorway now he often used to call the way. That he's the whole way we didn't have our salvation is a free. For thing with fans you know offering the sacrifices. It was a cost softening. So one out of one thing that I heard about it cost something. So while God is all you know making up what I do you I don't know. And I'll see to the front. That maybe. They go and you dress now maybe in the stands now. Whether you are. The homes of Dr makes her friend. You know why you need to put away you know not a. Great wife. You know a lot of amenities a great wife. You know that home base is a great one. For we have our evil I think you because you know what. When the time comes. And our morning. When Jesus bursts through the clouds you're going to be standing on your own. So you better start and I know now. Because of the end of the day you know you know ha ha ha when I vote on my own crying my very own pillow on wiring in my SUV when I would have had relief. Salvation is guarantee so long as you accepted. That is the condescend so long as you accept So a lot of us for the way. Even hear my voice harden not your hearts. With me thank you then I have the chorus on down to me out of runs. WHICH ONE OF YOU GOTTA. Leave us to you to the front. Guys I ask you. Guys I thank you so much to come to the front. It is a serious commitment. But I just see us about there is always a. Not a coffin what is going on. You know Mrs Mitchell things. Harder for us I would pray for you and I made a hole but also if you're still going when things. Come to the runs. Someone has requested to come to the front because they know they have their own problem is somebody else no doubt on a problem come to the front. This is something where angels now go into one for oh I see the commitments are being made things I missed in the warehouse. And the books are being recorded that this sounds was made I don't need to know the problem God does He knows I'm ready and he know where I was. In May the relationship that is that me mended. Me many things I miss them even our. Own. Guy despoiling to call on me I stand. Day is not over. Until God say's he is alright yes my mother is not over until he says old. Phrase is your story all we got to read those strongholds in. There is no sin to the grave that he cannot break. These The bread is a great he's made our coal mine make your peace with God. Knows our comes to see before baptism mosque with the elders well these. Ice a congregation. And as we stand. If you know that you need to make a stance on forward. No foreign have and I thank you Lord. Our individuals are. You see the struggles out in their own lives the young of last county who lives you know. They asked actually we're going to hire our. Lord and he her strength. Or you have already given our clothes our last day or that the horse will work on she and her profile Doris I have a condo you know there. Especially the lady that I have hired out here or I have a problem. Lot in no day. Yesterday their father there was a man that was possessed that ran towards you but you saw beyond the possession therefore that there was a soul crying out for help. And you freed him a service guy was there for allowed all I did not cry out was in a way as a mission. So I now carry an X. ray or that you were under situations and the promise and the issues in the life every individual has gone forward here or. That you will be a mighty counselor are great for. The human being or peace their father in their life to reinforce I pray for those that have heard this message I have not gone forward I have personally speak to their consciences there or they will continue work on their heart and work on their mind. That this foundation being is not a good idea or. That a serious business this is your business their Lord. And. That your bank is not full that you are about still is in need of people to invest souls into your services the. Very now that you will be with every hates here. Yes there were cunts. Lives in the heart of the new you. And I thank you for your destroying. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service please visit W W W audio verse or.


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