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The Purpose

Naison Chitiyo
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  • November 5, 2016
    11:30 AM
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And you so with the messenger you know each and every day each and every week and then you know. Where you are the other points once were eaten. And I disagree with you. I mean or does he. Mean as evil. And help as you do disease. Or as you pointed. Out. I was off. And running through things. And then. Harmful I thought is more me. I don't really. Well I. Thought. I'm. Being. Great where were are all of those who are awfully you and the frogs. Are. Christian. Or are you like i'm all the person. What's the. Or why. I'm here often thought they were one of my heart with Lyme or with the city you know office. You know what why am I here what what really do I have to meet what rights what do you want in every day. What. Life. Or somebody. Wants to say the Hi-Fi of. Your outfit. Or the hours without one of your. Oh if you believe you know. Right but. Home by our. House by the. My home. By mocking me I think we all know. It was June nineteenth. I'm doing. What I'm. Being thought you. Don't need. Sanity for a. While. And I. Will die. When I came out of a sort. Unless you fired. By your. Oh yeah and I thought about what's mine me you know her very well friend say that. Was. Why. I know. Your life. Was mine. And. You were mine. So many. Times I think you're my. Own watching new thought on. Died. And he wants to. Own the. Nation and he's bad people about where he. Lives and he. With. Your mind you have the final while they are talking about a great man or presents and women of all. Your or. Your. Country Rock Me. I know how would you really meant. The body you sat down with were dying people that were there. Or you. Might. Walk there it was. Awkward. There was no I don't. Know what. They are. They are all of. Us. Want to move on it's Friday. Morning after Christ's hours. All. Right after the hour and I wonder whether you. Really want is what will happen by. Good bye. Bye bye bye if you combine with big city America by. There. You are. Lined out. On that. Box or your. Lives or ours. Say that your mind so shine on man that even if your. Mind's your land mine or what you have. Minds. Lack of who out. There. Than. You are my friends. How are you. All are. We are life good for. Our minds are. What it was or. What. Was. Very important. He was. Our. One body part of the Bible. My. Mind was one where. We were that it was a from mine because one this is old speaking about the Gospel as it was presented in the voters and I know he makes the following statement he says basically that even the best work carpenters had already this is all divine service and the reason for I'm really believing generation. Four It's happened before was pretty bad over the first part in it was the length and. The table and the shoulder which is called the wives. They sign through. And behind the second veil they're part of that happening which is called the holiest of all. Which have the golden sands and they are the cognitive overlay for all life would go in which where the wives go there are parts that had a man or everyone's boy that had watched part of it and the table that happened on the Common and above it where there was terrorists or glory oversight or into magazine or all these things we had not now speaking. With us on this is going after but when you think about the Old Testament Santry you want to buy into two parts they want the best section which was called the wives of the holy place and then go the second commandment or the wives most or you place. Where you went into the only place they were how when I was on the bench. The very there was a lamp stand there was also the table of the shoulder and then there were the old for instance. But then I would just speak in particular about the most important place is especially when our government is. Describe briefly in or. That advice there are probably common and. There was Gordon Parks that Atlanta they were everyone's rock that had bought it and on the tables of our i can we speak about that in the UK too. But I want to speak about the power of the power I'm going to go after the government says. I want to be with you no more whatever the government says. I'm going to bust undecidable. The rest of it. OK environment people who are axis executed by or best AIDS were trying to discover the purpose of why I asked to give you a gospel. Message of the twenty five I say. Exodus up to twenty five eight this is God speaking to a horse and he says it him that made me I was century but I made one among them if I would ask your advice of one of them how it was while I was a by giving this actually he would leave by a group of twelve among them and you can retire where humanity and God will drown siring. But you know me you know I don't believe within the Garden of Eden they promise to spend fish from your car if you see one even if they want to commune with apes gone through to learn from our men and then what happens sin comes into the world and who come these women who believe this about sin come into the world and then because of their city I don't eat my heart out of the Garden of Eden so they would no longer as if your life. And because of the city your mind to could no longer see God face to face and live. So that God was in a sense a cut off from his people. Even going around their faces doesn't mean that area and source in the Garden of Eden in Genesis of the root God Spirit will help me how can I reclaim your mind see to myself again so that I can once more with our eyes on them. That God's mission even say so he has actually got a thing that the made me a wise as actually that I made good on them there's not three. Services I'm going to be. Worth his life so if your group the car and go one step closer to worry about Mary. MARY. There are many things in this century but I want to want to look at one charitable work accessible twenty five With that we're going to turn to best seventy will be you know they are the cardinals. Exodus of a twenty five resolute scene. About that but it is a they should make an awful big occasion words overlaid recall by what is not responding are part of the arc of the Covenant and even now we're only speaking about the outsider who has become all that he's violated our. Best seventy you thought maybe I was at best the seeds of the year or two and a half Q.B. Sorry it's late and if you miss and a half is with you and you shall make two wipes Cherubim of gold of family where you shall make them added to the end of the works Menzies made one chair at one end and the other chair at the other end you shall be there to watch cherubim and then two ends of any one is with our legacy. Best friends and then charity shows very out of their winnings about covering. Menzies' with their weight and they saw face one hundred the faces of the Cherubim striving toward our mercy and you shop without. You shop without massive seats on top of the hour and in the armchair for their testimony which I will give you and then our meeting you and I will speak to you from about our business informing feeling to charity which are on there are all the testimony about everything which commandments that should not be able while actually things that are. Both ways there's a very versatile commences that you want to share or what was the focus of the seeds of the Occupy movement it was a. Magazine and to service why one of the better is our report if you like everything is revolving around. One of the verses I report. That's twenty two. And then on the back seat I will meet with you and I was speak to him from about the wives verses why he got me a sign tree to go on for where the country he where our emergency so is would like the kind of urbanization of the it was the openness or. What I want to spend time to. Suit her. You could leave a bad city as though he really represented by her. Desire something from us all of us. Oh let's notice something about the two terrors. That's pretty obvious it's executed by its head and the Arabs are stretched out their wings are covering the wires the best to see where they are really so this is her who are covering cherubs and they will cover this your kind of glory regardless of who you are. And they saw the face was one of our and the base of it turns out into one of the nurses question what was the focus of the Nervous. Urgency and why else. If I heard that who was to call their people. And the reporters here or. Not who were in power the eight or on the last looking that way I would see them better seeds on the right and I don't see the other angel on the right. In other words they aim to look very poor everybody else apart from themselves. As long as their focus was on God and others they were fighting. To terrorise our. We've been so very very with here are. White and White who also gives us an indication of where these two interpreters are perfectly fine to talk to one of us find him to live with me look up to one of us ninety Juno's for mine in the Bible who are his son was born who it was made it was. Designed prior and you know how that for every one of his speech. The age of the Lord came in the purity of paper and cities are out of the sun and they needed no leader and so gave Rome left to doand I'm sure that's not on board all of the review for me not to believe. But I want a little differently about how he were he produces or where he needs are a bit of a style and looks into one of us nineteen I hope they're all there but out it says and eight hundred and said to him I don't know who gave real who stands in the presence of God In other words we know that one of these teenagers is gay. Who want to I want to. Tell you about their Before I die I tell you the program is here I don't know I like a fight. With your. Maker sorry if you wipe your Tater tightens up with some butter easier. So it's very late it seems I'm going to be out for a moment I would like to give a just a really interesting twenty reading the forty hour that is if you're going to invest forty. I read you where I learned what Sharon who covers and coverage characters I do everything about from accessible provided. So this is one of the two videos and sharers you were new to charitable covers I asked somebody to you you were on the holy mountain of God You walked back and all in the midst of virus storms you were wise you were half buried in your ways from the days you haven't read it I'm still in pretty was pounding him so here you have games on one hand and then you have these eight on the other hand and he was there until what was found in Him in every one of our in here all the sins that were found in him. I would sometime or does he. I that other boards you. Or rather how do you to see me and I'll be found in spying and need your disparity. As i type of fourteen. So I'm going to invest twelve. The bible gives a description of how that forward took place. I mean I run up. How you are ordered from heaven or what beautiful summer morning that. His name the ivory how to foreigners or dispose of the morning how you are cut down to the ground you are weaker than Nations or you have save your own hearts in him. I am where I fed into heaven I will watch every So from my point about this out of God I rule almost all sits on the mountain to go with nation on the bodice side of the north of West Point it I will I said and from the heights of the clouds I repeat life more high What if there were other kids to be repeated in that's texts on in other words losing. Develops in four tendencies when the full extent to itself what was the focus on the two sharing the A.T.O. on the Benghazi they were focusing on one of the events to see and go over to on the other heat in other words as long as he's walking home around everyone else he was fine but where do the course of ordinary boner on himself that's where the meaning hate to be found here because sin is rooted and grounded in selfishness if you think about it everything will be like you struggle when you think about when somebody commits adultery why didn't somebody who just are free because they want someone to love it and that they don't think about the other person's house but. Then do you know why they are only in that moment in time why do people still because they want one someone I would have their be not with under a minute of it or me and I would if you know why you like why you might Who are you know what is gay you have no problem if someone who has misled us who are the ones who are worse it is groups and robbers and self. And bosses I was out who force everyone else apart from ourselves and that will be for all of our city. What the purpose of the gospel. And some of the Gospel is it a point it was ours and anyone. Who we were part of our world. And the world of the city caught in the next hour or so you are with God's plan for hours of nation if rooted in off being able to meet up with other people and where you are my time is up me where I'm wrong because if he does and he does it before who are also people and not where I want any and if producing and. Lucky enough or not what you heard or life I thought of as a very thought we were easy you who are older than I was not without. In other words the more we engaged in working for the good of other people I want to be those are the problems. So often we come to church because we want to receive a letter and we need to because the church or we are using for the driver as I was already I don't really want to go to church I'll be part of China not using the blessing but to be of. Emotion in every single person again trying to be a blessing everyone would receive a letter by definition on the policy that we all come to terms with her legacy and with the service with us on here but no one is going to hear. The word of the times and it's because of her business in the of ourselves because of the happenings consumers are easy to recall that are always will never be one of them I gave the people wanted my car back and let somebody else. We strong would you get what you are afraid to change because they are not prepared what does that mean. I know sometimes people who are bitter. And. Are you. Going to the song or. Something you're going to get you which are a chance to change because. You know where they're always on about themselves. Everything. Was over the most drums. And everything you do because all. Eyes are slightly sizable where they're going. What is your kind of like. If I was to be able to sit with somebody else. We're not supposed to have that. On the president and being made only for more that is a whole hearing Michael Arab neighborhood growing and by their role. Going about it more the more we have always been over the years has less ability or. I think recently started dying to self that's what happens if you like your voice is low on yourself your voters and other people. Or what is your purpose in life. You simply want to be. Your focus is on the subject if you want to be famous your horses or yourself. But that's what you can imagine Christian or work in many commissioned or not at all but just like Agency charitable work there's all here within their lives who have been out there after being all. And we are in charge and we sort of being the butt of sadness. That's what we need is what some people missed us many of the disciples and on your body partial I suspect and sort of made me feel you. Thinking of the disciples. You know this is part of the poor acts. And what happens I think for the man who's here with him and more people out because. People were overheard. To me earlier or one reporter and there are either of you who have been more there didn't know who. And so on with. Or when they came to a point where the change had grown so much we got this one who actually I put orders one hundred five are cheap and they're preaching and that even but using the viruses I said and it sounded to me. If you speak about that there. Is one actor that seeks to talk to me. And one of the danger of this I would later there were a lot on my work with leaders who recently or. If you haven't hundred people that's moved to America you're just going to deliver good quality ground. They've all got that straight to be one of equal band aid throughout I think records are. Strength to resist evil is best game by aggressive suckers you know who other border from other people they don't result with straightness truth is. Not even fifteen maybe because of obviously someone you think people thought. TO BE COLD weather is going to want to. Do that on Home and such as an. Incentive educating the new Congress to carry it off which is going to have no time anyway the day jobs leader or meet or beat back to my room while I've been a compass out of it meeting of our own who I remember when I was your guide the one you saw was what in the world. If you act like they're my daughter we have cultural and other bigger name. We're being our whole house or who become satisfied with where we have come from. They forgot that stretch of truth is a. Game by gravity so. It got out of the prison where your poker if you feel good or you. Just want to do more and simply survive you wanted to do more than simply exit. As well after going anywhere your guy was in life because the answer to that question would you tell him that foundation upon which. I was going to work one morning. And I was looking at just looking around and a few of the three you know now of course I'm right and everybody came over Greece is very hard to separate. Evil if all you have to do is really beautiful outside it is hard sitting in my car or I needed to go on. Either one of the trees. Over Me or have said. That illegal was. I heard somebody special is. It a sense leads I didn't trust to that. And look busy group and ask what he's done with his life and we say he's a walker who just drove us around. Forty people and I'm not the trees behind the partnership with the wife or Philippine with concepts but how long are we going to be permitted to keep. Those How many of the three and I will give them some advice. Have all your bottom left pass go out or Wilkinson who Hood is. Going to revive the economy or life without any good really really. Well how come or need to do is buy me what users wants to. Use wasn't me. And the more you are. Very obviously. Just want to do more of this and really really. Worth more at the end. Of the purpose of the governors who are open and. We think about the life of Jesus as a story. And we get a book of Marjah ten Mokhtar to tell us what advice is an interesting calculator out to be. About partly for beginners in better by I'm. In that time to see the situation where the disciples of Jesus are among themselves who need to be because either of you are gracious. Absolutely this year the conversation. I know he's a beast to either hook. Him up to ten of us were far. Less beautiful best forty he says Whosoever of you desires to be first shall be. Or best forty five for even the Son of Man did not come to me so much to serve and to give you life around support then you should not have received lessons it is. Possible to minister to once you came to me and the thought or you don't mean what does it mean if that is. Why he gave his life. Only who were standing up for our rights. He has been our all or whatever. And I swear before he wears a coward while the flap over arching of what we are there will be very gracious in worth more to our troops all and one. Who are these folks with the article about. Who everyone was and when to be this war. While remember. The moment you know it was a good seventy. And he wanted Iraq. When you want to drive across you do it. Even though he was doing a lot of the same type and he was happy second thoughts so to speak. And you were bringing the really kind of a guard would stop you from having to go into the car to find that there was people don't even appreciate. What I'm actually hoping to score or vice. If you don't view the board exam pages and some of them are disputes about how evil evil they got into the game is now coming to minister to Jesus to ensure that we can still be saved I'm saying that I think he stood by if I came to power over to you more and more to the human race will be the same evil of the whole group. That he said that Jesus decision was made. To save man and any cost to himself Jesus was able to go through how it was his orders were for us and wants to. Use it for his own what's important and you. Will know who we really are. But his focus was on everybody else. And then I'd be sure that I could. And then we deserve. To be more. Of the. Floor. And should be understood in the children's story and over the. Enclosing a watch we just discovered from the mayor he was one of the great preachers and all the times. It's a God given talent what is ours with his blood. But our last year is had by everyone of our and he are hired. By an act of consecration Let's ask him what you. Are and that is probably our desire to be has absolutely and when we. Give is paid for what we want to give you are quite not all. And believe what you see presently days that our help was shaky to live for and in order for ourselves it was technically and it really areas of the world all our be perfectly wonderful how. If I was a Jesus all of us. Vying for our lives and I wouldn't have it was on our minds to let our minds shine people of. Us Your how it was easy to be a vessel with Jesus and money versus care of your dying or the. Why you became. An anathema my hands on. And I say at least once as. We were very visible. I. Was like are. You just got asked to back with. Us. On your soap. You know how Michael you're all. Going to go on. Price over the. Past or will want to meet with the cult and report. That's a desire. Just want to. You want to commit yourself to. What you want to be. One hundred miles or one of my favorite causes or. Find a man or wife. Of the grace of God. For the poster who Michelle. White really wants me to stay. Out of your life. Some things are going order one of the likelihood. Greasing the wheels and. Saying that I will never be more. Secure. In our lives. Of those. Under orders. I don't want to help my life. I. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being. Where he is we are. Our I have to say. Because we are valuable. And he. And his. Father want to thank you specially for. Myself. To surrender to consecrate. You just say that wherever they are they're likely. To shine your mind to your heritage. I want to say that more we want. To have a vital election. I want to. Thank you Mike you just want the power to. Help us to take our focus. Not simply to. My friends. And I mean you cover getting. Ready today. Just run. And. Thank you. This media was brought to you by audio. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more sermon. W.W.W.. Or.


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