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Troy Smith
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  • November 26, 2016
    11:30 AM
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In January this year not long after I left to Manchester as rep informed your reminded you about I was saving up money to go to new bulls Now I was also looking for a job so I was in this phase of what we call in between jobs I didn't quite want to say I was unemployed but everyone knew I wasn't working now I don't like to sit at home and have nothing to do and just to to be there sitting around all day my pajamas eating all the food in the house so I or my mom would argue differently but at that time at that moment this year we were having some work in a house and my uncle who's a plumber he was the one who was helping to Fitz and just really redo our aviators Now I'm assuming that line of work is far from what I'm used to I'm used to you know laptops speaking to people writing talking I'm not good at working with my hands so if there's any perming emergency or physical immersion in your house don't call me because I will mess up the situation. But as I was helping my own class I was trying to work with him to lighten his loads there were a few radiators that we have seen like we had finished that I was actually quite proud of my work you know I helped cut the copper pipes to the correct REPORTER Well he set up everything for me so there wasn't much for me to mess up but I had done my part and I I was feeling good and I could say you know I know I can change a car tire I've fitted furniture together and I can help to a radiator on his right place but now as everything looked completed you know the discussion boards had been sanded off the grass had been partially it's all looking good it was time for me to turn the water back on. Now as I turned the valve back I just had the shot from my. To turn it off quickly because water was just pouring out just gushing all from the radiator the issue is although everything looks fine everything looks good it looks perfect. It wasn't fully connected. Because it wasn't fully connected where it came time for the radius to be filled for it to be used for its purpose it just created a mess everywhere simply because it wasn't wholly connected if we read John Chapter fifteen verse four in verse five again John Chapter fifteen verse four and verse fire Jesus say's abides in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except except to abide in the vine no more can you except your bible in mean verse five I am the vine and you are the branches he that abides in me and I in him the same bring forth much fruit for without me you can do nothing. Is it Jesus using the illustration of a vine and a grunt I imagine him as his walking with his disciples on the way to get seventy that maybe they walk through even yard or walk through a garden and he has a message on his heart that is being willing to share with his disciples and He sees the vine and the branch as this perfect illustration of the connection that he what how not just with them in that day but unite in two thousand and sixteen that it's not just a superficial connection that Jesus wants with us it's a deeper connection a connection that runs right into that inner into in a most being a connection that is so vital for a spiritual force a spiritual survival. You know this I'm learning that there's different levels of communication which you can have. Been in a relationship for these last few years it's talking about these different levels of communication I'm sure one about say that the that many of the guys who would have experienced a similar thing. When I get bit when I'm busy with your assignments or coursework or just general life. I tend to you know like close everything consulship every class because I'm focused on the task at hand you know I have an assignment due for Monday I need to do that. Every house gets put up for I have some reading to do so nothing else matters but the task at hand. Now sometimes that can branch into days into. Into a whole week so maybe rather than being on the phone and speaking to my girlfriend I was just sure if you what's up mess you see your hi how are you how's your day job about that sort of thing so in my head we've spoken we've been communicating and now maybe it's two three days gone by and then are caught and then I'll be met with oh so you're alive. And well yeah I've spoke to you this week of course I'm alive as I know that we haven't spoke all week I'm not known we spoke I go for what's my message like yeah yeah I spoke to each they said no we haven't spoke them all I think it took multiple times for me to get my head around it that if we spoke of one the can the guys relate to this having been there. So if you're sitting next to your wife and you go up and see you shaking your head say no but I know that you've been then I can see the in your papers especially Ed. Now as I'm working for this I'm trying to work out how and home by that we haven't spoken but yet you know I sense of what's not messy our sense of text messages. This. The issue wasn't where I said hello or you know these things it's that the conversation which was hacked it wasn't as deep or as meaningful as a phone conversation a conversation with her face to face so I may said Hi hello how are you but I don't know what her day was like at work or how the bus works or the things I have affected the things I've been on her mind the the highs and lows of her day they haven't come through in the few text messages if you watch that messages. I imagine that Jesus to he as we speak to them we're we're saying OK Lord I I need X. Y. and Z. for me I I'm praying to I'm doing all these things but she's like trained we haven't spoken about NO NO lot I've said my grades I have said Grace every day for eight nurturing we haven't spoken no but Lord I I invited my friend to church Troy we haven't spoken of her but Lord you see I haven't spoken by even gave my neighbor. Troy haven't spoken sometimes when we busy when we pause in our own thing we may think that we can shoot a quick break Jesus in the morning and I connection with him a spy and all connection with him is cancer we may think that doing that things here and there that we're biting in Christ but even with this work a buyout it gives an error something that is constant It's not a form of communication of connection that happens just once in a while like we need to charge your phone because the battery is about to die. Imagine that some of us you drive here that we can fall into this trap as well of only putting in picture into our car just when we need it you know we see the Dow go down from full half way. Then the red light starts flashing and think you know what I know this car up I can get at least ten more miles out of it but you can eat something more it doesn't need to be pushed to the edge to its limits and prefer to be full for a bit longer to Jesus he desires a deeper connection something more than just surface level something more than just superficial something more than just a one time event I think we may have all the even experiences before maybe we can't meetings we've been to G. Y.C. been to these great things even convicted by the message we've gone for the appeal you say OK laws change is happening now and then because the connection was just a one time thing maybe we need a law courts in that moment could slip back into the same things which we were doing before that excuses that without me without the by having me without stain connectors to me without a meaningful connection you can do nothing. So in my prioritizing then working out OK what things can I do to my girlfriend better I learned that you know I I had to put some things that weren't quite so important to the society I had to make a watch for all of a bit less because in all honesty I said I was busy but choose day when state first day. Something is on Match of the day wore on Sunday are you watching football these times are in reality I would have time for other things but I just told myself that I was busy. I believe that even when we're busy. We make time for things that are important to us we maybe because it was paying our mortgages with our studies with everything that life is for and that was but even higher it's highest God If God is truly important to us in our lives in connection with God It is of great importance. We will make time but time needs to be made. If you carry on reading and we go down to John Chapter fifteen and verse seven. John Chapter fifteen verse seven. You see if you abide in me and my words. And my words abide in you you should ask what you work and it will be done. Now many a time all the time we have different quests from God This different things you want God to do for us that areas in our life that maybe we're fed up of slipping up where we fed up of the mistakes of the of being sometimes Christians. And we're asking God OK a lot I need help in these areas of my life I I need to be more dedicated to I need to stop eating so much through to the point where my sims just bloated or I need to be more caring more kind more loving to people. But the success of these requests is dependent on a living connection with God. You should ask what you will and it will be done to you but previously and don't miss this point the previously Jesus has said that without me you can do nothing but now he's promising that with him he will do everything. Because what we're fighting against ourselves and what we're seeking to overcome different things once we're looking at forwards so victory maybe initially trying to be everything by ourselves. Maybe initially think OK if I just read this blog about the seven Ways to have self control then you know I'll be just fine I can do this or if I just follow these tips of the steps that my friend is giving me then I can have success in these areas be Jesus is looking and saying without me. You can't do anything without me you can't do these things he's holding us asking us wanting long for this connection so that he can step in and do what we are unable to do for ourselves. You see it's not that Jesus when when we're connected with him when we when we're living for him that he just takes over every single thing and we sit back and do nothing. But see in the moments in the times when. Our strength is gotten when we learn that we cannot depend on ourselves that Jesus will happily step that you know I think to the times when I gone to the gym with I'm trying to fight cancer and somewhere in the back I think when I've gone to the gym with cancer and all for some my friends and if you know temporary he's like he's a big guy he has completed the chip that's where he looks like there's there's no other reason for him to go back and finish he's the best cancer his membership but now so he can he can lift he can move more weight for me so there's times when he says he may be saying OK Troy you need to do exactly what I've just done and I'm looking and thinking how is this even humanly possible but then as I'm trying I'm trying to do my thing and then maybe I get two hours and one of the repetitions are let's say four or five I get about four or five repetitions and I'm in my head I'm OK I'm done like no more I'll just let the bar just rest on my chest and I'll be fine I'm eating here forever I'll sleep right here in the chair but what happens when my strength would be gone he would be able to just lift the bar to do what I cannot do for myself and so I can keep on going and maybe get out a few more reps I would've able would be able to if I didn't have this assistance. So when we're back in when we're fighting against things our life or ourselves whether we're. Fighting against alcohol or drug addictions all of the different kinds of addictions up through into our lives maybe put the bottle down once or we put it down twice maybe three or four times but that fifth time when we don't have strength to put it down Jesus will be there with history gives the assistance to old to help us overcome in the points where we are weakness. If we look back at John Chapter fifteen verse one Jesus is not speaking about himself in the Bible. So we're speaking now about the source which we are connected to not just the connection he says that I am true vine and my father is a has been seen with Jesus saying that he is the true vine being the true vine he's not just be told about in terms of true or false right or wrong correct incorrect Deal or No Deal he's speaking about True Vine in terms of his absolutes he's the one which needs to be connected to he is the only one with the power to be able to sustain all of us to be able to charge up this whole church that Manchester will have a fire lit it that cannot be put out. But being disconnected from. We lose access to this power for not making time for but for not abiding with him and continuously consistently we do ourselves our friends and loved ones are churches a disservice I think or dream about what would church be like if we came here in South Point in every single one of our members were charged up or raring to go we were so early on five Christ that we didn't even want to be in the building because we just want to get out and share thoughts message with everyone around us didn't win this be a. It's time to be. Five you five you would be but hopefully that infectiousness rubs off on to the rest that one day. That God's church will shine as brightly that will burn as brightly as Jesus and God as the angels as the universe is waiting eagerly. You can overcome we can bear fruit not of ourselves our prayers can be answers. Our challenges can be overcome by folds can be defeated is but also parts with being connected to God. Now it's all well and good speaking about being connected or. Unitized or just making it seem like it's this a wonderful thing that it's just going to happen for everyone instantly and there will never ever be any hiccups saw or pitfalls along the way. Because if I am I see it is not always like that all at Christian journey this time zone we may scatter to the left or to the right but we can be drawn back. If I were completely honest that has this been one or two times over the over the years where I've even thought you know what this Christian life's too hard it's too much like I don't believe in God It's not that I don't know what the Bible teaches but I thought it's too much time I'm not seeing any results I'm not seeing any fruits What is the point of me being here in church if I'm not seeing anything being done if I'm not seeing the promises of the Bible in my life. And I've been on the edge at least a dozen of the thought of leaving church just to these things. But the one thing that has kept me which are all are going to be the things that kept me. If the Word of God. I hold will be one to more immense make Maybe you've not felt like this before but there's been times when I felt like OK I would just cut myself off from the vine and just go to my own thing but well I've been thinking about this when I've been in this state of mind and I feel like OK let me just try praying. Neither one for there being silence for a while I'm not sure what to say to God and then Scripture stop coming to my Whew my choir lives and to my prayer from the ends of the wife. When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the right sire. There is I'll go back on track an image but there's something about crisis that shows where our affections like. When David said that he was overwhelmed the place he wanted to be led to worse. When my brothers trust me to look after my nieces on the Arctic Asian their swimming which I noticed when we would go to the park they'll be playing around in your jumping on the swings and slides and occasionally money to fall and maybe scrape and it. Should come running straight to be just because should find comfort being with me. But I noticed that if my mom with grandma was there instead of reading to me it's like I wouldn't exist should run straight to my grandma. More comfort in my grandmother's name but when mommy and daddy are there grimace it exists until sure it doesn't exist one bit. She makes the been lying to mommy and daddy because that is where she finds her most comfort that is where her factions lie David his affections his main affections why name guys when he was overwhelming. That was his first point of course. When we are overwhelmed with life's problems life's troubles life's issues with i bust out work we just love to jump in shape to shake some sense into. When we are overwhelmed it's where do we went. Do you run to Facebook and Twitter start tweeting about our problems do we best friends do we run to everyone class for a conference or are we being asked to be led to the right. Of. That connection that you can. See to remain connected via. It's all well and good speaking about being connected but I I wouldn't want to leap to without speaking about how the connection takes place. It's gentle fees in chapter three verse seventy. Shots of three D. verse seventy. Original verse fourteen seventeen action say for this course I found my niece to the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ of our Lord Jesus Christ of who the whole family in heaven and earth is named that he would grant you according to the riches of His glory to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the in a man and here's the key part that Christ may dwell in your hearts by. That Christ made to well in your hearts by faith that you be rooted and grounded in love may be able to comprehend with all saints What is the bread and the lamb and the heights I know sort of it's the same theme but reversed nineteen as well and to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that you might be for. Filled with the fullness of God. If you and I are to be connected it's God's. If you and I are to do whatever it takes to have a living meaningful more than skin connection God's. Inversed sentences that Christ will do out of the Hearts by faith. First point of core and the goal of this or the end goal of this of Christ in our hearts by faith is that we make understand that we may comprehend they will make experience his love. See the thing being connected to the love of Christ maybe once your if you're finished disillusioned with church or maybe this someone there who's grinding right to you the wrong way and. You just don't know what to do you think OK maybe I'll just hop around to different churches and I'll just be find them. Being connected to the love of God is that when you are just downtrodden when your hour passed when you're just maybe even the state of spiritual depression the finger of being connected to the love of Christ. Is that it's by his love that he called us. That thinks in Hosea when says that he draws us as cords of love. Vindaloo being connected to love Christ. That is the place where would you find us from. That is the place where we do find comfort that is the place where we fired up purpose us Christians. It is that same love which holds got to do whatever it takes that we may be connected with. It is that love which cause us also to do whatever it takes in order to be connected with you. See there's a spider that I learned part I can't remember the name of the spider bite. What do we do that when it catches It's more when it's multiple eggs hatches and it has its babies its children that I don't know if there's a real name for baby spiders when they're just running around just going crazy just doing that thing according to your house is scary scary and you who I have. That what this spider This is within it's where. It attaches its course to destruction Now if you've ever. Message by this web forum you know that it works by the vibrations that feels that the spider is then response to those vibrations It's so what will happen is that with Peace Corps our wraps around the different spiders when this vibrations when there's danger. To the spiders the children they discuss instantly they just run in every direction not really know where they go. But then because of the support that's white house wraps around so it's a pity to all of them back when. It is by hordes of love that Jesus trusts. Most to see him to be connected Christ. We cannot understand or comprehend or experience his love as Paul speaking about Mr Putin's if we are not studying God's Word it is a simple equation but I I don't just want to stand here and tell you you need to study Bible with study you buy more study more than one but what I find is that. Sometimes you may not know how to their Bible that we have more than a superficial experience but have you ever been in that situation where you've had your devotion then you sit yes you see by without you start thinking what on. Or sometimes a very honest lot why was this passage in the Bible do we really need all these begats. Sometimes we can be in these moments where very we've been told for a while we do need to study and yes it is imperative that we need. But like has many of you here maybe been through school college or university these things if you don't know how to approach your subject then it's just going to be foreign to you I am. I'm learning Greek right now and you more it's Believe me it's foreign to me but if I didn't know how to approach the subjects I would yap it would be so much worse than it already is I see the face of one of the A one or two of you here who have studied you are studying Greek at this moment. Unless you've studied it you don't feel the pain it's different to different languages it's a painful experience. But if we weren't taught how to approach the grammar how to approach the words how to approach the. Little things out Help us understand the subjects in the hope so at this moment. Action up before a person because I think a touch of this or so then I've been false notion that young people don't like to study the Bible or they're not interested in Bible study is there anyone else who thinks that this is false. Hope for those who grieve for those are your words it's OK But you see it when I look at my friends my fellow young people and I see us running around things. I've seen young people rally around the injustice that's been going on in America in terms of the police brutality I see the marching passionately. No one's perfect and I'm dragging that but passionately shown interest in these things I see my friend passionate interest in music in all these different subjects but yet for some reason we think the common passionate about the Bible. I believe that if there is interest if I young people see the value in them. A lesson in value I mean that the promise that we see in the Bible the power to change the transformative power we see in the Bible. If a young people see this surging structures believe me they will be there for the Bible says. They will be not even left for the Bible to be but I believe leading the Bible study. They want to be connected it's that. We all want to be connected. We read and seen here about the great people in the Bible who have this connection. We can be those great people in two thousand and sixteen walking with God's. Day by day. Walking with God's. Just as you know what's with them. But it depends on our connection to that. Because with that connection with guards. Through him we're able to do often. Since abscess time. Closing I'm just going to make a very quick short the pillow game. That. This is mainly for those in leadership positions in any church that if you want to make the commitment. To helping our young people understand the Bible to not just tell them to study more made and show you how to study. To make the Bible interesting to make it real to them not as an abstract thing or something that's far removed for them. It is a desire if that's patience desire in the hearts of those eyes one stands up and not just them and for no reason there's going to be the this was a plan but the elders of the church the the people who are leading take the names speeds of the. Implement something that can start as soon as possible because the connection for young people is that it's not something major. It's not and compare and with so if you wants to be on hand for the young people to educate them into understanding the Bible as I ask you to stand. Or second appeal simple second appearing again no gimmicks no stories more for us. If you see that maybe your connection with part over the days weeks months years has faded maybe even an existence but you sincerely want that connection back first when you see those who are standing there you'll support. I just ask him stand that we may be prayed together that we can truly implement something where our young people are all the people all the people here can be connected so that so just invite to stand as an prayed to. Was thank you for a type here throughout this day. Right from top score points of this moment and for there are things that you have planned force yourself to. Loads of thanks for the commitment of those who are still it's to be on hand for well not just the young people in the churches but all shows that we may yet it's understood that that we may be able to be educated to understand your words correctly that we may comprehend that our faith may be strengthened so that we can be truly connected to. You have done whatever it takes. Your sons the mother tips your whole script is doing whatever it takes for us to get. A sense that your people need all the silent here that just like you Lord also do whatever it takes. Also pray for those people who are certain because they are sensing that their relationship with you that is waned that is drawing thin over whatever. I'm asking that because you are the author of time we can't claim those last days weeks months and years but those who are needed you the most that have stood have made sitting. Today. The ratio of the relationship starts to just never break. 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